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Sunday, April 28, 2013

An Attempt To Harm A Defense Witness

You know who you are.

Would it be fitting to invoke the need to explain to the teenager whose untrue testimonial favors you court that her mother has been the sudden victim of uncalled for autoimmune reactions? You should really just resign, and pick on people who do not have food allergies and autoimmune diseases. Marshall County Kansas still has a few people who DO NOT want you to fill emergency rooms with innocent victims.

In Case You Missed Church This Sunday

In reality, Moses could not possibly have been a Northern European!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Many Thankyous!

To the local person who stopped to tell me how much my observations have resonated, I just want to say "thankyou". You have no idea how encouraging you are, and you have no idea how much you meant to me this afternoon. Thankyou for helping me recapture my crazy puppy, too!


Give The Man Back His Weed!

This is almost too funny! Some city cops in Tacoma, Washington, may be found in contempt of court next week for refusing to return some marijuana that they confiscated from a man named Joseph Robertson during a traffic stop! Despite proof of medical marijuana authorization, the dumbass cops took Robertson's marijuana and charged him with a misdemeanor drug charge. Even after the charge was dismissed, the police still did not want to give it back to him. Would they do this with insulin or foot fungus cream? Why should they do it with marijuana purchased by prescription?

The judge told the city attorney to "appeal or comply". He also told them that if they didn't, they should hire an attorney. It must be a very sad day for badass cops in Washington. Not only is marijuana legal there, now; but a judge has actually upheld the law and supported the population he is sworn to serve.

The Policeman Still Made Facebook Threat

Chance Hartner
hey adkins how about i kill you if you get on my computer again

You know, Marshall County, Kansas; the Facebook page can be hidden, the link destroyed, or the account cancelled, but the police officer you pay to maintain balence and peace still made the above quoted threat on a social media website, and threats of violence are still against Facebook's policy. They should be against your policy, as well.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Private Message

The appropriate authorities have duly noted your complaints. While they appreciate your feelings, they love my site and do not see fit to interfere with the First Amendment Rights of Siriunsun. All parties wish to thank you for your reactions, as they were amusing as hell. Please enjoy all future postings on Siri's World. Have a wonderful day.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

If The Police Decide To Beat You Up

A mistake often made by victims of violence by police officers is that of asking the potential defendant, the police department, for pictures and evidence. The problem with gathering evidence from a defendant is that any defendant in the United States has the right to put on a defense, and to refuse self incrimination, including the police. The best place to go in the event of police brutality is the nearest emergency room. Explain that you are a crime victim, and insist that the visit be handled that way. Even if you run into a physician who does not think you deserve medical attention because the police targeted you, he or she is obligated to treat you and document your visit. Of course, that cursery phone call to the sheriff that must be made by the hospital in the event of physical violence and abuse is often very awkward; how does one report the sheriff's department to the sheriff's department? The next step, of course, is keeping all paperwork from the emergency room for your lawyer's reading pleasure.

Marshall County Kansas tax dollars at work. Had the emergency room made the phone call attributing this to anyone besides a civil "servant" in law enforcement, probable cause for an arrest warrent would have been construed.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bradley Manning

This is important.......there will be a demonstration for Pfc. Bradley Manning in forte Meade, Maryland, on June 1. Manning was arrested in 2010 for sharing information about the untimely deaths of civilians in Afganistan. He risked life in prison to get the information to the public. You can sign up for the event here.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

To My Obsessed Visitor

It isn't often that someone spends twenty-two hours on this site, out of a thirty-six hour period, and then does it again, a day later, so the information from my tracker stood out, just a little bit. I wonder what this person is looking for, and why this person does not simply ask. I know exactly from where this person's signal hails, and I also know exactly which posts and pages have been of interest. The only thing I really do not understand, however; is why this person is spending so much time on the internet while Marshall County Kansas taxpayors pay this person to do something else, entirely.

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In Case You Weren't In Church On Sunday

Saturday, April 20, 2013

To Everlasting Moonlight

Not a one of us is perfect, yet we are all loved. The love that I have in my heart is unconditional, as it comes, not merely from my finite self as I appear in physical form, but from one Ancestor to another Ancestor, leading on and on to the moment in Time that we call "Now". I cannot and would not ever  hold it back from you. I can only receive it, experience it, and share it with you. Whatever has happened, love never fails. Always remember this, my Everlasting Moonlight.


