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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Many Drops Of Water Make An Ocean

Here is some food for thought about the management of collective tasks. An ocean is not measured by the number of individual water droplets it contains. Drops of water fall as rain, evaporate, condense, and eventually rejoin the ocean as raindrops, once again. Each drop of water is needed, yet no drop of water insists upon playing a role other than that of a drop of water. Should a drop of water become tainted with another element, it becomes a drop of something other than water. Should many drops of water become tainted, the ocean becomes polluted. So it is in a collective such as Anonymous. One identity cannot become more present, or appear more encompassing, than any other. The purity we have in anonymity not only provides protection, it provides cohesion. By acting as many drops of water, joined together, we are an unstoppable force. The ocean begins with one drop of water, but we are all drops of water in the collective ocean.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Private Message

To my lurker from Cedar Rapids, Iowa; you have a sibling who has, at the behest of the faculty of a substandard public school, attacked me in almost every way from simple harassment and interference with my civil rights to attempted murder. Your sibling, no doubt, feels a distinctive sting when forced to honor the fact that one person's rights end where another's begins. If you were not aware of this yourself, you need to become aware. If your sibling wishes me to vacate my public awareness campaign; and you know exactly to which I refer; I have a price. My price is monetary compensation for everything material I have lost because of your sibling, a public apology, and your sibling's resignation. It won't begin to compensate me for the heartache already caused by your family, but it will stop your sibling from harming anyone else.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Siriunsun's Art Gallery

I really love this! The artist is Tracie Dillard, formerly of Frankfort, Kansas, but now hiding somewhere in a more metropolitan region. She has other art hidden in the homes of friends and relatives, and is also gifted in sculpting, ceramics, and quite a few different mediums. Some of the best art is local. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Let's Revisit This

Some of you, and you know who you are, have, possibly correctly, accused yours truly of not understanding the make, model, and serial number stamped upon every real christian. This is not a very big problem, in the large scheme of things. There are many educated, thinking, and unique subscribers to christianity, just....not many in Kansas. That, too, is not a big problem. Now that the grand dragon of Westboro Baptist Church has passed away, perhaps the white christians of Kansas will reconsider their attempts to persuade America that they are not all exactly like Westboro Baptist Church. 

Anyone making assumptions about those of us who exist outside of the cookie cutters and the molds and casts can continue to make assumptions at his or her own risk.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Fourth Reason To Consolidate Kansas Schools

Wouldn't it be nice if Kansas schools, like schools everywhere else in the nation, were administrated by educators, rather than politicians? Wouldn't it also be nice if every principal in Kansas had a degree in teaching and a few years of experience in the same? This provides yet another reason for consolidation of schools: tiny, often errant, independent little school boards comprising "unified" school districts, sometimes do not bother to hire qualified people for this post, making victims of all the students and their parents. That's what happened in Kansas USD 380. There should probably be an audit of USD 380's standardized test scores for the past ten years or so, too.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

In Case You Slept Through Church On Sunday

Yeppers. This is what the minister of a certain Christian Church in a certain Northeast Kansas town says to defend her congregation when they drink, serve booze to minors, let those minors drive around drunk without licenses, embezzle, take guns to school, embezzle money from their employers, perjure themselves in court, assault children, and lots of other things that she should really encourage her christian flock to stop doing.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Forensic Evidence In Kendrick Johnson Case

Kendrick Johnson's untimely death at his Georgia school last year is finally gaining some national attention. It would be nice to think it was also the subject of serious investigation, but over a year has passed, and local law enforcement initially had no intentions of any honesty with Kendrick's family; from the cause of death to the possible suspects. Judging from community reaction to this, it appears that school officials and others in the community are displeased with the determination of Kendrick's parents to find out exactly what happened to their son. Some members of the community actually think that Kendrick's family should just forget that they ever loved him, and "move forward with their lives", accepting the community's judgment that it is okay to victimize some people, and that the feelings, lives, and children of those people do not matter.

