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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stalling Police Investigations Is Good Behavior In Kansas

Adam Herrman was born in June, 1987, taken away from struggling parents for undetermined reasons, and given to known child abusers by the state of Kansas before he disappeared in late 1998 or early 1999. Despite the fact that Adam's dad, who lived in another state, wanted him, Kansas refused, without a solid reason, to give him his child, and proceeded to adopt him out to people who lived in an already overcrowded trailer and had criminal records. In other parts of our great nation, people with criminal records are screened out of the adoption process and not used as foster parents. Why is Kansas taking children away from parents who do not have criminal records and giving them to families who not only don't have space for more children, but don't obey the law? Ah......the rhetorical questions!

 Adam was not reported missing until 2009, when one of his biological sisters stood up to a cursing and screaming Valerie Herrman, the adoptive "mother" and insisted to know her brother's whereabouts. When the information was not provided, and it became clear from the testimony of other members of the Herrman family that Adam had not been seen in over ten years, Adam's sister reported him to the proper authorities as missing. After about two or three years of futile searches for Adam, the prosecuting attorney in Butler County, Kansas, decided to charge both Valerie Herrman, and her husband, Doug Herrman, with theft, because they never stopped collecting the stipend for some physical problems Adam may or may not have had. They thought they would avoid prison by copping a guilty plea, and the attorney we pay to keep scum like the Herrmans from interacting freely with the rest of us simply accepted it. But Judge Ricke, of Butler County, did not accept it and sent the pair of lovebirds to prison, anyway. Sadly, he could not try them for anything connected to their adopted son's disappearance, as the charges that were brought against them were merely for theft and embezzlement. He still deserves credit, though, for putting them away as long as possible. That was only seven months for Missus and nine months for Mister.

So why is Missus Herrman out of jail, already, if she went away on August 1, of last year? According to this, her cellulite covered body parts got out of jail on January 27! There are people who go to jail longer just for stealing candy bars! And the same article tells us that Mister might be out of jail as early as March 20, for "good behavior"! Now; in other states, "good behavior" involves cooperating with police investigations. Both Valerie Herrman and Doug Herrman failed to alert police or Adam Herrman's natural siblings when he first went missing, then they refused to cooperate with law enforcement after someone else reported him missing. They haven't even given the FBI a timeline of events describing the last day either of them saw Adam. Perhaps I have misunderstood Kansas, but isn't this an ongoing investigation until Adam is FOUND? And until some useful testimony is proffered by either of the Herrmans, how can we give them credit for "good behavior"? Their testimony is key to an ongoing missing persons investigation!
If Missus Valerie Herrman was truly exhibiting "good behavior" in a legal sense, Kansas must not really be making any serious efforts to find Adam Herrman.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coffeepaws, My New Baby

This is Coffeepaws, my new baby. She's mostly German Shepherd, and part Labrador Retriever. She's almost four months old, and I just brought her home today. Before today, she lived at the vet's office, waiting for someone to fall in love with her. Below is my daughter's dog, Kenji, adopted from the same vet. He isn't quite used to Coffeepaws yet. He actually took a rubber squeaky bone away from her and set it down beside himself, and then snapped at her for attempting to take another toy out of the basket! I was surprised at the sibling doggie rivalry..........

Friday, February 24, 2012

Satan Claus Is Coming To Town

Oh goody. Rick Satorum (or does he spell that "Santorum"?) will be in Wichita on Saturday, February 25, to pander for votes. I can hardly wait. Will he smear President Obama, drone on about abortion,  or talk to us about Satan? I mean.....Satan is, after all, the father of lies; at least, according to Rick Santorum, that's who he is. And also, according to Santorum, no upstanding Christian or American would ever have an abortion. 1996.....Mrs. Santorum, herself, had an abortion nineteen weeks into term. That's right; the baby had a physical problem that the Santorums found too challenging, and Mrs. Santorum had gotton sick. A therapeutic abortion was recommended, and since they were in Virginia at the time, where therapeutic abortions are performed legally and without the use of coat hangers, the damning abortion was carried out. After which Satorum told everyone that "that abortion was different". Yet he does not want to allow anyone else the same amount of latitude. Just his own family. Not that I support kicking a healthy fetus out of the womb, but dagnab! If "God" does not want a lifesaving procedure to save one woman's life, the next woman should suffer the same fate, right Satorum? Or does Mrs. Satorum get special favor here? Don't misunderstand me, I would not deny anyone medical care in an emergency. But it looks to me like, in order to make some imaginary dude in the sky happy, Rick Santorum will. Unless it's a member of his own family.

