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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Violence Against Women Act Passes

The Violence Against Women Act passed today. This is good news for all of the police training, shelters, counseling programs, funding for legal representation for victims, (and that is an HUGE problem!!) and laws connected to the Violence Against Women Act. Sadly, the subject of children caught in custody battles wherein the issue of domestic violence has manifested is still not properly addressed. Judges still seem to think that a violent thug will only have one victim over the course of his violent career, and thereby almost blame the victim! A family law court judge in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia actually tried to "overlook" the issue of domestic violence in rulings in a certain case, but since the thug involved had already been found guilty of domestic violence in criminal court, this judge was unable to ignore the guilty verdict when rulings were made. Without the Violence Against Women Act, she might have gotton away with it.

One hundred and thirty-eight Republicans did not think that protection under the law in all phases of defusing an ongoing domestic violence situation was "fiscally responsible", and those same Republicans also did not think that those most likely to become victims of domestic violence in their states would have any value as votors, and probably not as human beings, either. Kansas lawmakers, of course, voted against it. Their position on this is probably that it's more cost effective from an economic standpoint to bury a domestic violence victim than it is to help her.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mark Redwine Acts Like A Liar On Dr. Phil

Dylan Redwine is still missing. Dr. Phil taped show segments that last for two episodes of "Dr. Phil", consisting of interviews with Dyan's parents, Mark and Elaine, and others involved with the case. Elaine genuinely presented as a mother who wants her son found alive; Mark presented as a violent thug wishing to separate everyone from the Truth. At about forty-three seconds into the video below, Mark states that he is "doing everything he can" to be involved in the search for Dylan. No doubt! He's probably involved in hiding evidence and derailing the investigation whenever possible. And that polygraph he promised Dr. Phil he'd take? He changed his mind and didn't take the polygraph.

Also in the video, is a woman who has dated Mark Redwine in the past, and gives a very white-trashy sounding verbal recital about why Elaine Redwine should not ask her husband to speak honestly, as in passing a polygraph, concerning Dylan's whereabouts. She has been cited by some as Mark's only supporter; but that is not true. His sister, Bridgett Redwine-Simmers, while speaking of Dylan in past tense also supported the unlikely possibility that Mark may be innocent, and even attacked others who see different possibilities concerning her brother.

In the past twenty-four hours, new clues have surfaced. Holes have been cut in the ice in Vallecito Lake, and cadaver dogs have picked up a scent.



Demons In Pat Robertson's Sweater

Every time I hear something new from Pat Robertson, I always think he cannot possibly outdo himself and top his latest insane, yet money-making, statement. From demonic Halloween candy to pacts with "Satan" being responsible for earthquakes, the theological teachings of this preacher continue to inspire yours truly to extreme gratitude for the agnosticism taught by her father. What's the good word from Reverend Robertson now? That we must be very careful when buying second hand sweaters, because if we are not vigilant, we may accidently bring home sweaters with demons in them! The mental image conjured up of a demon in a sweater, modeling it before a mirror while it combs it's hair, is even funnier than the idea of a witch volunteering at a candy factory before Halloween, coaxing demons into pieces of candy for unsuspecting trick-or-treaters! If nothing else, Reverend Robertson is certainly funny! Someone else, after reading about this, wondered why Robertson has not been committed to an insane asylum yet, and I can only surmise that the psychiatric nurses union has taken a united stand against having to babysit this preacher!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Take This Job And Shove It

For centuries, the question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" has been asked. And now there's a new question: why did the Pope say "Take this job and shove it"? Historically, the event of papal resignation has often been coupled with scandal and bribery. In the case of Benedict XVI, there have been rumors of even more child abuse cover-ups than the public has been made aware. It has also been speculated that Benedict XVI's past in Nazi Germany in the Hitler Youth was simply too conflicting with the perceived goals of the Church, whatever those may be; but the Hitler Youth may not have been all encompassing to the extent of influencing the Pope at this point in his life. This picture was floated around Facebook a few days ago, citing another possibility!

In Case You Skipped Church On Sunday

In case you were not in church on Sunday, here's the good word, from a priest, no less!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Child Support Deadbeat Dad Arrested Overseas

Robert Sands owes over a million dollars in child support. Robert Sands didn't think he should have to pay. Neither did anyone who enabled him. Robert Sands had a "papers please" moment in the Philippines, and now he is back in America. He's only looking at about four years behind bars, though. Health and Human Services has a new website to help with things like turning in, or locating a child support scofflaw. Just to make it easier for those who would be tempted to ignore the laws and not report deadbeat dads, ( lets not pretend that Robert Sands was completely without enablers) the form for turning them in is right here.

