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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Homing Pigeons In Topeka

This is what three or four thousand homing pigeons look like, flying away from Topeka kansas. It was an event this morning. >>>>>sigh<<<<<

If we open up the window to Governer Browncrack's office, perhaps he, too, will fly away.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Terri Horman, You've Been Served!

Oh my! I didn't know you were expecting company, Terri! But I guess you should've known! It was, after all, in the news, and you were, after all, the last custodial adult to have care of Kyron. And his parents have, after all, been waiting for over two years for you to tell them why they can't have Kyron back. So you've probably been expecting this visitor. You were also probably expecting the continued restraining order from Kaine, too. After all, you non-institutionalized, unmedicated loony tunes get a lot of those, don't you? Where's Kyron, Terri?

Catholic Clergy Cries The Blues Because We Think Before We Replicate

"Roman Catholic bishops in Kansas are sponsoring a Statehouse rally over what their church views as attacks by the federal government on religious freedom.

The rally is set for Friday afternoon, with Gov. Sam Brownback and U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran among the scheduled speakers. The event is part of a nationwide campaign prompted by a mandate announced by President Barack Obama earlier this year requiring most employers to provide health insurance covering birth control. Many Catholics and other religious conservatives oppose the mandate.

The Obama mandate included a religious exemption for houses of worship but not religiously affiliated hospitals, charities, universities and social service agencies. Obama later said he would require insurance companies rather than religious groups to cover the cost, but bishops nationwide view the change as inadequate." entire article, ABC 49KTKA

............Waaaaaa!! Waaaaa!! Waaaaa!!!!!!!!!! What's the matter, Catholic clergy? Can't handle the fact that modern medicine enables grown women to pop out replications of themselves only when the Earth needs such contributions? Is it a problem for you when we wait until we are ready to parent children before we pop them out, rather than littering the surface of our Host with unensouled individuals who only take and never give back? Does it threaten Catholic Clergy when a woman has a calling other than parenthood in life? Or does the Catholic church only define a woman by her reproductive organs? How many of the above mentioned protesters understand the delicate balences that define overpopulation? How many of these crying Roman Catholic Bishops are women?  What would they do if all of those who ARE women here in Kansas refused to engage in anything reproductive with Germanic male genotypical prototypes found in Kansas, favoring a little genetic variation? (I've been here for five years, and I am just now beginning to find an ability to pick individuals out of a crowd here! That's how alike everyone, especially middle aged men here, look! I mean that in a humerous way, though...please don't be mad!) Have any of these Roman Catholic Bishops ever faced any medical problems that contraindicate reproduction? Or are they just insecure, sexist pigs (no offense to pigs) with small, "inadequate" (see above article) body parts? Would that have been a factor in the career choice to become a Roman Catholic Bishop?

Shut the hell up, Roman Catholic Church! You've already caused enough trouble on this planet! You may view "change as inadequate", but a growing number of the rest of us view you as inadequate, in many ways.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Terri Horman Support Group. Why Do I Even Read It?

I got a nasty comment directed at me today by someone who actually..............(cough...ahem...cough...wheeze.....catch breath) SUPPORTS Terri Moulton Horman, soon-to-be former step parent of missing Kyron Horman, who disappeared while Terri Horman was supposed to be taking him to school on June 4, 2010. As if two years missing was not long enough! Here's the comment; my own comment was deleted, so I went ahead and remade my point below the deluded THSG commenter's insane rantings. THSG = Terri Horman Support Group. They should really rename it, because she claims to wish to be Terri Moulton, once again; she just resists any legal action that would accomplish this.

A Mother's Love - THSG

"Terri hasn't given up on Kitty and in fact the person who is standing in the way and NOT allowing her contact based on false allegations, is Kaine. Peter Bunch and Stephen Houze have declared that it is Terri's first and foremost thought to... be reunited with her daughter and be her parent.

It seems to me those who accuse Terri of abandoning Kitty should ask the bio mom why she abandoned her 2 sons and gave up custody even after YEARS of being healthy enough to marry, go on vacations to Mexico, work full time. Oh that's right, we aren't allowed to speak about the truth of others, only smear the one mother who LOVES Kyron and her other two children; Terri."

This is nonsense. First of all, any parent going through a nasty divorce will encounter challenges from the other parent. It is the nature of divorce. The only person on the planet who might expect Terri's experience to be any different is probably Terri's mother, Carol Moulton. It would not surprise this blogger if the above quote was typed by Carol Moulton. Where's the eye-rolley when I need it?
Second, the laws concerning child custody in the entire United States support Terri Horman at least having visitation with her daughter, Kiara. All Ms. Horman has to do is move the court and ask for a visitation rotation or a parenting plan. Her estranged husband, Kaine Horman, has no power to stop her from going to court and asking for vistation. The judicial system serves all Americans, and has served Terri Horman rather well, all things considered.

