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Friday, July 31, 2015

Frankfort Kansas School Doesn't Impose Sanctions About Guns

Hmmmm....something tells your faithful blogger that this directive, courtesy of thea United States Department of Justice, has not been heeded by the principal of Frankfort High School, in Frankfort, Kansas. On March 3, 2015, an eighteen old senior, who was already on probation for other crimes, took a gun to school and was arrested again. Federal law states that such a student must be expelled and may not enter the building again, for any reason, for an entire year. The school administration has no choice in this matter; the law states that any public school using state or federal tax dollars must follow this directive. One must wonder, then, what was the student in question doing at graduation, less than nine weeks later? And why did he get a diploma from the school that was required, by law, to expel him? Shouldn't that student's diploma be recalled, as he did not properly earn it? And shouldn't Frankfort High School lose a portion of their state funding and their federal funding for their failure to follow the law?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kansas Whiner Cries Tears When A Thief Goes To Prison

Here's a comment that I got from a disgusting hypocrite last night:

I don't know who you are, or where you live (assume Frankfort) but where are your so called morals. You should really get all of the facts about a persons life before you go posting such horrible things about any person, their family and especially their children. You have done nothing more in reading all of this other than use this blog to use your fingers do damage to a woman and her family with out knowing the whole story. You have named her children which I am sure have been through enough and exposed them to your trash, damaged her husband if he chose to read your trash all to express your dissatisfaction of something the seemed to have happened to you. And this all from someone who doesn't seem to even know the family nor knows the whole story. You have a right to your opinion if that is what you want to call it, but you at least should know the facts and not leave it up to a majority of hearsay and false information and not use a sight like this to vent your own problems

And here's my response:

I read your silly-assed comment last night, but was too busy and preoccupied, with matters more meaningful, to respond. I see you jumped on here this morning, waiting to see if I had published it. Okay, here's your fifteen minutes. Let me respond to the key points here, that may or many not make a difference to anyone else, out there, in internetland. Yes, I live close enough to Frankfurter Village to read and otherwise be apprised of the news and general happenings there. Not that it makes a difference; newspapers in all parts of Kansas sung the praises of Monica Smart. She does, indeed, have a reputation, but blaming me is silly. My audience is not anywhere near as big as that of WIBW, The Topeka Capitol Journal, or the FBI's press release. While Marshall County does, indeed, make nominally successful efforts to keep most of its crime out of the news, the rest of the media and the FBI have no problem publicizing the identities of crooks, along with naming their special crimes. And Monica Smart's crime was pretty special, for a frankfurter. Most frankfurters muddle along with misdemeanors, such as vandalism or drunk driving, when they celebrate their various rites of passage, but Smartypants outdid them all. This is where the rest of the world comes in: she committed fraud and stole half a million dollars. The FBI took notice, and truly does not care about the fact that Monica Smart is a pink and fluffy Caucasion blonde who lives in Frankfort and loves Jesus. She was charged in federal court, and the rest of America has the right to the information. It IS everyone's business if Monica Gale Smart is a thief! I know that you were probably very surprised when the judge sentenced her, and she went to Carswell, but being a pink and white frankfurter does not exclude her from consequences. One of those consequences is, appropriately, people such as yours truly maintaining a publicly expressed opinion about that no matter who wants to protect a pink and fluffy criminal. Crime is still crime, and pink and fluffy blondes who get caught embarking upon lives of crime should not be spared any of the consequences experienced by their more swarthy, slim, and graceful fellow Americans, who become victims of selective justice altogether too often. If Smarty couldn't do the time, she should not have done the crime. And by the way, when Monica's delusional mother attempted to buy an ankle bracelet and home detention, instead of prison time, I was happy to see the judge ignore her. The judge has a moral responsibility to consider fair sentencing for all who come before the bench, not just special favors for those whose parents are rich enough to buy more lenient sentences. When I read that Monica Smart's mother (ahem) tried to do that, I was very offended. How dare someone try to pervert or corrupt justice?

