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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dylan Redwine's Dad Doesn't Wanna Be A Suspect

Dylan Redwine, thirteen, of Colorado, has been missing since either November 18 or November 19. November 19 is when he was REPORTED missing, by his father, Mark Redwine, whom he was visiting for Thanksgiving. So far, Dylan's mom, Elaine, has passed a polygraph, as have Dylan's brother Cory, and everyone else connected to Dylan's maternal family. Mark Redwine, on the other hand, will not confirm or deny that he has passed a polygraph. The most he will volunteer about his polygraph is that the results were inconclusive. Also, there is no information about Mark Redwine's family, who chimed in early on various social networking sites to announce Mark's innocence to the world and call his former spouse names. Have they passed polygraphs? Only the shadow knows.......

So now, after an inconclusive polygraph, not showing up at any vigils for his son, not looking for him, and not even passing out a flyer in an attempt to locate Dylan, Mark Redwine states that we should all should be aware that everyone connected to Dylan is a suspect. Oh. Everyone, huh? No, not really. First of all, Dylan disappeared on Mark Redwine's watch. There's the means. Mark Redwine and his family apparently hate any woman, including Dylan's mother, with an IQ surpassing room temperature and no tattoos, and Mark Redwine did not wish to pay child support. Motive. Mark Redwine was the last person to see Dylan, and Dylan texted his mother to let him know he had reached his destination after disembarking the plane at the airport.....Opportunity. Regardless of what actually happened, Mark Redwine is the most obvious person of interest.

If Mark Redwine does not wish to be seen as a suspect, perhaps he should put aside his unseemly angst about spending time with people who are not of the criminal element, such as his son's maternal family, and start looking for Dylan. Perhaps he should take a polygraph, pass it, and then give a sensible account of events surrounding the time Dylan went missing, rather than this stuff about leaving the house in the predawn hours on a weekend right before a holiday for an appointment with an attorney while Dylan was visiting. Providing the rest of us with a reasonable explanation as to why he and his sister use so many past tense verbs in reference to Dylan would also help. And perhaps he should spend less time with his family, who have not bothered to look for Dylan anywhere. His behavior makes him look very suspect.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More About Joaquin Rams And His Arrest

Here is more about Joaquin Rams, of Virginia, who was recently arrested for the murder of his infant son, Prince. It seems, that while Judge Michael Algeo, of Montgomery County, Maryland, was mocking Prince's mother, Hera Mcleod, for wanting more caution and fewer risks with her son's safety, Joaquin Rams was out buying insurance policies on his the false information that his son's mother was dead! She looks very much alive to me in this video. So much for Judge Algeo's notion that Rams's dishonestly was overstated by Mcleod....

View more videos at:

Robert Neil Boyd, Yet Again

Going to jail for dealing in kiddie porn wasn't enough for Robert Neil Boyd. My tracker tells me that there are still people searching for him, and I still get emails and comments describing opinions held about him by the general public. What's disturbing, is that I also get messages from those who seek Robert Neil Boyd's online presence, yet do not feel that child pornography is "that bad" of a crime, and that his year and a half or so in jail in two different states was, in some way, "unfair"!

Mr. Boyd just updated his website on January 27. I did not include a link, because I do not think that directing traffic to a known kiddie porn creep is a good idea, but I re-updated his banner for him. He included the title, "Phd" after his name, which I was obliged to cover in favor of more relevant information about him. I do not believe he has a Phd, anyway. Something Mr. Boyd DOES have; however, is a profile on the Maryland Sex Offender Registry. Because Maryland is very sex-offender-friendly, one must truly be corrupt in order to gain such notoriety there. Yet Mr. Boyd does not include this information in any of his online bio's or resumes.

Just to give any online gawkers an idea of how Neil actually looks, I included his Maryland Sex Offender Registry photo. I also included an older booking photo from another state, (he has made his taste for underage females quite a habit) upon which I surrounded his head with sunflower petals! Since Operation Sunflower is the international law enforcement project dedicated to removing scum like Neil from the internet and from in front of our faces in real time, I thought the sunflower petals were appropos.

Seriously; I don't know how many people who know this man still have their heads up their anal passages, but now that he has a criminal record for sex offences against children, no one should be deluded enough to actually seek out his online or in person friendship. Statistics show that sex offenders never change...yet....Robert Neil Boyd is back online. I have also noticed some of the individuals who appear to play the roles of current enablers. It makes sense; I have always wondered what some of these people actually do for a living.

