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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Youth Ministers In Kansas

To the left, is a picture of a Kansas youth minister at Faith Lutheran Church, in Topeka, Kansas. His name is Hugh Cranford, and one of the reasons he loves his job in ministry at the church so much is easy access to children. It seems that Reverend Cranford has taken some indecent liberties with a young person, and should have been charged, but has somehow been given the unfortunate opportunity to flee the state. How convenient. Also, how predictable. According to the reverend's Facebook page, he has a history of hopping from church to church, in different states, mind you. Also, just a phone call would have confirmed for the faithful in Topeka that Reverend Cranford had been....shall we say....."dischurched" for the same reasons in Saint Louis, Missouri. And why was that phone call never made? Only the shadow knows! It's a good reason not to ever trust a Christian church in Kansas for any reason, though. Another thing that does not appear to be very clear is if the police in Kansas are looking for Hugh Cranford or not. So far, the media has not given any information, such as a phone number of a law enforcement agency to call, as they do when those who are not employed as ministers in Christian churches have warrents out for their arrests. Here's another gem from Reverend Cranford's Facebook page:

How many liars and criminals live deceptively so no one will believe the truth?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

In Case You Missed Church This Sunday

A new twist in sharing one's faith door to door! Also, it's an answer, of sorts, to my local troll who thinks that it's not okay for a kid at school to state that the probability of literal interpretation of the Bible having any validity is quite low.

Friday, September 28, 2012

What NOT To Say During A Missing Persons Investigation

While looking at notes and pictures from a vigil in Roseburg, Oregon, held in connection to Kyron Horman's missing persons case, someone told me about her experience with a neighbor of the parents of Terri Horman, the last person reported to have seen Kyron, at his school in Portland on June 4, 2010. This person is a little old fart of a man named Jeff Manly. I was told that when someone merely knocked on his door in an effort to pass out as many flyers as possible, he not only wrinkled up and threw a flyer, but also threw a whole bunch of flyers face down on the ground, screaming that Terri Horman is "innocent" (I don't think anyone asked him that!) and a bunch of unrepeatable guff. The lady who handed him the initial flyer asked him why he felt so strongly, and if he had any idea where Kyron could be, and he said, "buried in my backyard"!

Now; I am certainly not convinced that Jeff Manly has Kyron in his backyard,'s certainly not a good choice of statements to make about a missing person, while law enforcement is still looking for the person! The defensive attitude is also not necessary. All Jeff Manly, of 1913 Lamont Avenue really needed to do, if he did not want a flyer, was say, "no thankyou".

Now that I heard that story, I am wondering what, exactly, Mr. Manly DOES know about young Kyron, and his disappearance. His residence is next door to the person called the "prime suspect" by a judge in the Multnomah County court system. If he knows anything about this case, the decent thing to do is to come forward and share it. Kyron was only seven when he disappeared. He had not harmed anyone, and he needs his parents as much today as he did on June 4 of 2010. A friendship with people like the Moultons is certainly not worth sacrificing the welfare of a little boy.

Happy Anniversary, Syrius

I love you with all my heart, Keith. Northeast Kansas, kiss my ass!


A Beautiful Homecoming Queen

Here's a beautiful homecoming queen in Kansas City, Missouri!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Letter To School Superintendent In Kansas

Here's a letter I wrote to the superintendent of schools in the school district that includes my childrens' school. I have substituted the letter X for proper nouns, as identities of individuals and places are not necessary to the point of my letter.

Dear Mr. XXXX,
I was in the office at XXXX School yesterday, returning two of my children to school after an appointment at the eye doctor. One of the first people I noticed, because he was out of place, was a Mr. HXXXX, (I have forgotton his first name) who lives in town, but no longer has any children who attend this school. Not only did his name NOT appear on the sign-in sheet that you told me would remain in the office for any adult who visits the building but is not on the payroll; I am curious about the need for his volunteer services and his qualifications. My children cannot participate in certain sports, because you have spurned my offers to volunteer based on my popularity scores here in XXXX that have little to do with my character or other qualifications, which probably, by far, exceed the qualifications of other parents who volunteer at your school. Have you checked the criminal record of Mr. HXXXX? His two sons, who are both young adults, still live in his house, and I have personally heard them both discuss the use of illegal drugs. Mr. HXXXX was physically present when his sons were speaking. Apparently, Mr.HXXXX does not take prohibition laws seriously. After hearing those comments, I do not allow my daughter to even visit that home to buy Avon from his wife. I don't want my children in that type of environment. Also, I have seen him allow minors, his sons, when they were still in high school, to drink beer in his home. This is not the person I find appropriate to volunteer in the school, and share his "influence" with my children, thankyou very much. Also, since this is such a small town, and since at least one of Mr. HXXXX's children has experienced "run-ins" with the law in the past, in connection to violations of prohibition laws and alcohol, I will contend that your principal, Mr. DXXXX, was aware of this, yet welcomed him into the building anyway.
Since the rules apply stringently to yours truly, to the extent of her own children not being able to participate in sports because the adult/child ratio is unsafe in your school during these activities, and that does not bother you; I am curious to know why Mr. HXXXX, who violates the law in connection to children and alcohol in ways I would never even consider, is welcomed with open arms into your building. Would you please explain the bias to me? Also, why is he not required to sign in, as I do, whenever I enter your building? Why does his wife use your school as a venue for her Avon business? I sold Avon on the East Coast, and would never have considered a school building an appropriate place to dispense product and collect revenue for same. This takes the attention of teachers and other staff away from children and creates an atmosphere of business other than education. It is not safe for the students. Please make it stop.
I have one more question for you. Is this IP number, XXXX, in any way associated with computers in your school buildings? If so, you have at least one teacher who harrasses others for political reasons. My children and I should NOT KNOW where anyone on your staff stands on issues such as abortion, yet we do, and we should certainly not know for whom any of your teachers intends to vote! Please ask them to all be less obvious about their political stances.


