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Monday, July 30, 2012

Strawberry Jam And Fragrant Lavandar

Strawberry jam and drying lavendar......two of my favorite smells during the summer. I was busy the other day!

Terri Horman's Awesome Google Skills

This is for a few of the folks who are following the Kyron Horman case. Every now and then, as one can plainly see, even on this blog, when writing about or discussing this particular case, there are a couple of detractors who will get on whichever site the discussion or article appears and morph into trolls. Most of the comments from these trolls are rather funny, and refuting them is even funnier, and the whole game would actually be amusing if it were not meant as a distraction to the goal of finding a missing child. Perhaps that is the real goal of a troll here: to make it psychologically harder to post a picture of the missing child and the phone number of the law enforcement agency that would like to bring the child home. The other case about which I occasionally post, and which also has a following of trolls, is the Lisa Irwin case. Kansas City, Missouri has a person or two within it's borders who do not want anyone to look for Lisa Irwin. At any rate, Facebook, news websites, and several blogs seem to have trolls, disaffectionatlely called "Terribots", after Terri Horman, who enjoy googling everything from Oregon laws that favor guilty defendants to family stucture and psychology and clogging as many sites as possible with non-facts about Terri Horman's relationship to Kyron and his missing persons case.

Something Terribots have not, to date, quoted, misquoted, or used for spamming purposes is Bill 1041, Oregon; also known as Aaron's Law. This bill was written by Sean Cruz, of Oregon, after his own children were stolen from him, curtesy of his former spouse and the Mormon Church (Mitt Romney, anyone?) and fine tuned and passed by the Senate in 2005. This is the law that gave Desiree Young the vehicle to pursue this matter in civil court, rather than in family law court. This is also a vehicle through which Desiree's counsel can insist upon hearings in a timely manner, rather than idling away time while Terri's counsel benefits from delay after delay, crying up a storm about Terri's fifth amendment rights. Geesh.....kinda makes one wonder if Kaine Horman, Kyron's dad, ever got this much peace and quiet at any time before he was estranged from Terri.......

So how 'bout it, Terribots? All of you thought, for the most part, that the law would not even allow the lawsuit against Terri Horman to progress even as far as it has....this I know from comments that have been posted under multiple articles right here in Siri's World. The times, they are a'changin', (Bob Dylan) along with the laws! Do any of you think Terri has really tried something new, here? Something she can really continue to get away with?

How's that for google skills, Terri?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

If You Missed Church On Sunday

If you were not in church on Sunday in Mississippi, you might have missed some outrage over a wedding being relocated from from First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs to another area church because.....Charles and Te'Andre Wilson are......who would have! In the entire jesus-lovin' church's one hundred and twentynine year history, there has never been one black wedding, and the older good Christian traditionalists of First Baptist in Crystal Springs were certainly not going to start this year! Of all the outrage! Jesus would NEVER accept someone who looks different than an Anglo Saxon American, right? And after such a couple has booked their wedding, sent out invitations, and made all other arrangements for their nuptials at First Baptist, he would certainly be very pissed off if First Baptist honored it's contract and it's word, and held the wedding at the church! Such goins' on! What's the world coming to? By the way, this is one of the reasons many people find Christianity repugnant. If there was ever a real Jesus, none of the quotes attributed to him support racial prejudism.

The Wilsons

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What Story Did Terri Horman Tell Her Counsel?

Hey Bunchpants.....exactly what story did Terri Horman give you about what happened to Kyron, anyway? Because we know that in order to advise your client to plead the fifth, you have to know enough about the case and your client's involvement to honestly see that not testifying is a good idea for your client. If Kyron was taken by someone else, or if he was the victim of a terrible accident, and your client truly knows nothing about it, and it all comes out in the wash later, just by happenstance, it will also come out in the wash that Terri Horman had testimony that would NOT have jeopardized her in any way, and all this "pleading the fifth" will have been, legally, for nothing. It will also have been a move that has helped keep a little boy missing for over two years.

It's kinda, sorta like this: if Terri Horman were proclaiming lack of knowledge to her counsel, just like she did to the police, no one would ask for an abatement for Terri's personal response to the recent lawsuit filed against her by Kyron's mother. In fact, the lawsuit would probably never have been filed. If Peter Bunch were completely comfortable with his knowledge about Terri Horman's involvement with this case, he would have gone ahead and taken care of her divorce from Kaine Horman, Kyron's father. And this lawsuit would not be a problem. All Desiree Young actually wants from Terri Horman is her testimony. And if Kyron comes back alive, it will make all the difference in the world to her. So why is Bunchpants stalling? And what did Terri tell him?

