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Monday, April 30, 2012


Blessings To All!

An Advertisement I Actually Like

Normally, I hate campaign advertisements and ignore them. Especially the ones that end with, "I'm so and so, and I approve this message." This one is an exception, though. It was put together very well, and says exactly what I tell people concerning my not-so-positive views of the Republican Party. While this clip is very positive, I still find myself amazed that the Republican Party is comprised of people who are too arrogant to find a truly viable candidate who can run for office because he or she actually possesses the skills for the job, rather than fostering the goal of making Obama a one term president. It also amazes me that there are so many Americans who will just listen to worn out, ethnocentric, irrational and racist rhetoric, and that the Republican Party can actually employ this rhetoric!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

This Governor Has An Agenda

Surprise, surprise. Governor Sam Brownback, (R, Kansas) has plumetted to a 34% approval rating among his constituents since he was elected in 2010. It would appear that his plan to tax the wealthy even less while cutting budgets for schools and cutting health benefits for disabled children has not been as popular among Kansans as he had previously thought. Also, the governor's attacks on the healthcare choices of women have hit a sour note with a few citizens. Add some tacky public religious posturing a hollow sounding, pharisaical prayer, throw in a twittergate moment, and it seems that we have a governor who is somewhat less popular than he was a couple of years ago. An interesting and disturbing comment about this was made by Minority House Leader, Paul Davis; "This governor has an agenda, and he's not going to let bad poll numbers interfere with that." What the hell does he mean by that? It's obvious that "letting bad poll numbers interfere" would be taking the voters' wishes into account and actually caring about the will of the constituents Brownback represents, but what is this "agenda" to which Davis refers? Does it have anything to do with the Koch Brothers?

Stylish Bank Robbery Apparel

Below is one of the new looks in bank robbing apparel! This model was caught with his pants down in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He flashed the staffs of two different banks with plaid boxer shorts, and now the police are passing pictures of the same underwear around the web, hoping to catch him! I hope that is not the only clue they have about this guy.

In Spring of 2012, all stylish bank robbers will be showing off plaid boxer shorts!

Friday, April 27, 2012

What Would Romney Do?

Here's something to think about. And this is exactly what Mitt had to say:
"I think I wouldn't want to over-concentrate on Bin Laden. He's one of many, many people who are involved in this global Jihadist effort. He's by no means the only leader. It's a very diverse group – Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and of course different names throughout the world. It's not worth moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person.”

There is no doubt in my mind that Mitt Romney would not have bothered to catch Bin Laden. For that matter, how many other dangerous criminals go uncaught and unapprehended because of government officials who just don't care? If your brother gets murdered or if your child goes missing, it won't make a difference to Mitt's bank account, so why would he care? He wouldn't, and he doesn't. Osama Bin Laden was the son of a wealthy business man, so what would Romney do? He'd let Osama Bin Laden hide out forever, while making business deals with Osama's dad. It would benefit big business, other people involved in the same industry, and Mitt. But life in this country would not get better for most of us. Just one more reason to omit Mitt.

The Downside Of Trampoline Ownership

Here's the downside of owning a trampoline! Well.......not really; I'm only kidding. This is actually a baby bear who climbed a tree at the University of Colorado in Boulder near the dormitories and would not come down until he was tranquilized. I hope they don't have to do that with all of their peeping toms!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Topeka Mayor Bill Bunten Featured On Leno

Kansas has a reputation for being socially backwards and culturally isolated. This is no secret. Westboro Baptist Church and Governer Sam Brownback are prime examples. Even the Speaker of the House here in Kansas, Mike O'Neal, and his rude, racially charged emails about Mrs. Obama, are too backward to be found among polite human beings. But a couple of days ago, Kansas reached an embarrassing new low. Bill Bunten, the mayor of Topeka, made a speech wherein he insulted the high school prom date of Shawnee County Commissioner, Ted Ensley. Basically, he called her a prostitute. He did not mention how long ago senior prom was for either of them. One might guess that it may have been a long, long time ago, harking back to a day when such jokes may have been appropriate, but since there never was such a day, one would dismiss that thought, and wonder if every white Kansan male is a bore. We would hope not. Bill Bunten also ridiculed Ted Ensley because he dated a young woman from the Potowatomie Tribe in the past. This information really did not belong in his speech. Jay Leno also thought it was a bit unusual.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mom, Can I Keep Him?