............In all fairness, I should convey that the superintendent did respond to my letter, the same day he got it. He told me that the sign-in sheet in the office would be in use from now on, whether the local Kansas folk wished for that or not. He also told me that the Avon Lady would no longer be making stops at the school, as this is against policy for several reasons. I should add that the Avon Lady also never bothers to sign in at my childrens' school, and moves freely through the building as if she worked there or had children there. Neither apply to her.

The superintendent was not able to explain the inherent nastiness and unjust prejudism expressed by these people toward myself and other members of my family. He was not able to explain the constant pressure to vote for a presidential candidate who is not of my choosing. He was also not able to tell me why my children and I even know for whom most of these teachers intend to vote. He and I both agreed that if a child ever disappears from this particular school or is otherwise harmed there, the FBI will be VERY interested in the number of unofficially present adults in the school from day to day, and in their identities, activities, and criminal records. That said, it seems to me that persons who have unlawful recreational drugs in their homes from time to time, and persons who allow minors to drink alcoholic beverages in their homes, should take heed.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Manhattan Kansas Missing Teen

Cleotilde Lucero Soto-Garcia has been missing from Manhattan Kansas since August 30 of this year. she is fifteen years old, 5' 4", about 120 lb. She is thought to have run away, but it has been almost a month since she left home. She is also thought to have ties to Houston, Texas. An officer named Detective Lewis is handling the case; he can be reached at 785-537-2112. You can also call Crimestoppers at 785-539-7777 or 1-800-222-TIPS. You can also text to CRIMES(274637) and start the message with TIP 353.

One More Item For My Kansas Troll

Oh! I almost forgot, Local Kansas Troll, there is one more little thing about which you need to be reminded. While you kick and scream about a disabled child receiving what you call "handouts", (he really doesn't, this is in your imagination) you have a man entering the local public school on a semi-regular basis who used to be a bullfighter. Since he does not fight as well as the bulls against whom he was matched, he got hurt. He is no longer to able to work and win bread as a bullfighter. He also has a lot of experience winning bread as a cashier. Since he is still able to win bread as a cashier, he has been told by the gentlepeople who determine disability that he should go do that, and cease his pleas for disability payments. I quite agree. And don't talk to me about pain, because I worked for many years with an average hemoglobin count of 6.5, before my type of anemia was diagnosed. No disability for me, either, but I never asked for it. No one in this little town seems to have a problem with him, his unofficial, unethical, and unrequired presence in the school, or his wife's constant pimping of Avon products at the school or at the local Methodist church. In my world, this type of profiteering in these venues is disgusting, and in the wonderful world of Jesus Christ, it should not be going on at all. Remember what he did to the tables of the merchants in synogogue when they sold animals to people who had gone to synogogue to celebrate holy days and pray? Check the gospel of Saint Matthew. Also, try to keep people who serve alcohol to minors away from the rest of the children. That's uncool for many reasons, no matter where you stand on prohibition laws.

Here's a link to a story from Georgia about a woman who used food stamps to shop at a Krugers grocery store with her preschool daughter and was told, "Excuse me for working for a living" by a manager at the store. This woman is on kidney dialysis and has been on a list for a transplant for five years. Do you and Jesus hate her, too? Let me show you a picture of her. I don't think she should starve because of her disability, and I don't think her child deserved your ugly sentiments.

Update: I was informed, via the grapevine, that the former bullfighter DOES get disability, my lovely troll. Yet, his girth is wider than yours and mine put together, so we KNOW he is well fed, and he has all kinds of prescription pills. His aches and pains, probably not as real as he states, are brought on by something he personally chose to do, not an illness he contracted or inherited. Some of those prescription pills may even be consumed by persons other than himself. have no problem paying for his expensive government handout, but you have a problem with a disabled child???? I'm so glad I starting sharing your comments with people who do not drink the local koolaide! Have fun with Jesus. If he's really the guy Saint Matthew described, he's not in agreement with you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Response To My Local Northeast Kansas Jesus Troll

I was asked to pass this along to you, Northeast Kansas Nasty Person who hates veterans and messages me from various places within this town. It is the reaction of a relative of mine who looked at Siri's World this morning and was stunned by your ignorance. You should also be aware that none of us are anonymous on the internet. Quite a few people so far have been shocked at the address of the IP number indicated by my tracker.

I have a response for your troll as well- it was SO long- that the page would not accept it so- here you go- and should you use it...please sign it "Juli's Cousin" like I did... here is the article- LOL!

