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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Terri Horman Must Not Want To See Her Daughter

Terri Horman, I have to tell you, there are people out there who have done terrible things, and been convicted of them in court, yet still have access to their children. If what you said when your stepson, Kyron, first disappeared was true, specifically that you had nothing to do with his disappearance; then you should be fighting tooth and nail for custodial time with your daughter. But only if you love her.

You know, Terri, if you really attempted to get a hit out on Kiara's father, the court should eventually begin to treat it as if it were just another domestic violence thingie. Not that I would agree with that, but I am just sayin'..........that's how it usually goes. How do I know? Experience. I divorced my ex-husband over some similar issues. Only I was the victim. He was found guilty, he spent time in jail, he had to pay fines and was even on probation for awhile, but never lost his parental rights. In fact, most domestic violence thugs don't lose parental rights. And you were never even arrested for whatever it is that you did or didn't do to Kaine, so I don't understand why you're not flipping out over the fact that you haven't seen your daughter in over a year. On one hand, it could sound like Kaine is being manipulative, and an all-around, big meanie, but what about you? Life does not always carefully hand you everything to which you are entitled on a silver platter; sometimes, you have to fight for the things that are important to you. Why aren't you fighting for time with Kiara? Something else I know from experience: when one is a kid whose parent does not have custody, and that parent does not lift a finger to spend any time at all with one, one tends to take that personally. Don't expect Kiara to forgive you automatically.

In the other scenario that everyone seems to be considering, that you may very well be guilty of harming Kyron, I guess you will just carry on with what you are doing. You can yell and scream that I don't understand, wasn't there, ect., but every, single time I've heard that rant, it's been from someone who is guilty. And've made comments like that, about this very subject, on the internet. Several publications from your very own state of Oregon traced the comments back to you. I have a picture here, especially for you, Terri.

If the courts thought you were innocent, the restraining order never would have been re-upped. There are people who have been beaten within inches of their lives by abusive spouses and have not been able to get restraining orders that last any longer than a week. You must be doing something to convince a judge that Kaine is in danger.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tutorial For Missouri Police

After my nephew's arrest in Missouri yesterday, already discussed on this blog, for NON-POSSESION of marijuana, or any other illegal substances, I thought it might be helpful to all of the Barney Fife's in Missouri to study this tutorial concerning marijuana and common spices, that one might find in spaghetti or pizza sauce.  Law Enforcement in Harrison County, pay special attention.

Oregano looks like this:

Basil looks like this:
 And sometimes like this:

and it never, ever contains LSD, as you told my nephew. Also, oregano and basil will always test negative for THC. The fact that you guys were stupid enough to make those accusations last night is amazing. I am sorry that you are on the taxpayors' payroll, because you are a waste of money.

Now; marijuana looks like this:

 It also does not smell like pizza, spaghetti, ravioli, or tomato soup. The spices for which you apprehended my nephew were fresh and whole, and the above pics are the actual plants from which I picked the leaves. You should have been smart enough to discern the difference. Do you know where I got the cuttings from in order to grow them? Walmart, Home Depo, and my childrens' school. No joke. If my nephew decides to hold you accountable for last night's false arrest, false inprisonment, and illegal search and seizure, testifying and providing actual samples for any court proceedings will not be a problem for me.

Would you like some recipes for spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and beef stew?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And The Barney Fife Award Goes To..................................

I was going to award this month's Barney Fife award to the police in Linn County, Kansas, for making a drug bust with no actual arrests, but a last minute contender threw it's hat in the ring.

My nephew, James, from Minnesota, visited us in Kansas for a couple of days. Yesterday, he left, at around 2:30 in the afternoon. Before he left, I put some fresh oregano and basil from my garden and some dried oregano in a paper bag for him to take to his mother, my sister-in-law. I have several gardens, and I usually trade herbs and produce with friends and neighbors. I also bake pies and cookies, and I am known for the best potato skins in town. I also make the best meatloaf in this part of Kansas.

While driving through Harrison, Missouri, my nephew got pulled over for speeding. James thought it was only going to be a matter of signing the ticket and leaving, which it should have been. But no! The police wanted to search James's car. James said "no", which is the only appropriate answer to give any government official wanting access to one's home, car, or person without a warrent signed by a judge. Then, the Missouri police decided that James's refusal to allow illegal search and seizure was probable cause.......for something......but nothing specific, you understand.  The handcuffed him, mirandaized him, and put him in the back of the paddy wagon, and made him wait for drug dogs! And when the drug dogs got there, one of them pulled the bag of oregano and basil out of the car in it's mouth! The police insisted that it was.........drum roll.........guess, people, guess..........marijuana! Poor James tried to tell them what it was, but they moved on to searching his trunk, removing his removing parts of his engine, going through his cell phone data, and demanding to know where he got these "drugs"!