A Zebra got away from it's home in Manhattan, Kansas, today, and Animal Control hung up three times on the person who called them because they thought it was a crank call! James Myers, a Fort Riley soldier, finally gave up on Animal Control and called the cops. They finally took him seriously: "They finally called the Riley County Police Department and an officer came out with a bag of carrots. Police were able to get in touch with the zebra’s owner who came to pick it up."...WIBW. Was it a standard issue bag of carrots from the police station, or did the officer stop at the grocery store? The article does not say; however, the article does say, "Ron Lichtenhan, with Manhattan Animal Control, confirmed that the zebra is privately owned by a Manhattan resident. He could not release the owner’s name or address and did not know the zebra’s name or age. Sources tell WIBW that the owner lives in the same neighborhood where their pet was found." What the hell?! The zebra's name or age??? Does he think the zebra has a social security number, too? A zebra will never tell you it's age! This is definately the funniest thing I've seen all day!

The Latest In Search For Isabel Mercedes Celis

This is the latest on the search for Isabel Mercedes Celis, the six year old who disappeared in Tuscon, Arizona this past Friday night. It seems that a trained search dog has found some clues within the family's home. I am curious to know why the family has not issued a plea in person for the return of their child. She has been missing longer than seventy-two hours.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Updated Information About Isabel Mercedes Celis

Here is the whole missing persons poster for Isabel Mercedes Celis, complete with more pictures. It has been rumored that a dog picked up on her scent, and her family's home is being treated as a crime scene.

Shooting Star

Did anyone see the "shooting star" from the Lyrid Meteor Shower last night? According to rumor, it was visible from Los Angelos to Las Vegas, and even shook a few houses! It was probably the size of a baseball upon entering our atmosphere, and actually sent out an accoustic signal when it burned up. Every year, when Earth goes through the tail of the comet, Thatcher, "shooting stars" from the Lyrid Meteor Shower are visible.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mercedes Celis Is Missing

Mercedes Isabel Celis was last seen last night at 11:00 PM by her parents in Tuscon, Arizona. She was not in the house this morning, and was reported missing at 8:00 AM. She is six years old, around 4' 4" tall, has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. At this point, the FBI and US Marshalls are involved in the search for Mercedes. If you know anything about her whereabouts or see her, please call it in to local law enforcement. The best picture I could find of her is below; hopefully, she will be found before her family is forced to provide more pictures.

Twentyfive Years Later, Saroo Made It Home

In 1986, five year old Saroo, a boy who lived in an village in India, fell asleep on a train and got separated from his older brother. He accidently ended up in Calcutta, and did not remember the name of his own village or neighboring villages in order to communicate with any adult who might help, so he took to begging and remained lost. Later, he was taken in by an orphanage, then adopted by an Australian couple who took him back to Australia with them. That's when he became Saroo Brierley. Eventually, when the Internet came about, and Google Earth became available, Saroo did the math, calculating the amount of time it would take on a train from Calcutta to some of the other stops. His fateful "nap" had been fourteen hours, and with that information, he was able to rightly determine which village he had lived in as a child! He actually went home, to Khandwa, India, twentyfive years later! The news was not all good; his brother was deceased, but he still got to see his mom again.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Catholic League Upset With Jon Stewart

This is really too funny...........a motley crew of Catholic leadership wants an apology from Jon Stewart for ridiculing the Church's longstanding discrimination against women! The president of the Catholic League is very, very upset that Stewart used the words "Vagina" and "Manger" together, and is threatening to boycott the sponsors of the Today Show! That seems a bit twisted, from the outside of Christianity, looking in; because Catholics will defend horny priests tooth and nail, and will hire pricey lawyers to defend those priests who molest and abuse children and actually face legal prosecution, yet a joke about the Church's sexism and the "war on women" is too much for them to bear! Somehow; an apology from Stewart does not seem likely. Perhaps the Catholic Church will apologize for Bishop Robert Finn! Here's the clip they can't get over:

The real question is this: why is Wisonsin trying to repeal equal pay laws? And why does Wisconsin governer, Scott Walker want a law passed that would enable him to demand the legal prosecution of any single parent, just for being a single parent? Jon Stewart brought up a couple of very good questions!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Preliminary Hearing For D'Andre Lane

 D'Andre Lane, father of missing, and presumed dead, Bianca Jones, was in court yesterday for his preliminary hearing. He has been charged with murder, and there was some very strong and compelling testimony from Bianca's eight year old half sister, explaining that Bianca was hidden under a blanket and did not move. What a sad reality for that little girl. If her father would just come forward and tell the truth, she would be able to grieve without having to testify in court against her father. Isn't it enough that she has lost Bianca?

Look What Happens When Police And Witnesses Work Together!

Three day old Keegan Schuchardt, who is now four days old, has been reunited with his father, who had not even had the opportunity to sign his birth certificate yet, because at less then a week old, he had already been kidnapped. That's right; some loony-toony registered nurse named Verna McClain, in Harris County, Texas, who had suffered a miscarriage and was afraid her fiance wouldn't marry her without a good reason, such as an obligation, stole little Keegan from his mom, Kala Golden, as she was leaving the doctor's office in Montgomery County, Texas, unloaded seven slugs into her, and then ran over Kala with her car! All the while, some guy just sat in the car, only budging to help take the baby away from his mother!

The whole incident happened very fast, and everyone's attention was initially drawn to Kala, who needed medical assistance, but died despite it; rather than getting a good look at the people who drove away with Keegan. Someone did give police a licsence plate number, and the car was found. They didn't waste any time finding and questioning the owner, either. Verna McClain was not home when the police first arrived, but came home while they were searching her apartment for the baby. She said she owned the vehicle, but did not commit the crime; then her sister called, it became clear that the baby was at her sister's house! Some story about how McClain was going to adopt Keegan came from McClain's sister. The thing is.......police worked very fast to follow up every lead, even though the eyewitnesses could only give a few details about the suspect's appearance. There were not even enough details to put together a sketch of the suspect. After finding the owner of the vehicle, officers did not just accept the suspect's stupid sounding denial and stop looking, simply because the baby she stole was not present, they continued to follow up with every lead they had, including whoever was on the phone when it rang, and found the baby. Now Verna McClain is charged with first degree murder, among other things, and is being held without bond.

It would be nice to call this a happy ending, but sadly, it really isn't. Keegan Schuchardt has lost the opportunity to know his mother personally.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ann Romney's Experience As A Wife And Mother

There has been a lot of national discussion lately about a recent comment made by democratic strategist Hilary Rosen  stating that "Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life." Quite a few people have flipped out over this, because motherhood is hard work, and because Ann Romney has multiple sclerosis. To cut the crap a little bit, lets remember that Ann's youngest child was born in 1981, and Ann was not symptomatic or diagnosed until 1998. Also, lets remember that many, many mothers who also work outside the home have medical problems that are even more serious, yet do not have insurance or the means to get medical treatment. Ann Romney was born into unnatural priveledge, married into the same unbalenced, underchallenged lifestyle, and despite popping out five children and having a medical problem, still does not have have much in common with mothers who love their children through thick and thin, depite any challenge that may come up along the way.

There's no record of Ann Romney ever waking up in too much pain to put her feet on the floor, due to severe anemia, yet still taking her children to daycare and school, and traveling another thirty miles while barely able to grip the steering wheel of her car, because of the pain, to go to work. She has never been "written up" at a job for fainting, rather than completing a task. Some medical problems, such as severe anemia, will have that effect. The mom not born into a weird state of priveledge, yet just as enamored of her children as she would be if she was rich, will simply do the best she can with what she has. What would Ann Romney do if she had only herself and her own inner strength? She does not know, and we do not know.

What would Ann Romney do if she lacked childcare, and therefore could not go to work? Explaining such a situation to an impatient employer is very difficult, and it often does not matter how educated, qualified, smart, or talented the mother in that position is: if one puts one's children first, one often does not get promoted, and is usually the first to go in the next budget cut. And those worries about the well being of one's children while one is working? Ann has never been thirty miles away from her kindergartner on the day he accidently got on the wrong bus, was left at the wrong bus stop, picked up by a random motorist, and thankfully, dropped off at the school board office, just before they closed! This kind of stuff happens to regular people every day, but not to Ann Romney. She is in a protected class, that does not have the same experience as the rest of us with reality.

