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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! To friends, readers, and even to trolls! Have a productive and meaningful 2013!


Favorite Troll Of 2012

My favorite troll on 2012....lets see....I have a few from which to choose! Okay, it's narrowed down to two, a runner-up and a winner! The runner-up is Marceline Perrot, of Canada. In addition to harassing me here, she comments frequently on the Oregonian, slamming any and all who wish the parents of missing children from the Northwestern United States well. Her moniker there is "Mazama", and she thinks that the plate numbers of cars are private, and that it should be against the law to post a picture of a car that includes the licence plate. Before complaining about me, she overlooked the number of people who had, undoubtedly, seen the car in question, plates and all, long before a picture of it appeared on this blog. To Marceline Perrot, I have this to say:

My favorite, however; is Sandra Lessman, of Lowell, Oregon. This woman also has an affinity for trolling others on the Oregonian, using multiple online monikers, but goes everywhere she can on the internet, not only trolling, but scamming. Her latest scam endeavor is a Facebook page called Kyron's Kubs, which has taken advantage of the names of others affected by a tragedy without their permission or approval. By all appearances, it seems that Sandra Lessman's true purpose is to hinder Oregon law enforcement in any way she can. Kinda makes me wonder what else goes on at 501 N. Moss St., but I'm sure her probation officer keeps tabs. Happy New Year, Sandi Lessman!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Favorite Quote Of 2012

Here's the quote of 2012 that I think is most worthy of note: "Corporations are people too, my friend!" If Mitt Romney really thought this was true when he said it, he would never have stood a chance if he had to make it in this world on his own, without any financial or other assistance from his family and church. People vote, corporations do not, (thank the Gods he lost the election....would the "votes" of his corporations have been more important to him that the votes of the people?) and corporations can be bought and sold, while people cannot be bought and sold.

In Case You Weren't In Church On Sunday

All the great religious truths you will ever need are right here!

Favorite Commercial Of 2012

What totally weird and crazy stuff we have seen on TV in 2012! When I was young, people were usually too repressed and concerned with maintenance of their facades to say the things on national television that come across the airwaves now! From all of 2012's entertaining and amusing offerings, I'm gonna have to say that Obama's campaign advertisement after the first presidential debate with Romney, calling out Romney on his silly comments about cutting the funding for public television and Big Bird is my favorite commercial of 2012!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kansas Prisoner Escapes While Taking Out The Trash

No joke; a prisoner in Leavenworth, Kansas escaped from custody today while taking out the trash! Raheem Armstead gave corrections officers the slip and is now at large. Of course, we all understand that because of budget cuts, there sometimes isn't anyone on payroll in the building, particularly on weekends, to take out the trash in the local lockup, (where's the eye-rolley when I need it?) but is common sense really in such terribly short supply? Why the hell was a prisoner taking out the trash?

Raheem Armstead, the man who outsmarted Kansas corrections officers.
Update: Raheem Armstead is back in custody now. Authorities will not, however; reveal where Mr. Armstead was found, which makes me wonder if he was ever really missing in the first place! Happy New Year, Kansas!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Petition Concerning Westboro Baptist Church

Lately, it seems that there has been a morbid and rabid fascination for Westboro Baptist Church, that bunch of obnoxious Christians from Topeka, Kansas, who think that God hates minorities, and think that they should drive to funerals of soldiers and famous people and let us all know how the Christian god of antiquity feels about all of us. There is even a petition asking that they be "identitifed", somehow, as an hate group, to which I will link you here. I did not link to the church's official website above, but rather the Wikipedia description of them, as the church already garners enough attention.

