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Friday, May 31, 2013

Billboard Material

Elections would certainly be interesting if we kept better track of things that happen here in Marshall County, Kansas.


Possible Reasons For Parental Involvement

The young lady who made this video had an excellent idea. Suppose each sexual assailant's manipulative statement or threat to his victim in order to keep her from reporting his crime was made public? What do you think your sons and their friend said to their victim a couple of years ago? How many times has the routine been repeated inside of your house?
What were you doing at eighth grade graduation this year? You do not have any children young enough to be in eighth grade. Was it just ingratiation as usual, or were you making sure no students discussed your childrens' activities? Was there another victim you wanted to intimidate or scare into silence?
It's always easier to maintain an illusion of "rightness" if you successfully ingratiate yourself to the faculty of the local school, isn't it? That way, your adult son(s) can date fourteen year old girls without anyone necessarily looking askance at your family. Seeing you at an eighth grade graduation was a surprise, though. Your children are much too old to use eighth grade as a dating pool.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

It Definately Rained

These are all mud puddles! We have gotten lots and lots of rain in Northeast Kansas, lately!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Obscessed Visitor

Seriously? Twenty-one hours at a time? What, exactly, are you looking for, oh slacking civil servant in the Marshall County Kansas judicial system? And why is this post so darned important to you? Your own inner "demons" probably have had a much bigger negative impact on matters pertaining to you, personally, than any other force. Your focus on my spiritual Path without any positive effort to network and share tells me much about you, and about this whole demographical area. You should drop your biases. You lack the moral substance and the intellectual genius required to stand in judgment of another.

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It seems that mass hatred, collective fear, and mob mentality are still the favored tools of governments comprised of people from whom we traditionally expect better.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Ann Coulter Clears Up Christian Influence

Sigh. Life, around most fundamental Christians, is one, long sigh. Ann Coulter, while dressed like a prostitute, explains some things that quite a few people who are not Christian, by culture, do not understand. She apparently thinks that there is some sort of "express" process involved in reaching a spiritual nirvana with connections to republican politics, America, and the "god-given" ability to offend and commit injustice, time and time again, which is something one does not find in any religion other than fundy Christianity is the lack of any expectation to mature and better oneself. Why she must insult Jews and Jewish culture in this interview is a mystery. Her example and expressed views go to the heart of why Christianity should be ignored.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

In Case You Skipped Church This Sunday

The first thing that a certain undersheriff here in Marshall County, Kansas, and I disagreed upon was actually a lot more universal than it was personal. It concerned the presence of weapons in Northeast Kansas schools, and the fact that rifles and shotguns occasionally tag along to school in vehicles driven by students who hunt on mornings before school starts. The cop thinks that because he goes to church and votes republican most of the time, a gun in the hands of a younger student (mind you, many of the schools in Northeast Kansas go from kindergarten to high school because the schools are not consolidated and there are not many students) would not create the mayhem here that the same weapon would create in the hands of a younger student opening an older student's vehicle and finding a loaded gun in a "blue" state. I reminded him that religion and politics would not affect the outcome of such an incident, and that if anything like that ever happened, I would be on the phone with all the major newspapers immediately, informing them of the conversation he and I had just had. This was before this happened, involving my effort to help a Marshall County mom get her mother to care for her children after she had been arrested, and also before this incident, when the county attorney wanted all of the witnesses for a case she wanted to try in court to testify her way, instead of telling the truth. Would you have heard a message from the pulpit, if you hadn't skipped church, about Jesus voting republican and telling concerned parents to relax about children taking guns to school?


Friday, May 24, 2013

Westboro Baptist Church Chickens Out

Amazing. Oklahoma City gets an F-5 tornado, and the very best Westboro Baptist Church can do is pull out their signs and threaten to picket. Gotta love Christianity in Northeast Kansas......NOT! Fred Phelps and Company threatened to picket in Oklahoma today, insisting that "God" sent the tornado to kill people because of Jason Collins's relationship choices. They apparently did not show, frightened away by the patiently waiting bikers.
When is Northeast Kansas gonna get off it's Christian kick?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Meaning Of Conception

I really thought I was only jesting when I wrote this post, just over a month ago, concerning Kansas Governor, Sam Browncrack, and his proposed legislation stating that life begins at conception. Apparently, the United States actually has a few morons in the judicial branch of government who actually might consider pressing charges against women for spontaneous abortions. In Mississippi and Alabama, women who have miscarried or given birth to stillborn babies have been charged and prosecuted under laws that were written to protect children from exposure to the manufacture and trade of methamphetamine, and in Virginia, legislation requiring women to report miscarriages to law enforcement has been proposed! At this point in our history, we do not have the medical technology to even begin to diagnose the cause of each and every spontaneously aborted pregnancy. How can we charge the mothers with criminal acts? What about the fathers, and possible flawed sperm?