It needs to be pointed out that Christians in places like Europe (to those of you far right conservative Bible thumpers who can't possibly imagine Christians in Europe-yes- there are millions of Christians in Europe) Christians in Europe do not believe the way this menacing troll neighbor of yours and their insular, southern state cronies believe. I have some wonderful pen pals/ friends in Sweden. They really are nice people. Once native Swedish people warm up to you and get to know you; you'll never find better friends. There are Catholics and many protestants in Sweden- including the Lutheran Church. Your "polite" *cough! *Gag!... neighbor preaches about God and Flag when it borders blashpemy to mention the two in the same breath....... in Sweden- it is considered a desecration of the sanctuary and disrespectful to God to fly the flag of one's own country or any other country within the walls of the Church- especially the sanctuary. You NEVER see the Swedish flag or any other flag in the sanctuary of a Swedish church. I agree with this and believe it is the right approach. You come to the United States and you see American flags hanging all over many protestant sanctuaries- especially Southern Baptist churches. I have always found this to be disrespectful myself. Juli (and I have permission to call her that- thank you) It seems to me that your neighbor here and those like he or she practice no kind of spirituality or Christianity whatsoever. Instead they practice "Nationalism". They worship the American flag like an idol instead of leaving it in it's proper place as a symbol representing the nation they live in. A Nation where all beliefs and ideologies are supposed to be free and allowed to practice and do as they please. These people do not worship God; nor, are they spiritual.These people worship THEIR idea of America. They practice in Nationalism- they worship America. They disrespect their sanctuaries by flying American flags in them, singing patriotic songs riddled with propaganda within the church walls, and saying the pledge of allegiance to the flag in what is supposed to be God's house- not the Flag's house or America's house. What is the flag of any nation doing in a place that is supposed to be a holy/ sacred/ spiritual place? Many of these people are insular and ignorant to the World around them. The old spiritual song goes this way " He's got the WHOLE WORLD in his hands" It does not say " He's got the USA only in his hands" The Bible says for God so love the WORLD that he gave his only begotten son- it does not say " For God so loved America". So- if your neighbor is so Christian; then, why do they hate charity, hold the flag in higher regard than they do Christ,and apparently hate the rest of planet Earth? Is it a crime to love other countries as well as the USA? Certainly not. IS it un-American or un-Christian either one? Certainly not! Sometimes- because I love the REAL American ideals that helped found and define what this country was originally all about; I have considered moving to Sweden. Why? They're MORE American than AMERICA is now. And you might as well had better save your breath there Juli's nut job neighbor; because, unless you know Swedish people, know about their government, and know their culture the way that I do; you have no right to say anything. You have no way of arguing with me if you don't know anything about the subject matter in which I am speaking. Also- Nobody has the right to judge- period. Conservatives have a very bad habit of trash talking and arguing about something when they know absolutely NOTHING about it; nor, have they investigated to find out what the truth is. They just spout the propaganda and rhetoric that they heard on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh and are almost incapable of forming their own, objective opinions. Juli doesn't "hate" America, the flag,freedom, or Christians... believe it or not. But; I'm firm in the believe that YOU hate her. Very Christian of you isn't it? We should ALL have the right to believe the way we want and do and say what we want... to make our own choices. THAT is REAL Democracy and you apparently do not want a REAL Democracy. Instead you want a Nationalist Totalitarian Theocracy- Juli's neighbor. Look up all of those big words if you have no idea what their meaning is.

Juli's Cousin--- (See? I can call her Juli if I please)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Kansas Jesus Strikes Again

I got an interesting comment today from someone rather local to me. This person did not take enough pride in statements made to take the credit for the same, and did not leave a name, but that's okay; I have a tracker. While this person lacks the pride necessary to sign a name to an inflamatory comment, this person has the cheek to claim Jesus, yet feel superior to others and mock those who are not as fortunate. I was also invited to respond, which I did when I first read the comment, but I will take my response a step further. Here's the comment:

"Oh Miss Juli! Once again you just crack me up :) If Mitt doesn't win this election you can pretty much kiss the USA goodbye, but then, you would really like that, wouldn't you? You are the type that doesn't really give two shits about the flag, thinks God doesn't belong....ANYWHERE, and is in love with those wonderful goverment handouts! Of course you love Obama! Go ahead and attack me with your wisdom......I can't wait :)"

This neighborly sentiment was spewed at me via this post. It has to do with Mitt Romney, and his recent comments to the effect that forty-seven percent of Americans are people who do not "matter". Since, for such a short comment, there are so many wackyassed bits of mean spirited nonsense, I will analyze the wackyassed bits one by one. First off, my extreemely local troll, I have been around for quite a while. I have voted in lots of elections, and I have been happy at the outcomes of some, and disappointed by others. Geesh......I was here, and I was American, when Ronald Reagan won two elections! If that wasn't nauseating enough to make me "kiss the USA goodby" why would I "kiss the USA goodbye" if Romney won? I am a citizen here, and I have a right to live here! If you don't like that, YOU can kiss the USA goodbye!

As for not giving "two shits" about the flag and thinking that "God" does not belong....ANYWHERE; just WHO do you think you are talking to? You have no idea where my husband and I have spent our lives before you met us! How dare you? Were you one of the people who spat on Vietnam vets after that conflict?

I stated in my original answer to you that if "God" wishes to be somewhere, he or she can certainly find a way to do that without the use of your religious doctrines or mine. Thomas Jefferson felt the same way, and as a matter of fact, in 1963, there were two court cases that made their way to the Supreme Court, one was the famous Madalyn Murry O'Hair case, in Baltimore, Maryland; the other was in Pennsylvania. The cases were combined, and the Supreme Court of our great nation ruled that it is not constitutional for people like you to bring your "God", whoever the hell he is, to school, and harrass and annoy people like me with "him", or harrass and annoy people like my children. Chances are quite strong that you, personally, have never attended a public school where "God" was actually present legally. Unless he enrolls as a student, works in the building, or signs in at the office, he should not be lurking in the hall, anyway. So there you have it: it is not unamerican, or uncaring about the flag at all for me to frown upon religious nonsense being brought into public schools. If you want a Christian school, why don't you do what other religions do, and send your children to a private school?

