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Friday, September 30, 2011

Footage Of Tsunami Up Close

Amazing. Someone just sent me this. Water can travel so far, so fast.

Karen Spillman Vs. Banana Man

This is a GREAT story! A high school student, with lots of intelligence and a brilliant future, but also diagnosed with autism, (one wouldn't know it from his dialogue with news reporters, though) decides to don a Banana Man costume and run down the sidelines of his Stafford, Virginia high school during half time at a football game. An angry, heavy handed, authoritarian principal, Karen Spillman, gets on her high horse and suspends him for ten days! The average suspension for a fistfight in schools on the East Coast is three days....but I guess something as victimless as running in the sidelines in a costume is much more serious...........where's the eye-rolley when I need it?

Ok....making a long story short: the other children at Bryan Thompson's school thought this was assinine and completely wrong. So a large number of them got "Free Banana Man" shirts made, and wore them to school. But Free Banana Man is a terrible message for a young person to wear on a shirt, so these shirts were also banned, along with Banana Man. Enter the ACLU. The Free Banana Man shirts were reinstated as school appropriate apparel. But poor Mrs. Spillman just couldn't take any more. So she resigned. And Banana Man is back, his suspension cut short, because the heavyhandedness was finally deemed not fit for the situation. Here's the statement made by the superintendent:

"My staff, under my direction, has reviewed the recent actions at Colonial Forge High School relating to the wearing of yellow tee shirts and other activities in support of a student who had been recently disciplined. We have concluded that many of the actions that were taken by the school were inappropriate. We are sorry for any embarrassment or inconvenience incurred by the students who were appropriately exercising their freedom of speech and by the families of those students. This administration and the School Board fully support the First Amendment rights of our students."

And here's Bryan Thompson, in his unforgettable Banana Man get-up...

Just reading that a child diagnosed with autism has the self confidence and fun-loving sponteneity required to be such a great class clown is encouraging. Shame on Karen Spillman and anyone who supported her in her unkind, unteaching decision to punish this child for his commendable social skills. (yes; class clowning is a social skill) Anxiety often goes hand in hand with the different forms of autism, and Karen Spillman decided to compound this by calling the police and having this child handcuffed and thrown into a squad car after he did NOT commit a crime. This was reprehensible of her. I am so glad that none of those children have to see her every day, anymore.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Legal To Commit A Misdemeanor In Topeka

I have known for quite some time that Kansas has a serious problem with lunatics making serious decisions, but now, authorities in Topeka are no longer using due process for misdemeanors. Only felonies, which must, at the direction of federal authorities, be prosecuted. No kidding. Chad Taylor, District Attorney of Shawnee County announced, "Under current constraints, we do not have the necessary resources to prosecute misdemeanors that occur in Topeka and simultaneously fulfill our statutory obligations. This decision will have no effect on felony crimes or crimes occurring outside of Topeka. We will continue to vigorously prosecute all felonies that occur in Shawnee County as well as misdemeanors that occur beyond the boundaries of Topeka"........ksnt

So what does this mean? Lots of sex offenses are misdemeanors. Does this mean that offenders can do whatever they want to any victim they choose, and just stop short of committing a felony? What about domestic violence? Is wife beating okay, now? Drunk driving is usually a misdemeanor, so is vandelism. What about child abuse? Can I key my neighbor's car when he parks in my spot? Can shoplifters loot the stores, as long as they only take so much at one time? I think I see insurance rates for running a business rising already.............

This is really a stupid idea. I think it would have been smarter if Chad Taylor had informed Topeka that he was going to ignore violations of prohibition laws, instead. Then, only victimless crimes would be ignored, and Shawnee County's judicial sytem would find it's productivity at an alltime pun intended! Oh wait........that can't happen. Victimless violations of prohibition laws are usually felonies, these days, while sexual assualts of children and domestic violence, even with fatal results, are usually misdemeanors.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Terri Horman's Monday Cold Case

It's Monday again. That's when I find a cold case from somewhere, that was almost impossibly solved, to describe for Terri Horman, defacto suspect in the disappearance of nine year old Kyron Horman, who has been missing since June of 2010. When she periodically googles her name, hoping to have gained fame and admiration, I would not want her to be disappointed.

So here it is, Terri. Today's cold case is from very close to where you used to live. There used to be a woman by the name of Arlene Roberts living there, until 1978, when she was murdered. She was eighty years old. Thirtythree years went by, and then the case was reexamined. A fingerprint had been left at the crime scene, but since the suspect was only seventeen or eighteen years old at the time, and had not had a chance to get his criminal career off the ground yet, there were no prints in the system yet, to which to compare it. Nonetheless, it was saved. When the case was reopened, recently, the print matched someone named Ronald joke....I guess he calls himself Ronald Wayne McDonald, to avoid getting confused with the clown by that name.........and now he has been charged with murder. After thirtythree years, Terri! His life must suck, right now. Not only did he not get away with murder when he thought he had, but all the other inmates are prolly calling him Ronald McDonald, the Clown! That'd be almost as bad as having to be known as the "Underwear Bomber" in jail!

