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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Marijuana Will Be Up For Vote In Wichita

The new petition for decriminalization of marijuana, particularly first offenses, was written up, passed around, and signed by enough people to force the city of Wichita, Kansas, to put it on the ballot in April. This will make possession within the city a municipal offence with a small fine, rather than a felony, or whatever is convenient for prosecutors to call it. It seems like a step in the right direction; perhaps our jails and prisons can reserve space for those who commit violent crimes, instead of locking up those who get caught taking bong hits. It's also nice to see Wichita listening to it's constituency.

One aspect of this matter that is troubling, however; is one of the considerations listed by the city of Wichita, as a possible reason ignore the voters. Wichita is worried about lost revenue via fines and other fees, collected from offenders. Suppose everyone in Wichita sobered up and quit smoking pot? Or perhaps got better at hiding from cops? Then how would Wichita deal with "lost revenue"? Is it possible that our judicial system is actually, in it's own way, discouraging addicts and alcoholics from recovery because of financial considerations? Say it ain't so! Financial loss in the form of  penalty fines and fees should never be a consideration in this type of referendum. Here's an excerpt from Wichita's proposal:

Monday, January 26, 2015

He's Cute, And I Really Love Him

What an exceptional daughter and older sister this girl will be! Calise dialed 911 when her very pregnant mom had an epilectic seizure, and very shortly thereafter, she got to meet her little brother face to face! What a brilliant and lucky girl!

Another Christian Pervert Teacher

Here's a little trivia from Virginia; a guy named Luis Mendez, a music teacher, is now in jail, without bond, for charges stemming from an inappropriate sexual relationship with a seventeen year old female student. Hmm...where has yours truly heard about things like that before? Any ideas, Frankfort Kansas? The community of Bedford County is duly disgusted with him, and the judge held him without bail because he's been determined to be a flight risk. It seems he asked his victim to let him know if the police were going to charge him, so he could flee the area before they found him! Oh; here's some more dirt that's been dug up about him.......he also once worked as a part time music leader at Blue Ridge Community Church and he left his wife after getting a nineteen year old student pregnant! He should have done all this in a tiny little town in Northeast Kansas, instead! The folks there would have allowed him to marry at least one of the victims and they would have covered for him, rather than holding him accountable, and he wouldn't have had to worry about being jailed at all, let alone held without bond! Location, location, location!