"Move forward and get on with your life." Communities who push that philosophy usually push it on minority populations, and it is most feverishly pushed on those targets when special non-minority segments of the population, such as the children of law enforcement or prosecutors, have committed crimes that the teachers, policemen, school administrators, and Christian ministers would rather see unprosecuted.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Au Revior, Reverend Phelps

On March 19, 2014, just before the stroke of midnight, the renowned fire and brimstone preacher, sometime civil rights attorney, and great granddaddy of all sign carriers, Reverend Fred Phelps, of Kansas, drew his final breath. He was only eighty-four years old. He started his career as an attorney; back in the day. He even won some battles for progressive and noble causes, such as litigation against Jim Crowe racists, who lurk all over Kansas. It is unclear exactly when Phelps became completely disillusioned with the cause of Light, and switched over to the dark side, but sources place this sometime in the early 1980's. It is rumored that Phelps noted that his grandchildren were not as safe playing outside as he wished them to be, and felt that Topeka had not lent an acceptable amount of support in the arena of cleaning up Gage Park, in Topeka, and policing the area more efficiently. It is easy to understand the desire to protect one's children, but to date, no one outside of Westboro Baptist Church has been able to find the correlation between protecting children from stranger danger and hate campaigns against minorities and picketing funerals.  Readers in Marshall County, Kansas will be interested to note that Fred Phelps graduated from the same school that produced Laura Johnson-McNish;  Washburn University.

Amusing but not surprising is the request from Westboro Baptist Church for privacy while they mourn! Considering the history of Westboro Baptist Church, that is certainly an interesting request. Christians all over Northeast Kansas tend to make similar requests, however. Anyone who is not a mainstream neo-nazi christian thug is considered fair game for everything from slander to violence, but when the tables are turned, Kansas Christians are never able to understand why the First Amendment applies to all American Citizens, not just white christians and government employees.

The video above is a riot.


Have a beautiful Ostara, everyone. The wheel must still turn, as a new season dawns. 

USA Freedom Act

Let your representatives know that you want them to support the USA Freedom Act.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Terri Horman's New Camera

Now that more folks in Oregon have made known their hopes to see young Kyron Horman reunited with his family, Terri Horman, his former stepmother, is taking a brand new interest in photography. It seems that Terri's parents, with whom she resides, are adverse to any vigils or awareness campaigns in their town of Roseburg. If Kyron has not been located by June 4, it will mark the fourth anniversary of his disappearance from school during a science fair. Terri Horman reportedly dropped him off at school that morning and was the last person to see him.

Below is a picture of a security camera installed by Carol and Larry Moulton, Terri's parents. Most home security cameras are installed a bit closer to the house itself, if not on the house, itself. Also, such cameras tend to be focused on entrances and exits, or windows. But if the reader will notice, Terri Horman's new camera is focused on the street, not the house. It would almost appear that Terri Horman isn't really interested in home security! She's really interested in watching vigils without actually attending any vigils!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Private Message

Hey Laura; how come, when a child is kidnapped in Marshall County Kansas, and abandoned four miles away, during school hours, from the school she attends; you don't file charges against the perpetrator for kidnapping, unlawful restraint, reckless endangerment, and child abuse? I watched you rant and rave at an innocent man for similar things, but the crime to which I refer is real. The police were aware of it, too. Why didn't you at least force the perpetrator to remain forever in circumstances that would exclude children? I understand that the parents of the potential defendant would probably buy him the services of a private attorney. He also has some truly unintelligent friends, but aren't you at all worried about the welfare of children in Marshall County, Kansas? Or is the law selectively applied, and primarily used as a political tool?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