Another bit of trivia concerning child support is that most child support obligees (the persons who are owed the money) are women, and most child support obligors (the persons who owe the money and occasionally become deadbeats) are men. Historically, state and federal government agencies in the United States have made fewer efforts to assist in collection of child support than they have made for the collection of unpaid parking tickets.

Life Seems To Imitate Art!

Here are a couple of things I thought were amusing......


Friday, February 22, 2013

Kansas Refinery Pays A Fine

WIBW wanted to report on the fine owed by a refinery in Southeast Kansas because of an oil spill that took place during a flood in 2007, but apparently, did not want to name them in the article. So I will do it for them. The company that polluted and did not pay for cleanup yet is Coffeyville Resources Refining and Marketing. Here's the original article.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Robert Poe III And Your Tax Dollars At Work

As a bit of a sequel to this post, here is another eyebrow raising piece of information that followed closely on it's heels: while federal and state authorities in Kansas were interviewing the victims of Michael Arnett, the driver/paramedic/all-time-helpful-social-services-approved driver to provide foster children in Kansas with transportation to visit their parents and attend appointments, (he's in jail now, for sexually abusing those children as he drove them from one place to another) his victims kept bringing up another name......Robert Poe III. It seems that Michael Arnett was not only abusing the children as a solo act, but stopping by the home of his friend, Mr. Poe, who also abused the children, and used a gun to gain their cooperation. All this, done to children who have already been exposed to stress that is heartbreaking, all by itself. Is there any way at all Kansas could have done, or could..... in the future...... do a better job in the area of background checks? Not that foster children matter terribly much in Kansas. After all, once a Kansas foster child has been  abused  or inexplicably "lost" by a foster parent or other custodial guardian employed by the state, the social worker simply moves the court to terminate the natural parents' rights and sever all ties between the child and his or her natural siblings, right Kansas? That way, no one who might actually love the child will ever speak up about the human rights abuses you allow daily to be leveled against these children.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

About Joaquin Rams; Maybe The Doctor Will Think Twice Next Time

Hera Mcleod, the mother of Prince Mcleod Rams, the toddler who died during his first unsupervised visit to his father, is now suing Dr. Margaret Wang, of Virginia, for twenty million dollars. This does not surprise me, and I think it is good that "Dr." Wang is being called to account for her part in this little boy's death. The Maryland judge in this case, while rude, unprofessional, and completely disinterested in Prince's best interest, did order Joaquin Rams, Prince's father, to present the court with the opinion of a professional mental health expert prior to his custody order. And Rams proceeded to the office of Margaret Wang, Phd., and paid for her services on his own. This is probably where one of the misunderstandings about Rams's mental fitness for unsupervised visitation began; Rams hired Wang and paid her fee; she was therefore biased in Rams's favor. It is a shame that Rams had not simply been sent to a generic court psychologist (Montgomery County Maryland DOES have them) who would not have been inclined toward a bias, but Rams was given the opportunity to pay someone to write a recommendation for him, and Wang did exactly that. She was unconcerned about Rams's history of domestic violence, not worried about the multiple insurance policies he bought on his son, (not FOR his son, ON his son) and obviously determined not to let such trivial matters as two murder investigations deter her creative muse.

No one in court was the slightest bit supportive of Hera Mcleod when she tried to protect her son. Judge Michael Algeo told Ms. Mcleod she was in the wrong to try to protect her son, and refused to look at Mr. Rams's criminal record and the murder investigations. Mcleod presented the is all in the transcripts. Dr. Wang minimized the problems of domestic violence and sexual violence. She helped to convince Judge Algeo that the concerns of Prince's mother were baseless. Was she expecting some sort of payout from one of the insurance policies? Only the shadow knows.......the idea that a psychologist is willing to recommend a man who wielded a handgun at someone during a domestic violence incident should be unthinkable. But she did it. And shortly thereafter, Prince was pronounced dead because of an excess of water in his lungs. The person Margaret Wang recommended for unsupervised visitation is now in jail with no bond. I think it is very, very good that Hera Mcleod is suing her, even if the whole matter moves very slowly through court for years to come, as these things often do; just to draw public attention to the dangerous practices of this psychologist before another life is needlessly lost.