Who's really fathering lies? An imaginary dude with horns and a pitchfork? Or Rick Santorum?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Maryland Kiddie Porn Case Postponed

A number of people have expressed some interest lately in the case described in this post, originally posted on this blog in September of 2011. Robert Neil Boyd, known to most of you as Neil Boyd, was caught with a bunch of images depicting child pornography in Maryland in 2006. He fled to Tennessee, and in 2007, a bench warrent in Maryland was issued for him after he failed to show up in court. In 2010, it all caught up with him, protective yuppie friends, who don't have children to worry about, notwithstanding; and he was arrested. Of course, after the manner of sex offenders, Neil had committed a whole new batch of crimes in his new surroundings, and had to be tried for those before he could be sent back to Maryland. In January of this year, Maryland officials put clothespins on their noses and took him back to Maryland, after which, I'm sure they fumigated and sterilized the vehicles in which Neil was transported.

Since there seems to be an interest in Neil's fate, yet not much information, perhaps what you are attempting to discover is this; today's trial was postponed, and a new court date has not been set. Neil was duly sent back to jail. His face still graces the sex offender registry, and hopefully; no underage girls are allowed to visit him. And if anyone has a problem with this, please pull your head out of your anal passage. Kiddie porn is part of a serious criminal problem known as human trafficking.

Robert Neil Boyd. If you know him, you probably know him as Neil Boyd.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Judge Harms Says It's Okay To Order Late Term Abortions

About a month ago, there was a case that went to the Supreme Court in Massachusetts about a family law court judge near Boston who was petitioned by the family of a mentally ill woman in her thirties concerning her pregnancy. The family wanted the woman to be ordered by Judge Harms to have an abortion. The woman was about twenty weeks pregnant at the time. Judge Harms thought an abortion sounded like a good idea, and ordered it, as if it were an order for noncustodial visitation and rotating holidays. Naturally, the woman felt the healthy fetus moving inside of her and did not want labor induced so that a doctor or a nurse practitioner could set the baby down and allow it to die, as per the judge's orders. I wouldn't want that, either. Not that I think mental illness is a great quality for a parent to possess, but who, out in the Land of Reality, is perfect? Where should we draw the line? Alcoholics? Moms who don't make enough money for white picket fences? Should a mom serving time in prison, yet carrying a healthy fetus be aborted just because she'll be in prison while the child needs a mother? Or are there other solutions that don't involve death?

After being ordered by this Nazi throwback of a judge to abort a fetus during her second trimster, the woman decided upon civil disobedience, ( carrying a baby to term should NEVER be civil disobedience) and took family law court to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court sided with her, telling her that her child could live. Thank the Gods.

Back in court on municipal levels, Judge Harms retired early, because fallout from oversteppeing her bounds in such a serious way was too hard for her to face every day. A pregnant woman could face feeling her baby move, then submitting to her baby's death, but the Judge Harms was too cowardly to answer questions or face her constituents about her edict. She was planning to quietly continue to live among us, working as an instuctor at Boston University. Apparantly, no one wanted to sign up for her class, and no one wanted to share the teachers' lounge with her. Boston Universtiy rescinded their employment offer. Now the former Judge Harms feels slighted, and that she should still have had the opportunity to teach! I would certainly not take her class, I would not pay tuition for any of my children to take classes from her, and I can certainly see similar conflicts concerning any scholarship fund. Not many of us would want a young person educated by someone who openly violated not only the constitution, but everything for which we hope to stand, here in America.

"Harms, who retired last month, defended her ruling in a letter she sent Monday to other Massachusetts family court judges, saying she believed the schizophrenic woman would have chosen to have an abortion if she had been mentally competent."....Deborah Becker, WBUR..............Seriously, Judge Harms? You could feel a healthy fetus at four or five months moving inside of you, and deny him or her the opportunity to live? I'm so glad you are not on the bench anymore.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Santorum Is Already Doing Satan's Job

You heard it here first! Rick Santorum just issued a statement that all god-fearing conservatives are supposed to just...........believe........describing President Obama's Christian beliefs and the connected theology (basic, Protestant Christianity) as somehow "inferior" to his own! Will it ever stop?! This is 2012, for Christ sake! It seems that Obama's positions and questions concerning safety improvements in oil drilling technology have prompted Santorum to align himself with God, almighty, and declare Obama's religion to be in error, instead of simply having an intelligent discussion or debate with the President. Here's a quote from CNN on the subject:

