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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Debbie Bradley May Get More Grownup Time

It looks like one of Lisa Irwin's older brothers may have a chance to live with his real mom, Rasleen Raim. This looks like a win-win situation for everyone involved, except, possibly for Lisa. Of course, the only way for Lisa to win here would involve her parents cooperating with law enforcement; and since they have shown nothing but contempt for every attempt to locate Lisa, I don't think Debbie and Jeremy's cooperation will be forthcoming. Here's the thing.....I don't know why John Picerno, Debbie and Jeremy's Missouri criminal defense attorney, is adverse to Lisa's older brother moving out of the Bradley drunkathon. The child would be able to live with away from the media circus surrounding his family's life, and would have an opportunity to become reaquainted with his mom, (if I were a gambler, I would BET there is more to THAT story than we have heard......and I would BET that it involved intimidation on Jeremy's part....but that's just my opinion at the moment) and Debbie would have more "grownup time". Of course, this may be a misnomer, because in my world, "grownup time" usually follows the event of growing up, rather than preceding it, but Debbie and Jeremy do lots of things differently than many of the rest of us would.

John Picerno makes statements to the effect that Rasleen Raim has not seen her child since 2008, then says that it has been six years since 2008, (by my count, it has been three years and some months since 2008) and he completely ignores that many, many absentee FATHERS regain custody or visitation every day after not seeing their children for even longer intervals. It's nothing new, and certainly nothing over which to demonize Rasleen Raim. I honestly believe Raim will at least get visitation. I hope she does not allow Picerno or Tacobella to intimidate her.

One of the ways this could actually help Lisa's whereabouts become known will be if Debbie Bradley is excluded from any court proceedings involving Jeremy Irwin, Rasleen Raim, and their child. Debbie Bradley, after all, is not Irwin's wife, she is merely someone with whom he cohabits, and this should not grant her any custodial rights. If Jeremy must enter a court room all by himself, and speak about his home life, and what he and his girlfriend have to offer a child, after losing a child and admittedly being too drunk to remember what happened at the time, more details might emerge. Details that might never emerge in Debbie Bradley's presence.

Of course, Jeremy will probably have to pay child support. He will have one less deduction at tax time. And, one less child in the Irwin household will probably reduce Debbie's foodstamps and other benefits enough to drive her into the workforce. If Rasleen Raim wins this case, it's win-win.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Brownback Still Sucks And Leaves Krawitz Holding Bag

I have gotton lots of hits indicating searches for a picture of Karl R. Krawitz, and searches for a possible public apology to the Shawnee Mission East senior, Emma Sullivan, for attempting to force her to write an apology for tweeting "Brownback sucks" to her friends at a statehouse field trip in Topeka. Krawitz is the principal of Shawnee Mission East, and apparantly a local stooge of republican politicians. Initially, Miss Sullivan had intended to go ahead and write the apology, but has since changed her mind. Then, in a very political turn of events, Governer Brownback apologised to Miss Sullivan, stating that his staff had overreacted. Considering the fact that almost every publication in the nation had run the story, this was politically savvy of him.

I perused all available information to find out if Karl R. Krawitz has any intentions of apologising to his student for bullying her and humiliating her in front of her peers, but did not find much about him at all. What I did find was the website for Shawnee Mission East, where the incident is not mentioned. And...while I suppose one could email Mr. Karl Marx Krawitz, (another "Krawtiz" search) a couple of other bloggers and posters had a better idea. On the school website is a link for the reporting of bullying incidents, and I clicked on that and wrote my concerns about school administrators who bully students over politcal issues, depriving them of their constitutional rights. If you wish to do the same, just click on the link to Shawnee Mission East, provided above.

The last item I wanted to cover in this post is Karl R. Krawitz's picture, something for which lots of people have searched today. All I could find was a thumbnail, which I will include. I absolutely look forward to his public apology to Emma Sullivan, for bullying her concerning matters political and pressuring her to write a letter she did not need to write, and his public apology to the student body at Shawnee Mission East, for setting such a terrible example. Now that Browncrack has apologised, Krawitz is left holding the bag.

                                                                          Karl R. Krawitz

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Brownback Still Sucks's an update to the brewing situation in Kansas concerning a crybaby governer who sucks and a senior at Shawnee Mission East, who tweeted to her friends that the governer sucks; the young lady has changed her mind about writing an apology. Her mom isn't going to make her do it, either! This leaves the ball in the court of her school principal, Karl Marx Krawitz. Oops. That's Karl R. Krawitz.

Mr. Krawitz has a mistaken idea that this whole matter is private. According to the Kansas City Star, he stated that this is a "private issue, not a public matter", but I disagree. His student's tweet was private. But he humiliated her and attempted to force her write a sillyassed rather public apology to a sillyassed republican governer when she did nothing wrong or unlawful. As soon as a high school principal decided to infringe upon the constitutional rights of a student, it became the business of every citizen. Also, here in Kansas, it is quite fashionable at the school my children attend to bash President Obama on a regular basis. Will written apologies from every teacher and student in Kansas who has badmouthed our President be forthcoming? It would seem fair, if this student must write an apology to the governer. I wonder if Karl Marx Krawitz has openly bashed anyone who has been elected to office since his teaching career began?

