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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Planned Parenthood Gets To Stay

Ouch. Governer Browncrack, of Kansas, didn't get his own way this time. Boo-hoo-hoo! He tried to strip Planned Parenthood of Mid Missouri and Kansas of it's funding, because it assists women in obtaining abortions, but a judge ordered Kansas to fund them, anyway, and keep offering medical care to women in Kansas. So he says he'll obey the U.S. District court order while he appeals. Oh boy! He's gonna appeal!
I've said this before, and I will say it again, Governer Brownback, if you will put your character where you legislation is, and adopt a special needs child whose mother might have been offered an abortion, and give that child love and a home, I will respect you and stop calling you "Browncrack" online. I may not agree with you, because I still think your decisions and legislation are hypocritical and non-beneficial to Kansans, but I will speak of you to anyone who looks at this blog with a teeny bit more respect.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oops! Mistake! Barney Fife Award Time

It's the end of the month, time for this blog to award the "Barney Fife" to a police force that has competed admirably with Mayberry's Barney Fife, on The Andy Griffith Show. This month, it goes to Drug Enforcement Agents in Pennsylvania, for successfully raiding the WRONG house and terrorizing the wrong family. Instead of double checking the address and ASKING if they had the right person or persons, they woke the family up, stormed inside, and started pointing guns at people, mostly children.

"Everyone was still asleep inside the Jackson family home until DEA agents showed up with an arrest warrant."..........Pittsbugh.cbsloc, Aug. 4, 2011, as in "not a creature was stirring" until.....of course.......

                                                                 Stay Classy, DEA!!

Is Michelle Bachman Competing With Pat Robertson?

Michelle Bachman thinks that the 5.9 earthquake that rattled the east coast last week was a message from "God". She also thinks that hurricane Irene is some sort of watery prophetic message. (where's the eye-rolley when I need it?) If that's the case, did the tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas, in 2007, have any special wording to it, or a postmark from "Heaven"? What about Mount Saint Helens? Or all the earthquakes in Japan? There's a lot of seismic activity in parts of it the result of God's dissatisfaction with California? Perhaps he is still upset with Ronald Reagan's presidency. We certainly have California to thank for Reagan. Ok; all jesting aside, her comments about the weather are ridiculus.

"I don't know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We've had an earthquake; we've had a hurricane. He said, 'Are you going to start listening to me here?' Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we've got to rein in the spending."

This kind of thinking was supposed to have gone out of the vogue during the dark ages. There were people who said the same crap about Hurricane Katrina; God was lashing out at New Orleans because of all the sexual immorality and drunkeness promoted there. But; in case no one noticed, the French Quarter, where most of the money is actually made from sexual immorality and drunkeness, was where the least damage was done. It was other neighborhoods, that were not as well protected from floods and not as well placed for buildings near a coastline that took most of the beating from Katrina. A message from God about lifestyles? Or a message from God about building code and real estate choices?

Then, there's Pat Robertson. His comments really top all other Fundamentalist Christian sounding comments concerning natural disasters. It actually makes a worse statement about the Americans who financially support him than it does about him. This is what he said about Haiti's earthquake:"You know ... something happened a long time ago in Haiti. … They got together and swore a pact to the Devil,".....ABCNews, Jan. 10, 2010.  Outrageous. Was Michelle Bachman taking lessons from him? If a natural disaster of any kind strikes near your home and affects your life, do you want FEMA and your insurance company taking lessons from her? I don't.

One more serious consideration about all this: if we all do whatever it is that these fundamentalists want us to do, does that mean "God" will leave us alone, and there won't be any more earthquakes, droughts, grasshoppers, volcanos, hurricanes, tornados, or killer bees? Will voting for a Republican or a Tea Partier spare us from our planet's natural weather systems? Bachman is on the verge of making a campaign promise that she will never be able to keep. The only God involved in natural disasters is Vulcan, and I am sure he has had better looking vestal virgins sucking up to him than Michelle Bachman. She should really just keep sucking up to the hot dog she is sucking up to in the picture, and leave "God" out of all her crap.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Here Ya Go, Terri Horman

Ok, it's Monday! Time for another cold case for Terri Horman! When she googles her name today, I do not want her to be disappointed, so here ya go, Terri Horman..........William Walter Asher III. He was also known as Garry Donald Webb, and as David Donald McFee.  In 1966, he got into a barfight in San Fransisco, and killed someone. Instead of simply hiring an attorney and going to court, since it was pretty obvious that he was guilty, he fled, and got arrested in Chicago. Then, he went to court. He was found guilty and sentenced to seven years to life. That does not sound terribly harsh, compared to what he might have gotton in California now. It also does not sound harsh compared to what Charles Manson and his "family" got for sentences, but who knows? Perhaps his clean cut appearance made a difference to the courtly crowd back then. Here's some before and after pics:

This is William Walter Asher III., back in the days when mug shots were still often black and white. After escaping from prison, (he was actually in a work camp, which I find a naive decision, after he fled to Chicago in the first place) he started using the name Garry Donald Webb. He got married, had a family, and then apparently got divorced. Then he changed his name again. Was it to ditch his child support/alimony obligations, or was it to continue to dupe authorities? We may never know. But he decided that David Donald McFee was a much nicer sounding name. Then, he found another long term girlfriend, who, it seems, never knew he was wanted by the law. .........sigh..................

This unattractive loser is William Walter Asher III now. It's also Garry Donald Webb, and Donald David McFee, and anyone else he may have been over the years. One of his children actually looked for him, not knowing, in many ways, who she was actually looking for. There was one person who knew who and where he was though, and she had a SECRET cell phone number for him! (there's that cell phone reference again, Terri!) His mom! She knew where he was all those years! And just before she died, she wanted to talk to him, and inadvertantly and accidently divulged the secret cell phone number to the wrong person. Now, he's back in jail.

I came across this yesterday, Terri. If the FBI was still interested in something that happened back in 1966, and put the old fart in the picture back in jail, where he belonged, all the way through time in 2011, don't you think they will do the same to you, if they find you have either harmed Kyron, or protected someone who has? Just let him come home.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kansas Insurance And Abortion

One more event to take place in Kansas on September 16, besides Kansans United in Voice and Spirit meeting at the state capital in Topeka.....the court will hear arguements about abortion, and about whether Governer Browncrack can tell insurance companies that they cannot cover abortion in Kansas, while they do in other states. This is really nonsense. is. First Trimester abortions have been legal in the United States since 1972. The procedure, known as a dialation and cutterage, or D & C, is not only used for first trimester abortions, but other health problems. Browncrack wants to tell women that in order to have this procedure, they must have separate insurance. Insurance companies are saying that they cover this procedure everywhere else, refusing to cover it in one state would be complicated. So....if I am pregnant, and the baby dies in the first trimester, but I fail to miscarry (this actually happens; it's called a "missed abortion") I have to pay out of my pocket in order to avoid the ensuing life-threatening infection that could result from not having a D & C, or go to another state? Also, what's to stop women from having abortions in other states? Oh........that's right! Browncrack wants to make sure we don't have policies that cover it. Maybe we can all buy insurance in other states to begin with. Maybe I will just keep the insurance I have always had in Maryland. There are, and will always be, ways around this. And.....what if a woman is raped? Or is pregnant with a child who, for medical reasons, will not survive after birth? Is Browncrack forcing that woman to remain pregnant? Why? Is there something more sinister to this than meets the eye? Human trafficking, maybe?