Just a word about oregano and basil; they both have very distinctive smells, and both will remind one of pizza or spaghetti.

When James stuck to his story about his aunt giving him oregano and basil to take back to his mother in Minnesota, they "field tested" the basil, which, they told James, was positve for LSD. (where the HELL is the eye-rolley when I need it?) The oregano was too, but to a lesser degree. When they got back to the station, James was still sticking with the basil and oregano story, because honesty really IS the best policy, even when the cops are pricks, and they confiscated the oregano and basil I tried to send to my sister-in-law and cut him loose. If they had really found LSD in the basil, would they have turned him loose? Is there really a field test for LSD on basil leaves? I doubt it. But if they find anything at all illegal about my basil, which I started from cuttings I bought at Walmart, btw, they're gonna descend on James in Minnesota. They told him so. They also kept the oregano and basil as evidence. And one cop still believes the oregano is actually pot.

So.........I'm kinda leaning toward the Harrison County, Missouri cops as the winners of this month's Barney Fife Award. They worked hard for it. The good people of Missouri can rest easy, knowing that no delicious spices will cross their borders unapprehended.

Hey! Missouri Police! Get your heads out of your asses!

Police In Kansas Confiscate $100,000 Of Pot But NO Arrests!!

How Funny! In this article, we are told that the police in Kansas actually raided and confiscated over one hundred thousand dollars worth of marijuana on several sites in Linn County, Kansas, but arrested no one! Speculating that the growth of all this marijauna must be the "work of Mexican nationals", not the work of Mexican Americans, or other kinds of Americans, not the work of Mother Nature, or even the work of Satan, but the "work of Mexican nationals", they installed camaras, in hopes that those growing this crop might come back for photographs! This is almost as funny as the character of Barney Fife on Andy Griffith, for those of you who are old enough to remember black and white TV. There may even be a few people out there who are old enough to remember the days when marijuana was not illegal, and this would not have been considered a newsworthy story.

"Prohibition laws", as we call them, were not fashionable in this country until alcohol prohibition was passed. Lots of well-meaning teachers and historians will tell kiddies in school that temperance activists, like Carrie Nations, got that law passed, but I don't think so. I think the Mafia had more to do with passing prohibition, since they are the ones who benefitted from it and got rich because of it. And after alcohol prohibtion was finally repealed, citing the many, many problems it caused this nation, the Mafia, and possibly other organized crime groups influenced our elected leaders to outlaw marijuana. Think, for a minute, about all the money drug cartels would NOT make if marijuana were legal. Also, inasmuch as references to Mexicans are concerned, back in 1937, when marijuana was federally outlawed, lots of congressmen and senators, after they voted on it, made very prejudiced comments about Mexicans. Just do a google search on the subject if you don't believe me.

I have been clean and sober for a long time, and have no more need for pot than I have for tequila, but I do not need to tell anyone else not to drink in order to keep tequila out of my diet. I feel the same way about pot. We have a child, Adam Herrman, who has been missing in Kansas for over ten years, and efforts to find him have all but ceased. I have not seen any renewed efforts by the police to find him in over a year......but we have plenty of police resources to put up camaras at suspected pot farms and try to get pics, and then when we don't get any pics, there is still plenty of time for the cops to confiscate all the pot! Where's the eye-rolley when I need it? Or perhaps I need a middle finger emoticon for this.................

Kansas! Get a clue! First of all, as a parent, I resent the false teaching in schools about why drugs are against the law. If the government really cared about anyone, Adam Herrman would never have been adopted by abusers and have gone missing. We have prohibition laws because our representatives are in the back pockets of folks who run drug cartels. Lets go ahead and tell the truth about it to our children. It's what I tell mine. Next; we need police to find missing children, arrest domestic violence thugs, respond to auto accidents, apprehend theives, and make angry fistfighters cease and desist. Why should tax payors have to pay for the police to harvest and destroy a field of pot?

And Kansas cops, this is for you, although you've probably already inhaled:

Message To Terri Moulton Horman

I was actually going to video this message to our favorite de facto kidnapping suspect, but it didn't work out. Oh well, there will be other messages to the same person I can record in the future, I'm sure. In the meantime, this is what I was going to tell you, Terri, are you paying attention? I've been following your stepson, Kyron's, missing persons case for quite some time now. I have also been hoping earnestly, praying, and devoting many a ritual, for his safe return. Which brings me to my first question for you: while I do not expect you to devote rituals, I had hoped to see you ask, search, or pray for Kyron. Your facebook info did, after all, state that you are Christian. Or does the Christian diety only care for "certain" people, and Kyron, inasmuch as you are concerned, may not be one of them? That's actually one of the reasons I find your claimed but possibly not embraced religion so noxious, Terri; you guys all preach that "God is Love", but back down to Earth, he only cares about certain people, and quite a few innocents, along with not-so-innocent-but-still-lovable yours truly never seem to be among those he cares about. That's okay, because I already know who I am, and I already know where I stand with my Ancestors. What role did you play in either separating Kyron from HIS ancestors, or attempting to keep him that way? Did you know that Kyron has many Ancestors, and that since he is only eight, he could not have possibly done anything, in this lifetime, to harm their balence in this universe? You should start thinking about them. Also, you have many Ancestors, and any role you played in this mess has impeded their progress and evolution. That does not sound like a very cool position to maintain. But now, here is a more worldly question for you: you lived with Kyron Horman for at least four years.........aren't you the slightest bit interested in his safe return?

