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Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Comedian Has The Most Thoughtful Response

Amid all the reports and commentaries on recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, the one by comedian Russell Brand stands out as the most thoughtful. Young Michael Brown was shot by a police officer,, Darrin Wilson, because he was black. Many Fox News fans have pointed out that it is possible that Brown may have stolen a box of cigars, but Wilson had no way of knowing that Brown was even inside of a store until the police department began looking for exculpatory evidence for Wilson. Every effort on the part of Missouri's judicial system has been to exonerate Wilson and remind the rest of America that shooting minorities is a good thing to do. Fox News would have us believe that certain minorities are responsible for all crime, as a matter of fact.

Russell Brand issues the obvious challenges to those racist ideas. Ideas such as immediate execution not being the penalty in America for shoplifting, and white teenagers not receiving the death penalty for the same. Ideas such as tanks, machine guns, and all sorts of military gear and personnel standing by in order to make sure that no one exercises any first amendment rights without risking death. And he addresses the fact that no police officer in Missouri has ever been held accountable for the killing of a civilian, and in America, most civilian victims of police are black. Why should Wilson be charges with a crime? He was, after all, "doing what he was trained to do", according to Darrin Wilson's lawyers. So Wilson was "trained" to discriminate against blacks and kill them. Brand does not sell Wilson's injuries short, though. Wilson did, after all, have an injury resembling the type of bruise left by the kick of a mishandled gun on his cheek. Lets cry for him.

To add insult to injury, Wilson had the audacity to thank the morons who supported him in his murderous efforts. Now that he has resigned, whatever will he use as impunity to murder unarmed minority citizens?

In Case You Slept Through Church On Sunday

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Important Reason Why Christian God Does Not Belong Anywhere

"You are the type that doesn't really give two shits about the flag, thinks God doesn't belong....ANYWHERE, and is in love with those wonderful goverment handouts!"

That's a snippet from some words shared with me a couple of years ago by a Melissa Kennedy, teacher at the public school in Frankfort, Kansas. She wanted to continue her meaningless dialogue about her religion with children in public school, and I wanted all proselytizing to stop. The ACLU got involved, and the school grudgingly conceded to obey federal law. The reference to government assistance refers to a time when I took my husband, a veteran, to the  VA when he got sick. It seems Melissa Kennedy does not like veterans.

There are several reasons why god, in terms of christianity, does not belong anywhere,  but here is a serious one that has been downplayed by the media here in Kansas. A Reverend Bugbee (the name is interesting for a child molestation suspect) was arrested on November 19 for commercial exploitation of a child and for sexual exploitation of a child. Washington Christian Church, in Washington, Kansas, mostly looks innocent from the outside, looking in; but a pastor there apparently spreads his faith....and his seed.... in ways that violate the law. Horny Christian clergy often have trouble taking no for an answer in situations that involve sex, but should not involve sex; so it seems to me that Church and State have no business mixing in public schools, where christianity practiced as Bugbee has been accused of practicing it can be a problem in many ways. Once again, this is not the only reason god does not belong anywhere, but an important one.

Reverend Jim Bugbee. Proof, once again, that god does not belong anywhere. Especially when children are involved.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

I'm Just An Innocent Policeman's Wife

So the wife of a Ferguson, Missouri police officer wants us to feel sorry for her. Normally, I would not agree with anyone having to live under threats of violence, but after some experience living in neighboring Kansas, my opinion has changed, somewhat. Whenever I make requests of my local school district, USD 380 Vermillion, that their schools guarantee at least an honest effort at compliance with federal and state law, the secretary at the superintendent's office will rudely tell me to move house and live somewhere else. Pam Slifer does not want me to ask what will be done if another child is abandoned a few miles away from school and officially missing, as my daughter was in October of 2009 when a guidance counselor named Tom Schroeder transported her in his vehicle and dumped her, allowing her to remain missing until she got a ride back with strangers. (Suck it up, Frankfort, my daughter told me that those men who picked her up were NOT part of any search party, and that NO search party had been formed. The school board's spin on it was nothing but a LIE) Pam Slifer would rather tell me to move than tell me what policy Frankfort and Centralia Kansas follow when children and adults take drugs, alcohol, and guns to school with them. She feels that because Frankfort is a small town, and because she lives there, I personally owe her the liberty to violate the law and endanger my children. The wife of this Ferguson policeman feels that she, too, is owed some sort of special privilege not granted to the rest of the population. In the face of black men being shot by white policemen, just for being black men, (which is not the law, by the way) the families of those who are allowed to shoot minorities at will want special protection so they can enjoy their special privilege! Ha! I say that anyone who wants the freedom to violate the laws and step on the rights of others at will should move.....if a place where lawlessness can be guaranteed by cohorts, witnesses, and victims can actually be found.