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Friday, April 19, 2013

A Little Known Fact About The Waco Fertilizer Plant Explosion

How's this for some trivia? The last time the Texas Fertilizer Plant in Waco, where an explosion took place on April 17, which killed fifteen people, was inspected by OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, was in 1985. The plant was called West Chemical & Fertilizer Company, and they were fined $30.00 for unsafe storage of anhydrous amonia. After that, Texas figured that OSHA did not need to reinspect, because the company had most assuredly learned it's lesson and was in compliance. Absolutely.



Thursday, April 18, 2013

To Laura McNish

Thankyou, in advance, for the huge donation you will soon be making indirectly to the National Center For Missing And Exploited Children. Your deliberate failure to follow through with an agreement made with a local attorney plus the obvious abuses of your position, in addition to your ignorance about our nation's Constitution, have placed a compensatory award along with punitive damages within reach of my favorite charity.

You should really learn to avoid involving witnesses who don't like you in all of your stuff. You also wear too much makeup.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Private Message

I asked you nicely to stay away from my family. The police also asked you nicely. It would also be appreciated if you would keep your drugging, whoring, hypocrite self away from my children while they are at school. No one who loves children wants a person like you around. You came quite close to taking prom away from my daughter, and you still imposed yourself at afterprom. What, exactly, do you want from her? Or from any of the children here? Your sons have proven themselves to lack morals and character. End of story. Better parenting would have assisted them, but parents such as yourself are more concerned with popularity among small town drunks than the wellbeing of their children.

I suggest you give my family a wide berth at graduation. I happen to be the mother of the valedictorian, and I think I have a right to enjoy watching my daughter graduate without fearing for my safety because of the night you followed me in your car to my house and tried to start a fight with me.

Now that someone who is not enrolled in the school went inside on prom night with drugs, on the excuse of photographing and socializing with one of YOUR children and his date, (how he did this without a camara is a mystery) you may find life a lot more interesting than you would have if you had simply left me and my family alone and kept your distance from the school.

In Case You Skipped Out On Church This Sunday

This is a largely misunderstood concept here in the midwest.

Friday, April 12, 2013

ACLU Writes Cease And Desist Letter To My Old School

Yesterday, I noticed this article on Yahoo News, about a high school student in Maryland who was sanctioned for refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegience at school. Because I went to high school in Maryland, I read the article. In order to find out more, I clicked on this link. When I noticed the words, "Montgomery County", I became a bit more interested, because I lived in Montgomery County as a child. Then, I noticed that the school was the very school from which I graduated. My jaw dropped in shock, because back in my day, anyone who said the Pledge of Allegience would have been suspected of indulging in hallucinagens. Not that anyone was disloyal, or ungrateful for where we lived, but no one at my high school forced anyone to recite anything that even remotely resembled a religious prayer or chant. Apparently, my old school has changed, and not for the better.

The biggest complaint most well educated people have with the Pledge of Allegience is the "One nation under 'God' " part. While I agree with the offense thereby taken, the reason I taught my own children not to recite it has to do with the ending of it........"with liberty, and justice for all". To me, that part of the Pledge is nothing short of a giant sham and lie, as we do not have, support, or even attempt liberty and justice for ALL in this country. Why pretend that we do? We are still a great country, but I do not see the need to encourage my children to believe that we have attained a level of greatness and benevolence that we actually have not my children do not have to recite the Pledge of Allegience at any school they attend.

The student who was punished and publicly humiliated in Maryland got the American Civil Liberties Union involved in her case, and they have written the school a "cease and desist" letter. The administrator and faculty would be wise to heed it. While we are on the subject of constitutional rights, here is another disturbing case, from Florida. The father of a fourth grader found the beginnings of an essay in the little boy's backpack. The teacher had assigned an essay on this subject:

And to that, Benjamin Franklin had this to say: “He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.”
That little boy is now home schooled. Thank the Gods his father was paying attention. Hopefully, more parents will open their eyes.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

