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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Early Return Of Persephone?

Almost Imbolc! I can feel the Earth getting ready for the next season! It's almost time to start nagging my husband about the garden!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Howard Ambrose

This is definately your song, Howard!

Jessica Alquist; Evil Little Thing

Is there no end to Christian insanity? A young lady in Providence, Rhode Island, filed suit to have a religious prayer to an offensive diety removed from the hallway of her school, Cranston High. She won. But instead of taking the ugly thing down, and following the law, which clearly allows no favortism or preference for ANY religion, the whole town is harassing this child. A local representative even called her an "evil little thing" on public radio! such admonission for teenagers who act violently or sell drugs, just horrid focus on upsetting a child who lawfully did the right thing.

Why have Christians sunk their teeth and fingernails into the notion that everyone must believe outdated crap surrounding an ideal that has been shown to be false? Christians rationalized slavery, they rationalized sexism, they have sponsored one violent event in history after another, and they sweep the unlawful acts of many a Catholic priest under the rug. Lets also not forget Warren Jeffs, a child loving Mormon who is currently in prison because of his great love for children, and David Koresh, who died in Waco Texas, pushing Seventh Day Adventist Christian nonsense on the unfortunates who listened to him and got pulled into his orbit. Haven't the rest of us had enough??!! Why is no one concerned about the laws? Here's a picture of the alleged "evil little thing", and also a picture of a symbol of something that looks innocent enough, but truly has propagated more evil than one person could ever write about, since it's inception.

Any true interest in living that prayer would naturally preclude all of the bullying, harassing conduct of those who disagree with the court's ruling that the prayer must be removed. Anyone who truly believed in a "heavenly father" would certianly not want to create problems in the life of a sixteen year old child. Here is a quote form the above linked article, from The Daily Mail, Another sent her a message saying: 'How does it feel to be the most hated person in RI? You're a puke and a disgrace to the human race.'
That certainly does not make me feel much like going to church.

For Those Who Missed Church

I love this!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

More From Mitt On Marijuana

Here's a better video than the one I posted a couple of days ago, showcasing Mitt Romney, dispensing his textbook (circa 1952) rhetoric on marijuana and why he wants you to believe it should not be legal. Obviously, he is deeply concerned about the ability of organized crime cartels to make lots of money, since they, undoubtedly, are people too, along with legitimate corporations.

Lovely Christian Sentiment In Kansas

Kansas House Speaker, Mike O'Neal, Republican, by the way, sent a message to House Republicans about Obama. In it, he quoted the bible, from the book of Psalms. He quoted from Psalms 109, concerning our President, saying, "may his children be fatherless and his wife be a widow". This is one of the reasons why I don't like Christians, and why I don't think any religion should be allowed in any government building. It's yet another reason I know Kansas is full of bigots. How offensive, that there is a person who is paid by taxpayors to make rude and threatening statements about our President, even wishing bad things for his children! Mind you, these are the same people who make it extreemly difficult for anyone with olive to dark skin and a Middle Eastern sounding name to exist in this part of the country.

Last week, O'Neal was presented with a petition containing over thirty thousand signatures, asking him to resign. I think he should go ahead and do it.

Does everyone in Kansas use Christian scriptures to express hate? If not, why are they represented by someone who does?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Wonder If Debbie Bradley Is Nervous Yet

The police in Missouri are allowed to release footage from police cruisers' dashboards along with arrest reports as public information, unless this is contraindicated because said footage is evidence. In Debbie Bradley's case, as per the night she reported her infant daughter, Lisa Irwin, missing, police will only release a portion of the footage, not all if it. Is it possible that there may be enough evidence, one day soon, to charge Mrs. Bradley (not Mrs. Irwin) with a crime, and the footage from the police car will be part of the evidence against her? Because keeping all evidence under lock and key until requested by her attorney for discovery is probably more strategic than putting it on the news. What'd you do with your baby, Debbie?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Battle Of The Psychics

This is getting ridiculus. Stephanie Almaguer is very, very upset with everyone and anyone who publicly disagrees with her. She wants anyone, other than herself, owning a deck of Tarot cards to know that "God" agrees with HER, (Where else have I heard THAT before? Lets see......Bishop Robert Finn, Reverend Warren Jeffs, Charles Manson, and Brian David Mitchell,who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart, to name a few) and she wants anyone volunteering in any efforts to find a missing person whose case she has disrupted to be "warned about her husband", who apparently likes to write to women online, via their blogs and email addresses, to cuss them out for suggesting that Stephanie may be wrong, dangerous, or psychotic, and that volunteers and searchers should ignore her. That's amusing! Not only her husband; who has not, as nearly as this blogger can tell, confronted a MAN online or in person; but "God" is on her side! Oh well........Stephanie is not the first online or in person bully and liar to claim the personal favor of "God"! We can always hope she will be the last, but the cards have already told me she isn't gonna be the last!

