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Thursday, May 21, 2015

James Horn Is A Missouri Fugitive

Tonight, we have a man in Missouri, named James Horn Jr., on the run because he apparently murdered his ex-girlfriend, Sandra Sutton, and her seventeen year old son, Zachary. She had lived with Horn in Sedalia, but broke up with him after being held hostage in a wooden box most of the time since January. She finally got away from him in early April. This morning, she and Zachary were found dead in the home of relatives in Clinton. Because police did not see fit to grab him in April, when Sutton first complained, he is now in the wind. They have been making efforts to find him for about two weeks, though. Quite thoughty of them.

Authorities in Clinton have stated that they were unaware that Sutton was living in Clinton, and that they were unaware that there were any warrants for Horn's arrest or any efforts underway to find him. Let yours truly raise the BS flag here. This case has been in the news for at least several weeks, and did not become a double homicide until today. If CNN and Fox News were aware of Mr. Horn, law enforcement in Missouri should have been aware of him, as well. And since young Zachary attended school in Clinton, it does not appear to have been a secret that he and his mother were staying with his grandparents. Indeed, it was not a secret to Mr. Horn.

Hopefully, James Horn will be apprehended before he kills anyone else.

Sandra and Zachary Sutton

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Missouri House Texter

The Republican Speaker of the House in Missouri has resigned, because of some texts that were discovered. John Diehl, it seems, was caught in an illicit exchange of sexually charged messages between himself and an intern. These messages were almost certainly backed up by an illicit exchange of sexually charged deeds, and now he will no longer represent the fine, republican folks of Missouri. But he is still quite possibly representative of the fine, republican folks of Missouri.

Now it appears that Todd Richardson will inherit Diehl's deal, complete with the mallet, cell phones, and interns.

What was your serious error, dude? Was it the text messages, or the subject of the text messages?


Friday, May 15, 2015

ACLU Guide For Snapping Pictures In Public

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about snapping pictures in public, especially of police officers while they are eating doughnuts and beating people up....er...working. Police officers will often tell people that it is not lawful to take pictures of police officers when they do their jobs, and will even confiscate cameras of bystanders and arrest journalists and reporters when cameras have clearly caught police officers with their pants down. But the truth is, taking pictures in public is perfectly legal. On private property, one must have permission of the property owner in order to take pictures, but in public, one may snap pictures of anything one can see. Police may not confiscate anyone's camera or SD card without a warrant, and police officers have even been brought up on charges of tampering with evidence for doing just that. The American Civil Liberties Union has published a guide for photographers for reference.

Pictures of police in action, taken by citizens, provide an independent record of the photographed or recorded incident. Such evidence reduces the prevalence of faulty memories and lies, and is important for transparency of those who represent authority. No one should have to worry about police confiscating photographs or cameras, and no police officer should do anything in the line of duty that he or she would not want photographed.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Crazy Racist Principal Is Fired

Nancy Gordeuk, the crazy racist high school principal who ruined graduation for the seniors at TNT Academy in Georgia, has been officially relieved of her duties as a school employee. Apparently, the private school's investors did not accept her excuse, "the devil made me do it", as a legitimate reason for ruining graduation. Perhaps the devil was annoyed, too. After all, his reputation takes a beating when people like Nancy Gordeuk and her ilk (fundamentalist christians) do not wish to take responsibility for their actions. While it is a very wonderful thing that she will no longer be extended the privilege of badly influencing the young people at TNT Academy, the graduating class of 2015 will never be given their graduation back. Because she's a bigot, Nancy Gordeuk ruined a once in a lifetime event for these students.

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