Here's a question: if Terri murdered Kyron singlehandedly, would Bunchpants and Houzeboy understand the danger Terri presents to children and find a way to enter a plea? Or, if Terri sold Kyron, and got him involved with human trafficking, could either of those attorneys truly expect Terri to resist such criminal activity in the future? Probably not. And while they each have an obligation to defend their client, they also have an ethical obligation to report stuff like killing sprees and human trafficking. So what did Terri tell them about what happened to Kyron?

Perhaps Terri originally attempted to spin the whole disappearance as the fault of Kyron's mom, Desiree Young. Maybe she was planning to tell everyone that she thought Desiree had already picked Kyron up for the weekend. When it became clear that this was a story that would not work, as Desiree was already en route to Portland when she got the phone call concerning her son's disappearance, perhaps Terri told her lawyers that she thought Kyron was with a family friend, and that she thought the family friend would give Kyron back. One thing we know, at this point, is that whatever Terri Horman told the police, it was questionable enough to cause her failure of two polygraphs. Pleading the fifth is defeninately more advantageous from a legal standpoint than failing another polygraph or having one's testimony conflict with the testimony of someone who is telling the truth or having one's testimony conflict with fact.

It's probable that Terri Horman presented herself to both Bunchpants and Houzeboy as a victim. And if she testifies at all, she will probably play the victim card until the actually does go to jail for something. Even then, it will still probably be "all Kaine's fault", or the collective fault of all the people who want Kyron home safe.

If you know where this child is, please let law enforcement know.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Footage Of Missing Girls From Iowa Shared

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player The owner of a surveillance camara for an auction house local to where Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook disappeared in Evansdale, Iowa, shared footage with law enforcement, offering to do or share whatever he can to help find these two missing girls. Perhaps Terri Horman, Peter Bunch, and Steve Houze could learn from this. Of course, the man in the video does not have anything to hide, and truly wants the girls found.

Why Is Peter Bunchpants Seeking An Abatement?

Why doesn't Peter Bunch, representing Terri Horman in the lawsuit filed against her by Desiree Young, mother of missing Kyron Horman, want Terri Horman to simply go to court and tell Desiree whatever should should have told law enforcement two years ago, when Kyron initially disappeared in Portland, Oregon, and everyone was looking everywhere for him? What are his fears about just walking into the court room with his client, answering questions, testifying, and going home afterward, satisfied with our justice system and whatever decision it may yield? Here's what he had to say: “While one can sympathize with Young,” Horman’s attorney, Peter Bunch, wrote in the filing, “her lawsuit is, at its core, an attempt to circumvent established procedures for discovery in criminal proceedings and is an attack on Horman’s fundamental constitutional rights.”

Interesting. "While one can sympathize with Young" if Bunchpants really sympathized. (where's the eye-rolley when I need it?) "While one can really sympathize with Young"......we really need to stay focused on the importance of leaving Kyron's more important to go with the flow of the last two years.......we need to put the rights of a step parent infinitum, you can fill in whatever meaningless quote you might expect to come out his his mouth next.

Here's a little something about the law; if Terri Horman were a daycare provider or a babysitter, a parent could have sued her for "losing" Kyron a long time ago. And won. She would have lost her daycare providers' liscence and possibly would have been ordered to stay away from children. She would also have been tried in criminal court by now. Terri Horman has had it easy. There has been no accountability for her lack of responsibility for Kyron at all. There is really no reason for Peter Bunch's pants to be bunched up.

How about this, Bunchpants? "While one can sympathize with Young" it's very important to leave crime rings and their major players and pawns intact. If we hold those who interfere with custodial rights or commit other crimes against children responsible , family law attorneys who make lots of money off of such disagreements and defense attorneys who make lots of money off of criminals who harm children might not make as much money. Would that be the real reason your pants might be bunched up over this lawsuit, Bunchpants?

Mitt Romney Wants To Restore Anglo Saxon Relations?

Amazing! Mitt Romney thinks that President Obama has not done enough to restore Anglo Saxon relations! Does he also wish to return to thirteen colonies? Does he want us to pay back taxes to England for everything we have bought, sold, or produced for the last 236 years? Would he revoke the constitution and stop teaching about Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin to make England happy? Is he a racist?

What would Paul Revere say, if he knew someone who thought relations with England were in need of repair would run for President one day? Wake up, Mitt! England IS our ally! With notable exceptions of a few gaffs committed by the administration BEFORE President Obama, the United States does not have relations with England that are in need of "repair"! Just what are you promising to do? 

Does Mitt Romney want to restore our "Anglo Saxon" relations to the days before the Revolutionary War? Does he like the story of the Boston Tea Party so much that he is no longer willing to settle for a re-enactment, but wants the real thing repeated? The Occupy Movement might be able to oblige....... 

Or was Mitt just trying to say, "Vote for me because I'm white"?