Here's what MY husband had to say, when he noticed Stephanie's false and bullying statements concerning yours truly:

Trust me, Madam Cleo; it's the same in every language!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Message To Stephanie Almaguer

On October 4, 2011, a little girl named Lisa Irwin was reported missing from Kansas City, Missouri. To date, she has not been found. There have been many searches for her, many vigils on her behalf, and quite a few witnesses and potential witnesses have been interviewed. Something else that has happened has involved someone by the name of Stephanie Almaguer. She reportedly gleaned informantion from a website that allowed another person to comment, and in that comment were some musings concerning possible locations where little Lisa might be found, in the event that she is no longer with us. It was only an idea, and a vague one, at that. No one really gave it another thought until the same map, and street names showed up in a tip given to police by one Stephanie Almaguer, claiming to be "psychic" and know where Lisa could be found! The police, and quite a few others, looked in the spot, and Lisa was not there.

This is not the first time someone like Stephanie has interferred in a police investigation, it probably won't be the last, but when a couple of people noticed the possible plagerism from the different websites, they wrote in to several journalists, who, in turn, did some checking on her track record, both esoterically and ethically, and found her to be a bit troubling. Empty visions, gibberish on her site, inability to construct sentences......that kind of stuff. It was also found that Stephanie had interferred with police in other cases, too. Specifically, Haleigh Cumming's, and Kyron Horman's cases.

A friend of mine, who has done quite a bit to circulate pictures and information about Lisa Irwin, (REAL information, not gibberish, a la Stephanie Madam Cleo) finally got enough of the divisive atmosphere Stephanie was creating among searchers and volunteers, and asked her to stop. After much name calling, (Stephanie tossed out some very nasty comments toward this friend and several reporters) it looked as if Stephanie was going to go away and shut up. But she didn't. In fact, someone claiming to be Stephanie's husband left a rather threatening and rude comment on my friend's blog. My friend opted not to publish that comment. She also ranted on Gather, see comments; the The Examiner, once again, see comments, and You Tube, at various people. It's not enough to use the media for attention whoring purposes, the rest of us MUST agree with her! Or else!

On her blog, Stephanie actually took my name, spelled incorrectly, but still obviously indicating yours truly, and accused me of being at least half a dozen other people and stalking her. Let me just assure Stephanie that those profiles are not mine. And I have never changed my email address. I have had the same one for years. I also doubt if anyone is actually stalking Stephanie. The definition of stalking is a little more complex than reading comments on a public media site or reading entries in a public blog. If she does not want anyone to know what she is up to, she should write her silly nonsense in a notebook, with pen and paper, not on the internet. Quite a few of Stephanie's comments on the websites of others indicate a lot of trolling and possible stalking on Stephanie's part.

This was a comment she directed at me:
"Should have known, immediately after deciding to post, someone would begin their harassment......ShadowDancer? says she posted a map similar to this one on my blog?? back in November. IDK? Searched for it and couldnt find it, so she said I deleted it and the threats have begun. I've been being stalked by a women who changes her email, every time I block hers....She follow(ed) me on Youtube, the blog, twitter, etc...she's been jojo777, jumpindragon, bluemoon, pam bluemoon, juli henery (i think) & poss. yellowrose, and just too many to list."

And this is what I directed at her: Hey Stephanie! I only have one email address. I am NOT any of those other people you have indicated. Also, Henry is spelled H-E-N-R-Y, not H-E-N-E-R-Y. You are a charlatan, an online bully, and a skank. You also don't know how to write, spell, or use punctuation. If you do not want people to react as badly to you as they apparently react, why don't you behave differently, both online and in person? And drop the Madam Cleo act. You can't pull it off.

Madam Cleo Wannabe


Why Is No One Looking for Bianca Jones?

