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Saturday, November 22, 2014

I'm Just An Innocent Policeman's Wife

So the wife of a Ferguson, Missouri police officer wants us to feel sorry for her. Normally, I would not agree with anyone having to live under threats of violence, but after some experience living in neighboring Kansas, my opinion has changed, somewhat. Whenever I make requests of my local school district, USD 380 Vermillion, that their schools guarantee at least an honest effort at compliance with federal and state law, the secretary at the superintendent's office will rudely tell me to move house and live somewhere else. Pam Slifer does not want me to ask what will be done if another child is abandoned a few miles away from school and officially missing, as my daughter was in October of 2009 when a guidance counselor named Tom Schroeder transported her in his vehicle and dumped her, allowing her to remain missing until she got a ride back with strangers. (Suck it up, Frankfort, my daughter told me that those men who picked her up were NOT part of any search party, and that NO search party had been formed. The school board's spin on it was nothing but a LIE) Pam Slifer would rather tell me to move than tell me what policy Frankfort and Centralia Kansas follow when children and adults take drugs, alcohol, and guns to school with them. She feels that because Frankfort is a small town, and because she lives there, I personally owe her the liberty to violate the law and endanger my children. The wife of this Ferguson policeman feels that she, too, is owed some sort of special privilege not granted to the rest of the population. In the face of black men being shot by white policemen, just for being black men, (which is not the law, by the way) the families of those who are allowed to shoot minorities at will want special protection so they can enjoy their special privilege! Ha! I say that anyone who wants the freedom to violate the laws and step on the rights of others at will should move.....if a place where lawlessness can be guaranteed by cohorts, witnesses, and victims can actually be found.

Pam Slifer feels that because the violent intent expressed here uses my married name and not my birth name, the facebooker and police officer are not guilty of actually referring to me, and that the person to whom they refer does not exist. This is how these people deny and rationalize every dirtball act or intention in which they engage. Why should the wife of a police officer get to live worry-free? 

Monday, November 17, 2014

No, Reverend. A Guy Cannot Make A Mistake.

Reverend Patrick Sullivan, of Frankfort Kansas, asked me, during a conversation about the incident that took place at Frankfort High School, involving a guidance counselor who dropped my fourteen year old daughter off by herself, four miles south of town and forgot about her, if a guy could "just make a mistake". Sullivan wanted to defend the school, the unlawful practice of enforcing Christian beliefs at the school, and the guidance counselor and all those who have enabled him over the years. He was unwilling to countenance the glaring fact that Frankfort High School should be in receivership because of the lack of compliance of it's faculty to state and federal law, and also did not want admit that the Catholic principal, once of his contributing "sheep", would be so wrong something, while a Pagan parent of non-Christian background would be so right about the same matter. Dean Dalinghaus, principal of Frankfort High School, felt that Tom Schroeder was in the right to leave a child alongside a roadway during the school day, unbeknownst to her parents, and allow her to be officially "missing" all afternoon and part of the evening. So he asked me, "Can't a guy make a mistake?"

Tom Schroeder may make a mistake by choosing the wrong color to paint his bathroom. He can mix up his students' names, or oversleep. Those are commonplace "mistakes". But a mistake that contributes to human trafficking, murder, and missing persons statistics in inexcusable. As a neighbor in Frankfort put it, "Sure, they care about children, just not yours!" While this neighbor is absolutely right, how would the school, and consequently every Frankfurter's child, have been affected by a lawsuit, in the event that my child had not been found? Such a tragedy, caused by such a "mistake", also has the ability to attract unwanted attention from other authorities. Suppose operating a school in Frankfort became too expensive because of Tom Schroeder's "mistakes"? But what is all that, compared to a child's safety and a parent's heartbreak? To Reverend Sullivan, who represents Jesus Christ at the Annunciation Catholic Church in Frankfort, my child and my love for her do not mean anything. As for me, I would rather see Frankfort's school close down than see it pose any more danger to any of my children.

One more reminder about Catholic priests everywhere: they have a reputation for inappropriate relations with children of all ages. I should not have been surprised that a Catholic priest would be so callous about child safety: children who are dropped off by teachers in unfamiliar surroundings are extremely vulnerable. Catholic clergy seems to favor vulnerable children for sinister reasons. Almost one third of stranger abductions in this country involve children who disappeared from school, or school sponsored activities. Why would a christian minister of any kind want a parent to overlook the mistakes of a man whose "mistakes" contribute to this national problem and is never held accountable? No, Pat. A guy cannot make a "mistake" if it makes a statistic out of my child.

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Update: Jaylen Jones Is Found Safe

There was some good news on KAKE News this morning, and that is that young Jaylen Jones was found safe in Rice County, Kansas. Something your blogger finds interesting is that Jaylen was missing for several weeks while his case was given no attention, because he had been deemed a "runaway", and therefore not important; but when his story aired in KAKE, he was suddenly located. Can this be dismissed as coincidence? Your blogger thinks not. Runaways need to be found just as much as those who disappear involuntarily need to be found, and most of the victims of human traffickers in America are actually teens who have run away from home.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Jaylen Jones Missing From Kansas

Jaylen Jones has been missing from Arkansas City, Kansas since October 21 of this year. Police have treated his case as if he had run away from home, but no one has heard from him since that date, and three and a half weeks is a long time for a sixteen year old to forgo texting, social media, video games, and communication with family or friends. 

Jaylen's mother, Rachel Stevens, reported him missing. He was last seen in a red jacket and black tennis shoes, and he is about 5' 6" tall, 145 lbs., and has sandy blond hair and blue eyes. If you have any information about him, please call the Arkansas City Police Department at 620-441-4444.