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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mother Nature Wishes Everyone A Happy New Year

Many people enjoy manmade pyrotechnics on New Year's Eve. This is always fun, but this year, Vulcan and Pele have been hard at work, too. It appears that our planet is moving forward with her own agenda, and her own pyrotechnics, in the form of volcanos, in one of her ways of doing this. At this writing, there are many displaced people in El Salvador and Sumatra, due to volcanic eruptions within the last twenty-four hours.

Have a happy and productive 2014, everyone. Mother Nature is no respecter of persons, and we are all sharing this planet as a result of her grace and tolerance. Brightest Blessings!


Monday, December 30, 2013

No Shooting In The Police Station


Addison Mikkelson, who was arrested over the holiday for obstruction of justice because he took some videos and pictures of Kansas law enforcement in action, returned to the police station in Topeka the following day. He wanted a copy of the video captured by law enforcement of his arrest. While he is, in fact, entitled to the video, his arrest changes the auspices of his entitlement. Information pertaining to or resulting from an encounter with a government entity that is just an encounter, and nothing more, can usually be obtained by written request citing the most recent update of the Freedom of Information Act.  Unfortunately, Addison was charged with a crime here, and law enforcement's video record of the event has become evidence. Addison, or his lawyer, must now subpoena this evidence, and if the case against him goes forward, Addison will be allowed to examine it. The court, rather than either party, has a certain amount of control over the evidence and it's uses until the charges are disposed. The uninvolved officer with whom Addison spoke has no authority to release evidence in the case to anyone.!

If the police station in Topeka Kansas seriously wishes to forbid or limit any filming, a sign should be posted on their wall, stating that permission must be granted prior to filming or recording. It seems that a lot of police officers lately, despite the public aspect of the job, have been extremely camera-shy. While the interest in footage of abusive cops is undoubtedly growing, most civilians do not take exception to police officers caught doing their jobs professionally and courteously. When an officer is caught on camera behaving like a thug, and proceeds to behave even more like a thug upon finding out that he has been caught on camera, there's a problem. Addison Mikkelson obviously has a pastime, and hopefully a passion, for catching police in action on video; hopefully, he has the heart, soul, and good fortune required for this type of activism.

Shooting a documentary of the "history" of the police station in Topeka, Addison? Seriously? That's the most amusing thing I've heard all weekend! You should have just said, "Smile! You're on Candid Camera!"


Abbie Hoffman Moment


Sunday, December 29, 2013

One Never Knows What A Cop Will Shoot

Not even one's lawn ornaments are safe anymore! Cops got trigger happy when they noticed an ornamental concrete alligator minding it's own business. It did not die, or roll over and play dead for them when they shot it, so they continued to shoot until the noticed the ricochet of the bullets. Then they left, without so much as an apology to the homeowner whose concrete alligator they ruined. Not only bad judgment, but bad manners, as well. Should these cops really handle weapons?


In Case You Missed Church On Sunday

Who'd have thought?

Cat v. Christmas Tree

While the family is engaged elsewhere, the cat quietly stalks the angel........


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kansas Cops And Addison Mikkelson

Such insecure police officers. Beating up older women and breastfeeding mothers in Kansas hasn't satisfied law enforcement's hunger for violence; now they are after children! Seventeen year old Addison Mikkelson had a new camera the day before yesterday. He went out to take pictures, and settled on an arrest that was being made at a Kwik Stop in Topeka, Kansas. No one had a problem with Addison and his camera; he was on the sidewalk. Just as things were winding down, an unoccupied cop approached Addison to snoop at his ID and express annoyance and paranoia at being caught on camera. Another idle officer soon joined. When Addison asked why his ID was necessary, the cop put his paws on the camera. Addison asked him to leave it alone, and the cop kicked it. Then he picked it up, and promising to handle it carefully, put the camera down in the snow. Believe it or not, there are actually a few Topekans who think Addison still owes respect to law enforcement in Kansas! Sorry, Kansas, but respect is a two way street. It has to be earned, and these officers did not earn this teenager's respect.