So Terri, you never know what tommorrow will bring. Why not just cooperate with everyone today, and help bring Kyron home. You can still dump your husband, you can still live with your parents, (as long as you didn't harm Kyron) and you can still google your name on the internet to see what everyone is saying about you.

This is Arlene Roberts, whose murder was finally solved after thirtythree years. I hope she rests in peace. And below, is Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his school in June of 2010, and is still missing. Anyone who sees him should just call local law enforcement, since the FBI is still looking for him. He needs to come home.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mitt Romney Uses Wife To Project Image

In yet another great example of a smoke and mirrors ruse, Mitt Romney got his wife, to whom he refers as "sweetheart" all dressed up in a white apron to serve breakfast and play "June Cleaver". She's supposed to "humanize" him a little, and make him appear to have stuff in common with other Americans. Somehow, I just don't see it.

First of all, in this picture, taken at a GOP gathering in Michigan, she appears nervous and her smile looks fake. This makes her husband look even more fake. Then, she talks about serving pancakes to her five sons every morning before school. That's nice........but before unemployment became the problem that it is now, both parents in most American families normally worked. This, more often than not, meant that no one would have time to make pancakes in the morning before school. A parent's time was, and is, often spent sitting in traffic in the morning, before school. Is Mrs. Mitt coherant with that reality? Is Mrs. Mitt coherant with the reality that a lot of families do not have two parents at this point, and a lot of families with school aged children have at least one parent deployed? Pancakes or not, if she and her husband move into the White House and inherit Bush's mess from Obama, she'd better learn something about it, or risk being perceived as another Nancy Reagan.

Second, speaking of national unemployment, the only reason anyone supporting a family, and that's usually BOTH parents, would have time to make pancakes before school is unemployment. Even if Americans wanted the clock turned back forty years, to the days when moms usually stayed home, I don't think Mitt Romney could do that. The world's economy no longer supports the nuclear family of the 1950's and 1960's in America, and never truly did. Even if it did, quite a few women were not happy with that lifestyle, and we really don't want to go back. Mitt, I am not impressed with your marital theatrics. Why don't you spare your wife the stressors of public life, and let her stay home? That's another reason why I don't believe you.......your wife really isn't living the "ideal", is she? You're actually USING her, and you could hire a model to fill her shoes if she didn't want to play follow-the-leader with you.

Third, Mitt Romney will never be coherant and fluent in Reality enough to truly relate to mainstream America. His assumption that every woman wants the same thing in life, and that every family wants to be a replica of "Leave It To Beaver" is almost an insult. He is not only overlooking and ignoring Reality himself, but he is asking me to do the same! Sorry, Mitt; I can't do that for you. If I truly wanted all the things you want, I would try writing letters to Santa Claus before I'd vote for you. I also don't wear high heels to clean the house or work in the garden.

Sunday's Good Word

                                                         Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Natural Enemies Of Stinkbugs

Halyomorpha Halys, or stinkbugs. People on the east coast are wondering how to get rid of them. Because of the strain put on the ecosystem by too many insecticides, I looked up their natural predators, and found the ones I expected to find.  Garter snakes will eat almost any insect, including stinkbugs. Spiders also eat them. Toads eat stinkbugs. And so do house if my house had been invaded by strinkbugs, I might put out a bird feeder on my porch or near my house with feed that would attract wrens. Oh.......turning loose a preying mantis or two near the house would not hurt, either.

Garter snake, Wren, and Preying Mantis.........all looking more preferable, to me, than stinkbugs!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kerra Wilson

Yesterday, when I heard that eight year old Kerra Wilson was missing from Nebraska, I was ready to start printing up flyers with her picture and information, since Nebraska is right next door to me. She was reported missing on Wednesday, at around 3:00 PM, from Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Her stepfather, Salvadore Carlos Lopez, claimed that he dropped her off at school that morning, but because the school has camaras and a security system, and cooperated fully with authorities by handing over all of their data from the camaras, they were able to determine immediately that Kerra had not been inside the school that day. Because no one knew of a vehicle involved in her disappearance, no amber alert could be issued. On Thursday, a rancher in Mitchell, Nebraska found her body. At that time, Kerra's stepfather was arrested and charged with her murder. How sad. Rest in peace, Kerra.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Isolate Atheists?

