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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Second Grader Suspended For Pretending To Save The World

Today, in Colorado, a seven year old was suspended for throwing an imaginary grenade into a box of imaginary evil people in order to save the world while he was at recess. Apparently, Mary Blair Elementary has rules against any fighting, either imaginary or real. Alex Evans will be fighting the good fight at home for a few days. This is a bit remniscent of an incident last month, in Pennsylvania, when ten year old Melody Valentin was suspended and called a murderer for having a piece of paper in her possession that allegedly bore the one dimensional shape of a gun.

Ya know.....when school administrators take these actions against children, it is usually political. The parents of those children are usually people who don't conform, or who don't have enough money to make the rest of the community happy, and whom everyone is comfortable bullying. Seriously; how often does the principal's child get suspended, even if he actually punches someone? How often does the mayor's child, or the local Christian minister's child, get disciplined or suspended? Definately not as often as the children of people whom others enjoy bullying and pushing around. It's all a big social game, featuring petty adults using children as pawns, all for their own power posturing pleasure. Alex Evans and Melody Valentin have not done anything wrong.

Here's a post about another school, in Arizona, where a bully knocked a small child unconscious on the school, yet even with surveillance, suspending that bully was "asking for too much", or "not proper", or "the wrong approach". That child should just learn to "adjust" to being bullied, and "stop complaining". School, and all the other amenities of a civilized population, are really only here for those who can play along with peer pressure. It's a shame that some school administrators are willing to harm children while they bully the childrens' parents.

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