"The comments came at an event in Columbus shortly after the former senator from Pennsylvania said efficacy and safety improvements in oil drilling technology are considered by the president to be "a dangerous technology."
"It doesn't fit his pattern of trying to drive down consumption, trying to drive up your cost of transportation to accomplish his political science goal of reducing carbon dioxide," he said.
Obama, he continued, is not motivated by "your quality of life.”
“It's not about your job. It's about some phony ideal, some phony theology,” Santorum said. "Oh, not a theology based on the Bible, a different theology. But no less a theology.”

How is a policy concerning an industry the same thing as a theology? Unless, of course, all the money generated by this particular industry is what Santorum calls "God"........That's quite possible. But I do not believe that is the case for Obama. Obama simply has a different outlook than the people who financially support Santorum. And the bible does not have a position on the oil industry. The bible does have a position on something else, though: Santorum's "Christian" attacks on Obama's Christian beliefs sound a lot like nasty spiritual accusations meant to rile up unthinking but otherwise harmless people. In biblical Revelations twelve, the entity who accuses the Brethren is identified as Satan. Not that I believe in an actual Satan, but the principle is still valid; stirring up a bunch of lies and false rumors against someone, using fear and superstition to do so, is petty and low. It should be well beneath the dignity of anyone running for president. Apparently, it is not beneath the dignity of Rick Satorum!

Friday, February 17, 2012

How Come No One's Ever Naked In Walmart When I'm There?

More "People of Walmart"! A Pennsylvania man just got arrested for stripping off his clothes and calmly walking right into a Walmart, stealing a pair of socks, and refusing to listen to police when they attempted to dissuede him from shopping nude. Here it is:

He's being held now on a $50,000 bond. For stealing socks and being naked.

Jessica Alquist And Christian Love

There have been a lot of hits to the blog lately for this post, about a sixteen year old Rhode Island high school student named Jessica Alquist, who successfully filed suit against her school to have some Christian propoganda removed from public view. This is the law, no government agency may publicly favor one religion over another or promote a religion with a display of that religion's prayers or propoganda aired in a public place. There is also something called Separation of Church and State. Jessica's very public school is not part of any church, but run by the STATE of Rhode Island, so when she got tired of looking at the silly-assed Christian crapola hanging on the wall, she rightfully sued to have the eyesore removed. There should be no problem.

Some parents have apparently trained their loving, Christian, little monsters that Jesus expresses his great, evangelical love by bullying any student who does not conform in some way to the mainstream, collective, bourgeois, humdrum, watered down, whitewashed, white, insane, untrue, incorrect, and highly prejudiced view of Christian religious outlook, and have allowed their jesus christing spawns to say some of the most offensive, threatening, and violent things I have heard in my entire fifty years of existance in this lifetime. Trust me, I have heard some rotton things, too. My Dad tried civil rights cases in Washington DC during the 1960's..........I have heard a lot of horrid sounding, prejudiced crap; but these Christian children in Rhode Island have actually managed to surprise me with their evil natures and ignorance of the laws of the land. Here is a link to some samples of the students' Christian love.

Isn't that sweet? The alarming thing is that there are reams and reams of examples of this, directed at this child over this incident. The sad thing is that none of the Christian parents of these Christian children are likely to have or display enough sense to be ashamed of their children and their religion. Hopefully, I will never hear another word about any Christian sect at any public school, unless it is to teach about the role Christianity played in some of the darkest moments of history, and to bring hope by pointing out how much better life will be when no one takes it seriously anymore.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Do Bishop Mitt Romney And Bishop Robert Finn Have In Common?

What do Bishop Mitt Romney (yes, he's an LDS bishop) and Bishop Robert Finn have in common? Bishop Robert Finn was asked, several times over the past couple of years, to hand over a hard drive and a lap top to authorities. Instead, Bishop Finn made these items disappear. It seems that Bishop Romney is proficient with the same disappearing stunt.....he successfully made several hard drives and a whole slew of emails from his tenure as Governer of Massachusetts disappear. When Bishop Finn's magically missing laptop was found, law enforcement discovered that they had some very serious issues, specifically, kiddie porn, with Catholic churches in an entire diocese, from St. Joseph, Missouri to Kansas City, Missouri. What will the general public find in Bishop Romney's emails and other records he is hiding, when and if they are found? Usually, when an official, such as a bishop, governer, or president (can anyone say "Nixon"?) refuses to turn over information such as records or communiques, it is because said official is hiding something or covering for someone. It is not because the official is doing his or her job in an exemplary fashion.

