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Monday, February 4, 2013

Arizona TV Station Takes A Stand Against A Bully

An Arizona mom, who was identified as "Jennifer" by her local TV station in Arizona, was not guarenteed safety for her child, a seven year old boy, on the school bus, when she complained about a bully assaulting and battering him to the extent that he was unconscious. His younger brother had to "wake him up". In fact, the principal of Vesay Elementary has taken these complaints from Jennifer in the past, because the same bully has assaulted and battered her child in the past, yet no matter how many times Jennifer complains, nothing is done. So Jennifer gave her story to the local news station, who aired it. Mrs. School Principal was scheduled to weigh in with the school's side of the story, but at the last moment, told the reporter that "her boss" told her not to comment. Yeah. They probably could not find a way to blame a fight wherein a child would suffer a concussion on a seven year old. That's usually what a lazy school administrator will attempt as a first line of action-blame the victim. Hopefully, this media coverage will cancel Vesey Elementary's "Blame The Victim" card.


Here's more on the subject of bullies in schools.


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