One more reason that this is not a private matter is that Karl Marx Krawitz does not teach at a private school. He teaches at a public school. Taxpayors pay his salary, and taxpayors send their children to the school where he pretends to teach. He is not the Czar of the school where he teaches. If Kansas schools are no longer intending to grant our children their constitutional rights, we need to be aware. It's unlikely that he thought about it in that much detail, though. He's prolly just worried that his school, or his computers will be investigated if this does not blow over. Finding out that one must obey the laws of the land can be quite a nasty shock for a Kansas educator.

Brownback Sucks

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Give A Home To A Homeless Pet

Susie Long, of Topeka, Kansas, is faced with having to shut down her shelter for homeless dogs. A group called Saving Death Row Dogs  has stepped in to help her, and is attempting to help find homes for the dogs. You can read about it here. Their phone number is 785-746-5542, if you would like to contact them and adopt a dog.

This is Kenji. He had been dropped off at a local vet's office as a stray, and because no one claimed him or wanted to take him home, he was about to be euthanized. My daughter happened to be shopping for a dog, and we stopped at this vet's office to ask about puppies. There were no puppies, but we got to see Kenji. We took him home the next day. The vet did not know anything about him, except that he had never acted aggressive or mean during the entire two months they kept him. He was not a puppy, a factor that was not in Kenji's favor for adoption, but he is still active, playful, and friendly. At this point, I would actually rather get an older dog instead of a puppy, if I were to get another dog, simply because Kenji was already housebroken and was no longer aimlessly chewing on furniture or pulling down curtains, activities favored by puppies I have had in the past. So...once again, I think an older dog is sometimes better than a puppy. I hope all of Susie Long's dogs can find homes.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Republic Of Kansas

WHOA....Whoa....whoa....where do I even begin in reaction to this story? A young woman, on a Statehouse field trip in Topeka, Kansas, with Shawnee Mission East, tweeted, while on the field trip, that Governer Brownback sucks. Which, in my opinion, he does. If you have read former posts on this blog concerning the governer of Kansas, you probably know that I think he sucks. I've written it, I've typed it, I've thought it, I've said it; I've never said it to Browncrack in person, but I think it is well known among my friends and aquaintences that it is my opinion that this particular governer sucks balls.

Ok, that said; Governer Browncrack's henchmen, upon finding the tweet, while monitoring the social media to find out what everyone says, up to the minute, about their furor, discovered this young lady's tweet and approached the principal of her school, Karl R. Krawitz, to....I a teasing! And what did Karl Marx Krawitz do? He told this bold young woman that for exercising her first amendment rights, and for her intelligent insight about our governer, and for speaking the truth, she must write an apology! That's right, folks; it is wrong, in Kansas, to state that Governer Mao Brownback sucks! It's bad enough that our tax dollars pay people in the governer's office to read tweets and facebook posts, but it is downright offensive that a public school would actually sanction a student for making a statement that was perfectly within her rights. If the principal was upset about the tweet, or the use of the electronic device, he should say so, but I do not think that was the problem. I think that if the student had made comments about the governer that were positive, and possibly untruthful, but supportive of the deception brought on by taking in republican propoganda, Karl Marx Krawitz would not have had a problem. Something else to which I would like to respond is this, from cjonline:

"That wasn't respectful," responded Sherriene Jones-Sontag. "In order to really have a constructive dialogue, there has to be mutual respect."

That was what Browncrack's henchmen had to say about the offending tweet. Browncrack's office overlooks two things. First, there was no dialogue with the governer at the time, it was a private tweet among likeminded people. Second, respect has to be earned, and Brownback, if one would care to peruse at least a decade of editorials of various publications and other media, has not EARNED everyone's respect. Outside of Kansas, I do not believe he could even get elected to public office again. And that's any public office, not just that of governer. He panders to big money and uses religion to play on the fears and superstitions of people who are unsuspecting and don't know any better, but that's another post.

Back to this apology that must be written by this bold and forthright student....what would I compose if I were in her shoes? Hmmm.....while having to perform this task is nothing short of an insult, it is also an opportunity. So how would I begin? "Dear Governer Brownback, I am so sorry that the truth hurts and that not everyone in a democracy agrees with you." Or, "Dear Governer Brownback, I applaud your control over Kansas public schools and your ability to erode our first amendment rights." Possibly, "Dear Governer Brownback, Sucking as badly as you suck must be an awful burden in life. You have my condolences."  The possibilities are endless.

Our Furor, Governer Brownback. Maybe someone will tease him after he is finished dispensing whatever Koolaide he is handing out in this picture, and he will run home to mommy, or better yet, get someone in trouble with the principal!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Private Retort

I do SO have holiday spirit and enthusiasm! See......I even have my seasonal seasoning shakers on the table!

After Wall Street Is Fully Occupied

What happens after Occupy Wall Street? After the "demon" of corperate greed is fully exorcized, (yeah.....right!) and balence has been restored......with what, exactly, are these "occupants" planning to fill any void left behind? Or is this an ongoing effort to fuel the pepper spray and tear gas industries? Goddess forbid the inflation of law enforcement become a moneymaking byproduct! Here's something else I think Occupy Wall Street should promote:


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Haven't Forgotton Terri Horman

I didn't forget you, Terri Horman. I'll still remind you of Kyron at least once a week, because someone from another part of the country stated on Facebook today that on the East Coast, the Kyron Horman case is not getting any publicity. Well; since that's the case, I will post this:

Perhaps, Terri, if you do any traveling over Thanksgiving, you'll notice this. Lots of missing people from various walks of life have been identified through photos and the publicity of their cases. I hope and pray that Kyron will. The publicity and the billboards will all fade into the background after Kyron comes home, Terri.