Hey Neil; how do you like Operation Sunflower?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This is the new addition to our family. In his former life, he was used as a pedigree stud. Then, after about six years, his owners were finished using him for his DNA services and took him to the local vetrinarian and paid to have him euthanized. Instead of euthanizing him, the vet decided to keep him for awhile, and see if anyone would adopt him. Then, I took another one of our pets to the vet's office, and happened to see this cat. He now lives with us, by the way; he is friendly, affectionate, box trained, playful, easy on he is not a kitten.....and a joy. As his previous owners had paid for him to be euthanized, I did not have to pay the entire adoption fee. I honestly do not understand the world of using cats and dogs as breeding stock only, when they are loving pets.

He's a very sweet and peaceful cat. He only beats up the dogs once or twice a day. We call him Gandalf.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Joaquin Rams Arrested For Murder Of Baby

Joaquin Rams, charged with first degree murder.

Joaquin Rams, of Virginia, has finally been arrested for the October, 2012 murder of his own infant son, one year old Prince Mcleod Rams. Over the aptly presented objections of Prince's mom, Hera Mcleod, Montgomery County Maryland Judge Michael Algeo, of this post, insisted upon unsupervised visitation for Rams, and on the first visit, little Prince was fatally injured. Looking through some of the court records from  Montgomery County, Judge Algeo was actually quoted in official records as having told Hera Mcleod that in order for Prince's visits with Rams to be supervised, Prince would have to be returned home with "cigarette burns"! Since there were no cigarette burns, Rams was given ample opportunity to commit murder. Nice going, Judge Algeo!

According to The Washington Post, Joaquin Rams has taken out "multiple" insurance policies on Prince. This is exactly the type of thing Prince's mom wanted Judge Algeo to understand, while Judge Algeo continued to mock her. Since the medical examiner ruled that death was caused by drowning, there were no cigarette burns, so Algeo was not in the slightest bit concerned. Now that the cause of death has finally been established, (why the hell did that take so long, anyway?) Rams has been charged with first degree murder. Once again, nice going, Judge Algeo!

Why is it so hard, in family law court, to protect one's children? When I got my divorce in Jefferson County, West Virginia, I had a family law court judge who decided, despite the fact that my then-husband had been found guilty of domestic violence in criminal court, that he was not guilty. She also decided, despite his criminal record in Maryland for everything from child abuse to theft, that he was completely innocent of any wrongdoing, and that the other who had held him accountable in court for his crimes were only doing so at my behest! She ordered him to pay fifty dollars a month in child support for three children, and warned me not to contact child protective services about any abuses the children suffered while in his care. Eventually, my ex-husband lost interest in the children, or so I thought, and stopped exercising his visitation completely. A couple of months after the last time he saw any of our children, my son, who was then four years old, told me that his father had pulled a knife on him because of a potty accident! I was still under orders from a family law court judge not to tell child protective services!

 Later on, when I remarried and moved out of the area, I did not know where my former spouse lived, as his family protected him from bill collectors, process servers, the Bureau of Child Support, the sheriff of any given locale, and any attempts to repossess his vehicle. One of his brothers, a youth pastor at Aspen Hill Christian Church in Montgomery County, Maryland, actually helped him hide all of his income from the court and the Bureau of Child Support so he could not be charged any more than fifty dollars a month. The fact that I had medical problems and required periodic blood transfusions for awhile did not matter to was as if "Jesus" had won some sort of a battle, inasmuch as my ex-husband's family was concerned, when my ex got to keep his money instead of paying child support. When he finally discovered, through the grapevine, that I had opted to move, he surfaced and challenged it. I had to reschedule a blood transfusion for the emergency court hearing too. Yes; we had an emergency court hearing because my former spouse suddenly wanted to stop me from moving after hiding himself and his income from me for several years. Threatening a four year old with a kitchen utility knife does not merit any emergent attention, but moving away after several years of no contact does! Gotta love the way these family law court judges think!

The fact that Joaquin Rams had bought insurance policies on his son should have been a giant red flag for any family law court judge. While Hera Mcleod probably did not have the paperwork in hand to wave in the judge's face, it is abundantly clear that she tried to tell the judge about two other open cases involving insurance policies, Joaquin Rams, and unexplained deaths. The state of Virginia had not completed their investigations at that time, so Rams had not been charged. That has changed now. Why couldn't Michael Algeo give the situation just a little more time for investigation, rather than taking chances with a child's life?

