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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Topeka Looks For Suspect In Attempted Child Kidnapping

On January 13, at 5:45 PM, after getting dropped off by the school when their after school program was over, two sister, ages seven and eleven, were almost abducted in Topeka, Kansas by a man they had never met. He actually put his grubby hands on the younger of the two, and told them that he wanted to take them to "play barbies" (whatever he meant by that) with his child, and that he lives at the Rescue Mission. The girls both started to scream and attract attention, and luckily, the man was spooked enough to give up and run away. He has been described as white, in his late forties, with a medium build and short brown hair. He has a tattoo on the back of one of his hands. Anyone who might be able to identify this person or who saw the incident is asked to call Crimestoppers at 785-234-0007.

Perhaps it's time for USD380 in Frankfort and Centralia, Kansas to establish a protocol for situations involving children who go missing after school.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Arkansas Teachers Can Go Commando

An Arkansas school board actually issued an edict requiring that all of it's teachers wear underwear. No spandex, either. And underwear was not to clash with clothing, or reveal panty lines. The question that apparently was not asked when the school board in Little Rock voted on this nonsense has to do with what the author of the edict was actually thinking when he wrote it! Probably not academics!

So anyways, the teachers all got mad and complained, and now the school district in is receivership. The state has stepped in and taken over, and now teachers are free to choose their own underwear again. Or go commando. Greg Adams, the president of the Little Rock School Board, is disappointed. Some of the high schools in that district were also found to be under "academic distress", and the imposition of non-spandex undergarments did not promise enough improved learning for the board chairman, Sam Ledbetter, who, despite Adams's disappointment, stated, "At some point, you just have to go in a new direction."

Looking at all the problems experienced by public schools nationwide, and all the reasons a school district could go into receivership, it amazes your blogger that a state would actually take over a school district over teachers' undergarments! Are bra straps really that important? Geesh!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Marijuana Will Be Up For Vote In Wichita

The new petition for decriminalization of marijuana, particularly first offenses, was written up, passed around, and signed by enough people to force the city of Wichita, Kansas, to put it on the ballot in April. This will make possession within the city a municipal offence with a small fine, rather than a felony, or whatever is convenient for prosecutors to call it. It seems like a step in the right direction; perhaps our jails and prisons can reserve space for those who commit violent crimes, instead of locking up those who get caught taking bong hits. It's also nice to see Wichita listening to it's constituency.

One aspect of this matter that is troubling, however; is one of the considerations listed by the city of Wichita, as a possible reason ignore the voters. Wichita is worried about lost revenue via fines and other fees, collected from offenders. Suppose everyone in Wichita sobered up and quit smoking pot? Or perhaps got better at hiding from cops? Then how would Wichita deal with "lost revenue"? Is it possible that our judicial system is actually, in it's own way, discouraging addicts and alcoholics from recovery because of financial considerations? Say it ain't so! Financial loss in the form of  penalty fines and fees should never be a consideration in this type of referendum. Here's an excerpt from Wichita's proposal:

Monday, January 26, 2015

He's Cute, And I Really Love Him

What an exceptional daughter and older sister this girl will be! Calise dialed 911 when her very pregnant mom had an epilectic seizure, and very shortly thereafter, she got to meet her little brother face to face! What a brilliant and lucky girl!

Another Christian Pervert Teacher

Here's a little trivia from Virginia; a guy named Luis Mendez, a music teacher, is now in jail, without bond, for charges stemming from an inappropriate sexual relationship with a seventeen year old female student. Hmm...where has yours truly heard about things like that before? Any ideas, Frankfort Kansas? The community of Bedford County is duly disgusted with him, and the judge held him without bail because he's been determined to be a flight risk. It seems he asked his victim to let him know if the police were going to charge him, so he could flee the area before they found him! Oh; here's some more dirt that's been dug up about him.......he also once worked as a part time music leader at Blue Ridge Community Church and he left his wife after getting a nineteen year old student pregnant! He should have done all this in a tiny little town in Northeast Kansas, instead! The folks there would have allowed him to marry at least one of the victims and they would have covered for him, rather than holding him accountable, and he wouldn't have had to worry about being jailed at all, let alone held without bond! Location, location, location!