The two wannabe swat team dudes then decided to arrest Addison. Now he has been charged with obstruction of justice. They cited jaywalking as his crime, yet arrested him for something completely different. Should jaywalking be a crime that carries jail time in Kansas, and should a teenager be plucked off the street by violent cops for jaywalking or for using a camera?

Georgia Republican Wants Poor Children To Work As Janitors

Republicans want child labor again. And guess whose children they want to force to do menial tasks, instead of attending classes? The children of poor people, of course! Jack Kingston, (R) Georgia thinks that any child who qualifies for the national school lunch program should perform janitorial duties at school. So much for privacy and confidentiality....any child pushing a broom would obviously be from a financially disadvantaged family. Teachers who hate poverty stricken parents (yes, there definitely ARE such teachers, and they definitely DO take out their little angries on children sometimes) and bullies who look for victims would have new and reliable information about who has enough financial clout to hire legal representation and fight the resulting harassment and discrimination in court. Just what our schools need right now.......more division! Also, just what underprivileged children need; new reasons to feel shamed and humiliated because of circumstances over which they have no control. Who on earth would be so heartless?

When would the children of the poor get to study? The children who do not qualify for the school lunch program would have all the time they need to attend classes and study; none of their school day would be taken up in Jack Kingston's child labor program. This would naturally give the richer students an academic advantage over the financially less advantaged. What would happen if a child needed extra help or tutoring, and the schedule conflicted with that all important janitorial work? Or if the bus schedule conflicted with the Republicans' child labor program?

Republicans like Jack Kingston are quite willing to not only step all over the constitutional rights of children, but dismantle every educational advantage America offers children through public school. From all appearances, the ultimate goal is to take education away from the poor. Is this a direction America should really consider?


Friday, December 27, 2013

How Far Can An Internet Post Go?

On behalf of North Middle School, in Louden County, Tennessee, I am sharing this picture. It was made and shared in order to prove a point to children that once a post or picture makes it's way to the internet, there is no control over it's direction, especially within social media venues. The picture was initially posted to Facebook on December 16, 2013.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cat v. Christmas Tree

You're all alone with me! What'ya gonna do now?!


Sad Update About Markell Beasley

Markell X. Beasley, for whom an Amber Alert was issued in Missouri earlier this weekend, was found on Christmas Eve in St. Girardeau, Misouri, deceased, along with the adult to kidnapped him. It appears that it was a murder-suicide.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Amber Alert For Markell X. Beasley

There is an Amber Alert issued for a six year old Jefferson City, Missouri boy, named Markell Beasley. He is with his noncustodial father, Demetrius Beasley. Beasley stated he was taking the boy to St. Louis, but called to tell the mother he would not return him, and he is not in St. Louis.


Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings, all! This is how the Gift Giver looked before he was trademarked by Coca-Cola. He was rumored to have actually been Odin, the All Father.

Strangers Allowed On School Propery

Here we go again with adult strangers who think they belong in public schools, with no job descriptions including presence in schools, and no children enrolled. This time, someone in New Hampshire dressed as Santa Claus, circled the school on foot, banged on the windows, and was then buzzed in by an adult! But when no one recognized him, and no one was able to determine his identity because of the costume, he fled! Police are not concerned about the incident.

The Santa impersonator in New Hampshire eventually told law enforcement that he was merely trying to "spread holiday cheer". Where's the eye-rolley when I need it? Not only is there usually at least one child in every class of very young students who knows that Santa isn't real and assumes the unassigned duty of informing all classmates of the same; but it seems that an adult who is up to no good and wishes to defy any attempt at identification by witnesses after committing a crime could scarcely choose a better disguise!


Cat v. Christmas Tree

Score one for the Christmas Tree!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Minute Shopping?

Holiday Shopping? Don't do this:

Do this instead:

Before the retail industry dictated our holiday celebrations, food was a traditional Winter Solstice gift. Especially prepared from scratch.