As for "accusing Terri of abandoning Kitty", (Kiara) I wonder when the last time was that this Facebook user sat in court waiting for her mom to testify, or sat at home, waiting for her mom to pick her up or visit her? I wonder if this Facebook user has ever had to explain a no-show parent's actions to a child who wanted so badly to see the other parent......? Not a fun experience. Also, if Terri Horman is not paying child support or making efforts to maintain contact with her child, she has, by the legal standards of most of the country, abandoned her child. So; Carol Moulton, before you question those of us who would like to see Kyron Horman returned to his family, why not ask the only mother who really doesn't care about any of the kids involved, Terri, where Kyron is?

Terri, where is Kyron?

Hot In Topeka

Hi, Everyone.

Private Message

Interesting. Spam from a professional firm in Kansas dumped into comments on this blog, via a proxy server that was routed through Bangladesh. Get a life! No one is truly anonymous online.

Throw The Book At This Kansas "Mother"!

"Testimony begins in the trial of an Emporia mother accused of leaving her newborn baby in a dumpster. Christina Devine is charged with attempted murder.

Prosecutors say she gave birth to a baby boy in October 2010m wrapped him in a trash bag, placed him in a dumpster, then went to work.

Tuesday, jurors heard from the man who found the baby who testified he remembers seeing the baby's hands moving up and down and then seeing dried blood on his head.

Prosecutors call the crime premeditated but lawyers for Devine say she did not intend to harm the baby."

................There's the whole article from ABC News, KTKA, in it's entirety. We almost don't need to know any more than what's reported. If this new mom did not want her newborn, there are plenty of people in Kansas who would love that baby, if given the chance. She did not have to leave him in a dumpster to die. Hopefully, Kansas will throw the book at her, and the rest of her childbearing years will be spent in prison, rather than getting pregnant again, and repeating her crime.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A New Face In The Maryland Sex Offender Registry

Because of the number of recent hits to this blog, looking specifically for information about this individual, it is with disgust and revulsion that I have posted this picture of Robert Neil Boyd, from the Maryland Sex Offender Registry. It is rather a suprise that Maryland even requires such offenders to register, since Maryland has a tendency to overlook sexual crimes and child pornography. If you have made his aquaintance, you probably know him as Neil Boyd, rather than Robert Neil Boyd. He has a similar history in Tennessee.

A question for all the wanna-be new agers and pseudo yuppies out there in Maryland and Virginia, and a couple two or three in West Virginia, who know this man, is why...oh why...did you think human trafficking is simply okay? Kiddie porn IS human trafficking, and contributing to that "industry" is victimizing other human beings. Quite a few of you (and you all know exactly who you are, too) were fully aware of Boyd's whereabouts when he fled to Tennessee to avoid prosecution in Maryland. Did you think his perversions were more important to the Cosmos than the wellbeing of any of his victims? Did you think a child's photograph, immortalized online, bought and sold for perverse purposes, would be good for the child and for the child's future? Or do you people even care? Have you guys all forgotton that God does not like ugly?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Steve Houze: Who The Hell Is A Fugitive?

 "Terri went to a lawyer and took his advise to not talk and plead the 5th, Houze is a well known attorney and has dealt with all kinds of situations I would trust that he knows alot more about this case than anyone does. It appears in court he does his homework and does it well. I highly doubt he would risk his career by hiding a fugative from the law."

..........This is a snippet from a comment on another blog, where I am engaged in a conversation about the lawsuit recently filed against Terri Horman, by Desiree Young, mother of missing Kyron Horman. Kyron disappeared in June of 2010, from his second grade classroom at Skyline Elementary in Portland, Oregon. Terri Horman, Kyron's sometime step parent, has refused to testify, give account of her whereabouts the day Kyron went missing, and has also failed two polygraphs. She also hired Steve Houze, a high profile and high dollar criminal defense attorney, to represent her when police began to suspect that she may have attempted to hire someone to kill her husband, Kaine Horman. Not that she was ever charged.....she just needed a defense attorney.

There have been observations and arguements that Kyron's missing persons case and the alleged murder for hire case are not connected to each other. Ok, that seems plausable, so why is Houze representing Ms. Horman in Kyron's missing person case, if Ms. Horman had nothing to do with Kyron's disappearance? Anyone else experiencing two separate legal issues has to retain council for two separate legal issues. So, to those who want to yap about the fact that Houze was not hired until the police investigated the alleged murder for hire, remember that Houze has apparently advised Terri Horman concerning the missing persons case, too. Two separate cases.

This commenter also claims that Houze advised Terri Horman to plead the fifth. I disagree. Terri Horman has not been charged with anything, and has not been arrested for anything. She does not need to "plead the fifth". That's something one does in court. What she HAS done, other than fail polygraphs and refuse to cooperate with law enforcement to assist in finding Kyron, is exercise her right to remain silent. But; once again, if she hired Houze to represent her in the alleged murder for hire "nonevent", why is he representing her in Kyron's disappearance? Unless he has been retained to do just that.