How weird! Here's a video response I saw this morning, when I looked at John Loftus's blog, that was made in response to someone with an online Christian following. Apparently, someone out there thinks that atheists should be made to register publicly, like sex offenders, so that everyone can avoid them and boycott their businesses. I've never heard anything like that in America before. Not from anyone sane, anyway. So much for the first amendment...............................

I am not an atheist, but methinks it would be much better to have an atheist next door than a sex offender! Why would atheists pose such a threat to anyone? Why do some people find it so threatening to share the world with people who come to different conclusions about abstract ideas?

Another Wonderful Teacher In Kansas

If anyone who knows the whereabouts of this person feels like doing the right thing, there are two arrest warrents out Noble Rick Pendland in Arkansas City, Kansas, and in Wichita, Kansas. Apparently, there are victim statements dating from 2003, suggesting strongly that this man has some strange sexual impulses regarding children, and authorities have finally decided that it is time to ask Mr. Pendland why the children everywhere that he has taught or worked would say such things. After his last teaching post ended, he disappeared and was reported as missing, but authorites caught up with him in Arizona. Since he was only a missing person at the time, he was not arrested. Now, no one claims to know where he is. He has allegedly been spotted in Missouri and Oklahoma, and he drives a grey Toyota Tundra with Kansas plates; 996 CQD. He's 5'9" and 250 lbs.......which makes him kinda disgustin'-lookin' from the getgo, probably even before one sees his face, and his employment background contains a lot of experience in social services, foster care, and teaching.........Northeast Kansas, listen up: DO NOT HIRE THIS CREEP, even if you have no one at all to fill a position! Ok, ok; if you know where he is, Cowley County Crimestoppers can take your report at 620-442-7777, or you can text anonymously ACTIPS TO 487411.

Here's a picture of him. In a post on Facebook, this is what he had to say about the fact that he was not rehired as a teacher: "the job door has closed. I guess I am not as loved as I thought." WTF?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


May everyone be blessed as we count our many blessings. Mother Earth has not forgotton us, and never will.

Looking At The Big Picture

I saw this on Yahoo this morning. Bill Clinton, on the economy, and the "American Dream", or lifestyle. When I explain American ecomonic issues to my children, I usually start with the 1920's, and work my way to now, explaining the effects of everything from the "Roaring Twenties" and alcohol prohibition, two world wars within twenty years of each other, to the Reagan and Bush years, with Americans just grazing like sheep during every era. Clinton; however, sticks to a thirty year period and offers a very relevant explanation. Here's the clip:"></iframe></div>

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Cold Case For Terri Horman

It's Monday again. Already. And it's time for me to tell Terri Horman, stepmother of Kyron Horman and defacto kidnapping suspect, who will not cooperate with authorities and help find her stepson, about a cold case that baffled authorities but was solved either by painstaking detective work, statements made by witnesses, or just good, old fashioned luck. Here's a recent story; it's about a kiddie-porn perp. His name is  Eric Antwan Bell, and he apparently began his life of crime sometime in 2007. It came to the attention of law enforcement in Florida that he was using adult prostitutes (who sound like accomplices to me) to lure underage girls into his home. Then he would molest them, and film this activity. He made his living by selling this footage on the internet. But when victims helped police put together a profile, with a name and face.......something other than Santana, which he used as an anonymous moniker...........he fled. But he had connections to New York and New Jersey, and probably several other places up and down the East Coast, and since his trade involved selling kiddie porn online, he left an electronic trail. His pattern of abuse followed by victims' statements also spoke for itself. He was finally caught in New Jersey earlier this month, where he had moved and established residency.

So what do things like this have to do with people like you, Terri? Oh......I don't know. Perhaps nothing. But; if Kyron's kidnapper and any accomplices use the internet, or leave any type of personal or electronic trail anywhere, and everyone does-it's the nature of existance on this plane, details will eventually work their way into the open. The sooner Kyron comes home, the better it will be for everyone, including the person who took him.

                                                                    Eric Antwan Bell

                                                                         Kyron Horman

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday's Gathering Of Kansans United In Voice And Spirit

On Friday, Kansans United In Voice and Spirit gathered in Topeka to send a message to Governer Brownback. He is on the wrong side of many issues that concern Kansans who did not vote for him, but the key issues at present are the effects of his decisions on access to healthcare, quality education, and jobs in Kansas. People from all walks of life in Kansas attended. Signatures have been compiled on petitions, legislators in different areas have been made aware of what their constituents really think, now it's time to see how many more rallies will be required in order to gain Browncrack's attention.

Kansans United In Voice And Spirit was started in July of this year, and you can find them on Facebook, This group is deeply concerned, as am I, about the direction Sam Brownback is taking Kansas.

