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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sad Update On Brad Cook

Brad Cook, who went missing from Olathe, Kansas, last week, was found yesterday. in Desoto, Kansas. His death was one of two unexplained deaths in Desoto during the week he was found. Investigators are still trying to determine what happened and gather information. Hopefully, they will be successful and find out what happened and why.


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
Always remember your Ancestors!

Alice Jones Hears God, I Hear My Ancestors

We have a library here in Frankfort, Kansas, that is almost devoid of useful information, but chock full of racism and unlawful behavior. Heartland Works is a program funded by the Department of Labor that provides work opportunities for high school students in need of paid work experience. Heartland Works; Alice Jones, the director of the library; and Tom Schroeder, the guidance counselor of Frankfort High; work together to gain labor for the library at no cost to the City of Frankfort. Well and good, as long as no class time is lost to the students involved, and Miss Alice and Mr. Tom account for the students during every minute of the school day, and remember that recreational drugs and underage drinking are against the law.

It recently came to my attention, via conversations with one of my daughters, who had been involved in the Heartland Works program, that another child working at the library under the same auspices was often drunk at work, and occasionally engaged in uses of recreational drugs. In an attempt to verify this information with Alice Jones, the ultimate eyewitness here, I was stunned when she affirmed every word my daughter said, and offered in her own defense, "I knew ____ was violating the law, but God told me not to report it, and to give her "another chance". When I asked how many "other chances" were given, a concrete number was not determined. So there it was: despite the fact that Frankfort High is a public school, beholden to the same federal laws as all other public schools in the United States of America, Tom Schroeder and Alice Jones took it upon themselves to betray my trust in the public school where I sent all six of my children. Also, I had not realized how unexposed my daughter was, prior to her Heartland Works experience, to drugs and drunkenness, but she shared with me that this was the first occasion in her life to actually witness pathological drinking and drug use in person.

Aside from the obvious violations of the law, which is designed to protect my children from Frankfort's alcohol and drug abusing children at school, another disturbing portion of this entire situation is the fact that a silly-assed library director not only thought her own opinion and ideas could and would override my country's law, but justified her deliberate errors by explaining to me that "God" told her to do it! In essence, she exposed my child, who was supposed to gain exposure to employment experience, to underage drinking, drugs obtained via black market sources, and to the wonderful world of enabling and functioning as an accessory after the fact! Those are things I would not ask my daughter to do for me, or for anyone in her family, and they are NOT things that any child should learn at school! Can anyone blame me for my outrage at the public school in Frankfort Kansas, or at USD 380?

This is how Kansas Christians in close knit communities show their respect for other cultures.

Teaching my daughter to depart from everything I have taught her about drugs, alcoholism, following the law, and communicating with me when she became aware of problems with those things was inexcusable in every way. My daughter came from a culture that loves children and encourages communication between generations, and when Tom Schroeder and Alice Jones taught my daughter to hide those things from me, they damaged the sacred trust between mother and daughter, and took grave chances on severing her from her family and her Ancestors; and also took a grave chance of ruining her life. I should also mention that if my daughter had not been asked to hide the situation from me, it would have provided our family an opportunity to teach her more about the functions of friendship, and about sharing information with her workmate about regaining her health. But this, somehow, was not a desire of Frankfort High or Heartland Works. Be that as it may, it is one of the functions of this family, and now that my eyes are open to the subtle attacks of a Christian community, it will not happen as easily to this family again. Frankfort is going to have to fight from now on, if it wants to ruin the lives of my other children.

If Alice Jones really thought "God" was talking to her, a claim made much more often by delusional mental patients than by educated people, she got away with damaging the lives of both children, my daughter and the child she enabled, in the name of her Christian religion. If "God" really spoke inside of Alice's head, would he have told her that respect for the Laws of the Land was only for "other people" and not for her? Or would he have told her that there are reasons for the laws, and that she had a responsibility to keep them, especially when children are involved, even if she did not understand how all of the legislation over the years have contributed to current laws? If "God" really spoke inside of Alice's head, would he have told he to enable an alcoholic teenager, or would he have told her to remove the child from the Heartland Works program until she completed alcohol treatment? An opportunity to offer that child real help was lost. Shame on you, Frankfort. If "God" was really speaking inside of Alice's head, would he have told her to send the message that showing up drunk for work is acceptable? If so, can anyone blame me for hating Christians, Christianity, and God?