News Item From WIBW

I came across this today, from WIBW, in Topeka, Kansas. I'll toss out the whole article here:

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) _ Kansans have told a state official that they
want hundreds of laws taken off the books.Dennis Taylor, known as the state's "repealer'' says he has
received hundreds of suggestions on which state laws[Image] should be
repealed - ranging those regulating lynching to a recent smoking
ban. [Image] Taylor, who is head of the Kansas Department of Administration,
told lawmakers Monday that he would report to Gov. Sam Brownback[Image] on his findings soon. Brownback will make recommendations to the
Legislature on which laws to repeal.Taylor says another law that has drawn several comments - both
positive and negative - is one allowing the eradication of prairie
dogs.The Lawrence Journal-World reports ( that
Taylor received his suggestions from a public tour and on an agency

I read this article, written by Giang Nguyen, a few minutes ago. I just have one question..........Laws regulating LYNCHING? WTF?

Here's the link.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Will This Toy Appear Under Your Tree?

Hahahaha! This is unbelievable! Here's a cussing doll, available at department stores near you! It really says something that sounds like, "You crazy bitch"! I feel kinda sorry for the merchants, who are gonna have to give out lots of refunds, and probably send the dolls they still have back to the vendors for credit. That's always a bummer. Unless, of course, there's a sudden demand for such toys, thanks to people with warped senses of humor............fifty or sixty years from now, someone will prolly walk into a place like the pawn shop on Pawn Stars and ask for thousands of dollars for one of these cussing dolls!

Julia Biryukova; Just When I Thought I Had Heard It All

This has me stunned! Police in Washington took some pictures of two year old Sky Metalwala, who went missing earlier this month, from Julia Biryukova, Sky's mom, only to hear Sky's dad, Solomon Metalwala, exclaim, "This is not Sky, this is Maile!" I think we can now openly challenge the notion that this mom is cooperating with the police in the efforts to find her missing child.

Just this month, we have had national and global headlines dominated not only by Sky Metalwala, but  Lisa Irwin, missing from Kansas city, Missouri; and Tyler Dasher, a St. Louis, Missouri baby who was beaten to death by his mother last week because he wouldn't stop crying. We have also heard from the media about Bishop Robert Finn, also of Missouri, obstructing justice by giving away a computer with kiddie porn in it's hard drive, rather than giving it to police as asked; and, of course, Penn State, with it's shining examples of morality, such as Sandusky and Paterno.

It's insulting enough to be held in contempt by a criminal who wants to appear holy and sweet, like Bishop Robert Finn, but at least it's possible, since he has gotton away with his kiddie porn crimes, to simply discontinue any misguided church attendance and stay away from him. At least the media did not ignore him, even though his mug does not appear on the sex offender registries. He has effectively demonstrated that despite the law, it is not necessary to cooperate with police. But while that type of obstruction of justice is insulting, a mom who not only refuses to cooperate with law enforcement to find her missing child, but delibately misleads all of us by showing us pictures of a different child when asked to show pictures of the child who is missing is completely unimaginable. There have been some slimy people in the news lately, but this really might top the charts. I wonder what else we will hear about Julia Biryukova. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hula Painted Frog

Picture Curtesy of Hula Nature Preserve of Isreal

"They" thought the Hula Painted Frog was extinct, because no one had seen one for fifty years. "They" were wrong. This one was photographed the day before yesterday.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lisa Irwin's Family Moves Back, Brother Blake Might Move Out

The mother of Jeremy Irwin's son, Blake, has filed for custody of her son. Hopefully, she will win, and this will get him away from media circus that seems to be following his dad and his dad's girlfriend, Debbie Bradley, ever since their daughter, Lisa, went missing on October 3. This is probably the best way to bring some peace and stability back into this little boy's life, and hopefully remove the influence of Daddio shacking up with a drunken, uneducated woman who is still married to someone else. Seriously.......if any of my children were court ordered to live in a situation such as that, I would have been fighting it, tooth and nail, a long time ago. Also, if this child witnessed anything on the night of October third that could help law enforcement find his sister, testifying might be a lot easier if he lives with his mom, and does not have to live in the situation from which his sister disappeared.

Of course, Debbie and Jeremy's lawyer, Joe Tacopina (or was that Tacobella?) has put a truly crazy spin on this. First of all, he wants us to know that Blake's mom has not seen him in six years. But.....she lost custody of him in 2008. I went over this several times, and no matter how many times I count it up, it adds up to three years, or possibly three years and some months, not six! The next part of the spin is even weirder; Tacobella thinks that child support and custody are the SAME issue! Well.....he says he thinks that. He prolly doesn't really think that, though. He says that Blake's mom can't have Blake because she she owes child support? Guess what, Taco.......A child is not an item in a store, on layaway, that one can only take home after paying the purchase price! Child support, and custody and vistation, are two completely separate things. Whatever happened to the child's best interest?