                                                                          Friday's Rally

Sam Brownback........or is that Sham Browncrack? My challenge to you is still good, Browncrack; if you adopt a child with special needs, whose mother would have been offered a therapeutic abortion, and give that child love, a family, and a home, I will stop calling you "Browncrack" and start calling you "Brownback" whenever I post about you, on this site or elsewhere on the internet.

In Case You Missed Church Today!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Homecoming Parade

          Wonderful weather today for a homecoming parade! You guys were great!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Cold Case Solved

Here's a kitty who went missing in Colorado five years ago and was found last week in New York! No one knows how she got across the country, or what she's been doing for five years, but someone found her and took her to an animal shelter, where her microchip was read, and her Colorado owners were located.

                                                                 Isn't she a pretty kitty?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Randal Hopley Caught

Randal Hopley has been found and apprehended. A scent dog was able to locate him. He was hiding in an unoccupied mining cabin. Here's the story.  >>>>>sigh<<<<<

Why couldn't this man have been incarcerated before Kienan Hebert was kidnapped in the first place? His obvious refusal to live within the confines of the law are blatent and well recorded.....were B.C. authorities truly that hard up to find a good reason to keep Hopley behind bars, or somehow monitored, considering his documented penchant for stalking children? Would keeping him supervised and monitored have been that difficult? How did he have such well trained enablers? Only the shadow knows!

Here is a picture of Taz, the German Shepherd who finally found Randall Hopley. Taz is the REAL hero of the story.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

News For A Small Kansas Town

To those of you who continue to argue the wisdom of child neglect and carelessness with me, calling me all kinds of ugly names because I favor prudence over recklessness, I will address this post. Hopefully, someone out there in cyberkansas will listen to me, and if I save just one life, it will have been worth the five minutes or so it will take to make this entry.

The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children is a respected resource for excellent information about child safety. They not only deal with missing children, but in prevention of situations that pose the danger of children going missing. Those who get on Siri's World merely to vent anger at yours truly for her higher expectations really need to study the NCMEC and put the recommended commonsense practices to work. From now on, I will be writing letters and sharing information with anyone involved with student safety at the national level to ensure that this common sense eventually reaches Northeast Kansas.

In April, I posted , in which I detailed how a cross country coach/guidance counselor took the cross country team to practice at a location about four miles south of our town. He had all of the boys, but my daughter was the only girl who attended practice that day. He was the only teacher present. He dropped her off by herself, in a place that she had never been before, where, also, a sex offender lived in the nearest house......about a mile away or less, and just left her. She got lost, he could not find her, and he proceeded to look for her by himself for about two hours; he did not tell me that my daughter was missing, he did not call the police. Eventually, my daughter was found BY ACCIDENT, by some students who were out driving. Something I find disturbing is the number of comments I have gotton, from Kansas people......not the rest of the world......blaming my daughter for that situation!!! Folks! My daughter was only fourteen! It was the COACH'S responsibility to ensure her safety! If I cannot count on the school staff to use appropriate judgement, how can I or my children respect the school? How can any parent trust this school? I kinda, sorta don't, very much, anymore. It is the local school, that my taxes pay for, and I send my children there, but I do not have a feeling of trust for the community. As long as the coach who "lost" my daughter is still welcome to endanger more students, I don't think I will, either. But let me get back to this thingie I was onto about dumping children on the roadside by themselves and how it was supposedly my daughter's fault she went missing for an afternoon. Here is what the NCMEC has to say about it, in "know the rules: child safety in sports":

"Are there other adults present, besides the coach, to assist in supervising children during team events and practices, including any off-site travel? The coach should not be alone with children during team events, practices, sleepovers, or trips. You should know the names of the others who supervise and have access to your children and meet them in advance of any team activities."........NCMEC

The next point I want to make is pretty simple. Several of my gentle posters (haha) have protested that Mr. Guidance Counselor/Cross Country Coach had other students searching for my daughter that day. I guess that would be fine.......under certain circumstances. Any police station will give you the information that in the case of any missing person, adult or child, the first three hours are crucial. So why were not the police involved in the "search" (which really didn't happen folks......that was a LIE to protect the school and save face for the coach) instead of teenagers who were not search and rescue experts? Also, there WAS a sex offender nearby.....suppose a situation with that person, or someone happening upon my daughter on the highway had been the cause of my daughter's absence, instead of her simply becoming lost? How would another child have handled that? Failing to notify parents and proper authorities was dangerously irresponsible for all involved.