On January 18, a new show, hosted by S. Epatha Merkerson, former Law and Order star, premiered. This show deals with the subject of alerting the American public when the subject of a missing persons report is Black. It is good to see TV One hosting "Find Our Missing". The reality of missing persons involves victims from all races and walks of life, yet, somehow; it seems that the cases the networks push the hardest involve white victims who look like Norman Rockwell models. Another disturbing fact is that while the Black community represents about fourteen percent, per capita, of people in this country, the statistic for unsolved missing persons cases involving Black victims is about forty percent. Sad, but unfortunately, true.

Has anyone noticed, amid all of the coverage of the Lisa Irwin case, that a two year old named Bianca Jones also disappeared? Lisa Irwin went missing from Kansas City, Missouri, in October of last year. Her parents have hindered police investigations ever since, and have even tampered with witnesses. Bianca Jones was reported missing from Detroit, Michigan, in early December of last year. Many people have searched for her, and while there may be some serious problems with testimony from Bianca's father, the rest of her family has cooperated with law enforcement. Still, there is much, much more information about Lisa Irwin. There are many more pictures of Lisa to be found online, even though most of them were taken months before she disappeared, and are probably useless in terms of locating her. The main difference that I can see between Lisa's pictures and Bianca's pictures; however, is that Lisa's depict a White child and Bianca's depict a Black child. Bianca's missing persons case needs the same amount of coverage as Lisa's has garnered.

S. Epatha Merkerson. Her new show, "Find Our Missing", airs on Wednesdays, at 10 PM, 9 PM Central, on TV One. Perhaps her show will provide the inspiration to renew the earnest search for little Bianca Jones.  Below is Bianca Jones's picture, one more time. Hopefully, she will be found before Epatha has a chance to film an episode about her case. It's way past time.

If Church Was Not A Priority This Sunday

Here ya go. Could the mainstream Christian world cope if others behaved as many Christians behave?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Romney Favors Drug Cartels

I snagged this from Ruthie In The Sky.  If Romney is not even willing to consider the pros and cons of relaxing the prohibition laws, which deal with VICTIMLESS crimes, we have in the United States concerning marijuana, he is very clearly supporting the drug cartels who make money because of the prohibition laws, whether he is aware of it or not. Also, he was extreemly rude to the young lady who asked him the question. Worth my vote? Nope.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Due Process No Longer Due?

Did SOPA and PIPA appear suspicously close to the passage of National Defense Authorization Act?

Warren Jeffs Simply Does Not Want To Quit

Warren Jeffs, the Mormon preacher-dude who went to prison for life plus twenty years because he decided that a handful of teenage and preteen girls should live with him as sex slaves, (apparently, that's "wives" in Mormon parlance) still has the cooperation of enough accomplices to present a danger to his victims while incarcerated. Despite losing his phone priveledges, he has begun a rather ambitious reorganization project for his whole sect of the church. Most pedophiles just go to jail and stay there, until they are released, then they pose for the camara and say "cheese", so that we can view thier profiles on sex offender registries, and keep our kids away from them. Not this pastor. He now wants to redo everything in his church, including who is married to who, (!!) and force everyone to swear absolute loyalty to him as if he were sorta like "God", himself. That's almost like a mob boss, or an organized crime ring, except I have not heard of anyone besides religious nuts telling others whether or not they could stay married.

When drug dealers and other slime attempt this kind of mass manipulation of others from their prison cells, they are usually stopped, on those occasions when they are caught. Prisons are discouraged from allowing criminal activities and intimidation from their "guests". Until recently, Warren Jeffs's royal highness was even using cell phones to communicate with groups of people, even at the possible inclusion of former victims. Why? Other pedophiles don't have those priveledges. Perhaps it is time to consider that the people, other church people, who help this minister victimize folks, are aiding and abetting crimes. Perhaps it is time to tell Reverend Jeffs that he may not communicate with the outside world anymore.

The curious aspect of this is that there are over ten thousand people who actually still listen to Warren Jeffs. These are people who want to tell our lawmakers and the government that while they understand the laws, including those concerning child abuse, they feel that their diety allows them to overlook those laws, and that our judicial system should, for Jesus, look the other way and not bother Warren Jeffs or other Mormons when they sexually abuse children. To be fair, the Catholic Church is guilty of this, too. Bishop Robert Finn is one of the foremost examples. But while prosecuting a Catholic priest presents a few challenges, once said priest is incarcerated, he is usually not aided and abetted by his parishoners in various probation violations and in commission of the same crimes. And almost never to the tune of thousands of people at a time. To date, there is no record of an incarcerated priest delivering mass via cell phone in violation to prison rules and sentencing guidelines.

