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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here We Go Again.....Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church vs. the Ku Klux Klan.  Geez.

Ya know, before I moved to Kansas, I had no idea Westboro Baptist Church existed. I thought that people like Fred Phelps were only in movies, or something. I really didn't know anyone could begin acting so stupid, and keep it up for damn near thirty years. He wanted Gage Park, in Topeka, cleaned up, back in the 80's. When it didn't happen quickly enough for him, he didn't run for city council, so he could launch his own clean-up efforts, or volunteer. He decided to go on a decades-long hate campaign, instead. And he took his bible with him.

I wish I could say that these people are the craziest, most dangerous Christian religious folk a person could run into, but sadly, I don't think they are. Yesterday, on Memorial Day, they got counter protested by Klan, of all bunches. I am so sorry for the people who just wanted to visit Arlington National Cemetery.

I think it would be interesting if, during one of Westboro Baptist Church's silly-assed marches, a few people showed up with signs, stating everything from "Legalize Pot" to "Save the Whales" and and mixed in with the Phelps's, making them less visible. Or......everyone could dress up in halloween costumes, and just walk around with them, drawing attention away from the Phelps's. 

Phred Phelps is not the first Christian who has wanted me to believe that God does not love me, he probably won't be the last. He just happens to be sillier about it than most.

Deadly Cucumbers

Deadly cucumbers? Is that anything like The Attack Of The Killer Tomatos? I guess I am showing my age by mentioning that movie!! Haha!

Ok......E Coli is a chance we all take when we have our fresh food shipped from port to port, after harvesting. E Coli is everywhere, but we are much more immune to our own E Coli than to E Coli that originates far away from from us. I don't know if there is actually a way to ensure that proper handwashing technique is employed by all of those employed, from growing the deadly cucumbers to stocking them in the grocery stores, but if there is, it has not been discovered yet. The most recent outbreak making the headlines is going through Europe, and appears to have started in Spain.

The only true failsafe here is probably to grow one's own veggies, or buy them locally grown. Because I have environmental allergies, I have always tried to buy locally grown veggies, anyway, to boost my immunity to allergens. And.......I have a big garden, so I can grow a lot of my own stuff. The last time I lived in a place where there was no room for a decent sized garden, my neighbor and I pooled our space directly in front of our townhouses and grew some tomatos and peppers. In about six square feet, we got so many tomatoes that we had to give bags and bags full to our cohorts at work! I had so many, that I even gave some to someone with whom I'd had a falling out at work, and a fence got mended!

I also grow my own oregano and thyme. Did you know oregano and thyme are great sources of folic acid? Oregano is very hardy, and can be used as a flowerless border plant, covering bare spots. I think it can probably grow anywhere. Thyme will spread the same way phlox does, only you can flavor spaghetti and pizza with it. There are many ways to grow a few of you own herbs and veggies, and cut down on the problems that occur from shipping food from places that are too distant.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Julianne McCrery: Is New Hampshire Going To Be Easy On Crime?

I finally got around to looking at coverage of Camden Pierce Hughes's funeral this morning, and came across a comment made his grandmother, encouraging the world not to judge her daughter, and stating that she hopes her daughter "gets the help she needs". I guess I really can't blame her for saying that...........but gee, is it too little, too late? Camden had been identified as gifted and talented, already, and he was only in Kindergarten. His mother made an arbitrary decision that the world will never know how far he could have gone or how much good he could have done. All because she "needed help". Yeah. The help this woman needed was for social services to intervene at an earlier date, and I'm sure there were problems that got overlooked or "explained", or "excused", somehow. If a parent is obviously a loony toon, and incapable of taking responsibility, why on earth do we overlook this? And why do certain women define themselves by having children they can't accomodate in their loony, toony lives, anyway? No child deserves the kind of parenting that Camden got in the last few minutes of his life.

If Julianne McCrery had suddenly "needed help" in Texas, instead New Hampshire, she'd probably have already talked to a shrink by this time, but there would have been a stronger focus on Camden, and on his rights, not on the violent "thing" who took his life because she "needs help". And, as I stated in an earlier post, I have trouble with her "need" for "help", anyway, because she had enough of a thought process going in her selfish little mind to disappear from Texas and take her criminal parenting skills to a state that happens to be easy on crime to pull her stunt. I resent the fact that taxpayors will probably support this woman for the rest of her selfish, little life. I would be much happier if my taxes could pay for Camden's education, instead.

