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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Michelle Obama Will Speak In Topeka

How lucky can this year's graduates of Kansas Unified School District 501 get? Michelle Obama will speak at their graduation! Usually, Topeka's high schools have their own graduation, but this year, there will be a joint ceremony for them on May 17. Michelle Obama will speak in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Brown v. the Board of Education in Topeka, the landmark court decision forcing schools in Kansas and the rest of the nation to stop racial segregation in schools and allow everyone to attend. 

Something all public school administrators and teachers in Kansas need to remember and discuss more efficiently with students is that the State of Kansas was in the wrong in that lawsuit. A black family decided to challenge the unlawful, racist lifestyle that made all those pink, fluffy, white Topekans very happy back in 1954 and challenge racial segregation in schools. No doubt, if Dean Dalinghaus, principal of Frankfort High School in Frankfort, Kansas had been the defendant, he would have told parents the same thing he told the parents of Frankfort High's valedictorian last year: "We do not encourage the children to learn very much about the Constitution because it's easier to run the school smoothly without teaching it". Yes, a public school principal in Kansas said that, as recently as last year. A pink, blue-eyed, bald, white high school principal, who encourages children to bully any child with a disability, and any child whose parents do not identify with mainstream christian whiteness as enjoined in the Midwest. 

Kansas has resisted a lot of the equality and progress enjoyed by other schools since Brown v. the Board of Education by refusing to consolidate it's public schools and make the all answerable to the State of Kansas, rather than to tiny school boards in "unified districts". The unified districts do not have to follow any state laws, and thumb their noses at federal laws as often as they can get away with it. If schools disbanded the unified districts and consolidated, they would be more organized, and students in Frankfort would have the same opportunities to take drama or a foreign language as students in Topeka. Children who are good writers could take honors English, which is not offered in many smaller Northeast Kansas high schools, instead of being blackballed as "dangerous" for writing a petition and going door to door for signatures. (Marysville High School, in Kansas, after a student wrote a petition asking for a more challenging curriculum)

Kansas also needs to remember how very welcome Westboro Baptist Church has been over the years, conducting their picketing campaign. Many native Kansans do not think they have anything in common with Westboro Baptist Church, but other christian churches, in Kansas are almost identical, only lacking the publicity enjoyed by Westboro. New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas, teaches that law enforcement should shoot anyone who identifies as gay. Teenage church members then go to public school and bully any gay child, with Reverend Curtis Knapp's blessing. Also, while discussing discrimination in Kansas, we must not forget that Republican congressmen in Kansas recently wasted everyone's time passing House Bill 2453, a pathetic attempt to legalize now unlawful discrimination. The Senate took one look at it and tossed it in the circular file, but if it had passed, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies would have had the right to refuse service to anyone perceived as "different" in some way....using faith and adherence to the christian religion as the basis for the discrimination. Had my complexion or religion seemed somehow "unbiblical" to a Kansas emergency room nurse, my son and I could have been turned away when he got sick. The pharmacist could have refused to fill his prescription for antibiotics because the bible says to hate certain minorities. Schools would have the right to turn gay students, black students, and any other student failing to be pink, fluffy, white, and conformist away. So much for Brown v. the Board of Education in Topeka. Kansas is still looking for ways to break the law and stay as vile and prejudiced as it was in 1954.

I wonder what Michelle Obama is going to say....... 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Will The Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?

Anyone do business with these entities? Isn't it interesting that no one ever discusses how Ford, Hugo Boss, Chase, Siemens, and IBM conducted business over the years? Especially when the Nazi party looked incredibly strong. These are companies whose investors thought the Nazis were going to win World War II and played their cards accordingly. No worries about collateral damage during the war, such as civilian deaths. Does it make you want to trust them now?

In Case You Slept Through Church This Sunday

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Troll Simply Won't Give Up

 "I think you are really good at bull shitting your way around the subject. I also think that you are psychotic and need some medication. Because what you think is "right", is not true, and quite frankly, you have no clue what you are talking about and spreading lies about people you really don't know anything about."