Government handouts........I don't get any. Unless you think public school, a library, roads, policemen, and a health department are "handouts". They are not. Yes, I have guardianship of a child that neither my husband or I popped out. We merely have guardianship of him because we care what happens to him. No foster care stipends, so adoption subsidies. We took responsibility for him because we care. Is that so hard to understand? Seems to me that the "God" you keep talking about yet ignoring at the same time would care about this child, too. If you don't like that, perhaps you should shut up about God. Read the Sermon on the Mount. Study the Beatitudes. Also, didn't Jesus, himself, say that it is "harder for a rich man to get to heaven than it is for a camel to get through a needle's eye"? Jesus had no problems with the poor, and he had no problems with the idea of giving people what you call "handouts", either. If you really love Him so much and wish to follow in His footsteps, I suggest you stop mocking those who are not as fortunate as yourself. You are beginning to look and sound evil.

"Of course you love Obama"...........You know, local troll, I can "love" and vote for any candidate I choose. That's another one of my constitutional rights that you seem to think you deserve, as a votor, but that I somehow do not deserve. Get over yourself!

Lastly, I never invited you to use my first name. I generally only invite people with whom I share friendship to do that, and you have shown me none. Please don't do it anymore. And a word of warning; if my children hear one word about your diety in their school, the school will be hearing from my attorney. After your kind and evangelical comments to me, I do not want to hear about your sweet spiritual ideas ever again.


Homeless And Hungry

I saw this on Facebook and liked it, and so shared it here.

I used to work at Subway a couple months ago, but I quit. And what made me quit was one time a homeless man came in to get a sandwich. He asked if the sandwich would be more than $10. One of my coworkers told him no and he carried on. When he got down to the register, he was searching frantically for his money, and with such shame on his face he said he couldn't find it and started to leave. But I called out to him and said I would pay for it. I got my credit card and paid for an entire meal for this man, with no discounts. Completely in full. He thanked me over and over. Then when the next person in line got to the register she told me how nice of thing I did. Now when everyone left I was in the back cleaning and my manager yelled at me. Telling me that if someone can't pay for their food you tell them to leave. I told her that I wasn't going to let him starve. It was 115 degrees outside. He was probably exhausted, dehydrated and very hungry. I was so baffled about the fact that I just got in trouble for helping someone in need. I was being constantly told by owners and supervisors of the company that this was a business about people and making people happy. But I guess the homeless aren't people. So I quit a week later.


Just How Do You Know This, Carol Moulton?

Frank Todd is near Greys Harbor, Washington. How about sending Kyron home?
Here's another question that deserves an answer....Carol Moulton, exactly HOW do you know the minute your daughter last saw Kyron, and what she said to him? How? And what else do you know?
The7-year-old went missing from Skyline School in Northwest Portland the morning of June 4 while the school was having a science fair. His stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, drove him to school, toured the fair and then walked him towards his classroom. She said goodbye to him at 8:45 a.m., said her mother, Carol Moulton, in an interview the day after with The Oregonian.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

In Case You Missed Church On Sunday

Judging by comments I seem to keep receiving from a local source, I am guessing enough has not been said about the difference between an orthodox religion and a totally insane and completely moronic (no pun intended) cult, which twists words, teachings, and doctrines for everything from convenience to profit. No; I am not a subscriber to Christianity, but if you are going to make statements concerning a belief in same, and pester me with innane comments that even contain foul language because I am not a Christian, and defend liars in the same breath, you need to understand that what you are defending has never been anything but a sham. It really doesn't matter what I mispelled here, or what name I got wrong point stands. If you wanna go biblical on me, I've read it already. The Epic Black Guy here has the appropriate interpretation of the orthodox Christian basics. The Mormons don't.

If you are gonna be a Christian about everything, at least be more picky about what the icon of that movement really taught, if and when he existed!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Terri Horman's Tulips

Or should I say Terri Horman's Two Lips? Either way, we haven't heard the truth.

Terri........Eli Moulton, Red Bluff, California. A search was done by your dad in July of 2010 for this person. Did either of you search for Kyron Horman? Remember, in July of 2010, Kyron had not even been missing for eight weeks, yet. It seems as if all of you should have been more focused on searching for him, rather than for possible geneological connections; that is, if any of you Moulton types in Roseburg actually cared about Kyron. Just sayin'..............

And Mazama, the reason I do not post your comments in their entirety is because your comments are often vulgar and biased in favor of allowing violently mentally ill individauls, such as the character who shot at people in the theater in Colorado, to continue, unchecked, in their violent behaviors. The law in America was never intended for that. Yes, ever since I saw the picture of Terri's father on the tractor, I have known that he did not own the tractor. If the tractor was actually involved in Kyron's disappearnce, do you think it matters who owns it? Perhaps where you live, it does; but not so much here. Here, the fact that someone harmed another person is more important than ownership of tools used in harming the other person or in hiding evidence. Also, no one has violated the law, here in America, by discussing Kyron's case on Facebook, on blogs, elsewhere on the internet, or in person. To win a lawsuit against anyone, Terri would have to prove that she had lost something material because of all the bad publicity she has gotton. Then, she would have to follow the trails of all of the bad publicity and every single source she would cite in court, and prove exactly how all of it was causing her to experience losses. Then, she would have to prove that all of the statements were untrue. Ouch. There's where ol' Terri would have a serious problem. Heretofore, she has not addressed any of it or testified at all. Without testifying, she cannot file suit. So why don't you stop your game of internet bullying, Mazama, and shut up?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Campaign Slogans For Mitt Romney

