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Friday, July 31, 2015

Frankfort Kansas School Doesn't Impose Sanctions About Guns

Hmmmm....something tells your faithful blogger that this directive, courtesy of thea United States Department of Justice, has not been heeded by the principal of Frankfort High School, in Frankfort, Kansas. On March 3, 2015, an eighteen old senior, who was already on probation for other crimes, took a gun to school and was arrested again. Federal law states that such a student must be expelled and may not enter the building again, for any reason, for an entire year. The school administration has no choice in this matter; the law states that any public school using state or federal tax dollars must follow this directive. One must wonder, then, what was the student in question doing at graduation, less than nine weeks later? And why did he get a diploma from the school that was required, by law, to expel him? Shouldn't that student's diploma be recalled, as he did not properly earn it? And shouldn't Frankfort High School lose a portion of their state funding and their federal funding for their failure to follow the law?

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