It was just a thought. Here's the article.

Kansans United In Voice And Spirit

September 16, 2011. Save the date, everyone. Kansans United in Voice and Spirit, a new group with a focus on communicatin disapproval to Brownback of some of his "work" as governer of Kansas, will meet on the steps of the capital in Topeka. There have been at least half a dozen fundamental problems with Browncrack's governance of the state, but the issues that have inspired the creation of Kansans United in Voice and Spirit are the the closing of Social Services offices and the failure of Browncrack to reveal that he was going to do this while he was running for office.

Another reason Kansans have questioned Brownback is his stance on abortion, coupled with his restrictions on medical care for pregnant women. This has raised a lot of eyebrows, both in and out of Kansas. I will quote from the article:

Gerry Heil, a semi-retired Hays resident, said she hopes the rally can bring enough people together to force the governor to take a step back and see what is happening.
“What he’s done has been a tragedy,” Heil said. “I hope people realize that he was a mistake.”
She points to the new regulations on abortion and laws aimed at blocking funding for Planned Parenthood services in Kansas. Heil also said many people question why Brownback has hired so many people from outside Kansas to fill key positions........cjonline, 8/28/2011

This looks appropriate and promising. It will undoubtedly take much more to get Governer Browncrack's attention, since he is obviously owned and operated by someone other than his constituents, but we have to start somewhere. Hopefully, I will see you there.


Friday, August 26, 2011


Ok folks, enough is enough. Yes, you guys are terrible people. If you were good people, you all would have balked at the idea of having a guidance counselor/cross country coach who abandons children on highways and does not call the cops when they go missing. Also, you would not fight tooth and nail against consolidation of the schools. Consolidated schools would benefit everyone. Why don't you want it? Who knows? Perhaps it's easier to ignore Brown vs. The Board of Education in Topeka in unconsolidated schools. I wouldn't put it past you guys. I also should not be aware of where any of you go to church, or what you do in those churches. Why do my children know? That too, marks you people as terrible people. If I wanted to talk about your religion with you, I would go to church. I see enough Christianity for one lifetime just from watching the news and seeing all the propoganda about Catholic priests and from watching footage of the Warren Jeffs trial. There's nothing I want. And nothing to which I care to expose my children. You all need to just become honest, that means no more serving beer to underage people, no more letting your kids drive illegally past where my twins are riding bikes and roller skating, and just shut up and leave me alone. If you want horrible guidance counselors, you've got one. Be happy. All of my concerns went unheard by you dumbasses. Just remember, any time a child gets harmed by that person's actions, or lack thereof, I will take every document I have relating to the incident to which I refer, and share it. You may want to live in a fuzzy dream, but I am speaking the language of reality to you.

I think we have gone about as far as we can go with this dialogue. Once again, if you ninnies do not like the fact that I have a blog, suck it up. I intend to do a lot more sharing about schools in this area with many more people. I am of the opinion that we need to consolidate our schools here and get rid of the "community school". It has ceased to do Americans any good.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Very Silly Backlash

This last couple of weeks on this blog has certainly been interesting. Usually, when people just disagree with me, all they do is disagree. It's no big deal........I like Chevrolet, someone else, usually not someone I consider terribly smart, likes Ford. Or I like cinnamon basil tea, someone else I know and love enjoys diet Mountain Dew. Or.......I think the Drake Equation does not take time into account in a way that could make it valid, some eccentric out there probably does. We may debate and discuss, but still walk away as friends. Perhaps I demand more proof of a religion's authenticity before I consider buying into it's ideals and philosphies; the most intelligent and educated followers of any religion will always respect me for that, and never have a problem with my introspection and demand for proof. And then, if I can see that the ideals are valid, I still have the respect of the wise and brilliant when I back away and say, "this won't work out for me". Not so much the average and brainwashed; they have a tendency to love having everyone agree and run right over a cliff with them, like lemmings. I guess if evolution is using peer pressure to eventually weed out stupid people, since so many of them seem to have been born in the midwest, I will not argue with it. But gee.........can we drink a little less koolaide when it comes to child safety?

When I first started this blog, I had gotton involved in some volunteer efforts on behalf of a couple of missing children. Then someone told me about a missing child named Kyron Horman, who went missing from his school. No one thought anything like that would ever happen in their community or in their school, but it did. You see, this is the stuff that people who write arguementative comments disagree with me about......child safety! Many of the people who want to fight with me or prevent child safety measures from taking place in their neighborhoods either have children or are children, yet they are foolish enough to tell me that I am crazy, evil, devil worhipping, wrong, ect. ad infinitum......someone even called me a socialist and a terrorist because I think the school has too many employees who keep their heads in the sand about child safety issues. Wake up, folks! You have no control over who uses the highways around here! Why are you letting teachers drop your kids off by themselves? Or perhaps it's just my kid. Maybe your kids are "specialer" than my kid. Guess what.....some stranger driving by, who may actually BE crazy, evil, or a terrorist isn't gonna care whose kid it is. That person's just gonna see an opportunity. Call me all the names you want, dumbasses; I'm still praying that there will never be a tragedy because of your stupidity.

Some of you, and you know who you are, seem a little upset that I have time for a blog. Waaaaaaa! Suck it up. I've earned every minute. And I also taught two undersocialized six year olds how to talk, something no one else in this goofy little town could do. Was I slacking when I did that? I don't think so. As for the suggestion that I home school my children, whether I do that or not is none of your business. I have every right to send my children to the public school closest to their home, and expect them to get a quality education. When my standards are not met, I have every responsibility to speak up. Even after my children are grown, I am not going to go away. Even if I do move away, I will still not go away. I know enough about your town and the risks you take with your children and mine, and also about other odds and ends many of you do that aren't exactly the acitivities of law abiding folk to fill a book, and I may do that one day. I will not shut up about child safety. You can whine about me behind my back, write nasty, insulting, ANONYMOUS comments until the cows come home if you wish, but I am not going to go away. Any employment or volunteer position I DO take on in the future will be to counteract some of the stupid and destructive things you do here. And........anyone who harasses my children, any of them, will hear from my attorney. If you dislike me, dislike me quietly. Don't take it out on them in school. Or attempt to undermine our family. This "Jesus" you keep preching about out of the other sides of your twisted little mouths doesn't like people who undermine families. He also doesn't like people who thumb their noses at the laws of the land.