It also appears that the comment is written by someone who believes that Steve Houze "knows a lot more about this case than anyone does." I'll go along with that; he probably does. But if he does, how? The only way he can truly know anything is by talking to the actual perpetrator.

Here's the part of the comment that is truly loaded: "I highly doubt that he (Steve Houze) would risk his career by hiding a fugitive from the law."  Defense attorneys do not represent the prosecution. They represent the defendant. If a defendant happens to be on the lam, they have an obligation to act in the defendant's best interest, not anyone else's. So if Steve Houze has a client who is a fugitive, as many lawyers do from time to time, his career will not be "risked" in any way if he lets the fugitive hide. If he acts in any way that is not in his client's best interest, that is when he would "risk" his career. But that comment is still a very loaded comment for one more reason......who the hell is a fugitive here? Terri Horman isn't a fugitive. She hasn't been charged with a crime, remember? Neither is anyone else. To whom could this poster have referred?

"♫♪ We're off to see the Wizard, ♪♫♪, the wonderful Wizard of Oz ♪♫!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

In Case You Didn't Go To Church This Sunday

Here's what you might have missed if you did not go to church this Sunday! It's an insane Texas Christian pastor, who wants athiests to leave the country, even though they live here, and thinks Witchcraft should be against the law! Is he aware that the founding fathers, particularly Thomas Jefferson, were all against combining Christianity with affairs of state? Is he aware that Christmas is a Pagan holy day? Is he aware that George Washington was the "father of the country" in many ways? Is he aware that he is an undereducated loonytune who does not know the hole in his butt from a hole in the ground? Only the shadow knows.............I wonder if a Pagan or Athiest woman rejected the good Reverend Hagee at some point in his life? This is the kind of guff we usually hear from men with very small body parts.

Hey Hagee......suppose the Native American communities want YOU to leave because THEY were here first? Could you get a visa to preach this nonsense in another county? After all, airplanes and ships leave this country for foreign destinations all the time!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Some Summertime Justice In Pennsylvania

The courts in Pennsylvania had a busy day today! Not only Jerry Sandusky, but Monsignor William Lynn, a cleric who not only had a taste for children himself, but aided and abetted other clerical molestors by reassigning them to new churches with unsuspecting congregations when they ran out of victims who were too scared to stand up for themselves. He would actually make up lies about sending these priests away because of medical problems. He was found guilty of child abuse (you can guess which kind.....he IS, after all, a Catholic priest) but surprisingly, not of conspiracy. I guess he DIDN'T KNOW it's a crime to aid and abet, and completely forgot that God does not like ugly, and the jury felt sorry for his sorry ass. Oh well, he'll only be locked up for three to seven years, but hopefully Rome and Jesus will begin to see that sexual assualt and sexual abuse are not appreciated. The annoying thing is, it is always really difficult to find a booking photo of an arrested Catholic priest. They seem to get away with just handing police a picture of themselves at the pulpit or posing in their robes and imagined halos.

Someone who actually was photographed in handcuffs and doing the "perpwalk" was Jerry Sandusky. The first complaint about his conduct was made in 1998, and his community, Penn State, thought it would be better not to listen. The sight of a child abuser in handcuffs as he is hauled off to jail for for a period of time that will span the rest of his life is beautiful, but all the more so after so many young people who were not deemed worthy of justice waited for so long.

Here's Sandusky getting arrested. Maybe now that he has been found guilty, he can confess his sins to Father Lynn. Maybe there will be more mugshots and pictures of "cleric molestors" doing the perpwalk.

Smile, You're On Candid Camara

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mitt Romney Wants Other Republicans To Lie

How interesting. Mitt Romney is worried that the governers of states where the economy is finally picking up, after the mess Bush made of our country, are going to hurt his campaign by speaking well of their situations. But; ever the efficient manager, Romney has a solution: lie about it. He has already specifically asked Governor Rick Scott, of Florida, to downplay any accomplishments and gains that have been made in Florida, because Romney wants to keep a false aura of doom and gloom, and keep blaming this Bush induced doom and gloom on Obama. What a big surprise.....not.

Why is it okay in white, Christian America to be a big, fat liar?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Summer Solstice, Everyone!

Happy Summer Solstice! Here's a grasshopper, in the Solstice Parade in Seattle! It looks like it was a great time!

Jack Wu, Republican Candidate For Board Of Education

Katy tried
I was halfway crucified
I was on the other side
Of no tomorrow.