How would Ann Romney deal with the Bureau of Child Support? Has she ever been forced to remain on hold for an hour and a half with anyone, let alone someone a family law court judge had ordered her to talk to about collecting child support for her children? This is also typical in the everyday world of everyday mothers. Not so much for people like Ann Romney. She's simply not fluent in matters such as this.

Has anyone ever threatened Ann Romney's income if she dropped everything to meet her child's daycare provider at the local emergency room (local to the child and daycare provider, not to the mom's place of employment) because her child had a fever of 106? Has she ever had to risk everything and tell her employer "no", and go to the hospital to care for her child, knowing that it could mean future homelessness? Probably not. Hilary Rosen was correct in this statement: "Guess what? His wife has actually never worked a day in her life. She's never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing, in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school, and why do we worry about their future.".....Chicago Tribune News

It's really nice that Ann Romney got to play house while her husband ran businesses that probably sacrificed quite a few family relationships, but what does she really understand about the struggles involved, other than watching her husband provide those struggles? Yes, she is correct with her comeback to Hilary Rosen with her statement that "motherhood is hard work", but when did Ann Romney actually do it? She certainly didn't have to do the job of motherhood and still do other jobs, like the women whose backs she would still love to ride! (that's the rest of us) She's really more of a giant dependant than anything else, which is fine. Giant dependants are not necessarily bad people, but lets just call Ann Romney what she is, rather than what she's not. Motherhood is more than simply failing to keep one's legs together. Neither she or her husband care at all about what happens to the average American citizen. Just one more reason to Omit Mitt.

Mitt Romney could just hire a model to fill his wife's shoes. How do we know he hasn't?

One more fun fact: Ann Romney has never had the experience of going into labor while at work and attempting to finish up everything at work before driving herself to the hospital!

Angry Birds: Man Killed By Swan

According to the Chicago Tribune, Anthony Hensley, of Villa Park, Il., was dragged out of his kayak and drowned by a great big angry swan this past Saturday. No one is sure why the swan attacked, and the swan, possibly under the advise of his attorney, has remained silent concerning the entire incident! Ok; all jesting aside, swans are very protective of their territories, their mates, and their young. Most birds are extreemly territorial, and their "songs" are largely calls to let other birds know who's turf is whose. Birds are not afraid to fight, either. Mr. Hensley probably got too close to the swan's nest while in his kayak, and frightened the swan. Swans are beautiful birds, but never get on a swan's bad side. Unlike many humans, they WILL defend their chicks to the death, caring for nothing but the safety of their babies, and unlike humans, they DO NOT care about money, politics, or social standing outside of their own flocks and lakes. Perhaps humankind should take a few lessons from swans. Rest in peace, Anthony Hensley.

Angry Bird

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Noble Rick Pendland's Upcoming Day In Court

May 22, 2012; Arkansas City Kansas; 9:00 A.M.; "Noble" Rick Pendland will finally appear in court to tell the judge that he clearly understands the charges lodged against him. Mr. Pendland has worked extensively with children in Kansas, as a teacher, a group home counselor, and a foster parent. While doing those things, he molested many children, mostly little boys. The children who had access to their parents would complain to their parents, who, in turn, would file complaints with police, or whomever they could, only to be turned away by any agency to whom they appealed for help. Eventually, the children abused by Mr. Pendland grew up, and filed charges of their own against Pendland. This preliminary hearing that is scheduled for May 22 was actually supposed to take place this week, but someone wanted a continuence. The most common reason for a preliminary hearing to be continued is that the defense is not ready to proceed. What could possibly hold up Rick Pendland's child molestation trial? Are victims and witnesses harder to intimidate and bribe in Kansas than they were a generation ago?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Did Jessica Ahlquist's Classmates Flunk History?