What should Hera Mcleod have done? I know what I would have done. I went through similar experiences in divorce court. I got divorced in Jefferson County, West Virginia. The judge there had a grudge against any woman who separated from her husband because of domestic violence, and when she heard that I had testified against my husband in court, and that he had been found guilty of domestic violence, she reduced my child support to fifty dollars a month, for three children. She also ordered me to drive my children from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia to Frederick, Maryland during a blizzard. This was in February of 2003. Later on, during a court hearing, my husband's lawyer told the judge he had no idea why I had not taken the children to Frederick, as ordered. When I told the judge that the governors of Maryland and West Virginia had both declared a state of emergency because of the storm, and that police in both states were giving one thousand dollar traffic tickets to anyone who drove in that storm, (do you think my fifty dollars a month in child support would have covered such a fine?) she pretended that she did not know about the blizzard and threatened to hold me in contempt of court. When I told her about the fifty-eight people who had died of carbon monoxide poisoning (see above link) as a result of sitting in their cars in traffic during that storm, she told me that carbon monoxide is not dangerous. At that point, I realized that reasoning with this judge was a waste of time, and I waited for the hearing to end. It ended with the judge reminding me not to go to the police in West Virginia or anywhere should I incur further violence through my husband, and also not to report any maltreatment of the children. Such complaints would be interpreted as custodial interference and treated accordingly. My spouse finally became my former spouse, and also finally ceased any attempts to contact the children or yours truly. Except once: I moved away from the area when I married again, and my former spouse took me to court to contest this move. I was forced to reschedule a blood transfusion for the hearing! Subsequent hearings came and went with no attendance from my former spouse, and he went on to cause three more head-on collisions in Maryland and Virginia traffic and garner at least two more DWI's before his death in 2010. Oh; the judge also told me that my former spouse did NOT have a problem with alcohol. Did not. Worrying about my childrens' safety while riding as passengers as he drove was completely unreasonable of me......where's the eye-rolley when I need it? But Hera Mcleod was young, and had not lost her faith in the judicial system. No mother should be faced with the choice of becoming a "criminal" by defying court orders and getting jailed for contempt of court because she loves her children. Judge Algeo did not leave her any other choice.

This is a picture taken in Frederick, Maryland, in 2003, during the blizzard in which I was ordered by a family law court judge to drive with my children.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Christians Keep Crying The Blues

I looked at comments and emails for today, after coming home, and discovered a comment from a very angry person. The post that got the person so angry was written in July, and I almost deleted the comment without looking at it, assuming it was spam. But....lo and opinion that Christian churches are too liberal with their trust of good conformists and other con artists, even those of the criminal element, expressed almost eight months ago, garnered an angry reaction today. The commenter was not terribly specific about the anger and enragement point, other than offering general criticism of my perspective on Christianity. The post deals with a Christian church employee with a criminal record, whose criminal record was not checked upon hire, and who took the opportunity to murder another church employee while both were in the building alone. I decried the lack of background checks across the Christian board, wishing that Christians would stop making all kinds of crime opportune within their ranks. I also hinted at the type of soul who might be attracted by such lenient practices. I also think that I am well in the right to question such things, and to protect my family. Here's the comment: "Juli you have some kind of abhorrent, twisted view of Christianity. Your blog is absolute trash. Unfortunately, I stumbled upon it and I am appalled. You are abusing free speech. This could have happened anywhere and you know it. How intolerant you are of Christianity. Hypocrite."

If you find my view of Christianity abhorrent, so be it. I will not be the one to get murdered or raped because I was inside of a church by myself with a Christian. Writing about these people, making others aware of certain things.....such as profiles on national sex offender registries.......and guilty pleas in court to crimes that put others on sex offender registries, just not Catholic Bishops, (see Bishop Robert Finn) is not an abuse of free speech. If it was, sex offender registries would not exist.

You are also incorrect about the notion that this could have happened anywhere. This could only happen in an environment where a person's past is unimportant, or where background checks are not done on employees. The notion that "Jesus saves", and that a criminal no longer has criminal tendencies is in error, especially in cases of sex offenders. There is no "initiation process" involved in becoming a Protestant Christian, and as a result, Goddess only knows who and what is running amuck within their churches. You're darned tootin' I'm "intolerant" of Christian churches; everyone should be!