It's well and good to sign a petition concerning this matter, as a "feel good" measure, but all of us who have been within earshot of any active member of Westboro Baptist Church are already quite aware that they are hateful. Law enforcement, everywhere the church goes, has them pegged as hateful and unkind as well. England has even taken the unusual step of banning a couple of the church's members from visiting their country. The FBI is also aware of them, and regards them as problematic, not only because of what they do, but because of the potential for adverse reactions of others. Speaking of adverse reactions of others, this is one of the two things that the members of Westboro Baptist Church want the most. They not only desire adverse reactions on the parts of bystanders and nearby property owners; they want to be arrested, assaulted, and harrassed. Their whole game revolves around gaining negative attention and reactions from others, escalating the same into unlawful or combative reactions, then litigating against those who became offended and reacted. They generally do not bother to file suit unless they know, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that they can win in court. This is how they pay the bills at their church, everyone.

The other thing this merry band of attention whoring Christians want is publicity. That's why the funerals of soldiers are used as the church's platform, and also the funerals of others who are well known or famous, or the funerals of people who died in events that have been heavily publicized, such as the school shooting in Connecticut on December 14. The petition counts as publicity, too. The more Westboro Baptist Church interviews, press coverage items, facebook pages, and petitions for or against their silly-assed rhetoric find their way into our reading material, the more infamous Westboro Baptist Church becomes. It's a fact. That's why I did not bother to sign the petition concerning their behaviors. Had the press never picked up on the church's story  and run with it in 1998, most of us probably never would have heard of Westboro Baptist Church. While all of the media coverage cannot be undone, fewer pixels and less ink for this bunch is certainly worth considering.

Shirley Phelps, daughter of the paster of Westboro Baptist Church, and other female family members. Notice how they all look like carbon copies of each other. Inbreeding is a terrible thing.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Publishing The Names And Addresses Of Gun Owners

A newspaper called the Journal News, in New York, has published the names and addresses of many of the Westchester and Rockland County gun owners in their paper. Readers were stunned to see this, and many people do not understand what the Journal News is trying to accomplish. The Second Amendment gives citizens in the United States the right to bear arms, and if a gun owner is on a public list of citizens who have purchased weapons legally, it naturally follows that the gun in question is owned legally. That said, why should anyone care if their neighbors own weapons or not? If the Journal News is trying to embarrass gun owners, they should save their ink. What they've actually done is inform the burglers, violent thugs, and the local Boogeyman about which houses are not armed, and made the occupants in those houses easy victims.

On a related note, there is a petition circulating the internet to garner signatures favoring the deportation of the CNN anchor, Piers Morgan. Piers Morgan will certainly have to do more than fill the air with words in order to be deported, but it might be effective, instead, to boycott the products advertised on CNN while Piers Morgan is voicing his silly and inexperienced opinion.

This is a homemade spud gun.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Idaho Representative Drunk Behind The Wheel

Mormon Republican representative from Idaho, Michael Crapo, apparently got blitzed on Saturday night in Virginia, cruised through a red light, and got pulled over by a police officer. Then he blew a .11, instead of asking for his lawyer. All of this would not really be a big deal, except for the fact that he not only belongs to, but is a "bishop" in a religious movement that preaches that it is a "sin" to consume alcohol. And, of course, there is also what he has said in the past, regarding any use of alcohol: "Crapo has told the Associated Press in past interviews that he abstains from drinking alcohol."......Associated Press

Who the hell IS the guy with glowing eyes, standing behind Crapo? Satan?

In Case You Slept Through Church This Sunday

Don't forget there's a "war" on Christmas!

Terri Horman's Quest For Employment

As everyone can see from the illustration below, Terri Horman's licence to teach has almost expired. As a woman of many aliases and attorneys, I have to wonder: what is she doing for work in order to afford her expensive and confusing lifestyle? To assist a little, I made a new work ID for Terri Horman. Complete with an updated photo!

Where's Kyron, Terri?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Winter Solstice

Here's wishing a happy Winter Solstice to everyone! And a sincere thanks to all for reminding me all year long about the importance of listening to one's instincts and heart, and that faith carries the day. May the Spring be filled with Hope; may the Summer be filled with Happiness, and may Autumn be filled with Fulfillment!

Brightest Blessings, Everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do All Republicans Cry?