Someone needs to tell the good children of Providence, Rhode Island that the Inquisition is over! In January of this year, Jessica Ahlquist, of Rhode Island, won a lawsuit to force her school, Cranston High School, to take down a silly-lookin' banner with a misplaced Christian prayer on it out of the hallway in her school. Now, all of the nice Christian children are threatening Jessica and inundating every mailbox she has, including her family's snail mail box, with letters explaining how much "god" really hates her. Yawn.......this crap gets old. Of course it gets old; the Inquisition has been over for centuries.

It's a well-known fact that Jesus supports bullies. Bullying has been a method of evangelism since the time of Constantine. The problem in Rhode Island is.......religious bullying is against the law, along with the religious harassment and favortism Miss Ahlquist originally fought in court. It is abundantly clear that Miss Ahlquist does not care how the diety of Christiandom feels about the silly banner coming down from the walls of Cranston High, and it is also clear that she does not care what this diety thinks about her spiritual choices, either. So why do so many adults and children persist in threatening violence against her? Do they think Miss Ahlquist will convert if they scare her enough by using bully tactics? It looks that way. Here's my theory: the good Christian folks of Rhode Island know that if they harass a federal judge, especially the one who sided with Jessica Ahlquist and turned her lawsuit into a victorious lawsuit, and threaten violence against a judge, they could get visits from law enforcement on different levels and get charged with crimes. Then, they might have to prove their faith in "Jesus" by going to jail for their "beliefs" that Jessica deserves to be bullied and treated violently. So instead of directing their wrath at the entity truly responsible for their "persecution", they torment a child! Way to go, believers in Jesus! There will be an extra star in the crown of every Christian who truly scares Jessica with all of this nonsense.............or something like that.

Here's the letter that was sent, apparently by a representative of Jesus. Can anyone see why a Christian prayer in a public place might be offensive? Christianity has not changed, apparently, since the Inquisition.

Court Proceedings In Kansas

This past Wednesday, in Topeka, Kansas, a young man named Austin Tabor was, I repeat, WAS, on trial for the murder of another young man, Matthew Mitchell, in October of 2010. While the courthouse allows people to take cell phones, and other odds and ends, such as camaras inside, it is still a distinct no-no to take pictures of certain individuals, such as jury members, during a trial. The judge in this case reiterated the warning to everyone, but a reporter from the Topeka Capitol Journal went ahead and snapped a shot of the backs of a couple of people's heads, the silluette of a jury member beside the window, and the tops of a couple of jury members' heads. She tweeted this image to her employers, who went ahead and published it online. Later in the day, the judge was sent a message concerning the contempt of her orders, and she declared a mistrial.

Judging from the comments that have been printed from readers of the Topeka Capitol Journal, it would seem that a lot of Kansans do not understand why this mistake was so costly and unprofessional. Not only does a new court date have to be set amid courthouse furloughs designed to save money, but a new jury has to be seated. Also, the defendant has a constitutional right to a speedy trial, and the victim's family has a right to see justice. The journalist interferred with those things when she defied the judge's order to leave the jury unphotographed and unidentified.

The above situation is sad enough, but here is something even more troubling; it's a comment from a reader of one of the stories about this journalist and her published twitter photo. Here it is:

"I can say that the reporter's mistake wasn't the first mistake made in the trial that could have possibly caused a mistrial. The victim's mother disregarded instructions given to the jury pool before we watched the official jury video. We were instructed to not take notes unless instructed. She also ignored the judge's instructions to all persons not in the jury pool to leave the room. As each potential juror was called, she recorded that person's name in her small 4x6 notebook. When a person was dismissed for cause, she crossed out that persons name and recorded the name of the replacement. And even though the prosecutor's witness list was part of the filing prior to jury selection, she also recorded the names on that list. She left before lunch when a male came in to the courtroom and signalled her. As she was leaving, even the judge asked her if she was part of the pool and she said no. It may not seem to some as a big deal, but if you knew that a member of the victim's family recorded your name in a notebook, you would probably feel intimidated on some levels."

The judge told everyone not in the jury pool to leave! Instead, one person thought it would be okay to disregard the judge and stay! What was she going to do with all of the names of chosen jury members? Kill them, if they did not return the verdict she desired? Perhaps the errant journalist saved a life by necessitating a mistrial.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eric Toth, The FBI Is Looking For You!