Speaking of electronic communiques, why, oh why, have our lawmakers been distracted by nonsense like SOPA, and attempts at extraditing people like Kim Schmitz, of Megaupload, and also of New Zealand, when there are convicted criminals in our own prison system using much simpler means of electronic communication to do much more harm?

Mom, Can I Keep Him?

Wild.......both the animal and the story! This ribbon seal was waiting on the porch of an unsuspecting Seattle resident the other day! The closest yours truly has come to that situation involves the neighbor's cat having her kittens under her lilac bush on Halloween night! What a CUTE picture!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Interesting Siri Search

Yet another interesting Siri search! I continue to get hits for Siri Samantha, and I found this, from True Path To Freedom. The images of the Buddha in this artwork reminds of a dream I have had many times over the course of my life. Especially the Buddha sitting under the tree; I had looked for a monk fitting the description, but never expected Buddha!

A Judge Thought She Could Terminate A Pregnancy

Judge Christine Harms (how much more appropriate could her name be?) really thought she could order a member of the public to have an abortion, twenty weeks into term! Apparently, the thirty-two year old woman's parents petitioned a family court in Massachusetts to order her to schedule and abortion and be sterilized because of mental illness! When the case went to court, Judge Harms (still chuckling about the judge's name) heard the case, and went ahead and ordered the poor woman to abort! This is craziness! And how many other such orders has this judge issued while on the bench? This is NOT an intended function of family law court!

The question Judge Harms should have asked, immediately, is "Who and where is the father?" No mention of that appears in any article available, so far, about this case. Could the father be someone close to the mother, who, say......would be embarrassed about such a pregnancy, and not want to take responsibility? Could the father be someone in the mother's own family? We may find out, since Judge Harms's order was overturned by the Supreme Court. It seems that everything about this ruling seemed wrong, very wrong, from the assumption that this woman could even find a doctor willing to abort a healthy twenty to twenty four week old fetus to the assumption that she, herself, could make the determination concerning the baby's right to a healthy birth! Thank the Gods that someone here had common sense!

It looks like Judge Harms has flown the coop, in the wake of all this bad publicity. According to Yahoo News, "Harms, who recently retired, could not be reached for comment Tuesday." No doubt.

This is not a meaningless clump of cells and DNA. This is a baby. Even from a pro choice standpoint, one should not wait five months to abort a healthy baby. It is also no one's personal privilege to decide which healthy babies get to live, after healthy birth, and which healthy babies must die, after abortions performed under extreemly questionable circumstances.

Terri Horman, You Have A Message

Someone left some spam for Terri Horman under this post today. Since I am not in the habit of publishing spam, I will not publish it, but I will say that it recommended ten things a job seeker can do to increase his chances in the job market. I was mildly disappointed, however; that among the ten things an applicant should do, none was "cleaning up criminal record", "clearing oneself of criminal suspicion", or "returning all formerly kidnapped children to their families"! I'm afraid the ten generic suggestions will be of no real use to Terri Horman!

These two pictures squashed together spell "thug extraordinaire". Even if Terri Moulton Horman is not using this as a cover page for her resume, most perspective employers, especially in the teaching field, and other jobs involving children, for which Terri has a degree, would not hire her. If Terri Moulton Horman suddenly found employment at a school, I imagine parents would protest as soon as they discovered her identity! She still has not cooperated in the efforts to find her stepson, Kyron Horman, who went missing from his school in Portland, Oregon, on June 4, 2010. Below is another picture of Kyron.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Whooping Cranes Winter In Kansas

Interesting......whooping cranes usually spend the summer in Canada, nesting and hunting in freshwater marshes and fly south, to Texas, for the winter. This year, five of them decided to spend the winter in Kansas, instead.

What Do SOPA And Alcohol Prohibition Have In Common?

Our lawmakers are considering a bill to create a new and unnecessary law, called "stop online piracy act", or SOPA. There is a similar bill floating around in the Senate, called "protect ip act", or PIPA. At first, this did not sound like a big deal. No one likes their work, copyrighted or not, plagerized. But these bills, when examined more closely, go far beyond protection of any artist or writer. These bills give anyone, particularly anyone will a high profile lawyer and a lot of money, the right to call any internet provider, server, or host of any blog and cry and complain that their own copyrights have been violated by someone, and get the blog or website shut down. No notice, warning, or due process. Not even any actual proof that a copyright violation actually occured.