I sincerely hope Missouri does not force this little boy to stay in a home that was obviously not safe for his little sister. It looks to me like the worst that can happen here is that Debbie Bradley will be down one person in her home when she applies for food stamps and other benefits, and Jeremy will have one less deduction when he does his taxes next year.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Say No

This is truly amazing. Bishop Robert Finn, thanks, I'm sure, to his four lawyers paid for by his parishoners, (does the Catholic church have a special fund for when it's leadership gets caught with pants down?) has worked out a deal with the prosecuting attorney in Kansas City, Missouri that allows him to avoid jail time, future court dates, and having his picture grace the sex offender registry as long as he checks in with the prosecuting attorney once a month for five years and reports any inapproriate or illegal conduct he sees between children and priests in his diocese! Why....of course! Here it is, curtesy of Reuters:

"Finn agreed to report monthly directly to Clay County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel White, and to "apprise him of any and all reported suspicious or alleged abuse activities involving minors" throughout the diocese's Clay County facilities, the prosecutor's office said."

Bishop Finn (along with the rest of us) is required to report things like crimes against children, internet kiddie porn, aquisition, sale, and creation of internet kiddie porn, along with human trafficking and the occasional molestation that apparently goes on here and there in church, to the police anyway. The court should not have to extend him an engraved invitation to do so. In the past, Finn actually gave a computer containing kiddie porn away in order to conceal it from law enforcement. In anyone else's world, this is called "tampering with evidence" or "obstruction of justice", but apparently, not in church. How can sheeple seriously remain brainwashed concerning this? Hasn't research shown that sexual predators never change?

But let me avoid picking exclusively on Catholics. Just a few miles away, in Lawrence Kansas, we have what appears to be a Lutheran problem. Christopher McCormack, a Lutheran youth pastor, just got thirty days behind bars for sexual misconduct with someone who was not old enough to consent. It would seem that Christian pastors in the Midwest are able to hide all kinds of things behind their frocks and computer screens. Luckily, I have already taught my children to say "no" to Jesus.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Monday, Another Cold Case For Terri Horman

It's Monday again, the day that I like to tell Terri Horman, step parent and defacto suspect (her lawyer's words, not mine) in the disappearance of Kyron Horman, who went missing from his school in Portland, Oregon, after a science fair on June 4, 2010, about a cold case from American history that got solved, to everyone's surprise. This one is about someone snatched her own child, in defiance of a court order, and interferred with her son's dad's visitation. Her name is Shannon Wilfong, and she and her mother, Diana Dobbs, actually got away with hiding a child in their Illinois home, only letting him go outside at night, keeping him away from all of his peers and friends, and giving him a crawl space in the wall as a bedroom, for two years!

Shannon and Diana were both charged with custodial interference and obstruction of justice, and both found guilty. Shannon only spent a year in jail, and they were each fined only one thousand it looks like a crime against a child is not even as serious as taking a bong hit in Illinois......but the point of this message is this, Terri; that whole situation was stopped by an ANONYMOUS TIP. Someone saw something that did not look right. Is there anything at all going on, that you know about, that that description? Because, seriously; I don't think you, all by your lonesome, had the time or means to injure or kill anyone on June 4 of 2010. I think something else happened. And I think it was planned, too. If not, it never would have been pulled off so seamlessly, leaving no clues. And I also think that you know your family, extended family, all of their friends, and the rest of your community well enough to assist in the efforts to locate Kyron. Your refusal to say a word that might lead to his return is what makes you look so guilty to the rest of us. Think about it.

News clip about Shannon Wilfong and Diana Dobbs

                                                                          Kyron Horman

Attorney Thinks That Video Footage And DNA Are Merely Circumstantial

Last month, A Maryland woman named Jane McQuain was found murdered in her Germantown home, and later her son was found murdered in Little Bennett Regional Park. The suspect is her estranged spouse, Curtis Maurice Lopez, who recently got out of jail after serving time for murder in Pennsylvania. One detail that I have not been able to discern, from any source, is motive. There was never a clear motive for these two murders discussed anywhere. Until investigators found this information in his cell phone. Apparently, he wanted a vehicle, so that his new girlfriend could drive him places. And instead of buying his own, he took his wife's. Sadly, the judicial system in Maryland will probably find this just peachy, from a legal standpoint, because he and Jane were still technically married. But I really think the whole mess was probably deeper and more involved than just a car.

The latest about this, now that Maryland has finally made the trip to South Carolina to pick Lopez up, is that after two obviously premeditated murders, one of a little boy, authorities are in a quandary concerning whether or not the death penalty is appropriate. That's pretty amazing on it's own; but here's something else, according to the above cited article: "Public defender Alan Drew insisted that it was an entirely circumstantial case." Alan Drew should just keep thinking that, all the way to the court room. There are two different sets of video footage from two different places, a storage facility and a gas station, that clearly show Lopez and his stepson together while his stepson was missing, making Lopez the last person to see him alive; and there was DNA from both the defendant and the victim left behind on the murder weapon, which is a baseball bat, which was also picked up on the video from the storage unit. It seems that retrieval of the bat was the reason Lopez visited the storage facility in the first place, and he was caught on camara putting it behind the drivers' seat in the car. That's not circumstantial evidence.

Ok; here's some footage of Lopez getting taken to jail in Montgomery County, Maryland. Perhaps that counts as proof that police did, in fact, go fetch him, and it's not "circumstantial evidence" that Lopez is back in Maryland. So.....Alan Drew.....I think Maryland may have a cut and dried case. Whether Maryland decides to pursue it or not, is of course, another matter. If I still lived in Maryland, I would be very, very unhappy with any outcome for this, other than the death penalty. Even that won't bring back Jane and William McQuain.