Pam Slifer feels that because the violent intent expressed here uses my married name and not my birth name, the facebooker and police officer are not guilty of actually referring to me, and that the person to whom they refer does not exist. This is how these people deny and rationalize every dirtball act or intention in which they engage. Why should the wife of a police officer get to live worry-free? 

Monday, November 17, 2014

No, Reverend. A Guy Cannot Make A Mistake.

Reverend Patrick Sullivan, of Frankfort Kansas, asked me, during a conversation about the incident that took place at Frankfort High School, involving a guidance counselor who dropped my fourteen year old daughter off by herself, four miles south of town and forgot about her, if a guy could "just make a mistake". Sullivan wanted to defend the school, the unlawful practice of enforcing Christian beliefs at the school, and the guidance counselor and all those who have enabled him over the years. He was unwilling to countenance the glaring fact that Frankfort High School should be in receivership because of the lack of compliance of it's faculty to state and federal law, and also did not want admit that the Catholic principal, one of his financially contributing "sheep", would be so wrong about something, while a Pagan parent of non-Christian background would be so right about the same matter. Dean Dalinghaus, principal of Frankfort High School, felt that Tom Schroeder was in the right to leave a child alongside a roadway during the school day, unbeknownst to her parents, and allow her to be officially "missing" all afternoon and part of the evening. So he asked me, "Can't a guy make a mistake?"

Tom Schroeder may make a mistake by choosing the wrong color to paint his bathroom. He can mix up his students' names, or oversleep. Those are commonplace "mistakes". But a mistake that contributes to human trafficking, murder, and missing persons statistics in inexcusable. As a neighbor in Frankfort put it, "Sure, they care about children, just not yours!" While this neighbor is absolutely right, how would the school, and consequently every Frankfurter's child, have been affected by a lawsuit, in the event that my child had not been found? Such a tragedy, caused by such a "mistake", also has the ability to attract unwanted attention from other authorities. Suppose operating a school in Frankfort became too expensive because of Tom Schroeder's "mistakes"? But what is all that, compared to a child's safety and a parent's heartbreak? To Reverend Sullivan, who represents Jesus Christ at the Annunciation Catholic Church in Frankfort, my child and my love for her do not mean anything. As for me, I would rather see Frankfort's school close down than see it pose any more danger to any of my children.

One more reminder about Catholic priests everywhere: they have a reputation for inappropriate relations with children of all ages. I should not have been surprised that a Catholic priest would be so callous about child safety: children who are dropped off by teachers in unfamiliar surroundings are extremely vulnerable. Catholic clergy seems to favor vulnerable children for sinister reasons. Almost one third of stranger abductions in this country involve children who disappeared from school, or school sponsored activities. Why would a christian minister of any kind want a parent to overlook the mistakes of a man whose "mistakes" contribute to this national problem and is never held accountable? No, Pat. A guy cannot make a "mistake" if it makes a statistic out of my child.

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Update: Jaylen Jones Is Found Safe

There was some good news on KAKE News this morning, and that is that young Jaylen Jones was found safe in Rice County, Kansas. Something your blogger finds interesting is that Jaylen was missing for several weeks while his case was given no attention, because he had been deemed a "runaway", and therefore not important; but when his story aired in KAKE, he was suddenly located. Can this be dismissed as coincidence? Your blogger thinks not. Runaways need to be found just as much as those who disappear involuntarily need to be found, and most of the victims of human traffickers in America are actually teens who have run away from home.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Jaylen Jones Missing From Kansas

Jaylen Jones has been missing from Arkansas City, Kansas since October 21 of this year. Police have treated his case as if he had run away from home, but no one has heard from him since that date, and three and a half weeks is a long time for a sixteen year old to forgo texting, social media, video games, and communication with family or friends. 

Jaylen's mother, Rachel Stevens, reported him missing. He was last seen in a red jacket and black tennis shoes, and he is about 5' 6" tall, 145 lbs., and has sandy blond hair and blue eyes. If you have any information about him, please call the Arkansas City Police Department at 620-441-4444.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The First For Riley County Kansas

Congratulations to the first gay couple in Riley County, Kansas to marry! Today was a very special day for Joleen Hickman and Darci Bohnenblust. Despite the ongoing efforts of a small number of Republican officials who pander to a larger number under socialized morons, who live in Kansas, to deny civil rights to some citizens while fully granting them to others, Joleen and Darci were married in Manhattan, Kansas this morning. Such equality, here in Kansas, of all places!