California Answers The Call Of A Michigan Pig

Remember a few weeks ago, when a sixty year old woman named Jamie Lewis was arrested in California for a prison escape in Michigan way back in 1977? Law enforcement in California immediately deferred to law enforcement in Michigan and popped right over to Ms. Lewis's home and arrested her forthwith for the jailbreak, and in an ongoing effort to embarrass the poor woman in front of her neighbors and children, told reporters that she had "changed her name"....something most women do at their weddings.......and had thus eluded capture for thirty-seven years. As it turns out, Ms. Lewis had turned herself in all the way back in 1982, and the case had been revisited, at which time she was sentenced to time already served, AHEM, and released. The offending "name change" did not occur until a year later. How's that for a state that routinely allows that statute of limitations to elapse when collecting and analyzing evidence for rape? On February 4, 2014, the day Jamie Lewis's false arrest made the news, California had an estimated backlog of 400,000 rape kits that had not been processed. Some of this evidence dates back to the early nineties. The victims in these cases are constantly told that someone will get back to them, and finally, they stop asking about this elusive and non-occurring justice. But......there is always time and resources for the California judicial system to  answer the call of a pig in another state and arrest someone for whom there is no arrest warrant. Yeppers.

Message From Anonymous To The Ukraine

We really don't need another war. No one really cares about the Ukrainian people. The Ukraine simply happens to be in a strategic position, and Russia, the United States, and the European Union are all vying for influence. It's time to step away and simply respect the Ukraine's autonomy as a nation, if anyone can do that.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Rescue Missions

I have never been a fan of Christian organizations of any kind, but lately, Rescue Missions have stepped up their level of cruelty. There are homeless people whose issues exceed the expertise of the average shelter volunteer, but would the mythical Jesus Icon have split up a family, thrown them out of the shelter, and left two parents and a five year old boy with no place to sleep? Why did they harm a woman in her seventies, making it impossible for her to work or attend classes? Are her pursuits not important to Rescue Missions? If demoralizing and otherwise harming those who happen to be vulnerable for one reason or another is the method of choice to further one's own agenda, consider the information publicized.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Siriunsun's Art Gallery

Fantastic welded flower made by Albert, in Marysville, Kansas. Some of the best art is local. In the upcoming weeks, more pictures of local art will appear on this site.

Age Progression Of Aliayah Lunsford

Does anyone remember Aliayah Lunsford, who disappeared at age three in West Virginia in September of 2011? She is still missing, and the FBI has issued an age progressed picture of her, showing how she might look at age five.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Hague Convention And Kansas Christians

Lisa and Don Jenkins, of Topeka, Kansas, decided to purchase a few more children. This time, they wanted to buy some young people from another country. They prayed about it, as per the practice of their church, and decided that a couple of Ukrainian children would be just the ticket. So they bought their tickets, and off they went, because; according to friends and churchmates, "god" had told them to adopt Ukrainian. While they were in that country, all hell broke loose, and Congressman Pat Roberts, of Kansas, had to place a phone call to the Consulate to inquire about the safe return of the Jenkins family. Northland Christian Church also set up a fund, to bankroll their extended stay in the Ukraine, merely to wait for passports for their newly purchased human beings; and used local news stations, such as WIBW, to promote this shameless "beg for bucks" effort.

At surface levels, international adoption seems innocuous enough. In certain instances, it can be a wonderful arrangement. At other times, such as when Dr. Timothy Monahan and his wife, Jennifer, bought a kidnapped and trafficked child in Guatemala and refused to return her according to the court order from Guatemala, international adoption can be shady, black market in nature, and a very sad form of human trafficking. The only way to protect all parties, natural parents, adoptive parents, and children, in any adoption is to make sure the laws in all countries and states are followed, and to pay attention to all of the details involved. Anyeli, the little girl held hostage by Dr. and Mrs. Monahan, of Missouri, has a mother whose life has been shattered because of kidnapping and human trafficking, and she will never get her child back because the Hague Adoption Convention had not been signed by Guatemala until 2008, and Anyeli was kidnapped and auctioned off in 2006.