So there you have it. Northeast Kansans are either behind the times, or children are not important to them. I really do not care what connections the cross country coach/guidance counselor had or has, there likely is no other place, in this nation, where this person would still be employed at a school. I also do not know what kind of koolaide the school and community are serving about this incident, ( to those of you with personal knowledge) I can assure everyone that my daughter's safety was the school's resposibility, and that teacher has NO EXCUSE for what happened that day.

One more point, about which I want to be very clear: I never want to see a child from this area go missing or become the victim of a crime. It is easy to sit back and assume that "it will never happen here", or "those things don't happen in________",(you fill in the blank....could be anywhere) but consider what happened to Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his school in June of 2010. No one who worked at Kyron's school thought a thing like that would happen there, either. Please believe me when I tell you that the extra time and trouble it takes to supervise students and account for them properly is very, very worthwhile. Also, know that if any child does go missing from this particular school or becomes the victim of a crime, as a result of irresponsible conduct or unsound judgement on the part of a school employee, I will share every letter and document I have relating to the above cited incident with the proper authorities and the media.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, Yet Again, Terri Horman

It's Monday, the day when I regale Terri Horman, who googles her name every so often to see what she will find, with a tale of criminal idiocy, followed by almost successful coverup, but solved, either by methodical and brilliant police work, the conscience of an accomplice, the testimony of a witness, or blind, stupid luck. Since the matter of kidnap victims safely returned home is fresh on a lot of minds, thanks to Kienan Hebert's safe return, I have decided that today's cold case will be Michael Devlin's, who snatched Shawn Hornbeck , eleven, off of his bicycle in Missouri, in October of 2002. After a month of molesting and abusing Shawn, Michael decided to kill him, but at Shawn's pleadings, changed his mind. He did threaten Shawn with murder, though, if the truth ever came out. And so the situation went.....for over four years. Michael Devlin would present Shawn as his son, and Shawn stayed with him. Somehow, they eluded detection. Shawn's parents never gave up. Even when others presumed that Shawn was deceased, they still has hope that they would find him.

One day, in January of 2007, Michael Devlin decided to "enlarge" his family. He snatched another child, thirteen year old Ben Ownby. This time, however; there was a witness, who actually saw Devlin's white pick-up truck, (it's always a white pick-up truck, isn't it, Terri?) and told the police about it. There was also a cursory description of Devlin. A few days after afterward, police were in Devlin's neighborhood, serving paperwork to someone else in a matter completely unrelated to Devlin's crimes, when an officer noticed Devlin's white pick-up truck, and how much certain features it bore resembled the description given by the witness of the truck used in Ownby's kidnapping. It bore enough resemblence to justify a warrent in the state of Missouri, which, in turn, sparked a visit to Devlin's apartment, which, in turn, gave Shawn Hornbeck back his life and spared Ben Ownby from any more time with Michael Devlin.

Michael Devlin is now in prison, serving three life sentences. Occasionally, someone beats the crap out of him, because lots of people can't stand folks who victimize children; but then, if he had just left children alone, he wouldn't be in prison in the first place. So there you have it, Terri Horman. A cold case that was solved, just by a description from a witness and a police officer's observation. No one was truly expecting it.

                                          Michael Devlin, the creep who stole two children
                                            in Missouri and is serving three life sentences.

                                          Kyron Horman, who has been missing since June
                                                     of last year, and needs to come home.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Freedom Of Speech

I found this amusing, and also interesting. Not that I would ever use a flag to illustrate my point about first amendment rights, but this video is great!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Warren Jeffs Wants A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Just when I thought I had heard the end of the saga of Warren Jeffs, and how it's okay, in his religion, to sexually abuse underage girls, he comes up with something new! Now he wants to appeal his guilty verdict because the incident that drew law enforcement's attention to him was a questionable tip from another state. The problem is this: that tip had nothing to do with Jeffs. It was about someone else. The evidence discovered that concerned Jeffs was merely coincidental, and since it involved a couple of children, had to be investigated. There was nothing unlawful about it. What WAS unlawful, was Jeffs's relationships with some of the children.

If the people in Warren Jeffs's "church" (maybe "cult" is a better word?) really think that part of a religious upbringing is teaching young girls to expect and welcome abuse, maybe they should consider teaching their men, such as Jeffs, that if you can't do the time, you shouldn't do the crime! While molesting children may be part of Jeffs's religion, it's against just about everyone else's.

                                                 Warren Jeffs, en route to his new home.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bachman Does Not Want A Department Of Education

I thought Michelle Bachman was just another looney religious fanatic and right wing nut. I was wrong......she's not only looney, she's VERY looney. She wants to dismiss the Department of Education.  She feels that educating a child should be the responsibility of a child's parents and community. What about children who do not have parents, or do not have parents who can teach them? What about communities where education is not, or cannot be a priority? How would we hold each school in the nation to the same standards? If a child in fifth grade moves from one part of the country to another, fifth grade may not be the same thing in his new home, if schools are not held to the same standards, nationwide. This would eventually result in too many corners getting cut, and many, many high school graduates being completely unprepared for college. It would also create more obstacles for anyone who isn't rich enough to send his children to private school, or too busy to home school. I really can't think of a worse place to cut the budget.

