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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Is It Blackmail If You Don't Get Paid?

Interesting. Nixon actually went on national television stating that blackmail might not actually be blackmail, in elected political office, if the blackmailer suspected that he might not get paid! Voters, please pay attention when you vote, and don't get your candidates at Kmart!

Michelle Bachman, just shut up!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Holidays Terri Horman

Terri Horman! You've been bad this year! And last year! And the year before! And especially the year before that! Santa completely bypassed the lumps of coal and went directly to court summonses for you this year! The dates of those summons are right before Winter Solstice, December 19 and 20, and right after New Year's, January 2! No time, even for a hangover! What could Santa possibly be trying to say by that, Terri? That you've enjoyed enough holiday seasons at the expense of others? What'd you do?
Terri, where's Kyron?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vintage 1963

Fiftieth anniversaries, yes! We have had two very special ones this year. Dr. Who debuted in England, and became a very long running science fiction series, and Madalyn Murry won her landmark case, which she filed in Baltimore, Maryland, to finally rid public schools of Christian prayer, and other overt symptoms of mental illness. The case was actually filed in 1959, but Murry was persistant, and eventually prevailed. She also started the American Athiests.
While your blogger is not exactly an atheist, she has a great appreciation for Dr. Who.  Dr. Who not only appeals to the artistic and intellectually inclined among us, but has resisted the sexual innuendo of American advertising, which makes it a wonderful show to share with one's children. Dr. Who also encourages critical thinking and imagination. American Atheists and Dr. Who; two brilliant concepts from 1963.
Tom Baker as the Doctor, and Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix performing Voodoo Child

James Marshall Hendrix; November 27, 1942 - September 18, 1970. The best guitarist ever to exist.

Thankyou, Jimi Hendrix, for reminding me that the pulse of life, complete with our unique abilities and talents, do not flow without an equal exchange of energy. While it may look like a sacrifice, we must remember to feed the spirits who feed us. I was beginning to forget. What a powerful bard you are!

While not everyone will completely understand what I just said, everyone should understand how important music and art are in the world. Harmony and balance have a lot in common. The world could certainly use more harmony.

My Ancestors will hear more appreciation from me from now on.



Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Carol Moulton Dials 911

Desiree Young, mother of missing eleven year old, Kyron Horman, held a small demonstration outside the home of the person who was last seen with Kyron. Well; outside that person's parents' home. "That person" is Terri Horman, sometime step parent of Kyron, and her parents are Larry and Carol Moulton, of Roseburg, Oregon. Terri claimed she dropped Kyron off at school in Portland, Oregon on June 4, 2010, and knew nothing about his disappearance. She then proceeded to fail two polygraphs, and did not cooperate when law enforcement asked her to clarify the differences in the three or four different versions of events she authored. Kyron's dad, Kaine Horman, wants a divorce, and Desiree just wants Kyron back. To date, Larry and Carol Moulton have done nothing to assist in the search.

In a phone call to the police, since in Carol Moulton's world, 911 is for non-emergencies, Carol Moulton complained rather bitterly about Desiree's signs and pictures of Kyron. She also lied, stating that Desiree and company were "on the lawn" and performing acts of vandalism. In the picture above, they are certainly not on anyone's lawn, and if they were at any point, it was probably not deliberate. It is also not a crime to accidently set foot on a lawn, while walking, jogging, or demonstrating. No vandalism occurred, either. Kyron's name was written in the street, but in water soluble chalk. This is not vandalism. So there we have it: Carol Moulton called the police and told them two boldfaced lies. In the 911 call, played in the video above, she does not even sound as if she considers false statements, as long as they are made by her, unlawful or morally wrong in any way. A third verbal misconception she passed along to the 911 dispatcher is the notion that Kyron is her "grandson". Carol Moulton has no grandchildren. Terri was adopted. If Kyron actually was Carol's grandson, shouldn't she have been a bit more sympathetic to the efforts of those who want to find him?

The clouding of real information and the insertion of misinformation by Carol Moulton are appalling. How much of the same could this woman have done immediately after Kyron disappeared, and do her efforts contribute to Kyron's continued status as a Missing Person?

This 911 call is probably the longest conversation either of the Moultons have had with law enforcement about Kyron Horman.

Man Arrested For Picking His Children Up From School

Jim Howe, of Tennessee, showed up at South Cumberland elementary at 2:00 in the afternoon one day to pick up his children. He was on foot, and the school has a policy disallowing the early dismissal of any child without parental permission. This includes children who walk, as well as, obviously, children who ride the bus. Jim was on foot, and all he wanted to do was walk his children home, and he was willing to proffer written permission, for school files, if necessary. The school responded by misapplying the policy of "no early dismissals" to include leaving with a parent on foot. Jim was told to go home and get his car! Traffic from the school was already spilling out into the street, so Jim asked them, again, to please dismiss his children. The police were called, and Jim was arrested for the crime of asking the school to release his children to him!

