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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Valentines Day, Terri Horman!


A court date for Kaine Horman to finally dispossess himself of that oversized parasite, Terri Horman, with whom missing Kyron Horman, was last seen, yet will not pass a polygraph or tell the truth about what she did on the day Kyron disappeared, has finally been set. It looks like it will be a February divorce! How if......fate itself were snipping the petals off of all your roses! How could this be, Terri? How could a little boy be more important than the whims of a mentally ill dependent disguised as a spouse? Why don't you just go ahead and tell the truth about what you were doing on June 4, 2010?
Case NameCourtDateTimeRoomCase NumberEvent
Horman Kaine Andrew */Horman Terri Lynn Moulton MCR2/4/138:30ATHXK 544 JUDGE KANTOR 100666084Hearing Motion 

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