Fast forwarding to 2014, the Hague Adoption Convention is up and running, and has been signed by eighty-nine countries. Ukraine is not one of them. As such, it is a country where an improper adoption, possibly resulting from a lack of agreement by both biological parents, a kidnapping and illegal sale of a child, or falsified medical history can fly under the radar, and no affected party is guaranteed recourse of any kind. It is both odd and interesting that Lisa and Don Jenkins have chosen to adopt Ukrainian under those auspices, and that their church, Northland Christian Church, has used local media to snow the public into thinking that these people are "doing something wonderful" and to send money to them! Au contraire! If the Jenkins family were truly concerned about children, why did they deliberately choose a country for their shopping pleasure that had not signed the Hague Convention? And why wasn't Northland Christian Church open about this? It is certainly legal for the church to support their members in adoptions that are legal, provided; of course, that they are in fact, legal; but when the church decided to publicly beg for bucks for this effort, instead of advising their parishioners to simply come home immediately, shouldn't they have included the information that the Ukraine has not signed the Hague Adoption Convention? And WIBW does not mention the Hague  Convention, either. A phone call placed to WIBW produced a conversation with a station employee who was unaware of the Hague Adoption Convention, the Hague Convention, or the general legal issues surrounding adoption and focusing on the best interest of the child.

Luckily, the Jenkins family converged upon Kansas International Airport on Saturday, no worse for the wear. From the outside looking in, though, their choice to adopt in a country that has not yet taken measures to protect the best interests of any child in an adoption proceeding seems a bit suspect. Hopefully, everything is fine, and the adoptions involved are all above board, but Northland Christian Church should not ask the public for donations without proper explanation of all the facts, and WIBW should have done more research about international adoption and human trafficking.

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Words uttered by Abbie Hoffman in court in Washington, D.C., in 1968, after being found guilty of desecrating the United States flag by wearing a shirt that resembled the same. The whole event was dubbed, "the trial of Abbie Hoffman's shirt."

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Through The Lens Of Siriunsun's Camera

In Case You Missed Church On Sunday

The Kansas interpretation of Freedom of Religion. A secretary at Frankfort High School in Kansas actually told me, in defense of some Christian teenage bullies on campus, that "Christians have rights, too". This was to justify the constant mockery of any religion besides Christianity at school.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Attempted Kidnapping In Pottawatomie County Kansas

So soon after Hailey Owens was forcibly kidnapped in Missouri, someone reportedly has attempted the same in neighboring Kansas. While on foot, an eleven year old girl was approached twice by the driver of a white Chevy van with three windows on each side and scratches on the passenger side. The little girl also reported that the rear window is tinted. A cursory description of the driver includes a goatee beard, dark sunglasses, and a plain black baseball cap. She described the license tag as containing a lot of blue, and it's possible that it's a Nebraska tag. Thank the Gods this little girl ran, and went straight home.

Something that is a bit disturbing is the fact that this happened at 3:30 this afternoon, and there are already local people badmouthing law enforcement and the school for reacting so quickly. Law enforcement took a statement from the girl immediately, and the schools autodialed and emailed parents to alert them to possible danger. Quite a few children in rural school districts walk to and from school and extracurricular activities, and it is imperative that parents be aware of incidents such as this. The police and the schools did exactly what they were supposed to do.

Anyone with information about this vehicle or the driver is urged to call the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office at 785-457-3353 or St. Mary's Police Department at 785-437-2311.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Judge Straightens Out Teen Who Sues Parents

In a completely unmerited and absurd case, a New Jersey young adult has moved away from home and taken her parents to court in a silly-assed attempt to sue for tuition for private school, car insurance, and....of all things.....allowance. Where is the eye-rolley when I need it? This young woman reached the age of eighteen in October, yet is still in high school. Because her parents impose a curfew and insist that she do chores, she moved away. Not wanting to play games with their daughter, the parents decided that since the car is not garaged at their home (sound familiar, Laura?) and since their daughter is not living with them, her car insurance and tuition are her responsibility; and they have duly stopped paying. They also stopped giving her an allowance.