So.........New Hampshire.........what's going to be more important here? Julianne McCrery's "mental health issues"? Or the crime that was committed against Camden?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tornado Victims In Reading Kansas

There will be a fundraiser for tornado victims in Reading, Kansas, tonight. Friday, May 27, in Topeka, at the Live Music Institute, a concert will be held, featuring live music from Live Music Institute Students, Ellie Smith & The Connection, and Chris Aytes & The Good Ambition. Doantions will be collected at the door. This is probably one of the best ways to help tornado victims.

Time:7:00 PM
Place: Live Music Institute, 17th st. and Fairlawn Rd.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornados In Oklahoma

At least six are dead now, because of the storm damage in Oklahoma as I type this, and many more are missing. Several tornadoes just ripped through several eastern counties there. Here's a link:   I am sure there will be more information tommorrow.

This is what the sky looked like as the storm moved in:

It's enough to give one a whole new respect for Mother Nature.

Rest In Peace, Camden

There is a funeral scheduled for Camden Pierce Hughes in Texas on Saturday. My condolences to Camden's family. He is so adorable in his pictures. Rest in peace, Camden.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tornado In Joplin Missouri

Wow. What a weekend. The people in Joplin, Missouri had about twenty minutes from hearing that there was, indeed, a tornado, to actually experiencing the tornado.
 I have only been in Kansas a couple of years, and I have not seen a tornado, in Kansas, up close yet.
 Very sadly, I think the casualty count is up to ninety for Joplin, as I type this.

Update: it is 8:00 PM Central Time, and the casualty count is up to 116. Joplin schools have closed early, for the summer.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

One More Question About The Adam Herrman Case

Okay, so Doug and Valerie Herrman, of Butler County, Kansas, will be in court on June 21 for fraud and theft, because they adopted Adam Herrman, and after he went missing in 1999, continued to collect monies to which he, and he only, was entitled. But riddle me this: why have they not been taken to court for child endangerment, or some other crime against children, relating to their failure to report Adam missing and his current status as "missing"? Is this type of treament of children legal in Kansas?

There are enough eyewitness accounts and affidavits containing incriminating information about Doug and Valerie Herrman to charge them with assualt, false imprisonment, and child abuse. If everyone who has made statements to the police would also testify in court, Mr. and Mrs. Do-Goody Herrman, who adopted and abused the children of others could already be in jail. Perhaps there, they would tell Adam Herrman's natural family, and the rest of us, where he is. And if it was warrented, maybe we could charge them with murder.

Or is my assumption that crimes against children are unlawful in Kansas incorrect? I mean, after all, Doug and Valerie Herrman seem to have gotton away with it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Second Degree Murder, Children, and New Hampshire

When did traveling across state lines with one's child and the intention to kill one's child coupled with the act of actually doing the same become second degree murder, instead of first degree murder? Now that I have become somewhat accustomed to the shock of hearing about poor Camden Pierce Hughes every time I listen to national news, I find myself wanting an answer to that question. Here's an article describing the charges.

This mother, Julianne McCreary, left Texas, where killing a child can and will elicit the death penalty, and drove until she found a state with gentle police officers and a judicial system that is easy on crime. I fully believe that she very deliberately took her victim away from home in order to avoid the Texas courts, I fully believe that she was planning murder the entire time, and I also fully believe that New Hampshire could convict her on first degree murder if they tried.