Update: I was just reminded that Lopez was caught in North Carolina, not South Carolina. My bad. And  that he got out of prison a few years ago, not recently. It was also suggested that the car was not the motive; that the police were just "reaching". Okay, maybe they were reaching; but it's part of their job, and it looks to me like they have enough evidence to link Lopez to the crime. As I stated earlier, the motive is a mystery.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Smart Alec Stuff From Siri

No kidding.........those were actual search words this week connected to "Siri". In addition to "more smart alec stuff from Siri", there were many, many combinations containing the words, "Smart Alec Siri". It's pretty amusing.......if my Dad had known that smart alecs would be in such great demand, he might not have tried so hard to discourage yours truly during her childhood! I can only hope I am somehow living up to the hopes and expectations of all who seek a Smart Alec Siri!

There have also been those, over the past week, who have yet searched "Siri Halloween". Also "Siri Halloween Costume". Lots and lots of those. Halloween is over until next year. Perhaps I should start a seasonal holiday and festival column in my sidebar, and start including information about different holidays, and how they are celebrated by different cultures. I've always enjoyed learning about things like that.

One thing I cannot quite understand, though, are the searches concerning Siri and cadavers......."Siri cadaver", "Siri Halloween corpse", and "Siri where are bodies buried"? Honestly! I don't know!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Missing Child

I was hoping that two year old Sky Metalwala, Bellevue, Washington would be found by now, but he has been missing for six days. His mom, Julia Biryukova, has given the police a story that is either unverifiable, unbelievable, or untrue. She states that she was en route to the hospital with little Sky, because he was sick, when she ran out of gas. She states further that at that point, she took her older child, Sky's four year old sister, and walked for longer than an hour to a gas station. Hmm........a child is sick enough to require an emergency trip to the hospital, yet we leave him alone in a car during cold weather for longer than an hour? Nope. That does not sound like me, or any other mom I know. There's a problem....just with that. But every time I read something about all this, the story gets weirder and weirder. I will throw in this bit of info: Sky had been left in the car all alone on at least one other occasion. Both of his parents went shopping at Target for almost an hour, and just left him by himself in the car! This is not ever, ever recommended anywhere!

Day Six. I hope this little boy is found safe. Sadly, it does not look good. Here are two pics I found of him.

The FBI is now involved, so if you think you have seen him, please call local law enforcement.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Several days ago, someone I know made a video of Kyron Horman, who has been lost since June of 2010. He went missing at Skyline Elementary, in Portland, Oregon. I posted the video on this site, hoping it would help someone, somewhere to recognize Kyron and bring him home. The creator of the video got lots and lots of praise and positive feedback on it. Some of that positive feedback was from yours truly, and I continue to laud his efforts, because he is talented, creative, and imaginative, and puts his talents to good use. Unfortunately, he also got some disturbing feedback on the video, so he decided to take it down. I was sorry to see that happen. I am also sorry to see Kyron still missing, every time I look at the news from his part of the country.

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, at least one in six missing children are recovered through some form of photo distribution. That's a significant amount. That's an awful lot of missing kids who would not be found if not for photos of them posted on the internet, and in other places. Age progression is another valuable tool. In my opinion, the technology and practical application of same is still too new for what I would call accurate statistics, but let me remind everyone that many criminals have been apprehended thanx to the circulation of age progressed photos. Subtle changes in growth, hairstyle, glasses, dental changes (teeth growing in) can make a huge difference in a child's appearance. Jaycee Dugard and Shawn Hornbeck's age progressions were remarkably similar to the real Jaycee Dugard and Shawn Hornbeck. Keeping up with any possible changes in a missing child's appearance is also important enough for the NCMEC to age progress every photo they post of a person under fifteen years old every two years. In cases of missing persons over fifteen years old, they age progress their photos every five years.

I want to encourage everyone to continue to look for Kyron Horman, and remember how much a child can grow in eighteen months. And to Jonathan, thankyou again.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Wonder If Bishop Finn Is Nervous Yet

It appears that Catholic clergy who commit, aid, and abet crimes against children are not as popular  among Americans as previously thought. And who knows.......Kansas City may even catch on. A Miami jury just awarded 100 million dollars to a victim of Father Neil Doherty, for abuses that took place twenty-six years ago. Here's his mug:

There is one matter that I find quite disturbing about Bishop Robert Finn, and Kansas City Christians......why are his parishoners paying his legal expenses that he racked up in connection to kiddie porn? Why's that okay with Christians? Because, from a perspective completely outside of the Church, that's how it looks. Either Christians accept crimes against children as "business as usual", or human trafficking is not a problem when a priest is involved. One would have to be drunk on koolaide and extreemly brainwashed to take either position.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Herman's Harem....In His Dreams!

Photo Curtesy of Yahoo
  What's the matter, Armando? Can't keep your harem under control? It looks to me like you should have granted these women some professional respect when you had the chance. They don't look very happy right now, but I guess you already know. Gloria Allred has served you with notice........