Is Your Silence Deliberate?

After awhile, one must wonder, exactly WHY people are silent about moral issues. They often claim ignorance upon confrontation with reality, but after observing so many of them protesting political matters about which they really ARE ignorant, ignorance hardly appears an excuse for failing to speak up when entire populations look the other way when morals get trodden under the collective feet of one's community. Are people ashamed to admit that they are racist, or that their own communities engage in crime? Is keeping things the way "they've always been" a valid reason to reject morality? Or are the people who do this more interested in covering their own unlawful behaviors?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Selective Application Of Laws In Marshall County, Kansas

"EQUAL PROSECUTION. CM spoke about an example of a juvenile crossing private property cutting donuts with a vehicle. She talked about prosecution and restitution and asked why some people are singled out for the exact crime and some are not. CA McNish said Municipal Court has no jurisdiction over juveniles. CM asked CA McNish to comment on fair and equal prosecution in town. CA McNish said he has been more than fair. No decisions were made."

Above is a quote from a recent city council meeting in Marysville, Kansas.  City Attorney (CA) McNish was asked a direct question about underage drivers, often unlicensed, driving through  fields, lawns, and gardens, and occasionally running over mailboxes. Marshall County Kansas will often throw the book at a teen for this, but then, sometimes not. City Attorney McNish spoke truthfully enough when he stated that the city of Marysville has no jurisdiction over juveniles, but what he did not discuss is the fact that his spouse, Laura McNish, is the county attorney, and it is the office of the county sheriff who would handle the arrest of a juvenile tearing up a lawn or field with a vehicle, or the arrest of a juvenile drinking alcohol. Often enough, children who do these things are duly prosecuted, but what happens if an underage witness, in a case against someone else being tried by the county attorney, is caught drinking beer? As it happened in May of 2013, the underage witness was not arrested, even though she was obviously drunk. Her changing testimony at the trial, which, by the way, the county attorney lost, was deemed too important to risk losing her cooperation by arresting her, as indicated by the law. What happens if the driver of a vehicle being driven over private property, and destroying the same, belongs to the son or daughter of someone in a position of authority in Marshall County or Marysville, Kansas? Do those young people live by the same rules? Apparently, a portion of the citizenry in Marysville think not; otherwise the question would not have been brought up at a city council meeting. County Attorney is an elected position, here in Kansas, and selective application of laws is not a way for elected officials to remain in office.

The Kansas Judicial Branch site has this to say about personal and public matters involving lawyers:

[5] A lawyer's conduct should conform to the requirements of the law, both in professional service to clients and in the lawyer's business and personal affairs. A lawyer should use the law's procedures only for legitimate purposes and not to harass or intimidate others. A lawyer should demonstrate respect for the legal system and for those who serve it, including judges, other lawyers and public officials. While it is a lawyer's duty, when necessary, to challenge the rectitude of official action, it is also a lawyer's duty to uphold legal process.

Anyone wishing to file a complaint with the Kansas Bar Association can print this complaint form and mail the hard copy to Disciplinary Administrator, 701 Jackson Street, First Floor, Topeka, Kansas, 66603-3729. All complaints must be written and snail mailed.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Update On Little Girl Found with Gypsies