Wake up, everyone. Omit Mitt.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

James Holmes, Ronald McDonald Clone

I wasn't going to do this. I really thought James Holmes, Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter, was getting too much attention. In the face of all the things that are more deserving of the FBI's attention, such as missing children, why did this creep have to stop taking his thorazine and fulfill his mentally ill ambitions of forcing the rest of us to feel his pain? But after seeing this picture, and the entry on Bent Corner, I was unable to stop myself. Rick talks about the fact that others who commit crimes like this might be prosecuted as terrorists, which is completely true. If our Ronald McDonald wannabe had a darker-than-olive complexion, and spoke with an accent from a faraway, Middle Eastern place, or had friends who practiced Islam, (as opposed to having no friends!) or practiced Islam himself, he would probably be facing slightly different charges than the charges he is facing now. Yet despite a slightly different motive, the crime and the intent are the same. The bias is illogical. But there is one more place I would go with this, before deciding not to give this creep any more attention, and that is this: why do our courts fail and often refuse to hold anyone who has been diagnosed with a serious mental illness accountable for his or her crimes? If someone who has decided that the side affects of his medication are too inconvenient, and therefore stops taking it, exposing the rest of us to the dangers presented by his symptoms, why can't he be placed on a locked ward? Why is that such a problem? Why is it so important that the rest of us understand, as we clean up the crime scenes and bury the victims, that the poor, sick, deranged, mentally ill thugs have merely been "misunderstood"? Ronald McDonald's understudy, here, certainly was misunderstood. His doctor thought it would be okay for him to live outside of the insane asylum.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lyric Cook And Elizabeth Collins Are Still Missing

The two girls missing from Iowa, 10 year old Lyric Cook and eight year old Elizabeth Collins, have not been found, but the FBI has evidence that leads them to believe these girls are still alive. There is a $50,000 reward for information leading to them. One more time, here they are. Hopefully, the next time I post about them, it will be to post that they have been found.

In Case You Slept Through Church This Sunday

In case you slept through church this Sunday, here's the dream you might have had:

Ok, ok. I'll post about something that really IS rooted in magical thinking. The notion that a sex offender or a violent criminal can just "get saved" and not be a dangerous person anymore is a fantasy. I have had a few comments that I simply refuse to post, in reaction to this post about Matthew Burton, the born-again Christian in Maryland who worked at his church and later got charged with murdering a woman. A woman who might still be alive if she had not trusted the "born-again" logic that some benevolent power will just "change" anyone's mentally ill or criminal leanings. It does not happen. To answer those comments, all at once, let me just say that this is where faith and wishful thinking and lies get very twisted up in each other, giving us the ugly result that is called upon in churches like this church. It is dangerous, and it should stop.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another Reason To Omit Mitt

Just one more thing to think abut. Mitt Romney already thinks that he has special privileges that grant him leave to ignore the same rules by which the rest of us must abide. Do we really want him in the White House?

Friday, July 20, 2012

If You Get Arrested, Don't Cry About Your Mugshot!

Thanks for the laugh, Tonya Ann Fowler! Ms. Fowler got arrested in Georgia, and when she got home and noticed her mugshot, she got angry, dialed 911, and complained that the police department was showing the world a really bad picture of her! As if they photoshopped ugly mug shots of people who do ugly things........geesh. But now she's been arrested again, this time for abusing 911, (a little harsh, perhaps, maybe the police are having a slow day) and has a new mug shot to show the world! She still does not know how to use mascara, a skill she should master before her next mug shot.

Causes Worthy Of Charitable Donations

Here are two causes that should have more attention, and need to stay in operation. The first is Kansas based Media For The Missing, which seeks to keep pictures of missing persons in places where they can be seen at all hours by the public, along with information about how to report sightings or knowledge of cases. In my opinion, Kansas is important for such a mission, because Kansas City has networks of highways that can take a person almost anywhere in the United States.

The other one is GoFundMe, for the lawsuit Desiree Young has been obliged to file against Terri Horman, who was living in the home with Kyron Horman when he disappeared from his Portland, Oregon school at age seven, just over two years ago. Terri Horman was Kyron's step parent, but is no longer, as she is separated from Kyron's father, Kaine Horman. She has not only refused to testify or establish her timesline of activities for the day Kyron went missing, but is now trying to block the testimony of other family members. This fund was established by Desiree's sister, Kelly Ramirez.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

To The Reader Who Is Looking For Something

To the reader from a coastal, somewhat agricultural area, with interests in all of my posts about Kyron Horman, you have not shared your interest in this case with me. I do not know what you are looking for on my blog. But.....if you know something......but don't know what to do with the information you have, here is a suggestion. As much as I think this person is slimy, disgusting, and totally moth-eaten, perhaps you should contact Steve Houze, who has run interference for Terri Horman, Kyron's former stepmom, for two years now. He is trying to keep her out of jail, and her other attorney, Peter Bunch, is trying to get a lawsuit over the same matter that has been filed against her delayed. Both of them would probably do jumping jacks all day for information that would help their client in any way. If you have information about Kyron's case, but are worried about your own safety or well being, one of those two attorneys, located in the Portland, Oregon area, might be able to take the information and help broker you some immunity in exchange for any testimony you can offer. Or you can find your own attorney. There is still a reward of $50,000 for Kyron's safe return. Please.