Here's another reason I think Christians are rather stupid about persons with criminal pasts: last year, a local church was asked to help a friend of mine who is homeless. She is a woman, and has no criminal record. For whatever reason, this particular local Baptist church turned her away. But then, they actually helped a violent sex offender pay his legal fines! They expose their children to him, and by enabling him, they give him the chance to re-offend and maintain the level of danger he poses to the rest of his community. It would be nice if they would use common sense about who they decide to help and who they turn away, but they don't. Both of these people were from other areas; the church simply chooses to help better conformists who are good at saying the stuff they want to hear. Between driving down property values to exposing unsuspecting victims to serious danger, I do not think I can find a reason to respect many Christian churches today. I know that does not describe all Christian churches, but it describes too many.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

In Case You Missed Church This Sunday

If you missed church in Kansas this Sunday, here's something that made a very small mention in the news this week. It does not really have much to do with church, but it does have something to do with questioning authority, and verifying the background and credentials of each and every person with whom your child has extended contact, no matter what the school, local clinic, or local churches tell you about how "well" they conduct background checks. Michael D. Arnett, of Roeland Park, Kansas, entered a guilty plea of possession of child pornography in federal court last week. But that's not all.......he was actually producing it. ICE finally got to the bottom of the whole mess. They did that by identifying the children in his secret photo collection and children from the Kansas City area, and as children from Topeka. Mr. Arnett had been employed as a driver for Kaw Valley Medical Systems, for whom he drove foster children back and forth for medical appointments, counseling appointments, and supervised visitation. He was stopping at his house with his victims and taking illicit pictures of them. So......when Kansas takes children away from so called "abusive" parents, those children go from possible neglect and abuse to certain abuse and unwilling stardom in porn on the internet. Suspecting parents cannot do a thing about it; whenever they try, Kansas police and Kansas courts turn them away. We've seen this movie before: Noble Rick Pendland. Kansas definately has a problem with the trafficking of foster and adopted children. No amount of Sunday School will ever counter it, either.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

What's The Difference Between Buckeye And Marijuana?

Where'e the eye-rolley when I need it? The police in Tennessee, on I-40, about five miles outside of Memphis, pulled over an elderly couple because of an Ohio State sticker on their car bearing the Buckeye logo and because a helmet inside the car was visible with similar stickers on it. They thought that the logo was indictative of drug cartel connections, and that the elderly couple, en route home to Texas from a funeral, might be transporting large amounts of marijuana in their car, while announcing it for all the world to see. The occasion merited black SUV's, body armor, and drawn guns. Your tax dollars at work, folks. Luckily, none of the guns were fired, and the officers were able to calm down long enough to see their mistake and stop their violations of the couple's first amendment rights, which allow visible depictions of, not only buckeye, but marijuana.


Does Art Imitate Life?

Does art imitate life? Or is it the other way around? Below is a grasshopper costume in the Summer Solstice Parade in Seattle, Washington last year. In the corner of the picture is an insert of a grasshopper, looking like he's riding a bicycle, that reminded me of this picture.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Private Message

Friday, February 15; a MacDonald's parking lot in Northeast Kansas. A car, your truck, and a failure to apply the brakes before hitting someone else's car. You know who you are. But do you know how much of our lives is caught on camara these days? Seriously......from video surveillance to traffic light camaras to cell phone pics, all kinds of things end up in pictures that were unimaginable a decade ago. Something that has not changed in the last decade, however; is the fact that hit and run is still unlawful and not well received in court at all. It might not be a bad idea to go ahead and speak up prior to being found.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

For Keith On Valentines Day

Of Google Searches And Valentines Messages

Hey Terri Horman.....wanna know what comes up during image searches for you on the internet? Here it is.....I thought it was rather funny when someone posted it on Facebook! I doubt if the person who found it is middle aged (haha!) enough to remember old thriller movies......I am beginning to see why your relationships never seem to last!

Aside from all that, Terri, Happy Valentines day! You should really come clean with a loving message for a change this time. It's not as impossible as your attorney thinks: did you know that a young lady from Westboro Baptist Church apologized recently for all the grief she caused? That was probably not an easy thing to do. You should think about it.