In Case You Missed Church This Sunday

                                              I think this cartoon is so funny and relevant:
But this is also very amusing:
Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Valentines Day, Terri Horman!


A court date for Kaine Horman to finally dispossess himself of that oversized parasite, Terri Horman, with whom missing Kyron Horman, was last seen, yet will not pass a polygraph or tell the truth about what she did on the day Kyron disappeared, has finally been set. It looks like it will be a February divorce! How if......fate itself were snipping the petals off of all your roses! How could this be, Terri? How could a little boy be more important than the whims of a mentally ill dependent disguised as a spouse? Why don't you just go ahead and tell the truth about what you were doing on June 4, 2010?
Case NameCourtDateTimeRoomCase NumberEvent
Horman Kaine Andrew */Horman Terri Lynn Moulton MCR2/4/138:30ATHXK 544 JUDGE KANTOR 100666084Hearing Motion 


Remember always to use your imagination wisely, as Imbolc's dreams grow to become Beltane's realities, which, in turn, mature to become Mabon's harvest. Scatter good seed in the field.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Is True Nelson A Terrbot?

Several days ago, I posted on this site about True Nelson, his blog, and some horribly unkind suggestions he made about the parents of Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his Portland Oregon School in June of 2010. He suggested that Kyron's mother, Desiree Young, moved the court to abate a lawsuit she filed in June of last year against Terri Horman, Kyron's some time stepmother and the last person with whom Kyron was seen. I cited legal documents and reliable media sources which identified the office of the Multnomah County District Attorney as the party who requested that the lawsuit not move forward immediately, not Desiree Young. I also pointed out that any parent who loves his or her children is not going to care about any of the things that True Nelson suggested might constitute a reason for Desiree to stop looking for Kyron: reputation, cross examination by Terri Horman's attorney, and "skeletons in her closet". I will say this once again, True; all I see and hear whenever Desiree makes a statement to the press is a mother who wants her missing son back. If you have children of your own, you should know better.

Tonight, I glanced at his blog again, and I noticed a comment to one of his posts about Kyron that looks like it could only have been written by someone who wants the media and public opinion to shift from wondering where Terri Horman could possibly have hidden Kyron to blaming the school. It deals with possible culpability on the part the Kyron's school, Skyline Elementary. Here it is:

"I think the school did get a pass. They should have been pressed more from the start, and each teacher, principal, janitor intensely questioned. For them to delete the electronic records from that day (and LE didn't even request them) is disgusting. Schools are union shops as are LE. It would have been better to bring in outsiders to investigate and it has always troubled me that the parents haven't done that."

Let me break this down for everyone, in case there is anyone out there who cannot see through this. First of all, the police do not sit around and discuss every investigative tactic they use in a situation such as the disappearance of a child with the media. Not only do they NOT owe the general public information about the evidence they collect at a crime scene, they do not have time to discuss those things! Second, they interviewed hundreds and hundreds of people, over and over. They did interview the staff at the school, and the staff was forthcoming with all the information they had! There is only ONE PERSON who was not forthcoming with information, and whose accounts, I repeat, ACCOUNTS.....she gave more than one story about her whereabouts that day.......and that is Terri Horman. She's also the one who failed at least two polygraphs, according to her son, James Moulton. Terri Horman is the only loose end here; the school was willing to account for the whereabouts of it's staff that day.

Allow me to move on to the subject of deleting electronic records. While a phone log for the landline at the school may not have been kept, beyond voicemail and answering machine messages, no email received or sent by the school could have ever been truly deleted at the school's end. Why? Because a sent email has a sender and a recipient, and in the case of a school, often a sender and many recipients. So even if the school scrubbed all of it's hard drives, (it didn't, trust me) the people who had sent and received the electronic communiques would still have had them. At least a few of those people. Also, a lot of electronic information is stored in the cloud, and once that happens, the computer or cellphone of origin ceases to matter. The information is stored on whichever website was used, and can still be retrieved, which, I'm sure, was done. Also, electronic information, such as ISP numbers and IP addresses can very easily be tracked. Very easily. So rest assured, person who thinks the Skyline Elementary has hidden electronic information; it did not happen. The only relevant electronic products in connection to Kyron's disappearance that were not inspected by law enforcement are the burn phones that were bought by a "friend" for Terri Horman.