Abbie Hoffman Moment


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Two Shooting Victims Die Of Injuries

Rodger Bluml, the adoptive male parent of this post, died yesterday after succumbing to injuries sustained in the violent encounter he had on November 15 with one of the boys he adopted, Anthony Bluml. Anthony and his mother, Kisha Schaberg, along with two other accomplices, remain jailed in Kansas while they await trial. The prosecuting attorney intends to amend the charges against both of them to include two charges of premeditated murder, rather then one. Rodger Bluml's wife, Melissa Bluml, died of a gunshot wound on November 15. In charging Kisha Schaberg with the same crime as Anthony Bluml, who allegedly pulled the trigger, and setting her bond at twice the amount as Anthony's, Kansas stubbornly refuses to see the devastating results, for everyone involved, of disrupting families. Kansas also sends a very arrogant message to all biological mothers whose children have been adopted by others. Did those who grab children from vulnerable parents and auction them off to the highest bidders ever take the time to warn Rodger and Melissa Bluml of the bond and love that usually exists between natural parents and their children? The Blumls did not have natural children, so there was no way they could have known or understood. Were the Blumls warned that even though Kisha was not as financially secure or as privileged as they were in life, they could expect the children and their mother to remember each other for the rest of their lives? The expectation that a state can step in and decide that children and their parents are no longer allowed to love one another is very dangerous. Could the rage projected at the Blumls have been predicted, and possibly prevented? While this violent crime is very sad, it may be a sign of things to come more often in places where children are treated as commodities by courts and government agencies.

The second update is that seventeen year old Clair Davis, of Colorado, has died. On December 14 she was shot by another student, Karl Pierson, at Arapahoe High School, in a fit of rage that reportedly lasted for about eighty seconds. Pierson followed this up by shooting himself. He apparently had a problem with the librarian at his school, and there was no known connection between him and his victim. There has been a certain amount of debate lately concerning guns and public schools, and a few states have even legalized the carrying of firearms in schools by adult employees of the schools. It would appear that an unaddressed issue in this unintelligently written law change is the loophole created by adult students.....those whose eighteenth birthdays happen to fall before high school graduation and who are, as a result, able to purchase shotguns while they are still in high school. Since teaching and law enforcement are two very different career choices, and since many teachers are not trained soldiers or perfect marksmen, it really seems that schools are better off investing in metal detectors, rather than allowing guns on their premises. While there are expenses involved with the installation of metal detectors, the cost invested would be considerably smaller than a lawsuit, or multiple lawsuits, and the resulting inflation of a school's liability insurance. Most of Kansas public schools were unable to get insurance before school started this year because teachers are allowed to carry guns to school. A teacher with a gun would probably not have been able to save Clair Davis from Karl Pierson's eighty second temper tantrum, but had there been a metal detector in place at Arapahoe High, she might not have been shot.

Cat v. Christmas Tree

I'm not really in your tree! I'm innocent!


If You Slept Through Church This Sunday

If you slept through church this Sunday, remember God is watching you! You might end up on Santa's "naughty" list if you fail to pay attention to what your own scriptures actually say!
If it's not who you are, drop the act, Frankfort, Kansas. The rest of the world can see right through you! Happy Holidays!

Happy Hate Crimes Holidays

Kristina Vindiola was working as a bell ringer for Salvation Army outside of Walmart in Phoenix, Arizona. Suddenly, a Christian woman stopped beside the kettle. Thinking she was going to donate money, Kristina wished her "Happy Holidays." Instead of donating money, the Christian woman asked her if she believed in God, and informed her that she is supposed to say "Merry Christmas!"  Then, the Christian woman slugged her!

The police were called to the Walmart store, where they took a report on the incident; but not only were they unable to locate the suspect by the time they arrived, they told Kristina that there wasn't enough evidence to charge the Christian woman with a crime!