"Bishop" Romney

Nixon, who insisted he was "not a crook".
Bishop Finn, who doesn't think he did
anything wrong either, despite the kiddie
porn he tried to hide from police in
Kansas City, Missouri.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Westboro Baptist Church Wants To "Attend" Whitney Houston's Funeral

The strange, angry bunch of picketing lunatics known as Westboro Baptist Church state that they will picket Whitney Houston's funeral. Normally, they picket the funerals of gay men and soldiers as a way of telling us all how much God hates us because we refuse to discriminate against the Gay community or the Jewish community, but today, they announced a picket of Whitney Houston's funeral. This is an ironic, but not unexpected decision. Whitney's last public performance shortly before she died happened to be a rendition of Jesus Loves Me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mitt Romney Drove From Boston To Canada With Dog On Top Of Car

Today, there was a demonstration outside the the Westminster Kennel Dog Club Show, protesting yet another dark side of Mitt Romney's creepy personality: he drove from Boston to Canada with the family's dog strapped in it's cage to the roof of the car! No kidding; this happened in 1983. If I were his wife, I would not have stayed with him after witnessing such cruelty to an innocent, and I am surprised that any of his children are still speaking to him. I guess money buys familial affection, in some cases.

Here's a thought that is truly disturbing, however; many a competent psychiatrist will draw a connection between cruelty to animals and psychopathy. In fact, a psychopath will often begin a lifetime of sick behavior by inflicting pain on animals. After hearing about this incident, I would not let Romney feed my cats while I'm on vacation......I really don't know how the people of Massachusetts allowed him to govern.

Corperations are "people too", but it's okay to treat animals like luggage? It's just one more reason to wonder why anyone would vote for Mitt Romney.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just In Case You Skipped Church Today

If you did not go to church this Sunday, perhaps you picked up a couple of these at your local hardware store!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What The Hell Is Wrong With This Parent?

One more "what the hell is wrong with this parent" story here: Jamial Bayly, of Ohio, was arrested for whirling his three year old around in the dryer! It seems electrical appliances also serve as a means of negative reinforcement in his home. Geesh.

Not only are most, if not all, clothes dryers not guarenteed against any damage incurred during use for drying toddlers, putting anyone in a dryer is reckless endangerment. Here's a picture of him. Note the unmanaged static electricity in his hair. Could he possibly have used a clothing dryer to get that look? It almost looks as if there should be a sock sticking to it...........

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Possible Kyron Sighting In Manatee Florida

There has been nothing new in Kyron Horman's case in a long time, yet I still keep hoping to read the news and see that he has been found. Today, I noticed this, and I will share part of it with you. It's from News Manatee County , dated for Monday of this week.
Possible Local Sighting of
Oregon Boy Missing Since
June 4, 2010
MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office reports a local man and his mother may have spotted missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman, who now would be nearly 10 years old, at the Lowe's store located at 4012 14th Street West, Bradenton, on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, at about 11 a.m.

On the morning of Wednesday, February 1, 2012, at about 9:30 p.m., a man called the sheriff's office to say that while he was at Lowe's the previous day attempting to find a parking spot, he noticed a young boy holding the hand of an older female that "appeared strange." As the man was about to pull into a parking space located near the front doors of the store, he waited for the two to pass, and gestured so they would pass.
The boy and older woman then approached the side of the man's vehicle and said that they have never done this before, but they needed money so they could get on the bus and find a place to stay. Both the man and his mother suggested they go and stay at the Salvation Army. The boy and the woman responded by telling them they have been there and were turned down because they were filled up.
The man and his mother felt bad and told the boy and the woman they would give them money, but had to go inside the store to get change. After they retrieved the change, they left the store, but the boy and the woman were nowhere to be found.
Both the man and his mother thought they had seen the boy previously and had a funny feeling about what had happened.
The man went home and started looking on the Internet and found a boy that he described to deputies as identical to a boy by the name of Kyron Horman (the report spelled his first name as "Kyler"), who was missing out of Portland, Oregon. The man looked at multiple pictures of the boy and was positive it is the boy he had seen in the Lowe's parking lot, because of a "unique shaped head and unique smile."
The man read articles about Kyron Hormon online and discovered "the stepmother in the case who is a suspect has friends in Florida who may be aiding in the case."