That comment really sounds like it was made by someone who does not understand how information moves in today's world. It also sounds as if it was made by someone who would like to lift the cloud of suspicion away from Terri Horman. Perhaps Terri Horman's mother, Carol Moulton? Hmmm? I think it's possible. The element that I find most distubing here; however, is the fact that the comment to True Nelson's blog also sounds like it was made by someone who does not want Kyron found. That, I think, is completely wrong.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Emporia Kansas Celebrates Stalking Awareness Month

As an amusing irony, a sixty year old man in Emporia, Kansas, by the name of Thomas Hebb, just got arrested yesterday for stalking more than twenty women..........and this is National Stalking Awareness Month! Not only was Mr. Hebb following and spying on women with whom he was not aquainted, he was also writing them love letters!  He was arrested for forty-seven counts of "promoting obscenity". And speaking of obscenity, there's another amusing irony: where else has the number forty-seven appeared recently? Didn't a republican who hates forty-seven percent of us just lose a presidential election with that same forty-seven percent popping up in those percentages, as well? It must be an iconic number this season.

While Shopping At The Mall With Kids

I really think this kid must be part cat!

Monday, January 21, 2013

True Nelson Says What?

Usaully, the writer of the blog, True At True, offers an intelligent, commonsense opinion about his chosen topics. I enjoy reading his commentaries. But his most recent post, written on January 18, about the Kyron Horman case, surprised me. Somehow, he is putting forth an idea that Desiree Young, Kyron's mother, moved the court requesting that the civil lawsuit she filed against Terri Horman, her son's stepmother, be abated. Here's a quote:

"It is my understanding that concurrent with Desiree Young requesting ‘abatement’ in said civil case there were three additional factors in play: DeDe Spicher was scheduled to testify before the Judge regarding her (DeDe’s) refusal to fully cooperate during her deposition – citing the Fifth Amendment; Desiree and her husband Tony, as well as Kaine Horman, were scheduled to be deposed; and Desiree had requested (through her attorney) a protective order regarding mental health records."

While the lawsuit has been delayed by a few months, Desiree Young certainly did not make that request of the court. In fact, the motion was filed by an outside party, specifically the office of the Multnomah County District Attorney. As for the suggestions that the reason for the delay was the information contained in medical records, mental health information in particular, Young's team fought for that information to be revealed in court, and is in no way attempting to block it. The reference to the testimony of DeDe Spicher was also a bit misleading, since no information at all about her testimony, other than her comments while answering questions, was ever analyzed for the public. The judge who permitted the delay spoke of protecting witnesses, but did not name anyone.

Here's more, explaining an imaginary role played by Steve Houze, Terri Horman's criminal attorney:

"If you were Attorney Houze, how would you attempt to defuse Desiree Young’s civil suit? Why not dig up anything and everything you can about Desiree or Kaine? What if information was developed on one or both of them that would not only cause them embarrassment, but additionally cast suspicion on them?"

Steve Houze will undoubtedly attempt to do some of those things if and when Terri Horman finds herself in criminal court, as a defendant. But he is not representing Terri Horman in this lawsuit. Why is this blogger imagining that Steve Houze is trying to "cast suspicion" on Kaine Horman, Desiree Young, or Tony Young? Not only has this already been done, time and time again, as Kyron has been missing for over two years, it also doesn't matter what "suspicions" can be cast on them. They happen to be the three adults in Kyron's life who love him and want him home. Because of that, they are at cross purposes with Houze's client, who does not love Kyron and apparently does not want Kyron home. Who cares about how, or in what ways, any of them might not be perfect? Why should any of them care, also, about any muckraking or character assasinations Houze might do? Every time I listen to Desiree Young talk about Kyron, I only hear a mother who wants her missing son found. I don't think she cares what any lawyer digs up about her.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Response To Person Who's Upset Because Neil Boyd Is On The Sex Offender Registry

I still have a few people from various places who look for information on this site concerning Robert Neil Boyd, who recently served time in Tennessee and in Maryland because his computer was found to have lots of child pornography downloaded onto it's hard drive. Most of the people who write to me and discuss Mr. Boyd with me are horrified that his slimy presence was ever close to their homes, and that he gets away with this sort of thing. I feel the same way about him. Sometimes, however; I will get trolled by some of this man's yuppie friends, most of whom do not have children of their own; and those yuppie friends cry the blues at yours truly about how unfair the judicial system was with Mr. Boyd, and how, since he is not a producer, or even a big time dealer, in this filthy business, he should not have been prosecuted or sanctioned at all!