Anyone remember this post, and the comments made by Mitt Romney, to the effect that fortyseven percent of Americans do not matter? Of course you do! The video footage was just revealed the other day. Would anyone care to know exactly who Romney was talking to when he said these things? They were people who were willing to pay $50,000 a plate to hear Romney talk about Global Tech Appliances, a Chinese company in which Romney, via Bain, invested. Global Tech Appliances, by the way, has substandard conditions for it's workers. Not that such a thing would matter to Bishop Mitt Romney. Certainly not if forty-seven percent of American citizens do not matter to him. It's hard to say which is a better campaign slogan for Mitt right now: "Corporations are people, too", or "Half of all Americans don't matter"!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Post About Larry Moulton

I got a rather ugly, obscenity laden, crude objection last night to this post. I ran a picture of Terri Horman's father on a tractor, and asked him why he needed a tractor in the first place, back in June of 2010. He is not a farmer; he's a yuppie, and yuppies are generally not farm equipment operators. Also, I was curious about why he would conduct a search for a relative he had never met so soon (seven weeks) after a step-grandson he HAD met had disappeared. I stand by that, too. I think it is a good question. If I had anyone with that degree of familial relationship who had gone missing in MY life, all geneology research, plus other hobby-related pursuits, would be placed on hold in favor of looking for the missing person. Apparently, not so in Larry Moulton's case. Here's a bit of the guff my commenter loaded into my comments. I chopped off the parts with insults and abusive language, and retained the point, which is invalid and silly, as you will see.

 "Did it ever occur to you that Mr. Moulton might have been doing what MCSO suggested to Kaine and Terri (continue with normal routines) i.e. going to the gym to relieve stress? Perhaps his way of dealing with the grief of Kyron being missing is to continue his hobby of researching his family line, to keep his mind occupied. Some people like to do crossword puzzles to busy their mind or do gardening or run or host awareness booths or do roller derby's."

The commenter also pointed out to me that the tractor belongs to Kaine. Fair enough.....I actually WAS aware that the tractor did not belong to Larry Moulton. But here's where you are wrong, my "North of the Border" gentletroll: this picture was taken BEFORE Kyron went missing, not after, so there is no reason why the police would have told Larry Moulton to go about his daily routine of driving tractors, or yuppie toys, as the case may be, on June 1, 2010, when this picture was taken. Also, if Larry Moulton had a daily routine of driving tractors, he would probably have had a hat on his receding hairline. At least, on real farms, we usually try to avoid sunburn while operating farm machinery. As for geneology after Kyron went missing, it would certainly appear a lot more as if Larry Moulton cared about Kyron if he had put his searches toward finding Kyron, rather than finding people who are already dead and do not truly need to be found. You will never convince me that any stress felt either by Larry OR Carol Moulton is directly related to Kyron, anyway. They are only interested in sheltering Terri Moulton Horman while she hides out in their basement, waiting for Kyron's missing persons case, and all of the importance attached to it, to go away! Guess isn't going to go away. Not until Kyron is found.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney Doesn't Think Half Of Us Matter

Amazing. Mitt Romney has America's demographics neatly catagorized into two almost equal parts: the people who will probably vote for Obama, and the people who might not vote for Obama. Or; the haves and the have-nots! In Romney's neat little labeling system, the "have-nots" are comprised of about forty-seven percent of Americans. The "have-nots" are also the people who are least likely to vote for Romney. That is not only a very significant minority, that's damn near half of us! So; to recap and understand Romney's statement, by which, as a matter of fact, he stands; about half of America's citizens are people who do not matter to him. Yet, he wants to lead them. Since enlisted military personel are often not among the richest half of citizens, he would be their Commander In Chief, yet not give a rip what happens to them during a war because they are "lazy bastards" in his world. Good to know. Nice language, too. Anyone who has lost a job or a home during the economic reversal of the past few years, I suppose, are also "lazy bastards". Probably people with disabilities, as well. Lets not forget children, who are not old enough to work. Will Mitt change that, and send small children to work in factories if their families are not wealthy, or what he calls "lazy bastards"? After all, about half of the people in this country are "lazy bastards".............


Admit It: I'm Dreaming Of A White President

Funniest thing I've seen all day! Randy Newman wrote this parody, highlighting Mitt Romney's only "qualification" to be president! And.......I am using the word "qualification" very loosely here!


Terri Horman's Dad Completely Forgot About Kyron

Hey Terri, did your dad ever get all the pieces of information that he needed for Elizabeth Moulton on July 26, 2010? Here's a snippet from his email: "Hopefully, you can help us with the pieces of information needed for Elizabeth".

No one has spoken of an "Elizabeth" in connection to your stepson's missing persons case, and I assume it's personal stuff; but had you and your parents already forgotton about Kyron by the end of July, back in 2010? He hadn't even been missing for eight weeks yet, and your dad was searching for a relative he probably had never met, but not searching for Kyron, a seven year old who was known to him. Nice. No wonder so many people question you in Kyron's disappearance.

[mailto:]On Behalf
Sent: Monday, July 26, 2010 9:58 PM
Subject: [WA-CEMETERIES] (no subject)

Seriously, Terri. All of you should really get your priorities straight.