Come home Kyron!

Volunteer Search For Amir Jennings.

On Sunday, February 12, at 9:00 AM, volunteers will meet at the South Carolina Museum to search for Amir Jennings, who was last seen around Thanksgiving of 2011. This is good, as it is about time the general public took an interest in his missing persons case. His mother is still being held on a very high bond, but she has yet to cooperate with authorities and assist in locating her missing son. Can anyone say "Casey Anthony"?

You can read more about this event here. Amir was eighteen months old when he was last seen, and here is a picture of him. Hopefully, there will be some good news about him.

Kansas Missing Person, Francis Kramer

Francis Kramer, 89, of Frankfort, Kansas, was last seen this past Friday, February 3, heading toward Brown County, Kansas. He was driving a 1991 blue Chevy Lumina with Kansas tags UZR 569. It has been almost a week, and he is still not found. If you have seen him, or know where he is, please call police in Marysville, Kansas at 785-562-3141. This is the picture of Mr. Kramer that is circulating right now. Hopefully, someone will recognize him.

Correction: Mr. Kramer is not 89 years old. He is 78 years old.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Alyssa Bustamante Is A Mentally Invalid Monster

Today, a worthless creature named Alyssa Bustamante is back in court, in Cole County, Missouri, because in October of 2009, when she was fifteen years old, she violently murdered nine year old Elizabeth Olten, dumped her into a hole which she had already dug, and left her for two days, before finally telling authorities what had happened to Elizabeth. The court has already accepted her guilty plea to second degree murder, although this murder was obviously planned and therefore first degree murder, and today's appearance in court is for sentencing.

It's pretty much going as could be expected......the defense wants as much mercy and leniency as possible because their client has a mental illness and was on prozac at the time of the murder. The prosecution wants to put Bustamante away for life. It's a shame Bustamante is not eligable for the death penalty. She was fifteen when she murdered a nine year old, so she can only get life with a possibility of parole after eighty-five percent of her sentence is served. Elizabeth Olten's mother, Patty Preiss, stated while testifying, that Bustamante is an "evil monster". That statement seems pretty logical and accurate, since prozac does not incite murder, despite what the defense would purport. But the defense objected to a grieving mom calling a murderer a monster, because insane killers are obviously just misunderstood, not monsters.

Well golly gee! She's not a monster.......and it's all the prozac's fault! In that case, here's an idea: why not make the prescribing physician take responsibility for what happened to Elizabeth? If mental illness and the drugs used to treat it are that dangerous, shouldn't a responsible doctor have ordered Bustamante into a locked facility? She did, after all, have a history of violent behavior. No? That's not practical or possible? Ok, then; Bustamante must be an evil monster, and it should be okay to say so in court. Or perhaps, since she has a mental illness and is just "misunderstood", we should call her a mentally invalid monster. Maybe even an unsupervised spoiled brat.

Since I do not think Bustamante deserves any more attention, I will not post any pictures of her here. Below are some pictures of Elizabeth Olten, and of the funeral.

Update: the monster in question was sentenced today to life with the possibility of parole.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kyron Mosiac Again, Different Hairstyles

Because of renewed interest in Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his second grade class during a science fair at his school in Portland, Oregon, I am going to show these pictures again. I have been getting a lot of hits to this blog involving queries about how Kyron would look with a different hairstyle. Pretty soon, I think it will be time for an age progressed picture, as he will be ten years old in September.

The top left photo is how he looked without glasses in 2010.

This is how he looks with glasses.

For Those Who Missed Church

Is it time for new windows, or time for a new concept?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mitt Romney In Drag

Here's what Mitt Romney would look like in drag:

And here's what Mitt Romney would look like with red high tops on:

Friday, February 3, 2012

Debbie Bradley, A Pig With Lipstick

This, folks, is what a pig with lipstick looks like. This is also what Debbie Bradley, of Kansas City, Missouri, looks like with lipstick, hair dye, rouge, and fake tears. (do TV studios use eye drops for that?) The only real thing about her on the recent episode of Dr. Phil was the obesity, which, apparently has increased and become even more real since October 4 of 2011, when she reported her ten month old daughter, Lisa Irwin, who was last seen on October 3, 2011, missing.