The lyrics above are from "Are You Really Dr. Wu", by Steely Dan. The picture to the left is of Jack P. Wu, Republican candidate in Topeka, Kansas, for the Board of Education. This really has me laughing almost too hard. Most Kansas Republicans are quite funny, when they are not being really stupid or downright crazy, (see Brownback's twittergate moment or Mike O'Neal's emails about Mrs. Obama for more information) but Jack Wu is almost in a league by himself. Kansas has been battling it out over teaching creation as scientific fact rather than evolution as scientific theory for eons now, but Wu is running on the platform that Kansas schools should not teach anything about evolution at all. And here's his resume. It looks rather empty. But here is something that is very interesting about Jack Wu....he attends Westboro Baptist Church! And here's what he had to say about what public high schools teach about evolution: Wu’s mission in running for office is to “make a difference in this evil city of Topeka and this perverse state of Kansas. Students don’t need Satanic lies like evolution filling their heads".  If elected to office, Jack would like to "purge such lies from the curriculum.” Whoa! Satanic lies? And you'll purge them from the curriculum? Really, Jack? What on earth have you been smoking?

I don't know which makes me laugh harder, the Westboro Baptist Church referral, or "Satanic lies" idea, but I do not think he's going to win. I do think that the perfect campaign slogan for Jack Wu to use in this election, and in all of his other political races for public office is the quote from the above cited Steely Dan song, though; "On the other side of no tommorrow"; because that is obviously where Jack Wu spends most of his time!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sierra Lamar's Facebook

Yesterday, an insensitive clod thought it would be amusing to hack the facebook account of missing Sierra Lamar, and posted some false information while pretending to be her! The clod even posted an address in Saratoga, Ca.!  Why would anyone do this? Why would anyone think this is funny? Sierra Lamar is fifteen years old and has been missing for three months now, and is presumed dead. There is nothing amusing about making false posts to her facebook page. There is also nothing amusing about giving false information to law enforcement.

Something everyone should know before jumping on the internet and and posting somewhere, is that anyone can use a tracker to track visits to a website. While nothing is perfect, and servers occasionally don't transmit signals, trackers do a pretty good job of relaying information. If anyone with a website can track a visit to it's source, just think of what the FBI can do. Perhaps the person who left the false information on Sierra's facebook wall was not thinking about that. Also, in a lot of places, giving false information to law enforcement, especially during an investigation, is against the law. Casey Anthony may have been found not guilty of her daughter's murder, but remember her story about Zenaida Gonzalez? She still has to answer for that in civil court. Also, Desiree Young, mother of missing Kyron Horman, is about to force Kyron's stepmother, Terri Horman, to answer in civil court about her role in Kyron's disappearance. One thing that is certain to be discussed in that court case is a nonexistant medical appointment Terri Horman claimed to have made for Kyron for the day he went missing. Giving false information to the police during an investigation can have some bad repercussions for the person who does it, as well as for those who jump to investigate the false leads.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Obama Gets No Credit When Things Go Well

Did I hear you right, Mitt? When things go well for America, Obama gets no credit? But when things do not go well, it's okay to blame him? But responsibility does not go both ways? Do you run your bloodsucking businesses that way? Twisting everything to please whatever investor may have been snooping, and carefully hiding the truth? And when something that is true will not work out with the lie you portray, do you just hide it or attempt to delete it? Like all those emails concerning healthcare and insurance in Massachusetts? Do you know who Moroni really is, Mitt? He's an evil spirit in Greek legend, and his name is where we get the word "moron".

Why not just start running a positive campaign, Mitt. It's easy. After all, WWJD.....or do you guys believe in Jesus? I know that for a long time, only white people were allowed to follow Moroni into your silly religious organization, which defies everything in which most Americans believe, but do you think you could start running a positive campaign, just for a little while? I don't want to be part of any "business" you run, by the way. A government is not a business. So don't think of yourself as a manager, think of yourself as a public servant. And just shut up about all the blame you want to lay. No one's really interested in your silly-assed opinion, anyway. Anyone who votes for you is just voting for you because you are republican, or because you are white. That's how divided this nation is right now, and I think if you were really a bishop, you'd worry about that, more than pushing lies and laying blame.

Circle Of Safety

Circle of Safety. I think the picture speaks for itself.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thankyou For Everything, Dad

Ladrum altar with unfinished jack-o-lantern, and, of course, pictures of two very special ancestors, Grandpa and Dad, on Ancestor Night. Happy Fathers' Day, Dad.

If You Missed Church This Sunday

If you missed church in Florida this Sunday, you might have missed an exorcism!

Yet another reason to give fundamentalist Christianity a miss.

Friday, June 15, 2012

New Website, Media For The Missing

About a year ago, a young woman named Stephanie Coplen started a program from Manhattan, Kansas, called Media For The Missing. It's primary purpose is to keep pictures of missing people of all ages on the internet and in public places, where the images can be seen frequently. Between ten and fifteen percent of missing people are brought home by picture recognition, which is a significant number. Also, Media For The Missing introduces many programs to raise awareness of the increasing number of missing persons and programs to teach safety to children. I already like it.

