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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Operation Sunflower And Anonymous Tips

A couple of days ago, agents with ICE, in connection to Operation Sunflower, published a request for information from anyone who might recognize the tattoos on the woman in the picture on the left. They got her image from a kiddie porn site on the internet, and determined that she was a perpetrator. Here name turned out to be Lethe Mae Montemayor, and about ten hours after the request was made, she was arrested. According to the FBI and ICE, her arrest would never have been possible without help from the general public. One of the comments left under the article on CNN questioned why CNN did not run a picture of her face, but just her back, and her stupid-looking trench coat. (how very cliche for a kiddie porn creep!) After finding her picture elsewhere, I could only assume that CNN was put off by how ugly she is.

Operation Sunflower was started in November of 2011, and was named after the state of Kansas. One day, in November, 2011, a sixteen year old boy decided to molest an eleven year old girl, and put some pictures of her, which he took in his car, while driving, on an internet forum. Law Enforcement in Denmark noticed, contacted Law Enforcement in the United States, and because of a sunflower that appeared on a highway sign in the background of the picture, it was rightly determined that the picture was taken in Kansas. During the following thirteen days, special agents drove up and down Kansas highways, comparing the background of the the picture to actual scenery wherever there was a sunflower sign on a stretch of highway that compared to the highway in the picture. Law Enforcement found this kids's town, his home, and they also found him and his victim. The effort was dubbed "Operation Sunflower"; don't ever let anyone tell you that nothing ever happens in Kansas! To date, Operation Sunflower has identified one hundred and twenty-three victims from child pornography sites.

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