Why would the staff at a school disrespect a parent and waste the time and energy of law enforcement? Why do some of these teachers, a few of whom do not understand the law, think they have so much more to offer students than parents? And why is there such an urgency, of late, to teach the children of any nonconformist parent to be disrespectful? What happens more often is that children of parents who are thus bullied by school staff do not feel safe around school staff and are less likely to participate in classes and learn. Do the schools expect cooperation from children whose parents were arrested because of lemming mentality enforced by the schools? Nice going, South Cumberland! You just made online school a little more popular! And Barney Fife, on behalf of all the other cops in your locale, you need to make a video of your own, apologizing for your behavior and assuring the general public that the rest of the police force does not act like you!

Barney Fife should probably look into becoming less camera shy, since more citizens may wish to film and record him while he earns his taxpayer funded salary.

A parent walking with a child.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Private Message Public Notice

I am back in Hood River, Oregon and watching both the leaves and the rain fall. Looking forward to Black Friday...yeah, buddy! Anyone else going to buy an important item that day?

The above quote was intercepted from some social media of someone who is homeless by choice and refuses to work or find permanent housing in order to better her situation. Instead, she sponges off of anyone she can, and spends her ninety-some odd dollars a month in food stamps on fast food. It is usually gone within a couple of days. She also thinks she should buy electronic equipment, such as computers, before she secures her own housing. Housing opportunities have, indeed, presented themselves to her over the last couple of years, yet she refuses. The rest of us deal with the pros and cons of various business and personal relationships with others, such as landlord/tenant; while this person will not do that. She opts, instead, to use everyone in her acquaintance. If a smelly, overweight, homeless female hitchhiker pontificates to you about morals, religion, and matters spiritual while using truly vulgar language and entertaining a sense of entitlement that would make a two year old proud, you may have met this person! She knows who she is........and here is my "cryptic" message to her! Here goes:

The only thing you need to buy on Black Friday, or any day, is your own food with your own government assistance; that is, until they find out you are not really looking for a job. And your own housing. You see, lots of shelters probably prioritize people who do not have incomes ahead of people who do. Your dishonestly obtained disability counts as an income, and you do not care for children, so you are LAST! Everywhere you go. Stop taking stuff to which you are not entitled, and maybe that will change.

The assistance you get from Kansas is more than enough to feed one person, if the one person happens to live somewhere with a stove. You have enough money to buy staples, such as beans and rice. You can also buy Mason jars, and preserve your own food. You are also allowed, in some states, to buy seeds with your assistance dollars and grow some of your food. That would involve a level of responsibility which would enable a landlord/tenant relationship, though. When Kansas extended government sponsored charity to you, caseworkers expected you to get a job and find permanent housing. And it IS charity, in your've wolfed down more food than one person, even a Sumo wrestler, would ever claim and you've done it much longer than any state allows. Your habit of hopping from state to state, grabbing resources from other states when the state from which you currently sponge decides to put you on a diet and a job-hunting program, really needs more public attention. Not all homeless people do this, but you are a prime example of why some members of the general public hate the homeless and will not help them.

How do you sleep at night, knowing that every time you sleep on a bad for which your own finances did not pay, a child or an honestly desperate person is sleeping outside? Why do you take food, money, and resources from children, anyway?

Note: Anyone who knows what this post is about should be warned about one thing prior to picking this person up while she hitchhikes. While this did not happen to me, I was naïve enough to open my home to her, and it was my distinct impression that she was "shopping" (there's that Black Friday reference again!) for a place to either fake or stage an injury in order to file a lawsuit and grab some quick cash. When I didn't want to be vulnerable to this and play the game with her, she moved on to richer and less protected individuals. Also, money not only mysteriously disappeared from my wallet, but from my daughter's wallet, while this woman stayed in my home.


Abbie Hoffman Moment


Holiday Shopping

Yet another reason to avoid stores and stay home on Black Friday!

Kansas House Resolution 1900

“You’ve got enormous natural gas finds, some of them in the 4th District of Kansas, some of them out in Harper and Barber and Comanche counties, other parts of the state of Kansas,” Pompeo said. “We have to get that product from where it is today to end users, industrial folks, commercial users, residential customers.
“We’ve got a lot of folks who want to go out and help build the infrastructure to do that and they’re finding out the government is not sufficiently responsive.”

The above is what Mike Pompeo, Republican representative had to say about his bill that just passed the House, House Resolution 1900, or HR-1900. If it passes the Senate, as well, any company that either owns land where it is feasible to take unstudied risks related to the energy industry will only have to wait two years for a yay or a nay from any authority or agency from whom permission or licensing is required. After the two years is over,  any lack of response can legally be translated as a "yes"; regardless of any contraindications.

This really relates to gas lines and fuel transit, more than any other aspect of this business, and it really benefits the Koch Brothers more than it benefits anyone who lives in Kansas.


Read more here:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

In Case You Skipped Church This Sunday

If you skipped church today, you can hear the sermon from Old Fart. Northeast Kansas, pay close attention. Some of you apparently skipped school, as well as church.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

From The Lens Of Siriunsun's Camera


Michelle Sigona On Kyron Horman

I had no idea Terri Horman actually ran back inside her parents house when confronted by a reporter! What a chicken! Amid all the court dates, this video delivers the most important message right now, concerning Kyron. He is still missing.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Why Can't We Call The Bible Fiction?