For Kyron Horman, Supporting New Talent

Someone shared the video below on Facebook today, concerning the parents of Terri Horman, sometime step parent of missing Kyron Horman, the Portland, Oregon, seven year old who disappeared from his school in June of 2010, during a science fair. Terri Horman was the last person to see Kyron, and has refused to testify or cooperate with law enforcement in any way, and has also failed two polygraphs. While she looks quite guilty because of those circumstances, her parents, Carol and Larry Moulton, were also present at the school when Kyron disappeared. The media has certainly not focused on their possible involvement or their responsibility to testify truthfully and help find Kyron, and they have not done a single thing to help. They have not even been willing to print and pass out flyers with Kyron's missing persons' information. What they were willing to do was hire an attorney for Terri, and what they are willing to do is take down any flyers with Kyron's picture and contact information for Multnomah County law enforcement and the FBI. That inspired the creative talent of a budding artist who did not wish to give her name but who did give me a green light to share this video, which has some excellent and amusing poetry. We will all enjoy it more when Kyron is found, hopefully alive and safe.

Note: Carol and Larry Moulton will not be seeing their grandchild, Kiara Horman, any time soon. The pending divorce between Kyron's dad and their daughter was postponed, yet again; this time until August of this year, which, interestingly, is when a lawsuit filed against Terri Horman by Kyron's mother, for custodial interferance, is scheduled to continue. August 1 was the given date for both trials. Terri Horman will only have to buy one outfit for court.

Updated note: The Social Media Police have apparently taken action against the First Amendment rights of the owner of the formerly published video. I await a reproduction of it under different auspices. Nothing threatening was contained therein, and no losses occured to any involved party as a result of the content of this video; it is my strong suspicion that a guilty person watched it, didn't like it, and made a big fuss.


Governor Brownback Does Not Waste Any Sperm

Governor Sam Browncrack, republican, of Kansas, has announced that "life" begins at conception, and is about to sign a sign a bill into law that will make it so, at least in Kansas. This could mean all sorts of unintended and orwellian things, but Browncrack has a well established habit of failing to think these things through before jumping in front of microphones everywhere and earning those Koch Industries and Christian church donations to his political career.

Life does start at conception. That, I cannot argue; from the first meiosis, a unique genetic combination has been generated, and will never be duplicated or reproduced again. That said, why are these genetic combinations so important prior to birth, yet unimportant after birth? From limiting health benefits for financially underpriveleged children to cutting the budgets for public schools, Governor Brownback has shown himself to be very unconcerned about children, rather than to care about them. On a related note, this bill, if signed into law, will enable obstetricians to withhold any grave diagnostic information from pregnant mothers concerning their babies, in order to discourage abortion of babies with severe medical problems. That kind of
diagnostic nondisclosure means that such a mother would also lose the opportunity to seek expert care or medical innovation for herself and her baby. Nice going, Browncrack. Whoever bought your support here certainly did not think this one through very well.

What about health hazards in Kansas, such as pesticides and fertilizers used in farming? As we all know, drinking water and runoff where chemicals have been used do not mix safely. Would the Governor care to address that? What about the Keystone XL Pipeline, and the rest of the Koch Brothers' endeavors? Does Brownback have any ideas for protecting unborn children from accidental leaks of petroleum products that are as limiting as his attacks on the healthcare of women and mothers?

Of course, there is always the question of what happens if I do not know I am pregnant for awhile. That happens to women sometimes........since life begins at conception, does my unborn child count as a household member? Does he or she get a social security number before a birth certificate? If I refuse to let my child go to Brownback's church or if I refuse to teach my child to vote republican before birth, will social services do a D&C in order to take the child away? Okay; I was just joking about that......but this budding new law is also a joke. Here's one more question for Governor Sam Brownback: if I have a miscarriage, will I be arrested for involuntary manslaughter?


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Saline County Kansas Republican Jim Gile Is A Bigot

In yet another example of old school bigotry and racism in Kansas, (not that many families of the Kansas "old school" racists have really been in America long enough to be "old school", but that's another post) Saline County commissioner Jim Gile made a decidedly racist crack at a city counsel meeting the other day, and after a half hearted apology, resisted a well placed call for his resignation, insisting that racist remarks at public podiums were okey-dokey "back in his day" and that he actually represents his district very well, despite, and because of, his obvious bigotry!