Here's an example of one of the protests, which got published several weeks ago, and to which I responded, pared down to the last statement in the comment, which goes to heart of the denial maintained by misguided friends of creeps like Mr. Boyd: "You talk of human trafficking as though your efforts are doing something, but you imprison less than pawns in the game and waste vast resources for them; so the real criminals are making tons of money and that certainly helps smuggle a human being." Obviously, the denial of the criminal behavior, which in turn, allows enabling of same, runs very deep.

First of all, none of those "real criminals" to whom my commenter referred, would be making the "tons of money" my commenter referenced if said real criminals did not have a client base. We all do what we get paid to do, and those real criminals are certainly getting paid by someone to do what they do. Without the actions and demands of those who are, as my commenter said, "less than pawns", the "game" would be over! So yes; the blame rests upon the pawns, just as much as it rests upon the major players. Second, dealing with some of the so-called pawns is often helpful in locating the major players, and sometimes, if the stars are favorable, a missing child can even be found through such efforts! It does not happen anywhere near often enough, but every time a missing or abused child is located and rescued, it is certainly worth any effort or resources spent. Third, never discount a tip, or tell the person who gives a tip that his efforts are without value. I know that Neil's friends would like everyone who loves children and cares about morals to feel that efforts to rescue abused children are meaningless, and I also know that Neil's friends belittle anyone who loves children, but, my commenter, have you heard of Operation Sunflower? Operation Sunflower is a sting that started about a year and a half ago, when someone drove on a highway in Kansas with a child he had kidnapped. He snapped a few pictures of her, while driving, and a sign with a picture of a sunflower appeared in the background of the picture which was posted online by the creep. It was seen by someone in Denmark, who reported it to the FBI in America, and officers spent two weeks driving the highways in Kansas, matching up scenery to sunflower signs, until they had the right spot. They then followed the electronic trail, found the perpetrator, and the child, (!), and decided to keep the operation in force. The sting was subsequently named Operation Sunflower, after Kansas, the Sunflower State.

Hey Neil! How do you like Operation Sunflower?
They never seem to think about how they harm the rest of the population.

In Case You Missed Church This Sunday

If you didn't go to church today, maybe you did something like this!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Janis Joplin!

Happy Birthday, Janis Joplin! You would be seventy years old today, if you were still with us! Yes; you are an inspiration to us all! I mean.....taking musical instruments to school in your backpack in case you needed to burst into song at an unpredicted moment in time? So much better than taking weapons to school....didn't any of the adults in your life understand that? Peace and Love; that's where it's at!

Thankyou for everything, Janis!



Friday, January 18, 2013

Unseen Partner

To my Unseen Partner, gliding across the ice with me...and you know who you are: Thankyou for teaching me how to dance. Thankyou for teaching me balence. I love you.

Requiem For Someone Who Died After Not Really Living

If I could only repeat one thing for you to hear, young woman, it would be this. And it is also my hope for you. And also, the best blessings possible.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Kansas Media Has Ignored Colton Ross Barrera

Colton Ross Barrera, seventeen, disappeared from Russell, Kansas, on September 26 of 2008. While I had been in Kansas for about a year, I did not hear about Colton. Neither did quite a few other people. Colton had made plans to go to the skate park in Russell, and was supposed to have been dropped off there by a friend. He had told his family that he would call the same friend for a ride home from the skate park. The last place anyone actually remembers seeing Colton is actually at the local high school. He never called his friend for a ride home.

Why didn't I hear about Colton Barrera, and about the fact that he is missing? I would have been very happy to print up flyers and try to help find him. Aside from some unpublicized vigils, what efforts have been made to find this boy? I would like to know. His profile appears in in every missing persons data base that I have checked, including the Charley Project and NCMEC, just nothing in local newspapers or websites. It looks as if the local police and the Kansas Bureau of Investigations wrote Colton off as a runaway and declined to search! Did they even question the last person to see Colton?

Colton's age progressed picture is on the upper left corner of this post, and here is the Facebook page dedicated to finding him. Below is a missing persons poster of Colton, with contact information.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Anonymous Has A Message Concerning Aaron Swartz

By all accounts, Aaron Swartz was a brilliant and creative young man. His absence will certainly make the world a sadder and duller place. He was only twenty-six years old, and was a serious advocate for freedom of information and the first amendment. There really wasn't a reason for America's judicial system to harass him to the extent of charging him with felony crimes, and it is a shame that Aaron died so young. But what has this got to do with Westboro Baptist Church? It's hard to say, yet they have still publicly discussed picketing Aaron's funeral. In response, Anonymous sent them a message. Here it is:

That said, Westboro Baptist Church wisely resisted the urge to stand outside today, in Chicago, where the funeral was held, with stupid signs. That is good, but here is one very disturbing question about all this: why was Aaron Swartz facing more prison time than murderers?