Through The Lens Of Siriunsun's Camera

A fountain in Holton, Kansas

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gays Always Want Cakes Baked For Them

Pat Robertson has spoken....yet again! He, once again, has found a new way to twist the words of the Constitution and the doctrines of the Christian religion to fit a new and deranged formula only beknown to his own subconscious. Gay men and women are now terrorists if they order cakes for their weddings and other special occasions......Only white, christian heterosexual types can enter bakeries or visit caterers and have events planned and catered! If anyone else does this, it's clearly a sign of terrorism.......(eye-rolley here)

Reverend Robertson has his panties in a bunch because the Kansas senate refused to pass House Bill 2453 earlier this year.The bill would have allowed any business or government agency, including but not limited to public schools and hospitals, to refuse service to anyone whose demeanor, jewelry, tattoos, skin color, accent, or surname posed a "religious conflict" for the employee or gatekeeper providing customer service. The reason it did not pass the senate, besides it's insane content and stupid language, is that such a bill, were it to become law, is at obvious cross purposes with the Constitution and federal law. It seems Robertson is disappointed that members of the senate were uninterested in fighting terrorism by instigating bigotry and unlawful discrimination. How the pastor links ordering a cake from a bakery to terrorism is still a mystery, though.

If all those terrorists, regardless of sexual preference, only want cakes baked for them, the solution seems simple enough; just give Betty Crocker a call.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Value Of Photo Recognition

Billy Hanson, nine years old, was supposed to return to his mother's house in Pennsylvania on September 4, after visiting his dad, Jeffrey Hanson, for awhile. Had he returned home on that date, he would have started school on time.....but guess what? Jeffrey Hanson decided to do something other than simply take his son home after his scheduled visitation was over. He sailed in his yacht, the Draco, to the tiny island of Niue, in the South Pacific, instead. How very sweet and sentimental.

Upon hearing that Mr. Hanson was an avid sailor, the FBI circulated pictures of Mr. Hanson, and his missing son, in some of the very places that Mr. Hanson loves to sail in his yacht. As luck would have it, someone on the small police force of the island of Niue got a tip from a citizen who had seen Mr. Hanson and Billy's picture and recognized them! Now, Jeffrey Hanson is home, in the United States, facing charges for international kidnapping and custodial interference. His yacht has been confiscated, and young Billy has had quite the adventure; definitely a superb "What I Did Last Summer" essay. It's too bad his father was too unconcerned about the start of a new school year to make sure Billy would be in school to write such a paper. Now, it looks as if Mr. Hanson will be visiting with his son via prison plexi-glass windows, if at all.

Never doubt that photo recognition, in missing persons cases, is a great tool, and never be nervous about calling in a tip, if you think you might have seen someone whose picture has been circulated by law enforcement. If you really have recognized a missing child, it's better, just in case you are right, to risk being mistaken and let authorities find out. It made an huge difference to Billy Hanson and his mother.

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Advice To Hunters And Hikers

Hunters and hikers should always be aware of the possibility of finding evidence in a missing persons case. Kyron Horman has been missing in Oregon for over four years, and Sarah and Jacob Hoggle were last seen in a part of Maryland where there are a lot of hiking trails and park land.

In Case You Skipped Church This Sunday

The churchgoing teachers in Frankfort, Kansas, have a message for you if you skipped church on Sunday. They want you to know that as long as you are white and christian, Jesus doesn't mind if you ignore the laws of the land and act like a bigot!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Only Way To Get Justice In White Midwest

By all appearances, the grand jury decision concerning Darren Wilson's abuses of power and subsequent murder of young Michael Brown has already been decided. In fact, if the tweets that were publicized by Anonymous are true, the grand jury proceedings were nothing more than a sham from the very beginning. It really looks as if public exposure of corrupt government officials and their racist employees is the only way for the rest of the population to obtain any justice. How much fame and notoriety for this crap does the Midwest desire?

Click here to see a picture of another racist, low level, government employee in the Midwest.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Washington Politicians Can Now Inhale

Marion Barry must be very happy right now, despite the abundance of republicans in Washington, D.C. Bill Clinton is now free to inhale. Voters have decided to legalize small amounts of marijuana for "personal use"......whatever is implied by that......! One will not be free to sell, or "bootleg" weed as if it were moonshine. but one will be allowed to grow up to six plants. Why would neighboring Maryland have such a problem with a decision made by the District of Columbia, for the District of Columbia?

