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Friday, December 19, 2014

Can You Trust Employees At Your Local School?

The troll from Northeast Kansas said:
AnonymousDecember 18, 2014 at 7:14 AM

  • It seems with all of your superior intelligence you forgot to mention it was a cross country coach and it was practice!!! If someone who is educated in the matter doesn't agree with you, you turn around and bash them. Like the Priest for instance. Maybe if you spent more time raising your kids they wouldn't get "lost" during practice. It seems they aren't very bright. 
  • And I said:
  • Juli HenryDecember 18, 2014 at 9:39 AMI did not neglect or forget to mention that.

    Tom Schroeder and his enablers have gone out of their way to make sure that no one is "educated in this matter." They are criminals. Plain and simple. They just haven't been arrested. When they make a mistake that cannot be hidden from public view, I will be there with this information, too.

    How would I have stopped Tom Schroeder from abandoning my daughter during practice, you creep? I trusted him, and he honored that by setting her up for murder. If you think Deanna isn't very bright, you aren't aware of all the scholarships she won. But then, she's not part of the local genotype, so a higher IQ would be expected in her case.

    Of course I got angry with the priest. As a Catholic priest, he should have been very careful, in view of recent "problems" encountered by his contemporaries, to make sure that he never supported any action that could have made a child an easy victim for the types of things for which priests are most often sued or sanctioned.
  • What IS it with you people? I have never gotten an apology from USD 380 for violating my trust in them when I allowed my daughter to participate in their extra curricular activities, despite my misgivings. When the school board went out of it's way to cover up Tom Schroeder's act of abandoning my daughter four miles away from the school, by herself, and refused to tell me what protocols are followed when a child goes missing, WHICH IS WHAT HAPPENED, I realized that with no explanation for this breach of trust and for this dereliction of duty, Tom Schroeder may have done this deliberately. If so, I must wonder why. Was he setting my child up for something more sinister? Did the strangers who gave her a ride back to town simply obstruct some other purpose? No one ever got back in touch with me to answer those questions, and to assure me that the man who, either deliberately or by accident, set my daughter up to be murdered or permanently missing would never be trusted in the presence of children again. I expected no less, as any other school district would have responded that way immediately. In fact, the defensive hostility suggests something more sinister, and since my daughter was not one of Frankfort's own frankfurters, it seems entirely possible that she did not matter to Schroeder or the school board, and was, somehow, expendable. Until I get an explanation about why, when schools and parents nationwide are prohibited from such actions toward children, USD 380 continues to give Tom Schroeder a free pass to abuse and endanger children, I will continue to discuss this case with anyone who is interested in safe schools.

    Thursday, December 18, 2014

    Happy Holidays: The IRS Gave The Money Back

    Just in time for the holiday season, the IRS gave a restaurant owner named Carole Hinders, of Iowa, back the money that they had confiscated last year, because it looked as if she was attempting to manipulate the amounts of her bank deposits in order to skirt banking laws. Her bank deposits were often just a little bit shy of $10,000; and it looked as if she was manipulating them, or "structuring" them, in order to avoid creating records. Often, this is associated with money laundering and is done by drug dealers. Carole Hinders wasn't involved in either.

    The Internal Revenue Service was unable to prove intent, and actually gave her money back to her last week. Luckily, Hinders had support and representation; hopefully, small business owners can learn from this.

    Wednesday, December 17, 2014

    Io Saturnalia!

    Ah yes! The highly extolled Reason for the Season! It's balance, of course, but that is hard to see during the things we often do at this time of year. From the Julian calendar date of December 17 to December 23, slaves and masters would change roles, leaders and followers would step into each other's shoes, freedom of expression would take the forefront, children were given a lot of freedom, and revelry and mirth were foremost on everyone's agenda. Such was the winter holiday season in Rome, until about the fourth century, when festivities were required to calm down, in order to preserve the assets and positions of those whose rule was protected by christian clergy.

    Saturn is usually not represented by dancing and debauchery. He is primarily a God of order. Legend has it that during the Golden Age, under Saturnalian rule, men were more equal to one another and were required to work together effectively in order to achieve results anywhere, and role reversals were celebrated during Saturnalia to remind everyone of this. Our Ancestors were truly ingenious at times; not only did they cure seasonal affective disorder with a festival of lights, they made a fun and irresistible party out of an important lesson about balance in life. So why would we celebrate Him with role reversals and massive, albeit temporary, upheavals? Obviously, human relationships were known to stagnate, and such reversals were almost a guaranteed cure for everything from the winter blues to complacency about necessary change.

    Gifts were also given during this celebration. Fun items and gag gifts were traditional, children were given toys, and; of course, food was always a favorite. Could modern Christmas possibly, ahem, be a carryover?

    So there you have it! Balance is the reason for the season! Io Saturnalia!