"i personally think your article is worthless fecal matter. maybe you should fact check obamas terrible record and how he will bankrupt this country completely. republicans just dont want to give the money they make away to worthless unemployed welfare recipients.maybe you should move to a communist country if you really believe the liberal garbage you just spewed!"

This comment was sent to me, not only on this blog, but in a couple of different places on the internet. Apparently, we have a sore loser on our hands. Obama's record does not bother me. Obama reformed healthcare and dealt with Bin Laden. Obama also didn't let the auto industry disappear, and has refused to sell out to the Koch Brothers. He also stopped campaigning after Hurricane Sandy and did his job, while Romney collected goods that the Red Cross told him they could not transport or use, and threw them away after posing beside them for the camaras. By the way, the people who were affected by Hurricane Sandy are some of the people who will benefit from the money you don't want to give. They are from all walks of life, not just stereotypical "welfare recipients".

Programs for relief for those living in poverty do not take more than five to six percent of taxes paid by everyone, and if you are bellyaching about "food stamps" in particular, that's between three and four percent. Most of the beneficiaries of those programs are children, and I would certainly never vote for a lawmaker who wanted children to quit school and go to work. So the single digit percent you do not want to pay is probably going to stay in place. By and large, the rest of those "unemployed welfare recipients" are pretty much employed, since there are time limits to what they can receive in benefits. As long as they can work, they are required to work. If it's healthcare you are running your sillyassed yap about to me, I think everyone is entitled to medical care, whether they can afford insurance or not. Once again, most of the people whose insurance is bought with your tax dollars and mine are children, so shut up! And when adults become ill and cannot work, they shouldn't be bankrupted or turned away by doctors and hospitals. Other than that, schools, libraries, and city infrastructures are also things that are paid for by Republicans and Democrats alike, and we should be budgeting MORE money for schools, not LESS.

As for "giving away the money you make", my self righteous complainer, there was once a day in my past, when I was at work, assisting my employer in his quest to make money, when the hospital emergency room telephoned me to let me know that my infant son had been taken there by ambulance with a fever of one hundred and six. My employer complained that without me, he could not make as much money, and threatened me with disciplinary action if I left early to care for my son. The truth here is, the money made by that company was made, not only by the company owners, but by all the employees, as well. Thereby, the money made was not only the company's, but mine, as well. My employer attempted to step on me, but I took care of my family anyway. Since he was unable to replace me at the drop of a hat, he was stuck with a mom who loves her children on his payroll. You see, there are too many people in this country, and on this planet, for things to run in as uncomplicated of a fashion as you seem to think they should run. The person who fought in the wars in which your country engaged, but is unemployed now, still made money along with you. The person with a disability is also not "worthless", as you stated. As long as you travel on OUR roads to reach your place of employment and make YOUR money, and as long as you send your children to OUR schools, and use the services of OUR police force, and a myriad of other commonly shared ammenities, you cannot really claim that you are "giving the money you make away". Obama is not bankrupting this country....businesses like Walmart are, if you really think that welfare is the biggest problem. Many of Walmart's employees are not paid a wage that enables them to live without using some of those services you decry. Yet you do want someone to ring up your purchases promptly when you shop at Walmart, don't you? Why is your money more special than that person's money? Why is your time at work more special than that person's time at work?

The "fecal matter" here was written by you......with little to no punctuation and absolutely no fact checks. And you are pathetic enough to withhold your signature or your name. I do not have to move to a Communist country. I am American, and I get to stay here. Obama won the election, you are just going to have to get used to it.

Are You Ready For The End Of The World?

I'm being facetious; I do not believe the world will end today or tommorrow. Rather, I think the Aztecs and Mayans ran out of time to create and correlate symbols for the ideas they had, after observing their own civilizations for years on end, for what they thought might be happening now. To the left is the symbol of a flower, which they used to describe today. Day Xochitle is governed by Xochiquetzal, or flower-feather. It is said to provide beauty and truth to the collective "shadow soul". The flower fades, to eventually become fruit and seed, leading to new life after the old is cast aside. Don't wait to let you loved ones know you love them.