My next point has to do with vigils. I am aware of the activity in Roseburg, and was aware of it before the media grabbed the story. I have also seen that this activity occasionally gets a bit meanspirited and has been decidedly ineffective in bringing Kyron home. You know, even though you are in the midst of a divorce, if the general public had seen concern for Kyron on YOUR part, the Roseburg vigils could have been led by YOU. Not only would you look less like a suspect, or an accomplice of a suspect, but life would be much easier for your parents while you stay with them. You might even have had an easier time looking for bona-fide employment, and have learned a couple of new skills involving the organization of community events to cite in your resume. For an innocent former step parent, this would have been an opportunity, not only to find a missing little boy, but to better yourself. But then, knowing as much as you know about Kyron's disappearance, leading a vigil would be awkward, wouldn't it?

My last point is about how you came into Kyron's life in the first place. Adultery may be a glamerous, avant garde way for trashy people to express worthless affection, (and Kaine is paying the price, too, make no mistake) but when you enage in it, you become a part of the Karma of a relationship which otherwise has nothing to do with you. I guess you know that by now.

Kyron Horman, in a natural pose, not grinning or hamming it up for the camara.

Grrrr............I guess this ain't gonna be over 'till the fat lady sings.............

Monday, June 27, 2011

Michelle Obama's Dating Advice To Her Daughters

Go on the link and watch the video. The more I listen to this lady, the more I like what she has to say. I also find myself encouraged to find that I am not alone in my quest to teach my daughters to find love, value independence, become educated, and to make quality decisions in life. Also, Michelle Obama has done all of those things. I love the example she sets.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Update On Shaun Bosse

Update: they caught Shaun Bosse's sorry ass. He was hiding in some tall weeds beside a pond near where he grew up. He dumped the police car he stole in Blanchard, and a witness, who was LISTENED TO by police was able to tell police which way he took off. They flew a helicopter to the spot and found him. Of course, they are running an investigation concerning how, on earth, an inmate could overpower not one, but two deputies. Maybe weight training, boxing, and yoga will become part of a maintenance program for cops in Oklahoma, who knows?

More Totally Crazy, Very Bad News

A man in Oklahoma, named Shaun Bosse just stole a police car. He was in the process of escaping from jail, and had just overpowered two deputies, when he saw an opportunity to grab the cop car and go. So off he went. It may sound amusing, but this man was in jail for stabbing a woman whom he had been dating for about two weeks, and her eight year old son to death, then setting their trailer on fire and killing the woman's six year old daughter, as well. Here's the story.

Ok; call me old fashioned if you will, but as many elements of this story that simply seem completely wrong, this is the one that bothers me the most: "According to court documents, Bosse told investigators that he and Griffin had been dating for about two weeks, KOCO said."

Why do single, divorced, and widowed women immediately re-enter the dating circuit and allow men they don't know, or don't know very well, access to their children?

 Don't tell me that I do not know what it's like to bring up children alone, because I do. I divorced my childrens' father when my children were four, two, and eight months old. Even though my ex was found guilty of domestic violence in criminal court, the family law court judge in West Virginia denied my children child support, in part because I testified against my husband when supenoed by the criminal court system to do so, and in part, because my four year old answered the policeman's questions when my ex was arrested. She thought my four year old, now named the valedictorian of her class, btw, was a bad kid, and was disinclined to entitle her to any of her father's support. And this judge actually had the audacity to tell me this to my I think I may know something about doing without the supports that are usually in place for folks who parent alone. Since it was seven years before I got married again, carefully dating only a couple of people, who did not meet my children until I had known them for at least a year or more, I think I also know a thing or two about bringing up children by myself. I had my share of financial woes, but I also bought a car and a house, while standing on my own two feet. I can honestly say that I did not need a man! I only added one to my life when I found that I had a friend who would never let me down and a partner who loves me. He is also fond of gardening, which is something I LOVE to do. I have known him for many years, and I did not immediately bring him into my childrens' lives, even after I realized that I am in love with him.