Since October, we have found that Debbie Bradley drinks like a fish, has had no problem purchasing alcohol for her underage brother, is married to someone other than Lisa's father, yet plays house with Lisa's father, (those morals do not cut it everywhere, a lot of places, a woman who does those things is called a WHORE) has given at least four different stories to law enforcement, has blocked the testimony of Lisa's older brothers, and is on antipsychotic medication and probably was a bad candidate for parenting responsibilities. We have also discovered, on the Dr. Phil episode, that she feels that these antipsychotic drugs mix just fine with alcohol, and that drinking the better part of a box of wine with the drugs that were prescribed to help her live among us like a sane person who does not harm or murder children is healthy. Dr. Phil did not call her out on this, either. That was disappointing, because as a psychiatrist, he certainly knows that consuming booze with antipsychotic pills is contraindicated.

Debbie Bradley is a little upset because a very truthful dog let law enforcement know that something smelled like death in places where little Lisa had been. Dogs, by and large, lie to police a lot less often than humans, so Debbie and her illicit bed buddy, Jeremy Irwin, will simply have to cope with the fact that law enforcement in Kansas City is more inclined to listen to the dog. She did mention something interesting, and that is the shed, behind her boyfriend's house. As many of us remember, a role of carpeting was confiscated from the shed. How close could little Lisa have been to the shed on the evening of October 3?

Mrs. Bradley also thinks that if she "did anything wrong" she would be in jail. Hmmm....that's interesting; what about O. J. Simpson and Casey Anthony?

Another interesting thing is a comment made by Debbie Bradley's defense attorney, Joe Tacopina. (Isn't it interesting that Mrs. Bradley had need of a defense attorney while her daughter still has not been found? Isn't it also interesting that Mrs. Bradley never hired a divorce attorney, so she could legitimately marry Lisa's father? Oh! That would stop her military benefits, wouldn't it?) Taco stated that "there is still significant leads" for police. Such bad grammer, for a high profile lawyer! Anyone who is smart enough to pass a bar exam should also know that "leads", when used in English as a noun, is plural, and one would therefore say that "there ARE still significant leads"! Oh well.....maybe Tacobella's expertise lies in media whoring, rather than actual law. Here's another misused plural noun that appeared in this episode of Dr. Phil, from Mrs. Debbie Bradley: she refers to Lisa's older brothers as "her boys". What she really means is "her boy", as one of those boys is not hers, and was ruthlessly kept from his mother by a very hostile and oppositional father, who apparently shares his bed with women who are married to other people. It naturally brings up a question....... is Mrs. Bradley still holding Lisa's oldest brother hostage?

Remembering what's real, nothing has changed. Jeremy Irwin still has not put the best interest of any of the children involved with his life first, and Debbie Bradley still looks like a pig, albeit with lipstick!

Engraved Invitation To Con Artist Bimbo

138.210.221. This is the IP number you often use to come to my blog and harass me. I did not include the last several numbers, as I think you probably access the internet from places where you do not reside. I used to think you were just some bimbo who didn't like me because I am basically happy, and love the people with whom I share my life. Increasingly, I have found that some of the people in this teeny, tiny, little postage stamp of a place, here in Kansas, have a problem with that. Okay, go ahead and have a problem with that. You can even go ahead and howl and complain to me on my blog if you wish. I will still talk to you, as long as I can understand you, and publish what you say without breaking any laws or violating someone else's privacy, just as I might in person. As long as that was the extent of our relationship, things were fine......I didn't really care what you do. But something else recently came to my attention. You habitually use and take advantage of someone who is kind to you, even though you don't deserve it, and when it's time for you to step aside, you block this person's light and path, instead.

As a result of your presence in the wrong house and in the wrong life, someone's father and grandfather recently missed out on an opportunity for friendship and happiness that he should have taken. Someone's father and grandfather was frozen in place because you were taking up space in his personal space. After yet another day of affection refused and love not granted from you, he turned away the friendship of a person who could have made a positive difference to him. He did this just to keep your sorry posterior end happy, Bimbo. Not for any good reason. The person was someone he likes, and was also saddened. In fact, it represents another life made less happy because you refuse to stand on your own two feet and take care of your problems, using others who are kind and vulnerable, instead. If this is the habit and lifestyle I think it is for you, there are probably more victims than just the two I have personally noticed. How much of the Light intended for ALL of us have you blocked and absorbed? How many people have gone to their graves, never enjoying the time with friends they could have enjoyed, if you had simply stayed where you belong, working and going home, staying out of everyone else's way?