Back to agreement and disagreement. This is the only place I have ever lived where it isn't okay to disagree or not conform. isn't even alright to LOOK different around here. None of you act like individuals in any way. My Dad saw this coming, I guess. When I was little, he refused to let me have coloring books, giving me crayons and paper to draw my own pictures, instead. He thought that if I colored within the lines, I would learn conformity. He wouldn't let me play with Barbies, because he thought I would grow up thinking I had to be 5'9", have a disproportionately huge rack, and blond hair. I think he was smarter than anyone else I have met so far. You all should really stop forcing your kids to color within the lines. That's just ridiculus. If I happen to disagree with you, I simply happen to disagree with you. That's all. You don't have to be nasty about it. Now; if you really feel as defensive as so many of you seem to feel, maybe there's a reason for that. Other than the writer of this blog being somehow in the wrong. Maybe I have touched a sensitive nerve, and you guys (you all know who you are, too) should really consider growing up.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stop This

ISP# 68 234 116. You're information gets routed through a couple of different spots on the east coast, but I am pretty sure it does not originate there. The police agree with me. I got your threat the other day. I am asking you to stop. Don't make me get the FBI involved; because, unlike the rest of the people around here, I don't care who you are or what church you attend. I will go to the FBI if this continues. Also, if you are who I think you are, your employer recognized the verbatim of your threat and was none too pleased about it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time For Earthquake Insurance?

Things ya never think of. Or the time-honored "those things NEVER happen here". And lets not forget the classic line, "that will never happen to me". Oh yeah. I'll bet that's what almost everyone on the East Coast, where I used to live, thought about measureable tremors and earthquakes, too. Until today. From the looks of things, I would say everyone is pretty lucky, too. Here's a pic of some damage to a building in's bad enough to worry about future earthquakes and start building with earthquakes in mind, but no mass destruction.

                                                      Glass cracked by the earthquake

A 5.9 quake, which is what this was, would not be expected to topple a building, but it can damage your house. Most people who live on the east coast do not purchase earthquake insurance, and quite a few of them will probably have to pay out of pocket for whatever happened to their homes during the earthquake. I am guilty, myself. I have owned several homes in that part of the country, and I never even thought about earthquake insurance.

Why wasn't anyone prepared for this? Hmmm.......looking at demographics a little, I can only guess it has something to do with families either not having been in this country for over 150 years, or families not communicating, generation to generation, about things that have happened in the past. History has practically disappeared from our minds, because we have no place for extended family, and nuclear family alone cannot give us a complete picture of our familys' pasts, or of the geographical pasts of the parts of the Earth we tend. From the dust bowl to the rain forests, it seems like we never learn.

So now, there are new reasons to purchase earthquake insurance right here on this map!
According to
A policy from Chubb for earthquake insurance in New York is 50 cents per $1,000 of homeowners coverage, or about $250 a year on a home valued at $500,000. ..........Aug. 23, 2011

That will never take the place of  being prepared for a disaster, or of having a way to contact family members already in place in case a disaster occurs, but I'll bet more people are looking into buying insurance in case of an earthquake, after today.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cold Case Of The Week For Terri Horman

It's Monday, already. That's the day when I count on Terri Horman, our favorite defacto kidnapping suspect, to google her name on the internet and eagerly click on anything new she finds that someone has written or posted about her. Since I am reasonably sure she does this, I like to comment on one cold case a week that has been solved, against all odds, just to give her something to think about. Today, I think I will deviate from my pattern of describing a solved cold case, and talk to Terri about one that isn't solved. That way, I can get double mileage from one post...........because I think Adam Herrman deserves to mentioned once again. it is, 1999, eleven year old Adam Herrman, of Kansas, disappeared from his adoptive parents' home and was never seen again. The twist here is this, he had natural parents who really tried to prove to the court that they could care for him, and he had siblings who wanted to see him, too. Social Services in Kansas just didn't care. They terminated the natural parents' rights and cut off all contact between this little boy and his natual siblings. Then, the adoptive "momster" began to abuse him. It was abundantly clear to many family members that Valerie Herrman did not feel the same affection for Adam that she did for her own children. Does that sound familiar in any way, Terri Horman? One thing that really bothers me about the adoptions of children snatched by social services in Kansas is that many of the adoptive "parents" appear to do this "adopting" for a stipend from Kansas, rather than for charity. When Doug and Valerie Herrman reached a point at which the stipend no longer balenced out the inconvenience of bringing up Adam any more, Adam disappeared. They told family members that they had given Adam back to social services, and even though they were still receiving monies for Adam right in front of everyone's faces, no one questioned them about the boldface lie. Doug and Valerie Herrman are lucky I was not around, because I do not drink the same koolaide that everyone else in Kansas seems to drink, and I would have called the authorities.

One day, in 2005, Adam's natural sister wanted to see him. Valerie never told her that her brother was missing, but harshly told her not to ever call back. In 2008, when Adam would have been age of majority, she attempted to contact him again. This time, she realized that Adam was missing, and reported him as such. Kansas was pressured to find Adam, but they couldn't. They still haven't, either. One thing they did do, and it took over two years, was charge the Herrmans with fraud. Their attorneys had it all worked out with the court, too. They initially pleaded not guilty, but changed their plea. They had a deal worked out, featuring only paying part of the sum they stole from Adam back to the state, and some community service. I, and quite a few other people, were outraged. If you read my blog, you probably know this. A few days before their last court date, which was for sentencing, the judge made an interesting announcement..........he rejected their plea and had decided to send them to prison! They were under the impression that just because their lawyers had made a deal, the court HAD to accept it. They were wrong. It falls extreemly short of finding Adam, or putting them in prison forever for making Adam disappear, but I think this is something you should really think about, Terri, because the judge even stated that what happened to Adam was a big part of his decision. Seriously. And they are in prison now. So Terri...if you end up on the "defending" end of anything in court, and you still don't wanna cooperate with police and help reveal Kyron's whereabouts, do you think a court might feel the same way about you? There have been way too many missing children, nationwide, lately, and many Americans are sick of it.

 The pair of monsters who will not let their adopted son's real family take him home. Mrs. Monster appears to be crying some fake tears. Do you think the tears are for Adam? Or for her disgusting self?

Adam Herrman, as a child, and in an age progressed photo. And; finally, Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his school on June 10, 2010, and still needs to be found and come home.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Answer To Multiple Comments

Ok, it seems that some people from Kansas think that all of the standardized tests their children take in Kansas cover the same materials that children take in other states, and that since Kansas ranks fourth, last year, I believe, that they're children are learning the same stuff as the rest of the nation's children. Let me just ask something: since both of my high schools on the East Coast offered French, Spanish, German, and Latin; and students are REQUIRED to not only take, but master, at least "first year" skills in one language, how can a Kansas student, who is not required to even enter a foreign language classroom at any time during his or her high school career, even begin to compare? You can rank fourth all you wish, but your children will not be as prepared for college or life outside of Kansas, with the pathetic offerings of your schools. And that's pretty much the whole area, not just one city or town, so please don't feel special.