What an honor! Osama Bin Laden's former spot on the FBI's most wanted list has officially been given to Eric Justin Toth. Now Toth has a chance to garner his fifteen minutes of fame. He used to be a third grade teacher, back in 2008, at the National Cathedral's Beauvior School in Washington DC. After questionable images of children were found on a school camara that was used exclusively by him, he disappeared in 2009, just as the investigation was heating up. It is now 2012, and the pornographic images on the camara have finally become a matter of enough importance to question the amateur photographer responsible.

Eric Toth could have gone anywhere since 2009. He is said to have connections to Maryland, which is quite likely because so many people who work Washington DC actually live in Maryland. It would not be a big surprise to find him hiding out in Maryland. He also has connections to Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Arizona. One can only hope that he did not take advantage of a community that was unaware that he is the subject of a criminal investigation and get another teaching position. Pay attention, Kansas schools: do not hire this person!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bye Santorum!

Santorum is out of the race now, leaving us with only Romney and Gingrich to entertain us until November. How sad; neither Romney or Gingrich looks anywhere near as good as Santorum looks in chaps! Why'd Santorum have to disappear so soon? At least we have been given a solid promise from Newt Gingrich that he will stay in the race. I guess it's time to start looking for Mitt Romney's hidden records from his tenure as governer of Massachusetts (Republicans didn't learn a thing from Nixon, did they?) and start taking lessons from Newtie-boy on family values! Here's a song for Rick Santorum's short run for president!


Tales From The Crypt; The Baby Is Still Alive

Last week, in Argentina, a baby was born prematurely. The mother was told that the baby showed no signs of life, and the doctor duly pronounced the little girl dead. Then, she was unceremoniously sent to the city morgue.

 Twelve hours later, the mother was discharged from the hospital, and wanted to see her baby one more time. So she and her husband went to the morgue, and when they opened their daughter's casket, she cried! No joke; doctors apparently make mistakes. Hopefully, they thought to take a carseat with them when they went to visit their daughter at the morgue! The baby's name is Luz Milegros; "miracles of light", loosely translated. Hopefully, there will not be much red tape involved in trading in the death certificate for a birth certificate!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trista Reynolds And Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

According to a couple of Maine radio personalities, specifically Mike and Ken, or the Daily Rundown, Trista Reynolds held a birthday vigil in Portland, Maine, for her daughter, Ayla, just to prolong her fifteen minutes of fame. They do not think that finding Ayla is important, or that Trista's efforts to keep the public aware of Ayla, or aware of child safety in general, has any place in the day to day life of any parent. Or so it seems, anyway. Here's a link to the podcast of what crap they spewed after the vigil in question:

Where to begin......? I know! Trista really isn't looking for fifteen minutes of fame, or even half an hour of fame. She's looking for her daughter. It's that simple. Ayla was reported missing by her father on December 16 of last year and has not been found. It has been almost four months. If Mike and Ken do not think that is serious, they are delusional. Also, they appeared to blame the whole situation on the misleading notion that Trista Reynolds had "lost custody" of her daughter. When a child's parents do not live together, the child is obliged, usually, to live with one or the other of his parents. The parent with whom the child does not reside does not "lose custody" or "parental rights", but merely does not have primary custody. This can happen for any reason, from military deployment to diabetic coma, and dozens of other mundane reasons. Trista was in rehab to sober up. If WGAN has a problem with alcoholic parents who relenquish custody temporarily in order to go to rehab, one might wonder if the station demonizes parents who make other arrangements for their children for things like kidney dialysis, or chemo. Trista did exactly what she should have been able to safely do......she trusted her child's father to care for her child while she was unable to do so. Had her rights truly been terminated, she would not have filed a motion in court to get Ayla back the day before Ayla was reported missing.