Happy Valentines Day, Terri! Where's Kyron?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No; Dorner's Cabin Hideout Was Torched On Purpose

Contrary to propoganda flatulated by LAPD, and further emitted by the media, the cabin, in which the recently infamous Chris Dorner was said to have hidden, was burned down deliberately, not accidently. So....San Bernardino Sheriff's Office, no one doubts that the situation at hand was very, very serious. If you had entertained intentions all along of torching any structure in which Dorner took shelter, why don't you just say so, instead of spreading lies?



Republicans And The Violence Against Women Act

It's interesting to note who, in congress, voted against the 1994 Violence Against Women Act. It passed, but not with the help of Republican representatives from the Midwest. Apparently, any protections and assistantance afforded domestic violence victims bothers these people in some way. Pat Roberts, of Kansas, did not want to see any legal protection granted to domestic violence victims. For an all inclusive list of representatives who weighed in against the Violence Against Women Act, click here.  Pat Roberts has also been yammering, without really saying anything meaningful, about the President's State of the Union address last night. He wants the President to do something about the economy, specifically, unemployment, but then accuses the President of doing nothing but "raising taxes", when the President's republican predecessor did nothing but deregulate the banking industry and allow American jobs to disappear into other countries at the same time. It's likely that Pat Roberts is really just voicing the concerns of the Koch Brothers.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Icy Branches

I took a picture of these branches in February of last year. A few short weeks later, they were covered in buds.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Kansas Scum On The Run Alert

In Salina, Kansas today, a creep by the name of Antonio Brown somehow got away froma holding cell in Saline County, after being transported from Mitchell County, to be sentenced for killing his girlfriend's fourteen month old baby boy. He is at large now. No one knows how he escaped, either. Perhaps someone at the jail asked him to take out the trash. Just call the police department most local to you if you see him or know his whereabouts.

Busted! You Can Run But You Can't Hide!

Unless the ringtone you are using is the sound of flatulence, your anal passage probably isn't the best place to hide your cell phone when you are in jail. At least, that's what a prisoner in India discovered. He hid the phone up his anus when he heard the approach of a guard, and was taken to the hospital when he was unable to stand up straight. Before too long, the man's friend decided to call back. The ring tone did not sound like stomach sounds, and an Xray confirmed the suspected truth: the prisoner had inserted the contraband into his rectum in order to avoid detection! When he was unable to retreive the cell phone, (also unable to answer it) the doctor proposed surgery. (a telephone-ectomy?) The man begged them to consider less invasive options, and proceeded to crap the phone and the accessories out onto the floor. In the future, will defense attorneys in India be forced to recommend this ringtone,, as the ringtone of choice, to all prisoners?

In a similar story, snagged from CNN, there's a little boy who insists that he did not eat his mother's cake sprinkles.



Sunday, February 10, 2013

In Case You Skipped Church On Sunday

Just in case you skipped church this Sunday, I thought these two barbies could help explain the Christian Fundamentalist Church experience for the American woman! And speaking of Christian fundy churches, and American women, Westboro Baptist Church has lost not one, but two women recently! Two granddaughters of Fred Phelps, the Grand Poobah of fundy hatred, himself, have decided to leave his organization in search of a more sensible way of life and better relationships with others. It's true.....for those who were wondering if there really IS a God!


Rumors Of Molester's Innocence Are Greatly Exaggerated

Yesterday, in Northeast Kansas, I heard a rumor. I am not sure exactly who started this rumor, (I certainly have a guess, though) but I do know who was regurgitating it for public consumption, at the expense of local children. I will resist the urge to name that person publicly, for the moment. Something that should be clearly stated; however, is this: enabling a violent person who lies and demonstrates criminal tendencies is bad enough, but to attempt to convince the general public that a sex offender is not a sex offender is without excuse. If you are reading this, you know who you are by now. In the recent past, you actually told a parent of a child, whose age is close to the age of Bradley Miller's victim, that he had been "cleared" of all charges. I do not know what you meant by "cleared", or what you thought you meant, but know this: Bradley Miller, pictured at the left, was found GUILTY in a Kansas court of a sexual assault of a minor. The charges were not dismissed; he was not aquitted. The date by which Mr. Miller could have filed an appeal has long passed. He is required, for the rest of his life, to register as a sex offender with the KBI. If you continue to deliberately misrepresent the truth about your disgusting sex offender friend, I will be less discreet about your identity the next time I write about this. The KBI maintains this list of creepy, filthy, violent criminals so that those of us who love our children can protect them, and so that those of us who really dislike trashy sex offenders have ample recourse to avoid them. If you find yourself so anxious concerning the criminal record of your so-called "friend", why not seek the company of those whose faces do not appear in the sex offender registry?