You need to go back to your own place, no matter what luxuries you have or do not have, and you need to start using your own vehicle. You have one. Someone's father and grandfather have a right to people who really enjoy his company, and from his true friends to his grandchildren, you have done nothing but stand in the way. I know you read my blog, and I know you will see this. You would be well advised to apologize and disappear. Consider this an engraved invitation.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Imbolc; literally translated, "ewe's milk", from Gaelic. The beginnings of Spring, when ewes often had their babies. Northern Europeans used this festival, usually observed around this time of year, often during the first full moon of Aquarius, as a festival during which to burn old projects, completely clean house, reorganize, and allow the start of new energies and plans. Never forget Faith.

Romney Should Stop Leaching Off Of The Nonmormon Population

Isn't Romney rich enough to afford his own goodies? He pays his taxes at the lowest possible rate, (as far as we know.....he has not been forthcoming with all of his financial information from overseas accounts yet) and uses and abuses everything the taxpayors of this country have to offer, even though the rest of us have to pay for it or do without it. Why is a government employee of Kansas working as an unpaid advisor to Romney's campaign? That's right; Kris Kobach, Secretary of State in Kansas, is donating Kansans' time to Mitt Romney! Kansas, itself, does not owe Romney anything. The population of Kansas has not agreed to support Romney. Romney's use of Kris Kobach, while Kris Kobach has an official obligation to the people of Kansas, is nothing short of dishonest and wrong.

As of yesterday, Mitt Romney is also receiving secret service protection at taxpayors' expense. Most presidential wannabees don't get publicly funded protection this early in a campaign. If Romney wants to continue his bid, can't he do that at his own expense, until he actually gets nominated by his party? He isn't a former president or first spouse, he hasn't been nominated, and he isn't even a governer or representative of any state anymore; why are we paying for his personal needs? If he's truly as concerned about the middle class as he claims, he should not be making the middle class pay his way, here. Doesn't he have his own safety net? Here's more information, concerning a "safety net" Romney has in the Caymen Islands.

As for the conflict of interest created by the untaxed, free services of a Kansas official, here is what someone from Kansas anonymously stated, "How many hours does this man actually spend doing the job he was hired to do here in Kansas? Our taxes pay him to do a job here. He's using us to make a name for himself (and not a good one) around the country. Shouldn't he be held accountable for his work right here in this state? Though, he does seem to make more of a mess when he is working for Kansas", at the WIBW website. If Mitt wants to be a real man about all of this, he should at least start paying for the services he takes and make sure that no conflicts arise between the person he uses and the people that person represents.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Endorsement Romney Does Not Have

Mitt Romney already thinks he's entitled to everything. Even the endorsement of a former candidate, namely Michelle Bachman, when she did not give it! That's right, the Boston Globe announced Michelle Bachman's endorsement of Mitt Romney! I am actually in full support of her response......she wants the Boston Globe to retract that statement.

What really happened here? Lets see.......Michelle Bachman is a woman. In Mitt Romney's world, women can be manipulated and pushed around in any way a Morman male see fit. If you don't believe me, just look at Warren Jeffs. You can also take a look at the blog of Sean Cruz, for more information. Since Michelle Bachman has dropped out of the race, Mitt Romney probably thought he could take advantage of her name for an endorsement that had not been granted. Just another slick business move, from a sexist living in a world where the actual opinion and career of the woman he tried to use doesn't matter, anyway. And the Boston Globe is in Boston, which is in the state where Mitt became governer, and Mitt probably has a "relationship" with the Boston Globe. In fact, the party that really wants to endorse Mitt Romney is probably the Boston Globe. We know it's not Michelle Bachman, because she has come out and told us this.

Why doesn't Mitt Romney go ahead and announce the Boston Globe's endorsement, instead of another person's? After all, the Boston Globe is a corporation, and corporations are people, too. That should count, right, Mitt?

Anyone Remember Soul Train And Don Cornelius?

How sad. Don Cornelius, the creator of Soul Train, which aired from 1971 to 2006, was found deceased. It appears to have been a suicide, which is very sad. I hope he knew how much he contributed to the music world, and how much art he promoted. As a child, I LOVED Soul Train! His presence certainly made a difference in my world.