The folks who would benefit from the passage of SOPA are Hollywood and Warner Brothers. They want to go back to the days of player pianos and phonographs, and record stores, which not only sold records, but bongs and hookahs. That would be okay, because record stores were cool. And if SOPA passes, record stores will be back, inspiring rebellion to this law, as the pendulum swings both ways. Most Americans are too young to remember alcohol prohibition, but when Wikipedia puts it's site back up, information about alcohol probition can be gotton there. Prohibition did not work. People drank anyway, and brewed and distilled their own booze. Since there was no way to control and regulate the booze, some of it was actually dangerous to drink. Also, the Mafia got it's feet planted firmly in the ground, here in the United States, during alcohol prohibition, and is still here today, along with other organized crime cartels that have made a lot of money, thanks to prohibition laws.

The entertainment industry is a lot of fun. Everyone enjoys movies and TV. But does the entertainment industry really need to bite into any American's first amendment and fourth amendment rights to freedom of experssion and the right to due process in order to make a profit? Does the population at large owe it's constitutional rights to Hollywood? Somehow, it seems the answer should be "no".

Wikipedia, Google, and lots of other sites have altered their online appearances in protest of SOPA. The White House is taking this debate very seriously. The next steps, if this bill were to pass and become law, would be a massive recall of many of Americans' personal freedoms. Here is a link to the petition that you may sign online to make your voice heard about SOPA. Please sign it.

Galileo and Copernicus were not allowed free expression, despite the fact that they were not doing any harm to anyone, and were right in their suspicions! The Catholic Church was the master of all it surveyed at the time, and it's censorship made a serious attempt to keep everyone as uninformed and uneducated as possible. Nostrodamus wrote his grimoirs in French and couched all of his ideas in rhyming quatrains to thwart church and government censorship. Do we want to go back to that? Just who benefits from an uneducated populace, anyway?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Message To Loring Henderson Defender

Someone accused me, because of my last post, of twisting Loring Henderson's words, just a little bit. Perhaps I did. In my own defense, allow me to say this; while I read between the lines a bit and spelled out what he said in a whole new light, Loring Henderson's words to Fox news represents what IS NOT going on in Kansas shelters, and my spin on Loring Henderson's words represents what IS going on in Kansas shelters. Cry about it all you want, but you should be crying about the reality behind the whole situation.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Loring Henderson, Lawrence Kansas, And Homeless Families

What a weekend! Kirk Ferguson, sometime employee of Shelter, Inc., of Lawrence, Kansas, has been charged with sex crimes against two teen clients, who were staying at the shelter with their families. It seems that this has been going on, in intervals, since October of last year, and, despite complaints from desperate families with nowhere else to go, has been conveniently overlooked in favor of doing nothing and allowing the abuse to continue. This is not a big surprise, considering other odds and ends that have been known to occur in Kansas in schools, foster homes, shelters, and other places with vulnerable clienteles. Anyone remember Noble "Rick" (not his real name) Pendland? Kansas has an obligation to taxpayors to DO A BETTER JOB of consulting backgrounds and resumes of individuals who are hired to work in these fields.

Loring Henderson, the director of Lawrence Community Shelter, does not appear to agree that there is a problem in Kansas with background checks of social workers and made some comments that attempt to sweep this problem under the rug, instead. To quote Fox News, “We’re like all agencies that work with children, you try to make sure that you’ve done everything you can to be as thorough in your procedures to protect children who are present in your programs,” said Henderson, who says that while the charges are tragic, it’s important for the public to remember all the good these agencies provide. “I think that the general public understands that agencies certainly try and no one wants this kind of thing to occur.”Henderson says that he did not know Ferguson and did not want to comment on the allegations, but he says that he has nothing but good things to say about Shelter, Inc., which has been providing services for children and families in Lawrence since 1981."

Whoa! He assumes that "all agencies that work with children" try to protect them? That's a bit naive! "The general public understands"???? Wake up, Henderson! Yours truly is part of the general public, and does not understand at all! Except to understand that someone, at some time, WANTED the abuse to occur; otherwise, it would not have. It's that simple. The last sentence in the above quote is the most curious, though. Henderson states that he has "nothing but good things to say about Shelter Inc.", yet this whole news story is about a pedophile who got busted there! If that is Henderson's idea of a "good thing", Henderson needs to find a different line of work.