Bravo to the judge for taking a common sense stand on this nonsense! Laura McNish, county attorney of Marshall County, Kansas should really pay attention here. Insistence upon respect from one's children for laws and policies concerning automobile insurance is not child abuse, and neither is the imposition of curfews and the requirement of chores. Parents also do not owe their children cell phones and Ipads, McNish. Restricting the use of such devices may make human trafficking more difficult for predators, but it is not child abuse. Conversely, unrestricted use of motor vehicles granted by negligent parents to unlicensed drivers does not, in any way, equal love.....Laura!

At least in Kansas, there is a case in Marshall County, styled State of Kansas v. Keith Lynn Henry, setting a precedent in cases involving these elements. Anyone in Kansas who is accused of child abuse for not giving a child a cell phone or an allowance, or for establishing curfews and rules; should refer to this case.

How did this case even moot court? Has the entire nation gone completely insane?

Private Message

Consider this an engraved invitation to leave my children alone. I've already enrolled them in a school where you do not hold a position, and where your parents and a handful of under-socialized bullies do not override the Constitution and the laws of the land. You are probably not mature enough to understand how lucky you are that my daughter was returned alive the day you abandoned her in unfamiliar territory, despite my prior pleadings that you teach in a more responsible manner. You are a dangerous, irresponsible person, and I will never treat you as if you had a positive role to play anywhere. It is quite clear to me that you do not. 

Stop discussing my children with the unlucky children whose parents still allow them contact with you. Stop attempting to create bullying dynamics where they would otherwise not exist. When a child does not attend your school, that child's parents should not have to entertain concerns about bullying from your students. Your attempts to subject my children to physical and mental abuse by inciting your students to abusive behaviors has not gone unnoticed. What any student does after school is none of your business. The friendships enjoyed by any student are also none of your business.  If you refuse to leave my family alone, and continue courses of action that are harassment against my children, I will take action.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Addison Mikkelson Goes To Court

Addison Mikkelson, the seventeen year old Topeka youth who enjoys filming and recording police officers on duty, has begun his tour of the judicial system. A couple of days ago, he had his first hearing, wherein he entered a plea of not guilty to jaywalking and inattentive driving. Hopefully, Addison will insist upon a jury trial for the jaywalking charges. That should make a district judge's day! The police in Topeka are only posturing and attempting to ruin Addison's future, anyway. Appearing impromptu on camera adds up to accountability, and any police officer who cannot cope with accountability should find another line of work.

This is beginning to look a little like Abbie Hoffman's trial in 1968 for conspiring to incite a riot during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Abbie and his friends were demonstrating against the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War, and got arrested, despite the fact that they had a permit. The trial began on September 24, 1969 and lasted until February 18, 1970; at which time Abbie Hoffman and his cohorts where found not guilty. Their demeanor on court dates during the trial, however; was a different matter. All seven of them, and a couple of their defense attorneys, were found guilty of contempt of court for their creative self expression at intervals during the whole process. One day, Hoffman and Rubin, a co-defendant, wore judge's robes to court. When Judge Hoffman (no relation to Abbie Hoffman) ordered them to remove their robes, they complied, revealing police uniforms under the robes. Throwing Abbie and et els in prison....yes, prison....for contempt of court may have merely been a means of saving face for a district court that had a problem with satire on the parts of the defendants while on trial and of those pesky "not guilty" verdicts on the part of the jury. Trying young Addison Mikkelson for jaywalking appears about as silly.

Isn't it grand to know that law enforcement in Topeka Kansas is protecting all of us from young, amateur photographers? Don't you feel safer, knowing that all those dangerous jaywalkers, or at least those who pose a threat to abusive police officers, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? After all, Addison Mikkelson, pictured at the top of this post, looks like a very scary kid, doesn't he?