Ahem! Don't Walmart department stores have surveillance cameras aimed at key areas, inside and outside stores? Don't they use cameras to monitor the perimeters? Aren't doorways, where Salvation Army kettles are stationed during the holiday season, important places for security cameras? After all, if evidence was needed in court to nail a shoplifter, Walmart would just send the security footage to the police. Why shouldn't they do the same when a Christian assaults and batters someone who says "Happy Holidays"? Phoenix law enforcement should have all the evidence they need in order to charge that Christian woman with a hate crime, in addition to assault and battery. It's good to know that some retailers only use their cameras to identify shoplifters and are not interested in the personal safety of those visiting their stores.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice Today

Happy Winter Solstice

Reward For Tip Leading To Adam Herrman

An anonymous donor has offered a $50,000 reward for the tip that leads investigators in Kansas to Adam Herrman, (born Irvin Groeninger III) the eleven year old adopted boy who disappeared from Towanda, Kansas sometime in the fall of 1999, and was not reported missing until the fall of 2009. He was taken from his biological parents during their divorce and auctioned off by Kansas to the highest bidders, who were Doug and Valerie Herrman. The Herrmans did not report Adam missing when he disappeared; and their adult relatives followed suit and ignored the situation. While they told their relatives and friends that young Adam was "returned" to social services, it was rather common knowledge that they still received monthly stipend checks which actually belonged to Adam. We will probably never know exactly how receiving funds that belong to a child correlates with the child no longer living at address of the check cashers, but friends and family apparently did not find anything particularly out of the ordinary about all this. Meanwhile, Adam's biological parents and siblings, who were never offered reintegration, await information.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Keep Sol In Winter Solstice

Here's wishing the jesus-christing crowd would get over themselves. Please keep Sol in Winter Solstice!

Justice And Magistrate Court In Marshall County Kansas

Anyone experiencing legal problems in Marshall County Kansas, as a plaintiff, defendant, or as a witness, should be aware of his or her constitutional rights. Any attorney you hire should practice mostly outside of Marshall County. You should not hire anyone who cares about the political gossip structure of Marshall County, because a lawyer who cares more about local politics than about your case will not truly represent you. If you are a defendant, you should demand a jury trial if you can. While copping a plea may seem less expensive and easier, a jury of your peers will usually be more fair to you than the prosecutor or the magistrate judge. You have the right to bypass a bench trial with the magistrate judge and go directly to a jury trial, if you so choose. If you have a public defender, make sure he understands this. If he tells you that you cannot have a jury trial, he is lying. If you are found not guilty, you may actually save money in the long run, because you won't have to pay court costs, fees, fines, ect. You also won't have a criminal record. If Laura McNish, the Marshall County prosecutor, threatens you or tries to scare you, remember that she is a dishonest bully, and scare tactics are all she actually has in the way of tools of her trade. Once she is in the courtroom, she comes across as an idiot with no talent or skill. She also lacks insight in the job of prosecuting crime, and goes to court unprepared for trial. A defendant who does not accept a plea is a serious problem in her life. Unless she can intimidate witnesses or charm a jury with exceptionally believable lies, she has no compelling courtroom presence. Even if you have a public defender appointed to your case, tell him you want a jury trial. If he says no, insist upon contacting the Kansas Bar Association, and when you go to your first court appearance, stubbornly refuse a plea or a bench trial. Laura McNish and Angela Hecke are both as woefully ignorant of the law, and of life outside of the Midwest as the wizard in the Wizard of Oz was of "wizardry". Oh....if you are a witness, remember that it is unlawful to lie in court, even if the prosecuting attorney asks you to do it for her.

Because of Laura McNish's lack of expertise as a lawyer, actual crime in Marshall County Kansas generally goes unnoticed, uninvestigated, and unprosecuted until the KBI or the FBI becomes involved. She is only proficient in prosecuting petty crimes and intimidating those who do not understand their rights and are too weak to stand up for themselves.

Cat v. Christmas Tree

No one will ever know...........


Thursday, December 19, 2013

When Cops Kill People In Front Of Your Face

It might be a better idea to dial 911 and only give a location and very brief description of the situation, when reporting lethal police brutality, rather than explaining that the police have just beaten someone to death. Ask for an ambulance, describe the brawl, but don't reveal that law enforcement made the whole thing happen. If the dispatcher knows the police are beating someone to death, he or she is very likely to allow the beating to continue until law enforcement calls. Certain targets are chosen in advance, and will receive no help from emergency dispatch. Once the ambulance arrives on the scene, capture the response on video. If the police do not immediately cease and desist their battery of the victim, and move aside for paramedics, that footage should be copied and turned over to the FBI, the local media, and to the general public for scrutiny. Under no circumstances should it be kept private. Even a victim who is lucky enough to survive has a responsibility to cancel law enforcement's free ticket to beat their chosen targets to death.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cat v. Christmas Tree

And it's on! The annual battle of the Cat Vs. The Christmas Tree!