So the Christian crowd is now up in arms because the retail industry has become more concerned with truthful labeling of the products they sell. One moment, Christians want everyone, with a few notorious exceptions among their own numbers, to tell the truth. The next moment, they cry for retailers to violate Federal Trade Commission law by selling bibles and stating that the information contained therein is true, rather than fiction! There's just no pleasing some people! Hopefully, all these offended Christians will remember to have Happy Holidays this year!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
May 29, 1917-November 22, 1963

Derrick Deacon Is Finally Free

Derrick Deacon just got released from prison in New York, after serving almost twenty-five years behind bars for a murder he did not commit. After new testimony and new evidence surfaced, Deacon was granted a new trial. It took a jury all of nine minutes to find Deacon "Not Guilty" with the new evidence. Congratulations to Derrick Deacon for standing up for himself all these years, but why did he get convicted in the first place? It seems that the district attorney's office in Kings county, New York, didn't have the balls to go after a gang member who shot a teenager during a robbery, so police arrested a homeless man, Deacon, instead. A young woman by the name of Colleen Campbell saw the actual killer, and told law enforcement. While she did not know the identity of the actual killer, she knew who Deacon was, and that he did not commit the murder. This should have been sufficient, in the absence of any other evidence, to rule Deacon out. but not so fast......gangs are dangerous and notorious for vengeance, and homeless people do not put up much of a fight when coerced and pushed around, and Kings County needed a conviction, right? A homeless man is much safer to victimize than a gang member, so the prosecutor saw to it that Deacon was arrested and prosecuted for the crime, instead of the guilty party. When Campbell didn't want to convict an innocent man, investigators and prosecutors threatened to have her children removed from her home!

"Deacon's case raises troubling questions about how he was convicted in the first place. The Village Voice reports that Deacon was convicted after investigators coerced a witness named Colleen Campbell, who knew he hadn't commited the crime.

At Deacon's retrial, Campbell said authorities had threatened to take her kids away if she testified that she knew Deacon wasn't the killer, according to the Village Voice. Another witness testified that Deacon did commit the shooting, which was enough to convict him."......Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News.

Since when does testifying in court, or not testifying in court, or telling the truth, for that matter.....equal child abuse or child neglect? This stunt of threatening the children of witnesses in order to gain untruthful testimony seems to be a prosecutor's ace in the hole, these days! Is this the true role of Child Protective Services, assisting prosecutors in the attainment of wrongful convictions by threatening to hold hostage the children of witnesses? That might help explain why caseloads are bursting at the seams, and why Child Protective Services isn't always available to the child who actually needs them! Taxpayers are forced to pay them to enforce the whims of crooked court officials! Sad, but apparently true.

Twenty-five years of an innocent man's life.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Private Message

What were you doing where this picture was taken, in Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, on April 27, 2013? When you lost your phone in the same state, Oregon, during the week of November 11, was there anything authorities could find in it's hard drive, concerning the crime that was committed while you were standing and watching by the lighthouse, where this picture was taken? I may have already inadvertently done my civic duty in reporting it, when I told the Coast Guard you were lost, (my mistake, you weren't really lost, were you?) and gave them a location for you. But when you lost your phone recently, was there information in it that can help solve some of these mysteries that seem to initiate when you happen to be present?

Does Laura McNish, of Marshall County Kansas, always come to the aid of people who were present at crime scenes but don't come forward with the truth? Or is this something she only does when she has something to gain by dishonest means?

Someone in Kansas recently got into legal trouble in Wichita for assisting a crooked cop who didn't report serious crimes, as required by law. When the cop was investigated, she (the cop) bought a cell phone and enlisted the services of a third party use it to threaten and intimidate witnesses in hopes that she could scare them into saying what she wanted them to say, rather than representing the truth with their testimony. That third party answered for the whole affair in court, and the cop in question is not a cop anymore. It seems that the services of crooked cops are easier to terminate than the services of crooked prosecutors.

How much information was available for culling from your phone when you left it at the bus station, and do all of your buddies know how much of a risk it was to trust.....that is, use you?

Ah, for the days of landlines; when information was more difficult to track down!



Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Michael Saffioti Dies Of Food Allergies In Jail

Only twenty-three years old. Michael Saffioti had just turned himself in because he had to serve time for possession of Marijuana. He had food allergies, particularly to dairy products. Does it look like any employees at the jail had the slightest concern? Not to me. He ate some oatmeal that he was told had no dairy products. His poor mom had to bury him because of that. Over a prohibition law. Was it worth it, conservative creeps? Was it worth it?

I am allergic to oats, and other foods as well, and I am surprised Saffioti lived as long as two hours after eating them. Food allergies can kill quickly.