Why did your father need a tractor a couple of days before Kyron disappeared, anyway, Terri? And why didn't he hug Kyron back in that picture? Was it a vicious game of favorites among grandchildren and step-grandchildren? Or did he just not care about Kyron?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Evolution Of A Kansas State Objections Board Meeting

Here are the minutes of the State Objections Board Meeting, held in Manhattan Kansas this morning, by Kris Kobach. The meeting was held to determine the authenticity of the latest "birther" complaint about President Obama, lodged by one Joe Montgomery, of Manhattan, Kansas. The tweets were made by Chad Manspeaker, of the City Council in Manhattan, and were printed by the Topeka Capital Journal.

10:11 a.m. | Manspeaker tweets: “Meeting adjourned and Obama stays on the ballot.”
10:05 a.m. | Manspeaker tweets: “Motion to accept and adjourn the meeting.”
10:04 a.m. | Manspeaker tweets: “LT Govs office and AG office want this over. Kobach actually try to run things by the book. Not gonna let this lady speak.”
10:02 a.m. | Manspeaker tweets: “Kobach speaking now. Motion to accept documents and adjourned meeting. Kobach dragging feet other two want this over”
10 a.m. | Manspeaker tweets: “Bringing meeting to Order. AG and LT Gov. Didn’t bother to show up. Kobach only statewide here.”
10 a.m. | Manspeaker tweets: “She just got brushed off by Kris Kobach. #ksleg. Doesn’t look good for the birthers.”
9:58 a.m. | Manspeaker tweets: “National Northern movement lady from California trying to get to testify. #ksleg. Press going wild.”
9:55 a.m. | City Councilman Chad Manspeaker (@manspeaker) tweets: “Here to see if our state leaders continue their nonsense.” And: “Protesters and folks in Obama shirts outside of the Memorial building downtown”
9:50 a.m. | The Hutchinson News reports “more than 600 fair-goers signed an informal petition criticizing the State Objections Board for delaying a decision last week on whether President Obama is eligible to appear on the November ballot.”
9:42 a.m. | Orly Taitz, who has been called the “birther queen,” has indicated on her website ( that she intends to attend Monday’s hearing. She is known for combative speeches and making incendiary claims.
9:40 a.m. | The objections board scheduled Monday’s meeting in response to a Manhattan resident who objected to Obama being on the ballot. The meeting was set before Joe Montgomery dropped his challenge, citing animosity and intimidation.
9:32 a.m. | Community activist Sonny Scroggins says he has been protesting at the secretary of state’s office since 7:45 a.m. He said he is joined by seven others.

Looks like the meeting was a regular career maker for ole' Kris Kobach. It also looks like he does not get to run anyone out of the country today, and does not get to take away my choice of candidate in the upcoming election.


Message To Vocal Fundies

To the commenters who are sending me protests about my illustration in this post; when I spoke of respecting all cultures, I was NOT referring to any culture grown on a petri plate.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fat Kansas Toad Withdraws Plea To Remove President From Ballot

Joe Montgomery, that ugly, fat toad living in Manhattan, Kansas, has rescinded his dumbass request to remove our President from the ballot. It seems that his birther nonsense about Obama's father's birth outside of the United States brought up some similar concerns about Mitt Romney. Since Obama's dad was merely born elsewhere because his family lived elsewhere, and Mitt Romney's dad was born elsewhere because he wanted to engage in criminal activity, (sex crimes, polygamy) this naturally caused others who do not live in Kansas and share the same inbred genetic mental malfunctions as Mr. Montgomery to question the obvious racism underscored by his nonsensical request. Mr. Montgomery also realized that the republican candidate would have to be omitted from the ballot as well.

The truth here is that a lot of white people in Kansas are prejudiced against any culture that does not hail from Northern Europe and favor some type of christianity practised almost exclusively by white people. Teachers in public schools in Kansas still must be reminded to shut their yaps about Obama being the Antichrist (really.) and told again and again that if our President was truly Muslim, his better half would not appear on national television in sleeveless dresses. In light of the easily googled fact that Mitt Romney's dad was also born outside of the United States, it seems fitting that Joe Montgomery apologize to President Obama for his verbal flatulations before the State Objections Board because he doesn't like the President because the President's father is black! Once again, Kansas, is skin color really that much of an issue for all of you?

Update: I spoke too soon. Apparently, Kansas is still taking this crap seriously, and meeting tommorrow about it. Don't they realize that if they eliminate Obama, Romney will have to go bye-bye for the same reason?

In Case You Missed Church Today

If you slept in this Sunday, instead of waking up and going to church, here is what you might have missed! This is a Christian church service in Alabama.

Note: Do Not Try Anything In The Video At Home!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Conviction In Maria Ridulph 1957 Murder

Justice has finally been served for Maria Ridulph, of this post. She disappeared in Illinois, in 1957, and was later found murdered. A young man named John McCullough was among the original suspects, but his mother lied for him in order to pervert justice and help her son get away with murder. He spent the next fifty-five years using more than one alias and hopping from one geographical area to another. It is particularaly disturbing that he was able to serve in Seattle as a police officer. He lied under oath to become a cop; how many other times could he have lied? Did he kill other people besides Maria? How many false arrests has he made?

Seventy-two years old, but going to jail anyway.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tipline For America's Most Wanted

Here is a link for online tips to America's Most Wanted. I am also putting this link in the sidebar to this blog. Their phone number is 1-800- CRIME-TV.