Keep Sol In Winter Solstice

Blessed Be, Everyone! Remember to keep Sol in Winter Solstice!

Kansas Lunatics Encourage Hitchhiking

How thrilling. We now have a group of brilliant and wonderful individuals in Lawrence, Kansas, who want the city council to legalize hitchhiking within city limits. A non profit group called Lawrence Onboard would like hitchhiking to become an accepted mode of transportation within pre-established parameters, such as background checks and registration of drivers with City Hall, and hitchhikers carrying large signs announcing destinations. The registered driver would stop and pick up the hitchhiker, if possible. Bumper stickers announcing the connection to Lawrence Onboard would also be available. Any bad drivers or bad riders could be reported, and the whole idea could become reality with no problems whatsoever. Where's the eye-rolley when I need it?
I don't know what non-profit groups smoke for breakfast in Lawrence, but some of the folks at Lawrence Onboard obviously need to establish a working relationship with Reality. City Hall is actually going to employ a person whose job will be to conduct background checks on would-be ride givers and keep tabs on the state of hitchhiking in Lawrence? Sure, no problems there! Anyone with bad intentions yet no existing criminal record can pass a background check. A driver with a serious drinking problem, but no DWI's or accidents yet, can also pass a background check. There are also criminals who have records, but still pass background checks for reasons ranging from identity theft to incompetence of the person running the background check. And what if the boogieman steals or borrows the car of a legitimate Lawrence Onboard driver? It's not a risk for which I would want responsibility, and it's not a risk I would take.
There really is no way of keeping track of hitchhikers via background checks. The number of people who need rides from day to day in any city is always going to fluctuate. A would-be rider can get information from City Hall and carry a sign with a destination written on it, but that does not confer safety in allowing strangers into one's vehicle. This idea may seem innocuous at the surface, but it is really an engraved invitation to criminals. Finding vulnerable victims through a program that sanctions hitchhiking might even be easier than luring victims through networks like Craigslist! There isn't always a way to be sure if a hitchhiker is carrying a weapon or not, and once you accept a ride and get into someone's car, you have no control over where that car travels.
Sanctioned hitchhiking a`la Lawrence Onboard is truly one of the worst ideas I've heard lately. It carries a great deal of potential to perpetuate all kinds of crime, from petty theft to murder. Hopefully, the city of Lawrence will simply tell the folks of Lawrence Onboard that carpooling and vanpooling is a much safer, and legal alternative.  



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wrong Place At Wrong Time In Colorado

Clair Davis was in the "wrong place at the wrong time", according to Greyson Robinson, of the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office in Colorado. Yet, the public school she attends is in the same district as her home, and the day she was shot by her fellow student, Karl Halverson Pierson, she was exactly where she was supposed to school. Why would going to school involve the need to worry about escaping a deranged shooter? Why can't her parents correctly assume that their daughter is safe when she is where she is supposed to be during the school?

Karl Halverson Pierson was where he was supposed to be, too. The item that was not where it was supposed to be was the shotgun he took to school with him. Oh; the Molotov cocktails in his backpack didn't belong in school either, but at least Pierson didn't blow anything up. Why do some Americans have so much trouble recognizing who was in the right place or in the wrong place at any time? Clair Davis has every right to be in school, where she was; and she has every right to expect to be in the right place, school, at the right time, without  getting shot. Especially by an adult classmate who had a right to buy a shotgun. Is it really too hard to ask that guns not be brought to school?

The 2013-2014 school began on an awkward note in Kansas because no one seems to know where to draw the line concerning guns and schools. In July of this year, Kansas decided that teachers and other school employees could take concealed weapons with them to work. The insurance company that underwrites policies for about ninety percent of the public schools in Kansas decided against that type of risk. If no one else wants to look at the possibilities of a random adult working inside of a school not being a perfect marksman, or lacking the training to determine when to use deadly force against your children and mine, at least the insurance company does! And well they might; they are deeply vested in the bottom line, not the popularity contest we call "small town atmosphere". Pierson was an adult, as was Adam Lanza, the shooter at Sandy Hook, in Connecticut last year. Adults with deadly weapons may actually be a bigger problem, from an insurer's standpoint, than children with deadly weapons.