Okay, abusive person who doesn't care about children, here's how we can settle this.....Richard Flores and the school board for USD 380 can turn over all of their information about this incident to the county attorney for charges against Tom Schroeder. I will do the same. Since there isn't a statute of limitations on kidnapping, criminal restraint, and many kinds of child abuse, there should be no problem getting the case into court. Indeed, after watching Dean Dalinghaus and some of his et els damn near climb over each other to bear false witness against their neighbor and send him to prison on similar charges, only to be excluded as non-witnesses by the judge; I would be quite satisfied to watch an extremely guilty frankfurter who has already admitted default face the same penalties you people so rabidly attempted to visit upon an innocent man. Once that happens, I will shut up about this whole thing.

The truth is, I am not terribly good at bullshitting. I am naturally shy, and much too nervous to introduce an untruth and remember all the details, so the truth always provides my best opportunity in a conflict. What is your basis for thinking you understand what I think is "right", and that it somehow isn't? Is it because I don't go to your church? Is it because I don't care about Tom Schroeder's misguided career? Is it because I wouldn't testify falsely against an innocent man in order to save my own ass from jail? By the way, I would do it again. I'm not afraid, either. I would much rather spend the rest of my life in prison than bear false witness in court against someone who is innocent. That, I suspect, is another subtle, or not-so-subtle, difference between myself and the population here in Frankfort. But a physician will certainly never prescribe a drug for that.

While I do not spread lies about anyone, even when Laura McNish demands that I do so,  I will concede that I do not know Tom Schroeder, or quite a few of the rest of you, very well. I only know him professionally, and that is the only relationship I ever wanted with any of the teachers at Frankfort Experiment. When I discuss this case, it is only the events of that day, not Tom Schroeder's entire life. And generally, when people are as antisocial as most frankfurters in Kansas, the reason lies in the criminal behaviors they are hiding. The don't want the likes of me to see their cannabis gardens, their kiddie porn, or see them serve beer to minors. Frankfurters also didn't want me to see Tom Schroeder arranging for high school graduates who read at a fifth grade level to attend college. And they shouldn't. I am, indeed, not in favor of such things. Tom Schroeder took my daughter away from school property and left her by herself with no permission to do so from me, which is kidnapping. My daughter, in turn, never thought he would just go home and forget about her, and never call me, her dad, or law enforcement, in the event that something like this happened. His betrayal of her trust is called "criminal restraint" in legal parlance. Also kidnapping. And then there's child abuse. If a parent does the same to his own children, how do you think the law would deal with that? Why should Tom Schroeder get away with it? Is he special? Apparently, he is, because he has essentially gotten away with it! Parents cannot safely send children to a school where teachers present with "specialties" like that!

Psychosis is quite specific in the diagnostic sense, and my perspective on criminal behavior certainly does not qualify as a symptom. Any public rants on the part of any individual that results in the loss of an opportunity or an undue stress in a relationship can and might result in a lawsuit, though. I can talk about Tom, because he admitted default, and because I am telling the truth. But unless you are telling the truth, you do not have the right to rail against me. And seriously, I am someone you know nothing about.

I'll shut up about all this when Marshall County, Kansas charges Tom Schroeder with the same crimes the defendant in Marshall County Kansas case 2013CR34. The school board has a legal responsibility to turn Tom Schroeder's admission of guilt over to the county attorney. And if that does not happen, I will continue to talk about it, everywhere I go. I promise.

Do physicians ever prescribe medications for people whose children have been kidnapped?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Using A Taxi As A Getaway Car

Fleeing the crime scene in a taxi? And actually getting all the way to Omaha, Nebraska from Lawrence, Kansas before getting arrested? Antonio Gaitan actually tried it, after robbing Truity Credit Union in Lawrence. Fortunately for the driver, police believed him when he said he had no idea he was helping Gaitan abscond with money from a robbery!

Almost equally funny are two Minnesota burglars who accidently butt-dialed 911 while burglarizing a Meineke Car Care in Minneapolis. The dispatcher answered, stayed on the line, and heard the two men discuss the crime in progress from the crime scene! Almost needless to say, police were able to find them. The defense attorneys will probably try to get the phone call barred from evidence......