Americas Most Wanted And Kyron Horman

Don't forget, anyone who's following Kyron Horman's case; tonight is the episode of America's Most Wanted wherein John Walsh will discuss Kyron's case. There is also a link for online tips, so if you have information, don't be shy! Kyron, you need to come home. Your family has been waiting for you for over two years! No matter what anyone around you says, your parents love and miss you!


Fundy Christians Still Ride High Horse

An advertisement for Dr. Pepper has got fundamentalist Christians crying the blues again. Some of them are very, very upset because the picture depicts evolution. Fundies believe that a white man with a white beard and a white robe created the whole, wide world, and every life form on it, in seven twentyfour hours periods, while perched upon a cloud! Because they think this, they are whining that they do not want to drink Dr. Pepper anymore. Here's the picture that made them cry:

And here is how I fixed it for them:
In the words of a beloved High Priestess of mine: "How I long for the days when we simply tossed them into the coliseum with the lions!"

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Prejudiced Kansas Resident Who Belongs In Lunatic Asylum

There's a man named Joe Montgomery, who pitched a deep seated concern, out of what sounds like some deep seated racism, about President Obama's nomination for president by the Democratic National Convention. Since Obama was born in Hawaii, and his birth certificate clearly says so, the good Christian folk of Kansas, and Kris Kobach, Secretary of State for Kansas and author of Arizona's extremist "papers please" policies, aimed at Hispanics; are harassing the President from a different angle....they want him off the ballot because his FATHER was born elsewhere. But since the republicans have produced a candidate whose skin is milky white, there has been no notice taken of the fact that Mitt Romney's father was born in Mexico! In Kansas, it's all about the skin color!

Take a good, long look at this regurgitated copy of Bishop Romney's birth certificate, people of Kansas. His father was born in Mexico! And do you know why he was born in Mexico? Because his father, before him, wanted the privilege of boffing as many different women as his resources would allow, while keeping them captive. It's a Mormon thing.
Is the color of the President's skin really that much of a problem for you, Kansas???
Kris Kobach can be reached at 785-296-4564 between 8AM and 5PM Central Time. His office will be hearing from me tommorrow, because I decided a long time ago that I will vote for Obama in 2012, and I will flip out if they take away my right to vote for the candidate I choose. Especially if they leave old Mitt "Vote For Me Because I'm White" Romney on the ballot, as the only choice, while his father's birthing situation was the same!
For your viewing pleasure, here is the fat toad I mentioned earlier, Joe Montgomery, trying to make his prejudism sound like it's moral and good, when it stinks of injustice.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Terri Horman Celebrates Kyrons Birthday By Hiring Another Lawyer

Kyron Horman's  tenth birthday passed yesterday. He has also been missing for over two years. While both of his parents have been very busy lately with different efforts to find Kyron, his stepmother, and the prime suspect in his disappearance, also got her name in the headlines, once again. Anyone care to guess why? No; she was not offering help or condolences to Kyron's family, or even passing out flyers with his picture, to remind everyone, on Kyron's birthday, that Kyron is not home yet. She hired yet another lawyer! Apparently, two are not enough if one has not committed a crime.......

Here's another problem Terri might be having: "Kyron's father Kaine Horman confirms he has been called to testify in an upcoming deposition. No trial date has been set in the civil suit." .....KGW

More witnesses are beginning to testify.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kyron Horman; Ten Years Old, Two Years Missing

Kyron Horman has been missing since June 4, 2010, when he disappeared from Skyline Elementary in Portland Oregon. Today is his tenth birthday. Will whoever has him please drop him off at an emergency room or a church (make sure someone is at the church!) and give him instructions to phone law enforcement in Portland, Oregon? Cover your liscence plates, disguise yourself, drive off into the sunset before anyone sees you.......just let Kyron go home.


Kansas Petition Against Kris Kobach

Because of Kris Kobach's (Kansas Secretary of State, republican) truly noxious comments at the Republican National Convention, Move On Civic Action has published a petition, requesting an a public apology. Kris Kobach only represents the brain washed and truly stupid in Kansas, not everyone. Here's a video, explaining, in detail, what happened. Please sign the petition if you are from Kansas.


In Case You Slept Through Church Today

I feel a bit like busting on Mormons today, since they are loosely defined as one of the three bunches of people I bust on here in Siri's World: republican politicians, fundamentalist Christians who evangelize a lot, and violent criminals. Please don't take any of it personally. That said, allow me also to state that according to Roman myth, Lucifer had a SISTER, named Deanna, not a brother named Jesus! Geesh! Joseph Smith was not well read on matters mythological at all!

Also, I would be remiss if I did not comment on just how repugnant I find Mormon doctrine because it supports racism. It's not something that should ever be accepted by anyone who loves justice or peace. It's also stupid. Dark skin as a punishment? What about the person who finds darker complexions sexy and exotic? A punishment of a beautiful skin tone would be a bit counterproductive. Why did a bunch of American Caucasions need one more excuse to be racist, anyway?


Saturday, September 8, 2012

One Million Dollars For Mitt Romney's Tax Returns

Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler Magazine, is offering a reward of one million dollars to anyone who will provide him with Mitt Romney's missing tax returns, which Mitt has pathetically claimed were stolen! Sure, Mitt; that's believable.....someone broke into your house or office and stole your copies of your tax returns, each and every damned one of them. Your dog is still pissed off at you for making him ride on the roof of your car when you took the concubine and kiddies on vacation, so he didn't lift a paw to stop the thief. Did you report the break-in, Mitt? Did the thief come back and steal the police report? Or are you just a liar? Well, we pretty much already know the answer to that..........