Little Maria's biological parents were found! She is, to the surprise of many, actually Roma, but from Bulgaria, not Greece. In a chain of events that moved quickly enough to raise questions about lingering unsolved missing persons cases everywhere.....ahem......Maria's parents were located, along with a number of lookalike siblings, and her DNA matches.
A lot of people from around the world are upset at the amount of attention this case attracted, stating that if the girl was not white, specifically blond and fair, no one would have cared. While those observations are probably, to an extent, true; there is another side to the coin. Suppose little Maria had not stood out in her crowd, and had gone unnoticed? There is a whole range of issues here that contribute to the unfavorable conditions that lead to generation after generation of poverty and crime. The family in Greece with whom Maria was found committed identity theft, the European version of welfare fraud, and informal, or ILLEGAL adoptions. Not that this illegal adoption was terrible, in an of itself; it probably was a lot better than being a Roma child in an orphanage, where one's only personal value arises upon being found compatible when an order for an organ transplant comes in. No kidding. It would come as no surprise to this blogger if missing foster children from Kansas turned up in Eastern European orphanages, for this very purpose. Would Kansas sell foster children by the pound, or by the dozen? Still, illegal adoption is a worldwide human trafficking problem, and that, combined with false ID's and birth certificates for multiple children who belong elsewhere is ultimately a disservice to the illegally "adopted" child, to the community, and to the world. It needs to stop, and Maria's case, which would never have become a "case" had she been olive enough to blend in with the rest of her community, has given this problem long overdue attention from the world. 
The best action the European Union could probably take, after thousands of years of discriminating mercilessly against the Roma population, would be to insist upon education for all Roma children, and be just and equal about it. Getting everyone involved to come into compliance would not be easy, and it would seem to be another attack on Roma culture; can anyone remember when Nelson Mandela insisted that education become a priority, even for tribes, such as the Zulu, who felt that it was a cultural conflict? At this point, even those who opposed Mandela realize that this was insight on his part, not an attempt to dissolve cultures or destroy the identities of individual tribes. The Roma could best improve their destiny through education.
Meanwhile, Maria's real parents in Bulgaria and her not-so-real parents in Greece are under investigation. Her path is not yet determined, but she has a biological sister who appears to want very much to see her again. The task of finding Maria's biological parents first seemed like finding a needle in a haystack, but less than a week after Maria surfaced in the Greek Gypsy camp, her parents were found. Twenty years ago, this would not have happened so quickly, if at all. This leaves all of us to wonder why so many missing persons cases are still open in the United States, and if the United States actually tries to solve the missing persons cases that do not get solved by accident.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Cierra Swodeck Is Missing

Cierra Swodeck, of Lawrence, Kansas, is seventeen years old and was last seen on October 6. She was in foster care in Russell, Kansas, and it was "reported" to her natural mother that a "friend"drove Cierra from Russell to Topeka. It has been almost twenty days since this young lady has been seen by anyone who knows her. That's long time for a seventeen your old to be missing.
There are some questions that do not appear to have been addressed by the media in Cierra's case. First; why did law enforcement and the media wait until over two weeks had elapsed to publicize this case? Second; why isn't law enforcement airing this case? Why isn't social services doing more about it? Why is the natural mother, whose parental rights had been suspended by the foster care system, the only person who cares enough about Cierra to pass out flyers, talk to the media, and look for her? Third; Where were the foster parents when Cierra went missing, and what is their timeline on October 6? When a child or an adult is missing, and is being held against his or her will, if the missing person is going to be murdered, it usually happens within the first three hours. Two and a half weeks is way too long of a time to wait to give the case attention. Social Services and the foster parents also have a share of responsibility in this; the taxpayers should not have to think that child protective services will snatch children from parents who love them, place them in living situations hundreds of miles away from home, and not lift a finger, or a phone, when children disappear. There is a Marshall County Kansas foster parent who allows foster children to drink and drive drunk, and even though the police are required by law to arrest any child in DCF custody caught drinking, they never it comes as no surprise, here, when law enforcement takes twenty days to start publicizing a foster child's missing persons' case. And, of course,  what were those foster parents doing on October 6, did Cierra have a cell phone, and why did they not have enough control over the goings-on in their state approved foster home to ensure that Cierra did not leave without asking? Finally, did Cierra really go to Topeka with a friend?
Anyone with information about Cierra or her whereabouts should call the number to the Russell County Sheriff's office on the poster above.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Your Story Still Doesn't Add Up, Debbie Bradley

Debbie Bradley wants the world to think that the little girl found in Greece with a Roma family is her daughter, Lisa Irwin, who disappeared in October of 2011, at the age of ten months. Lisa would be three years old, almost, and this little girl was estimated, initially, to be around four. A dental examination places her age at closer to five or six years of age. So Debbie's numbers, along with her story, do not add up any better now than they did back in 2011.