It really seems as if, back in the day, when I saw this movie the first time, I heard the chorus as:
"Every sperm is sacred,
 every sperm is blessed,
 if any sperm was wasted,
 God would sure be pissed!"


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Visit From Grandfather

My prayers for strength were answered by my Grandfather. He simply told me never to forget who I am, and never to forget that I am loved. My understanding of those two things is power.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Policeman's Beat For Jesus

How would you feel if a cop came to your house and beat you up, as a personal favor to a county attorney, because you refused, as a witness, to distort the truth for her in a case she wanted to try? And if you heard that this cop likes to taze people with pacemakers, just for fun, would you ever want to hear about his religion again?

Marshall County, Kansas

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

If The Glove Does Not Fit, You Must Acquit

Last April, a man named John Brennan was arrested for indecent exposure in Portland, Oregon, when he got impatient with airport procedures and TSA agents and took off all of his clothing so that they could plainly see that he was not attempting to sneak explosives onto the plane. Apparently, a glove worn by a TSA agent had allegedly tested positive for silver nitrate, and the only possible source of silver nitrate was obviously John Brennan, so they hassled him. He was acquitted of indecent exposure by the Supreme Court in Oregon last year when a judge ruled that stripping off one's clothing in order to demonstrate that one is not carrying explosives is a legal expression of one's First Amendment rights. This should really serve as a lesson to a certain prosecutor in Marshall County, Kansas concerning constitutional rights. TSA is further harassing John Brennan about paying a fine of one thousand dollars, but as anyone watching this case would expect, he is appealing this.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

In Case You Missed Church On Sunday

I saw this on Facebook the other day, and realized that it has been altogether too long since I have poked fun at Jehovah's Witnesses here in Siri's World! Of course, had I never met a Jehovah's Witness in the first place; specifically, at my door in unsuccessful and annoying attempts to convert me to pathetic pretenses of being someone I am not, I would not poke fun at them.

Speaking of doors, the husband of a friend of mine solved all of his Jehovah's Witness problems simply by answering the door naked when they rang the doorbell!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Kansas Prosecutor Lets Teens Drive Drunk

It appears that Laura McNish, county attorney for Marshall County, Kansas, has given a seventeen year old child carte blanche to drink underage, and drive while intoxicated, as long as she is willing to make whatever statements are needed in court in order to gain a conviction in a certain case. This is a very possible explanation for  last weekend's escapade involving the police, the very same seventeen year old, a very telling breathalyzer, yet no arrests. The prosecutor scratches this young girl's back by making sure she does not get arrested for drinking underage, and she, in turn, will scratch the prosecutor's back by making whatever statements she wishes for her to make in court, be they true or not; or so it seems. Don't worry, yours truly and one or two other individuals got the names of the officers involved, and the report from Marshall County. The fact that it happened is already documented.

This county prosecutor had better hope and pray that nothing untoward happens to my daughter while she has this untoward permission to drink and drive.

Note: Someone with whom I work told me to remind you that people who live in glass houses should avoid throwing stones. Should your family enjoy the same as what you have bestowed upon other families? You should give that some serious thought, McNish. Soon.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Violent Cops

David Silva, of Bakersfield, California, was beaten to death earlier this month by eight police officers. Apparently, he was unconscious outside of an hospital, suspected of being intoxicated. Instead of taking him inside the hospital, it looks, on the footage taken by onlookers with cell phones, as if the police simply began to batter Silva with clubs, and did not stop until he was dead. Then, as a finale, they grabbed the cell phones and camaras upon which witnesses filmed the event, and even chased down a couple of witnesses at their homes to confiscate any footage and threaten anyone who might testify.

That action of grabbing the cell phones of witnesses reminds me of the cop in Marshall County, Kansas, who, with no concern for the law or with my physical safety, grabbed me in an attempt to stop me from calling the mother of someone he had just arrested to go pick up the children who had been left by themselves. The same police officer also assualted my daughter, and also by grabbing a phone out of her hand, when she tried to call her dad during an incident wherein he was bullying an innocent person. He would not allow a seventeen year old to call her dad.