On a related note, I know someone from a neighboring small town here in Northeast Kansas, who embarked upon a military career after high school. This poor man's lack of culteral skills led to a physical beating that could have cost him his life, simply because he had never met someone of a different race, and was openly and verbally unaccepting of many individuals of that race while dining in a resturant. I must give him credit; he blames himself and his big mouth for what happened......yet I'm still going to wonder if that type of violence can kill a person faster than war. I don't statistics.......just a fleeting thought.

On another related note, I married a wonderful person who isn't prejudiced and would never discriminate in the manner I described in the above paragraph. His children, my stepchildren; however, do. They had never seen anyone from India, Vietnam, China, Jamaica, Russia, Indonesia, Isreal, or any African nation until he brought them to visit me. One of them comes home from school at last several times a week with prejudiced sounding guff coming out of his little mouth. When I sit down and discuss the things he states about others, the upshot is always that he wouldn't know what a person from a different background looks like ( he does not remember visiting me) and has no idea what he is really talking about. It's just guff he learned at school. At school. Now................I attended school back when the whole country was still fighting about Brown vs. the Board of Education, yet no teacher at any school I attended was ever backwards enough to make racist comments in his or her class. Not ever. Not even once. But the things my children heard many of their teachers here in Kansas say about Obama during the last presidential election, just because he does not need sunblock at the pool, are downright shameful. No; you guys are not preparing your children for anything but life in a small community in Kansas with your silly-assed daycare system that you call "school". Sorry. I'm gonna have to call it as I see it. And what's really sad is that I don't see a future in a Kansas small town for either my stepchildren or the child of whom we have guardianship. There's not a whole lot any of them can do, here in Kansas. They do deserve an education come each "community school" is really just a "training situation" for existance in it's community, and nothing else?

One more question: there is a much bigger Native American population in Kansas than anywhere I have ever lived. How come my children know as much about their cultures as they did before they moved here? How come my children have never met anyone from those cultures?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Moving Right Along To Something More Amusing

Grr......these unprofessional school folk who don't wanna do their jobs, and don't want parents to discuss it with anyone.........such morons! But here's another pair of morons who would actually be funny if they didn't maintain a pastime of shooting people...It seems that a Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fritts have a habit of shooting people and fleeing and eluding law enforcement. They also like to steal cars and lead police on high speed chases from one state to another. But after having the tires deflated by police on one car, they hijacked another, but wouldn't you know it.......this one was a stick shift! Police did not have to deflate the tires on this one. Neither component of the happy couple knew how to drive a standard transmission! Now THAT'S funny!

                                                                Roy And Jennifer Fritts

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Response To Some Folks Who Think I Am Unfair

Ok; I've gotton some posts from people who claim that I am not fair to the faculty of the school my children attend. If you have been following this blog, you will know that I have a very low opinion of teachers who abandon students outside of town, "lose" them, and fail to call the cops or the parents. That incident, outlined in , should have been enough to inspire major changes at the school, including the discharge of the faculty member involved. It was inexcuseable. I truly worry about things like this happening much more often then I did in West Virginia OR Washington DC. And someone mentioned that people actually "tried to help my kids"........???????????.........Help them do what??? Help them get lost? Help them get kidnapped? Help them not learn the same things children their ages are learning in places where education is taken more seriously? You guys are nuts! If you don't like the fact that I blog about this, you should see the letters I sent to certain other people, in both high and low places, about this! It was wrong, no matter how you shake it up and sprinkle it out! I am not going to stop talking about it! Why should I? The teacher who did it still works at the school!

Also, this school is welcome, and advised, to stop pushing it's religion on my children. What's a so-called public school doing with it's own religion, anyway? You don't really believe in it, and even as an outsider, I can poke holes into all of your innane religious nonsense notions. And while you're at it, you can keep your drunken teachers (check some of your 80's history against a recently retired teacher) away from my kids. If showing up for work, as a teacher, drunk, is ok with you guys, we are NOT on the same page.

You can stop passing children who don't earn promotions, and keep children who CANNOT earn promotions away from the rest of the students. Try consolidating the schools; then you can do things like that, and teach more.

And, while you guys are busy preaching, I'd like your sons to leave my daughters alone. They don't have anything my daughters want.

I think that covers it, for now. For those of you who don't have anything to do with this, I apologize. This is the last time I will respond to anyone who wants to attack me personally on my blog. And folks who are part of this, if you have an intellectually driven reason to share concerning why a teacher should abandon a student and not let anyone know when the student is missing for over two hours, just discuss that.......don't go into the nasty comments about me. I am actually a very nice person, and I have a very nice personality, I just don't have it around people who don't care about children. If I didn't feel the way I feel, it would be because I didn't love my children. Don't expect me to ever back down about child safety.

Once again, I apologize to those who just stumbled onto here and have no idea what or who I am talking about. Those who do know what I am talking about know exactly who they are. Even though they make their comments anonymously.............................

Browncrack Is Doing What He Does Best

....................Sigh. Once again, Governer Browncrack is doing what he seems well adapted to doing here in Kansas, attacking womens' healthcare in the name of religion. Somehow, it pleases an imaginary, white bearded, sandal wearing genie in the sky to try to limit contraception, prenatal vitamins, and other healthcare to women. Only today, the Supreme Court decided not to play his game.

According to WIBW, Aug. 18, "A federal judge won't suspend an order blocking Kansas from denying Planned Parenthood federal dollars for non-abortion services while the state appeals his decision." The more I read this, the more it looks like a really stupid game, played by conservatives, at which the ultimate losers will definately be women and children. Brownback does a lot of fake public praying, but the rest of his actions, particularly cutting budgets for schools and children with disabilities, suggest that the fake prayers are nothing more than fake.

Once again, Governer Browncrack, I will reiterate this to you: if you pay more attention to education, especially of girls, and do more for the economy in Kansas, so that these girls who see nothing more to life than getting knocked up will have futures and careers to which they can look forward, instead. Your imagined problem with abortions in Kansas will be even smaller than it is now. And it's a very small problem .......I don't know how you succeed in getting so many people riled up about it. And................I will stop calling you Browncrack if you will put your character where your legislation is and adopt a disabled child. I may not agree with everything that comes out of your mouth, but I will treat you with a little more respect.

What happens to these children whose parents cannot care for them, anyway, Browncrack? Are you familiar with Adam Herrman's case? Sometimes, people should simply have the means to plan a family instead of having a family just "happen". Where do you suppose Adam Herrman is now, anyway? If he isn't dead, I doubt that he ended up in a place that is safe and happy. Could he have been trafficked? Is that why you don't want birth control available to lower income women, here in Kansas? What a creepy, sinister thought......but hey, when I see government officials "fake pray" in public, that's the kind of stuff that goes through my mind.