So what IS it with these single women who bring men they have just met a couple of weeks ago home to their children???? Has common sense gone out of style, along with written thankyou letters and table manners? I have a step mother who keeps telling me that I am too much of a prude, and that I am too strict with my children, and........this is precious, she keeps telling me that "everyone in Europe is more permissive about dating", and going by that criteria, she predicted that I would never find a partner who loved me. But you know what? Had I been so busy falling for every guy who made a pass at me while I was busy being the only parent my children had, I never would have formed a true partnership with my wonderful husband. Haha....not even if we both lived in Europe, where "everyone does it"!

Mr. Shaun Bosse is still on the run, so here is his picture.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Question For Kansas About Missing Persons

Earlier this month, a car was dredged up from Lake Shawnee, in Topeka, Kansas. The car had a 1984 Wisconsin sticker on the liscence plate, which had otherwise rusted and deteriorated. It turned out to be a 1976 Olsdmobile. There also turned out to be some human remains in it.

After a certain amount of deliberation, it was determined that the car had, indeed, last been registered  in Wisconsin in 1984. The owner turned out to be an 84 year old man, named Leonard Jordan, also the owner of the remains. And, a missing persons' report had been filed for him in September of 1984, when he originally went missing. Not only in his home state, but in Topeka, where Mr. Jordan had family. So......Kansas should have been able to detemine immediately, upon finding the remains, who it was. The only problem is that in 1986, something quite anomolous with reality happened in Kansas. (imagine that!) Based on "information", his info was deleted from missing persons reports, and Kansas is saying that Mr. Jordan's sister told them he had been found. Well.......unless she went diving, there is no possible way!

This is all Topeka is telling us about it:
"According to Blume, Jordan spent much of his time going back and forth from Wisconsin to Topeka, where his family lived. His sister reported him missing. "We were able to locate a missing person report filed with the Topeka Police Department in 1984 for Mr. Jordan. But, although, in 1986, based on information Mr. Jordan was taken out of the system for missing persons." His sister had indicated to TPD her brother was alive and well so the missing person report was rescinded."

This brings me to my question for Kansas: when a person is reported missing, at what point IS the person taken out of "the system"? Does Kansas need proof that the person is found? Or can anyone claiming a connection to the person simply call and say that the person is "alive and well"? Is there a need to verify this information with either a positive ID, if deceased, or an actual conversation accompanied by any identification available if the person is living? Kansas needs to ponder this question and find an answer.

After reading everything I have read about the case of Adam Herrman, the little boy who went missing in 1999 from Towanda but was not reported as missing until 2008, as per this story, and a missing person who had been reported properly yet still not looked for, as in Leonard Jordan's case, it is starting to look as if there is a grave problem in the way Kansas handles missing persons cases.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coming To A Clearance Rack Near You

Maybe my reaction to these Tshirts AND to Boston mayor, Thomas Menino's comments about them is yet another indicator that I am getting old. Nike has a store in Boston, and in the window of that store, are some Tshirts with messages like "Get High", and other pro recreational drug slogans. Oh well........I've been there, done that...not going back, at least not today. And those are not messages I would wear on my clothing, either. But at the same time, America has the First Amendment, which grants anyone the right to wear a Tshirt with the words, "Get High" on it just as much as it grants anyone the right to wear a baseball cap with the words, "Pabst Blue Ribbon" on it. If alcohol is a drug, as per the most current, politically correct psycho-babble, I can only conclude that they both send the same message. How this helps Nike in it's original quest to sell ATHLETIC shoes and gear, only the shadow knows......but they do not have to take the Tshirts out of the window unless they want to.

Here is Nike's response to the whole thing:
In a statement to CNN, Nike said: "These t-shirts are part of an action sports campaign, featuring marquee athletes using commonly used and accepted expressions for performance at the highest level of their sport, be it surfing, skateboarding or BMX. Nike does not condone the use of banned or illegal substances."

Now;  if my healthy, growing, and appropriately rebellious and authority-questioning kids lived in Boston, they would probably, at their earliest convience, make a trip over to the Nike store to buy these goofy Tshirts, after hearing their mayor whine about them. Knowing that an authority figure hates something makes it all the more attractive to young people, so Mayor Menino probably saved these Tshirts from an early trip to the clearance rack. Maybe he owns stock in Nike, who knows? But seriously......the messages on these shirts are just the product of an artistic dry spell somewhere in Nike's idea box, and are also kind of ugly. They were destined for the clearance rack, anyway. Why flip out over them, and create a counter reaction?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

School Uniforms In Kansas?

I read a commentary written by Ric Anderson for cjonline about dress code and schools this morning. In it, he ponders, because of gang identities conveyed by fashion choices, if it is time for Kansas to consider uniforms. He also states that anyone who does not think that Topeka has problems with gangs probably still believes in the Tooth Fairy. I should just ignore that, but instead, I am going to state that Topeka, and the rest of Kansas, really don't have problems with gangs, unless one considers the Methodist Church a gang.