How would Gypsies have gotten hold of Baby Lisa, anyway? Would they have targeted a mother who drank a lot and did not watch her children? Do either of those Gypsy parents look like they could fit through the window Debbie says was used for the "kidnapping"? In addition to her inability to add, it looks as if Debbie Bradley doesn't understand simple geometry!

Other numbers involved here which will one day be determined: the number of stories Debbie Bradley told authorities about her daughter's disappearance, and the number of stories the Gypsy couple told Greek authorities about their victim's appearance! Some day, perhaps the number of different stories told by both parties will be compared. Some day, maybe Debbie will learn the three "r's", and, some day, maybe Debbie will pass a polygraph.

On the left is an age progressed picture of how Lisa Irwin might look now.



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brad Cook Missing From Olathe, Kansas

Brad Cook is missing from Olathe, Kansas, and was reported missing by his family when he didn't come home on October 20. In today's world, three days is a long time to let one's email and facebook go unchecked, and to abstain from making phone calls or using one's credit cards or bank account. If you know have any information concerning Brad's whereabouts, please call the Johnson County Kansas Sheriff's Department at the number on the poster above.

Sad Update On David Welch

David Welch, of Manhattan Kansas, was reported missing by his family on September 3. On October 18, he was found in Utah. His vehicle had gone off the road and into a ravine, where he was not visible to passing traffic. By all appearances, the accident happened on September 3.
Welch was not killed on impact, but was trapped in his vehicle. When his car battery died, he was unable to continue attempts to signal for help, and he wrote letters, which were found in his vehicle with him, explaining the situation to his family.

Third Reason Why Kansas Schools Should Consolidate

To further discuss reasons why Kansas public schools should consolidate, instead of operating in "unified" districts, a misnomer because school districts in Kansas are not unified at all, a third reason is unequal and selective hiring practices and selective application of the law in relation to teachers and other employees of the "unified" school districts. The Renwick school board, near Wichita, has terminated the contract of Troy McChristian, principal of Garden Plain High School, pictured to the left; because he was arrested in the recent past for DWI. Officials cited that McChristian was "not setting a good example" for students, and was not reporting criminal activity, both prosecuted and unprosecuted, to the board in order to ensure proper decision making! Okay; driving while intoxicated does not set a good argument there, but what about Noble Rick Pendland? He taught in a different public school in Southern Kansas, and was a foster parent, to boot, yet it took years to get rid of him, and his school isn't even responsible for the decision: Pendland was arrested and jailed for sex crimes against children, and was not granted work release pending bond or trial so that he could continue to go to work at the school where he met some of his victims. Terminating Pendland's contract was simply necessitated by circumstances, and would not have happened if law enforcement had not removed his presence from his forced audience, the students. This is a glaring example of unequal, and possibly selective, application of Kansas law, used to make or break a school employee's contract with a "unified" school district's school board.

If public schools in Kansas were consolidated, it would be much easier to insist that the same laws be followed by all Kansas teachers in public schools. Parents would have a basic notion of what to expect from their childrens' teacher; Rick Pendland and his ilk, favored by conservative Christians, would have to curry favor with a school board governing the public schools in all of Kansas, rather than just brown nosing the republicans on the school board in one locale. There would not be teachers who get away with drunk driving or showing up to teach classes while drunk (yes, Frankfort, you covered for a teacher with addiction problems) in one part of Kansas, while the same is not tolerated in other parts of Kansas. Children would have more stability, as well, through knowing what to expect. As things are run at this point, each unified district is allowed to play picksies/choosies with which laws it will respect and which laws it will ignore, at the ultimate expense of the children.
Another problem with laws, and the applications thereof, that could be cleared up with consolidation of public schools in Kansas is not only the favoritism employed by unified school districts, but the favoritism employed by local judicial systems and county prosecutors. When a teacher commits a serious crime, especially a person felony against a student, and a parent steps forward with a complaint, terminating his contract should be the next logical and acceptable step. According to the Kansas Department of Education, prosecution for a crime is not what determines breach of contract. Breach of contract is setting the bad example in the first place. It should not matter if the policeman responding had the teacher for eighth grade social studies, or if the teacher's parents also taught at the same school and donate money to the school, or if the county attorney has personal problems with the child's parents and denies justice out of personal prejudice. Once the state school board hears about a teacher who criminally endangers a child, such as Tom Schroeder, pictured on the right, who abandoned a fourteen year old girl along a highway in Marshall County Kansas, that teacher's walking papers should be forthcoming. There should be no exceptions made because of political or personal favoritism, and if all of the public schools in the state of Kansas answered to one school board, instead of un-unified  unified districts, equality, justice, and common sense would have a stronger chance of prevalence in such decisions.
Has anyone noticed a difference in skin complexion between the two teachers cited in this post who did not get sanctioned by their "unified districts", and the teacher who did? In other places, this might be chalked up merely to coincidence; but in Kansas, it deserves consideration.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Kendrick Johnson Was Killed At School