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kansas Allows Foster Family To Let Dogs Maul Toddler

Nicole Crow's toddler, Juliette, was taken away from her in Wichita, Kansas, a few months ago, because someone reported that Nicole's boyfriend was abusive. Nicole states that no abuse happened, but was too trusting of government officials to remember to Just Say No To Social Workers, so she let social services inside her home when they came knock-knock-knocking at the door, instead of insisting that they go back to Socialworkerland and get a warrent. Seriously.....never let anyone from the government inside your home unless that person has a warrent. If they do not have one, make them go get one. They cannot retaliate against you for this. Anyway, when little Juliette presented for a visit with Nicole with contusions on her face, Nicole and her mother, Mary Crow, complained, and Juliette was assigned to a different commercial family; or, in Kansas parlance, foster home. Sadly, Juliette is still presenting with bruises and other symptoms of abuse and assault and battery, yet this time, the kindly social workers in Kansas will do nothing. Youthville, that religiously slanted (christian) organization that deliberately permits sex offenders to offend, reoffend, and offend and offend again, gave Mary and Nicole a story about how Juliette had been mauled by dogs at the foster home! But this was all okay, they reasoned, because Juliette was not living with her natural mother, who loves her. As long as Juliette's natural mother experienced a day when she left the door open long enough for social workers to get inside while not maintaining a bank balence consisting of enough money to hire a high profile attorney to straighten all of this out, it is much better for Juliette to get mauled by a stranger's dogs than to get bruises any other way. Nicole has a court date on February 28, when she will have a chance to prove that her former boyfriend no longer resides in her home. Hopefully, Juliette will be returned to her.

Would it simply be okay if Juliette got mauled by a dog while in Nicole's care, or would Nicole have to answer for it? Why is it okay for a foster family's animals to maul a child off of whom they make money?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Terri Horman Still Thinks The World Revolves Around Her

While perusing a couple of different Oregon sources the other day for news about the missing persons case of ten year old Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his school in Portland on June 4, of 2010, when he was seven; I noticed a rather nasty and one-sided comment that was clearly made by someone who is quite angry with the general public, with anyone who wishes Kyron's family well, and with anyone who would help search for Kyron. While there are always trolls and "haters" on any newspaper forum, this comment, from Oregonlive, made me think for a couple of reasons. First, the commenter makes a reference to a vigil that was held well over a year ago, and made some statements about an incident that took place during that vigil, but was not would have had to be physically present in order to cite the particular details mentioned here; second, this commenter appears to seriously expect those who love Kyron, even his mother, to forget about him after awhile and give up the search! Here's an excerpt:


"I think people traveling from several different states to demonstrate their hate for {Terri} just a block away from her home, is a bit hateful. Do you see that as a loving thing to do? How about when they went up on to the porch of the Moultons home and looked into the windows? Hateful or loving? Maybe they were hoping to see Kyron inside?"

Hmmm....hey commenter; how do you KNOW the states from which any of those people hailed? The media barely covered that particular vigil. It did not mention much about the people involved, and certainly did not cover their personal information. Nor did the media give any factoids about the Moultons' house, or whose doorbell was rung, or who responded. If you have this information, you were present at the time. Why didn't Terri Horman or any of the Moultons take some flyers and join? There was, after all, an invitation extended for the Moultons to do so!

Why would you even rant, Whoever-You-Are, (does your name begin with the letter "T"?) about whether the gesture was loving or hateful toward Terri? Are you thinking that the only reason anyone ever looked for Kyron after he disappeared was to make Terri Horman upset? Or to express "hate" for her? If so, you are crazily mistaken! Sure, lots of people hate mentally ill, selfish, lazy, cellulite-covered, overly dependent, non-working child abusers; and quite a few people do not favor Terri Horman, but that's not the reason for the search for Kyron! There's a search on for Kyron because he's a little boy who disappeared on his stepmother's watch, and because over two years have gone by without his being found. That's why people knocked on doors in Roseburg, Oregon, and passed out flyers with Kyron's picture. It was a gesture of love for Kyron, not a gesture of hate for Kyron's sometime stepmother. The world does not revolve around Terri Horman. That said, let me also point out that the gesture was a loving gesture because everyone passing out the flyers loved doing it. One thing would have made them love it more: finding Kyron that day.