To get just a little bit more real, everyone should understand that during the winter, it gets very, very cold in Kansas. Everyone should also understand that in this nation's recent history, there has been a serious economic crisis, coupled with massive unemployment. Combined with that, this nation's real estate market imploded upon itself, resulting in millions of foreclosures and leaving many families homeless. A parent with no place but a community shelter to live with his or her children may risk getting evicted and dying of hypothermia, children included, if too many "waves" are made about the criminal behaviors of those who run the shelters. This creates a very vulnerable population and makes an easy environment for the type of abuse committed by Kirk Ferguson. Unless Kansas can pull it's head out of it's ass and begin performing simple background checks on anyone hired to work as a teacher, foster parent, or social worker, there will only be more stories like this. Is Kansas truly interested in the safety and well being of people who stay in shelters? Especially children?

To get even more real, children in shelters are vulnerable in even more ways. In Kansas, many shelter and foster children are used as experimental subjects by pharmaceutical companies. This is unacceptable, and may be what Loring Henderson means by this: “I can say they’ve done tremendous good over the years they’ve been here for years serving the community of Lawrence and doing terrific programs.”

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Updates On The Ongoing Search For Lisa Irwin

Today, January 14, there was an organized volunteer effort to find Lisa Irwin, the baby girl who disappeared from her parents' home in Kansas City, Missouri. She was reported missing on October 4 of last year, and it is encouraging that neighbors and other concerned people in the community have not given up on Lisa. But here is something unexpected: an unidentified female made threats to searchers from a pay phone. That's a bit weird.........why would anyone be upset with volunteers looking for a missing baby?

Here is something else that seems a bit lopsided........a so called "psychic" named Stephanie Almaguer, second rate occultist and first rate attention whore, inserted herself into Lisa Irwin's case a couple of months ago, did a bunch of very fake looking readings, interferred with law enforcement to the detriment of the investigation and the stress of volunteers, and after creating quite a distraction, was completely wrong, hopefully not deliberately. After a couple of months, the stir she created began to fade. That seemed like a good thing. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, there was a rude and pithy comment from her left on the blog of a friend of mine. Also, nonsense originating from her profiles has popped up recently in a lot of places in internetland. All this, when it finally looked like she was going to go away.........but here's the thing: her comment on my friend's blog was posted at around the same time that the anonymous threat was made to the volunteer searchers in Kansas City. It may be a coincidence, but just in case, perhaps the next threatening phone call to volunteers in the Lisa Irwin case can be recorded and compared to Stephanie Almaguer's voice, which can be heard all over YouTube.

In the meantime, I will run another picture of Lisa Irwin. If she is still alive, she has probably grown and changed a bit. I wish every success to the volunteers and the professionals who are still trying to find her.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

In Case You Skipped Church This Sunday

If you did not go to church this Sunday, especially in Mississippi, you might have missed the pardon of over two hundred criminals, quite a few of them convicted murderers. Just before leaving office, Governer Haley Barbour got a wild hair up his ass, and went ahead and pardoned some truly scary people, ignoring the law stating that the victims have a legal right to a notice of thirty days before such an action is taken. Needless to say, this has created quite a bit of outrage in Mississippi. It was also unexplained until this past Friday. Initially, the governer, who is, by the way, Republican, did not offer any explanations for his decisions, but he finally came out and stated that he pardoned those criminals because they had read the bible and repented!

There are a couple of very serious problems with this. First, violent criminals seldom change. Thugs almost always "find Jesus" while incarcerated, and are very good at putting on airs and lying. Former victims are very likely, in cases like this, to become victims all over again. Since a government pardon means that these convicted criminals are not even required to complete a probationary period, there is not even a legal vehicle to monitor them. At this writing, at least four of these convicts are off the grid. This puts victims and others in danger.

Another serious problem with this is the discrimination factor. No one has been pardoned for reading the Koran. No one has been pardoned for consulting with his Rabbi, or for studying Taoism. What about any of the Pagan religions? No one has been pardoned for learning about those! Yet reading the bible is, somehow, a reason to grant a pardon! Sorry, prison Christian converts, but that is offensive. If playing the Christian card can somehow elicit a "get out of jail free" card for a dangerous criminal, then the same considerations should exist for Jews, Budhists, Hindus, Muslims, Pagans, and any other religious faithful. The only problem  with that rationale is that adherants to virtually all religions besides Christianity do not tend to become criminals nearly as often as those with Christian leanings, (no hate mail, please; I do NOT refer to the majority of Christians) which may be the reason Christian propaganda is so easy to find in American prisons. Also, Christianity is unique in it's quest to initiate everyone and anyone, even people from whom most people should be protected. I hope the ACLU has the opportunity and grounds to challenge this decision.