Marshall County Kansas can actually go Snohomish County Washington one better on this. The county prosecutor, Laura McNish, will actually have witnesses arrested when their perspectives and testimonies favor the defense, rather than the prosecution, (her new policy, I've been told, after she tried to intimidate yours truly into lying for her in court as a witness) and if they have food allergies, celiac disease, or other  health problems, she will actually order that doctor's orders NOT be followed until the witness she has arrested agrees to alter his or her testimony to fit the needs of the prosecution. If a witness cannot still be in jail during a court proceeding, he or she has a strong chance of being in the emergency room or the morgue; not in court, revealing the truth. This is nothing short of attempted murder.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Brett Seacat Gets To Move Out Of State

Brett Seacat, the Kansas policeman convicted of deliberately burning down his house in Kingman, Kansas, with his wife inside of it, gets to serve his life sentence at another prison, at an undisclosed location. Kansas Department of Corrections has a protocol allowing cops to serve time in prisons other than where they would be incarcerated normally, so they won't have to serve alongside prisoners they may have arrested. Isn't that special? If Seacat had food allergies or autoimmune disease, there would be no special accommodations. If Seacat needed a restricted diet for medical reasons, it would probably be ignored. If Seacat had a mental illness, chances are rather strong that no one in the Department of Corrections would worry about it. But the fact that Seacat is a cop means he merits special treatment and taxpayers have to pay to transport him from El Dorado to a prison somewhere else. Why can't taxpayers get the choice of what gets funded and prioritized within the prison system? They might worry about healthcare before worrying about the safety of dirty cops.


Abbie Hoffman Moment


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Should Foster Parents Handcuff Foster Children?

Perhaps a better question would be: should foster parents handcuff foster children to front porches with dead chickens around their necks? Or should a foster parent who is employed as a registered nurse in a local emergency room handcuff his foster child to a porch with a dead chicken around his neck? Maybe we should all want to know this; should a foster parent who, not only is employed as a social worker, but the supervisor of the social worker fiefdom in her county, as in the "Grand Poobah" of socialworkerdom and Child Protective Services in Union County, South Carolina, handcuff her foster child to a porch with a dead chicken around his neck?

Here's another question, and this one's been asked in Kansas before. There's a foster parent named Noble Rick Pendland who is out on bond in Kansas, awaiting trial for molesting quite a few of the children of whom he had custody over the years. The childrens' natural parents begged Kansas courts to allow the children to come home, or live elsewhere, but Kansas only told the parents who did not want their children raped that they were bad parents for not wanting their children to cohabit with Pendland, and that if they did anything to stop Pendland from sexually exploiting their children, they would be arrested, go to jail, and that their parental rights would be terminated. So should a natural parent be allowed to tell the court not to grant a foster parent permission to have intercourse with a foster child, and should a natural parent be allowed to tell the court that his child should not have to wear handcuffs and dead animals while in foster care?

Your call, folks. Start getting involved with your community and government at your earliest convenience.


Update On The Man With The Tacky Chair

On Tuesday, the FBI asked for help identifying the owner of the ugly chair, or John Doe 27, as he is called by law enforcement. His work, specifically child pornography, has been identified online. Now, thanks to the general public, social networking, neighborhood gossips, and the first amendment, the FBI thinks the information given generously to them may have actually helped. They think this guy, with his horrid taste in home décor and his criminal taste in entertainment, may be somewhere in the Midwest, hiding out among republicans, fundamentalist christians, and the like. Until more definitive developments arise in the investigation, there will probably be no more updates or comments from the FBI.

How long should it take to expose this man to furniture inside jail cells, instead of tacky checkered chairs? Quite a few of us are interested in the answer to that question.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Georgia Coroner Files Two Investigations For One Death

Remember this post, about a seventeen year old young man named Kendrick Johnson? Kendrick died in January of this year, and when he did not come home from school, was later found rolled up in a gym mat at his school, the victim of a brutal murder. The crime scene was never locked down, because the basketball game was too important to the school. Evidence...what little was collected....was sloppily handled, and Kendrick's parents were given vague to blatantly dishonest answers about how their son died. Police actually tried to sell them a story of their son's death as an accident. Kendrick had actually been beaten and then hidden inside of a gym mat. No one gets rolled up in a gym mat by accident.  It looks to this blogger as if there is a perpetrator who is too special, for all the wrong reasons, to be held accountable for his or her crimes. "His", most likely; because when the formerly "non-existent" surveillance footage finally became existent, thanks to Anderson Cooper's coverage of the case, the others ON FILM who were present in the gym when this happened, although previously reported not present, are best described with masculine pronouns.

Something else quite disturbing that has come out of all this is that there are apparently two death certificates currently on file for Kendrick. Chances are, there was only one death certificate at first. Authorities in Lowndes County, Georgia were probably arrogant enough to think that they could rule any cause of death they chose, no matter how far fetched. The Justice Department wasn't even worried about it! At least, not until Anderson Cooper and CNN got involved. Then, all of a sudden, federal prosecutors changed their minds and decided to look at this again. A court order allowing Kendrick's parents to get a second opinion on the cause of death was also helpful. But why did a second death certificate, which had not been shared with Kendrick's family, also surface?