Kendrick Johnson, a seventeen year old Lowndes County Georgia student,  didn't come home from school one day in January of this year. He didn't make it to a basketball game, either. On January 11, he was found deceased, rolled up in a gym mat. The death was ruled an accident, and some truly insane speculations were made concerning how he got into the gym mat. No evidence was analyzed, no witnesses were interviewed, the crime scene wasn't even taped off; Kendrick was found shortly after ten in the morning, and police did not investigate the surroundings or begin to look for evidence until after three in the afternoon, even though Georgia law requires that the coroner be called immediately when police discover a body. During the five hour interim, the gymnasium was in use. It would seem that police already somehow "knew" the death was an "accident".

That's exactly how Bill Watson, the Lowndes County coroner, ruled Kendrick's death: as an accident. A second autopsy was done at his parents' request and expense, and that autopsy yielded different findings. Kendrick Johnson actually died of "unexplained, apparent non-accidental blunt force trauma"....CNN, quoting the medical report. Kendrick's parents were also told by the sheriff and the prosecuting attorney that Kendrick was alone in the gym when he died. Yet the surveillance taken on that day shows other students in the gym at the same time. In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, L. Warren Turner, Jr., the attorney for the school, told Anderson Cooper that there were other students present in the gym. The very same attorney had previously joined the Georgia Bureau of Investigations in an unsuccessful effort to convince the community that Kendrick was alone when he died. The information is obviously conflicting, yet the lawyer does not acknowledge the problem. Rather than admit wrongdoing on the part of the school, which owes it's students better and more competent supervision, he leaves Kendrick's parents with the task of paying their own lawyer to challenge him, even though he knows that in protecting the school, he is at cross purposes with student safety, perverting justice, allowing a killer to remain at large, and sending a clear message to any would-be bullies that the school is more concerned with protecting it's public image than protecting any underage crime victims.

Anderson Cooper has as much of the footage from the day Kendrick died as he was able to get from the school. The reader should also note that law enforcement did not even peruse this video before the death was initially ruled accidental. Had Kendrick been white, would this investigation have been handled differently?


The Lowndes County coroner, Bill Watson, made yet another interesting comment. In addition to getting away with covering for a school where homicides go uninvestigated and covering for a police department that has agendas that are more important to the local sheriff than impartial enforcement of the law, Watson wants Anderson Cooper to redact the whole interview between himself and Cooper! Fat chance! Watson may be able to manipulate the journalists and advertisers who produce the local news where he lives, but he does not own Anderson Cooper or CNN!


Abbie Hoffman Moment


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Paul Davis Throws His Hat In The Ring

House Minority Leader Paul Davis, (D) has thrown his hat into the ring to run for governor of Kansas, against Sam Brownback. He is less flamboyant than Brownback, more down to earth, much more concerned about the quality of public schools in Kansas, and does not lead public prayers. He's already looking good, and the "D" for Democrat doesn't hurt, either, although Davis has a reputation for working with both parties. His website is Davis For Kansas.


In Case You Skipped Church On Sunday

Seriously. A kangaroo court trial followed by what must have been, by all accounts, an unjust execution, hardly erases anyone's karma. Just sayin'.