Julianne McCreary keeps saying she wants to die, and be "in heaven" with her son. I must raise the bs flag on that............if she wanted to "die and be in heaven", we would have found her lying beside her son. She does not want to die. "Heaven" is probably an imaginary land where grownups do not have responsibility, as far as she's concerned, and that is where she really wants to go. I guess she's there........we call it jail. As for her phony tears, I do not feel the slightest bit sorry for  her. While there is no doubt in my mind that this woman is mentally ill, I really think that she knew exactly what she was doing when she killed her son, and I think she premeditated why second degree murder? Why not first degree murder? New Hampshire.........any comments?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Update On Boy Found In Maine

Camden Pierce Hughes

That's the name of the little boy found deceased along the side of the road just over the Maine border. He was six years old, and his mother's truck was apparently registered in Texas. No details have been released about how he died, or why he was left in Maine. His mother was located, thanks to TIPS FROM THE GENERAL PUBLIC (never think your words can't help) in her truck, and now she is hospitalized in New Hampshire. We do not know if this is a homicide, or just a very sad story. Rest in peace, Camden Pierce Hughes.

Update: More information has been released. Camden Pierce Hughes was overdosed with cough medicine and asphyxiated. If only I could have been there. I would have offered to take care of him for awhile. Rest in Peace, Camden.

Feel The Rainbow, Newt!


Why is it so much fun to do things like this to Newt Gingrich? Why is the video included in the story in the above link almost as funny as the size ten shoes getting thrown at Bush? I really don't know, but I am laughing my ass off! Now, for a more serious question; why can't Newt Gingrich just live and let live, and not worry about other lifestyles, since he claims to have already chosen a lifestyle that pleases him? Only the Shadow knows, and I think the Shadow may be wondering............................

While I think Newt handled the incident with dignity, I have to shake my head at the way he has always been a target for pranks and ridicule. It's true that he says some ridiculus sounding, far fetched things, that only make sense to people who are on his "wavelength" or drinking the same koolaide he's been drinking all of his political life, but damn.........if Newt got elected to the White House, would it be one goofy prank after another? Would his campaign compete too much with stand-up comedy? I've got to admit, the whole idea is amusing. But on a more sober note, if Newt were president, would anyone actually listen to him or take him seriously?

It looks like the field is "ripe" for pranks! Especially on GOP candidates! You heard it here first!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Does Anyone Know This Child?

Little Boy Found In Maine

How sad. This little boy was found deceased, wrapped in a blanket, at the edge of a driveway. He was about 3' 8", and maybe 45 lbs. I thought about Kyron Horman when I saw this, but I can tell, by all of his pictures, that Kyron has begun to grow in his permanant teeth, and this little boy still has his baby teeth. Maine also called Oregon and checked, so I am pretty sure that he is not Kyron. If anyone glancing at my blog can help, here is his computer enhanced image.

Thanks,all, for looking. I hope this gets solved.

Monday, May 16, 2011

No Afterlife, Says Stephen Hawkings

Stephen Hawkings? Or Isaac Newton?

Stephen Hawkings and Isaac Newton. Two of the "greats" in the physics world; yet very different views on the afterlife. Without Isaac Newton's contributions, I do not believe we would have gotton as far is the destruction and devasation of our beautiful planet (I guess we call that "progress") as we have, but I have always thought that he was more of a physicist than an interpreter of semitic languages and Jewish tradition. He probably would have disagreed with me. The British take on the Eastern religion we call Christianity was very important to him.

Stephen Hawkings, on the other hand, will not enter anything into his "ledger of reality" (my term) unless it can be explained with an equation. Basically, I agree with Stephen Hawkings's line of reason; in our field, (dare I call it our "limited" field?) there is an equation to define, describe, and express every single chemical and physical reaction there is. Possibly excepting one husband and I are still debating on whether or not sentience can be boiled down to physical and chemical reactions and defined using equations.  My longsuffering husband............he is very Newtonian in his views on science, and I have a tendency to accept whatever Hawkings says as gospel and hang off of his every word. It makes for discussions that last all night!

I am still inclined to believe that there are a bazillion things we have not discovered or uncovered scientifically yet, and that other realms may somehow be invisible to us. That's just my opinion, though.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another News Story About Adam Herrman

Here is some more concise information about Adam Herrman. I am still hoping I can go to court in Eldorado, Ks. on June 21 to see his parents answer for fraud and theft because they kept cashing checks that were meant for Adam and his needs after he went missing, and continued to do so for almost ten years.

Adam Herrman on America's Most Wanted, Missing Children

Friday, May 13, 2011

Update on "Iris"

I finally have flowers from the Iris tubers I planted a couple of years ago!