                                                             Governer Browncrack

Who's he in bed with, concerning all of his fake prayers in public and foolish legislation, anyway?

Help Me Out With This One, Midwesterners

(CNN) -- A lawsuit filed against a Missouri school district alleges that officials failed to protect a female student from repeated sexual assaults from a male student, and at one point expelled her for reporting the alleged attacks.

A rape examination proved that the girl was telling the truth, and the male student pleaded guilty to charges related to the attack, the suit alleges.............CNN News Story

Ok, folks who know how schools are run, here in the Midwest; help me figure out what happened here, without my blood pressure rising twenty points every time I think about it. A special ed teenage girl was sexually assaulted in school. That, alone, is bad enough, but then, after the victim comes forward, the good people of the school and the school board, (let's not forget which RELIGION is dominant here in the Midwest) BLAME THE VICTIM, and, as an additional outrage, adding insult to injury, force her to write an apology and PERSONALLY hand it to her assailant!!!

Do you think I'm kidding, Christian Midwesterners? Well why don't you read this.? And just in case you went to school in one of the Greene County Missouri schools and cannot read the lines any better than you can read between them, I will quote another key portion of this article for you:

The suit alleges that school officials made the girl write an apology letter and deliver it to the boy -- without consulting with the girl's mother.

She was then expelled for the rest of the school year and reported to juvenile authorities for allegedly filing a false crime report............same enraging CNN story.

So the girl goes back to school the following year, gets raped again by this school-board-approved monster of a fellow student, and this time, her mother takes her to the hospital, gets evidence, and has the monster charged with the crime he committed. Wanna know what the good, Christian school officials said, upon confrontation? They said............."We went through this already." Well; DUH! Of course they went through it already! They exonerated an habitual rapist and not only blamed the victim, but made her apologize! The school system wrote him a ticket to continue! Was it simply more convenient for them to do that, instead of protect a vulnerable student?

Lemme understand the way you Christians here in the Midwest live and educate your children; do you teach your daughters to blame themselves if a big bully sexually assualts them? Or do you teach your daughters that only the people "God" doesn't like, such as the special ed students get raped? If someone stands up for his or her child, do you put the child and the parent through literal hell in order for the child to get an education? Do you always expel students who have been the victims of crimes? Because if the Midwest's most popular religious icon is real, this is how he feels about anyone who was involved in covering for the perverse bully in this story, making him welcome to reoffend. If he doesn't feel that way, you can stop trying to convert me and stop pressuring me to attend your church. It isn't going to happen.

Go ahead and respond to this, folks in the Midwest. I am curious to know how, if you care about education, you have allowed your taxes to support this kind of crap for so long. And now that you know it is going on, what do you intend to do, in order to make the schools here focus on education?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Results Of Citizens Getting Involved

This is an intersting story, Antonio Diaz Chacon, of New Mexico, was running an errand with his two small daughters, noticed a six year old girl being rather violently forced into a van, and decided to do his laundry later and give chase, because the whole thing didn't look right. When the van he was chasing finally crashed, the driver, Phillip Garcia, took off running. Antonio Diaz Chacon got the little girl out of the van and called the cops to the scene. Gear, such as duct tape and tie-down cords, were found in the van and under a rock about twenty-five feet away from the van. What do you suppose would have happened to this little girl if Antonio Diaz Chacon had not been where he was in time to see this, or had decided to just "mind his own business" or "not get involved", the way American communities seem to encourage? I'm glad there is a person who does not mind getting involved.

                       Antonio Diaz Chacon, and his wife, Martha, talking to the media.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Morning Cold Case For Terri Horman

This week has certainly gone by fast! It's already Monday, time for yours truly to tell Terri Horman, our favorite defact kidnapping suspect, about a cold case that has left law enforcement befuddled for altogether too long, only to be solved by a forthcoming witness, new technology, or just blind, stupid luck. Today's case is about a man named Steven Carlson, who, as a teenage boy, seemed to think he could do whatever he pleased. I'll start with a mugshot of his ugly mug:

 It seems that one day back in 1984, he decided that it would be a good day to bully and murder a classmate named Tina Faelz. She was found, and the whole community in the Santa Cruz area was stunned, but he didn't get caught while committing the murder, and there wasn't any evidence that could link him to the crime. At least, not yet. But......the FBI was involved, and Terri, I know this has been said to you before, and I am going to say it again, once the FBI sinks their teeth into something, they never, ever let go. And so it was with the Tina Faelz murder.................................................

It took advances in DNA technology to help move the case forward, police said. In late 2007, the department resubmitted evidence, which they did not disclose, to two different labs for further testing.

In October, the FBI's crime lab in Quantico, Va., a got a hit on a possible suspect, and the man was reinterviewed." Santa Cruz Sentinel

Another interesting facet of this case is that Young Mr. Carlson was only sixteen at the time he committed the crime. Had he been caught or come forward then, he would have been tried as a juvenile, which would have resulted in a lighter sentence, even though he probably didn't deserve a lighter sentence. Now, this whole mess is going to be an adult case. If his parents, or someone else in his life, covered for him, and did not come forward, even if they knew about it, they actually were not doing him a favor at all. Hmmmm.......see what eventually happens when you cover for a kid who commits a crime? Perhaps you should think about that, too, Terri Horman.

Whatever you know about Kyron Horman's whereabouts needs to be revealed now, Terri. Tina Faelz did not deserve what happened to her, and she has classmates who miss her and want justice, even after twentyseven years. Kyron has a lot of friends, both in his age group and older, who are going to remember him always. And they will always want justice, no matter how many years go by. You need to become part of the solution, instead of part of the problem, or THE problem, whichever the case may be.

Kyron Horman, just looking natural; not hamming it up for the camara.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Parents In Spain Throw Child Away

What the HELL is going on in the world, these days? I just noticed this article on Yahoo News. Here; I think I will just paste the whole, short article here:

MADRID (AP) — An official says a 2-year-old girl has been rescued from a dumpster after her parents abandoned her.

He says residents of the southeastern town of Cabezo de Torres were alarmed by sobbing sounds coming from the garbage container late Saturday and after removing several plastic bags of refuse found the girl "crying, sweating and with panic showing in her face."

The toddler's parents have been identified and arrested, and are awaiting trial on suspicion of having abandoned a minor, the official said Sunday on condition of anonymity in keeping with ministry rules."

Ya know.........Birth control IS available in Spain, just like it's available in the United States. I realize that there is a whole ocean, plus over a thousand miles of land mass in between me and where this little girl was found; but damn, couldn't someone have just brought her to me, before literally throwing her away? While I cannot possibly keep every child I fall in love with, I know that there are people out there who can and will, and before I would see a child, especially one who is old enough to remember the event, discarded in a trash dumpster, I will gladly help that child find a new home. I am pretty sure that I speak for many people, the world over. This should never have happened to this little girl.