My real point in writing that post was really not to insult Monica Smart. The post was actually about the frankenfurter community, the school, especially, and the approval of Smart's unlawful behaviors. I know that I am quite old fashioned and conservative, compared to the average Kansan, but allowing a convicted felon continuous access to a public school sets a bad example. I am not talking about the occasional parent with a criminal record, who attends a parent/teacher conference; Smartypants had lunch in the cafeteria with her husband, a teacher, on a regular basis. In fact, since he was named in at least one civil proceeding, I think it would have been better for the students at the school if his position had been terminated. Crime is not widely accepted in real communities, with real schools, whose students have real parents. Most of us do not want convicted felons near our children. I wrote the post because Dean Dalinghaus, the principal at Frankfort Experiment, told yours truly that he was pressuring children to attend christian churches because he has a responsibility to "teach morals". In my world, teaching morals does not include sending a message of approval of federal theft or wire fraud, so I was curious to hear his excuse. I was also deeply concerned that in the event that Smartypants's status changed while waiting for a bed in prison, and she was supposed to be somewhere else, the SWAT team would converge upon the school, raining bullets left and right. Stranger things have happened. Your loved one is not only a criminal, but a convicted felon. Get used to these precautions. Jesus doesn't care about your feelings, either.

I actually did not name anyone in her family. A couple of other, more widely read publications did, though. But why is that so important? Are you suggesting that Monica Smart's family deserves more consideration than others get? That's very interesting: is it because she is pink, fluffy, and of course, white? Or is it because you think she has a personal right to steal from people?

Oh, by the way, I do not need to get all the facts about Monica Smart's so-called life before I determine that the FBI's findings and subsequent court conviction were correct. All her life really contained was a series of non-events in Kansas and some criminal activity that was serious enough to send her to prison. Nothing else. And if you want to protect her family, or her children, please remember that those very people not only silently allowed her to steal from her employers and customers, but have enabled crime in other places, too. I have never seen any of them stand up for justice and for the truth.

Suppose You Keep Your Horny Son At Church?

Mrs. Crist, I am asking you to keep your son away from all of my daughters. The things you said to my child after she rejected his sexual advances were mean spirited and cruel, and you are one of the reasons I hate Christians so darned much. Keep your filth in church, okay?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Debt That Has To Be Paid

If you really want to play this game with me, remember that I do not see it as revenge. In my world, it's a debt that has to be paid.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Marysville Area Community Theater will present Oklahoma at Marysville High School, in Marysville, Kansas. The show opens Thusday, July 23, at 7:00 PM and runs through Sunday, with a matinee at 2:00 PM. Lots of great singing....come see it!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Can Someone Please Define Distinguished Service?

A young woman named Miranda Cain, who graduated from Marysville High School, in Kansas, this year, has been in jail since early June. She had been given a scholarship to Washburn, in Topeka, and was a very good student. She volunteered for efforts in Marysville that were favored by the community, and everyone touted her as a lovely and wonderful child. She was even recognized for something called "distinguished service".

The reason that Citizen Cain is in jail brings up a disturbing question about Marysville High School and "distinguished service". Cain is awaiting trial for prostitution and human trafficking. She is also accused of recruiting an eighth grader for her teenage prostitution enterprise. Schools in Marshall County, Kansas are very unkind and nasty to any child who does not originally hail from Marshall County, and a principal in a Marshall County high school actually told a parent that "protecting the culture" in the schools from "outsiders" was very important. Yet Cain, of Marshall County, Kansas, was accepted with open arms....also, apparently; with open legs! So; what, exactly, is this "distinguished service" that was performed by Citizen Cain?

Culled from the Marysville Advocate

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

To A Witness In A Cold Case

When I saw this poem by John Trudell, I thought about you. I hadn't seen or heard from you in years, and wondered what you were doing. Imagine my shock when I found you left of center field of a cold case that has broken many hearts over the years. You must be the strongest, bravest witness there is, because many people would have broken under the strain. Don't let anyone threaten you; don't let anyone push you around. I know you, and I know you bring the truth.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Someone Stole The Ruby Slippers

The ruby slippers, worn by Judy Garland, in the classic Wizard Of Oz, have been stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in her home town of Grand Rapids, Minnesota. They are one of four pairs that were worn during the filming of the movie, and an anonymous fan has offered a one million dollar reward for their return.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Dallas Bond Sentenced

Remember this post? A young person named Dallas Bond, in Brown County, Kansas, did what school boards in neighboring Marshall and Nemaha Counties insist never happens in Northeast Kansas: he offered a ride to a child in middle school, proceeded to kidnap the child, checked into a hotel, and sexually assaulted the child. On Tuesday, he was sentenced to seven years in prison for stealing handcuffs, leg irons, shirts with sheriff's office logos, and radio equipment from the Brown County Sheriff's office. He has not yet been tried in Jackson County for his use of a hotel and for rape. So much for "these things not happening in small towns n Kansas."