More: Anyone with intel on the activities or plans of Westboro Baptist Church is invited to share it with Anonymous at  

Anyone in Northeast Kansas up to that?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Glenn Beck Wants His Own Kingdom

This is really almost too funny! Glenn Beck wants to have his own self sufficient, self governed community, and he wants to call it "Independence"! It will produce it's own power and it's own food, and it's shopping center will be a friendly place where the townsfolk gather to start their own businesses and learn from one another. That's what he says, anyway. The entrance will be modeled after Ellis Island, because Glenn Beck thinks that most Americans either came here through Ellis Island, or have ancestors who did. Actually, the number of Americans who have at least one ancestor who came through Ellis Island is closer to forty percent. While that's a significant minority, it's certainly not MOST Americans. If one's family was American before 1892, validating one's citizenship through Ellis Island would have been been quite difficult, as that's the year Ellis Island opened as an immigration station.

This idea is not terribly original. Didn't William Golding already cover this in Lord Of The Flies? And Glenn Beck should, by this time, be aware that there are at least ten cities in the United States called "Independence".

Glenn Beck actually does have the right glasses to look like the main character in Lord of the Flies. Perhaps he looked in the mirror!

Former Kansas Republican Lawmaker Is Also A Deadbeat Dad

At the left is a picture of what a Republican representative looked like, back in the early eighties. It is also a picture of what a deadbeat dad looks like. Paul R. Hess, who is now in Washington, serving as the chairman of the King County Republicans 46th District, represented Shawnee County in Kansas during the early eighties, when he and Anne Schroer divorced and she was awarded custody of their three sons. He did not think the court was serious when it ordered him to pay child support, and fled the country to evade charges of theft and to defy custody orders. Anne Schroer was forced to fly to Egypt to retrieve her children. There's some good, old fashioned, responsible budget balencing and family values!

Paul Hess owes his ex-wife hundreds of thousands of dollars in back child support and interest. After she moved back to Kansas, she also moved the child support collection back to Kansas, but no state where she lived after the divorce actually did an efficient job of collecting child support. Now, the former Republican representative and his attorney are stating that the court order has somehow become "dormant", or "expired"! A mortgage does not "expire". A student loan or an auto loan will not "expire"! Not even a utility bill simply "goes dormant" or "expires". The truth is, a court order for child support does not "expire" when it is unpaid until the demise of the obligee.

How interesting that Republicans, especially in Kansas, rant on and on about how only inferior people ever rely upon government assitance, and how family values must always be upheld; they one of their own scoffed the very law that was designed to keep divorced mothers and children from needing government assistance in the first place! And committing custodial interferance, to boot! It looks as if Mr. Hess has made some substantial donations to the Republican party recently, while still refusing to pay his child support debt. Perhaps the Republican party should cancel the donation and reroute it to Mrs. Schroer, and while they are at it, perhaps they should reroute Mr. Hess's entire salary to her until his child support is paid.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

Shane Snodgrass Blew Off Court In Kansas

It's official. Shane Snodgrass has duffed court in Kansas. He was due in court in Sabetha, Kansas on January nine. This is because he decided, before Christmas, that last year's holiday season would not be complete without giving sixteen year old Kristina Richey a ride to Brownville, Oregon without the knowledge or permission of her parents. Apparently, he also decided not to be in court. How predictable could that be? He was arrested for custodial interference in Linn County, Oregon, and also in Kansas. Here's a picture of him, as shown on KSMT.

On a related note, an unattractive glob of fat named Bryce Pjesky, of McPherson, Kansas, failed to report to the Morris County Sheriff as scheduled today after being found guilty, earlier this week, of two counts of indecent liberties with a minor. Hopefully, he will be discovered somewhere and thrown into the general population of a correctional facility somewhere, before he discovers any more children.

