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Monday, August 21, 2017

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Friday, August 18, 2017

I Hope You Heard This, Laura McNish

I hope, Laura McNish, county attorney of Marshall County, Kansas, that you have been paying attention to recent events. Do you remember when you advised the principal of a public school here in Marshall County, Kansas to tell one of my children that she wasn't welcome in school because she might "ruin the culture"? Even though all the other children from my community ARE welcome there? My child, unlike most of the children who attend public schools in YOUR county, had no criminal history, had never used illegal drugs, and had never even tasted alcohol. You just wanted to hurt her feelings. She did not accept your monetary offer to render false information in court, like a couple of other people did, in that case that you LOST back in 2013, so you requested that she be the victim of discrimination. 

Guess what? The nation is starting to see people like you more clearly. Not only are you racist; you favor bigots who offer you money over honesty and truth. The combination of modern technology and the First Amendment to our Constitution have conspired to make this a very awkward time in history for you to continue your crap. Your racist and white separatist goals were never good for any part of Kansas, and certainly have no place now. Equality and love are what I have always taught my children, and it looks as if I might not have been alone, after all.

I really hope you have noticed all the recent developments. Oh, by the way, was your son ever publicly held accountable for driving one of your vehicles over someone's cornfield in Marshall County, Kansas, in the summer of 2013? You know....the same way OTHER young people would have been held accountable? Or is accountability only for other people, and not your children?

Just resign, Laura. No one needs your racism, favoritism, and filth.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

First Day Of School In Frankfort, Kansas

It's that time of year again in Frankfort, Kansas, and this story will appear once again on this site, because the school here in Frankfort has not seen fit to come into compliance with safety standards observed by schools in other parts of Kansas, and has not come into compliance with federal law concerning the presence of weapons on school property, bullying, or student safety. The only change made is that credit shall be granted where it is due: the name of the errant and uncorrected guidance counselor who has been granted carte blanche to endanger children is Tom Schroeder.

Anyone who's listening, I will tell you a story. It's a true story, and it happened in October of 2009. Thankfully, it had a happy ending.

My oldest daughter used to be quite the avid cross country buff when she was thirteen years old. She was good at it, too. But one day, while she was at practice, and I was at home, just assuming that all was well, her coach drove past my house, stopping to talk to my eight year old son. Mr. Coach wanted to know if Mr. Eight Year Old had seen his older sister. Mr. Eight Year Old had not. No one had seen my daughter in over two hours. She was lost. Why was she lost? Because her coach had dropped her off by the side of a highway, four miles south of the town we live in, by herself, and just left her. It was part of cross country practice. No supervision. If she had been stung by a bee, had tripped and hurt herself, or had some other medical emergency, no one would have been there to help her. (at this juncture, you should know that I offered to volunteer to help with cross country, but since I do not attend a Christian church, my offer was rejected. The school staff thought it better to take chances with a child's safety in the way I just described) When my daughter realized that she did not know her way back, she started to wander on a side road, hoping it would bring her to a house, or another person. This area has a lot of commercial farms, and there were no houses or places my daughter could go to for help.

Back to my eight year old son.......Twenty minutes went by. While he did not realize the signifigance of his conversation with Mr. Cross County Coach, (also Mr. Guidance Counselor) he did realize that no one knew where his sister was, and it was getting later and later, and no one was looking for her. So he told me about it. I looked all over town, called all her friends, searched the school (why was the school left unlocked after everyone had gone home?) and finally started home to call the police, when a couple of senior boys drove up with my crying daughter in their car. It was still within a few minutes of when I found out she was missing, but this cross country coach had known all afternoon, and had not called the police, or spoken to me. Why? I guess whatever he cared about, it WASN'T my daughter. Well.........I actually DO care about my daughter. Nowhere else have I met a teacher that did NOT care, at least a little, about the children he teaches, but I think that is what the problem is with Mr. Cross Country Coach/ Guidance Counselor.

Suppose it was not young men from her school who found her, but a dangerous person? I have been told time and time again by the people who live in this small Kansas town that "those things don't happen here", and "there ARE no dangerous people here", but there was a sex offender whose address was within half a mile of where my daughter was abandoned. The police were quick to point that out, but the principal only argued his harmlessness as a sex offender with them and the school board is not worried about the incident.

My children no longer participate in cross country at their school. It isn't safe

Monday, August 14, 2017

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Another Word About Public School Enrollment Fees

Textbook Rentals. That's what someone from the superintendent's office at Vermillion, USD 380, in Kansas told yours truly about the unlawful tuition that Dean Dalinghaus, the principal of Frankfort School, in Frankfort, Kansas, charges the parents of the unlucky children who attend his institution. According to federal law, there is no such thing as a "textbook rental" in a public school for a required course. If a student loses or destroys a textbook, it is, of course, another matter; but Frankfort has no legal business charging any parent 50.00 for its moth eaten, outdated, information-challenged tomes that are seldom even read by students.

Prior to paying for a "textbook rental", each parent should inspect the property for which the unlawful tuition is purported to pay. Is the textbook torn up or missing pages? Was it published in 1953? Was it written and compiled by authors whose contributions to the subject matter have been superseded by better authorities? If so, the school should not charge, in the name of state and federal government, for the use of the published material.

The savvy parent should also call the publishing company used by the school and inquire about the actual prices paid by the school for these textbooks. Have the books already been paid off, many times over, by parents who have paid "textbook rentals"? If so, it is very inappropriate and legally questionable, even in cases wherein such a fee is legal, to force a parent to pay for such a thing. How much would the publishing company charge a parent for a new or used textbook? Shouldn't the parent have this information, up front, before paying rental fees? One would not rent a car, or a home, without knowing the actual cost of purchase, so why not find out how much a used book would cost?

USD 380 and Dean Dalinghaus should stop charging tuition for public school. If Dalinghaus wishes to charge parents more money than the actual value of his product, he should attempt to pimp his product in the private market for childhood education, and find out, there, the actual value of his services and textbooks.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Public Schools And Enrollment Fees

Here are some words that appeared on this site a couple of years ago, and as it is almost time for public schools in Kansas to open their seldom locked, unsecured doors again, this message is appropriate for parents who do not wish to pay more than they already pay, via their property taxes and mill levies, for a substandard product. If your childrens' school is charging these unlawful enrollment fees, you do not have to pay. Refuse to be intimidated.

Some of the public schools in Kansas have taken to the unlawful practice of charging "enrollment fees". This is against federal law, and every time a case concerning enrollment fees has gone to court, brought by either the school or parents, the parents have won because the practice of charging for public education is unlawful. The American Civil Liberties Union has gotten involved in a few cases involving this issue, as well.

It appears that the (ahem) school, and I use the word "school" very loosely here, in Frankfort, Kansas is up to their usual unlawful stunts again in regard to extorting money from parents. The "tuition" charged this year for each student is $50.00. This does not include activity fees. There is no information revealing the purpose of the fee, or what is actually covered by it. Frankfort does, after all, garner state and federal dollars, in order to pay staff to yak on their cell phones most of the day, or surf the internet. Why is it all-encompassing to charge money that is legally not allowed to be charged?

In the past, when yours truly sent children to school in Frankfort, she refused to pay the "enrollment fees", stating emphatically that her "fees" were already covered by the mill levy and property taxes she pays each year. This would naturally bring on threats from the principal, promising everything from refusal to admit students to crying to a collection agency. The principal discovered that he cannot refuse to enroll any student in his district, regardless of fees; and that legitimate collection agencies are loth to intervene in matters wherein the so-called obligor owes nothing.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Through The Lens Of Siriunsun's Camera

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Something To Consider

Friday, August 4, 2017

No Bond For USD 380 Vermillion

USD 380 Vermillion, which includes two public schools in Northeast Kansas, Frankfort and Centralia, attempted to get voters to vote for a 8.5 million dollar bond for them, this past Monday, August 1. Overwhelmingly, the people voted no; 698 to 263. That included about three fourths of registered voters in both towns. The school board is disappointed and the superintendent thinks that folks do not care about the schools, according to the Marysville Advocate. This is a little unfair; if the school board actually listened to constituents and analyzed data, perhaps such gross comments would not make their way into the newspaper.

The reasons given by the school board for desiring 8.5 million dollars were updates to the buildings, and a new gym at the Centralia locaction. USD 380 straddles three counties, Marshall, Nemaha, and Pottawatomie. Centralia is in Nemaha County. Should those who live in the other two counties see their mill levies and their property taxes increase for a gymnasium that their children will never get to use? Why is a school district with declining enrollment straddling three different counties in the first place?

The other reason given for such a large amount involved security measures. Frankfort and Centralia want keypad locks on their doors, rather than the traditional locks and keys. Not only is this an expensive initial option for a tiny school, it requires upkeep that the school district would not be able to fund, even with the bond. Every time a building with such a lock changes its schedule and itinerary, a technician must visit the building to change the pass-code information. This is at least two hundred dollars per visit, and both schools host sporting events and parent teacher conferences, which would necessitate many visits from a technician. In the case of USD 380, old fashioned locks and keys will still work as desired, if the building is actually locked when not occupied. Another item desired is a metal detector. The problem had by USD 380 concerning guns is mostly in Frankfort, and that involves a failure on the part of school administration to sanction those who bully and bring weapons into the building. If the proper reports are made to the FBI each time a child takes a weapon, drugs, or alcohol to school, even if it is the child or grandchild of someone who donates a lot of money via the booster club; and the child in question is sanctioned according to federal law, these problems will abate. Frankfort has not attempted to follow the law, and expects a metal detector to cover up that problem. Finally, both schools want cameras at all entrances, which is reasonable. Cameras for two tiny schools will not cost 8.5 million dollars. A word of caution, however; Frankfort has consistently rejected the use of a sign-in sheet in the office for adult visitors to the school. The staff does not wish to monitor those who enter and exit the building. A camera will do no more good than an unused sign-in sheet if the principal is truly unconcerned about what goes on inside the school. Also, as long as teachers are not held accountable when they "lose" students off of school property during the school day, key pads, metal detectors, and cameras will not accomplish anything. Tom Schroeder and Dean Dalinghaus, I'm looking at you, here!

The populations of Frankfort and USD 380 have been on the decline since 1910. At present, the population of Centralia is about 500 people and the population of Frankfort is about 690. That is fewer people, altogether, than attended your faithful blogger's alma mater at the time of her graduation. Why should taxpayers fund an 8.5 million dollar bond for schools that will probably shut down and consolidate with other, more viable schools, within the next ten years? The bond would take twenty-five years to pay off.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Scaramucci No Longer Works Here

That's right; you read that correctly. Anthony Scaramucci, hired on July 21 to be the communications director of the White House, has been fired by the star of The Apprentice, Donald Trump. It seems that newly hired White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, retired Marine Corps general and former Homeland Security secretary, was not amenable to working with someone who reminds everyone of a mob godfather apprenctice! It has been an interesting week for Scaramucci, as his wife filed for divorce for on July 27.

Has Trump Joined Westboro Baptist Church?

Donald Trump has decided to publicly insult the LGBT community; specifically, those who serve in all branches of the military. He announced a ban on transgender people serving, even after supporting gay marriage, over the years. So why the sudden shift? Has the Donald taken his "strong Christian" stance to Kansas, and joined one of the Christian congregations there, such as New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas, led by Reverend Curtis Knapp, or perhaps Westboro Baptist Church?

In other news, Donald Trump donated $130,000 to Faith Among Nations, a shell corporation created by the late Rev. Fred Phelps, of Westboro Baptist Church, suspected of quietly funneling money into the church to pay church salaries.

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Friday, July 28, 2017

Siriunsun's Art Gallery

 These great necklaces, plus many other cool gifts, can be found at The Porch Swing, in Marysville, Kansas.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Friday, July 21, 2017

Come To Chicago

Here it is, Moonlight; the song I told you about a couple of days ago. Today, another young person told me that she had "always been told" that it is unlawful to protest war in America! I asked her who told her that, and she couldn't tell me. The lack of knowledge about our Constitution is becoming a bigger danger that any of the things we protest.

Peter And The Star Catcher

Come see Peter and the Star Catcher in Waterville, Kansas, at the Opera House on Friday, July 21 and Saturday, July 22 at 7:30 PM and Sunday, July 23 at 2:00 PM

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Through The Lens Of Siriunsun's Camera

Monday, July 17, 2017

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Friday, July 14, 2017

Question For Born Again Christians

How come Hobby Lobby, a self identified "Christian" company, is dealing in stolen art and artifacts? Why are they conducting business with known terrorists, and buying goods from them? Did Jesus tell Christians that it is alright to grab up the treasures of war torn countries, such as Iraq and Syria, and grab items that belong in national museums, for everyone to see? And why do Christians think that it is okay to financially assist terrorists in any way? 

At least Jesus and Friends got sanctioned for it.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Private Message

I've been following the situation with your son for over a year now. I just want to say that I wish him well, and if he recovers, I will be very happy for him. No question about that. I have some reservations about you, though. You do remember when you badmouthed me behind my back, because you don't like my religion, don't you? I didn't have any use for your born-again church, and I told my children that if, while pretending to teach classes, you continued to mention your silly take on Christianity, they didn't have to listen to you. I'm sure you remember. Even after you quit teaching because no one else liked your approach, either, you still, despite being holier than everyone else, never bothered to teach your children to obey the laws of the land. That brings me to my big question for you: when are you going to get on Facebook and admit to the world that your son's injuries in his car accident were not really the result of failure to use a seat belt, but failure to remain sober while driving? I know alcohol was involved, because I asked the sheriff of the county where your son's vehicle flipped over. How come you have accepted monetary donations without straight-up honesty about it? I am not a Christian, and not terribly religious at all, but I know enough about the new testament to tell you that lying and fraud are wrong. Possibly even more wrong, from a moral standpoint, than teaching your children that the laws of the land do not apply to them. Just tell the truth.

Oh, by the way; "the devil" is not responsible for what happened to your son when he drove drunk last May. Your son is responsible for it. And so are you, indirectly. If you had not chosen to send your children to school where virtually all of the children drink alcoholic beverages, with the approval of teachers, despite the laws against it, your son would probably have never been where he was that night, and if your son had chosen to be "different" enough to abide by the laws of the state and the laws of the land, despite the majority of the student body of his school, the whole thing would never have happened. The youth pastor of your church has been made aware of this, so unless you want to acknowledge that the devil is in the details and tell the truth, you should leave the devil out of it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Advice For The Child In Chief

Haha! This is too funny! Donald Trump should just resign......before the impeachment proceedings begin! Of course, whether he resigns or not, all investigations into his criminal conduct, before and after the 2016 election, will continue!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Best Cat In The World

We got Gandolf in 2013. He was already an older cat; he had been used as a "stud" for creating Ragdoll kittens. His breeders had decided to have him euthanized, in favor of getting new breeding stock. They took him to the local vet, and paid the fee to put him down. Instead of euthanizing him, the vet let us adopt him. He was every bit as playful as a kitten, but did not climb curtains and was already litter box trained. He was a wonderful pet in every way. This afternoon, he died of old age. We will miss him terribly.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Footprints In The Sand

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