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Sunday, January 25, 2015

In Case You Skipped Church On Sunday

When my oldest child was in kindergarten, she enraged the parents of all of her classmates by telling them that Santa Claus does not actually exist. When she was a senior in high school, she enraged all the less intelligent parents of her classmates by letting them know that Jesus is fantasy, too.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Updated Poster For Colton Barrera

Another glaring example of inaction by Kansas authorities. This information was never terribly publicized in 2008, when Colton Barrera disappeared, because police thought he had run away from home. A serious problem with that logic, and with the ineffective police work that accompanies it, is that it does not matter whether a missing child has run away from home, or disappeared by some other means; a missing child is in danger either way. With each passing hour, opportunities to find Colton alive were lost in 2008, and with each passing year, chances of finding him at all grow slimmer. Meanwhile, folks in Russell who know what happened continue to excuse violence and protect criminals, never caring about the law.

Siriunsun's Art Gallery

Rhiannon used enamel to paint a flower on a glass jar, instead of throwing it away. Now it's a lantern.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Message To The Mountain

"Are they going to repair the property they dig on have they got the ok from the land owner to dig onit i think afew thing's need to be ask.
And who is covering the damage they create by the digging is the town of Bedford going to fork out for the repairing.
Like i said i wish something so stupid would had not been done by someone we do not even know for them to even be on our family mountain."

Grrrr......Allow me to answer this, one asinine statement at a time. No; "they" are only going to repair the property they dig up if they can. It's only dirt, and yes, law enforcement and the specialists they hired will try to leave the area as they found it, but any evidence they find will not be replaced. As for asking your royal highness first, the sheriff doesn't have to. The sheriffs of two different counties, backed by the judicial systems of two different states, and the FBI have warrants to dig on the land owner's land. They do not have to ask anyone, least of all, you.

What damage do you want the police to cover, after evidence was hidden by your relatives and neighbors for thirty-nine years? If someone drove over your lawn and you feel that the tires have done damage to your barbecue grill and possibly, your still, file a claim with your insurance company! They cover spilled moonshine, don't they?

Don't even cry about the actions of "stupid people"! When you say you don't know them, that's a boldfaced lie. You are more than acquainted with at least half of the family in question, and you jumped onto a newspaper forum early in this investigation to state that this particular family never owned property on "your family mountain". To officially differ with you, the registry of deeds in your county states otherwise. You know them, and they've probably bought many a batch of moonshine on the mountain, to take back home with them.

The two young ladies who disappeared in 1975 also had a family and a community. Everyone looked for them; everyone misses them. Well, almost everyone; you have some cousins who lived near the community from which these girls were kidnapped, and they didn't lift a finger to help find them. If I understand correctly, one of them tried to collect reward money, but welched  (pun somewhat intended) when it was time to deliver. Another one is due in court next month because she's a big fat liar. If Sheila and Katherine somehow ended up in "your" community, it's well past time to give them back to THEIR community! They never should have been in "your" community in the first place, and would not have been, but for something done by one of YOUR relatives, so shut the hell up when the police try to put things right! You really sound as if you know there is evidence to be found, and you don't want investigators to find it. That's just too bad, creep. Deal with it, and hide your moonshine somewhere else.

On Boys Who Don't Really Go To Heaven

Alex Malarkey, (what a name for a kid who recants best-selling biographical literature!) has recanted the story line of his best seller, The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, stating that he made the whole story up, and that he did it to gain attention. Unfortunately, his father seems to own his intellectual rights to his story, be it fantasy or not, and his rights to make changes to it have been horribly impeded. The publisher decided to take the book out of print and remove it from retailers' shelves, anyway. Another junior fantasy writer, Colton Burpo, (one more interesting surname for a kid who's been discouraged from critical thinking) was recently promoted in Marysville, Kansas, and captured the interest of many fans who care about delusional interpretations of christian dogma, but apparently do not care about exploitation of children. Burpo has yet to recant, but when he does, are the christian morons who bought his book and his story going to settle down and shut the hell up? A quote from the article in the Marysville Advocate (no offence, Sarah Kessinger, you are not at fault for the subject matter) states:

Alice Jones, Frankfort, thought the presentation was “absolutely wonderful. They did a good job of explaining their situation and how it changed their lives,” she said. “They gave God the praise for it. I thought they were very sincere in their story,” she said. “They are just common people, like you and I, and they put that across really well. It makes me excited that they have decided to glorify God by their appearances in various places.”