Update: Both of Kyron's parents have attorneys you can contact, if you have information about Kyron and would prefer to go that route. Kaine, Laura Rackner; and Desiree, Eldon Rosenthal. Portland, Oregon. Also, here is a link;

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Terri Horman's Engraved Invitation Is On The Docket

October 13, Portland, Oregon, High Noon! There will be a status hearing about the lawsuit filed by Desiree Young, mother of missing Kyron Horman, against Terri Horman, the sometime stepmother and defacto suspect in the case. Heretofore, Terri Horman has refused to testify informally, to police, about her adventures on Friday, June 4, 2010, when Kyron disappeared, so she has been formally invited to share the details of her experiences on that day in court.

Already, it seems that Terri and Company are not only attempting to postpone the event, but to also shorten the guest list! For shame, do not even want you own son to defend you! My, my! But as the moon will be entering Libra on that auspicious day, I have a feeling that whatever you try to supress will be balenced out carefully on the scales. James is an adult. You no longer get to control him. If he knows about a crime, he has a legal obligation to testify. Just how much do you think you can get away with?

Hey Terri, did you show up for court today, or did you hide while your attorney handled everything?

Young Desiree/Horman Terri Multnomah7/18/123:30TNGW 208 JUDGE WALLER 120606956Hearing Case Management

Kidnap Attempt Recorded In Pennsylvania

Watch this. And never doubt again that it only takes a moment in time for something completely unplanned to happen. And if you know who this person is, police in Philadelphia want to hear from you.
Update: A man named Carlos Figuroa Fagot (golleeeee, what a name!) turned himself in today. His family stated that he was very surprised that his actions were recorded on video and that he was horrified and scared when police went ahead and aired it. That's one dangerous creep off the streets for now.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Red Hair And Hijacking Blog Space

 "For someone who looks like Ruthie's tattooed, bottle-dyed-fake-red-haired clone, I wouldn't be calling anyone a "skank", if I were you."

..............That absurd comment was left for me on this blog under this post several days ago by someone who obviously believes that I have dyed my hair, and that another blogger, named Ruthie, has the magical ability to clone! Please pardon my delayed response to this; it took me awhile to stop laughing! Let me begin with a disclaimer of sorts: I do not have red hair or tattoos. I have never once dyed my hair, and I do not imagine I ever will. I have always been enamoured of the hair color bestowed upon me by Mother Nature, herself, and would not change it in such an awful way. The picture to the left is yours truly, in natural sunlight, with the very smashing hair color that she has always enjoyed! The picture featured on this blog in the sidebar is the very same hair, in the filtered light of a stained glass window. Also, the photographer, Ruthie, was obliged to make it somewhat lighter because it was blending in with the brown hues of the background. It is really that simple.

But why was red hair so darned important to this person? And why has this person hijacked my blog to make so many comments proclaiming innocence and protesting responsibility? And why does this person not create her own blog, whereupon he or she may bash Ruthie, certain reporters, other bloggers, various posters on Facebook, and yours truly at will? Could this person have been advised by legal counsel to refrain from speaking about Kyron Horman, and all the of media coverage of the case, both in person to reporters and online? Has this person been reduced to commenting heavily on the blogs of others anonymously? Has this person also been reduced to fake profiles on Facebook? How would this person's legal counsel proceed in the face of all the problems this person causes in his or her own life, just by opening his or her mouth, so to speak, and allowing whatever comes out to simply fly away? And......does this person have red hair?

To Terri Horman and her dumbass blog space hijackers, this is what I have to say to you: while I really do not have a problem with publishing comments from persons who wish to remain anonymous, as long as the discourse remains respectful and productive, if any of you have information that investigators of the Kyron Horman case do not have, and at least one of you seems to think that is, indeed, the case, then please go to the FBI in Portland, Oregon, and discuss it with them. Or send the information to Kyron's family. Please do not argue with people who simply postulate theories and discuss news items on their blogs. The real reason I post about Kyron so often is because he is still missing, and every time I see a picture of his adorable face, my heart melts. So I keep posting pictures of him here, in the hopes that someone will see him and help him find his way home. I feel so sad for Desiree and Kaine. They must be living through hell. Can't you guys see that? What the HELL is the matter with you, anyway?

There's a redhead in this picture. There's also a missing child in this picture.