One should only need a medical second opinion over a diagnosis involving a treatable illness. A second opinion should never be a necessity to explain a cause of death, especially to grieving parents of a once healthy child. From the principal of Lowndes County High School to the Justice Department, which initially did not want to re-examine this case until CNN got involved: how do these people sleep at night? No one needs two birth certificates for one lifetime; no one needs two death certificates for one lifetime. Thank the Gods we have CNN to fix these problems for us! Its hard to tell, anymore, when our local governments will find it necessary to lie to our parents about what happened while we were in school.

Here's another perspective on this whole matter.

Tell The Red Cross The Money Is For Haiyan

One of my friends, who has volunteered for the Red Cross in the past, recently made this point: when making a donation by check to the Red Cross for victims of a specific disaster or cause, it is well to write the cause on the "memo" line on the check. You can also donate online.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What Do Joaquin Rams And Russel Morris Have In Common?

Slow investigations, multiple deaths, judicial harassment of victims and family members of victims, and perpetrators....whoever they may be....are left to repeat their crimes and continue to prey on others. That seems par for the course when a crime victim is too young to testify on his own behalf. A new angry troll has discovered this site, and has made his presence known because he did not like what I wrote about the untimely death of little Caleb Stewart, the baby who died in the home daycare of Tara Johnson, near Topeka, Kansas, this past February. Caleb was dropped off for daycare one morning, when Tara Johnson didn't feel like  providing daycare. She left Caleb with a male "friend" of hers, Russel Morris, after Caleb's mother went to work. Over the course of the day, and after conflictingly related events which have not been properly investigated, Caleb died. His parents have yet to hear the explanation. Chad Taylor, prosecutor of Topeka, Kansas, is not interested in the case. Caleb's mother works to provide for her family and needs daycare in order to work every day, and that puts her in a class that is obviously is not the type a Kansas prosecutor would even worry about. Right, Johnson-McNish? This case seems to compare to the Northern Virginia case of Joaquin Rams, who has been charged in the drowning death of his infant son, Prince.

Before I continue musing out loud about the two cases, let me just say that Joaquin Rams has not been found guilty, and Russel Morris has not been charged with anything and is not a suspect. The only reason he attracted my attention was his angry dialogue on my site, and his outrageous demeanor toward a mother who just lost her child.

Caleb's case already reminded me a bit of the case against Joaquin Rams in Northern Virginia, where
he awaits trial for the drowning death of his fifteen month old son, Prince. Prince's mom, Hera Mcleod, begged Judge Michael Algeo, of Montgomery County, Maryland, to keep Joaquin's visits with Prince supervised. Algeo didn't care. In fact, he demonized Hera. Joaquin lied about everything from his intentions to his financial situation. Prince mysteriously ended up drowning on the third unsupervised visit. Because Prince did not die immediately, but died later on, in a hospital, Joaquin got away with smoke-screening all the facts and circumstances and blaming Hera; creating as much confusion as possible in the hospital. He did not get charged with murder immediately, and it took over two months for Hera to even get a complete report from the medical examiner. The other day, when I heard that there was no actual cause of death reported by the medical examiner in Caleb's death, I was not surprised. But I was surprised to hear about another detail that has not been publicized: the boyfriend of Caleb's daycare provider, Russel Morris, had a death in his family the very day before little Caleb died. His former wife died, "mysteriously". Undetermined causes. No one thinks this warrants further investigation, and when the mother of Joaquin Rams's oldest son, (Prince's older brother) Shawn Mason, died in March of 2003, her death was not initially connected to Rams. His own mother's 2008 death was ruled a suicide. After Prince died, it took the medical examiner at least two months to rule on a cause of death and also determine that the death was an homicide, but after law enforcement determined that Rams had bought insurance on all three of the victims, the Commonwealth of Virginia took a closer look at the three deaths. Joaquin has now been formally charged in Shawn Mason's death, and in Prince Mcleod Rams's death, and awaits trial behind bars. What an unusual parallel!

Another trait these two men have in common is the use of bullying tactics and intimidation against family members of victims. Both men were obviously witnesses in the subsequent cases, and the family members initially only wanted answers. When Joaquin refused, Hera persisted. He not only lied about his son's cause of death, (a possible reason the medical examiner kept quiet) but trolled Hera on the internet, almost to the point of harassment, in an attempt to dissuade others from believing her or from encouraging her to seek justice for Prince, and in a pathetic attempt to make her feel as badly as possible. Russel Morris, has treated Misty Durham, Caleb's mother, in much the same way. He not only acts in a trollish manner online, but has appeared on television, specifically the Steve Wilkos show, forcefully trying his best to intimidate Misty and stop her from any further efforts to determine why her son died. He is also on a campaign to blurt out anything he can remember about Misty's past, in an ongoing effort to dissuade the general public from caring about what happened to Caleb. It's a little like what Joaquin Rams did to Hera Mcloed. Bullies often do this to keep their victims from snitching on them. This behavior is curious in Russel Morris's case, however; why is it so important to him that Misty hurry up and find closure and move on with her life? And why is he so ready to disparage Misty? Most of us do not express sympathy for grieving mothers by intimidating them or insulting them.