Who sponsors the Mike and Ken show, anyway? And why couldn't they use their air time to raise awareness of the fact that Ayla Reynolds is still missing after almost four months? Trashing Ayla's mother on the air and encouraging hostility toward her is not going to inspire anyone to look for Ayla or take better care of children in general. The community where Mike and Ken air is not enhanced by this, either. Comments such as the ones on the Daily Rundown only make Trista's job of finding her daughter more difficult.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Lets Ask Mitt Romney About Human Trafficking

Okay, Mitt, you have a lot of money and corporate power and have openly stated that corporations are people. I differ with you on that, because corporations do not vote in our politics, and corporations can bought and sold. At this juncture in the American legal climate, it remains unlawful to buy, sell, or enslave a human being, and I would like to see that principle strengthened, rather than undermined. Here is a world map of known human trafficking issues. I think it is time, considering Mitt Romney's committment to corporate power and his church, (but no one else) to ask Mitt what he is willing to do to stop this worldwide problem, especially here, in the United States. I would also like to know what Mitt Romney is planning to do to free and assist those who have already become victims of human trafficking. As long as any part of the World's economy is based on human trafficking, from slavery to black market adoptions to sex and kiddie porn, I don't see the World's malaise getting any better.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lisa Irwin's Parents Continue Charade

Lisa Irwin's parents, Jeremy Irwin and Debbie Bradley, were in the news again today. After about six weeks of relative silence concerning Lisa's missing persons case, they had a small "celebration" to commemorate the six month anniversary of their daughter's disappearance. Debbie did not attend, and Jeremy released balloons. They can call the whole affair a "vigil" if they wish, but vigils usually accompany prayer, sincerity, and honest efforts to make things better. Letting go of a few balloons hardly fits the bill. Balloons will certainly not bring back Lisa.

If Jeremy wanted to help locate his missing daughter, he would get a lot more mileage from sitting down with law enforcement, ALL BY HIMSELF, and discussing the events of October 4, 2011 in as much detail as he can remember. Allowing law enforcement to do a complete search of his property, including the shed and garden areas would be another step in the right direction. He might also allow both of Lisa's older brothers to spend some time away from himself and Debbie. They are potential witnesses to a terrible crime, and Jeremy and Debbie, especially Debbie, are potential suspects. Not charged suspects, but potential suspects. No one who witnesses a crime should have to co-exist all day, every day, with those against whom they may, one day, be compelled to testify. And, Jeremy should also stop enabling Debbie if he really wants to find Lisa. Her pre-crime behaviors were irresponsible and derelict, (drinking almost a whole box of wine and chasing it with liquor while caring for the kiddies?) and her post-crime behaviors have been dishonest and uncooperative. Cutting Debbie loose and standing on his own two psychological feet would probably help Lisa more than helium balloons in the sky....that is; if Jeremy really wants his daughter back.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Siri Search About Warren Jeffs

There was a "Siri search" today asking the location of the residence of Warren Steed Jeffs, the Mormon bishop who got into a bunch of trouble because some of the members of his harem were too young to be sex slaves. The answer is, Utah State Prison. Despite all the support he got from Jesus, God, and whoever else he thinks listens to his prayers for more virgins, he found out that molesting children is against the law here in America. At one point during the past decade, he had lots of control over a large part of the population in Utah, via his church, but that was not enough to keep him out of the pokey. I'm sure it's all good, though; with a middle name like Steed, he's almost certain to have found companionship in prison.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some Things Do Not Really Change

In Case You Were Not In Church This Sunday

Just in case you missed church this Sunday, this seems appropos, in view of all the prejudism that's made the news, lately.

Mitch McConnell Wants Santorum To Concede

What? Mitch McConnell wants Rick Santorum to drop out of the race? But there are still twenty-two states who need to decide, via ballot, which greedy Republican clown they want to sic on Obama this November! Is Mitch saying that the votors in those states don't matter? Why take their choices away so soon? Besides, Mitt Romney does not look anywhere near as good in chaps...........

Million Fag March 2012

The fifth annual Million Fag March in Topeka, Kansas will take place on April 28 in Gage Park at 2:00 PM. This is quite close to Westboro Baptist Church, where lurks the amazing and insane Fred Phelps, who says he says he hates gay men and women, but manages to devote a suspicious amount of time to them. This is sort of an "in your face" response to Rev. Phelps, to show him that we really don't care what he thinks any of the Gods should love or hate. It's also an event to raise some awareness in Kansas. No one should be a bigot.