Happy Ending

Uinta Mountains.......Boy Scout camping trip........Jared Ropelato got lost. But since he had learned not to panic, and had also learned to build a lean-to, in the event that he got lost, he was okay until he was found. He was missing for almost 24 hours.

It is really starting to look as if teaching children some proactive steps to take when and if they are lost would be a good idea. As a nation, we need to lose the idea that "those things will never happen to us". I am always happy to blog about a story with a happy outcome.

Here's what Jared had to say about the whole thing: "Asked if he would still go camping after his overnight ordeal, Jared simply said "yeah."..........The Boston Globe

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pool Is Free For Students Enrolled In This Particular School

Interesting. The pool here is open for free to any student enrolled in the local school. But all other children have to pay. That's okay; I went ahead and bought a pool pass for my kids. But why, school, do you need a gimmick to bolster enrollment? If your school did not have teachers who engage in inappropriate physical contact with students, buy cigarettes for students, or abandon students outside of town, see , I would already have enrolled all of my kids, and would not be considering a different school for them. Just some food for thought, school faculty. I may not be from your state, or from your silly little neighborhood, but I have a rather big family, and my children represent a significant minority of your student body. If enrollment is down, while plenty of kids live here, what could possibly be reasons for that?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mitt's Misconceptions

Mitt Romney obviously has not had much experience dealing with crowds. Especially American crowds, who are not obliged to follow any fundamental church's authority. He was in Iowa, yesterday, talking about whatever Mormon Republicans talk about.......blah..blah..blah.......and someone in the crowd loudly disagreed with him. It became a shouting match, and it boiled down to an interesting statement, made by Mitt Romney, in his retort that "corperations are people, too". While corperations have certain obligations and rights under the law, in order to function as entities in the business world, there are a few things that set them apart in the legal world from people. So I am going to have to say that Romney is wrong about this. Now; after the whole criminal investigation, criminal findings, and criminal court proceedings with Warren Jeffs and his sexual taste for children and the reluctance of the surrounding community, mostly Mormon, to assist in bringing Jeffs to justice, I am forced to wonder if this comparison of corperations to human beings on Romney's part is cultural. One of the main differences between a corperation and a human in the United States is that a human cannot be bought, sold, or traded, but a corperation can. Yet, it appears, from recent data, mostly data presented as evidence in court, disturbingly, that girls and women in the Mormon church ARE considered "property", or "chattel" to be bought, sold, and traded, and that may be part of the confusion from which Romney suffers. See also , where someone who just wanted the custody orders from his divorce enforced ran into a brick wall, when dealing with the largely Mormon culture in Utah. Children and folks who are not Mormon apparently rank the same as women and corperations in their world; things to be bought, sold, or traded.

I really hope America is paying attention here. Downgrading a human being to the same civil level as a corperation is not acceptable, and I see nothing but trouble and problems for this country if it is run by someone who sees all of us as pawns to be bought, sold, or traded, like one of his businesses. Once again, let me make this point:

         BOTH MORMON!!!!!

Both of these men were respected and protected by their communities, the MORMON CHURCH. You should not be any more ready for children of both genders to live as pawns to be bought and sold by Romney than you are for Jeffs to get his hands on your daughters.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boy Lives After Almost Drowning

This is amazing. In Long Beach, Washington, twelve year old Dale Ostrander got pulled into the surf and under the water. Rescuers say he was under the water for at least fifteen minutes. He was rushed to the hospital and put into an induced coma, and doctors were not giving his family much hope,
But Dale opened his eyes Monday night – nearly four days after his near-drowning. It looks like he is going to be okay. Here's more:

 " The hospital said he was in fair condition Tuesday night.

Mulinix reblogged this from the blog At 4:11 pm today (Monday), "The doctors just removed Dale's breathing tube and he is now breathing on his own. Also, because of possible damage to the brain they were unsure if he would be able to speak. Minutes after the tube was removed, the doctors told him to cough. Not only did Dale talk back to the doctors, he responded in a full sentence saying, 'I don't have to.' Dale continues to get better by the minute and the doctors are more and more amazed!"...........CNN

I wish the news could be full of stories like this.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jesus And Kiddie Porn Perps

December 2010...........Joel Large, a convicted kiddie porn perp in New Mexico, got released from jail early. Why? Because he had "found God", and of course, because Jesus loves the little children! (where's the eye-rolley when I need it?) And because Judge Sanchez, his good, Christian judge in New Mexico, believed this crap! It's truly amazing, how children just don't matter in Christian circles. And they wonder, here in Kansas, why I refuse to let my children go to church.......

Here's an interesting tidbit from this article:
Judge William Sanchez reduced Large's sentence to nothing after Large told him he found God and would use the rest of his life to do good.

Sanchez refused to speak on camera. He said that his ruling looks bad on the surface, but said that Large paid his dues for downloading child pornography.

He said Large was brutally attacked and raped during the two years he was behind bars.

Sanchez said Large appeared to have learned his lesson and believed he was truly sorry for his actions.

He said he hopes Large is true to his word, that he did find God and will not re-offend."
How the hell does one "pay one's dues" for being involved in child pornography and human trafficking???? Do we charge dues for that, like the dues we charge for homeowners' associations or Scouts? If one pays, one can play? Is that how it goes, Judge Sanchez? This creep also regularly supplies high school kids with cigarrettes and booze.............that alone would be enough to make most nonchristian parents angry beyond words. What IS it with you churchgoing Jesus types? Also, science proves and reiterates, again and again, that these kiddie-porn types NEVER "learn their lessons. Ever. All Joel Large was truly sorry for were whatever actions got him caught and arrested, certainly not for the crime. He was never "truly sorry" for his actions. What the hell are you doing on the bench, Judge Sanchez?

Does this look like a man who is truly sorry for his actions?

Fast forward to now. Joel Large was arrested again yesterday for trying to contact one of his victims via cell phone text. Yep. He's sorry, alright. Very sorry. Is anyone detecting a dash of "the law and the terms of my probation do not apply to me because I am a Christian"? This is sooooooo disgusting!

Grrrrrr! "In his text message to the boy, Large said, "I am sorry for not contacting you sooner. Please forgive me. I hope you don't hate me. I have never been mad at you. (You) are the best friend I ever had."

Also; "The victim's mother said Large should never have been freed.

"It's very, very frustrating. We don't know if we're safe. Our world was just shattered with that text message," the mother said.

Read more:

Is this "pipeline to God" an avenue to exploit and abuse children? Why? Don't expect me to expose my children to this, Western and Midwestern Christians. Here's another man with a "pipeline to God" who likes to sexually abuse children:
Rev. Warren Jeffs

Monday, August 8, 2011

Warning To Students From Topeka Police

Police urge caution as school begins.....................................Who do they think they are kidding?