Alice Jones, of Frankfort, is the library director who determined, when a child participating in a school sponsored program in the library showed up under the influence of alcohol and drugs, that "Jesus" had spoken with her, in her head, telling her that she should not contact school administration and law enforcement, as required by state and federal law, and report the underage drinking and use of illicit drugs by the child. She actually had the gall to explain the alleged words of Jesus to the parent of another child, who also participated in the school sponsored program at the library. The parent of the other child was not only angered at her child's first exposure to underage drinking and illegal drugs, but was rather offended at the idea that someone's deity would determine that it's permissible to violate the law and harm children who are not criminals or drunks, because Jesus had "authorized" it! Does this sound like a religion that anyone should actually practice? Or does it sound like fraud and delusion? If Jesus really thinks that it is okay to violate the law in order to protect a child involved in crime to the endangerment of other children, perhaps federal authorities should partner with local police departments to investigate christian churches more often.

Malarkey and Burpo are examples of children who suffer from mass hysteria, and Alice Jones typifies an adult suffering from similar delusions. Unfortunately, both children have been exploited by others and have had the rights to their intellectual property pracatically raped. Alice Jones is an example of an adult who suffers from a cultural, or mass delusion. The fact that she was breaking the law by allowing minors to drink and abuse drugs at the public library was unimportant to her, as was the well being of all witnesses. Alex Malarkey has already apologized for his part in the corruption of his story. The family whose child was exposed to crime and addiction at the direction of Jesus and the delusion of Alice Jones is still waiting for an apology.

* Your faithful medium had difficulty finding representations of "heaven" or "jesus" that featured races other than Caucasian. Coincidence? 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writing That Transcends Time And Space

And now for something delightfully silly, a Victorian version of almost Kardashian insanity:

Gwendolen: Yes, I am quite aware of that fact. And I often wish that in public, at any rate, you had been more demonstrative. For me you have always had an irresistible fascination. Even before I met you I was far from indifferent to you. (Jack looks at her in amazement) We live, as I hope you know, Mr. Worthing, in an age of ideals. The fact is constantly mentioned in the more expensive monthly magazines, and has reached the provincial pulpits, I am told; and my ideal has always been to love someone of the name of Earnest. There is something in that name that inspires the absolute confidence. The moment Algernon first mentioned to me that he had a friend called Earnest, I knew I was destined to love you.

Jack: You really love me, Gwendolen?

Gwendolen: Passionately!

......From the Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Private Message

I really don't know who the hell you think you are, or why you, personally, feel that the same laws that apply to everyone else do not apply to you, but quite a few people in your neck of the woods seem to have an unfounded notion that as long as the isolated community agrees with your special crime, there should be no consequences! To which I respond: if you can't do the time, don't do the crime!

What the hell were you hiding, or trying to prevent? Just because of the support, in the form of enabling. you seem to attract, I'm pretty sure something is rotten in the State of Denmark, so to speak. Why don't you and your ilk manage your lives legally, from now on, like those of us who do not hail from this area, and stop using unlawful means of manipulating information? Because of the geographic location of a few of your "friends", perhaps federal attention should be given to all this!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Yes, There Really Is Stranger Danger In Kansas

When will Kansas learn? Here's a twelve year old, who actually got away from an adult who tried to take her away, but with whom she was not familiar. The man even tried to intimidate the girl by slapping her across the face! Stranger danger. This happened in Topeka, and this child was extremely lucky.

Maybe it's time for USD 380's school board to rethink their situation with Tom Schroeder, the Frankfort guidance counselor/cross country coach who left a high school freshman girl by herself four miles away from school and didn't bother with a phone call to the police or to the girl's parents when he realized that she was missing. Unless his actions were deliberate, and ulterior motives played a role, this kind of carelessness should be reserved only for the families of those who support Schroeder's continued employment, not for those of us who love our children. Of course, if he intended to leave a child in a vulnerable position, awaiting some darker fate, as the stranger in Topeka obviously had in mind for the girl he tried to abduct, Frankfort, Kansas has bigger problems.