 It is not, and never has been, unlawful to film and record law enforcement in action. If a police officer is not doing anything wrong, he should not worry about public perception of his actions. And as for calling a child's grandmother because the Marshall County Kansas cop arrested a mom and insisted upon leaving a five year old and a seven year old alone, I will do the same thing again, if necessary. Below is commentary on the police brutality death of David Silva.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Dance With Sobriety

I could never have asked for a better partner. No one else could ever have put breath back into my lungs or back into my soul. Every day is more interesting and more fulfilling than the day before, and my worst day sober is still more wonderful than my best day drunk could have ever hoped to be. Every challenge is a lesson in love, and I could never dance with a more exciting and loyal partner.


Eric Toth Comes Back To America

Eric Toth, former star of the FBI's most wanted list, is finally back from Nicaragua. Since 2008, he has been on the run, after it was discovered that he was using his position as a teacher at a high profile private school in Washington, D.C. to abuse children by selling indecent images of them online in the form of child pornography. In addition to teaching at the school, he also ingratiated himself to parents in order to gain their trust and further abuse children in their homes. When his actual occupation as a kiddie porn creep was discovered and made public, quite a few people who had trusted him actually found it difficult to accept the truth and change their minds about Eric Toth.

Why is it so difficult to see logic and put it ahead of emotional responses, once the truth has been made abundantly clear? Especially when it comes to our children? Below is a video that was made before Eric Toth was found, featuring Mary Ellen O'Toole, an FBI agent who wrote the book, Dangerous Instincts. She discusses the phenomena of gut feelings run amuck, and how predators often ingratiate themselves to parents and others in order to abuse children. There will be more on that subject in future posts on this blog.



Thankyou Everlasting Moonlight

Thankyou, Everlasting Moonlight. The lilies are beautiful, and are a wonderful addition to the garden and to Mother Earth. They will grow and multiply, year after year. Always scatter good seed in the field.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Message For An Obsessed Visitor

Hello again, I cited your information here, once before. I know exactly who you are, and I know exactly where you get online. I also know which computers you or others connected to you use, alternatively. I don't know why you bother with clumsy attempts to mask you presence, though. You see, it won't be very long before everyone who googles you name will see all of the things that I can see about you. I promise you, an internet search about your name will bring up information about everything from the way you contributed to the deliquency of a minor, filed false reports to law enforcement, committed ethics violations within your chosen field, committed fraud, violated the constitutional rights of others and sat on your big fat ass all day, on a computer belonging to your employer, while you should have been working.

I have a question for you,; do you think the schools and other government agencies which deal with matters pedogogical will want to listen to you anymore after they hear that you encouraged a teenager to drive an uninsured vehicle with stolen tags in Marshall County, Kansas?

Oh; by the way, if you and your goons on the police force continue to encourage local teenagers to drink and drive, and continue to encourage underage drinking despite the fact that drunk driving and underage drinking are both unlawful, I will make more noise about it than you ever thought possible. I promise.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sad Update On Lana Leigh Bailey

The remains of eighteen month old Lana Leigh Bailey were found yesterday. A twenty-seven year old man named Kyle Flack has been charged with the murders of Lana's mother, and two friends. Now charges are pending for the murder of Lana, as well. Lana was found in Osage County, Kansas, about thirty to forty miles away from the primary crime scene. No one has ventured a guess about a possible motive for this crime.


In Case You Skipped Church On Sunday

Lately, I've been shaking my head at the silly-assed notions of naive, Northeast Kansas, fundamental Christians. Their unquestioning acceptance of an unnecessary messiah from a completely unfamiliar culture for unexplained reasons remains a mystery and a travesty of rational thought to this blogger. If I were to nominate a random Jewish guy for the position of Messiah, it would certainly not be Jesus Christ, or Yeshua; it would be Abbie Hoffman. But then, that idea is actually not original to yours truly. The yearly festival known as Abbiefest showcases drama productions of up-and-coming talent and uses the catchy descriptive phrase: "Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Sins"!