The remark was made about roof repairs of government buildings. Giles expressed a desire to hire an architect, rather than allowing a contractor to do what he referred to as "nigger rigging". When asked what, exactly, he meant by that, he said, "Afro Americanizing". So there you have it, Kansas. An actual admission to racial prejudism from the podium by an elected official. Anywhere outside of Kansas, especially anywhere that boasted a population of truly civic minded intelligensia, who care about their community, their children, and the future of this nation, would have run out of forms for picketing permits by this time because of the commissioners remark. But Saline County appears to only have a handful of persons who find Gile an anachronism. Yet, as many American families of African descent have resided in this country longer then most Kansas Caucasion families, the excuses invoking an "old school" attitude don't really provide an equation that explains the commissioner's bigotry, either.

Okay then; this is exactly why Kansas children are seldom equipped to attend college or live successfully outside of Kansas. It's quite possible that Jim Gile actually DOES represent Saline County. That's incredibly sad. Shouldn't New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas, and Westboro Baptist Church make enough of a statement about bigotry, without any help from officials who represent the views of the general public in Kansas?

"I am not a prejudiced person," Gile told the Salina Journal. "I have built Habitat homes for colored people."


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Convicted Killer Howard Marnell Is About To Go Free

Should Howard Marnell, convicted of the 1982 murder of Sandra Olrich, be handed a "get out of jail free" card by the parole board? Apparently, he has exhibited enough "good behavior" in prison, after the exceptionally violent murder of his sister-in-law, which is technically domestic violence, for New York to take seriously his request for parole from his sentence of fifteen years to life. He says he has learned to "control his rage", and that he has matured. Control his rage? Sandra Olrich was only twenty years old in 1982. What could she possibly have done to incite that much rage from anyone? Howard Marnell is the type of criminal who should stay behind bars for the rest of his life.


Monday, April 8, 2013

A Huge Thankyou To The Horatio Alger Association

My daughter just got a scholarship from the Horatio Alger Association. The association, named after Horatio Alger, who wrote many novels about people going from "rags to riches", was established in 1947 for students who aspire to attain college education but whose families cannot afford it. My daughter has always been precocious, creative, and a brilliant student. I have always been very proud of her, and have always had high expectations of her. Whether she knows it or not, she has always exceeded my expectations. Unfortunately, a family law court judge in West Virginia used yours truly and children as an example of how a divorced mom can be forced to pay for the privelege of escaping domestic violence, and expressed, not only disdain for me while in court, but rage at my daughter for answering a policeman's questions after a domestic violence incident. The judge was determined to do all she could to make sure that there would never be enough money for my daughter to attend college, and denied us everything from child support to justice. The hardships that followed certainly took their toll on our family, but I always insisted that my children learn, think, and do their very best in school. My daughter will graduate from high school this year as the valedictorian of her class, despite the opinions of anyone who did not like us because we lacked a white picket fence, cable TV, and lots of stupid video games.

A huge "Thankyou" from a grateful mom, Horatio Alger Association! You gave my daughter an opportunity she never would have had, otherwise. I met some of the others in the honors program at the college she has chosen, and am very impressed with the school and with it's students. She is overjoyed to go to college this fall, and I am very happy for her!

Thankyou, also, for believing in my daughter's talent and ability. She has always exceeded my expectations, but it is very encouraging to know that others can see the wondeful things about her that I see. Today, and for the rest of my life, I am a very proud mom!


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Life Imitates Art

Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? In this case, I really think life, unfortunately, imitates art!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Dewitt Parker Missing From Tennessee


Dewitt Parker, twelve, left home in Memphis Tennessee last weekend after getting into a fight with his mom, and went to school at Kate Bond Middle School on Monday, April 1, but has not been seen or heard from since. He is 4'11'', about 90 lbs, and had on black shorts and white and light blue tennis shoes. There isn't a missing persons poster for him yet, or any contact information listed, but this as child is not at school, where he belongs, my recommendation is to contact whichever law enforcement is local to where you are if you see him or know his whereabouts, and try to get him back to his family. Four days can be a long time in the life of a twelve year old.