This Child Is Obviously Not A Gyspy


If you have blue eyes and blond hair, yet your so called parents are both Roma, otherwise known as Gypsies, you might not really belong to them. If you have so called brothers and sisters who not only do not resemble you in any way, but also do not resemble each other, they might not actually be related to each other, or related to you. Or; if your birthday falls within a month or two of your brother or sister's birthday, and your "mom" claims to have had five of you during the same calendar month of the same year, your genetic connection to your "family" might be rather shaky. This, apparently, is the sad case for this little girl. She was found in Greece, living in a Roma family, and while the parents claimed that she is theirs, they also claimed numerous other children as theirs, giving multiple and changing stories about how the little girl came to live with them. She has been removed from the Roma community and has been found, by DNA testing, to have no connection to them. Greek authorities have nicknamed her "Maria".

The imposters claiming to be this little girl's parents have been arrested and charged with kidnapping, but in the mean time, no one has gotten the facts and the actual story of little Maria's true identity. Greece has put together posters in several languages and would like everyone to share her picture, in hopes of finding her real family.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Camera Is The Best Weapon

Cameras. Those darn things pop up everywhere, don't they? Yesterday's police used to be able to get away with presenting their side of any story, practically unchallenged, without question. Today, with the advent of inexpensive home security cameras switched on at random times, business surveillance, satellites, digital cameras of all grades and price ranges, and of course, those pesky cell phones, ever in the hands of nosy, trouble-making bystanders, lying with impunity has gotten more complicated! What's a cop to do? Especially when his own surveillance tells a different story than he tells? Even the Google cameras aren't always a policeman's friend!

This Chicago forty-seven year old woman, arrested for DWI when she fell asleep behind the wheel, got picked up and thrown into a cell, as you can plainly see in the video, by a cop about twice her size. He tried to accuse her of "resisting arrest", but the camera tells a different story. Hopefully, he will be "guided" by the same judicial system to choose a different career, as he has shown that he clearly has the potential to cost the taxpayers in Illinois much more than his salary.

That "resisting arrest" line was once a cop's free ticket to violence. In fact, not only cops, but many a person not desirous of just dealings, particularly in small towns, would use the old "she cussed at me", or "he lost his temper and got upset" routine in order to justify not doing the right thing, whatever that may have been, depending on circumstances. Yours truly recently received a bill for monies she did not owe, and upon contesting the bill, was told to "pay it anyways, because that's what everyone else does"! Yours truly had no intention of doing any such thing, and eventually got an attorney involved, but what do you suppose was said by the person to whom she presented the error? You probably guessed correctly: "she got angry and swore at me, poor little ears have never heard such things, and my poor little innards are so offended!" The truth is, I never even raised my voice. I simply stated that the bill was incorrect, and told the person why it was incorrect. Because I was on speakerphone, others in my immediate surroundings heard the conversation and know exactly what I said, which is not what the Northeast Kansas woman at the other end of the phone wanted others to believe I said. She wanted the carte blanche to say I said other things, which I did not say; and to be believed, unquestioned, just because she is a white, Northeast Kansas, Christian thingamajigger who has always gotten her own way, even when grossly attempting to get over on others. Technology has taken away this carte blanche.

Getting those who are accustomed to misrepresenting the truth accustomed, instead, to the reality of cameras and other technology will be an interesting task during the twenty-first century.

Hey Siriunsun! I found the smart phone the cop thought was hidden forever!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Busted! Another Kansas Attorney Bites Dust!

Phill Kline, former Attorney General of Kansas, just lost his license to practice law indefinitely, in Kansas, because of unethical conduct while he represented the state of Kansas during his "reign" as Attorney General. It seems that most of the complaints filed against him involved his obsession with womens' medicine, specifically reproductive rights and obstetric needs, and undue attention given to any clinic that offered therapeutic abortion. The items for which the Kansas Bar Association did not particularly care include, but are not limited to: giving false testimony to a judge, making false statements to the Supreme Court, allowing a member of his staff to take medical records from a clinic to her home for several weeks and stating that the records were being kept in a secure facility! (so much for doctor/patient confidentiality and hipaa) He was also faulted for seeking a subpoena from the Grand Jury without informing them of the actual law in the involved case; in other words, he wanted them to grant him carte blanche in a matter with no regard for the law. Today, in a surprising decision, the Kansas Bar Association has determined that it might not be a good idea for such an attorney to continue to practice law. Who could possibly have seen that coming?