Why did Abbie Hoffman die for our sins? What, exactly, are our sins, as a nation, here in America? Why has any revolutionary of distinction died for our national hypocrisy and complacency? These are questions that our schools are not even teaching our young people to consider. In fact, the young and foolish principal of a certain Northeast Kansas school specifically told me that he does not remind children of their fourth amendment rights when government officials overstep constitutional bounderies and use the school as a forum for evidence and information gathering concerning matters not connected to the school. Interesting......this is NOT what I pay for, via my taxes! It is one of the sins for which many of our leaders, revolutionaries, and military heros, ever since the Revolutionary War, have shed blood and died.

Take a good, long look at the uses of law enforcement to control the general population in recent years. The Christian churches, along with the fairy tale icons they employ, are no longer effective in controlling the masses, so now the government is using police intimidation to scare and control Americans at large. While Jesus Christ did not die for anyone's sins, Abbie Hoffman certainly went out of his way to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Smell Of Bacon

Don't expect the general public in Marshall County, Kansas to approve of your abuses of your duties as a police officer forever, dude. People are beginning to notice. Here's what was recorded about another abusive cop.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lana Leigh Bailey Of Kansas Is Missing

I read about this triple homicide in Ottawa, Kansas a couple of days ago. On Monday, a friend of Andrew Stout went to his home, after not seeing or hearing from him in several days, and did not find Andrew, but found very hungry, unfed pets. There was also a pervasive foul odor on the premises, and Andrew's friend called the police. The sheriff came, and determined that the foul odor was only garbage that had not been taken out or collected. The following day, Andrew's friend got a couple more people to go back to Andrew's with her and returned, this time going inside the house in order to feed the pets. That was when she found Kaylie Bailey, deceased, under a tarp in the garage and the bodies of Andrew Stout and Steven White in the house. So much for the sheriff's assessment that the smell was only because the garbage had not been taken out! Someone has already been arrested in connection with the three homicides in Ottawa; the remaining question has to do with Lana Bailey, the eighteen month old daughter of Kaylie Bailey and Andrew Stout; the last time she was seen, she was en route to Andrew Stout's home with her mother. So....has anyone seen Lana Leigh Bailey?


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Answer To My Beltane Longings

To Syrius.......I longed for nothing more. I danced around the maypole, singing to the Lord and Lady about you. I knew, even then, that I was in love with you. Woven ribbons and woven spells, how blessed I am to share life and love with you each day.


Maybe Charles Ramsey Will Start A Trend

Charles Ramsey, the man who finally called 911 and helped Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, and Michelle Knight, who had been missing for ten years, get out of a house where they had been held captive, wants to donate the reward money to the women he rescued. He states that he has only lived in the neighborhood in Cleveland for about a year, and he already gets a paycheck, so why not let the three women use the money to get back on their feet? How thoughtful!



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Person Who Likes Abusive Cops

"You need to pack up and leave town.... there is surely there is a place for you, but it's definitely not here! You add nothing to the community"........This is part of a comment left for me under this post, concerning police brutality and abuses of authority. I can only assume that this person, whose IP number revealed an address and identity of someone from whom better demeanor than anonymous threats is expected, was in approval of the police coming to my house and battering me because a county attorney did not like my testimony concerning a case she wanted to win. There was more to the comment than I have reproduced here, but the commenter proceeded to attack my family in the rest of it, so I cut it short of the mention of the others in my home. All I am willing to say about that part of it is this: my husband is one of the best neighbors you could ever have; if you want to be a creep to him and the rest of our family, it is certainly your loss, not ours. As for this person's approval of law enforcement battering an older woman because of her penchant for the truth and justice, it reaffirms the opinion I have had of this Northeast Kansas community for quite some time. I can live anywhere I choose in MY country. I am also entitled to my Fourth Amendment rights, as those who disregarded them are about to discover. It is not up to any dingbat Northeast Kansas, undersocialized, WestboroBaptistChurchMember lookalike to determine where I can live. And it does not matter if I stay or go; the county will still be held accountable for the injustices done to yours truly and family.

Someone else had a few words to mince with this person, and those go as follows:

 "You won't get past me. I am all over this situation.And I am a force to avoid. Believe it.You see, you ignorant fool, I am protected by ten-thousand angels. Yes, I am. And I will gladly send ten-thousand demons after YOU.I know all about your threats. I know what you are trying to pull here and I'm warning will never happen.Juli and Keith are my friends. You don't mess with my friends. I am on the West Coast, right now and that is working to my advantage. And I am totally capable of contacting the right people if you so much as stare at my friends the wrong way.If you are involved in the County government or affiliated with law enforcement, you better watch your step. Because right now, I am watching YOU. I and several other key people are keeping a sharp eye on what is transpiring in Frankfort and in Marysville, Kansas. And if you get stupid (more than you already are)and step out of line, I guarantee that you will OFFICIALLY regret it."

