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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Private Message

This is written specifically for someone who, with nothing to say, continues to rant on about the case of a child, Kyron Horman, who has been missing since 2010, from Portland, Oregon. To all others who read this, particularly those who volunteer your time, resources, and energy in raising awareness and actually helping Kyron's family negotiate this devastating situation, I applaud your efforts, and I am not addressing you in this post.

So here's my message to the miscreant who keeps pushing false information:

If you really saw the missing child, over six years ago, in someone's truck after he went missing, why didn't you say something then? Why didn't you call the cops, wherever you saw him, and give them a description of the vehicle and the person involved? In fact, why didn't you take a picture of the rear license plate on the vehicle? You implied, in your dumbass post, that you did; so why hasn't law enforcement gotten the information, in order to investigate the lead? Why go to social media with your nonsense?

After my experience with you, I can think of two reasons why you would keep information about a crime to yourself. First; you, personally, have no pursuits of your own in life, and blackmail money comes in handy every now and then. If you go to the police with any real information, they might solve the case and find the child, and any suspect turned defendant would face charges and likely go to jail. That would make it difficult for the suspect to keep paying you to be quiet about whatever you know, wouldn't it? You don't really care about missing children. You care about blackmailing those you think might be involved. The second possibility is a bit more sinister; you might actually be a potential defendant, yourself. I have seen you act in some very strange ways for the purpose of revenge, even for imagined slights, and you are a liar and criminal in your own right. Remember the murder near the lighthouse? Umpqua? You reached out to me for help in order to get out of there that night; yet when I helped you by calling the Coast Guard, you almost crapped your pants! You turned off your cell phone, in an insane effort to stop them from finding or helping you. Now why would you do that? You made no effort to inform me that a murder had been committed. While a long shot, there is, indeed, a possibility that you were involved.

There is also a third possibility, here. You are doing what you do for the sick pleasure of stirring up paranoia and unproductive conversation about missing persons cases. I've seen you do that, too. If that is what you are doing in Kyron's case, I think you should stop.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dylann Storm Roof To Represent Himself

Remember Dylann Storm Roof, the psychotic little racist who murdered nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina? His trial was scheduled to start on November 7, but he was sent for a psychiatric evaluation, instead. As it turns out, he is sane enough to go to court and stand trial, so jury selection began yesterday. Young Mr. Roof is facing thirty-three charges, some federal, some state, ranging from hate crimes to murder.

In court yesterday, Mr. Roof told the judge that he would like to discharge his attorneys and represent himself. While appearing in court pro se may be acceptable in uncomplicated civil matters, it is not recommended for criminal trials wherein one faces the death penalty, which Mr. Roof faces. The verdict seems almost a foregone conclusion; he has all but confessed. Is it possible that young Mr. Roof already knows he will probably not like the outcome of his trial, and is already angling for another trial, later on?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Through The Lens Of Siriunsun's Camera

Monday, November 21, 2016

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Sunday, November 20, 2016

It's A Wonderful Life

If you are planning to be in Marysville Kansas after Thanksgiving, you will want to see It's A Wonderful Life, performed by Marysville Area Community Theater at Marysville High School in November 25, 26, and 27. See you there!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Missing Wichita Baby

Seven day old Sophia Victoria Gonzalez Abarca is missing from Wichita, Kansas. Her father came home from work yesterday to find Sophia's mother, Laura Abarca-Nogueda dead and Sophia missing. There was a vehicle that had been thought to have been involved, but the vehicle and its owner has been located, and were not involved, so police have no suspects or leads. The FBI tipline is 1-800-225-5324. If you have any information or think you may have seen this baby somewhere, please call that number and let someone know. Below is a picture of Sophia.

Update: Little Sophia has been found in Dallas, Texas, and there are two suspects in custody.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Minnesota Murderer Cop Finally Charged

Jeronimo Yanez, the Minnesota pig who, in July, opened fire on Philando Castile and killed him during a traffic stop for no reason, has finally been charged with something called second degree manslaughter. His girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, streamed the incident on Facebook, for the entire world to see. Yanez not only was completely unconcerned about the innocence of Castile and Reynolds, he also did not care about the safety of Reynolds's four year old daughter, who was also in the car and watched the shooting.

While manslaughter is not as serious of a charge as first or second degree murder, there have been problems in the recent past in gaining convictions of these police officers who feel that a badge is a license to commit murder. For that reason, it was probably a better guarantee of accountability for for a black victim's life to charge the killer with a lesser charge, and at the same time, a better guarantee that this defendant will never prowl the highways as a police officer again.

Above is Jeronimo Yanez, who kept the peace by committing a murder in front of a woman and a child, in his police get-up; and Philado Castile, who, unfortunately, crossed the path of a racist cop who felt like pulling the trigger for no reason.
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