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Monday, January 7, 2013

Babies For Sale

Interesting. Despite the fact that in America, both biological parents must consent when a child is adopted, (it really saves on all the paperwork required in the appeals process) just over two years ago, a single mother sold her infant daughter to the highest bidder in South Carolina, a family by the name of Capobianco. The little girl's father, a Native American in Oklahoma, was unaware that his ex girlfriend was planning to give their daughter up for adoption, and although he was not part of his daughter's life, was not in agreement with the adoption, so he challenged it. The reason he challenged it had to do with abuses of Native American family units by American culture in the past. The Supreme Court ruled against the Capobiancos and awarded sole custody to the father. But now, the Capobiancos are appealing, because they feel that a text message shortly after the child's birth between the biological parents somehow constitutes a termination of the father's rights! This is certainly a WTF moment in American legal history if ever there was one! Since when does a TEXT MESSAGE absolve a parent of parental responsibility?

In view of last week's sperm donor/child support case from Kansas, involving a lesbian couple who thought that a de facto "contract" wherein the non-state-sanctioned "sperm donor" was not responsible for any progeny produced forthwith, (the parties were wrong....any such contract would need to be recognized by a family law court) it seems, with the advent of court ordered child support for the Kansas sperm donor, that a text message simply might not be enough to waive parental responsibility. That said, the Capobiancos probably, and hopefully, will not get the child back. But then, one never knows. Dr. Timothy Monahan and his wife, Jennifer, of Missouri, bought a kidnapped little girl from a black market adoption agency in Guatemala several years ago, and despite pleas from Guatemalan courts, the revocation of the fake birth certificate, the revocation of the little girl's passport, and revocation of their own passports, inasmuch as Guatemala is concerned, anyway, the Monahans are planning to keep the little girl they bought unlawfully and the United States will not force them to give her back to her parents.'s hard to say which way the decision concerning the Capobiancos and the child of whom they took possession without her father's consent will go.

Jennifer Monahan, of Missouri. Her only sentiment when discovering that she had taken someone else's child was probably a giant "thankyou" to the black market middleman.

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