It's a sobering reality when a school, of all places, becomes the "wrong place at the wrong time" to the extent that the school cannot even purchase liability or other types of insurance. We can't protect our children from everything, but don't they deserve to be in school, and in the right place at the right time, safely?


Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Solstice Wassail Recipe

Combine all ingredients in a cauldron and bring to a boil. Allow to simmer, while stirring occasionally. Everyone present should have a chance to stir the wassail, while concentrating on his or her wishes for the upcoming season. Share and drink! The Ancients would even sprinkle a small amount under any fruit trees that were dormant during winter, for luck and for health of their orchards.
*Optional: this recipe can also be made with about 2 cups of white wine and one cup of rum; but this does not make or break the positive outlook for the new season!
Brightest Blessings!

Abbie Hoffman Moment


Sunday, December 15, 2013

In Case You Skipped Church On Sunday

It's Russell Brand and Westboro Baptist Church, in the same room! I am now beginning to see that there was never a chance of Kansas and yours truly seeing eye to eye. The two chaps engaged in the interview look and act very much like White, Christian Kansas. Kansas denies it, nonetheless; it's a fact. White, Kansas Christians have a very limited view of Life. Had the middle eastern messiah been real, White Kansas would have hated him, too.

Russell Brand is very nice to them in this segment. In fact, Brand is nicer to the Kansans than anyone outside of their Kansas church!  I am not sure I could be so nice to these Kansas Christians.


Please! Keep Sol In Winter Solstice!

Geesh! Leave it to fundamentalist Christians to turn the original holiday gift giver, Odin, into Coca-Cola's bitch! Santa Claus was not necessarily a fat white man in a red suit before Coca-Cola got hold of him and copyrighted him! But should anyone be surprised? Look how the Northern European Christian bunch has treated the mythical figure, Jesus, over the years.....If he really existed, he could not possibly have had sandy blond hair, or blue eyes. He would have looked a more Osama bin Laden than most fundies would like to imagine.
Fox News's Megyn Kelly was dreaming of a white president before the election last year, and this year, she told us all that not only is Santa Claus white, but that Jesus is white, too. It's almost as if.........the fundy Christians had the copyright, not only to Santa Claus, but to the Gnostic Teacher, who was really called "Yeshua". Over the years, they have run with both de facto copyrights, and they have destroyed Winter Solstice with commercial greed and destroyed Messianic mysticism with violence and lies.

No one owns the copyright to prophecy, myth, or actual events in the past or the future. And if Fox News thinks that anyone owns a copyright to Odin, they might wanna rethink that whole idea. The very idea that anyone should "keep Christ in Christmas" not only assumes that Christ had something to do with Winter Solstice in the first place, but also assumes that everyone wants a white Jesus in a copyrighted religion that was stolen from the original author and re-written. Megyn Kelly couldn't think of anything better to do than get on national television and mock a person who finds reality more appealing than copyrighted christianity!

Happy Holidays, everyone, and please.......keep Sol in Winter Solstice!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Frankfort Kansas Teachers

A few years ago, a holiday program at the public school in Frankfort, Kansas not only spoke, unlawfully, about Christianity being the only valid religion on the planet, but also invited members of the audience to "get saved". There was even an inserted reference to Judaism, Chanukah, and a twisted statement expressing the need for Jews to "accept Jesus". This school serves all grade levels from kindergarten to high school graduation, and apparently, it also serves Christians, exclusively.

When questioned about the nauseating and unlawful Christian references in his dinky holiday program, Dean Dalinghaus, the principal, told a discerning parent that it was "his job to teach appropriate Christian morals" to all the children at Frankfort School. Over the objections of the parent, he stated that Christians are the only people in America with good morals, and that religion is also the purveyance of school, not just home. He also did not see any potential conflict with encouraging children from nonchristian families and cultural backgrounds to "be good Christians". He denied that any court case, such as Engel v. Vitale ever was won, in favor of keeping religion out of public schools, and persisted in teaching filth to all the students in Frankfort School.