I will do a public service here, and list all of the tips that cjonline got from the Topeka police for kiddies going to school this year:
■ Only cross the street at crosswalks and watch for cars driving in the area.
■ Obey all traffic signals. Never cross the street against a red light, even if you don’t see any traffic coming.
■ Take the most direct route to school.
■ Walk with a buddy.
■ Never approach strangers. If a stranger approaches you, don’t go anywhere with them. Call out and draw attention to yourself and the stranger and get away. Be sure to report any instances of strangers approaching children to the police.
■ Watch out for dogs on the loose. Don’t approach a loose dog, and don’t touch it.
Children riding the bus should remember these safety tips:
■ Have a safe place to wait for your bus, away from traffic and the street.
■ Stay away from the bus until it comes to a complete stop and the driver signals you to enter.
■ When being dropped off, exit the bus and walk away to keep a safe distance between you and the bus. Remember the bus driver can see you best when you are the farthest from the bus.
■ Be aware of the street traffic around you. Drivers are required to follow certain rules of the road concerning school buses, but not all do. Protect yourself and be alert.

Now; does anyone remember a post I put on this blog back in April? It was one of my first posts. This is when I described what happened when a guidance counselor/cross country coach dropped my daughter off by herself four miles south of our town, and allowed her to be MISSING for over two hours without telling anyone. And when he did tell someone my daughter, fourteen at the time, was missing, he chose to ask an eight year old boy if he had seen her, rather than contacting me or the police. Inexcusable. But he still works at the school, in the same capacity, providing the same dangers to children at taxpayors' expense. So I would add one more piece of advice, Topeka police:

 If your guidance counselor dumps you somewhere outside of town by yourself, and you lose your way, always make sure you have a cell phone, and dial 911 THE MINUTE you realize you are lost.

Cold Case Time, Terri Horman

Hello everyone! It's Monday morning, time for Terri Horman's cold case! This is when I discuss a cold case that happened sometime in the recent past with Terri Horman, to remind her of how these things often get solved, even when the criminal(s) thought they had gotton away with everything. Today, I chose a cold case that got a break rather recently. This past week, a man named Billy Wilson, who had just been arrested in California, gave up some DNA, had it run through a database which did not exist back in 2004, and it matched up with some DNA that was found at the scene of a crime in 2004. August 21, 2004.......Gina Gruenwald was found stabbed to death in Colorado. She had gone out with friends that night, and they had gone home earlier than she did. That's all the police one else was anywhere near the crime scene, which was between two houses. There was survelliance of a man no one recognized at a nearby Walgreens, but that isn't really evidence. There was; however, DNA on Gina from a bite mark..........................
Gina Gruenwald

Fast forward to August of 2011. Billy Wilson get arrested miles away, in California. His DNA matches the DNA left from the bite in Gina Gruenwald. Wow. That's amazing, Terri, isn't it? It brings up quite a few questions, too. Billy Wilson obviously isn't a serial killer, since he has only been matched with one murder, and many other things about this crime make it appear to be an isolated incident, not a habit with Mr. Wilson. This in turn, makes this blogger wonder what his motive could possibly have been, since no connection between Mr. Wilson and his victim has been established. Was he asked to kill Ms. Gruenwald by someone? Was he paid by someone? It's too early, yet, for any reliable statements to have been leaked to the press, so I guess we will have to wait. But we do know one thing, for sure..........Wilson's DNA was found at this particular crime scene.

                                                                        Billy Wilson

Seven years. I'll bet Billy Wilson had almost forgotton about all this. I honestly hope he didn't think that his victim just didn't matter to anyone; that's the kind of thing that really ticks me off, when I listen to comments made by people who commit crimes. There is a universal idea, that almost all of them have, that the victims they choose really don't matter! It's amazing! I'm gonna tell you something right now, Terri Horman: Kyron matters. He matters a great deal. I have never even met him, but I would be really, really happy to see him returned safely to his parents. And when I see attention given to his case, I know that helping Kyron Horman get found is also helping the plights of other missing children, as the cause of child safety gets more attention and momentum worldwide. For that reason, I predict that many people are not going to simply let this go, as your "houze-boy" is probably hoping.

There you have it, Terri. That's your Monday Morning Cold Case. Please find someone who can help you bring Kyron home safely.

                                                                   Kyron Horman

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Video Of Doug And Valerie Herrman Getting Taken To Jail

Finally, a clear video of Doug and Valerie Herrman, the couple who adopted Adam Herrman and "lost" him in 1999 without bothering to report it, having their day in court in Eldorado, Kansas. I hate people who engage in crime and think they can get away with it almost as much as I hate people who make children disappear. I also hate people who think they have special "rights" to commit crimes against children. Maybe next time these monsters are in court, the judge can sentence them for whatever they did to Adam.

We Found The Mystery Donor

Remember a couple of days ago, when I posted ? Well.......we found out who donated. According to Jack Gilliam, of the Associated Press, Edward and Jill Conard, of Boston created the bogus company, Restore Our Future, for the purpose of donating money to Romney's campaign. Would a Democrat be able to do this without a little more attention from Fox News? Somehow, I don't think so.

I will quote the above cited article here,
Created by former aides to Romney, Restore Our Future raised $12.2 million during the first six months of 2011. The outside group is not officially connected to Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, and can receive endless funds from individuals and corporations, thanks in part to the 2010 Supreme Court ruling known as "Citizens United."

"They're raising unlimited money from donors who can only give limited contributions to the candidate himself, and then are spending money directly to support the candidate," said Fred Wertheimer, president of watchdog Democracy 21, which called on the Justice Department and FEC this week to investigate the contribution.

"The whole operation is a sham," he said, "and the sooner we figure out how to do something about this, the better."

Now.........while I despise a lot of the manipulative stunts Republicans pull on the general public, especially in the name of the dominant religion in the United States, and in the name of "family values", (what the hell are they calling "family values", anyway? Mob ties? Agreements with drug cartels?) I actually CAN figure out how to do something about it. But then, I am not owned by a giant media outlet, such as Fox News. I can say whatever I want to say. So I will say it.

Both Morman

Both Republican

Anyone old enough to remember any undesireable patterns here? Come on folks.......use your votes wisely.

Oh....for anyone who isn't aware, the man pictured above in shackles is Warren Jeffs, the Mormon who was recently found guilty of molesting kids in his church, and using his Mormon faith and religion as a means of getting away with it. I am not ready to vote for anyone associated with the Mormon religion, at this point. In my world, "family values" cannot be defined the way Warren Jeffs defines them. Any more then legal donations to a campaign can be defined one way for one political party and another way for another political party.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jeremy Guthrie Missing From California

Jeremy Guthrie is missing from a shelter in Asacadero, California. He is four years old, has brown hair, and is three feet and five inches tall. A witness thought she saw a woman leave the shelter with him wrapped in a blanket. There isn't much more than that to go on, but here is the little guy's picture:

There is also an Amber Alert issued for Jeremy Guthrie. With an Amber Alert, if you see him, all you have to do is call 911 and tell them you think you may have seen a child for whom an Amber Alert was issued.