Tuesday, November 12, 2013

John Doe 27

John Doe 27, or "Jimmy", as he appears to call himself on the internet, has been narrowed down as a person of interest in the creation and trade of child pornography, and is wanted by the FBI.  Authorities were made aware of images related to this matter in April of this year, and after gathering all the available data, need to question a Caucasian male with a somewhat dark complexion and brown eyes and a bald spot on the back of his head. "Jimmy" uses either a fake or a real Southern accent when he talks, and has a tacky plaid chair in his living room. Now that there is a picture of the chair circulating the internet, it may show up at a dump or be the subject of an impromptu bonfire. It may be spotted before John Doe 27 is spotted.

Pictures on the internet do not just disappear because they get taken down by those who have posted them. Between the time a picture is posted, and the time it is removed, it can be intercepted by any number of sources and reproduced an infinite number of times. Anyone who believes that child pornography is not a serious crime is sadly mistaken. The FBI is asking anyone who recognizes the man or furniture in the photos to call a local FBI office or the call the nearest embassy or consulate.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pennsylvania Judge Tells Mom Not To Breastfeed

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

A judge in Northampton County, Pennsylvania thinks he knows when a baby should breastfeed, and when a baby should be weaned. After all, aren't all children cookie cutter clones of each other? Shouldn't their development, by and large, mirror image the development of all other children, as they grow to become more and more sheepishly alike? And why would a mom still breastfeed a baby who is ten months old? Shouldn't all babies be on formula by then?

Jessica Moser was just told by a family law court judge, who isn't named in this article, that she has to stop breastfeeding and put her baby on formula so the baby can spend two nights a week with her non-custodial father. The baby will not take a bottle, and Jessica cannot pump enough for two days. But the judge has mandated that this baby will switch to formula, or he will take all of Jessica's children away from her. Sadly, this kind of crap happens all over the country. In fact, breastfeeding is something women are encouraged to avoid in Northeast Kansas. It seems that the judicial community has found one more brutally effective weapon in it's brutal attack on the American family. Bravo, Northampton County! Today you got famous.

Not every baby can tolerate formula. Celiac disease runs in my family. (this was unbeknownst to me when I had my children) My natural children were all breastfed, and that is probably one of the reasons they are so healthy, and have not exhibited symptoms of celiac disease, themselves, as the autoimmune disease is hereditary. Breast milk, even in perfectly healthy babies, is always better tolerated than formula. One of the reasons that the diapers of breast fed babies are less smelly then the diapers of bottle fed babies is that breast milk is easier for any baby to digest. Also, breast fed babies generally develop more quickly, into more intelligent students who display much more independent thought. Could this be another reason the judge would like to stop this woman from breastfeeding? Hmmm.......Those special education teachers would find themselves unemployed if too many moms breastfed! Also, breastfed babies are less likely to be obese as children or as adults.  Formula simply isn't a match, at all, for breastfeeding; and if a baby won't drink it, the point is moot. Is the Pennsylvania judge going to punish a ten month old by sending her to bed with no dinner?

What's wrong with simply giving the mom six months to wean this baby, since babies usually are not weaned overnight, and starting extended visitation then? In six months, this ten month old will be closer to an age when most babies are weaned, able to eat more of what everyone else eats, and able to communicate via spoken word. Why punish a baby just for being a baby?


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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Making A Freedom Of Information Act Request

While talking with several Kansas crime victims and their families, from different parts of Kansas, it became abundantly clear to me that the Kansas judicial community not only plays a vicious game of favorites, but at times when it is inconvenient to actually solve a crime and pursue justice, either because the suspect is someone deemed important, the suspect is the child of someone deemed important, or the crime was done so expertly that law enforcement in Kansas is unable to solve it; courts and police departments will actually withhold information from victims and family members, and tell them that pertinent cases are closed, without providing documentation that said pertinent cases are closed. This is usually a stalling tactic, but can sometimes be subterfuge, specifically to protect favored guilty parties. Either way, while some information, during an investigation, can be legally withheld; if an investigation is closed, a parent has the right to know how his child died, a family has the right to know about important updates in a missing persons case, and a crime victim has the right to be informed of progress in relevant criminal proceedings.

The Freedom Of Information Act, or the FOIA, was enacted in 1966, and serves as a simple vehicle
for discovery of facts that are legally available to the individual seeking these facts. One may write a letter to an organization or individual, citing the latest update of the FOIA, and request the information. For example, "In accordance with the Freedom Of Information Act Of 2012, (or the most recent update of the law) I am requesting the files you refused to release to me via personal request." Sometimes it is a good idea to offer reimbursement for postage or shipping. One should name the specific information desired, and tell the reader why one is legally entitled to this information. This needs to be done in writing, and copies of all written communication should be
saved. Should the agency to whom the request is made refuse to cooperate, a written answer should be supplied to the petitioner. If the requested information truly belongs to the petitioner as well as the respondent, it can be used later in court, showing the lack of cooperation. In the event of cover-up or suppression of evidence, it can be a very serious ethics violation, depending on which agency suppresses information. In Kansas, there may not always be a lawyer available to represent victims of the mockery we call law enforcement, but there are some major media covering several cases wherein the Freedom Of Information Act has factored in one way or another, and copies of unlawful refusals can easily be scanned and published.