Hoffman and Rubin, dressed for court in judge's robes.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Here's How The Kidnapping Happened

In the wake of the Amber Alerts that have been issued in areas that involve Northeast Kansas lately, it seems apropos to take a harder look at how the kidnapping of ten year old Hailey Owens actually happened, since there is an eyewitness who willingly gave law enforcement all the information he had after seeing the incident. There have been comments emailed to this site that actually defend the actions of kidnappers and others who instigate and escalate danger to children, (curiously, all from Frankfort, Kansas) and if an understanding of how quickly such a crime can be committed can be conveyed, perhaps a life can be saved.

Young Hailey would have been much safer in this company than in the company of the teacher/coach who killed her. 

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Teachers Surprised When Parents Speak Up

This is a complete outrage. A Michigan teacher bullies and jeers at an autistic student trapped in a chair, rather than helping him. She also encourages the rest of the class to do the same. Then the principal chimes in to announce that freeing him is not a matter of high priority. He wisely resigned, after the boy's parents shared the video the teacher played several times more the class, ridiculing the child.

Frankfort Kansas has a coach who "lost" a student during cross country practice, one day. Actually, since she was the only girl in attendance for cross country practice that day, she was dropped off by herself on a road where she had never been. When she got lost, and did not come back, Tom Schroeder, the cross country coach guidance counselor, not unlike the Michigan principal above, did not think it was a priority to find her. If he did, he certainly would have notified the teen's parents and law enforcement. But it wasn't a priority at Frankfort High School. Should he still be employed? Those of us who care about children all think not. Yet someone creepy little soul had this to say to yours truly for writing about it:

"Let's be clear here, if anyone is in a position to be sued, it is you. For slander. Most of this post is a lie. Your daughter wasn't running alone. The cross country kids have always been dropped off in a group. She at least started with the other kids. She wasn't on some desolate road. Tom has always dropped the kids off in the same area, and there are TONS of houses along the way."

The person who wrote this comment, or threat, to be more accurate; to me is nothing but a piece of filth. First of all, my daughter was running alone that day. To say anything else is a complete lie. Unfortunately, the intimation that the coach has always dumped the children on various stretches of back road and highway is true; with the twist that it has been in different places. A week earlier, the coach was using Centralia, and the road where he abandoned my daughter is not in Centralia. As for tons of houses in Marshall County Kansas, especially on Route 9, Utah Road, or any of the other side roads in that area, this sender of this comment is either very ignorant or very dishonest. Something that is quite clear on the sender's part is a desire to shut me up so that children in Frankfort may continue to be vulnerable to abuse from strangers or anyone known to them who may drive past, wherever Tom Schroeder has left them. I, like the parents who shocked the school in Michigan by sharing their footage of their son's abusive teacher, will never stop my public discussion of this incident until Frankfort School and USD 380 has publicly denounced this abuse of children, complete with actual, public sanctions against the abuser, and either consolidated with an actual, state run school system and become an actual school, or shut it's doors forever.

What were you really trying to do to my daughter, that day, Tom? Since you did not send me to go find her or pick her up? You also never once called her father, who didn't live in Kansas, and therefore would have done something counterproductive to the way Frankfort High School operates....specifically; he would have called the FBI or the KBI, who would have helped me find my daughter! But what were you really trying to accomplish by leaving her by herself, then keeping her status as lost and missing a complete secret from the police and from me? From the perspective of a person who spent most of her life among real people with real lives, your actions here do not look good. It's why I hate you so much.

In Case You Weren't In Church On Sunday

My feelings, exactly! Or at least, kinda sort of.......koolaide is really just koolaide when it all gets mixed together!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Something You Didn't Learn In School

"Something so basic should not be taken on trust. If the fundamentals are changing, then science itself is built on shifting sand. If the interactions between light and gravity change, future ages would have very different physical qualities - and some future time might produce very different sorts of human beings."

Julian Champkin, reviewing the work of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake's Seven Experiments That Could Change The World for the Daily Mail, March 17, 1994.