For other reasons than gangs, the article seemed to kick up a lot of defensive sounding comments from readers who would not want uniforms as a dress code in their childrens' schools. I remember resisting such things as a kid, but I don't think uniforms really hurt me, or my siblings. In fact, one year, when Dad was in the hospital, toward the end of his life, and my sister needed a uniform to start school, no one had gotton a chance to shop with her, and about a week before the first day of school, all the local stores were out of uniforms and white blouses that went with uniforms in my sister's size. My stepmother begged me to pull out my sewing machine and make her a jumper. I did, thinking it would look horrible, but to my surprise, it looked great, and she was the "belle of the ball" on the first day of school! I don't think any of us missed the teasing and "fashion bullying" that often goes on in schools, either. But people who have never worn uniforms for any reason seem to think that all individaul identity fades away when kids attend schools that have dress codes and uniforms.

No uniform can really rob a person of personal identity, any more than a party dress can give a spoiled brat a personality. What clothing can do is establish professionalism. I take myself seriously, therefore I dress as if I want you to take me seriously, too, when I am at work. Apparel can also convey respect; if I am going to be in your office for some reason, I will dress like I take you and your work seriously, not as if I am on a picnic. Hopefully, you will pick up on the cue and treat me with respect, as well. But a polieman's unform, a soldier's uniform, or a judge's robes do not make any of them alike. Students will not necessarily be turned into conformists, either, if they have dress codes, and (gasp) even other rules...................

People also bellyache about the cost of school uniforms, but how many of you have been shopping for teenage girls lately? I have two teenage girls and one ten year old girl, so I think I am a pretty good authority on the subject of the prices of fashion for school aged girls. I also know that uniforms would be a lot less expensive. a Kansas parent, I would not mind if schools had stricter dress codes or uniforms. It would not bother me in the slightest if my children were forced to express their individuality by getting the best grades, or creating the best art, producing the best music, or starting up the most needed volunteer efforts while in school, instead of insisting on the latest fashions, which, in my opinion, is just another boring form of lazy conformity.

Oh; here's Ric Anderson's article.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Reggie Brown 'Obama impersonation' at RLC

Reggie Brown impersonating Barack Obama, everyone! No; I am not of republican persuasion, most of the time; but this is too funny!

Happy Fathers Day, Dad

Happy Fathers Day, Dad. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have missed you, over the years. You were a brilliant and interesting man, in your brief lifetime as my Dad, and you taught me so much! One pleasure that I truly feel cheated of is the ability to introduce you to your beautiful and very smart grandchildren, and eagerly show you pictures of them. I also think of you with every trophy, every graduation, every milestone, and every acheivement. You still had so much to offer when you died; it really wasn't fair.

Thankyou for believing in me, Dad. Thankyou for teaching me everything you taught me. Thankyou, especially, for teaching me not to judge myself by what other people think. I hope every day that you are proud of me.

Here's my Dad, with his Dad, a long time ago.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Newsflash Adam Herrman Update

Well. Court on June 21 of this year for the Herrmans, those wonderful, Christian adoptive parents approved by Kansas Social Rehabilitative Services, has been called off. Doug and Valerie Herrman went ahead and copped a guilty plea. They will pay restitution of $15,000, after stealing over $50,000 of Adam's money, and pay a $2,500 fine. Wow. Theft and embezzlement must be legal in Kansas. They didn't even have to discuss the last time they saw Adam or try to help locate him as part of the deal. I realize that this is how "things have been done for years and years" in Kansas, and that this little boy did not really matter to anyone in the community, (he matters to me, though........I will be up front with everyone about that!) but doesn't he still have rights? Such as the right to be looked for when missing? Or the right to his parents or adult siblings when the state's crappy foster care arrangements don't work out? Oh....I keep one knows better than the state...........where's the eye rolley when I need it??

Here is the information about today's plea from Doug and Valerie. The sentencing is on August 1. I may still go to that, since Adam's story moves me, and I feel that Adam deserves to have a mother sitting in court just for him, even if it is not his own mother. I am hoping that his own mother will be there for him, too, along with the rest of his natural family. I also want to make one more thing clear with my presence: it is NOT acceptable for Kansas to just allow foster and adopted children to endure abuse after abuse in these good Christian, approved homes and families. And it is NOT acceptable for foster and adopted children to go missing or turn up murdered at the hands of these so-called "parents", I don't care how long Kansas has "done things that way" or how cultural it is here! I intend to write a letter to the Butler County, Kansas State's Attorney, as well, to inform them of my dissatisfaction with the way this case has been handled. At that time, I will also share it with you, on this blog.

Here is a picture of young Adam Herrman, and an age enhanced picture.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thanks To Leonard Pope

This is awesome! A little boy, named Bryson Moore, accidently got into the deep end of a pool, and almost didn't make it out alive, but Leonard Pope happened to be there, and jumped in and saved him. Hopefully, swimming lessons are in his future..............