Another big asset, in my opinion, for Media For The Missing, is that it is in Kansas. Crossing Kansas City is a network of highways which can take one literally anywhere in the continental United States. I have always wondered why there is not more focus on missing persons, since it is not unfathomable that a criminal who had just kidnapped someone and did not wish to be found might come through Kansas City on his way to anywhere. This makes Kansas a very important place to display missing persons posters and raise awareness.

Stephanie Coplen laments that her organization is not eligable for very many grants, and reaching the number of people she wishes to reach has been difficult. I will give you the link: Media For The Missing, and you can peruse the site. It is well worth looking at.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another Age Progressed Picture Of Kyron Horman

 The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children has released another excellent age progressed picture of Kyron Horman. This one pictures him with no glasses. It is always my hope and prayer that I will turn on the news and see the story telling the world that Kyron has been found. He has been missing since June 4 of 2010, when he was seven years old; now he is nine. Until the day Kyron is found, it is important to keep his image where everyone can see it, and hopefully, recognize him.

Sex Offender Jumps On Facebook Right Away

Robert Neil Boyd, the friendly, neighborhood, kiddie porn creep who ran away from Maryland in 2006 to escape kiddie porn charges and was caught in Tennessee in 2010 and thrown in the slammer, little girls; has been released from jail in kiddie-porn-friendly Maryland and is already back online, scoping out the available social networks, very likely looking for more porn and new victims. According to the authorities who handle the sex offender registry in Maryland, Mr. Boyd has three days to go get his picture taken and share his new address. So far, he has had plenty of time to get on Facebook, but has been too pressed for time to complete the proper registrations for those who like to pick on children and his "Facebook obligations" have just been all encompassing.

This is a non-booking photo of Robert Neil Boyd, from which recognition may be easier. Since Maryland encourages crimes against children, and Neil is back in the population and on the internet, he has resumed his postion as a threat.

Here's the information we have currently about Mr. Boyd and Maryland. Maryland says it is soon to be updated. Once again, he has three days to update his information with Maryland. Any crazy Maryland yuppies or sympathetic second rate "new agers" (who think you know everything but don't care about the law, or any of Neil's victims) who might be providing this creep with a place to hide from authorities, take note. There are very good reasons why Robert Neil Boyd's behaviors are unlawful. Just in case you don't care about the law or think Maryland is too picky about it's requirements, be aware that I know who a few of you are. Sarah, this means YOU.

Event Date Comment
SUMI 12/17/2006 SUM ISSUED 061217 AGENCY:MSP 9051
WARI 02/01/2007 070201;MSP 9051;2;ARR;D06061237-0
WARS 01/12/2012 120112;D06061237-0;
INIT 01/12/2012 120112;00015000.00;HDOB;100; ;B042
BALR 01/13/2012 120113;00015000.00;HDOB;100; ;9L2
SUPV 06/14/2012 P&P

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Omit Mitt Instead Of Getting Rid Of Teachers

Instead of getting rid of teachers, suppose Mitt Romney proposed eliminating some of the positions and legal vehicles that truly don't have an historic track record of providing any actual assisitance or value to the comunity or the population at large? Say, perhaps, those probation officers or DWI monitors that get paid to monitor cases after offenders have been paroled, or in some cases, when they have been given probation in instead of jail time? So many offenders reoffend; why not stop paying the salaries of those who do not prevent this, and find some other way to discourage recidivism? If we did not have high rates of recidivism, we would not need probation officers, so it does not really help to keep a probation officer employed if he maintains a good track record. In the probation officer's case, productivity is counterproductive.

While discussing the blissful elimination of ineffective probation officers, why not eliminate an entire legal vehicle, such as prohibition laws? We should probably continue the prohibition of drugs that are truly dangerous, such as certain prescription medicines, and we should certainly never allow drunk driving, but why is marijuana illegal? Since 1937, when it became illegal, whose life has been enhanced by keeping it unlawful? Hmmm? This prohibition law has not aided the average citizen in any way. It has, however; made gangs and drug cartels quite rich. Prohibition laws have also helped make the Mafia powerful. Oh....lets not forget, it also helps keep those ineffective probation officers employed.

The abolishment of prohibition laws would also free up our judicial system and allow it to be an actual judicial system, instead of a babysitting service for wayward adults. Taxpayors spend lots and lots of money on judicial stupidity every year on nonsense that involves..........drum roll..........marijuana. If we could save all this money and spend it on teachers, instead of doing what Mitt Romney wants to do; specifically, get rid of teachers, firefighters, and policemen, we would be investing in ourselves and our own communities. Bishop Romney wants to tell us that we cannot have those assets, and that we cannot use our own resources to invest in ourselves, and in our children. What would he do with our money? He hasn't told us. He is a bishop in his church, so it isn't really a big stretch to wonder if our money would probably bolster his church a lot more than it would bolster our nation.