Update: Dewitt has been found.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Through The Lens Of Siriunsun's Camara

North Korea And Anonymous

Kim Jong Un  wants to follow in the footsteps of his dad and grandfather, apparently. In an ongoing effort to scare the world, he wants all of us to remember that the Pyongyang Regime is alive and well, and that he will not be bullied or threatened. Bullied and threatened? That's an amazing observation on young Kim's part. While his dad and granddad were never as vocal to the rest of the world as he has recently been, they certainly promoted bullying and threatening as the methods of choice for evil dictators. They also knew that those who get bullied beyond a certain level of tolerance of retaliate, or bully back. They were even aware that the allies and neighbors of local, regional, and international bullies occasionally draw a line, beyond which such tactics will not be tolerated, and they did not extend their evil dictator paws beyond that which they could actually grasp. Young Kim, in my opinion, did not get enough attention at home during early childhood, probaby due to the sad fact that his father was too busy subjugating half of a nation to play basketball with him, and is desperately screaming for attention. It's also possible that he got away with all kinds of spoiled and infantile forms of self expression as a boy, and was never disciplined. Now North Korea, and the rest of us, have a vocal but powerful spoiled brat on our hands. It's too bad he can't be sent to his room and told to write an apology to those he has harmed, and then further held accountable by performing community service, such as picking up the trash left behind by fallout from any of his militia, and disarming mines. Discipline your kids, folks. If you don't, they might grow up to be evil dictators.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Justice Community Wonders Why It's Not Getting Justice

In light of the recent shooting of a district attorney and spouse in Texas, this article was published on ABC News concerning the recent expressions of disrespect and violence toward law enforcement and prosecutors in the last year or so. Before I say any more, let me state that I do not condone violence, murder, or threats, and that I do not think that violence is an appropriate answer to the misunderstandings that have been mounting, for awhile, between the judicial community and the people they should serve. I think awareness and information are much better tools. That said, I also hope that the families of Mike and Cynthia McClelland will find peace.

Since the Declaration of Independance was drafted, the judicial process has been used, not only for seeking actual justice, but for more subtle means of "sending messages" to certain segments of the American population. The American public has seen, tolerated, and wholeheartedly accepted racist laws and policies, laws that have targeted the poor, sexist practices within the justice system, selective uses of prohibition laws to hound otherwise innocent people, and many, many more abuses of authority and justice. The reluctance of many courts to set aside or throw out guilty verdicts that are contradicted by forensic evidence that becomes available after trial dates is also disturbing. When the population at large begins to take note of criminals with more money and better lawyers experiencing favor in the courtroom, while poorer criminals, and sometimes innocent people, do not get proper legal counsel and are often found guilty of felonies, what do judges and cops expect everyone to think? Not that we haven't always had a certain amount of corruption within government agencies, we have; but since the dubious "election" of Bush Jr. in 2000, the judicial "war on the poor" seems to have become more fervent. Along with that, the economy has gotton less stable, and the number of citizens who have found themselves targeted by law enforcement for no reason and shafted by the courts with no recourse to competent legal counsel has increased. Also, has anyone noticed the number of misdemeanors that have turned into felony crimes lately? Not only does this put certain minorities in prison to serve longer sentences, it strips the targeted minorities of voting rights. Hence, the Fair Sentencing Act. When an entire population becomes legally disenfranchised, and everyday exchanges become criminal acts, the judicial and law enforcement communties should not be surprised at a certain amount of hostility.

Recently, I witnessed an exchange between two people, which; unfortunately, resulted in an arrest. While I witnessed most of the incident, I did not see a crime committed by either party. One of the "officers" involved insisted that I had seen a criminal act, and when I continued to tell him what actually happened, he became agitated and told me what my statement should be, informing me that I was about to "find out how powerful police in Marshall County, Kansas are" if I did not "cooperate". Verbatim quote, folks. He also threatened to go inside my house, wake up all my children, and take them away from me if I did not begin to make statements that coincided with the report he so much desired to write. Because I am stubborn and truthful, I stuck to my guns (no pun intended) and stuck to the truth. He got off his high horse when he ran out of threats, went back to the police station in his shiny police car, and wrote a statement that basically and unbasically isn't true. He even referred to yours truly as a "liar' several times. Lots of impartiality he expects from the court, I guess.

Later on, the district attorney, still lacking a written statement of events from yours truly, contacted me to tell me what I needed to say. I interrupted to her to remind her that the truth is more meaningful than her expectations of a guilty plea and the fines she was hoping to collect from the defendant. She became quite disturbed, and told me that she would contact social services and have them remove my children from my home if I did not "cooperate" with her..........! So; not only would I discover how "powerful" the police are when someone confuses them with the facts, I might also discover the consequences of refusing to read a "script" written by a crooked district attorney, rather than offering true testimony!