Oh, Terri; one more thing I want you to remember: about mentioning entities from other sites......and you may need to visit the library for this, if your legal counsel will allow that.....Sekmet and Isis may exist on completely different frequencies, but their energies still work together rather well, bringing new life to whatever they both touch in their own worlds.

Update On Elizabeth Collins And Lyric Cook

An update on Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook, who disappeared from Evansdale, Iowa, while riding their bicycles near Lake Meyer; the lake is being drained and a dog has picked up their scent near where the bicycles were found. They have been missing over four days now. If you have any information, please come forward.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Terribot On The Roof

If I were a parent, ♪♫♪
I would hold my daughter when I please,
If I could have custody!♪
I wouldn't have to tell lies!
All day long I'd be a normal mom,
With no lawyers billing me!♪♫

I'd live without my parents,♫♪♪
In my own house without reporters hounding me!
All day long I'd be a normal mom,
If I could have custody!♫
I didn't want to work hard,
I just wanted everything my way,
All I wanna do is play!♫♫

I'd take my kid when I wanted, straight from the gym,
Regardless of the orders of the court,♫♪♫
Thumbing my nose at all folks who work!
I'd drink in bars all the time with anyone I wanted,
Belching as I drove my kids to school,
Passing out before I bought my fuel!♫

But...court who snubbed me for the crook I am,
Would it spoil some vast and legal plan,
If I were a parent, once again?♫♫♪♫

If the court would give me custody,
And if reporters would stop hounding me,
Please don't make me own my own mistakes,
Growing up is such a big headache,
For a party girl like me!♫♪♫

Ahhh....If I were a parent♫
I would act as if I had some sense,
And I'd try real hard to mend the fence,
So I could be mommy once again,
If I were a true parent!♫♪♫

Give it up, Terribot!


Anonymous Concerns About Pedophile Websites

New from Anonymous. The problem I see is that law enforcement on different levels really needs to be a lot more involved. The other problem I see is that law enforcement, and oftentimes, elected officials and others who are trusted in the community are very involved.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook Missing

An eight year old girl and a ten year old girl from Evansdale Iowa have been missing for two days. Their bicycles have been found on a trail near Meyers Lake, but no sign of the girls. There is no Amber Alert because no one knows if there was a vehicle involved or not. Their picture is below.

If you see them or know anything about their whereabouts, please call law enforcement.

In Case You Missed Church This Sunday

Link To Story About Fake Doctor's Appointment

Ok, person who wants to defend Terri Horman and wishes to remain anomymous: here's one of the videos. There were quite a few, because police asked for them, and did not mind if the media displayed them. Terri's a skank, by the way.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thoughts On Terri Horman And Custodial Interference

Something curious about what little testimony the police got from Terri Horman on June 4, 2010, when Kyron Horman was last seen, allegedly having been dropped off for class at Skyline Elementary in Portland Oregon is that she stated several times that Kyron had a doctor's appointment on that day. Then, when it became inconvenient and counterproductive to her defense, after failing a polygraph, she changed her story and stated that it was the the following Friday. The only problem with that was that one of Kyron's young schoolmates told the police that Kyron told him he was leaving early that day, and would not be in class, because he had a doctor's appointment. How about that?

First of all, no doctor in the entire Portland area had an appointment booked for Kyron on either Friday. The lawsuit that has been filed against her by Kyron's mom, Desiree Young, for custodial interference would have a much stronger chance of dismissal or loss if Terri Horman could supply all of the details of the alleged doctor's appointment, along with any other pertinant information to the court. Second, Kaine and Desiree, Kyron's parents, who share custody of Kyron, have no knowledge of this doctor's appointment, or of any condition that would warrent a sudden and unexpected doctor's appointment. Here's something worth noting: Desiree, as Kyron's mom, has a right to all of this information, and a right to make medical decisions for her son. Even if the doctor's appointment was not imaginary, Terri committed custodial interference by failing to consult Kaine or Desiree. How will she and her Houzeboy, Stephen Houze, esquire, handle this in court?

Third, how could Kyron be ill enough for an emergency medical appointment with an imaginary physician and still be well enough to visit his mom, several hours away, that weekend? It's a big, big mystery.  One that only Terri Horman and Steve Houze understand. As you can see in the picture on the left, Terri Horman looks terribly worried. (sarcasm) If Steve Houze understands more about this matter than even Terri does, hopefully all of Oregon will insist that he come clean. This has gone on long enough. Terri, where's Kyron?

Kyron Horman, as a seven year old on June 4, 2010; and in an age progressed picture of how he may look now.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Did I Mention Noble Rick Pendland's New Trial Date?

It does not look like I posted an update to this creepy, disgusting situation. Noble Rick Pendland is scheduled to be in court on August 21 in Arkansas City, Kansas, for his child molesting ways and his other unlawful sexual perversions involving little kids.