Is this what you and USD 380 were trying to do to my daughter, Tom Schroeder? 

Anyone with information about the case in Topeka, detailed in the video, above, is asked to call Crimestoppers at 785-234-0007.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Private Message

To the person whose signal hails from somewhere in the vicinity of Upper Montgomery County, in Maryland; I know you have been looking intently at several posts, in particular, on this site. Yes, he really did it, and by the time his warrants caught up with him, he had done it in another state, as well. If you are curious about this person, I think you should give him a miss. Seriously.

You can email me if you have any questions, and you can also leave a comment here, and mark it "private", and I will message you and not publish the comment.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Oh No! Not Mitt Romney The Loser Again!

Anyone remember this loser? The one who stated that half of the people he pretends to care about are not worth anything? Well he's back! Shit Romney doesn't think that losing once is enough, so he's thinking about doing it again. He really thinks that forty-seven percent of Americans do not pay taxes? Either he is delusional, or he simply lied to the crowd he addressed that day. Both possibilities are unfavorable qualities for a President. Are we really gonna have to omit mitt again? If Mitt Romney doesn't like half of America, he should aspire to be our president.

Cop Impersonator On The Loose In Kansas

There's a creep in a four door white pick-up truck driving around in Marshall County, Kansas, with a red light on on top, and he's impersonating a police officer. So far, at least three people have been harassed by this guy, and he is still on the loose. He even told one woman that he had a search warrant for her vehicle and demanded that she open her trunk! Fortunately, she didn't do this...there have been too many kidnapping victims found in trunks. At this writing, there is only cursory description of the truck, white pick-up with four doors; and the creep, six feet tall with brown hair and a dark mustache; but hopefully his image will be caught on cell phone or Ipod camera if he, himself, is not caught soon. So far, there have not been any injuries or worse, but it's not a crime to verify the ID of an officer or ask to see a badge when pulled over.

From the Marysville Advocate:"A man impersonating a police officer is pulling drivers over near Marysville and asking to search the vehicles. Please be cautious as you are driving and do not get out of your car if you are stopped and can not identify the officer. If this occurs, please call 911 immediately. If you have any additional information, please contact the Marysville Police Department at 562-2343 or Marshall County Sheriff at 562-3141."

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Better Cop Story

And tonight, we have a law enforcement account that it better than the average cop story of late. In September, a young man named Jamal Rutledge was arrested by Officer Foulks, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While booking Rutledge, Foulks suffered a cardiac arrest. Rutledge immediately alerted others in the police station in order to get someone to administer CPR to Foulks. Next week, the department plans to publicly thank Rutledge and the officers who responded, saving Foulks's life.

Jamal Rutledge in the center

Through The Lens Of Siriunsun's Camera

Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Latest Troll

Not too long ago, someone asked me to whom the newest face on my "troll gadget", to the right, belongs. I looked at it, and realized that the latest addition is the face of a woman who lives in the same geographic area where I live, a postage stamp sized little town in Northeast Kansas, but unlike yours truly, she has lived here all of her life, and never leaves this town unless she experiences dire need to do so.  She amuses herself by bullying anyone she perceives as culturally different from herself, and she enhances her harassment efforts on Facebook and in person by engaging any and all who might enjoy mocking and threatening people they don't personally know, and these adults have all worked very hard to cause as much injury and unhappiness as possible to yours truly and and make my children miserable in school. My children were told by their children that the harassment would stop if they converted to christianity, and the faces of three or four trolls who have been involved in this are featured on that slideshow.