Ruthie Rader

This is but one of many messages I have gotton from quite a few different parts of the country about this situation. It seems that abuses of citizens by law enforcement and the rest of the judicial community have touched a raw nerve in the population's collective subconscious. I had no idea how many people would react to the pictures of the contusions left on me by that Marshall County Undersheriff, and I had no idea how emotional of an impact the situation could and would make. Please believe me, person who approves of police brutality, most people who share our nation are not happy about things like this. And the Constution is clear: I am under no obligation to be a clone of you, or of the congregation of Westboro Baptist Church, in order to enforce and enjoy my Fourth Amendment rights. If my insistence upon equality and respect is why you think I "add nothing" to this community, you need to realize that the most beautiful people in the world do not look anything like you. In fact, your comment, in connection with your particular role in frankfurter stand village, has nudged the school district just a little bit closer to consolidation. I do know the spot from which your signal reached me. As this is a small community, information from my tracker, a little investigative snooping, and a map of the place in this town that has used your IP number recently was all I needed. I also know who you are.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Film And Record Every Encounter With Law Enforcement

After the assault and battery I recently incurred at the hands of a Marshall County Kansas cop, at the behest of a corrupt county official who does not like people who testify honestly as witnesses in court, my family and I have learned to always have a camara of some type handy, and to always use it when law enforcement presents itself. Here's an interesting video, featuring yet another egomaniac police officer.


In Case You Slept During Church On Sunday


Self Image And Perspective

This video, involving descriptions given of subjects to a composite sketch artist of themselves, and descriptions given of the same subjects by strangers, is very interesting and very telling. Most of us do not see ourselves as attractive or beautiful, while the persepctives of others are often much more favorable.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Disbarred Kansas Attorney

Jon Michael King, Esquire, of Lawrence Kansas just surrendered his license to practice law and is now disbarred.  While working full time as a trust officer for the Trust Company Of Kansas, he also collected fees as a private attorney, which was against his contract. Because of this conflict of interest, there is disciplinary action pending and he surrendered his license. Had he just chosen corporate clients, such as the bank, who did not insist upon a contract disallowing private practice at the same time, he probably would have been fine.

Anniversary Of Kent State Tragedy

May 4, 1970 was the day that four students were gunned down by Ohio National Guard. There were vigils and demonstrations going on at Kent State at that time because of the Vietnam War, and because of Nixon's expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia. Somehow, an unarmed student body of a university became what law enforcement considered a legitimate target of soldiers with weapons. Think, everyone. How often do you want to read headlines such as this?


Friday, May 3, 2013

Supreme Court Throws Out Kansas Drug Conviction

A Riley County drug case got overturned by the Supreme Court yesterday. It seems that when Riley County, Kansas police forced their way into the apartment of James Campbell, thinking they smelled pot, (they were right, by the way) they needed a better reason then their olfactory senses to burst into Campbell's apartment and begin the search and seizure process. While Campbell had been sentenced to thirty-seven months behind bars, he is now no longer sentenced to any time behind bars. It seems that the only exception to a person's fourth amendment rights when the police want to come in, but one does not want them to come in is the "exigent circumstance exemption", when the policeman feels that he is in danger. But this time, even though the policeman lied and said Campbell had a gun pointed at him, the High Court ruled that it was not a reason to go inside the residence. Conviction overturned.


Hello Again, Fishy Fishy

Hello again,, of Marysville, Kansas! While that in no way represents the only IP address related to you or your internet trolling habits, I noticed you again today. I just wondered, during all the time tax payors pay you to play on the computer and peruse social media sites online while you should be working but ARE NOT; do you take time out for a lunch break? If not, here is a suggestion:

Of course, driving to the nearest McDonald's would take you away from trolling social media websites on company time for a substantial amount of time during the afternoon.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Clarification Of When Stuff In Siri's World Gets Published

Information that has been handed to me is already on an automatic schedule to be published. This means that if I do not publish it personally, it will appear, automatically, at a time that has already been set. I can continue to reset the publish dates for these posts at my convenience, or if I do nothing with the posts, they will publish by themselves.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Balefire Magic

The rhyme and reason
For the seasons;
A Witch's zeal
To turn the Wheel!
Beltane Blessings, Everyone!