If Mitt really wants to help America's economy, why not change the pay scale for elected positions? Do some of our elected officials make more than we, the people, can afford to pay them? Why isn't Mitt looking at that, instead of eyeing our schools from the standpoint of a vulture? Perhaps the position of president can even be served on a volunteer basis. We wouldn't have so many career politicians! The bishop really needs to start looking at ways to invest in the middle classes, rather than ways to eliminate the middle classes.

Here's a serious question: if Mitt really wants to cut the number of policemen, yet keep victimless crimes on our books, who is going to carry out the resulting and ongoing arrests? The FBI? The Coast Guard? His own elite bunch of Mormon goons? And, if he becomes president, will he serve the American people? Or does he see us all as potential employees or parishoners? Oh...wait a minute...certain minorities cannot become Bishop Romney's parishoners, can they?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mitt Romney Has Reasons For Not Wanting Lots Of Teachers

Here's a possible reason why Mitt Romney wants to cut the number of teachers and limit education:

Anyone who is intelligent and educated is of no use to Romney, whether he becomes president or not.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Problem For Gregor Mendel

Amazing! I have had this particular clump of red and yellow lilies for several years now, and I have never had one which had grown with a dominant allele for a completely red flower! It's different from all the rest....I hope this is legal in Kansas!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

If You Missed Church This Sunday

If you missed church this Sunday, perhaps you were in New Orleans, with Jessica Ahlquist, who successfully petitioned the Supreme Court and got an old rug with a superstitious prayer taken off the walls at her school, at the American Humanist Association, this past week. After the award of a check for $40,000.00 at the Reason Rally, in Washington D.C., she has also won the Humanist Award this year. What an honor for her school, Cranston High School, to have such an intelligent, tenacious, and creative winner in their student body! A public school should be very proud to have such a student in attendance. Most of the students at the school have shown struggles in contemporary issues and communication, but Jessica is capable of understanding the Constitution and enlisting in the help of our judicial system to uphold it. Now that there is a void in the spot once occupied by the old, silly, Christian prayer, perhaps Jessica will go the extra mile and get her Tarot cards read by Jesus while she is in New Orleans, and bring back a banner that looks like this! To the right, is a rendition from a deck using Golden Dawn symbolism as interpreted by Edward Arthur Waite, and others, of the Heirophant, which symbolizes conformity. This looks like it would make an interesting banner for the hallway at Cranston High! It's obviously an artist's conception of Jesus, so it should make all the Christians happy! Maybe she will bring back some other religious odds and ends, too, from New Orleans, such as the ones pictured below! That way, the school's thirst for religion will be quenched, and everyone might actually learn something!

Congratulations, Jessica Ahlquist! If your school does not recognize your talent and intelligence, they should.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Noble Rick Pendland Bound Over For Trial

Here is an update to Noble Rick Pendland's adventures with the judicial system: today, he was bound bound over for trial in a case involving five victims and five counts of aggravated sodomy and three counts of indecent liberties with a child. Another victim came forward, and that will be a separate case. It will not be a big surprise if even more victims come forward, since a lot of parents, students, and foster children complained about him, while Kansas essentially told them to shut up and bend over for Mr. Pendland. The arraignment will be at 3:30 PM on June 21 in Cowley County Court, Kansas. What a way to celebrate Summer Solstice!

If you can stand one more update, here is a short clip of what happened in court today:

This is what the superintendent of USD 470 (Kansas Public Schools) did not want anyone to know. This is also what social services in Kansas, or social rehabilitative services, does not want the rest of the nation to know about foster care placements for children in Kansas. In fact, a foster child who later became an adoptive child in Kansas, Adam Herrman, has been missing since 1999, and no real efforts have been made to find him. His biological father was never contacted before SRS decided to allow the people who "lost" him to adopt him, either. It is time for the Kansas foster care industry to go into receivership.

Noble Rick Pendland In Court Today

Noble Rick Pendland, Kansas teacher, counselor, and foster parent, is finally in court today for his preliminary hearing. Hopefully, he will not get out on bond, and force Kansas to look for his unsightly posterior parts again. That might be harder than Pendland initally thought, anyway, since yet another victim has filed in court against Mr. Pendland; this time concerning Pendland's parenting skills. This new victim was a foster child of Noble Rock Pendland.

Where does Kansas find these people? Why does Kansas think children are better off in the homes of unqualified babysitters than with their own parents? Now that some of the foster children who survive are aging out of care, what will Kansas do about the lawsuits they will most likely win because of the abuse they incurred while children in foster care? If the cases against Noble Rick Pendland are any indication of a trend, it looks like time will tell. Maybe the division of Social Rehabilitative Services in Kansas that manages foster care placements for children should be in receivership.