But what would make adults, in their fifties, act like fifth graders? Lets see: as nearly as I can tell, they do not like the fact that I married someone who lived here, already. They had no problem with my husband living here, but when I married him and we bought a house, they became nasty. The teachers at the school got angry because I insisted that my children, stepchildren, and an adopted child, get the same opportunities in school as all the other children. I insisted that the bullying stop. I got the ACLU to make them stop telling my children that they had to go to church. I became vocal both inside and outside the community when it came to my attention that children sometimes come up missing during the day at school, and there are no protocols to ensure that the children who are unaccounted for, after school events, are found. Because I reacted that way to the school, members of the local Catholic Church decided that they should protect their community by spreading as many unkind rumors about me as they could. They did not care what this would do to my children, my family, or my marriage; they just did it. It left me feeling very, very lucky that my family of origin is not christian. When my physician ordered me to take time away from work, the newest troll, and several of her teacher friends, harangued my children almost daily at school about how lazy their mother must be.......a couple of my children tried explaining life with severe anemia, (hemoglobin usually 6.5, hematocrit usually between 18 and 20, prior to diagnosis of the type of anemia) but one of them was insensitive enough to tell one of my daughters that "people like her mother" do not deserve blood transfusions"! So it appears that the impetus that makes an adult act like a fifth grade bully is the desire to pick on someone who does not attend his or her church, is more intellectually inclined than the bully, and is physically not as strong as the bully. And maybe Jesus factors in somewhere, too; but I am not sure exactly how. The trolls justify their crap to their own children by reiterating that Jesus hates people like me, and I can only look at the privileges I have enjoyed and the people I have loved over the course of my life and conclude that there is no such evil genie as Jesus, who hates my guts, as these people say. My trolls are not only immature, they are delusional.

Now let me address some of the concerns dwelt upon by the trolls in question. The newest one appears to think what she's told to think by her priest at the Catholic church and her small town neighbors. She's under no moral obligation to behave morally, because she can just go to confession. It doesn't matter if she drives drunk, or hurts someone doing the same....all she has to do is confess and try harder to conform. When conformity demands that she harm another, in order to make the christians at her church feel all warm and fuzzy, her priest tells her that it is good to hurt the families of those who are not christian. (Yes, he told me this; it was about an assault, though, not about a run-of-the-mill bully) After I got sick of her, and especially sick of trying to make friends with her and her ilk, I simply saved some of the more amazing examples of their bullying, electronic communiques and added their pictures to the "troll gadget" I created. Her dealio is that I criticize people who live in "her" town, and she and her little friends think that they should tell me not to live here, after buying a home and marrying. So does Mr. Catholic Priest. But the truth is, according to the Civil Rights Act of 1968, the United States grants me the right to live anywhere within it's borders that I damned well please, and I can bring my heritage, my culture, my complexion (if that's actually a problem for these morons) and my religion with me. I am under no obligation to be anything like these drunk religitards. I am also entitled to a public school that does not proselytize. There is no problem with their religion, either, but just as I ask my cat to excrete in the litter box, I ask them to excrete expressions of their religion privately, too. This brings me to the concern of a couple of the other trolls.....indeed; they are very, very concerned that I expect them to obey the law. My religion never should have mattered to them, and I actually don't think it does. They have some very valid reasons for not wanting to get to know anyone new, and those reasons have a lot more to do with THEM than with anyone who might move here. But why bring religion into it? Can't they stand on their own two feet without an imaginary accomplice?

In Case You Slept Through Church This Sunday

In case you slept through church this Sunday, perhaps these questions can wake you up!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Governor Sam Brownback Needs A New Washing Machine

As you can see, Governor Sam Brownback did not wish to discuss some pertinent financial matters about which he was quizzed by a citizen. Such arrogance! He should have known what could potentially follow: now it's not a fellow citizen or a journalist asking him if he is finished with his laundry yet, it's a federal grand jury!

From the looks of things, Jeff Colyer, Brownback's lieutenant governor is not as savvy about matters financial and "money management" as he had previously thought!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Republican Governor Gets Two Years For Bribery

"Don't make me go to prison!" "I'm too white to go to prison!" "Jesus said I didn't have to go to prison because that's only for OTHER PEOPLE, not ME!" "I went to confession....why do I have to go to prison?"

Where the HELL is the eye-rolley when I need it? Bob McDonnell, the former Republican governor of Virginia took bribes in exchange for using his office and position to promote someone's business interests, that's a federal crime, he was found guilty, and now he's going to prison, Republican christianity notwithstanding. His wife can probably expect the same, at her sentencing.