These copies make really good pictures and illustrations in the absence of pictures of the cowards who refuse to come forward with requested discovery and information.


Through The Lens Of Siriunsun's Camera


Friday, November 8, 2013

Christians And Human Trafficking In Kansas

Recently, an official for Child Protective Services in the Wichita, Kansas area, by the name of Diane Bidwell, resigned. She resigned the day an investigation was completed concerning her relationship with a Christian organization called Faithbuilders, which buys and sells white children who have had the misfortune of being snatched from their natural parents. It astounds this blogger to no end that a religious organization is even eligible to serve in this function: they recruit, secure foster placements. There does not appear to be any concern for the child whose parents and extended family are not Christian. In fact, the extended family does not appear to matter to Faithbuilders. The biggest reason for the DCF review is summed up here, by KAKE; "The internal DCF review started after complaints alleging that FaithBuilders -- which provides respite and foster care as well as mentoring for parents facing crises -- had encouraged some parents to place their children into temporary foster care and then sign away their parental rights so the children could be adopted."

Well, well, well. This sounds a little like a case that took place in Haiti, involving an Idaho Christian named Laura Silsby. She thought, since an earthquake in February of 2010 displaced a large number of people, that no one would miss a few children, if she snatched them and brought them, illegally, to the United States. Despite the fact that this is human trafficking, other lovely Christians accompanied her, some of whom were, ironically, from Kansas.

Kansas is filled with German Christian families who, historically had as many children as they could to use as farm hands. If a child disappeared, it was no big deal to the German Christian parents.  If a parent's child gets snatched  by Child Protective Services, they seriously do not understand why it is so important  to the parent to get the child back. Kansas honestly feels that it is okay to grab a child every now and then, terminate a parent's rights, refuse to contact any noncustodial parents or other relatives, and just allow another family to adopt the child, after paying certain fees, of course. This helps Kansas during a sluggish economy. Laura McNish, prosecutor of Marshall County, Kansas, even takes children away from parents who will not agree to testify in ways that serve the interests of the prosecution in unrelated cases. She thinks nothing of it; Marshall County can make money that way. That's how she buys untruthful testimony from witnesses; she threatens children. A recent victim of this game actually lost her virginity while in the care of a teacher from Frankfort High School.

So the results of this investigation will now be kept confidential. We, the people, are not supposed to care too much about what the good Christians of Faithbuilders are doing with OTHER PEOPLES' children. And Diana Bidwell decided to resign, at the very minute the review was completed. Coincidence? "DCF spokeswoman Theresa Freed said in an e-mail that DCF Secretary Phyllis Gilmore decided the results of the review would be "kept confidential because of concerns regarding children in her care and personnel matters." Exactly when did Phyllis Gilmore start to care about the rights of the children in her care? There is no question that she cares about "personel matters", as she covers for people in her employ rather frequently when they err, but concerns regarding the children in her care? Why not just remove all the names of children from the report, and hand it over to the people?
Gilmore has also decided she needs more information.

Lucky for Gilmore, this blog has her covered. In 1996, Washington, D.C. had some problems with it's Child Protective Services agency. Not only were the findings of all the investigations turned over to the lawyers of the children in custody, the whole mess was covered by the Washington Post, and several other newpapers.
Here's some more information for Gilmore, should this not be enough: LaShawn A. v. Williams mandated that Child Protective Services in Washington D.C. be placed in receivership from 1996 until around 2001 or 2002. As a by-product of the court ruling, the information, minus the names of the children involved, became public information. This should help Gilmore with her need for "more information."

Of course, federal authorities, along with the Freedom Of Information Act, can also prove very helpful to Phyllis Gilmore, in her desperate need for information. It works like this: the congressmen and senators who desire the results of the above named investigation, in order to protect the children of Kansas, file suit for said information via the Freedom Of Information Act, citing the most recent update of the law. The court then orders the investigation made public, minus the names of any minors involved, and....viola! National and local newspapers print a big story about the whole thing, and Phyllis Gilmore has all the information she needs!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why Does The FBI Need Ciancia's Cell Phone?

As we all know by now, a young man by the name of Paul Ciancia shot a TSA agent in Los Angeles, by the name of Gerardo Hernandez a couple of days ago. While the media misreported quite a few of the key elements of the incident early on; undoubtedly the sad result of trying to be first in regurgitating certain angles of the story; the actual evidence available to the media, the innocent bystander, and to law enforcement has been straightforward enough to correct almost all of this misinformation and tell a more realistic story of what happened. That said, the actual evidence has also been straightforward enough to establish inarguable probable cause to detain and charge Ciancia with all of the crime associated with his actions. So; why is the FBI even bothering to subpoena Ciancia's cell phone, in search of personal searches, personal messages to others, and personal friends and associations......all to examine his view of government? Why are Ciancia's feelings about America's government so important, when there is already enough evidence to convict him on any charge decided upon before trial?