Aztec Version Of The Famous Pre-Columbian Calendar

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Could Santa Claus Be Real?

Could Santa Claus actually be real? I had not seriously considered it until this week, but those of us who really can't stand the rhetoric of Kansas Christian congregation, Westboro Baptist Church, got a gift this year! Actually, two. The first gift is from the hackers who go by the name, Anonymous. They hacked the main website of the church and the twitter account of Shirley Phelps, one of the church's main hate mongers. The second gift was from the Patriot Guard Riders, who showed up to thwart Westboro Baptist Church's efforts to mock those attending funerals of children who lost their lives in the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary. A Big THANKYOU goes out from this blog to the Patriot Guard Riders!

Eat your heart out, Shirley Phelps! Have fun with Anonymous!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Gun Control And Crazy People

There's been a lot of talk about gun control after the school shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary, in Connecticut on Friday. That doesn't surprise, and I suppose it's okay to have a national discussion about gun control, but what about the people who commit crimes with guns? Especially young people who shoot children at school......has anyone looked at the statistics concerning them? The vast majority of offenders in mass shootings in this country over the last twenty years had been diagnosed with severe psychiatric disorders, requiring antipsychotic drugs, BEFORE their shooting rampages. What's wrong with recognizing the problem of psychosis for what it is, and telling people who are diagnosibly unstable that they cannot buy or have access to weapons? And what's wrong with holding parents responsible when they do get weapons? And why have insurance companies and states made such deep cuts into programs that provide mental health care options for vulnerable people within the population? And finally, if someone is a threat or a menace to other people, why can't they be permanantly institutionalized? In Adam Lanza's case, the diagnosis and the warning signs are reported to have been present. His mother made a grave error in allowing him to handle her weapons.

Could Santa Claus Be Real?

Anything is possible, I suppose; but perhaps we should check his birth certificate. Anyone can supposedly get a drivers' liscence!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

In Case You Missed Church On Sunday

Listen to an "Old Fart" talk about the annual holiday whine about the "War On Christmas"! And have a great holiday!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Westboro Baptist Church Says They're Picketing Sandy Hook

Yes, you read that correctly. Shirley Phelps, of Westboro Baptist Church, says she's taking the good Kansas Christians in her church on a field trip to New England, specifically, Connecticut, to picket Sandy Hook Elementary, where the school shooting took place yesterday. Okay, apparently, initiation into certain Christian circles in Kansas requires the expression of lots of ungodly hatred for others. We have all seen that. (disclaimer: Traditional Christians who do not disrespect others or carry signs are not described here; only bigots) But children? Children between the ages of five and ten years old? What could they have possibly done? 

Shirley Phelps, if you really want to be a dingaling, we all know by now that there's no stopping you. You have told almost all of us who are not part of the Phelps gene pool that "God" hates us, and we are going to "Hell". (Hell is actually a Goddess of the underworld, Shirley, you should stop taking her name in vain!) We already know your position on this matter, and you know what? We really don't care. My Ancestors do not hate me, and there are no Gods, at this moment, who appear to have anything against me either. I am quite sure that I speak, also, for the people in Connecticut who directly or indirectly experienced yesterday's violence at Sandy Hook. So if you do proceed with your silly-assed plans and visit New England during the winter, I suggest that you plan on helping, instead. Why not donate some toys or gift cards to shelters and churches who try to give needy families gifts on Christmas? Churches in that area will be overwhelmed after yesterday's shooting. Why not ease the burden, instead? Don't you think Jesus might have handled it that way?

And to the people in Connecticut, I suggest this: leave the crime scene tape up as long as you can. Do not leave the crime scene unguarded, either. Tell Shirley Phelps that while she can picket a funeral, she cannot contaminate a crime scene. Stop publicizing the names of the victims until after the funerals are over. If the Phelps's of Westboro Baptist Church do not know the identities of the deceased, they will have a harder time finding and picketing their funerals. After the families have had the funerals, you can let the media publish their names. The rest of us are very sad about this, and we will not forget any of them.