While all these good Christian morals are being taught at Frankfort School, there are at least two Frankfort teachers who have allowed children to drink alcoholic beverages, either in their homes or on school sponsored trips. There is also a guidance counselor, whose crimes against a student, one afternoon, ranged from unlawful restraint and kidnapping to child abandonment, yet the student's parents were harassed for taking action, and told that their daughter's safety was not anywhere near as important as the guidance counselor's continued employment. No changes to any policy concerning child safety have occurred at this school, by the way. And the teacher who allows children to drink on school sponsored trips even went as far as telling boldfaced lies about it. One might ask if these are truly Christian morals, but then; all one needs to do is remember the number of molesting priests and the antics of the Tea Party in order to understand that the answer is, "yes"; these are very Christian morals.

There have even been better examples of wonderful, Christian, moral behaviors taught to students by Frankfort teachers since this exchange between Dalinghaus and the parent took place. In 2010 and 2011, a Frankfort female by the name of Monica Smart did some stuff that resulted in federal charges of embezzling about half a million dollars from her employer, an insurance company. In and of itself, this has nothing to do with Frankfort School, until one reads the documents connected to the case. It appears that Monica's husband, a teacher at Frankfort School, is also named as a defendant in the FBI investigation, and the ensuing federal case! No letters, explaining exactly how a teacher became a co-defendant in a federal case, ever reached the parent who pleaded with Dalinghaus to observe the law while administrating her childrens' school. We are left to ponder the ways a spouse might become compromised enough to face identical charges, given that such a large sum of money was involved. Is this another example of Dalignhaus's school-sponsored lessons in "good Christian morals"? School safety was never even considered in the retention of such a teacher, considering the tendency of federal agents and other cops to descend upon targets as if they were fighting on the day of Ragnarok. Swat team tactics do not create a safe educational atmosphere any more than embezzling creates a strong economy or theft creates good character.

The American Civil Liberties Union determined, after a DVD of Frankfort's holiday program was mailed to them, that the offending holiday program lacked pedagogical value, and told the Frankfurters to cease and desist. Children in Frankfort are still encouraged to drink and use recreational drugs; as the Frankfurters, who have no problem with showing total disrespect for the cultures of others, hold their own cultural heritage of drunkenness dear. As for Christian morals, Dean Dalinghaus can keep them. It is not his job to teach morals; that responsibility belongs to parents and families. It is his job; however, to set a better example than the one set by him and his pack of Christian thugs. Anyone who truly loves his or her children will not expose them to the brand of "morals" encouraged at Frankfort School in Kansas.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Why Is Kansas Trafficking The Children Of Veterans?

Kansas has a new source of marketable children for the adoption mill: the children of veterans and active duty military! No kidding. In it's ongoing search for healthy white children to target and grab, marketing them for the profit of the elite and up-and-coming Kansas version of "yuppies", Kansas is now grabbing the children of those who are either deployed military, or injured and retired military. Children born to drug addicts and children who have been abused are not as marketable in the adoption auction as healthy children, so Kansas is now grabbing healthy children who have not been abused for this money-maker. A recent investigation involving an adoption scam in southern Kansas features a judge who made this comment concerning a faux investigation he initiated when too many people realized that Child Protective Services in that part of Kansas had catered shamelessly to a Christian organization, Faith Builders, in relation to foster care placements and adoptions. Recommendations had been made by a supervisor, and these recommendations had led to adoptions, which had taken place without the appropriate due process that keeps adoption from becoming human trafficking: “I’ve asked DCF to review decisions made by Ms. Bidwell to see if that is still the direction the DCF wants to take, to try to avoid unnecessary litigation,” said Henderson, the presiding judge of the county’s four-member juvenile court. “It’s always important to get our children to adoption as quickly as possible.”........Wichita Eagle