Correction: Shane Snodgrass duffed court in Oregon, not in Kansas.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ryle Smith Has The Best Dogs In The World

Ryle Smith disappeared on Tuesday in Seneca, Missouri. His family, and a bunch of others looked all over for him. He was finally found about a mile away from home, in some bushes with both of his dogs snuggled up to him, keeping him warm!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Suspected Serial Killer Hides In Christian Shelter

Samuel Little was discovered in a Christian homeless shelter in Kentucky this past September. He is seventy-two years old, and was arrested on a drug charge, but when his DNA was run through the database, it matched evidence collected from the unsolved California murders of Guadalupe Apodaca and Audrey Nelson, both murdered in 1989, and of Carol Alford, murdered in 1987. He also uses more than one alias, and he and each alias have criminal records in twenty-four states. But the Christian gentry at Bayside Christian Mission in Louisville had no problems with Mr. Little, and thought he was very nice. A person who does not commit crimes or abuse drugs, yet fails to conform and blend into "the background" (whatever blending into the background is: in Mr. Little's case, it was running from the law) while questioning Christianity will not be very well liked or accepted by Christians, but a criminal living on the lam can blend right in. That's very interesting.

Where Does The Republican River End?

When I first noticed the question, "where does the Republican River end?" in the search words, leading to this site, I thought it was a snarky queery from a sore winner after last year's presidential election for a fleeting second, then I remembered that there actually IS a Republican River in Kansas. The answer to the question is Junction City, where it meets the Smoky Hill River to become the Kansas River. It starts in Eastern Colorado, flows into Southern Nebraska, and back down into North Central Kansas until it gets to Junction City. Maybe the river needs a new name!
Republican River, near Fort Riley, Kansas

Monday, January 7, 2013

Babies For Sale

Interesting. Despite the fact that in America, both biological parents must consent when a child is adopted, (it really saves on all the paperwork required in the appeals process) just over two years ago, a single mother sold her infant daughter to the highest bidder in South Carolina, a family by the name of Capobianco. The little girl's father, a Native American in Oklahoma, was unaware that his ex girlfriend was planning to give their daughter up for adoption, and although he was not part of his daughter's life, was not in agreement with the adoption, so he challenged it. The reason he challenged it had to do with abuses of Native American family units by American culture in the past. The Supreme Court ruled against the Capobiancos and awarded sole custody to the father. But now, the Capobiancos are appealing, because they feel that a text message shortly after the child's birth between the biological parents somehow constitutes a termination of the father's rights! This is certainly a WTF moment in American legal history if ever there was one! Since when does a TEXT MESSAGE absolve a parent of parental responsibility?

In view of last week's sperm donor/child support case from Kansas, involving a lesbian couple who thought that a de facto "contract" wherein the non-state-sanctioned "sperm donor" was not responsible for any progeny produced forthwith, (the parties were wrong....any such contract would need to be recognized by a family law court) it seems, with the advent of court ordered child support for the Kansas sperm donor, that a text message simply might not be enough to waive parental responsibility. That said, the Capobiancos probably, and hopefully, will not get the child back. But then, one never knows. Dr. Timothy Monahan and his wife, Jennifer, of Missouri, bought a kidnapped little girl from a black market adoption agency in Guatemala several years ago, and despite pleas from Guatemalan courts, the revocation of the fake birth certificate, the revocation of the little girl's passport, and revocation of their own passports, inasmuch as Guatemala is concerned, anyway, the Monahans are planning to keep the little girl they bought unlawfully and the United States will not force them to give her back to her parents.'s hard to say which way the decision concerning the Capobiancos and the child of whom they took possession without her father's consent will go.

Jennifer Monahan, of Missouri. Her only sentiment when discovering that she had taken someone else's child was probably a giant "thankyou" to the black market middleman.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

In Case You Missed Church On Sunday

If you skipped church in Kansas, here's what you may have missed! In honor of Hugh Cranford's performance in Topeka as a Lutheran vicar and youth pastor, I thought I should run his picture one more time. These people never change.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Operation Sunflower And Anonymous Tips

A couple of days ago, agents with ICE, in connection to Operation Sunflower, published a request for information from anyone who might recognize the tattoos on the woman in the picture on the left. They got her image from a kiddie porn site on the internet, and determined that she was a perpetrator. Here name turned out to be Lethe Mae Montemayor, and about ten hours after the request was made, she was arrested. According to the FBI and ICE, her arrest would never have been possible without help from the general public. One of the comments left under the article on CNN questioned why CNN did not run a picture of her face, but just her back, and her stupid-looking trench coat. (how very cliche for a kiddie porn creep!) After finding her picture elsewhere, I could only assume that CNN was put off by how ugly she is.