Does anyone remember this post on this blog, from August of last year? A child molester was actually released from prison in New Mexico without serving his whole sentence, because the judge felt that he had "suffered enough" and that he had turned his life around, a la Christianity and the bible! Almost immediately, the creep contacted one of his young victims, something he was not allowed to do. Ultimately, intended or not, the decision by the New Mexico judge was that the VICTIM had NOT suffered enough, and the determination that the creep had "suffered enough" caused the victim to suffer more. Thanks, Jesus!

Luckily, not everyone in Mississippi thinks a prison conversion and a bible equal a complete change of character. The Attorney General Of Mississippi requested a block on the release of the remaining prisoners who have not been turned loose on their communities as of yet. Jesus and crime rampages may have to wait.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Visit From Summer

The green beans I cooked for dinner tonight were frozen this past summer, after I grew them in the garden. While they cooked, it smelled like summer came back for just a little while........

Julianne McCrery Settles In To Her New Home

Today, Julianne McCrery, of New Hampshire, but formerly of Texas, was sentenced to forty-five years for the murder of her son, six year old Camden Hughes. What a farce. There are homeless people, there are schools that need teachers and other employees, there are hungry people and people whose lives have been affected by disasters.....but New Hampshire has decided that Julianne McCrery can live, free of charge, supported by the taxpayors after she premeditated and carried out the murder of her son! It's really a shame she didn't commit murder in Texas, instead of New Hampshire.

Camden Pierce Hughes

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is Anyone Else Offended By This?

I saw this story on Yahoo today. Along with the picture. I thought it was a picture from the 1950's, and wondered why the color of the photo looks so modern. Then I read the rest of the story; specifically; that the picture is actually from May of 2011, in Cincinnati, Ohio! It seems that Jamie Hein, the owner of an apartment complex in Cincinnati, discovered that one Black teenager was visiting family in one of the apartments over the summer, so she found an old sign, dating from 1931, and put it up at the pool! Her explanation for this was that she didn't want hair products to "make the water cloudy". Because of all of the hair products, soaps, and sunblock used by almost everyone, I must raise the BS flag here. She is also being sued by the girl's family. Not only is discrimination against federal law, but in Ohio, this violates the Ohio Civil Rights Act.

Quoting the above article, "Hein's attorney, who informed the commission by email Wednesday that Hein would not attend the hearing, did not return phone and email messages Wednesday and Thursday from The Associated Press. A recording on Thursday said Hein's voicemail was full and could not accept messages.
"I was trying to protect my assets," she told the commission's housing enforcement director in a Sept. 27 interview."...........That is truly outrageous; "protecting her assets". Now that Jamie Hein has a lawsuit pending against her, I wonder if she feels she did an adequate job of "protecting her assets"?

Maybe next summer, she will post a sign that says "No Hair Products", or the pool standard, "Shower Before Entering Pool".

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To Whoever Took Kyron Horman

To whoever took Kyron Horman, would you allow him to be found if someone promised you the material assets you desire and a new start? Or if you had those things up front? I'm just curious. I'd also like to see him returned to his parents.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anonymous Message

I saw this today and thought it was apt.

If You Were Absent On Sunday

If you were absent from church on Sunday, here's what you might have missed: the sermon, from convicted child molester, Warren Jeffs, also a Mormon pastor, delivering his sermon via cell phone! No joke; while other convicted child molesters are shunned by the public and ordered by the courts to leave their victims alone, and stay away from the communities where their crimes were committed, this Mormon minister thought the laws and court orders did not apply to him. So he continued to address his congregation, anyway, after claiming in court that his abuses of children made God and Jesus happy. At this juncture, I should remind everyone that he would not have been able to do this without assistance, and since he has this kind of assistance to begin violating the terms of his probation before he is even on probation, Warren Jeffs probably will never stop molesting little girls.

As a result of Warren Jeffs's scorn of the law, he has, forthwith, been stopped from preaching sermons to his congregations because he is not allowed to talk on the phone from prison anymore. So if you were absent from church on Sunday, you would not have heard the gospel according to Jeffs, anyway. Thank the Gods!