I don't even want to think about what this would mean in the case of a disabled child. Or a child whose intelligence is in the profoundly gifted range, but whose parents are not wealthy. What's her next plan, after taking office? Is she planning to abolish child labor laws? I really don't want this woman near the White House.

Michelle Bachman, doing what she does best.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Monday, Terri Horman

It's Monday again, time for Terri Horman's cold case. Today, I have one that was only a blip on the great big screen of media circus stunts, but it still involves someone who thought he had gotton away with a serious crime and that he would never be caught. His name is Robert Neil Boyd. He is sixty-three years old, (sixty-two at the time he was apprehended) but he apparently likes his women young, almost prepuberescent. He also likes the internet a lot. He also likes porn.................

Mr. Boyd lived in Maryland for a long time. Understand, in Maryland, crimes against women and children are almost not crimes, unless the woman or child dies as a result. Then, in the rare event that the perpetrator is even tried and found guilty, he or she will spend about eighteen months in jail. So, in in December of 2006, when Mr. Boyd's computer presented with hundreds of images of kiddie porn, he was only charged with eight counts and was required to answer for a misdemeaner charge. The same crime is a felony almost everywhere else. Maryland works hard to protect it's kiddie porn industry.

Mr. Boyd fled Maryland while waiting to go to court. How unexpected could THAT have been? Without leaving a forwarding address with anyone but family and friends, he packed up everything and skipped off to Tennissee. Something this blogger finds truly amazing is the number of people who actually KNEW where this creep was and never once considered calling the cops. Is loyalty to a friend so very, very special that one allows children to be victimized? This really doesn't make a good statement for Neil Boyd's creepy friends.

Eventaully, in 2010, a friend of a friend heard about all of this. This person was stunned that people actually knew Boyd's whereabouts and still had not picked up the phone and turned him in. It's common knowledge that kiddie porn creeps and child molesters never change. It's also common knowledge that they never stop, unless we make them stop. So this person, upon hearing about the general area of Mr. Boyd's location, went ahead and called Maryland authorities. Maryland authorities were only cursorily interested, and brushed the phone call off. But, undaunted, the informant called authorities in Tennissee. The people in Tennissee differed from the people in Maryland in that they actually cared. They found a drivers' liscence for Mr. Boyd on file, and also found his existing charges and bench warrent in Maryland, and decided to pay Robert Neil Boyd a visit. This was Winter Solstice, 2010. Happy Holidays, Neil! They found hundreds of images this time. Hundreds.'s abundantly clear that Mr. Boyd had no intention of stopping. He is also charged with one count of exploitation of a minor.

                                                       Booking Photo, Robert Neil Boyd

Robert Neil Boyd is in jail now. He has not been tried yet, or sentenced. He cannot get released on bail, because he has already shown that he is a flight risk, and he will go back to Maryland for trial when he is finished in Tennissee. All this happened because someone who knew about the whole thing decided to pick up the phone and make the call. My question for you, Terri Horman, is this: is there possibly someone out there, among the koolaide drinking masses, who won't just accept that you do bad stuff every now and again and shrug it off, even if it involves victimizing a child, and will make the call to solve the case? Is there more than one such someone out there? Is there someone who will read about children getting harmed by creeps and decide that this cannot go on any more? Or are YOU one of the "someone's" who should be inclined to drop a dime, knowing where Kyron is? You see, Neil Boyd thought he had gotton away with something. December of 2006...he runs. December of 2010....he gets caught. Four years; but the right person got involved in the end. He kidded himself and got cocky, even committing the crime again. He obviously was not expecting someone to hear about missing children, like Kyron Horman, and also hear about him, and decide that enough was enough. But ya know, stranger things have happened.

Please let Kyron come home.

                                                                     Kyron Horman

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Who IS This Guy, Anyway?

Obama should really try this approach. Boehner and other Republicans would crap their pants.

More On Labels

I recently published a rather longwinded post about labels, and the labels that a lot of people seem to reserve for me. I also dealt with labels that these particular people place on themselves. In several paragraphs, I did a rather nice job of disproving the content of the labels, and proving the inaccuracy to the labels, if I do say so myself. I also asked these people, and they all know who they are, too, if a person actually is a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or cop just because the person looks and acts like one. Then I came across this article today, and almost died laughing!