Suppose you were a foster child in Kansas. How would you feel about this monster having a state granted right to sexual relations with you, any time he pleased?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Romneygate: Why Mitt Hid His Emails

Why do Republicans support Mitt Romney? They flip out all over the place about healthcare reform, calling it "Obamacare", but is the average, brainwashed, sheeplike Republican aware that Mitt Romney attempted to push the same idea through Massachusetts legislation in 2006? In essence, the sheeple scream about Obama because sheep hate the healthcare reform bill, and they listen to Bishop Romney when he says he's got better ideas, but the Bishop's ideas turn out to be the same as Obama's, once we finally find a few of the missing emails from Romney's tenure as governor of Massachusetts!

So this is why Mitt does not want these emails to be found. We finally got our hands on some of them, and he wants to socialize American medicine in a rubber stamp sort of way and be done with it. His ideas about forcing mandatory insurance on the general public is a bit more draconic than Obama's, however; and could even damage the way medicine is practiced in the United States. His one-size-fits-all ideas about the way medicine should be practiced can limit a patient's access to tests for a rare diagnosis and force providers to practice medicine by the rules of an insurance company and not according to the need a patient has for care. Insurance companies already run the "medical industry" we have in this country. Medicine is already "one-size-fits-all". Mitt Romney obviously isn't concerned about the average American.

Here's something else disturbing, involving medicine, that happened in the very state Romney governed. Granted, this did not happen under Romney's watch, but it happened in the wake of the legislation Romney pushed through concerning medicine, insurance, and law. A family law court judge actually ordered a pregnant woman to have a second trimester abortion. That woman had to petition the Supreme Court in Massachusetts for the right to carry her healthy baby to term. Does it sound like Massachusetts has been under the influence of officials who care about human life? Not to me.

Perhaps Mitt Romney's candidacy for president should be put on hold until we have seen all of his hidden emails.

Kyron's Age Progressed Picture

There have been a lot of hits on my tracker lately concerning these pictures of Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his school in Portland Oregon in June of 2010. I will repost them, but keep in mind, they are all pictures of a younger Kyron with different hairstyles. The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children has a professional age progression of Kyron Horman on their site now, and I will post that here, too.

That was Kyron at seven years of age. He is now nine, so it is important to look at this:

Just remember, he could have glasses, or not. He could have long, short, or in between hair. He could have a baseball cap, or not. He could even have a tan or a sunburn. It's time for him to come home.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Petition To State Farm For Ayla Reynolds

As many have already heard, Justin Dipietro, the father of Ayla Reynolds, bought an insurance policy against Ayla from a friend who works for State Farm Insurance. Within Two weeks of that day, Ayla disappeared. She has not been seen since Decenber 16, 2011. A very good petition has been put together, to request that State Farm do a very thorough investigation before they pay Justin Dipietro anything at all for his missing daughter. Hopefully, everyone who reads this will look at the petition and sign it. Here is the link:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Horny Sex Offenders Want Facebook

Is maintaining a Facebook profile a privilege, like driving a car or shopping at Walmart, or is it an inalienable right? It seems we have a bunch of sex offenders who have already been caught abusing their rights, and caught abusing children, who feel that we, as a population, owe them the right to a better range of opportunities to reoffend after hunting down more victims. They want to get on Facebook and try to make friends with your children and mine. These creeps feel that we have discriminated against them with all the restrictions we have placed on them, and they are going to court in a few states to try to win the right to "friend" children online.

We tell people who have been convicted of violent crimes, such as domestic violence, that they cannot carry guns, even though the Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms, and it's perfectly legal to place that restriction on such individuals. We also tell people who repeatedly drink and drive that they can no longer drive. While driving is a privilege, rather than a right, the anology still stands. The abuse of a privilege or certain rights in such a manner that that the safety and welfare of others is put at stake can and should result in the cessation of the abused privilege to the offender. Sex offenders almost always reoffend. There is no known cure for being a sex offender. Why should they have internet privileges? Here's a post about one, named Robert Neil Boyd, who blew off court in Maryland in 2006 and was caught in Tennessee in 2010, and is now in jail in Maryland. His problem was internet crime, and his computer was loaded with kiddie porn when he was caught in Tennessee. He was charged in both Tennessee and Maryland. Should we just let him hop back on a computer? Here's a post about a sex offender whose sentence was commuted by a judge in New Mexico because he had found Jesus in prison. Immediately after getting out, the offender began texting one of his victims. They never stop. They don't need Facebook, or any other social media, and the internet is not an inalienable right. What's next? Releasing Charles Manson and putting him in charge of a group home for troubled teens? Possibly giving snail mail privileges to the Unabomber?     

Lets try to keep these people off of online social networking.