Here is Bryson with his mom. I love stories with happy endings.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Something I Really Like About Michelle Obama

I came across this today,it's Michelle Obama in a 29.00 dollar Gap dress. Not only does she look great, but she does not spend thousands of dollars on one outfit during economic hard times, like Nancy Reagan, and a couple of other first ladies have. Even England's new princess could stand to take some lessons from Michelle Obama. Our first lady really sets an example.

The same dress is still on sale at Gap. Still 29.00.................affordable to most of the Obama's constituents.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update, Eaven Is Found

Thank the Gods! Eaven Reisen was found safe! Apparently, she rode her bike to a friend's house, played all day there, ate dinner with the family, and spent the night! Only no one phoned home to let Mom and Dad know...........................I wish every missing kid case could end this happily.

While it wasn't the most attentive thing a parent could do, no parent is perfect, and Kansas parents all over the state are just as permissive with their children as Eaven's parents were yesterday. You can argue with me all you want........I have gone to the trouble of collecting data. Now; social services has taken the  unusual and perhaps overly punitive step of removing Eaven from her parents' home over this! I cannot help but wonder if this is overkill. Is this what foster care is truly for? Do Eaven's parents need an attorney now? How often do children go missing from foster care? (ahem......remember Adam Herrman?)
When almost all parents and foster parents in Kansas parent this way, just what is the state hoping to accomplish by removing this child from her home? Can the government parent better than parents can can parent?

I sincerely hope that Kansas has done a better job of vetting Eaven's new foster parents than they did with Adam Herrman's foster/adoptive parents.

Eaven Is Still Missing

Eaven Reisen has not been found yet; I was hoping to check the news and discover otherwise this morning. More information has been shared, however. Her name is pronounced "Evan", and she is about four feet tall. There is also a color picture of her, which I will run in this post.

I just want to say something to all the good folk of Kansas........and I mean that, most of you are good people. But a lot of you have a tendency to feel that certain dangers do not exist within your communities and that things like murder, terrorism, and crimes against children "do not happen here". As a result, you allow anyone and everyone access to the insides of your schools, you do not even ask visitors to your schools to sign in anywhere, so that you actually know who is visiting your school. You allow any adult who claims a connection to any child to pick said child up from school. When the children are home from school, you allow them to play, blocks and blocks from home, unsupervised........and it does not matter how old or young they are, either. As long as they are potty trained, they can go to the park without you.

I do enjoy living here in Kansas, for the most part. I like not having to drive in Washington DC or Houston's rush hour traffic. I like being able to ride my bicycle almost anywhere I want to go in my small town without going up and down West Virginia's hills. I like being able to let my children walk to school and ride their bicycles. And I enjoy co-existing with most of you, even though you are often stuck-up for reasons I have yet to determine and not as friendly as people are in most of the other places I have lived. A lot of you enjoy gardening, and that is a passion many of you and I share. Especially when you share cuttings of plants with me that have done well in your yards.......that's so cool. But please.........don't tell me that there is something wrong with wanting to know where all of my children are at ALL times. And don't ever tell me that your community is somehow immune to tragedy. It isn't. We all share the same planet, and no place on it is immune to the choices made by ourselves and others. And the advent of motor vehicles and mass ownership of motor vehicles made the world one big community long before the internet, but now that we also have the internet, the world is one big communicating community. That means that while you can facebook all your friends, anyone who wants to grab a child of Eaven's age can quietly and easily communicate with any co-conspirator who can read the same language. Think about it. That, alone, should make you want to keep a closer eye on your children.

A couple of years ago, I had to put the smackdown on the people who run my childrens' school because they honestly felt that it would be appropriate to drop children off by themselves four miles south of town for cross country practice. No cell phone, no supervision. If a child had gotton hurt there would have been no help; if someone with a weapon had grabbed them, or in this case, her; we never would have found out what happened. As a result, my daughter no longer participates in cross country, since I was shouted down by the good, Christian Kansans who felt that supervising children under these circumstances would have ruined our "small town environment". No kidding, folks......the coach who did this still works at the school, too. Nowhere else in the country would he be able to get a job working with children after that incident, but Kansas is unconcerned about child safety.

Wake up, people in Kansas! Stop trying to tell me that "these things don't happen here." They do, just like they happen anywhere. The sun shines here, it rains here, (sometimes) the law gravity applies here, we pay taxes here, and anything that can happen to a kid in New York can also happen to a kid here under the right circumstances. It is irresponsible to allow children to play, blocks and blocks away from you home, where you cannot see them, with no supervision.

I hope and pray that Eaven Reisen is found unharmed. It is my opinion that if she simply got lost or injured, she would have been found by this time. Here is more information about her. Please, copy a few pics of her, make others aware of this, if they are not already, put a couple of pictures up where people can see them, and look for her wherever you go today.