In addition to the above unethical conduct, "the court found Friday that when he was attorney general, Kline committed misconduct by instructing members of his staff to attach sealed documents to a publicly filed document in violation of a Supreme Court order. He also told staff to file a court pleading that contained misleading information."

Whoa! Wait a minute! Back up the truck.............

Is it really unlawful and unethical for a prosecutor to file court pleadings that contain misleading information? Say it ain't so! Has anyone told the prosecutor in Marshall County? Hahaha! But seriously, folks, Kline was found to have committed eleven serious ethical violations since 2003. It's a shame the Kansas Bar Association did not seek disbarment.


Read more here:

Last Esbat Of The Year

Waiting patiently for Ritual

Private Message

My camera shouldn't worry you,
Down here on the ground,
When all the things you say and do,
Are filmed and written down.
The satellites up in the sky
Record your every move;
More powerful than you or I,
With lenses that can prove,
The lies which you and all your friends
A network so inept,
Have come so dearly to depend,
For secrets you thought kept.
Your trust misplaced in rank and file,
No match for lens with sight,
Your social power to beguile,
Is trumped by satellite!
McFish, I'm looking at YOU here! It's long overdue for someone to give you this advice! A potential juror in the jury pool for the trial you lost last month told everyone about your son destroying your personal property while you and Angela Hecke knowingly tried to charge an innocent person with the same. Do you always allow your children to deliberately drive your truck over the lawns and gardens of others?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Listen Up, Midwestern Towns

Small Midwestern towns should really start listening. The morals you push on the children of others do not cut it everywhere. Especially when you consider yourselves more moral than people of other cultures, who do not condone the use of sexuality to define everything from self image to marketability of inanimate objects. Instead of using power to control politics and scare dissidents, small, Midwestern judicial systems should focus on fighting crime.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

In Case You Missed Church On Sunday

If you missed church on Sunday, you can relax. You will still be able to find a date for homecoming. A fundamentalist Christian church in Kansas has you covered!


Saturday, October 12, 2013

We're Off To See The Wizard


♫The wonderful Wizard of Oz♪♪♪
♫Because, because, because, ♪because, ♫becaaaaaaaaaauuuuse♪♪♪♪♪♪
♫Because of the............?

Hmmm. Why is that, Terri Horman? Why are you off to see the Wizard, or Steve Houze, for your divorce and familial problems, when he clearly states on his website that he is, exclusively, a criminal defense attorney? What's up with that?

The judge actually summoned you to show up in person, this time. You surprised a lot of people just by being there! But did you decide to tell the truth? If you just clear up whatever was indicating deception, back in 2010, when you were polygraphed because no one could find your stepson, Kyron Horman, everyone will probably get off your back and leave you alone, and Kaine might even let you have whatever you want in the divorce settlement. Except Kiara; you probably won't get your own way inasmuch as Kiara is concerned.

It's just a thought, Terri. Most of us don't have local prosecutors petitioning family law court for the right to officially horn in and become de facto parties in our divorces! Just click your heels together three times and tell the truth!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Stupid Prosecutor Loses License To Practice Law

Mingo County, West Virginia has a position open for a county prosecutor now that Michael Sparks the law license of Michael Sparks, former Mingo County prosecutor, has been revoked. It seems that Michael Sparks was either acutely aware, or vaguely aware, of the practice employed by a West Virginia judge, the former Judge Thornsbury, of planting evidence and falsely accusing innocent people of crimes, and attempting to initiate prosecution against his victims! It appears that in addition to taking a dim view of false litigation, the Supreme Court in West Virginia takes an equally dim view of looking the other way when elected officials in law enforcement and the court have engaged in corrupt, unlawful behaviors that erode the trust of the general public. What a concept! The Supreme Court also has a problem with prosecutors and judges who try to silence federal witnesses. An element of that also played a role here. In fact, Both Sparks and Thornsbury did something that is often done in Marshall County, Kansas, where a prosecutor named Laura McNish is constitutionally incapable (pun somewhat intended) of winning a jury trial by herself, and intimidates and threatens defendants who hire lawyers, invoke their rights, and insist upon jury trials: they attempted to deprive a defendant of adequate legal counsel in exchange for a lighter sentence. A quote from WOWKTV states this:

"Sparks is accused in a scheme to protect former Sheriff Eugene Crum from revelations he'd bought drugs from a campaign sign-maker.
Prosecutors allege Sparks, a former county commissioner and former Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury offered a lighter sentence if the dealer fired his lawyer and hired one they preferred."