The gentle commenter went on to complain about Desiree Young, Kyron's mother, who, with assistance from donors, posted a billboard in Southern Oregon with Kyron's picture. It seems that the effort of posting a billboard on the highway, where it can be seen by commuters, has also rubbed this person the wrong way. Such measures are common during missing persons cases, and if Terri Horman took this personally, she needs to see, once again, that things other than herself are important, and Kyron's mother put up the billboard to keep Kyron's case in the public perception.


"Do you think the billboard Desiree put up on the freeway was a loving thing to do? Kyron, we're going to track you down? Did she think Kyron goes to work everyday in his car and drives past that sign? Or was it a loving way for her to tell Terri how much she loved her son? Or to just torment Terri out of frustration?
What about Desiree passing out flyers in Roseburg and asking everyone to remember that Terri lives in Roseberg and should be shunned by the community. Do you think that was another one of those loving things people do for Kyron?"


Oh no! Did Desiree Young pass out flyers? My Goddess, what is the world coming to? You're damn straight she passed out flyers, Whoever-You-Are! And, yes; it was an act of love! None of it was done to "torment Terri". Desiree Young very likely does not have time to torment Terri. She's trying to find Kyron! Had Terri Horman thought about Kyron from the very beginning, passed out flyers, helped with searches, answered questions, told the truth, passed polygraphs, and been available to help when Desiree was in Roseburg with flyers, it is very likely that no one would have suggested shunning Terri Horman. The sad truth is, Desiree Young was discouraged by the fact that many of the people in Roseburg had not even heard about the Kyron Horman missing persons case, despite all of the publicity it received in Portland. Kyron's stepmother, her parents, and his stepbrother ALL lived in Roseburg at the time Desiree Young passed out flyers there. Why didn't Roseburg already know about Kyron?

No, Terri; none of the efforts to find Kyron have been all about you. The world does not revolve around, you, either.

Quotes are taken from comments found following the coverage of the Kyron Horman case in Oregonlive from January 31 to February 4 of this year.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stevie Drake Missing From Kansas

Stevie Drake, sixteen, has been missing from Lawrence, Kansas since January 31. There is some speculation that he could be in Topeka, and his mother, shirley Moriss, has custody of him. To the left is a recent picture of Stevie. If you see him or know where he is, please cann 785-843-TIPS(8477) or the police in Lawrence at 785-832-7509. It seems that this is not the first time this has happened with Stevie; Stevie was found at the residence of his noncustodial father a couple of years ago, after have been missing for over a week.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Teen In Kansas City Spends Four Months Chained Up In Basement

UPDATE! Three adults, presumably the teenager's father, stepmother, and adult sibling, have been arrested in this case, but not formally charged. I guess the state of Missouri is still having trouble working out the reasons why assault and battery and false imprisonment should be crimes.

A seventeen year old boy in Kansas City, Missouri, kinda close to where Lisa Irwin disappeared, was just found chained to a pole in the basement of a house by law enforcement and social services. According to the above linked article, from CNN, he got into an altercation with his stepmother on September 27, when he was banished to the basement. His dad also disenrolled him from school, apparently. He made the grim mistake of coming upstairs for some food, and his dad got angry and handcuffed him to a bed. Allegedly, this young man is "developmentally delayed" in some way, but he managed to free himself by taking the bed apart....which speaks to abilities that most "developmentally delayed" young people do not have. But then "Daddio" simply handuffed him to a pole, where he has been since late November. Fortunately, the neighbor finally realized something was wrong with the story purported by the stepmother and the dad about the young man moving away from home.......or some such crazy nonsense....and called the cops on them. Now, this child no longer lives in that house, chained to a pole in the basement.