Yes, Kyron's Mom Can Sue Terri Moulton Horman

Some people are failing to understand, from what I see on Facebook and in comments at news websites, that Desiree Young, mother of Kyron Horman, has a solid legal case against Terri Moulton Horman. On June 4, 2010, Terri Moulton Horman, Kyron's stepmother, states that she left him at school. When attendance was taken, Kyron was not at school. Kyron was not in school all day, on June 4. Later on, that same day, when Desiree had been scheduled to take Kyron to her house for the weekend, Kyron was still missing. Terri was the last custodial adult to have Kyron in her care. Now that Terri is no longer Kyron's stepmother, and no longer a defacto guardian of Kyron in any way, Kyron's parents have the right to physical custody of Kyron. Since Terri is the last known person to have had any contact with Kyron, it is logical, reasonable, and legal to insist upon answers and testimony from Terri concerning Kyron's whereabouts. This, ladies and gentlemen who don't think Desriee has a solid case, is what this case is all about. And, in Oregon, there is a specific law called Aaron's Law, written by Sean Cruz, specifically to deal with step parents who steal children from natural parents. Because of this, I anticipate that Stephen Houze, Esquire, representing Terri Horman, will have a more difficult time getting this case dismissed, which; I'm sure, he wants to do.

Even if Terri does not testify; even if Terri does not appear in court, the discovery process can subpeona her bank records, her phone conversations, every single email, testimony from more witnesses and potential witnesses, and even medical records to get a clearer picture of where everyone in the Horman family was on June 4, 2010. And also, the court can order Terri to produce Kyron. If that happens, and she fails to give him back to his parents or testify as to where he might be found, Terri could be charged with contempt of court. Most jurisdictions give judges the leeway to jail defendants and other parties in court who are found in contempt until such a time as they are no longer in contempt. If that happens to Terri Moulton Horman, perhaps she will give Kyron back to Desiree.

It has been two years. Terri, where is Kyron?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Community Reaction To New Hope Baptist Church In Seneca, Kansas

It looks like Reverend Knapp has made some new friends! After his sermon last week,  at New Hope Bapstist Church, in Seneca, Kansas, he had some visitors! It is good to see Kansans sending a counter-message to the conventional bigotry and hate that is commonplace enough in Kansas to pass for traditional lifestyles of the republican and brainwashed. Chris Knapp really thought no one would raise an eyebrow at his guff here in Kansas. Wake up, Knapp! The times, they are a-changin'!

In Case You Missed Church This Sunday

A whole new commandment, right here on this sign!

Catch Of The Day

A baby rabbit that simply made my heart melt! Sitting in the hands of a person who makes my heart melt! (my husband!) We think he just got away from his nest, and believe it or not, we also think, after reading up on rabbits, that he might be able to fend for himself, so we turned him loose and put the dogs behind the fence for the day. The kids wanted to keep him.

Note To Terri Moulton Horman

Hey Terri, all anyone really wants is to bring Kyron home. Why not sit down with whoever represents you and find a way to testify? If you cannot do this with whoever represents you now, why not look for attorneys who specialize in communicating information from key witnesses to the FBI? Granted, it won't be as easy as for you as clicking your heels together three times and saying, "I want to go home", but Kyron can't come home that way, either. No matter how this lawsuit filed by Desiree turns out, life will never be the same for you. There is no going back to what you thought was real. Time won't allow it. The only way you can find a positive direction is to make a responsible choice about bringing Kyron home. I can guarentee you that if you run from this, wherever you go, there you will be! The only way this matter will stop following you is if it becomes part of the past, and the only way it will become part of the past is if you stop it in it's tracks and testify.

Friday, June 1, 2012

You Go, Desiree!

This is such a good idea for many reasons. Even if Terri Horman still refuses to cooperate, the discovery process can rip through everything from bank and ATM records to phone conversations and emails. This should give everyone a more clear idea of where Terri actually was on the morning of June 4, 2010. If Desiree wins, all of Terri's finances will be under even more scrutiny. With the whole world watching, I wonder how Terri's gonna like that?! Maybe she should have lived a cleaner, more legal life all along, especially before June of 2010!

Terri.......where's Kyron?

Prayers And Hopes For Kyron Horman

Kyron Horman is in the news again. Unfortunately, not because he has been found; he is still very much missing. Kyron's mom, Desiree Young, is filing suit in civil court against Terri Horman, estranged wife of Kaine Horman, Kyron's dad, and sometime step parent of Kyron. This makes very good sense, because Terri was the last adult to have Kyron directly in her care before he disappeared, and her lack of testimony and failure to produce Kyron to Kyron's parents adds up, in my world, to custodial interferance. Now, hopefully; Terri or someone representing Terri, will be forced to testify in court concerning Kyron. I wonder if Steve Houze, Terri's "houze-boy", anticipated this? Yes indeed, Houze-boy, Carol and Larry Moulton, Dede Spicher, and all others who do not understand the love a mother has for her child; contrary to what all of you probably think, it is NOT okay to harm a child or to sit idlely by, ignoring law enforcement, while a child is in danger or missing. Kudos to Desiree, and many prayers for support and wisdom. She loves her son.