I truly hope that the next time I post about Eaven, it will be to annouce that she has been found and is safe at home.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Eaven Reisen Missing From Topeka

An eight year old girl is missing from Topeka Kansas. Her name is Eaven Reisen, and she was last seen between 10 and 11 this morning. There isn't an Amber Alert, since we do not know how  she got lost, and an Amber Alert deals only with known kidnappings involving motor vehicles. If you see her, dial 911, and ask that the Topeka police department be contacted. Here's more info.

Timothy Pitzen Is Missing

I was hoping that six year old Timothy Pitzen, who went missing in Illinois about a week ago, would be found by now. His mother committed suicide in a hotel room in Rockford, Illinois, and Timothy was nowhere to be found. She left a note, stating that she had left him with friends, but no one knows these friends or has heard anything about him. Please, if anyone out there knows anything about this little boy or his whereabouts, the rest of his family are looking for him. And if you are the person his mother left him with, please come forward. Please...........this isn't fair to the family, and it isn't fair to Timothy. Here's a link with the latest update and prayers that Timothy will be found alive.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Swat Team Sent In To Collect On Overdue Student Loan

Kenneth Wright, of Stockton California, got a surprise. He answered the knock on his door, before he had a chance to get dressed, to find not only a local policeman, but federal officers and a swat team. Curious, he let them in, so they could explain what they wanted, and they served him with a search warrent, but still were not clear about what they were trying to find! They threw him on the floor, handcuffed him,, and put him in a squad car for about six hours. They got his three kids up, and put them in the squad car, too. Where's the eye-rolley when I need it?

Finally, the reason for all of the police activity became clear: Mrs. Kenneth Wright had defaulted on a student loan. The search warrent was to find her, not Mr. Kenneth Wright, or any of the children. Certainly not to handcuff anyone and put them in the squad car for most of the day. Was she there? No. She and her husband have separated, and she lives somewhere else. This is known, since the appropriate documents have been filed in court, pending a divorce. All the swat team would have had to do in order to determine this for themselves would have been to ask if she was there, everyone ready for this? LISTEN to Mr. Wright's answer. LISTEN. And read the court papers, which undoubtedly contain her current address.

Since when does the swat team assist in the collection of overdue student loans? The IRS does not even get that kind of assistance! And a deadbeat noncustodial parent can owe child support all of his/her life and NEVER pay without seeing the swat team at his/her front door. We have missing children who are not found for decades, and often not found alive, we have violent criminals who elude capture until they are elderly. We also have organized crime, kiddie porn, cyberstalking, and identity theft. Why is the swat team getting paid by US to collect on bad debts? It's bad not to pay a debt, but don't we have ways of collecting that do not involve forces that are trained to deal with emergencies involving violence and truly dangerous people and circumstances?

I, personally, resent having to pay, as a taxpayor, for collection agents outfitted like this. I do not think they need swat team gear and amunition. And, Kenneth Wright feels that he is entitled to a new front door. Apparently, his door was a casualty to the swat team's theatrics.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's Disorderly Conduct To Pay In Cash?

A Utah man named Jason West did not think he owed the doctor's office the 25.00 they billed him. But he was nicer than I would have been about it; he paid it anyway. But they were ungrateful and rude about it...........since he paid it all in pennies, and wanted them to count it and give him a receipt. Wanna know what they did? They called the cops on him. He didn't hit anyone, threaten anyone, or raise his voice, he just gave them a lot of pennies to pay his bill.

Now; pennies DO happen to be legal tender in all parts of our wonderful country, and it sounds to me like the snooty, holier-than-thou folks in the doctor's office were in the wrong here. How does it become unlawful, and disorderly conduct to use legal tender to pay one's bills???? If he had tried to get them to accept chickens, or potatos, I could see them not accepting barter, but, they have to accept legal tender. If the receptionist is too lazy or stupid to count pennies, then she shouldn't be working there. I sincerely hope the judge sees it that way.

As for calling the police about something that stupid...............receptionist at the doctor's office, you need to get a life! The police often have real emergencies to which they must attend, and having a patient attempt to settle his bill just does not sound like an emergency.

You can read about it here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Amber Alert, Daniel Jackson Lowe

Yesterday evening, a car with Daniel Jackson Lowe and his two older brothers was carjacked in Ariton, Alabama. Then, in a neighboring town, the two older children were found in the middle of the road, but not Daniel. He is still missing. The car is a 1991 burgundy La Sabre, with Alabama tags. Here is a link to the most recent update.  Daniel is only three months old. Why can't life be safer for children?

Update: Young Daniel Jackson Lowe was found safe in a residence by FBI agents. Reporting the crimes immediately is SO important. Here's the story. 

Terri Horman Wants To Work WHERE?