The mother of the boy told police he could have been taken by Annette Hale, 52, who was also staying at the shelter. The two women had a disagreement Thursday night, said Gesell.

"A witness was reported to have heard a little boy say 'I don't want to go,' or something similar to that, and we have an eyewitness that believes they saw a woman holding what may have been Jeremy in a blanket as they left the building," he said.

Hale is around 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. She has brown hair, glasses and is not related to the missing boy. Gesell said she has a history of erratic behavior, but is not thought to be violent"...............this is all the police have so far, in the way of clues. Not much, so please keep your eyes open for him and keep him in your prayers.

Update; Jeremy was found, unharmed.........someone saw him and made an anonymous phone call. The suspect was not with him, but was found nearby. Happy ending this time.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Kyron Horman, Maybe This Idea Can Help

I just came across this on YouTube, and while it probably isn't Kyron, perhaps a discreetly recorded video or cell phone pic one day MIGHT be Kyron. All it takes is one tip, folks. We have all kinds of technology at our fingertips today that was only a dream, or the stuff of science fiction back when I was a kid. Lets start using it.


Once again, the "missing" poster, with Kyron's picture on it.

Proving Your Existance To The Government

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — According to the federal government, two sisters in rural Kentucky do not exist.
The women weren't born in a hospital, never went to public school and only recently obtained birth certificates after they sued the state. Still, that's not enough for Raechel and Stephanie Schultz to land legitimate jobs. The sisters need Social Security numbers, so they have sued the federal government.
"No one has ever heard of anything like this before," said their attorney, Douglas Benge. "When the girls first came to see me, it's one of those things of, 'What do I do now?'"
The Schultz sisters live with their parents in Lily, near the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, in a county that includes the Daniel Boone National Forest and is known as the home of the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant started by Col. Harland Sanders. Their family doesn't have a phone and their attorney gets a hold of them by calling an out-of-state relative, who in turn contacts the family.  ........Yahoo News Story

While social security numbers and birth certificates are nice to have, and it's even nicer, while in labor, to be near a trustworthy hospital or birthing center, these commodities are not always avialable. There were at least six babies born after Katrina to women who were basically held hostage by the Coast Guard in an overcrowded stadium. There have been babies born en route to the hospital.....something that has an increased risk of happening in the Appalacian Mountains.......I know because I lived in West Virginia for about ten years. I had two children while I lived there, too, and one was born in Maryland. A girl can't always make it home from work under certain circumstances.......................But I had no problem obtaining birth certificates. Even Jaycee Dugard, who really, really didn't have documentation of her pregnancies, was eventually given birth certificates for her daughters. And I have a sister who was born at home, she has a social security number and a birth certificate. So; I can only conclude that these two women are getting a runaround from stupid government officials (did you know that some government employees are stupid?) because they don't feel like doing their jobs.

With all the hollering Republicans do about people collecting welfare and not having jobs, why, oh why, would anyone make it difficult for two women in their twenties to work legitimately? Does anyone know what kind of work is available to women in the Appalacian Mountains without legal documentation???? Thankyou. The women obviously have no connection to any other nation; it is clear that they are American, so why deny them opportunities? The only reason I can see is that some people in the Appalacian Mountains are better than other people from the same part of the country. Some people are "haves", others are "have nots". It is very important, for the petty little "social order" there, to make sure none of the "have nots" have any of the tools to escape the "have not" lifestyle. This may not be what's going on here.......I only read about this on the internet, but if I gambled, my bet would be what I just described, and I'll betcha I am correct.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Every year, at the beginning of the ninth month in older, Middle Eastern calendars, Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims. The time it actually begins varies from year to year, as it is a lunar holy day, and will be about eleven or twelve days before the calendar date it started the preceding year. It is a fasting festival; everyone fasts during the day, and eats at night. Whatever would have been spent on food during the day is supposed to be donated to charity to feed those who cannot afford food, and one is supposed to remember how blessed one is and renew one's sense of gratitude. Women who are menstrating or pregnant, children who are still growing, and those who are ill, are usually not expected to fast.

I find this aspect of Islam beautiful, because every Muslim I have ever met sincerely believes in his or her Deity. They differ from the Midwestern United States blase hypocritical Christians in this way. Kansas and Idaho Christians care for more vulnerable people by sending folks like Laura Silsby to places like Haiti after natural disasters to trick the homeless earthquake victims into parting with their children, so that the children could be sold for a profit and the parents later told they are out of luck. School is about to start here in Kansas, and I truly hope that during Ramadan, I do not hear any pleas or threats to convert to Christianity from the morally bankrupt staff at the public school my children attend. Actually, I hope NEVER to hear stuff of that nature from teachers here in Kansas, but many of them forget that there are people who actually LOOK and LISTEN before they make up their minds.

This is a community, eating together at dusk, during Ramadan. I have never been invited to the home of a Christian in the Midwest for dinner at any time, so called "holy" day or not. I have eaten with some non xians here, and I had many friends among the more educated communities of Christians and other religions in other parts of the country and world. How come Midwestern United States Christians are too good for anyone? And are they too good for their so called messiah? When fasting, I do not think that your Diety wished for you to do without FOOD for THOUGHT!

Corrupt Republicans, Already

Mysterious company dissolves after giving $1 million to pro-Romney's Yahoo news.

Ya know, Republicans, I already know who your stinkin' candidates are, I already have an opinion about most of them, and I already know who I'm probably going to vote for, so if you wanna grab money for your stupid little campaign, just do it the way you're supposed to do it. Or just campaign by starting a new charity with more capitol going to the cause rather than the overhead, or donate funds to an existing charity, and spend as much time as possible being a spokesperson for that, instead of taking money for advertising from a super-pac. I would be much more impressed, and so would many other Americans. Also, Mitt Romney belongs to the same deranged religious movement to which Warren Jeffs belongs, and no amount of advertising can erase that. So..........please stop reminding me of Nixon era Republicans. Not only does it cost too much to invoke laws to straighten you guys out, it gets boring.

This is for you, Republican Party.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tommorrow Looks Like A Good Day To Be A Kitchen Witch

So many tomatos. So many cucumbers. Lots and lots of peppers. Even some okra! I didn't plant it this year, either! And I even have some blackeyed peas that I planted on a lark, to see how well they would do! Turns out that if a plant would do well in the Sahara desert, it has done well here, this summer!

                                             There's a ton more of all this outside!!!!!!

These actually grew on a plant that came up through cracks in our sidewalk, alongside our house! In the backyard, growing through patio and cement, we have even more! But these three pods are going in with some pickles tomorrow, when I can everything. They remind me of a prayer........"Open the door, Papa Legba............" There will always be miracles, and lots for which to be grateful.