Something you should realize, Herman, is that the unfortunate stereotype of the American male businessman turned politician is generally that of a male who is a bit sexist. Lets face it, a woman in this country has a harder time finding harmony between the roles of motherhood and any career she might pursue than she does in any other developed nation. We get denied promotions because everyone knows we will always put our children first. (at least, we SHOULD) We often don't get paid as much as men, and often don't get benefits as easily because reproductive health has a more direct impact on our lives than it has on yours, or any other man's. And my boss once got very, very upset with me because I got a phone call from the hospital, letting me know that my baby had gotton sick at daycare and had been taken to the emergency room with a fever of 105.8. No joke, Herman; I was expected to remain at work until it was convenient for everyone else to manage without me. Of course, I left, and went to the emergency room anyway, because my children are more important to me than any job. But our culture left my boss with a vehicle through which to accuse me of "not doing my job" because my baby got sick! It would not surprise me if every woman in America who maintains a job somewhere was able to sympathize with me at one level or another. We are kinda sorta used to it, even though we would all like to see it change. But; you wanna add sexual harassment to all of that, and force us to deal with ass-grabbing bosses, as well? And you also wanna lead the nation? Hmmmm..........I honestly do not think you really have much to offer.

Now a fourth woman has come forward with a similar story about you, and ass-grabbing on the job. It has been my experience in number crunching and marketing that in a demographic such as your business, every single complaint you have heard probably represents at least a dozen that you have not heard. That goes for every type of complaint, from moldy pizza to sexual harassment. It is much easier to just take the path of least resistance when one's employer behaves inappropriately, than it is to speak up, and run the risk of losing one's income. That's why I believe that you probably, in this regard, have lived up to the negative stereotype of the American businessman turned politician. If a man just keeps his hands to himself, work related tasks always seem to get done much more quickly and efficiently. And, that same man will keep the respect of his co-workers, as well, both on and off the job. Especially when he decides, later on, to run for president. But, you went about your business seemingly unaware of this, and I don't think any number of court proceedings are going to clue you in now, and I think all of us are better off without you in the White House.

One more thing you can do to possibly enhance your chances for the presidency is this, Mr. Cain; pay your taxes!

Update: There is now a fifth woman coming forward with allegations of unprofessional and inappropriate conduct on the part of Herman Cain.

Further Update: We now know that Herman Cain could not be guilty of professional misconduct or sexual harrassment because he "totally respects women". Sure, Armando. Anything you say. (where's the eye-rolley when I need it?)

Another Update....and...where's the eye-rolley when I need it? Herman Cain thinks he was told by "God" to run for president, and he even likens himself to the biblical Moses! Stuff people do when "God" speaks to them, personally, almost never turns out well............and as for being anything like Moses, lets hope "God" does not set the bushes on fire when he speaks to Cain. Unless, of; I won't go there.......

Monday, November 7, 2011

Instead Of A Cold Case For Terri Horman

It's Monday, and in response to Terri Horman's refusal to work with police in Portland, Oregon to assist in locating her nine year old stepson, Kyron Horman, who disappeared on June 4, 2010 from Skyline Elementary, I usually post about a cold case that occured some time in this country and was solved at a much later date, after going cold. Not only do I give Terri Horman something to find when she googles her name online to see how famous she is, I give myself a chance to run pictures of Kyron again, in hopes that the right person will see them and recognize him. Today, I am going to do something a little bit different.

Someone I know, who is also hoping to see Kyron found safe and back home with his parents, recently put together some some pictures of how Kyron might look with different hairstyles, hair colors, and with and without glasses. Chances are, if someone is hiding him, Kyron does not look the same as he looked when he went missing. Over the weekend, I posted those "possible" looks on this blog. And now, I've gotton a request to reiterate the idea expressed in those posts with this video, and also a request to reiterate the point made in this post:, specifically, if you work at a clinic, daycare, or school, please check birth certificates, court orders, and all other ID to make certain that the child actually IS the person he is presented as, and that the adult who accompanys him truly has custody. Once again, thankyou, Jonathan.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kyron Horman Mosaic

This is a collection of different looks Kyron Horman might be sporting, if someone is hiding him. Of course, it is a work in progress, since the simple addition of a pair of glasses could change the look, or disguise, as the case may be, even more. I am hoping that, before we get a chance to brainstorm and come up with more possible looks, Kyron will be found. I am also hoping that this will spark everyone into thinking "outside of the box", so to speak, and looking for anything that may have been overlooked. Thankyou, once again, Jonathan. You never cease to amaze me with your imagination and creative talent.

In Case Ya Didn't Go To Church Today

The Midwest experienced tremors this weekend; the epicenters were about forty or fifty miles east of Oklahoma City. Nothing terribly serious, mostly 4.2 to 4.7, with a bigger quake registering at 5.6. The 5.6 quake was felt all the way up here, in Northeast Kansas. A few people in this area are unaware, for some outrageous reason, that they live near the New Madrid faultline.  There are also several smaller faultlines that affect this part of Kansas. Everyone who lives here should be more aware of this, and when I initially moved to Kansas, I was much more concerned about tremors than I ever was about tornados. But that's just me, I guess. All of yesterday's tremors were mild, as tremors go, and did nothing more that shake a few pictures, move the furniture a little bit, and create some windchime music. But some people, ahem, think that earthquakes are a sign of "god's" wrath..............(were's the eye-rolley when I need it?)