McDonnell says he's going to appeal his sentence, which, among sentences for this type of corruption, is light. It seems that it is one last ditch effort to avoid having to report to prison on February 9, which is what he was ordered to do. In addition to wanting the court to give him a free pass to violate whatever law he pleases, he has shown the audacity to request that the court also give his wife a get out of jail free card! So we have a Republican governor who wants the court to withhold the same punishment from himself and from his spouse that it would dole out to someone with less financial backing! How will he feel if he succeeds in getting out of jail free, but wifey gets locked up, anyways? He has no guarantees of anything, right now!

Hopefully, he will get the "vacation" he paid for by taking bribes. Being part of a certain clique or "set" does not impart immunity from the law, nor does it matter how cute a Christian priest finds a republican politician or similar animal. If the law says not to do something, shouldn't these know......try harder not to do it? After all, if one cannot do the time, one should not do the crime!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Last Turd In The Punch Bowl; Vermont Schools

Addison Rutland Supervisory Union, a Vermont school district, learned an important lesson last week about violating the civil rights of parents. A $147,000 lesson, to be exact. The school thought that a teacher who whined and complained about a concerned father was more important than the community, which included the father, so they barred him from attending any meetings about his child or any functions. They cited teacher fear as the reason, and the behavior they listed was simply the father's normal speaking voice, which apparently was not musically sweet enough for them, and his failure to achieve agreement with whatever silly-assed thingies had become all encompassing to the teachers and the school at the time. This is what a lot of public schools do when they perceive turds is their punch bowls......or, "koolaide" bowls, as the case may be!

A federal judge, on the other hand, determined that the school district was, (drum roll) wrong, and that the school had discriminated against Marcel Cyr. He was NOT required to belong to a protected minority, either; his rights as a member of the community and as a parent had been violated. His position as a parent was determined to be more important than a teachers desire for guaranteed and continued parental agreement. Since the ruling came from  federal judge, this is a bummer for public school teachers everywhere, not just in Vermont!

There was a principal in Northeast Kansas who tried something similar when a parent disagreed with one of his teachers. The parent, a mother this time, found herself in a state of disagreement with a teacher who dropped a female high school freshman off by herself on a highway and left her there; the only occupied house being the dwelling of a sex offender. When the parent discovered the latter, she dropped by the school to ask what protections are afforded children in the presence of sex offenders. She took a copy of the pertinent Kansas sex offender registry page with her. The principal, upon looking at the information, crumpled it, tossed it, and told her that the man was not really an offender! Seriously? The parent had only lived there for about a year, not long enough to peruse the criminal cases of individuals she had not even met, so she felt obliged to take the word of a Kansas jury or the plea of the defendant, himself, as the actual upshot, here. The principal ended his rant by leaning over the counter in the office, index finger extended, nearly taking a slice out of the mother's right eye! Not only did she disagree on many levels, she called the police.

Mr. Northeast Kansas principal ( also called Dean Dalinghaus) got a visit from an officer, who not only wanted to know why he had been so violent, but wanted to know what children were doing, unsupervised, so close to sex offenders and why a child had been lost for the better part of a day with no missing persons report. A whole slew of unanswered questions about school policy ensued, and it was perceived that there may be a "turd in the punch bowl". Since the koolaide previously served by the school to the community involved the lie that there was never any crime, nor any potential for the same, and no dangers that are not necessarily to crime: implementation of child safety standards used by the rest of the nation would never work out in this part of Kansas. So the mother was banned from school. But guess what? The principal's boss decided otherwise, he made the principal apologize! He not only cleaned out the punch bowl of the real turd, rather than the perceived turd, but he also dumped out as much of the koolaide as the local school board would allow. From the looks of things, he may have also saved USD 380 $147,000!

The superintendent of the school district in Vermont decided that if he could not discriminate against dissenting parents anymore, he would just have to take more money away from the children and education to hire an off-duty police officer to stand guard at meetings and other school events. Not only did he throw away the award of the lawsuit, he is willing to continue to throw away childrens' education dollars, over pettiness and perceived turds in the punch bowl.