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Monday, August 13, 2018

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Friday, August 10, 2018

Jeff Sessions Won't Respond To Jerry Moran About Immigrant Children

There has been a lot of talk about the separation of families at America's southern border, lately. Those who support Trump and hate anyone who isn't of western European descent seem to want to believe and argue that there is nothing wrong with taking the child of someone who lawfully seeks asylum (not a crime) or someone who unlawfully crosses the border (a misdemeanor) and sending the child to an unknown location, and in some cases, never giving the child back. Yours truly wrote to her representative in Congress, Jerry Moran, (R) for an answers. Jerry Moran's aide made some statements to the effect that Mr. Moran thought "faith based organizations" in Kansas should help, but was unable to supply an answer outlining any help that "faith based organizations" could give that would reunite children and parents. While "faith based organizations" are more than capable of assisting in efforts to traffic children illegally, yours truly has never seen a faith based organization in Kansas offer to assist in finding attorneys for such children. "Faith based organizations" are usually much better at providing horny priests than they are at providing actual assistance. Reuniting families is simply not the goal, here. Neither is granting any of these children legal representation.

Jerry Moran wrote a letter to Jeff Sessions in early July about the all of these children, including the nine known immigrant children who were placed in Kansas. Some of Mr. Moran's constituents also wanted to know what would happen to the children whose parents had been deported, leaving them behind. Jeff Sessions ignored Mr. Moran, and all of his Kansas constituents, and never bothered to answer the letter.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tears On Summer Solstice

Usually, your blogger celebrates happily on Summer Solstice, as it is a day to celebrate the work of the God, and his love for our beautiful planet. This year, however; happy celebrations did not seem appropriate. Instead, there is work to be done in the way of taking our world back from those who seriously feel it is appropriate to snatch nursing babies from the arms of their mothers.

What the hell is wrong with some people? We all should care.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Private Message

This post is for someone specific, and that person will know exactly who she is when she sees it. To everyone else, thank you for indulging me, and please excuse the tone of this post. My outrage is only intended for one person.

You know, if you really cared about child abuse in Kansas, you would never have stolen that twenty dollar bill out of the wallet of a child, here in Kansas. That child actually worked for the money you stole from her, and you have never worked a day in your life. You can also stop lying about contact with Kyron Horman's family, because you have never had any; and you can explain exactly what you were doing in Kansas City when Lisa Irwin disappeared. Also, remember Kimberly Hakes, in Oregon? You never did explain your proximity to that crime scene. You also never told me what you were doing at the lighthouse in Umpqua State Park in the spring of 2013, when a woman your age got murdered. Remember how you called me and told me you were lost, and needed me to somehow help you, from Kansas, to get a ride out of there? I called the Coast Guard, because I didn't know who else could help you, and when I called to tell you that I had done that, you responded by shutting off your phone! You didn't really want help, did you? In fact, it appears that the only knowledge you have of these matters involves complicity, not a desire for justice.

I am not defending the way Kansas deals with child abuse cases or with missing persons cases, but geez....every time I've observed you, either in or out of Kansas, you have managed to become part of the problem, rather than part of the solution. There are many ways by which Kansas can better its responses to the needs of children, but none of them have been suggested or promoted by you, my oversized hitchhiker. Have you ever even stopped attempting to con people long enough to tape a poster of a missing child up on a bulletin board? It is a humble job, but many missing persons, both children and adults, are located by photo recognition, rather than by the likes of you, pretending that you know things you do not actually know. Yes, your statements were forwarded to the proper authorities, and we were assured that you are pointless and absurd. Another question for you, here: do you remember when that county attorney in Kansas; who paid you to testify falsely against an innocent person; allowed her own child to drive drunk, resulting in a crash? She passed us, en route to the scene, where her child was belching his boozy breath, after destroying someone's property. I would never have known that the speeding and red light-running SUV was hers, had you not informed me. Did you ever pick up your mobile phone and dial child protective services to report that Kansas county attorney who had allowed her child to drink, underage, and drive in that condition? I am going to remind you that you did not, thereby rendering you not only pointless and absurd, but also a hypocrite, when you condemn others for maltreatment of children. You've obstructed justice and contributed to abuses of children many times.

One more thing, you smelly thief; Lisa Irwin disappeared from Missouri, not from Kansas.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Trump Administration "Loses" Almost 1500 Children

How does one "lose" a child? The federal government, under Donald Trump, has separated many, many families detained by ICE, but their current tactic is to send the parents home without their children. No kidding. At this point, there are over 1400 children of whom the United States has "lost track", and Jeff Sessions is claiming that the United States is not responsible. That simply isn't so. Whoever has custody of a child is responsible for the child's whereabouts. Just ask the stepmother of Lucas Hernandez, Emily Glass.

Is Donald Trump selling children of immigrants in order to support his family's shopping habits?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Harry And Meghan

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! What a beautiful couple! Also, the best of luck to both of them. This wedding will hopefully remind the world that love is the most important thing.

Also, congratulations to Meghan for taking the world's eyes off of Donald Trump for an entire weekend! Love conquers hate!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Private Message

You may have been able to convince the local city council that your stupid dog isn't a pit bull, but if it attacks anyone else, particularly a child, I will furnish the victim and the media with a copy of the complaint I filed. That will show, in a civil lawsuit, that there is a history of complaints about your dog. If your dog's next victim is child walking home from school, how will your employer, USD 380, feel about it? As a parent, I prefer school employees who obey the laws, including leash laws. How come people such as yourself abuse animals, anyway? That's the only reason your dog would run off of your property to people walking on the other side of the street.