Disclaimer: your blogger does not advocate or support any type of recreational drug use. She simply would rather see your tax dollars and hers but to uses more productive than senseless prosecution of violators of prohibition laws.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Rigged Grand Jury

November 10 is the day the grand jury is expected to announce a decision about charging Officer Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri this past August. The date is right around the corner. It has been reported, via juror indiscretion, that no charges will be brought. Unfortunately, this is believable, not only because law enforcement and government seem to want to fan the flames of anger and force racism and injustice on Ferguson, which is mostly black; but there have been tweets from someone allegedly serving on the grand jury stating the intention to allow Wilson to get away killing an unarmed man. Not only does Missouri feel entitled to it's racism, it feels entitled to divulge statements made during proceedings that were directed to remain under seal until the date of the announcement. Missouri may not understand any of this.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Another Trigger-Happy Cop Gets Protection

Not only is it illegal to be black in Missouri, In September, Utah decided to muscle in on some of the action. Twenty-two year old Darrien Hunt was shot in the back in Saratoga Springs, Utah by police because he bought a small Samurai sword at a gift shop and carried it from the gift shop in his hands. Had anyone else shot Hunt, the person's identity would have been revealed, along with a mugshot. The name of the police officer has yet to be announced.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hoggle Children Still Missing

Jacob and Sarah Hoggle, the two Maryland toddlers who disappeared September 7 and September 8, are still missing. Their mother, Catherine Hoggle, who was the last person to see either of them, will not cooperate and tell anyone where they are.  She is now being held in a mental hospital, pending assessment about her capability to testify or participate in her own defense. Her attorney has filed a motion to dismiss the charges filed against her in connection to Jacob and Sarah's disappearance, based on the fact that she asserted her right to an attorney but was questioned for several more hours without one. Chances are rather strong that the case, itself, will not dismissed, but that information gleaned by law enforcement during that time will simply not be usable as evidence. One thing looks very certain, however; as long as Catherine has something everyone wants, specifically information about her childrens' whereabouts, she has power. When she gives that information up either by testifying or cooperating with law enforcement, she has no more power or control over the situation.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Another Kansas Republican Racist

Yep, we have another Kansas Republican racist running for Congress, and this one is the pastor of a church. Reverend Cordell Fischer's wife posted a picture of Darth Vader on her husband's Facebook wall, and made a nasty comment to the effect that nonwhite fathers do not take care of their children, or some such nonsense. "First Black Guy To Admit He's The Father", is the exact quote. It seems that most white Kansas Christians are racist; that's no big surprise; however, Cordell Fischer appears to be a liar, as well. He took the post down when it came to his attention that there are people in Kansas who might not vote for him if they think he's an unintelligent racist, but blamed his wife for posting it! Yet the screen shot clearly states that he had insisted that she share it on his page. Also, Fischer apologized for "whatever it looks like to the public".

Fischer should be interested in knowing that "whatever it looks like to the public" is Kansas racism as usual. As for his church, which is a non-denominational congregation in Topeka, it appears that his racist spouse is something called a "children's pastor" within the hierarchy. Since there is no warning of bigotry and racism on the church's website, it seems that both of them simply take such attitudes for granted on the part of any potential parishioner. All the more reason to avoid christianity in Kansas.

Hopefully, the pastor's wife was able to find the fathers of her own progeny.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kansas City Judge Says It's Okay To Drive Drunk If You're A Firefighter

Wyandotte County; Kansas City, Kansas......Firefighter Michael Quinn drove a fire truck, while he was off duty, through the lawns of some unsuspecting people after consuming enough booze to boost his blood alcohol to .09 three hours after the accident! District judge Aaron Roberts may dismiss the case because, while everyone else who refuses a breathalyzer or blood test when suspected of drunk driving, it was unreasonable search and seizure in Michael Quinn's case. Does that sound fair to everyone in Kansas who has been convicted of DUI based upon similarly gathered evidence? Does that sound like it sets a precedent that will encourage safe highways and fewer traffic accidents? Has the honorable Judge Roberts considered that the auto insurance of every driver in Kansas may become more expensive if his obvious favoritism of a government employee sets precedence forcing courts to allow every driver in Kansas to potentially enjoy the same legal privilege? If he hasn't, he should, because at the very least, such a decision will keep the Supreme Court in Kansas busy for awhile.

If You Slept Through Church On Sunday

If you found yourself dozing off in church on Sunday, the cause may be found in your own intellectual curiosity!