I wonder what Pendland was planning to do when his victims all got old enough to hire their own lawyers? There will be new court dates for him quite often, in the near and far future!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

No Response Yet, Steve Houze?

Surprise, surprise! Stephen Houze, Esquire, counsel of Terri Horman, defacto suspect in the disappearance of Kyron Horman, who went missing in 2010 from his school when he was in second grade, has not yet made any public statements concerning his client's answer to the lawsuit filed against her in June, by Desiree Young, Kyron's mother. He probably hopes and prays for the luxury of procrastinating as long as he can. Terri Horman did, after all, wait until June 12 to become available to get served, even though Desiree Young, Kyron's mother, went on national television with the announcement about the lawsuit. Shall we send Terri a set of extra heavy curtains, so she can pretend no process servers are outside her parents' home, looking for her?

Since the timer for an answer to the court from Terri has run out, here is a new Facebook page for the discussion of this lawsuit.

Be brave, Kyron! Your family is going to find you!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

About My Counter

To the right, just for the heck of it, I put in a counter, to count down the minutes to the deadline for Terri Horman's answer, via Stephen Houze, esquire, to the lawsuit Desiree filed in June to encourage Terri to answer questions concerning her whereabouts and activities on June 4, 2010, the day her child, Kyron Horman, disappeared from his school. Terri got that unsuccessfully avoided knock on her door on June 12, which gave her until July 12 to supply the court in Oregon with an official answer. Since many of us would love to see Kyron safely returned to his family, I have installed a counter, counting down the minutes. One might notice that it is a few hours behind the standard, accepted "day" representing the twentyfour hour period we will call July 12, 2012. I did that deliberately, just in case Steve Houze decides to file his answer in Hawaii, Gaum, or from an airplane somewhere else, where he can try to tell us it was a completely different day. He might, you know. He is, after all, representing Terri Horman!

Is Steve Houze on his way to the Emerald City, to delay Terri Horman's answer to Kyron's mother's lawsuit? Is he going to tell us that the Emerald City is in a different time zone? Will the delay tactic work?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Matthew Burton Charged With A Church Killing

At the left, is a picture of a born-again Christian janitor from Maryland. Matthew Burton is also a tier-one sex offender. It seems that Bayside Christian Community employed him at the church, allowing him access to the building during off hours, enabling him to use the building as a playground, doing whatever it is that sex offenders like to do. He is charged with the murder of Nicole Reiser Bennett, who also worked for the church, and happened to be in the building at the wrong time. Gotta love those sweet, moral choices these people make! Christian churches are dangerous places.

Matthew Burton really should have been Catholic instead of born again. Had he been Catholic, he could have been a priest, and been part of a huge religious organization that has had thousands of years of experience at sweeping things under the rug, (possibly a janitorial duty of Burton's?) and could have covered for him! As it sits, he sits in jail. His mother, Bonnie Burton, actually had the audacity to approach her congressperson with a special request to get his 2004 conviction for endangering the welfare of a child expunged! Luckily, Maryland didn't honor that request.

Can Sex Offender Brandon Lavergne Get A Fair Trial?

Sex offender Brandon Scott Lavergne, who has been charged with the kidnap and murder of Mickey Shunick, and whose mother knows nothing about his past as a sex offender, thinks he may not be able to get a fair trial in his home town of Lafayette, La. He thinks that he is a very special man, and that after he attempted to hide his status as a sex offender and hid and destroyed the vehicle caught on surveillance in connection to Mickey Shunick's disappearance, the very same community "owes him" a different venue!

If this were not about a missing person and crime victim, the notion that Lafayette owes Brandon Lavergne anything besides swift justice and a swift kick in the ass would be amusing. This is a man who owed the community the act of carrying ID that designated him as a disgusting sex offender at all times. He did not like the "disgusting sex offender" label, so he decided not to fulfil his obligation, which he OWED Lafayette, and everyone else, as a requirement of his parole. This is also a man who, when the police wanted to know more about three vehicles caught on camara at a certain time, took one of those vehicles far away and destroyed it. The owners of the other two vehicles came forward, with their vehicles, and are none the worse for wear. What did Sex Offender Lavergne do? He knew the police were looking for a missing woman, and instead of helping, hid the vehicle in Texas and burned the inside of it. But Lafayette still "owes" him something, he thinks.