As it happens, I have been threatened by smarter, more powerful, and sexier individuals than this district attorney, so I promised her that I would be honest and never back away from what I know to be moral and honest. And social services has apparently been too busy with things that are real to come and visit me. But suppose I had taken the bait and drunk the koolaide? "We're gonna have your children taken away from you if you do not testify according to our script that we write for you in advance." "We're gonna take your children away if you don't say the right things to get your neighbor/friend/family members put in jail." That's a loaded threat. If this kind of crooked game is becoming commonplace across the country, it's no big surprise that prosecutors and law enforcement are having problems maintaining their own safety in their communities. Here's another example of the Marshall County Kansas district attorney's tactics, this time with a defendant. The woman was coerced into a guilty plea via threats to her children by the district attorney. According to the Marysville Advocate: "During court proceedings, Baynton’s motion claims, Kraushaar assured her she could file for a departure from the prescribed sentence for the crime she was pleading to, but after she entered her plea she said the attorney told her no departure would be allowed and that she must agree to consecutive maximum sentences. She also states that the state "repeatedly used the issue of the custody of the defendant's children to coerce her plea of guilty." The motion says her attorney "should have blocked this coercion and did not."

The defendant in the above case has already been granted a new public defender. If the court grants her motion to change her plea, that will indicate a lot of judicial and personal waste and aggravation just because the prosecuter is ungifted enough in courtroom strategy to threaten the children of witnesses and defendants whenever possible so as to avoid any real show of litigation skills, or as in this prosecutor's case, lack thereof. If law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys have actually turned a corner in legal strategies and decided that using the children of defendants, witnesses, and others involved in cases is the new forte in courtroom finesse, we can probably expect more anger turned toward the judicial and law enforcement communities.

Chance Hartner
"hey adkins how about i kill you if you get on my computer again"

......Excerpt from Facebook page of the youthful police officer who enjoys telling older women that they are going to "find out how powerful" he and police force are. In a lot of places, law enforcement is expected to be more mature and set a better example than this. It's also the kind of response law enforcement wants the rest of us to believe they don't want in their everyday lives. Why, then, do they exhibit it and force everyone else to live with it?


Texas Jailbreak Incident

It seems that two jail inmates have somehow become transported away from jail to an unknown location.....or.....escaped. Brian Tucker and John King have both disappeared from Hopkins County Jail in Sulpher Springs, Texas, as of this morning. They were being held on some rather serious charges, but how did they escape in the first place? If I were a defense attorney in Texas, I might be tempted to represent both of them pro bono, just for amusement, and remind the court that we cannot be one hundred percent sure that corrections officers did not remove the men from the facility against their will and abandon them in a randomly selected location, just to trump phony escape charges, terrorize the community using SWAT gear, and fly the helicopters.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Bubble Bubble Toil Trouble

On Thursday, March 28, someone decided to shoot at the home of a Florida author of childrens books because of her Pagan religion. Kyrja Withers has been noticing harassment, such as people stopping their vehicles outside her house, and screaming obscenities intermittently with the word "witch", for some time now, but this is the first time someone has shot at her. Witchcraft and different persuasions of Paganism are, indeed, religions that are recognized as such by the United States Constitution, and shooting at someone, or committing any other type of assault or harassment for reasons of religion qualifies these actions as hate crimes. That makes matters much more serious.


Suddenly, The Monsanto Protection Act

Wanna know what's been going on in the legislature, quietly, while everyone was either crying about the same sex nuptials or planning formerly not possible weddings? HR 933 was passed and signed into law, as a measure to avert a government shutdown over and maintain the status quo for just a bit longer....say, six months. One of the items buried within HR 933 is the Monsanto Protection Act, which guarentees biotech companies, who genetically engineer seed, to sell the seed to farmers and grow and sell crops from genetically engineered seed that has not been tested for health hazards. Also, labels for the food thereby produced are not required to bear appropriate warnings for the consumers. The rider is only in effect for six months, but it just seems awfully strange that the definition of a type of marriage that will never be enjoined by those who do not approve should take precedence in national discussion over the safety of the food we purchase in grocery stores.


Happy April Fools Day, Everyone

Amusing pranks for the analog and digital worlds! Enjoy!