Jesus probably isn't taking calls from Warren Jeffs, either!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cross Curricular Third Grade Math

Every time I think I must have nearly seen or heard it all, something else totally new, stunning, and completely bizarre reaches out and grabs my attention. This goodie from Gwinnett County, Georgia, did it to me today. Would you believe that in Georgia, third grade math incorperates lessons that are obviously designed to desensitize students to human trafficking and encourage racial disrespect? They teach with word problems, such as, "If Frederick gets two beatings a day, how many beatings does Frederick get in a week?" Also, there are questions in the math lessons describing work done by slaves, and the trading of slaves. You can read more about it here.

Where to begin........Oh! I know! Let me first say that these math problems are at a first grade level, not third grade. Back in the dark ages, when yours truly was in third grade, students were learning long division at the third grade level. Not about how many beatings an illegally trafficked, undocumented human being working with no identification or wage would get in a week's time. Geesh! And we wonder why we, as a population, have so many problems with violence, crime, and education that does not really educate our children..........

This is one more reason why parents need to really watch what children are learning in public school. The very existence of "educators" paid by taxpayors, who are willing to teach this kind of stuff is offensive. The distinct need to question authority becomes more urgent in cases like this, and I hate to see a third grader put in such a position.

This is what Gwinnett County Schools had to say for themselves, "In this one, the teachers were trying to do a cross-curricular activity," Gwinnett County school district spokeswoman Sloan Roach said.".....Yahoo News

A "cross-curricular activity"? Okay, for a bonus question, maybe the third graders should calculate the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

OMG! Ayla Reynold's Dad Wants Nancy Grace To Visit Him

Justin Dipietro, uncooperative father of missing Ayla Reynolds, who is twenty months old, wants Nancy Grace to visit him and spend the day with him! He does not particularly like the publicity he is getting from her, and has challenged her to go to Maine, where he lives, and from where little Ayla disappeared, and visit for a day! This would certainly be interesting.......on site visits from Nancy Grace. The police would spend the whole day before Nancy's arrival searching, and leaving no stone unturned. Any potential witness would be interviewed prior to Nancy's arrival in order to avoid bad publicity. Justin's timeline would be firmly established, and all other occupants of the house where he lives would be identified. Nancy might even be able to straighten Justin's arrogant ass out! Yes; this could work.

If Nancy Grace went to Maine and spent the day with Justin Dipietro, she may actually find Ayla Reynolds, or a witness who actually knows something may decide to speak to her. She would also insist that he begin to actually look for his daughter. So far, no one has noticed him looking for her at all. I really hope Nancy takes Justin up on his challenge.......and one thing is for sure; Maine would never be the same after a visit from Nancy Grace!

 There's one more place I'd like to see Nancy Grace visit, and that's Oregon. I'd like to see her revisit Skyline Elementary, in Portland, where Kyron Horman was last seen on June 4, 2010. Then I'd like to see her visit Roseburg, where Terri Horman, Kyron's uncooperative step parent, is reportedly hiding indefinately inside of her parents' home, and cover this case one more time. From Portland Maine, to Portland Oregon.

Kyron Horman

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Your Sheriff On Drugs

Earlier this week, Randy Axelson, sheriff of Rooks County, Kansas, got arrested because the Kansas Bureau of Investigations suspected his involvement in distribution of methamphetamine. As Axelson is not the first police officer or the first authority figure to get arrested for drugs, this would not have caught my attention, except for the fact that there are actually human beings, in Kansas, putting comments on the internet about how unfair it is that poor Randy got arrested! Unfair?? Are these people aware of the differences between a pot plant in a flowerpot, and a meth lab?

I was quite surprised to learn that people like Bishop Robert Finn, of Kansas city, Missouri, could allow and protect kiddie porn perps, and possibly participate in kiddie porn stuff, and still have a pretty generous following of supporters and people who think he should not be charged with a crime, when the very same people would want anyone else doing the same perverted things to be charged with a crime. Authority figures are not above the law. I suppose I should not have been surprised at the supporters of the sheriff. Maybe they were his customers, before he went to jail, and got released with some new ankle jewelry.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Will Miss You, Barkley

Jane Barkley...yours was the closest friendship I had while I lived in West Virginia. You taught me so much, you taught my children so much. You listened to all of my craziest sounding dreams, never once asking me to believe they were finite or impossible, then you rejoiced with me when they came true. You were more like a sister than just a friend. I wish there had been more time for us.

I'll never forget you.