Geez, Phelpsy! Does God hate Jesus, too?

Can The School Please Keep Track Of It's Visitors Now?

Several months ago, I wrote a letter to the superintendent of my childrens' school concerning the presence of adults, unaccounted for, in the building. Since then, I have been given the cold shoulder, and my children have been encouraged by the school to treat my husband and myself with scorn and disrespect for such things as insisting that they be home by a certain time every evening, that they never consume alcohol, and that we know where they are at all times. After the incident that occured yesterday, in Connectucut, at Sandy Hook Elementary, I decided to repost this letter, because of the relevance.

Here's a letter I wrote to the superintendent of schools in the school district that includes my childrens' school. I have substituted the letter X for proper nouns, as identities of individuals and places are not necessary to the point of my letter.

Dear Mr. XXXX,
I was in the office at XXXX School yesterday, returning two of my children to school after an appointment at the eye doctor. One of the first people I noticed, because he was out of place, was a Mr. HXXXX, (I have forgotton his first name) who lives in town, but no longer has any children who attend this school. Not only did his name NOT appear on the sign-in sheet that you told me would remain in the office for any adult who visits the building but is not on the payroll; I am curious about the need for his volunteer services and his qualifications. My children cannot participate in certain sports, because you have spurned my offers to volunteer based on my popularity scores here in XXXX that have little to do with my character or other qualifications, which probably, by far, exceed the qualifications of other parents who volunteer at your school. Have you checked the criminal record of Mr. HXXXX? His two sons, who are both young adults, still live in his house, and I have personally heard them both discuss the use of illegal drugs. Mr. HXXXX was physically present when his sons were speaking. Apparently, Mr.HXXXX does not take prohibition laws seriously. After hearing those comments, I do not allow my daughter to even visit that home to buy Avon from his wife. I don't want my children in that type of environment. Also, I have seen him allow minors, his sons, when they were still in high school, to drink beer in his home. This is not the person I find appropriate to volunteer in the school, and share his "influence" with my children, thankyou very much. Also, since this is such a small town, and since at least one of Mr. HXXXX's children has experienced "run-ins" with the law in the past, in connection to violations of prohibition laws and alcohol, I will contend that your principal, Mr. DXXXX, was aware of this, yet welcomed him into the building anyway.
Since the rules apply stringently to yours truly, to the extent of her own children not being able to participate in sports because the adult/child ratio is unsafe in your school during these activities, and that does not bother you; I am curious to know why Mr. HXXXX, who violates the law in connection to children and alcohol in ways I would never even consider, is welcomed with open arms into your building. Would you please explain the bias to me? Also, why is he not required to sign in, as I do, whenever I enter your building? Why does his wife use your school as a venue for her Avon business? I sold Avon on the East Coast, and would never have considered a school building an appropriate place to dispense product and collect revenue for same. This takes the attention of teachers and other staff away from children and creates an atmosphere of business other than education. It is not safe for the students. Please make it stop.
I have one more question for you. Is this IP number, XXXX, in any way associated with computers in your school buildings? If so, you have at least one teacher who harrasses others for political reasons. My children and I should NOT KNOW where anyone on your staff stands on issues such as abortion, yet we do, and we should certainly not know for whom any of your teachers intends to vote! Please ask them to all be less obvious about their political stances.


............In all fairness, I should convey that the superintendent did respond to my letter, the same day he got it. He told me that the sign-in sheet in the office would be in use from now on, whether the local Kansas folk wished for that or not. He also told me that the Avon Lady would no longer be making stops at the school, as this is against policy for several reasons. I should add that the Avon Lady also never bothers to sign in at my childrens' school, and moves freely through the building as if she worked there or had children there. Neither apply to her.