So interfering with a defendant's counsel is also criminally unethical? Who'd have thought?!

On a related note, the Kansas Department of Education is still looking for a way to ensure cooperation of prosecutors in the area of mandatory reporting of all teachers who commit crimes. When teachers who exhibit criminal behavior, such as criminal restraint and kidnapping are prosecuted and reported to the Department of Education AS THE LAW REQUIRES, it is much easier to identify them and deny the renewals of teachers' licenses. Perhaps if Marshall County Kansas had a prosecutor with competence, instead of Laura McNish, court in Marshall County would begin to administer justice and Frankfort High School would be safe enough to get insurance.


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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kansas Allowed Daycare To Kill A Baby

On February 27, five month old Caleb Stewart, of Scranton, Kansas, died at the home of his daycare provider, Tara Johnson. He died, somehow, while sleeping on a dog bed on the floor, but an actual cause of death has not been established by the coroner. Many complaints had already been filed against Tara Johnson with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and Child Protective Services. The complaints ranged from dirty surroundings to lack of supervision of children and Tara's boyfriend (not an employee of the daycare or a licensed childcare provider) caring for the children while Tara shopped and ran other errands. Caleb's mother, Misty Durham, has been met with evasive answers and denials from everyone involved, from those at the home where her son died to Chad Taylor, the District Attorney, to whom the case has been assigned.

This seems to be the practice in Kansas inasmuch as regulating daycares, schools, and other institutions that have contact with children. There's a daycare in Frankfort, Kansas where the spouse of the proprietress cares for the children on a semi-regular basis, although he is not licensed to do so. Their adult children also consume alcohol and other drugs while the children are present. There's another daycare in the same town which allows it's charges to run about, unsupervised, between the pool and the library. Not only are these indiscretions an invitation to liability; they create a tragedy waiting to happen, yet nothing is done. Frankfort High continues to employ a guidance counselor who abandoned a female high school freshman alongside the highway four miles away from the school, all by herself, and when she got lost, he told no one. He looked for her a little bit by himself, but when it was time for him to go home, he went home for the day, not even bothering to tell the student's parents or make a police report. Child Protective Services have actually removed children from the homes of parents who treat their children that way, yet a teacher who does the same thing is allowed to continue. Is this because it is less dangerous for a child to get lost, wandering around four miles away from town, after being abandoned by a school employee, rather than a parent? Or is it because the only action Child Protective Services could take in a situation such as that would be to insure that the school employee is fired, with no removal of the child, and therefore no money to be made via an ongoing case or a questionable adoption pending the termination of parental rights? It seems, also, that the same possibility exists in the case of the daycare: a caucasion  baby who could be taken from his parents and put up for adoption, or sold to the highest bidder after parental rights had been terminated would be a prime target for Child Protective Services, but since most judges will not go along with removals of children from the homes of the parents over bad choices of daycares or schools, Child Protective Services ignores violations and crimes of daycare providers and teachers, focusing instead upon individual parents who make easier targets. Grim.

Sadly, Caleb's case did not get much attention from the media. The most complete information about it seems to be a piece from WIBW, written in May of this year. Caleb's case has gotten even less attention from law enforcement and the District Attorney, and now, almost eight months later, there have been no arrests, and Tara Johnson is still caring for children in her home! Apparently, no one who was in the home at the time of Caleb's death has agreed to a polygraph, and when concerned voters and taxpayers in Northeast Kansas call law enforcement and the District Attorney with questions about this case, both agencies respond by hanging up! What an amazing message to send to voters! The lead investigator in this case is Erin Thompson, who can be reached at 785-368-2242; and the district Attorney, Chad Taylor, can be reached at 785-233-8200.