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Friday, October 31, 2014

Look who's Paying Officer Wilson's Bills

Not only does Darren Wilson have the protection of the entire police department after shooting someone in cold blood, (how many of us could count on having our names withheld for as long as his was if we committed crimes?) he has the support of the Ku Klux Klan! That's right; the Klan has raised the money for this creep to take an extended vacation, miss court dates, get a woman knocked up, and buy a house, all in the same general we know he isn't worried about revenge or indictment.

While a murderer hides and skips going to court, a hate group publicly raises the money for him to do this. Would your local court allow anyone to do this for you, if you skipped any court appearances? Or would that be considered obstruction of justice?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Of Officer Wilson's Work

Concerning the buzz that Officer Wilson, aka Darrin Green, and other fake names, is not guilty of any misconduct, including murder, is not only unsupported by all of the forensic evidence connected to the crime scene, but Wilson's post crime behavior does not support it either. In this video, we hear from a girl who had gotten mace in her eyes during the aftermath of Wilson's crime. Officer Wilson, himself, prevented her from cleaning the mace out of her eyes so that she could see, and actually threatened her with arrest if she did this. Was he worried about potential testimony? Or was he just being a racist?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bill Maher On Kansas

Interesting. While delving into the past of Paul Davis, who is running against Sam Browncrack for governorship of Kansas, Republicans discovered that Davis once went to a strip club when he was in his twenties, before he got married. Once. He's never taken bribes, violated anyone's civil rights, pandered to big businesses while forgetting about everyone else, outlawed medical care for women, or compromised education in public schools; but a night on the town sixteen years ago would simply be too much. Quite a bit of Kansas is rather permissive about such things as clubs and drinking: when parents complain about the behaviors of predominantly christian high school boys in public schools that function as if they were private, predominantly christian school, (lots of drinking and sexaul exploitation-not much reading, writing, and 'rithmetic) the "unified" school boards look the other way, saying "boys will be boys". But now we have the same religious Republicans who give their own sons the latitude to drive drunk and take advantage of our underage daughters crying the blues because a contender for the office of governor went out one night and drank in a bar. The only reason Republicans in Kansas wouldn't be comfortable with Davis as governor is because Davis would not be in favor of bar hopping every night, or of driving home drunk. And Davis would definitely not favor allowing children to do such things.

Davis also does not use religion in order to push anyone's buttons or gain a reaction from a voter. Brownback does. That's a big reason to vote against Brownback. Religion is personal, and Kansas routinely expresses far too much disrespect for it.