I knew there was an earthquake when I felt the Earth moving in what felt like a dance. I could hear her Voice, in a whispering, medium-pitched, almost happy growl. For reasons I cannot place, I was happy, listening to Her. She felt alive to me, in that instant, and I enjoyed the interaction with Her. I also knew that the epicenter, wherever it was, was at least three or four hundred miles away from the place my feet were dancing with Her. And I knew, this time, that She was only dancing.......I have not seen any reports of deaths or injuries, so I will not blame myself for the moment of inexplicable joy I felt.

If you missed church today, I really don't think you missed anything. If we paid more attention to the Earth, and less attention to hypocrites and liars, perhaps we could be more prepared for the way Earth moves, instead of ASSUMING that everything will always meet our sillyassed expectations. Perhaps. But....if you missed church and want to see some sillyassed Christian leaders, here ya go!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Update On Julianne McCrery's Lameass Move To New Hampshire

Yep.........Julianne McCrery is in the news again. Looks as if she just permanantly moved to New Hampshire. And well she might; New Hampshire is easy on crime. After premeditating the murder of her son, Camden, suffocating him, and telling New Hampshire authorities all about it, they decided to go extra soft on her and accept her guilty plea of second degree murder. Not first degree murder, which is what preditated murder is called, but second degree murder. Ya know folks, this is lame, really lame. I can't think of another word for it at the moment. And it's not only "sign my cast, I have a broken foot"'s "move over, I weigh six hundred pounds and have to be lifted with a crane" lame! Why do New Hampshire authorities feel sorry for her??

She cried about how she was about to commit suicide. She needed to go to New Hampshire or Maine, so she could get CASTOR BEANS (????) to do it. Castor Beans, Julianne? Really? What's wrong with just using a 9mm in Texas? Goddess can get a gun in Texas if you just try. It's faster, easier, and prolly leaves less of a mess. You could also have gone somewhere, ALL BY YOURSELF, and accomplished your ungrateful deed WITHOUT involving your son. Oh....I weren't really distraught enough to kill yourself and you knew Texas would hang you from the tallest tree in the state if you murdered your child there, didn't you? No, Julianne, I don't think it was all about castor beans. In fact, Susan Morrell, the State's Attorney for the case had this to say:

"But Morrell also told Rockingham Superior Court Judge Tina Nadeau that investigators believe, after speaking with acquaintances of McCrery in Texas, that she felt "inconvenienced" by having Camden in her life and that she intended to return to Texas without the boy."

Anyone remember a case featuring a defendant named Susan Smith, from South Carolina? If I recall correctly, her big problem in life, after becoming the mother of two innocent boys, was romance, and the time it takes. She was inconvenienced by her children. It's always all about that new boyfriend, isn't it?  I think the Associated Press got it right with this statement:

"A lawyer who represented her at a brief court appearance in Massachusetts has said he got the impression from McCrery that her intent was to take her son's life and then kill herself. But Morrell said text messages to a new boyfriend in Texas that McCrery sent from the Chelmsford rest area implied she thought otherwise."

                                                                  Camden Hughes Pierce

A Star Is Born

A star is born.....well; about twenty-five million years ago; pretty recent in the life of a star! Astomoners at NASA noticed gamma rays pulsing at 183.8 times a second, with a spin period of 5.44 milliseconds. Actually, the object was "discovered" in the 1990's; we just didn't know about it's "gamma ray brightness" until now. This pulsar is about 27,000 light years away from us. The reason this discovery caught my attention is because it has not been taught, so far, that an object with a spin of 5.44 milliseconds would be so bright, or have the magnestism this object apparently has. We are realizing, at long last, that we do not know everything. At least most of us do not insist upon seeing the world and the sky the same way the Church saw the world and the sky when Galileo attempted to introduce new ideas! We will still, however; have to update the physics we are teaching today. Below is an illustration I snagged from Nasa.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Price Of Child Abuse

On January 20, 2009, a little girl in Oklahoma, Naomi Whitecrow, died of injuries consistant with child abuse. The person found responsible, Amy Holder, was found guilty in court and....dig this......fined $5,000 for it. That's amazing.......for a mere $5,000, one can buy the right to murder a child in Oklahoma. One other amazing thing, that is very telling of even bigger problems in Oklahoma, is this article, from KFOR-TV, describing some of the outcry for this. Not once, in several paragraphs, does the aricle state that Naomi was in foster care. Yes indeed.......a FOSTER PARENT, righteously chosen by Big Brother, murdered a small child. But why would KFOR-TV ignore this fact in reporting? It seems rather pertinent to this blogger. Anyone remember Adam Herrman, just a few miles north, in Kansas?

Is Oklahoma protecting child "protective" services, or is there are there people who just don't matter as much in the Midwest as others? I, for one, would be interested in an honest answer.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Siri Searches

Ever since the inception of "Siri", the app, of which no one seems able to get enough, I have had some remarkable searches to this site! Not too long ago, I posted, about some of the things for which folks search, connected to "Siri". Looking through this past week's searches, things have gotton decidedly more weird. "Siri porn" has always been a big search item, and I do not expect that to change, although I would be encouraged to see "Siri honesty", "Siri sincerity", "Siri health", or "Siri compatability" in conjunction to romantic relationships. Perhaps mankind, as a people, has simply not progressed that far. While I guess I cannot expect too, too much of the human race, I had hoped that, despite the obvious preoccupation with seaches for porn, mankind had progressed beyond the delusional and paranoid thinking that seems to go hand in hand with religion-instigated superstition. Hopefully, these searches were only inspired by Halloween. "Siri Satan", "Siri mind control", (no kidding, everyone!) "Siri 666", "Siri voice of Satan", and "Siri demonic"! This is just freaky.