The superintendent was not able to explain the inherent nastiness and unjust prejudism expressed by these people toward myself and other members of my family. He was not able to explain the constant pressure to vote for a presidential candidate who is not of my choosing. He was also not able to tell me why my children and I even know for whom most of these teachers intend to vote. He and I both agreed that if a child ever disappears from this particular school or is otherwise harmed there, the FBI will be VERY interested in the number of unofficially present adults in the school from day to day, and in their identities, activities, and criminal records. That said, it seems to me that persons who have unlawful recreational drugs in their homes from time to time, and persons who allow minors to drink alcoholic beverages in their homes, should take heed.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Keeping Sol In Winter Solstice

Blessed Be, Everyone!

What Were You Thinking, Terri Horman?

Below is a picture, that someone shared with me on Facebook, of Terri Horman during the first public pleadings for the return of her missing stepson, Kyron Horman. Kyron disappeared on June 4, 2010, from his school in Portland, Oregon. His stepmother, Terri Horman, was the last person to see him before this happened. She is also the only person directly involved in Kyron's life to fail a polygraph, refuse to cooperate with law enforcement concerning this case, or hire a defense attorney. The person who shared this picture noticed, back in 2010, that Terri Horman rolled her eyes a lot when Kyron's natural parents spoke, and that Terri conducted herself, in general, as if she had nothing but scorn and contempt for the rest of Kyron's family, which prompted her to take a second and third look at Terri's face during this video, and to grab a still shot at exactly the right moment. Terri is rolling her eyes. Definately not the look of anxiety and concern that one might expect from a family member of a missing child. I do not blame the police a bit for investigating Terri. Carol and Larry, I hope you see this. If you haven't already, you need to look long and hard at your daughter's face.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Could Santa Possibly Be Real?

Mitt Romney Actually Won Something This Year!

This should cheer up Mitt Romney and his gang of polygamous Mormons.....he won something this year! Of course, it was not the White House, or the second or third presidential debates.....but it was something! According to Yahoo News, Mitt won the Liar Of The Year award for his TV commercial stating that Barack Obama sold Chrysler to Italians who made Jeeps in China!  As this was known to be a serious whopper, yet ran rather consistantly during the last two or three weeks of the race, it has been speculated that it helped Mitt lose the election. That may be true.....Mitt Romney seems like the kind of guy who is used to doing or saying anything he pleases, and he probably thought a boldfaced lie was okay, as long as he was the one telling it. How would he have ever coped with people who refuse to pretend they are too stupid to check facts, just for him?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar died yesterday at age ninety-two. He was an Indian musician who played the sitar, and he influenced quite a few modern musicians, such as George Harrison, with traditional Indian music.

Kristina Richey Found Safe

Kristina Richey, who apparently ran away from home in Sabetha, Kansas, last week, was found safe in Oregon this morning with a truck driver named Shane Snodgrass. According Missing Persons News, Snodgrass is in custody. That's him, on the left. Don't let your daughters date ugly!

Keep Sol In Winter Solstice

To those who preach "keep Christ in Christmas", I say this: keep Sol in Winter Solstice!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Kristina Richey Missing From Kansas

Kristina Richey, of Sabetha, Kansas, was last seen on Friday. She told her friends something about getting a ride to Oregon with a truck driver, and her car was found abandoned in Nebraska City, Nebraska. The truck driver has been identified as forty-three year old Shane Snodgrass, but the police have yet to touch bases with him. Kristina's picture is below.


Two Little Boys Try To Carjack In Oregon

 In Portland, Oregon, two little boys, seven years old and eleven years old, pulled a gun on a woman in a church parking lot and threatened her, demanding her truck. Luckily, they didn't shoot her when she failed to take them seriously and refused. My first thought was, "where were the parents?', but ya really takes a village to raise a child, and all of our children have been surrounded for years by advertising, glorified and fake notions of sexual attraction, entertainment that makes violence look like fun, and employers who limit the amount of time a parent can spend with a child. Seven and eleven are too young to demonize as criminals. Something about all of us has got to change.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Could Santa Be Real?