Hopefully, when and if someone claims the million dollar reward and gives Larry Flynt the tax returns, not only will he make public what Mitt Romney is hiding right in Hustler Magazine, but maybe he will put the information and a big picture of Mitt alongside the most compromising, lewdest illustration in the issue. And hopefully, Bishop Mitt Romney will be embarrassed.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Just For Terri Horman

The Democratic National Convention Summed Up

The DNC was summed can be summed up by one person and one word: Bill Clinton and facts! Yes; no one else seems to do it like Bill Clinton! Good, bad, or indifferent, he delivered facts at the convention. Everyone else, most notably, Republicans, seem to prefer fantasy.


Bishop Robert Finn Gets Away With Sex Crimes

Amazing. Bishop Robert Finn, Of Kansas City, Missouri, and of this post, has gotton away with his crime of tampering with evidence (he hid the computer containing kiddie porn when police wanted to see it) and openly allowing Father Shawn Ratigan, also of Kansas City, to produce the kiddie porn. Today in court, the state of Missouri decided to put Finn on probation for two years, then to suspend the probation, and to ask him nicely to complete some bullshit programs offered by the state to try to reform and counsel sex offenders. Since Finn is such good friends with Jesus, he does not have to pose for a picture in the National Sex Offender Registry, like others who have committed lesser crimes. Don't these people get it? This type of criminal cannot be rehabilitated. Sex offenders never change!

Meanwhile, a couple in Salem, Oregon, who were noticed by the FBI for their artistic talents in the area of unlawful distribution of child pornography and subsequesntly sought by the FBI, are in jail, after being found by the FBI. They committed a very similar crime to Bishop Robert Finn's crime, but since they do not have the same expense account that Jesus and his church have provided for ministerial offenders, they are in jail. Another tier one offender is Robert Neil Boyd, who only actually got a slap on the wrist for his kiddie porn activities. He is at least mentioned in the National Sex Offender Registry. It seems like it would be even more important for a priest to have a listing in this registry, to warn anyone with children before they visit a church in his or her parish, but, apparently; the Church enjoys taking sex crime victims by surprise.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

"What If God Was One Of Us?"

"If God had a face what would it look like?
And would you wanna to see
If seeing meant that
You would have to believe
In things like heaven and in Jesus and the saints
And all the prophets"

I wonder if Mitt Romney has ever thought about this? He seizes every opportunity to cry and scream about "God", and has no moral problems at all with using concepts that relate to fear in order to manipulate the American public. I am not a Christian, but I am familiar with the story about the "sermon on the mount". Please believe me when I say that Mitt Romney does not remind me in any way, shape, or form, of Jesus. And to Bishop Romney; if God had a face, and if he really was Jesus, his features and skin color would probably make your security team push him out of line at the airport and possibly even detain him. Without power from your church,(which should not be mixed with politics, but that's another post) or power from money, you would not be able to function, let alone recognize a God or a Goddess that might be real. If you win this election, Mitt, and things don't go right after you take office, do you think the whole country will hate your church as much as they end up hating you? Have you thought about that? It's just a question.

"What if God was one of us? ♫♪♫ Just a stranger on the bus?"♫♪♫


Monday, September 3, 2012

HLN Interview With Kaine Horman

Hey person who keeps visiting me with mean things to say about
Kyron Horman's this the video you are looking for?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

In Case You Blew Off Church Today

What Did Terri Do That Summer?

The song is "Hush" by Deep Purple.

People from all over the world are watching this case, Terri. And Kyron has fans from all over the world; people who want him to come home. Now that America's Most Wanted is hot on your trail, you may as well give up on privacy for awhile. If the rest of your family was not involved, why are you putting them through this?

Ya know, Terri........all Kyron ever wanted from you was for you to love him.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Terri Horman Gets Another Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

On September 14, 2012, John Walsh, of America's Most Wanted will feature Kyron Horman's missing persons case. He did this once in the past, but only to show Kyron's picture, not to speak about the case in depth. The new episode; however, will discuss the case in depth. Terri Horman was just another bored housewife before June 4, 2010, when seven year old Kyron disappeared from his school in Portland Oregon. Then she failed two polygraphs while discussing her activities on that day with law enforcement and made national headlines. Further problems with her testimony picqued the curiosity of reporters and bloggers, and she has been a subject of discussion ever since. On June 1, of this year, she made the headlines again, when Kyron's mother, Desiree Young, filed suit against her for custodial interference. Of course, Terri's lawyers tried very hard to have this case dismissed, but that did not work. There is publicity for Terri every time a motion is filed in that case and every time a decision is made. And now there is coverage by America's Most Wanted. It looks like Terri Horman just can't get any privacy these days! What's really interesting is that John Walsh thinks that Terri might be culpable in some way for Kyron's disappearance! Imagine that! John Walsh is planning to detail how the evidence points to Terri. She'll be famous, once again. How exciting for her family..........

There have been tips given to authorities about Kyron that have not been verfiable from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Texas, Florida, and probably more places. There is also a $50,000 reward. Hopefully, if Kyron has not been located before this episode of America's Most Wanted airs, the tip that will bring him home will be called in to the show. After Kyron is home and Terri's fifteen minutes of fame are over, things will eventually become bearably routine again for her parents and her adult son. After Kyron is home.

Terri, Where's Kyron?