I just watched the four part video article run by KATU, about the disappearance of Kyron Horman, and how it has affected the community over the past year. Here's the link, in case you haven't seen it. Sadly, there is no new information. But it is good to run the story, anyway, because Kyron has not been found, and until he has, the story actually isn't over. Also, the general public needs to be aware of all missing children. But there was one thing, toward the end of the fourth clip, that got my attention......Terri is now looking for employment, which, I guess she should, but; she wants to be a TEACHER, and work in a SCHOOL again!!!!

Terri, this is what I have to say to you about any type of work or contact with children: stay away from my children! You lied, almost from the beginning of the investigation into your stepson's disappearance, not caring how it would affect the outcome. Suppose someone had been stalking YOU, and grabbed Kyron? How does lying about your whereabouts help at all? Next, you never truly acted like you cared about Kyron or Kiara, then you tried to steal Kiara from your husband despite a temporary court order to the contrary, and now you are being represented by an attorney, who is standing between you and responsibility for the welfare of a child. Last but not least, your choices have made life difficult, not only for your own children, but for their half siblings, and for all of Kyron's classmates. You suck, Terri, you know that? No one should allow you to work anywhere near a child.

Weinergate Cartoon

Rick Santorum Running For President?

Rick Santorum thinks he may run for president. I guess I should have seen this coming. I guess, as conservative, republican candidates go, he's ok...........he could always be worse; but here's my question about him: why, oh why, does his religion have to enter into so many of the statements he makes concerning the general public; and why, oh why, is religion an avowed focal point of his professional decision-making? I respect his religion and what he claims it has done for his family, I really do. But I have my own religion, and it differs from his. If he were president, I would be very nervous about my country being run by his religious notions and ideas, which he has claimed should work for everyone. His religion will not work for me. I do not want it forced upon me at all, I do not want my children pressured at school, or anywhere else, by proponants of Santorum's religion. Any time he enters a public building, forum, or venue to serve the population at large, he needs to check his religion at the door.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Carpet Deoderizer

I have a sixteen year old daughter who complains about everything. And I do mean everything. Today's whine is about the carpets......we shampooed them about three weeks ago, and she already wants to do it again. Now, while I do have six kids and five pets, I do not see that my carpets really get much more traffic than anyone else's carpets, so when she howled at me this morning about wanting more carpet deoderizer, I gave her some baking soda, and some dried lavendar and rosemary from the herb garden last year, and we crushed it up into the baking soda. Would you believe it actually works, and smells better than anything I have ever bought from the store? Yet another reason to have a garden.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kyron Horman; It Has Been A Whole Year

It has been a whole year since Kyron Horman has gone missing. I cannot imagine what his mom, dad, and siblings go through every day, but they have my prayers. This is wrong......just so....completely wrong.

Kyron is loved and missed by the entire community, as you can see if you watch this video, about the work day help at Skyline Elementary, where Kyron attended school and was last seen on June 4, 2010.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Terri Horman: I Want You To Know I Loved Your Son

This is certainly an interesting comment for a parent or guardian to make about a missing child, especially to the child's natural mother. Not that I have ever been impressed with Terri Horman's behaviors after Kyron went missing, or the behaviors of her parents, friends, and older son. But if someone leaned over me and said something like this, (see following paragraph) while I was wondering how I was going to live without my child, I might have punched that person in the face. No kidding.

Young said Terri Horman told her something chilling after failing her first polygraph test.

“I was sitting in the recliner in the living room and she leaned over the chair and said, 'I want you to know, I loved your son.’ And I flipped out. I told Tony, ‘You better get me out of this house or I'm going to kill her,” Young said.

Exactly what WERE you trying to convey, Terri? After watching how you express "love" for Kiara, and for your parents, and even for Kaine, (did you actually LOVE Kaine at any point in time?) I have some trouble interpreting that statement, that you "loved" Kyron, at face value. I don't think you loved or love anyone. Were you suggesting that Desiree was not going to find Kyron, and that she should give up the search, taking some sort of comfort in the notion that, perhaps, you "loved" him? Would you actually expect a mother who does love her missing child to just give up looking for him after a few unsuccessful weeks? Surprise! Not everyone is as shallow as you are, Terri. Parents who really love their children are a lot different from you. Don't expect Kaine and Desiree to just give up on Kyron, or go away.

What were you thinking when you said that? Were you waiting for some payoff, that either did or didn't materialize, for what you did? Did you have any idea of how Kyron's disappearance would affect not only family members, but the whole community? Did you anticipate how viral the whole story would go?

You know, Terri, one of the reasons I think you are guilty is because you didn't look for Kyron a year ago, and you have not looked for Kyron since. Your parents don't seem to care about him, either. And.....why are your parents so uninterested in contact with Kiara? That is most unlike any grandparent I have ever met! Do they just not love her? Are these the same family values that got you in bed with a married man, destroying Kyron's original family, in the first place? Or are you guilty?

This is the article that caught my eye this morning.

Terri, where's Kyron? Why won't you let him come home?