Paul Ciancia's opinions of government may be useful in establishing a motive for murder and attempted murder. There is no doubt about that. Because of statements he has already made, even a motive for premeditation can easily be established. Unfortunately for Ciancia's defense, there is already enough evidence to lock him up, either in prison or a funnyfarm, for a large chunk of his future. Why bother with personal reflections and other data leading to personal preferences? Can anyone guess what will follow such antics on the part of federal prosecutors?

When all of Ciancia's possible opinions, sleeping and waking dreams, likes and dislikes, subconscious leanings, personality type, romantic preferences, and flatulence directions are established, it will very likely be postulated that anyone who disapproves of government, particularly law enforcement, will be associated with shooters of TSA agents, and also random murderers, and duly demonized. We've seen this type of thing before; can anyone remember a story from Maryland that rocked the nation back in the early 1990's? A young man named Donald Wingo was falsely accused of vandalizing the Yeshiva Of Greater Washington. The Montgomery County Police, of Maryland, were quite liberal in making accusations and rooting through Wingo's home because of a prior criminal record. If this blogger recalls events correctly, they did not even wait for the full investigation of the crime scene! While ripping through Wingo's personal possessions, a deck of Tarot cards was discovered, and the judicial community, in concert with the media, used the deck of Tarot cards as a fulcrum from which to demonize the entire New Age and Pagan community in that area. Eventually, it became abundantly clear to the court that Tarot cards and vandalism have nothing, whatsoever, to do with each other, and that Wingo's criminal record, while heinous, also had nothing to do with this crime. The real culprit, who acted alone, was located and arrested without incident or news coverage. The local and national media took no steps toward publishing the truth, and if any apologies to Wingo's parents for the ransacking of their home were issued by law enforcement, yours truly has yet to hear of it. Note: before anyone protests the sequence of events laid forth in the last few sentences, yours truly does have some information that was ignored by the media and by the court. The effort here was to associate hate crimes with creativity. Law enforcement had not been recognized as recklessly lawless at that time.

More recently, the ongoing effort to lull the masses into thinking that law enforcement consists of only "the good guys" is waning. From the prosecutions and harassment of activists to the actual threats to whistle-blowers such as Edward Snowden, whose only "crime" was breaching a contract with an employer to let the rest of us know that our taxes are paying the folks in NSA to spy on their spouses and lovers.......and occasionally, suspected "terrorists", law enforcement and the rest of the judicial community have engaged in violence against innocent people, and in threats to scare anyone who is considering the act of sharing strange but true information about the United States government. In the early 1990's, when the above mentioned case in Maryland, involving Donald Wingo and his Tarot cards took place, there really wasn't a presence among defense lawyers specializing in the representation of whistle-blowers, but now there is. A website with more information is right here: Whistle-Blower Defense League.

There are two reasons that the FBI wants information concerning Paul Ciancia's opinion of government. The first is damage control; let's face it, many of us are not happy with American government lately, for one reason or another. The second is to take it a step beyond damage control and inform the American people, especially children who are still impressionable, that anyone who does not like the government, or authority, is likely to either be, or become, a murderer. Big Brother wants everyone to believe that conformity is next to godliness. What a farce; even the mythical Jesus Christ was an antigovernment nonconformist! So far, there is nothing on record about him killing anyone. While there is not a reason to defend the murder of a TSA agent, there is also not a reason to associate the actions of one troubled young man with anyone who is not in favor of present day American government.

There is one reason that the FBI has gotten a subpoena for the information from Ciancia's cell phone and other electronic media. Ciancia's legal counsel has most certainly told him to stop talking by now.

Moron who does not like activists and non-conformists.



Monday, November 4, 2013

Paul Davis And His Running Mate, Jill Docking

Jill Docking spends a lot of time on the discussion of public schools and education in Kansas. Maybe some of us should put together a list of our own questions for her, and see if she has time to answer them, the next time she and Paul Davis are is this are together.


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Sunday, November 3, 2013

When Government Can't Tolerate Truth

As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be most aware of change in the air - however slight - lest we become unwitting victims of darkness.

Justice William O. Douglas


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I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Do You Know This Baby?

The other day, in Santa Ana, a woman either jumped from a moving truck, was pushed out of a moving truck, or was hit by a moving truck, and her injuries were so severe that she died shortly after being taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, she died before she was able to tell anyone her name, and had no identification of any kind on her person. That, alone, is very sad; but there is more to this story. A baby girl who appears to be around ten months old was found lying beside her on the road, and no one knows who she is or where to find her family. She desperately needs someone to recognize her and come forward and tell authorities is Santa Ana where to find the rest of her family. The number for Santa Ana police is 714-245-8390, and Orange County Crime Stoppers will take tips about this, as well, at 1-855-TIP-OCCS.

To be in an accident and lose one's mother is bad enough for a child this young, but to have such an incident separate one permanently from one's family is unimaginably tragic.