Kansas Failed In Attempt To Dodge Accountability In Education

Kansas does not want to bother to educate it's children.

Today, Kansas was told by Washington DC that it has to teach children according to national standards. Kansas had sought an exception to this. From reading the news articles and talking to teachers and educators involved, I am given to understand that it is mostly test scores in math and reading. Now; I have six children in Kansas school, and while my husband's kids, who have always lived in Kansas, struggle greatly to meet Kansas standards, my own children are not challenged enough. My children used to attend school on the East Coast.

I think I can shed some light on this. While children in Kansas schools struggle to read, they all seem to know that everything the bible says is literally true, even if they do not understand the context of the given scripture. My son's sixth grade teacher, a wonderful teacher in many ways, actually teaches Jewish history and culture by showing the kids the movie, The Ten Commandments, every year. There has never been a single student so far, except my own child, who has watched that movie in her class and been able to report which Jewish holy day that movie is about! Not very educational.

There is a lot of controversy here in Kansas about teaching creation in science instead of evolution. If Kansas switches over to that, they way Governer Brownback wishes, I will home school all of my children. I want my children to be prepared for college. Brownback wants my children to be trapped in Kansas, with no options in life and no chances of studying at a decent university.

The former director of the Special Education Department of our school system here also got extreemly upset with me for my insistance that my gifted and talented daughter learn a second language. Her exact words were: "I don't know why it's so important to learn any language besides English". If that does not speak for itself, then I probably cannot convince you that Kansas has a few problems with it's education of children.

Perhaps it is time for me to write a letter to Washington, and send it, along with copies of every letter that yours truly has sent every person or agency every time a problem has come up that has adversely affected one of my children. I don't think these people are aware that I have a hard file consisting of documentation of all of these items. I am overjoyed to hear that Kansas has gotton it's engraved invitation to start teaching it's children.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Demjanjuk Attained US Citizenship TWICE?

Demjanjuk used to be an auto worker in Ohio. He also used to be in the army. Not our army, Germany's. Not today's Germany, Nazi Germany. According to the verdict in court today, in Germany, and assorted accusations over the years, since 1977, when he was first identified as a war criminal, he is also a murderer, over 27,000 times over. After his convictions and appeals in Europe, his revoked citizenship here was actually restored!!! In 2002! Would it have happened if his last name was Mohammad or Ahmed? I think not. What finally convinced the State Department to "unrestore" this monster's citizenship here in America was the discovery that he had concealed the fact that he had been a Nazi officer! My question to the government is: why was he here in the first place, when plenty of innocent people from other countries cannot be here?

My question to the people in Ohio is: how could you guys live and work side by side with someone who obviously enjoyed killing members of a certain cultural group of people? How? Was everyone too busy to get to know him, just a little? It seems like a lust for blood in the amount of 27,000 people should be a bit more obvious.

Here's an article describing reactions to this man's guilty verdict, even though he is ninety-one years old.

I am not necessarily blaming other Americans for overlooking this war criminal, but I would really like to know why he found it SO comfortable to just live here, in this country? Why does any criminal find it comfortable to live here, among us? Do we ever stop and think about ways we can become proactive about living our lives in such a way that individuals such as Demjanjuk would not want to live next door to us?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adam Herrman Update

How did I miss this? It's an article stating that Doug and Valerie Herrman pleaded not guilty to the charges of fraud and theft, for collecting monies for an adopted child who was missing and not reported missing for over ten years. The court date is June 21 of this year, and I am considering being there for it. Here is the article, complete with a picture of Kansas, SRS approved slime, who were wonderful foster and adoptive parents.

Now; if only SRS had chosen foster parents who wouldn't mind giving the rest of us the whereabouts of Adam Herrman.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why I Think Terri Horman Is Guilty

Terri Horman, where is Kyron?