It's always important to get children to adoption as quickly as possible? That's interesting, because children with behavioral problems are not adopted as quickly as possible. Neither are children with developmental delays or disabilities. The children who are auctioned off as quickly as possible are healthy children, and healthy children generally come from healthy parents and healthy homes. Actual complaints about the treatment of children who are wards of the court are usually ignored. Noble Rick Pendland, a foster parent who molested children in his care, is a prime example. His victims were ignored when they complained, the natural parents of his victims were also ignored. Now, a few of Pendland's victims have reached the age of majority, and have filed their own cases against him. Judge Henderson's statement about "getting children to adoption as quickly as possible" probably refers much more to money that is waiting to be made, rather than protecting children.

It's time for Daniel Gilyeat to get his children back, and it's time for Kansas to find some way, other than human trafficking, to fund it's up and coming christian yuppie-morons. A recent fatal shooting near Wichita is yet another example of an adoption of two young boys that was not well orchestrated and ended up horribly out of control. They started as foster children who were pushed into adoption rather than reintegrated with their natural mother. The older of the two boys found his real mother shortly after his eighteenth birthday. One thing lead to another, a fatal shooting occurred, and now the young man is charged with the first degree murder of his adoptive female parent, Melissa Bluml. The adoptive male parent is still in the hospital, at this writing, because of injuries sustained in the above mentioned incident. At the very least, counseling should have been available to all parties in this case, at the time of the adoption. No one should have been stripped of constitutional rights, and no one should have been deprived of natural family.

If a child is truly alone in this world, adoption should be a consideration, but why isn't Kansas even trying to keep families together? Is human trafficking just too lucrative? While Kansas may be able to do enough damage control on the situation involving Faith Builders to cover it up, and may be able to buy the silence of the witnesses against Noble Rick Pendland; expressions of rage, such as the violent murder of Melissa Bluml are harder for the rest of the world to ignore. Is Kansas smart enough to learn from it?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hillary Speaks

Hillary Clinton discusses her position on abortion when a Republican moron tries to trap her by publicly asking her a loaded question. Her answer is brilliant. Thanks for the share, Everlasting Moonlight!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kansas Schools Lose Another Student

Anyone remember this post, about a school in Frankfort, Kansas, and a guidance counselor who dumped a female high school student alongside the highway and left her there? It happened in another Kansas public school to another fourteen year old! Band students at Eisenhower High school were on a field trip last week, and when the bus stopped at a gas station, a young man was left behind! The school did not bother to count the number of students aboard the bus when it left the gas station, and did not immediately take steps to retrieve their missing student, once it was discovered that he was not on the bus. He sat at the gas station with no money and no cell phone for over three hours.

Annette Singletary, director of "community relations" for Goddard Public Schools, did not feel that a missing child was a big enough problem for the child's parents or the general public to know what disciplinary measures had been taken to ensure that the two teachers responsible would never "lose" a child at school again, and was unwilling to broach the subject with the media.

Sadly, the message sent by this is that children are not important in Kansas, and Kansas public schools are very lax about safety and security.



One of his students asked Buddha, "Are you the messiah?"
"No", answered Buddha.
"Then are you a healer?"
"No", Buddha replied.
"Then are you a teacher?" the student persisted.
"No, I am not a teacher."
"Then what are you?" asked the student, exasperated.
"I am awake", Buddha replied.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Update On A'Kiera Burrell-Sledge

A'Kiera Burrell Sledge is still missing. A'Kiera's mom, Iyonna Burrell, has enlisted the help of Brandon Ellington her representative in Missouri, to find out what happened to her daughter. The facility from which A'Kiera disappeared, Crittendon, will not cooperate with Ellington, either. This is the same organization that failed to call the child's parents or social worker when she first went missing, and failed contact the police and file a missing persons report because of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Crittendon is equipped with surveillance cameras around it's perimeter. Turning over the footage from the last three weeks to law enforcement should not be a problem. Or, if Crittendon still won't surrender the evidence, Burrell and Ellington can always file a Freedom of Information Act request. The number to the tipline is 816.474.TIPS. Please call if you see A'Kiera, or know anything about her whereabouts, and please share this information, especially in Missouri and Kansas.