"Kissimmee police say the 17-year-old performed CPR on a patient in cardiac arrest at the Osceola Regional Medical Center. The arrest report says the teen also performed physical examinations and other forms of care on an undisclosed number of unsuspecting patients."..............Associated Press

That's right; a Florida youth, not identified because of his age, masqueraded as a physicians' assistant in an hospital, and because he LOOKED like a physicians' assistant, and ACTED like a physicians' assistant, lots of folks who came in contact with him were high enough on koolaide to THINK he was a physicians' assistant! Luckily, before any life-altering problems were caused by this, someone noticed the difference between the label and the reality and called the cops on him. Now he's in jail. Good Golly Gee; what's he gonna say to the peeps in jail, when they all brag about what they did to get there? Remember Alice's Restuarant, when Arlo Guthrie got arrested for littering, and later, when drafted, had to explain to all the other "criminals", "mother rapers" and "father rapers" and people who had done terrible, terrible things, that his big caper had been littering? What's this kid going to do around all the "mother rapers", "father rapers", car theives, money launderers, drug runners, and bar fighters when it's his turn to brag about his crime? "Hi everyone. I impersonated a medical professional at the hospital." ................Hahahahahaha! His parents really should have taught him that if you can't do the time, you really shouldn't do the crime. It's a shame; he must be an intelligent kid to pull off a stunt like that and actually get away with it for any length of time. Goddess help him if it was a scheme to steal drugs..........but anyway...labels. Think long and hard before you print them up. Also think long and hard about what's actually implied and defined.

Update: This little boy either needs lumps of coal for xmas, or a toy stethescope!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Regards To A Certain Kansas Town!

This is for some holy rollers, pun very much intended, in a certain Kansas town, and you all know exactly who you are, too!

I Think, Therefore I Am

I think, therefore; I am. Or, I look like something, I act like something, therefore I am. Hmmmm........seriously? Does this mean that if a person looks like a doctor and acts like a doctor, he or she IS a doctor? Does this apply to lawyers, teachers, and policemen? Or American citizens? If someone looks and acts like a citizen in the United States, does that mean that he or she automatically IS one?

Going back to this comment: "You're an idiot! Im sorry no body likes you that sounds like a personal problem to me. If you don't like our community then get the fuck out nobody cares that you're here obviously, you look like a witch act like witch therefore you're a fucking witch! If you want to sit at school functions and be bitch then your presence is not needed. So take your family and leave us alone. Thank you :)"...............that was so rudely sent to me from an account operated by the school, this commenter thinks that because I "look" like a witch, (what the hell does that mean, anyway.....this is beginning to remind me of "The Crucible") and act like a witch, I am one! Let me challenge that: I acted like a Witch long before my initiation. I guess I looked like one, too. There is a certain, outspoken, unafraid, energetic, wonderful beauty that most Witches exude. But I was NOT an actual Witch until I initiated, and no one would have ever intiated me until I was truly the person who could assume that role. Reading a book by Scott Cunningham does not define or qualify someone as a Witch. Witchcraft is an actual religion, with many different traditions, and has been lawfully recognized as a religion in the United States since 1972, and worldwide, since 1980. You can look at this if you don't believe me.

Now; about this Christianity. If a person looks like a Christian, and acts like a Christian, is he or she a Christian? I may as well ask "if God is everywhere, is he in the toilet?", but I will tackle this question with some rational ideas, anyway. There are two different things that are called Christianity; one is valid, one is not. We will deal with the nonvalid school of thought first. Christianity that is widely practiced by people who are not Jewish is simply not valid. It is Constantine's corrupution of the Messianic thought and prophesies of the Jewish communities of his time. He really only wanted to strengthen his political agenda. It morphed into the Catholic Church, which morphed into the more modern Catholic Church, and spun off many offshoots over the centuries. It has also compared notes with many a Pagan tradition over the years, and even adopted a few. Ever wonder where your Christmas Tree tradition really came from, tannenbaum lovers? Or the Easter Bunny? Or the name "Easter", for that matter? Just read up on it. But the core of the philosphy is really something I call "regurgitated Zoroastrianism". This is a religion that dates to ancient Persia, or Iran, and the whole trinity legend sported by Christianity is almost identical to it. Ormazd is "God", Mazda, (not the car!) is "Christ", and Ahriman would be your "Satan" figure. The spelling and pronouciation of the names vary with translations of relevant text. Let me digress for a moment here, to tell you that orthodox Zoroastrian tradition held that one needed to be born into the tradition in order to really practice it, and that there was no converting to it, back in it's heyday. Looks like it would naturally follow that just "looking" like a Christian, and "acting" like a Christian, since a non-messianic Christian is really just a regurgitated Zoroastrian, cannot make one a true Christian.

