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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So Someone Has A Problem With Petitions?

Okay, this is to the person who has a problem with this post. Go home and take a baby aspirin! If a person, or a few persons, in the community want to know about the progress of a missing persons case, particularly that of a child who disappeared from a public school, there is not a problem in asking about it! If you are not interested in the sheriff's answer to any of the questions, don't bother to read any media or information about the petition! The whole idea of shutting down an investigation prior to resolution is only beneficial to the guilty party, no one else.

Above is a little something from the Facebook page of Terri Horman, sometime step parent of Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his second grade class at Skyline Elementary in Portland, Oregon in June of 2010. A rather nasty message to any journalists scoping out Terri Horman's page, after she failed two polygraphs, was posted on Terri's wall by one of her friends. This friend indicated that Kyron's family was not interested in the publicity that the media could guarantee, and was thereby rudely discouraging anyone to post pictures and information about Kyron's missing persons case. This is actually quite contrary to the desires of both of Kyron's parents and the rest of his family. Four years have gone by, and Kyron has not been found, so a new petition, which is promoted in the post that attracted an angry troll whose comment was too profane for print, was drafted. It is a request for updated information and progress on Kyron's case, and the link is here. Please sign it; Kyron's family has been waiting for four years.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Private Message To An Angry Hitchhiker

So someone stole your personal effects while you out scamming anyone who would listen to you in The Dalles? I can see that you are upset, and that you feel that, in addition to The Dalles owing you something, you think things of this nature should never happen to you. Well; maybe they shouldn't happen to anyone. Should twenty dollars have disappeared from my daughter's wallet when you were here? She's still a kid, but you are an adult, so you should have just spent your own cash, instead of stealing from a child. She felt the same way you feel about your missing possessions, only, unlike you, she actually worked for the money that disappeared. Does this dynamic define your association with your family in De Tour Village? No one appreciated hearing that you don't have a family, either, then finding out you have a large family.

In Case You Missed Church On Sunday

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Zombie Apocalypse In Kansas?

Today, Governor Brownback officially declared that October is Zombie Preparedness Month here in Kansas. He did it with a straight face, too. His reasoning is that if Kansans are prepared for zombies, they should be prepared for anything. That's an interesting notion, but do zombies really compare to tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes? And if they do, doesn't Kris Kobach (R-Kansas) have some helpful ideas, such as self deportation for zombies?

"zombie" is a corpse that has been brought back to life, according to the mythos of the Voudon folk religions of Africa. A legendary zombie has no will of it's own, and exists to only follow the direction of the person who enslaves it. As a somewhat realistic practice in times past in Haiti, certain drugs, capable of creating brain damage, were occasionally administered by less scrupulous practitioners of folk religions. This could produce a "zombie-like" state in a victim. As a result, such practices were outlawed in Haiti in the late 1800's. It all seems somewhat comparable to modern children on medications for ADHD, and brainwashed, even without ADHD medications, in public schools! Perhaps that's why Governor Brownback feels that there is a need to be prepared for zombies........ the influx of graduates from our nation's public schools!

There will be an event Saturday from 10 AM to 2:30 PM in Topeka at the Crestview Shelter House on Sunga Drive to learn more about zombie preparedness. The first three hundred people will receive free "disaster-on-the-go"packs. Somehow, it seems unlikely that Brownback has considered including any counterspells in these packs; either for Kobach's legislation, Kansas public schools, or zombies.