Monday, July 6, 2015

Another Private Message

You know, aside from eating more in one sitting than a rhinoceros, you certainly find ways to partake in stupid actions and stupid ideas more than I ever thought possible. From theft to blackmail to not knowing when to come in out of the rain, followed by blaming others for the same, you certainly don't seem to have access to much IQ power. You can sit there and compare one person to another all you please, but do you know what all of your former friends, acquaintances, family members, and people who will not pick you up when you hitchhike have in common? An educated and experienced opinion of you, that's what! You know exactly who you are, and I know you will see this post, so don't even pretend you don't know why someone would write a thing like this about you.

No one wanted to sit beside you on the train because you smell disgusting. Your odor is enough to ruin, not only a train ride, but an entire vacation. And as I discovered from experience, entire rooms must be fumigated after habitation by you, and it takes months to air them out and eradicate your body odor. You smell filthy.

Money, personal possessions, and food disappear while you are around. And I mean lots of food; enough food to feed an entire family for a week will disappear in less than a day, only for the trend to stop as soon as you disappear. Has your doctor explained the effect of obesity on all cardiac ailments, including the one you claim to have? You might want to look into that, before you demand more from emergency rooms and urgent care centers, And while we are on the topic of expert advice, has your attorney discussed the subject of victimizing children with you? Leave my children alone, and leave everyone's children alone. Don't steal money from their wallets, either. No one will want you around, anymore, after you do things like that.

As for blackmail, you appear, very much, to occupy both ends of that spectrum. We see you manipulating de facto suspects (an Oregon judge's words, not mine) in serious crimes, and we see you accepting bribes from officials in other states for testimony that isn't true in manufactured charges. When will you learn? Word gets around, especially now that the internet exists. Many people know who you are, and will not want to take chances of getting used and abused, stolen from, badmouthed, or even murdered. We all know that our chances of incurring such things increase the minute you get into the car. Timing belts also occasionally need to be replaced after you get in the car, as well. That's how fat you are. Speaking of belts, did you really think it was okay for that teen to destroy a farmer's property in Kansas, and his mother's vehicle? Your lies did that child no favors, and I hope the paltry payment you were given was worth it. Word gets around, and quite a few people know what really happened, including, but not limited to, the person whose property was destroyed.

By the way, when cops ignore you, it is, in your case, a good thing. You should stop complaining about it. You and I both know that there are many reasons why you merit more attention from them than you get, and that attention would make life extremely inconvenient for you. Count your blessings.

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Friday, July 3, 2015

Elections Are Already One Long Sigh

It looks as if Republicans are having the same problems they had in 2012; a severe lack of viable candidates. Chris Christie might be feasible on a very desperate day, but Donald Trump?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Private Message

Remember that night, just over a year ago, when you saw the drunk eighteen year old, driving, but failed to call the cops on him? You thought you were doing him a favor, didn't you? You know who you are, Northeast Kansas female who works at a care home! You thought that, although this young person thumbs his nose at our laws pretty much all the time, he is somehow special, and should not face the same accountability for his guilt that others should face, even others who are not guilty of any crime. So instead of copying his plate number and duly giving it to law enforcement, you followed him, to make sure he got home safely. You didn't give a tinker's damn about anyone else's safety, particularly any victim he might have. You only cared about the one who violates the law.

Later, that same year, he got into an auto wreck. He was drunk; his mother went about several different towns, going out of her way to inform anyone who would listen that her boy was not drunk, only for the next day's newspaper to announce charges for drunk driving in that accident. His victims, as fate would have it, were his close friends. How about that? All of them suffered very serious injuries, and if you had made the call, when you first noticed his drunk ass driving around, it might not have had to happen. You arranged for legal favor for someone just because you felt that favor should be granted to the filth you love, even if such favor is dangerous and undeserved. How do you sleep at night?

I don't care how "close knit" you find your town. Would an untimely funeral have made it more "close knit"? Is perversion of justice worth it?