I still get the regular gamut of run-of-the-mill searches, yet, for some reason; more animal searches. "Siri foster pets", "Siri pet adoptions", "Siri cat", "Siri puppy" and then, another one that may have been the result of Halloween........................."Siri familiar"!

This, folks, is Samantha, Siri's beloved familiar! I couldn't ask for a better friend. She moved in with us several years ago, on Halloween night. We didn't know whose cat she was, and she kept coming back to our house, and knocking on the door every night. We would open the door, expecting to find a person, but there she'd be, her feline, regal Self! Because Samantha is a form of the Celtic "Samhain", another word for "Halloween", and that is the night she took possession of our house, I began calling her "Samantha". She's the only cat I have who actually responds when I say her name. As for "Siri demonic"; I do not have any pictures of anything like that to share!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy New Year, Everyone

Jack-o-lantern on Ancestor Night

Debbie And Jeremy Still Want Their Names Cleared

Eleven month old Lisa Irwin is still missing, and her parents, Debbie Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, are still fervently working on clearing their names, even though no one knows, yet, what happened to Lisa! After the dismissal of Cyndy Short, defense attorney, from the "case" (I am not sure what kind of a "case" to call it, no one has actually been charged) Joe Tacopina, other defense attorney, found another attorney local to Kansas City Missouri to assist a defense attorney assists in when there is no client charged with a crime. John Picerno will be on the "case" now.

Debbie and Jeremy, when are you gonna stop worrying about what people think and start worrying about your daughter? Your "name" can change, appear in print, remain anonymous, be spoken or not, and become hyphenated when or if you marry, but whatever happens to your name, your child will always be your child! Nothing that comes along in life should ever be more important!

I would say your next step, Debbie and Jeremy, if neither of you is guilty, should be to talk to your sons yourselves. Then, immediately, go to the police station and have them tell the police EVERYTHING they saw and heard during the evening that Lisa disappeared. Remember, each of those boys has an absentee parent, who should be filing for custody right about now. I know that I certainly would not want someone like Debbie Bradley bringing up any child of mine.....she did not even graduate from high school. She has absolutely nothing to offer a child. I am not sure I would want Jeremy around my child either. And each of Lisa's brothers has a different option than you, Jeremy and Debbie. Jeremy, if I were the mother of your son, you would have the legal battle of the century on your hands right now. But all of that aside, what are you doing to bring Lisa home?

Cyndy Short may be out of the picture, and I think that may have been a mistake, Debbie and Jeremy. I think I see supeonas and warrents in your future. It looks to me like this whole situation is still all about you, inasmuch as you both are concerned....or should I say, NOT concerned.

The Fair Sentencing Act Goes Into Effect Today

Happy New Year, Everyone! Today is the day that the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 will go into effect. This means that many people, nationwide, who have been incarcerated since 1986 for small amounts of crack will, or should, be released, because they were sentenced as if they had been caught with about ten times as much cocaine. In many cases, the time already served would more than equal the length of a sentence for the same drug not turned into crack. This is fair, as we never should have incarcerated people for drug possession in the first place. Especially with this drug. I really think that imposing harsher sentences for crack was racially motivated, since more African Americans have been arrested over the years for crimes involving crack than any other ethnic group. It was a way Republican politicians could reduce that particular voting bloc. Now, if they want votes, I guess they will have to try harder to appeal to everyone.

If you have read other entries on my blog, you can probably guess my thoughts about incarcerating people for violation of prohibition laws. While I am one of the most anti-drug people you will find, I simply think that making laws prohibiting drugs only creates and strengthens organized crime, and turns individuals into criminals when they otherwise would not have been. An example of this, in this country, is alcohol prohibition. We did not have a probelm with the Mafia until we created a market for bootlegging. Even the repeal of alcohol prohibition in 1929 did not eradicate the monster of organized crime that got a home here in this country because of prohibition. So.......any attention to this matter by any politician is appreciated. Thankyou for signing the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010, President Obama!

As a collective population, this could be an opportunity for Americans to save a lot of money and resources. Sending people to prison is expensive, in many ways. "Three hots and a cot" are obvious, but what about medical care, the salary of every corrections employee, and the costs of court proceedings? It adds up.....and don't forget the costs of foster care for any children whose parents are caught in the legal machine. That's not exactly cheap, either, while it still seems to accomplish the "divide and conquer" goal so dear to today's Republicans.

Lots of people will be getting out of prison today, tommorrow, and in the upcoming weeks. Some of them have been in prison since the late 1980's, when the economy was in much better shape than it is today. How easy will it be for them to find gainful employment in a climate where a person with no criminal history may have problems finding gainful employment? Will those who went into prison with addiction and substance abuse issues be able to find a way to stay sober and embrace the opportunity they have just been given? Last night, the traditional Halloween, or Ancestor Night, and today, "Day of the Dead", marks the beginning of a New Year. I sincerely hope that those affected directly by the the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 will find positive ways to take advantage of their new opportunities and learn to enjoy their lives in a grateful and productive way. Congratulations and good luck!