Operation Sunflower was started in November of 2011, and was named after the state of Kansas. One day, in November, 2011, a sixteen year old boy decided to molest an eleven year old girl, and put some pictures of her, which he took in his car, while driving, on an internet forum. Law Enforcement in Denmark noticed, contacted Law Enforcement in the United States, and because of a sunflower that appeared on a highway sign in the background of the picture, it was rightly determined that the picture was taken in Kansas. During the following thirteen days, special agents drove up and down Kansas highways, comparing the background of the the picture to actual scenery wherever there was a sunflower sign on a stretch of highway that compared to the highway in the picture. Law Enforcement found this kids's town, his home, and they also found him and his victim. The effort was dubbed "Operation Sunflower"; don't ever let anyone tell you that nothing ever happens in Kansas! To date, Operation Sunflower has identified one hundred and twenty-three victims from child pornography sites.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Being A Sperm Donor In Kansas

Today, in the news, we have here in Kansas a man, by the name of William Marotta, who answered an ad placed on Craigslist by Jennifer Schreiner and Angela Bauer, a lesbian couple who wished to bring up a child together. They needed a paternal parental unit, or, a sperm sperm donor. Sperm donors, as many of us know, are not hard to find.......look in any singles bar. Okay, that observation does rinse the romance and mystique out of this sort of thing, but Marotta, either by turkey baster or by some other means, did, in fact, father a child three years ago with Jennifer Schreiner.

Fast forward to now. Jennifer and Angela are having financial difficulites, and applied to Social Services for assistance. Over the course of filing the application, Social Services was required to determine exactly which adults were responsible for the three year old child. Jennifer Schreiner is, of course, the mother, and as such, is claiming that a de facto contract she made with William Marotta and Angela Bauer absolves him of responsibility and confers it to Angela Bauer. While Angela Bauer undoubtedly cares for the child just as much as she would if she could actually be the father, and lives with the child, the "sperm donation" was not done under the auspices of a clinic, which would have protected William Marotta's anonymity; nor did any court procedures take place to legally confer responsibility for the child to another adult. So......William Marotta, along with technically being the child's father, is also legally the child's father, and therefore liable for child support by Kansas law.

In addition to all of the above dysfuntion, we also have Shannon Minter, of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, feeling miffed because she thinks this will have a repercussion on the rights of gay or lesbian couples in the future. This line of reasoning is flawed. Had William Marotta donated sperm through a bona fide clinic, medically and legally equipped, he would not be the legal parental paternal unit. Or, at the very least, had he moved family law court in Kansas to legally confer guardianship of his biological child to Angela Bauer, and had she legally adopted the child, Kansas would not insist that he pay child support. It's actually quite easy to understand, if one wishes to grow up and be responsible. This is not a gay rights matter at all, this is about responsibility for a child.

Here's one more thing: that three year old deserves a pair of adults (gender is not all-encompassing here) who have either parental rights or legal guardianship; not a bona fide mother, an unknown but existant father who does not understand his parental responsibilities in this case, and another adult who does not truly have rights or parental authority in places like school, the hospital, court, or other countries..... not that this child could get a passport to travel to other countries without showing the sperm doner/father's information to a passport agent......but all kinds of situations wherein a child might need actual parents or guardians can come up over the course of a childhood. What is disappointing here is that none of the so-called adults in this child's life thought about the child, and the child's needs, before playing house and playing sperm donor.

Vicar Hugh Cranford Should Pick On Someone His Own Size

A few months ago, I posted about a Lutheran vicar, by the name of Hugh Cranford, who was charged with indecent liberties with a minor. Today, he had his preliminary hearing. The information that was shared at that time was rather disturbing, and should have been shared immediately when the kindly vicar was charged. His crime was not one of simply dating a young woman one or two months shy of her eighteenth birthday.....he is actually charged with molesting two brothers, one ten years old, the other, thirteen years old, while he was staying in their parents' home. Not only was I shocked at the number of comments I got from various parts of Northeast Kansas, some of them unprintable, defending this man, I am very disappointed that none of the publications reporting on this matter felt that any Christian parents in the area deserved to be warned about this minister. Coverage was cursory at best; very little information about the nature of the charges was available. Cranford's church and the  media in Kansas went out of their way to cover for him. This man is free on 250,000 bail; that means he is free to re-offend until the judge throws down the gavel in a verdict at some future date. Christians, don't get your pastors at Kmart.

Update: The reverend is expected in court on May 6, 2013.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Favorite Picture From 2012


One more "favorite" from 2012; my favorite picture. Actually, there are two. I took them during the solar eclipse on May 20. I did not have decent lenses for filming a solar eclipse, and every store local to me that carries them was sold out several weeks before the eclipse, so they were taken through my husband's welding visor.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013