Here's an idea for a change of venue: Texas! After all, Brandon Lavergne drove the truck in question to Texas, and started a fire there without a burn permit. Had law enforement in Texas known Lavergne was destroying evidence that was wanted in connection to a missing persons case, Lavergne probably would have been charged with a crime for that, as well. Then, he filed a false report about a vehicle theft. Since Texas obviously has issues with this sex offender, too, should they choose to press them, why not move the trial of the disgusting sex offender to Texas?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Topeka Rescue Mission Is Holier Than Thou

The Reverend Barry Feaker, (what a name....I almost typed Very Freaker or Harry Shrieker) of the Topeka Rescue Mission, has decided to make residents sign a code of conduct in order to stay there. This involves stuff people can and can't do, even if they are NOT at the shelter at the time they do or don't do these things. Fine and dandy, I guess, but Topeka, Kansas, and the entire United States already has a code of conduct: it's called.....the law! Ok; the homeless staying at the Topeka Rescue Mission can't loiter anywhere. But what, exactly, is loitering? If a homeless person has to get a prescription filled, and waits at the pharmacy, because pharmacists are not always able to pull medicines out of their anal passages at the drop of hat, and are obliged to double-check the medicines they sell, the homeless person from the rescue mission has to wait, just like everyone else has to wait. Does this mean that Christian Pastor Freaker can interpret or misinterpret the waiting done by the homeless person as loitering, if he goes to the pharmacy, himself, and is in a bad mood or does not like the particular person? What about a hug, exchanged off-site, between a brother and a sister? Does this give Harry Shrieker a reason to shriek? And throw someone out on the street? If the good pastor really likes the person, probably not. But the person who does not "fit in", or conform properly, will probably be thrown out at two or three in the morning.

This does not look much like "raising the bar" to me. It looks like encouraging and enacting ugly biases against people who are too desperate to protest or stand up for themselves. It looks like a bunch of Christians, who run the shelter, using opportunities to bully others, in the guise of helping them, in order to bolster their own egos. Not that a homeless shelter isn't needed in Topeka; it, sure enough, is, but why go to such lengths to make others feel "less than"? For Christ's sake, what would Jesus do? If Jesus was real, that is.......

The rescue mission gets away with this because it is not funded by the government, but by private donations and the United Way. This is the reason I never donate anything to the United Way. CJOnline, the local rag that passes for a newspaper, ran an article about this. Here is one of the comments I wrote:

"Homeless people are required to wear shoes and other clothing, and sometimes, shoes must be shopped for an bought new. Also, they occasionally pick up medications at the pharmacy, go to the library, apply for jobs, buy stamps at the post office, and patronize businesses that sell products for people on restricted diets. Unless, of course, the homeless person is required to never visit a business that deals in such products because it is too close to the shelter, and the homeless person might get accused of loitering because he or she is physically present in the wrong place at the wrong time.
While it's nice for everyone to have something productive to do, this whole nation is experiencing some negative changes, and the homeless are usually the most vulnerable to stereotyping and least able to defend themselves from people who would pick on them just for being homeless. I have serious food allergies. I cannot even touch most grains, and that includes wheat. I shudder to think of what would happen to me if I ended up at a shelter for some reason, especially a Christian shelter. Shucks......I had a Christian minister who started a born-again church near my house in Maryland tell me that if "God" wanted me in heaven, I would not have food allergies! People who are incapable of conformity for innocent reasons have much rougher lives than most, and having to stay in a church based shelter would be miserable. Why pick on them and make it harder? This looks very much to me like Christians looking for a way to be mean, and like a cash strapped shelter looking for ways to reduce it's clientele without anyone having to feel "non-compassionate" or "unkind".

That comment was given several "thumbs downs", so I think it is safe to say that at least a few of CJOnline's readers have their heads contorted into certain parts of their anatomies. Today's economy has had quite a few of all different kinds of casualties; many people are homeless. Shame on the staff at the rescue mission for encouraging others to judge people who do not happen to be as lucky as most Americans.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Very Strange Siri Search: Bill Woodrow Maryland Cult

Person possibly located in Sacramento, California, what is your interest in this post? Specifically about Rev. Bill Woodrow, of Damascus, Maryland? With the state of Maryland, alone, he has an extensive legal history, mainly for failing to pay his taxes. Apparently, for all of his condemnation of people who are deaf, anemic, or have celiac disease, (no one would have those problems if they truly loved "god" says Woodrow) he thinx he is exempt from paying taxes. There are a couple of other odds and ends on his record, too, but his most serious problem seems to be taxes. Of course, that's just Maryland. He could have records in other states that this blogger has yet to see. Perhaps the latest entry will clear a few things up for you. It's all public information.