As if everything typed above is not horrid enough, here's another completely massive enigma, when compared with reality as most of us envision it: The police in Kansas City, Missouri are NOT SURE they have enough information or factoids here to charge anyone with a crime! Perhaps the state of Missouri takes a different legal position in such things as assault and battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, child abuse, truancy, and a whole host of other things with which Stepmommy and Daddio can be charged. Perhaps everyone in Missouri disciplines children that way. And perhaps not. Kidnapping and false imprisonment are still felonies, and had this couple kidnapped anyone other than Daddio's child and imprisoned him for four months, they'd be sitting in jail while the authorities pondered "whether or not" a crime had been committed!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stuff Not To Do In Court

This girl thought it was somehow in good taste to flip the bird at a Florida magistrate judge. He held her in contempt, and gave her thirty days in jail. Her public defender probably got the sentence reduced...but still.....wouldn't it have been easier to just keep the fingers unextended long enough to get bailed out of jail?

The only other person whom I have actually seen in the act of flipping the bird at a judge was my ex husband, during a hearing about a restraining order. The subject of child support came up, and when he was told how much he should pay every month, he extended his policeman finger to the judge. So she upped the amount, and kept doing so until he calmed down. Later on, he got the same judge for a criminal matter. She threw the book at him then, too.


Second Grader Suspended For Pretending To Save The World

Today, in Colorado, a seven year old was suspended for throwing an imaginary grenade into a box of imaginary evil people in order to save the world while he was at recess. Apparently, Mary Blair Elementary has rules against any fighting, either imaginary or real. Alex Evans will be fighting the good fight at home for a few days. This is a bit remniscent of an incident last month, in Pennsylvania, when ten year old Melody Valentin was suspended and called a murderer for having a piece of paper in her possession that allegedly bore the one dimensional shape of a gun.

Ya know.....when school administrators take these actions against children, it is usually political. The parents of those children are usually people who don't conform, or who don't have enough money to make the rest of the community happy, and whom everyone is comfortable bullying. Seriously; how often does the principal's child get suspended, even if he actually punches someone? How often does the mayor's child, or the local Christian minister's child, get disciplined or suspended? Definately not as often as the children of people whom others enjoy bullying and pushing around. It's all a big social game, featuring petty adults using children as pawns, all for their own power posturing pleasure. Alex Evans and Melody Valentin have not done anything wrong.

Here's a post about another school, in Arizona, where a bully knocked a small child unconscious on the school, yet even with surveillance, suspending that bully was "asking for too much", or "not proper", or "the wrong approach". That child should just learn to "adjust" to being bullied, and "stop complaining". School, and all the other amenities of a civilized population, are really only here for those who can play along with peer pressure. It's a shame that some school administrators are willing to harm children while they bully the childrens' parents.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Arizona TV Station Takes A Stand Against A Bully

An Arizona mom, who was identified as "Jennifer" by her local TV station in Arizona, was not guarenteed safety for her child, a seven year old boy, on the school bus, when she complained about a bully assaulting and battering him to the extent that he was unconscious. His younger brother had to "wake him up". In fact, the principal of Vesay Elementary has taken these complaints from Jennifer in the past, because the same bully has assaulted and battered her child in the past, yet no matter how many times Jennifer complains, nothing is done. So Jennifer gave her story to the local news station, who aired it. Mrs. School Principal was scheduled to weigh in with the school's side of the story, but at the last moment, told the reporter that "her boss" told her not to comment. Yeah. They probably could not find a way to blame a fight wherein a child would suffer a concussion on a seven year old. That's usually what a lazy school administrator will attempt as a first line of action-blame the victim. Hopefully, this media coverage will cancel Vesey Elementary's "Blame The Victim" card.


Here's more on the subject of bullies in schools.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

In Case You Slept Through Church This Sunday

In case you slept through church this might have missed a marketing opportunity! Here's a new idea about sacrificial executions, martyrdom, and slain messiahs......

Exactly how did the kangaroo court trial and execution become so all encompassing that it eclipsed what the messiah is actually reported to have said, anyway?

Have all the stories been tossed into a meat grinder over the years and combined into guilt tactics and manipulation techniques that do not make sense?

The whole idea merchandising the relics (crosses) or selling the entire story to anyone who is not drunk is amazing.

Do you think we can market jewelry in the image of any mode of execution, or are we stuck with crosses?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dylan Redwine: K-9 Forensics Will Help

Wendy Kessinger and her team, K-9 Forensics, offered to look for missing Dylan Redwine free of charge. They feel that they can help, and are planning to work with the family. While I wish it had not come to this, kudos to K-9 Forensics for helping.