Maybe Santa actually IS real! I never looked at it from the perspective of this illustration before!


Karma, Conflict, And Judge Wade McCree

Can you say "conflict of interest"? Or "karma"? Or just "McCreep"? Judge Wade McCree, in Detroit, heard a child support case, after which he threw the defendant in jail, only to boff the plaintiff and eventually have an ongoing affair with her. But then.......she got pregnant! At which time, the affair became a lot less fun. So now, she is suing him for child support. And her other ex is suing him over the conflict of interest. And Detroit is thinking that there may be judges with better judgement out there who can take the honorable Wade McCree's place on the bench. And any divorce proceedings, as his honor is married, will also require equitable division of property. What will happen to Judge McCree if he can't pay his child support?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fits Written For A Facebook Friend

Someone on Facebook, who would very much like to see Lisa Irwin found, began writing a song, just for Debbie Bradley, Lisa's uncooperative mother. It seemed that either Debbie, or her enablers, cried the blues to Facebook about it until it was removed. So I tweaked it a bit for her, and decided to put it on my blog. Hopefully, one day soon, Debbie Bradley will sit down with law enforcement and give them a factual account of everything that happened in her house on October 3, 2011.

I wrote this in fits, after the manner of Lewis Carroll; only I stopped at four fits, rather than eight!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nazi War Criminal Anton Geiser Wants To Stay

Anton Geiser has been in this country since 1956. He came from Austria. Somehow, under false pretenses, he managed to slip through the cracks, immigrating to this country, and becoming naturalized as a citizen in 1962. What he stated as his occupation prior to lurking in this country is unclear, but it was later revealed that his former employer was the Nazi Party! Since he hid this fact from authorities when he came here, and since he faces prosecution as a war criminal in Austria, his dishonestly obtained citizenship was revoked in 2004. In 2010, he was ordered to leave, and go back to Austria, but he lingered on, instead; appealing America's decision to say "no" to Nazi's. He's still here, crying the blues because he joined the Nazi Party at seventeen years old. He thinks he deserves some sort of a "second chance".

America does not allow the average foreign national to simply immigrate to the country and become a naturalized citizen. There are so many more deserving people, especially people who are not war criminals. As for being seventeen when he committed his crimes against humanity, there are children as young as twelve who have been tried as adults for crimes. Why is Geiser special? I say ship him back to Austria tommorrow.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vehicle In Failed Lenexa Kidnapping Possibly Identified

This vehicle may be the vehicle that was involved an a failed kidnapping a few days ago, in Lenexa, Kansas. The intended victim, an eleven year old boy, got away, instead, and ran into a liquor store, where the police were called. After checking traffic surveillance, it was determined that the pictured white car was in the area at the time of the incident. If anyone knows who this is, the TIPS hotline is 816-444-TIPS. The police are looking for the owner of this vehicle.


Sad Update For Elizabeth Collins And Lyric Cook

On July 13, the two young girls of this post, Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook, disappeared from Lake Meyer in Blackhawk County, Iowa. Today, it appears that a hunter has found them.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Should Terri Horman Be Afraid Of Photography?

Lots of people who have been following Kyron Horman's Missing perons case since June 4, 2010, when he disappeared from his school in Portland, Oregon are wondering about the nine month delay (originally reported to be a two year delay) of the lawsuit filed by Kyron's mother against Terri Horman, Kyron's stepmother, and especially wondering what the judge meant by "protecting witnesses". From reading comments in various places about this, it appears that there is an opinion floating around that the district attorney of Multnomah County is trying to keep this information out of Terri Horman's hands. While that may, in fact, be the case, Terri Horman very likely knows the exact identity of each and every actual witness in this involves accidental surveillance or accidental photography!

A streetsign up the street from Carol and Larry Moulton's house, where Terri Horman currently resides. What secrets may have been shared there, Terri, and by whom? Hmmm?