Defendant Information
(Each Alias, Address, and Attorney for the Defendant is displayed)

Address: 9022 GUE ROAD
DAMASCUS MD 20872-1021

Issues Information


Judgment Information

(Each Judgment is displayed separately.)
Date: 04/11/2012 Amount: $5,246.89 Entered 04/11/2012

Document Tracking

Docket Date: 04/11/2012 Docket Number: 1
Docket Description: NOTICE, LIEN OF JUDGMENT (SOM)
Docket Type: Docket Filed By: Plaintiff

In Case You Slept Through Church On Sunday

Eve? The tree in the Garden of Eden? Maybe they really do grow on trees! Happy Sunday, Everyone!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brandon Scott Lavergne's Mother Learns One Facebook Post At A Time

Hmmmm.....The mother of Brandon Scott Lavergne, who was arrested the day before yesterday for the kidnap and murder of Mickey Shunick, wants everyone to know that she had no idea her son could ever do such a thing. In fact, she is completely clueless, according to KATC, and is just as surprised as the rest of us are. (where's the eye-rolley when I need it....this woman knows her son!) Here's what Cynthia Lavergne had to say:

"I would like to offer my condolences to the Shunick family. I also would like to have closure. I know I'm sorry is never enough however, it is all I have to offer at this moment. I am learning about this case as everyone else is, one newscast at a time, one facebook post at a time, and one phone call at a time."

This does not even read like a case of parental denial. This looks more like an outright lie. First of all, she knew what type of vehicle her son drove. She may have even known enough about his stomping grounds to place him at the spot where and when Mickey was last seen. It is also highly unlikely that she did not know that little Brandon's truck was reported stolen in Texas immediately after the news aired pictures of it on national television. (how many times do we see our kids' vehicles on television?) It's also quite likely that she knew he had a new truck. Just like the old truck. And is she really going to try to convince us that she did not know her son had a history of violent crime? Perhaps the police should ask this woman who gave little Brandon a ride back from Texas after he attempted to destroy the evidence and made a false police report about his truck getting stolen? It would also be prudent to see if she assisted him in making any fraudulent insurance claims.

If it happens that she was involved in any of these sordid affairs, how much more hollow will her disgusting claims of cluelessness sound? "One facebook post at a time"? Seriously, Mrs Lavergne? Either you are joking, or you are lying.

Yep. There's no way at all that a family member of the owner of this vehicle could possibly recognize it on television. Absolutely no way. But someone in another state noticed it badly damaged and burned and recognized it and called police. One facebook post at a time, everyone; one facebook post at a time.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Very Sad Update To Mickey Shunick's Case

There has been a very sad break in the case of Mickey Shunick, the young woman who disappeared in Lafayette Parish, La. on May 19. A man by the name of Brandon Scott Lavergne has been arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder. He is the owner is a white Chevy Silverado pickup truck which was in the area where Mickey was last seen alive. His photo is on the left. Below, is his arrest warrent. More information should follow tommorrow. I was hoping for different news about Mickey Shunick.

Amber Alert For Jenna Marie Hord

There's an Amber Alert out for a missing sixteen year old girl in Kansas. I will put the whole story from ABC News below, along with her picture.

"An Amber Alert has been issued for a missing Easton teenager.
The alert was issued Thursday afternoon for 16-year-old Jenna Marie Hord who went missing Wednesday. She was last seen at 2004 Spruce in Leavenworth wearing a blue or black tank top, denim shorts and tennis shoes. She has a tattoo on right upper chest.
Police believe she was taken by 17-year-old Logan Burris, who is said to be her ex-boyfriend. They believe he is driving a white 1996 Toyota Camry 2-door with license plate of 168 DHH.
If you see either of these teens or this car you're urged to call 911 or the KBI at 1-800-KS-CRIME."

Update: Both young people were found earlier this evening in Hiawatha.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Christina Devine Found Guilty

It looks like Kansas is getting ready to throw the book at Christina Devine, of Emporia, because she should she thought it would be okay to throw her newborn in the trash on her way to work one morning in October of 2010. She'll be sentenced on August 10. Her lawyer, of course, will probably file an appeal; he said he was actually surprised that his client was found guilty of attempted murder! After all.....that baby wasn't really real, was he? Thank the Gods someone heard him cry....if not, Devine could have been tried for murder, instead.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Siri, What Does Oregano Look Like?

It's been awhile since I've shared some of the "siri searches" that come to this blog via key words and searches. I still get the gamut of "siri satanic", "siri antichrist", "siri police car", "siri porn", "siri legal", but this blog always seems to get a lot of hits asking, "Siri, what does oregano look like? sorry to disappoint, but it does not look anything like the illustration to the left. Oregano has small round leaves which grow in rows on long stems that cling to the ground. As a plant, it can overtake an herb garden within a couple of years. It's a very hardy herb. If allowed to go to seed, it has tiny, light purple flowers. It has a very pungent aroma, without which, spaghetti would be bland, and is an excellent source of folic acid. Below is a picture of some fresh oregano, and a sprig of the herb with flowers. Pictured with it are some jars of the best homegrown tomatos with which one could combine it. I have had a productive day!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

In Case You Missed Church On Sunday

Just in case you missed church on Sunday, here's a message that seems appropos, in light of some judicial events that took place last month.