When I first heard about this case, I knew that any suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty. So I dismissed my opinion that Terri Horman is responsible for Kyron's disappearence until I could read more about her and give the whole matter some thought. A couple of personal things occured to me. One is that I not only have biological children, I have stepchildren and my husband and I have guardianship of another child. If any of those children went missing, I would be all over Northeast Kansas, then all over Kansas, then all over the country, then all over the world, searching until the child was found. It would not matter if my husband and I were filing for divorce, it would not matter if I did not get along with any of my non-biological childrens' natural parents. I would not be able to enjoy life until the missing child was found. So why is Terri kicked back and relaxed? Is it possible that she does not have to look for Kyron because she already knows where he is? Is it possible that she does not want him coming home? What a nasty person. Why?

Here's a news story that supports this idea.

The other thing that occured to me is purely personal. I ran across some pictures of Terri Horman on her way to the courthouse. On her face was one of the angriest expressions I have ever seen. There is only one place I have seen that look before..........on the face of my Dad's poorly chosen second wife. They were in disagreement guessed it: me! She did not want me to live in my Dad's home; my Dad would not listen to any of her guff.

Doesn't she look like she thinks the world owes her something?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day in Roseburg; Kyron Horman

Yesterday, a small group of people spent the day in Roseburg, Oregon, passing out flyers with Kyron Horman's picture and information. He has been missing since June 4,2010. It seems that quite a few mothers don't feel complete as long as they know the world isn't completely safe for EVERY child, and are willing to give up their time to make it so. A big "THANKYOU" from me to those Moms. Read about it here:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thankyou, Emily

My youngest daughter has a new bike now!'s a bike that used to be Emily's, when she was younger. And it is nicer than any bike Jakky has ever owned. Thankyou, Emily! It has made Jakky very happy, and I have not been able to get Jakky to stop riding all weekend!

Discussion From cjonline

Because the post at cjonline concerning Governer Brownback and his silly-assed legislation concerning strip clubs, (once again, don't get me wrong, folks, I am not in favor of such sexist businesses.....I just think Brownback should do his job) I went ahead and invited those who wished to argue religion with me to come over here and do it. Some of you wanted to discuss opposing viewpoints about various religions, cultures, and religious writings and teachings with me, and I think cjonline has probably hosted the discussion as long as it can.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Morels in Kansas!

This is the time of year folks hunt for morels in Kansas. Brownback's stuff about strip clubs (that he probably wrote, himself, while being a Senator) did not go through the way he wanted it to go through, that is, not at all. We'll see how his abortion stuff goes in the unfolding future. It woulden't bother me so much if he had morals, and wasn't just imposing his religion on me and my children for the sake of dominating us. But since forcing his religion and dominating his way of practicing it is all he is really interested in doing, I don't think he is going to be a good governer for Kansas.

But Kansas DOES have morals! Or morels! After much observation and a small amount of study, I have discovered that the problem is really a matter of semantics and spelling! And that during this small window of time in the spring, if one can get one's nose out of the air, one can, indeed, find morels in Kansas!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seems Governer likes to stay busy doing nothing. He opposes strip clubs on moral grounds, yet fails to look at the real reason why such businesses are here. It has to do with Kansas, and the moral grounds of those who live in Kansas. It's not that hard to understand. These businesses would not make money in the first place if they were truly unwanted.

You tax dollars at work.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ok, just for old time's sake! This is definately one of my favorites!! My husband went out on an emergency call that night, was gone for about two hours, and I saw that clip on CNN shortly after he left. It was so funny that I found myself watching it again and again and again! When my husband got back, I did not even realize that he had left, let alone been gone for two hours!

Good for Obama! This is almost as amusing as the video of the Iraqi journalist throwing the shoes at Bush!

Million Fag March

We had a Million Fag March here in Topeka, Kansas. Gage Park, to be exact.....the home of the beginnings of Westboro Baptist Church's dumbass shit. I wish I had known about it, so I could have gone. No; I am not gay, but I think all the nasty biases against them is wrongheaded and nasty. Had I known about it, I would have gone to support the Gay Community in Kansas. I could have helped them organize some music or entertainment, and make it an event everyone would want to attend, year after year. Even if I were stupid and prejudiced, like the folks in Westboro Baptist Church, (and; I suspect, most OTHER Kansas Christians) I would not wear my hatred on my sleeve and be proud of it. It is a sign of ignorance.

Read about it: