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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

No, Mr. Schwartz, I Am Not Glad It Happened In The Country

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The remains in question here turned out to be a Kansas man who disappeared in July of last year. His name is Jason Southern. We still do not know the circumstances of his death. The reason he wasn't found until March 2015? This location is in the country, that famous location that a Kansas congresswoman Sharon Schwartz's husband gave to a constituent in defense of Frankfort School, in Frankfort, Kansas, for the continued employment of a guidance counselor who dropped a fourteen year old girl off four miles away from the school, despite her parents instructions against managing class this way, and just went home and had dinner when she did not return to school.

The "country" often has no cell phone signal and no surveillance cameras. It is one hundred percent certain that Tom Schroeder, the guidance counselor at Frankfort High School, knew this prior to leaving a female student in the isolated area in the "country". In fact, he probably knows exactly where signals pick up and fade away, and he probably knows exactly where surveillance cameras are, and are not installed.  There is also no doubt that he realized the girl was missing before he went home, as he discussed her situation with a second grader from the school. There is also no doubt that he DID NOT call the police. To lay some misinformation to rest, law enforcement keeps records of that data, and there is no such call to them from Tom Schroeder on that day. Schroeder just didn't care. If Schroeder had any other motive for endangering a child, such as production and promotion of child pornography,  the "country" would be the perfect place to get away with it. The "country" is also the location of choice for the hiding of evidence after a murder. Suppose a child who is allergic to bee stings gets stung after being abandoned alone, "in the country"? What happens if such a child falls, and suffers a broken bone? Then what? No, Mr. Schwartz, I am not glad it happened in the country.

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