Now that we have regurgitated Zoroastrianism out of the way, this is what I have observed about Messianic traditions and thought. It's a Jewish thing, and the last time I checked, the Jews, as a collective culture, had not determined that Messianic prophecy had been borne out in any way. There are Messianic  congregations that consider that Yeshua was the Messiah, however. Once again, this is very Jewish. In order to really do justice to this line of thought, someone who is not Jewish would have to convert to one of the different types of Judiasm within the culture, which would not be an overnight process, and then join a Messianic synagogue, which would not be a noncontroversial process. But that's real Christianity, like it or not. the way, looking Jewish and acting Jewish will not make one Jewish, either. Only birth or conversion can do that.

                                                             Looks and acts like a Witch

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kansas Education Network Has Some Foul Mouthed Teachers

"You're an idiot! Im sorry no body likes you that sounds like a personal problem to me. If you don't like our community then get the fuck out nobody cares that you're here obviously, you look like a witch act like witch therefore you're a fucking witch! If you want to sit at school functions and be bitch then your presence is not needed. So take your family and leave us alone. Thank you :)"

Why dont you just go start your own little commune. Leave the community of Frankfort and the Frankfort schools system. Your right no one is friendly in this town to you because you bash everything this community believes in. You dont like it leave or shut your fucking mouth"

We live here because we don't want to be like people on the east coast, or learn to speak chinese. If we wanted those things we'd move to those places."

All three of the above comments were sent to me on this blog by someone with a Kansas Education Network account. I do not know if students have access to such accounts, I would imagine that this is only for the teachers and faculty. So..........with that in mind, I am assuming that someone I trust to teach my children is sending me this. Nice going, Christian Kansas. Stay classy, teachers.

Oh, and to the person who has it in for Asians, "Chinese" begins with a capital "C".

The Real Problem Had By A Small Kansas Town

I got a really good picture this morning of something. Let me just say, before I begin here, that this post is directed at some small town folk in a certain small town in Kansas, and you all know exactly who you are. What's in this picture isn't earthshaking, but it would be a really good reason for a small town with only a few original families and relatives thereof to become defensive when someone who insists upon abiding by the law moves in. No kidding, look what I found:

                                                  One Toke Over The Line, Sweet Jesus

Now; I just published a rather nasty comment under another post that accuses me of attempting to somehow "push" my views on you guys. Since this picture was taken from the sidewalk, of the flora in one of your front lawns, I have to conclude that what you really mean is that I am attempting to push law abiding lifestyles on you. How terrible that must be!

This would not be such a big deal, except for the fact that you preach something else. Most of you go to church, and openly discrimate against those who don't, or who are not Christian. Understand, in Yeshua's native stomping grounds, marijuana was not unlawful. If he was ever really existant, he probably had no problem with it. He was, after all, the one who allegedly turned the water into wine at a wedding. Could he legally do that around here? But you guys all hated Mexicans enough to go ahead and lobby your senators and congressmen to outlaw marijuana back in 1937, so now, it can't grow in your yards while you call yourselves law abiding citizens and preach church stuff to my kids in school. If you don't believe me, do some research on it. Also, read the bible, and at one point in the Psalms, you'll find something that says, "praise God and honor the king". If you grow pot in your yard, you are not "honoring the king".

What I would push here, if I pushed anything, is not my personal views or feelings, but an encouragement to lobby law makers in Kansas to legalize marijuana, if you really want to grow it. You could also join NORML. After all, people drink all the time, and alcohol is just as much of a "drug" as marijuana, possibly more of one, and no one really bats an eyelash when someone drinks a beer.  But don't teach your children to be hypocrites and liars. Also, if marijuana was legal, the government could tax it, and all of those people who make money from black market contraband would find themselves having to get real employment, but that's another post. No; I do not have any more use for marijuana personally than I do for beer, wine, or liquor. While I do NOT drink, I do not condemn anyone who does. But then, I am not trying to push my lifestyle on anyone....................

The comment I published containing the foul language also referred to the school. This person does not want me to attend school functions. Well guess what! I have six children! They all love it when I go to school functions. They enjoy support, and I give it to them. If that somehow intereferes with your ability to take bong hits behind the school or sell weed to kids, too bad! If I ever see anything that even remotely reminds me of booze or any other illicit chemical means of maintaining one's personality there, I will be the first to inform the administrative presence in charge at the time. I don't care what your little "small town traditions" are that you so desperately wanna protect; if you want the laws changed to accomodate something you want to do, then go about it the right way, and lobby congress and write letters to Brownback. But don't run the risk of getting children into trouble they are barely old enough to comprehend.

One more thing you guys should look at: