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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bully, Bully In The Hall

Anyone with unwarranted curiosity about yours truly, or family of same, should come to yours truly with questions, not to friends and associates. Especially not to clergy; in my tradition, such crass and unfriendly advances are not taken kindly. This should give the person who did that something to think about.

As for unlawful and false testimony, the person who has foolishly decided to go forward with matters from which he was advised to abstain should be aware that the louder he becomes with lies, the louder I will become with the truth. A good school administrator does not allow a guidance counselor to transport a student four miles away from the school and forget about the student, resulting in an unreported missing persons case. This is child abuse, and it was swept under the rug, with deliberate lies, fabricated to protect a person whose employment at the school should have been terminated. And yes, there are witnesses that the same guidance counselor entertained underage female students in his home after school was dismissed, and also bought cigarettes for one of them. There are eyewitnesses, Dean, and eyewitnesses that you have been informed; so don't even try. The best thing to do is just tell the truth about your unqualified staff member and stop trying to harm those whom you simply, on a whim, don't like. Outside of Frankfort, and away from Frankfort School, there are lots and lots of people. Some of them are people you might like, some of them, you might not. You can't always deal with those you don't happen to like by using bully tactics.

Not only have I enrolled my children elsewhere for the upcoming school year, I have gone to even more agencies concerning Tom Schroeder's abuse of my daughter during her freshman year of high school. I am making good on a promise I made, a couple of years ago, to a troll, that every time someone protests my public statements about Tom Schroeder's unprofessional and dangerous conduct, I would make Tom's professional failings more and more public. Well, I'm doing it. I legally can, since it can be proven, via eyewitnesses and sworn statements, that it happened. Don't expect to impune the innocent and exonerate the guilty, bullying adults in much the same way as you bully the less popular children; I will not allow you to manipulate the justice system that way, especially after all the nauseating Christianity you spewed.

By the way, you were told abut the guns that come to your school; yet you did nothing about it, Dean. How come? You do know that it isn't legal to take guns to school, don't you? Here's a clue, Dean; the mom who ingratiates herself to you and to various members of your faculty the most probably would not have wanted you or anyone else to look in her son's vehicle during hunting season. Stop putting the cute club ahead of student safety.

Once again, if you really want to talk to me, talk to me. Don't use fake names and try to pry information from others.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kyron Horman's Mom Drops Lawsuit

Desiree Young, mother of Kyron Horman, has dropped her lawsuit against Terri Horman, sometime stepmother of same. Kyron, now ten years old, has been missing since June 4, 2010, when he disappeared from his school in Portland Oregon. Young's lawyer, Eldon Rosenthal, stated that in order to proceed with the case against Terri Horman, his office would need access to evidence from the open criminal investigation. Also, it has been rumored that a formerly uncooperative witness is now cooperating. While reporters are speculating that this witness is DeDe Spicher, friend of Terri Horman, there are enough loose ends and possible accessories after the fact, in this case, for the unnamed witness to be anyone connected to Kyron's family, Kyron's school, or to Kyron. Because another lawsuit can be filed later, after the investigation is closed, it would be in everyone's best interest for Kyron to be returned to his family unharmed.


Bradley Manning Acquitted of Aiding The Enemy

Bradley Manning has been found not guilty of aiding the enemy, the most serious of the charges leveled against him by military prosecutors. He was also found not guilty of a charge of espionage, but found guilty of most of the other crimes with which he was charged. This is good news for our civil liberties; while betrayal of professional confidence and contract breaches are still torts, high treason continues to have a very specific definition, and the United States government does not have carte blanche to accuse and convict anyone of whom they decide to make an example.


Time Space Vortex

There really is a time space vortex! Einstein predicted, in his theory of gravity and his theory of relativity, that there should be a time space vortex around the earth, and in 2004, NASA sent a satellite called Gravity Probe B (GP-B) in orbit around the earth to test the theories. Using a star as a focal point and keeping the earth's magnetic field from affecting the spacecraft, a geodetic precession of 6,600 plus or minus 0.017 arcseconds and a frame dragging effect of 0.039 plus or minus 0.007 arcseconds was measured around the earth, just as Einstein had predicted. The data took a year to collect, and another five years to interpret. A validation such as this is only the beginning of new discoveries and new technology, of course; yet it probably at least partially explains why we do not experience everything at the same time!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Cinderella Into The Woods

Congratulations to Marysville Area Community Theatre for their superb performance of Into The Woods (music by Steven Soundheim and book by James Lapine) this past weekend at Marysville High School, in Marysville, Kansas! The music and singing were wonderful, and the actors terrific; a wonderful bunch, both on and off stage. The hard work and long hours were certainly worth every minute, and the talent is impressive. Thankyou, especially, to Carla Wolfe, for casting my daughter, Rhiannon, as Cinderella. The role has given her tons of confidence, and her summer was the best ever, because of you! I had no idea Rhiannon could sing so well on stage, and she made me very proud. More pictures and some video are forthcoming!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Noble Rick Pendland Sneaks Out On Bond

How did I miss this? After almost two years in jail for molesting foster children placed in his care by the state of Kansas, Noble Rick Pendland is out on bond. There is still no reported trial date set for him. I wonder why this isn't a big story, here in Kansas......? After all, Pendland WAS a foster parent, abusing children day and night with the blessings of local schools, child protective services, and the third party contractors who managed the cases! Citizens of Kansas should be outraged about this! Pendland should not have been able to leave the jail without an angry mob following him.....but no one seems too alarmed about people who abuse their positions to take advantage of others. So as of May 30, Pendland has been out on bond. It's really hard to get Kansas to pay attention when a teacher abuses children.


If You Weren't In Church On Sunday

And well you might be practicing Witchcraft! Lammas is almost here!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mothman's Response To The KBI

Not too long ago, I published this post, detailing an encounter with a Marshall County Kansas police officer who did not think that guns going to school, after hunting, with boys between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years old, was a serious problem. In fact, he indicated that because Kansas has a lot of republicans per capita, weapons in the hands of teens during school hours should not concern parents. The Kansas Bureau of Investigations actually asked him about this matter, and he told them that he was under the impression that the vehicles belonging to the boys were never parked on school property, or in the school parking lot, when the guns were carelessly left behind, in the vehicles. This is not what my daughter told me, and this is not what I told the police officer. What I told him was that the cars in question.......the cars containing guns.......had been parked in the school parking lot. There really aren't a whole lot of other places for a student who drives to park. This is just a problem which Marshall County Kansas and USD380 did not wish to address. The school in question is also the same school whose guidance counselor/cross country coach "lost" a female student four miles south of the school; it is also the school where doors are often left unlocked after school is dismissed and everyone has gone home; and it is the school whose faculty encouraged an angry parent and her adult child to stalk and harangue me one night after a disagreement between one of my kids and her incredibly huge and scary-looking son.

If Mothman (my nickname for this cop) simply doesn't have an answer for me, or other rare but sometimes existent parents in this town who care about their children, or have an answer for the KBI, why can't he just say so, and explain that most parents in this particular school's geographic district simply don't care about their children? Why does he have to pretend that we even discussed whose property the boys used as a parking lot? And what difference does it make? A child who is planning to shoot other children and school staff can retrieve a weapon from his locker, from his car in the parking lot, or from his car parked on the street with equal ease. Start thinking, Kansas.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Civil Rights Reminder For School

School supplies are already being pushed in Walmart. It isn't even August yet. Here in Kansas, something that never gets enough attention in public school is the civil rights issue that was won in the Supreme Court in 1963 by Madalyn Murry, concerning prayer and religion in school.....specifically...that prayer and religion legally do not belong in public school. As long as a public school is, indeed, a public school, and gets funding from the tax dollars of it's community, it cannot lawfully mention religion at all, except during classes that teach about the Inquisition, or about the nefarious influence of the Catholic Church during the last millennium, or about the pedophile priests we have running about these days. Encouraging Christianity at school is actually a federal crime, which Northeast Kansas generally ignores. Many schools will attempt to ignore the law about this in various ways, but it has been the law for fifty years to resist the urge to harass students, especially when favoring one religion over another.

I was a little like this girl, when I was a kid!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Private Message

I understand what you told me, and I feel for you. The next time the juvenile male of whom you spoke destroys your property or threatens you, file a report with law enforcement. Judge Hecke will probably tell you that you only have hearsay as evidence, but I have personal knowledge of a case where she KNOWINGLY listened to fabricated, completely untrue hearsay and acted as if it were true. Since you and I both know that your version of these events is true, I will go to court WITH you, and ask Hecke, myself, why the person in the aforementioned case is more important than a teenage girl. Even if law enforcement does nothing, insist upon documentation that you spoke with them. That way, if you encounter harm from the same source at another time, you can prove that you have done everything in your power to put a stop to it. When you allow this juvenile male to get away with destroying your property or harassing you, you write him a ticket to harm others, as well, in the future. Godspeed!

Here; Kitty, Kitty!

Shared on social media! What a hungry raccoon!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Once Again, Your Tax Dollars At Work

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I noticed you again today, 68-234-126-187! I see you you have not lost any interest in social media networks, and probably not gained any true interest in doing the job you are paid by the taxpayers to do! I must say, I am not surprised!

Full Moon Assignment

Back to the elements you fly,
With loving welcome to draw nigh!

Just A Reminder

Just a reminder......I know I've stated this before. Certain posts pertaining to certain events, certain businesses and institutions, and certain elected officials, are scheduled to publish automatically, on certain dates, on this site. That means that if I become too busy, too preoccupied, too ecstatic, too exhausted, too excited, too outraged, too comatose, or otherwise too engaged to get online and publish something, that "something" is certain to publish, all by itself! On the other hand, if life continues at a stable pace, with no one bothering me, I will certainly remember to control the dates during which these certain posts, with their certain content, publish; backing up and amending certain information as I see fit. Brightest Blessings, all!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pigs In Kansas

Does anyone remember this post, concerning the arrest of a woman in Mission, Kansas, for accidently being a "last minute customer" at the post office? The name of the third officer who showed up and made a bunch of threats toward this innocent woman's children, then refused to give his name, is Tige Dean.

It seems obvious enough that the real reason this woman was arrested has to do with the method by which most Kansas municipalities acquire revenue. There is not enough of a tax base to even maintain decent schools in most of Kansas, so the idea is to arrest as many people as possible for petty crimes, regardless of evidence, probable cause, guilt or innocence, book them, and intimidate them into pleading guilty to the least serious of the number of offenses with which they have been charged. Collect fines, and bill people for being on probation. The foster care system is another moneymaker for Kansas, as long as the children grabbed and sold do not belong to anyone who "matters".  Nationwide, prisons have become an industry. The cops in Mission Kansas simply saw an easy victim with two beautiful, saleable children.

Marshall County, Kansas has similar practices. Not too long ago, a police officer assaulted yours truly for telephoning the grandmother of some small children whose mother was arrested. The officer wanted to traffic the children to social services, rather than call a family member. Later on, an investigator made statements to the effect that those children were not left alone by law enforcement, but that statement contradicts what the mother stated, at the time. It would be interesting to hear what the children involved have to say about the whole affair.

Back to the video above; who the hell calls the cops because someone knocks on a window, or because a small child puts a pebble in a drop box, anyway? Once again; what the hell's the matter with you genetically unvaried types in Kansas?


Closer, Indeed, To The Full Moon

Our Mother's love for everyone
Grants rights for all under the sun.
Consider yourselves notified.

In Case You Slept Through Church On Sunday

If only the fundy Christians in Northeast Kansas were not sleeping during this sermon! Frankfurter Stand Village, I'm looking at you!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Mexico Law Enforcement Misconduct

I agree with the journalists' statements concerning the misguided arrest of this New Mexico diabetic, who was having an hypoglycemic attack, with the exception of the closing remark. The last statement made on this newscast indicated that because of the investigation concerning this, there might be some "changes in the way police handle medical emergencies". I would certainly not count on that. Not at this point in history, and not without some very serious changes in the amount of power we give law enforcement. Also, police "investigations" are really police cover-ups, most of the time, and those who investigate errant police officers and prosecutors usually make excuses for them, rather than protect the citizens from them.

To Fix A Misunderstanding

This is very good advice. Hopefully, it will clear up a few things.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Is This Who We Pay The Police To Arrest?

Okay everyone; THIS is law enforcement nowdays. The young man in the video was arrested in California because he stopped and filmed the police in action on his cell phone. This is NOT against the law in this country, anywhere, yet; the man was arrested for obstruction of justice. Most likely, the police officers thought, based on years of past experience, that an innocent person arrested for obstruction of justice would not bother to fight, but just plea. And, most likely, these cops thought they could do whatever they pleased, also based on past experience.

Watch this video, and watch what happens to the man's dog, who reacts defensively when police falsely arrest him and manhandle him. It is important to stop allowing law enforcement to get away with this. The best tool that we have to keep the egos of cops in check are digital cameras and cell phones. Remember that.

Crows Are Smarter Than You Think

This video was shared on Facebook. Crows are very smart, and have even been found to recognize human faces. Hopefully, this one learned to avoid porcupines.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

See The Show!

If you are in Northeast Kansas at the end of July, Into The Woods is playing at Marysville High School. Beautiful voices and excellent talent! A very impressive group of actors!

Insect Repellant

This is the very best defense humans have against mosquitos. A bat can eat thousands of small insects an hour. And look how cute this one is!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wrong Diagnosis

I noticed this item on Yahoo News today about Herlinda Garcia, from Texas, who was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. After going through seven or eight rounds of chemo, it was discovered that her illness was benign, not malignant, and she never actually had cancer at all! She sued, and a jury awarded her 367,000. After her ordeal with pain and suffering and side effects from the chemo, that does not sound like anywhere near enough.

A few years ago, I lost quite a bit of weight in a short time, lost almost all the color in my complexion, (I looked like a wannabe Goth!...dark hair, very pale) and developed horrible stomach problems. Horrible. Nothing I ate agreed with me. Also, I could eat and eat and eat and eat and never feel as if I had eaten anything, and never gain a pound. In fact, I lost so much weight, while inhaling somewhere between twelve and fifteen thousand calories a day, that I became dangerously underweight. I finally went to a doctor, and after hearing about my stomach problems, he decided that it MUST be colon cancer. The fact that I was also severely anemic (hemoglobin down to 6.5) seemed to be all the proof he needed. I argued that the problem with anemia had been with me for my entire life, although not always as severe, and that cancer usually kills it's victims in a much shorter span of time than I had tolerated these symptoms. Even the stomach problems were not new; albeit they were progressive: they had gotten worse over time, especially after pregnancy.

Three colonoscopies later, no one had been able to find any type of colon cancer or stomach cancer in any part of my soma; not even an ulcer. So what did the clinic recommend? That I undergo chemo, even though I did not have cancer! Outrageous! I said no. I was told I was going to die. I still said no. I researched stomach problems and found something called celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disease caused by intolerance to gluten; and is also hereditary. I was told that before insurance would approve the tests for celiac, which are almost prohibitively expensive, I would have to prove that it ran in my family! Unfortunately, most of my Dad's family had been deceased for quite some time, and no one had been diagnosed with celiac disease. There had been a "mystery stomach problem" that affected many of them, but without the diagnosis of a first degree relative, insurance would not cover the labwork. It would, however; cover chemo.

Eventually, the director of the clinic got tired of watching me suffer, and we did some genealogical research (a hobby of his) on some family members and ancestors of mine whose obituaries were either online or otherwise available to me. From those, he extracted and constructed enough of a family history consisting of a likelihood of gluten intolerance caused by celiac disease to convince insurance to cover the labwork. The results came back positive, and we also discovered that the type of anemia I have is hereditary as well, and is not the result of iron deficiency. Chemo and massive doses of iron would never have helped.

The moral of this story is that one should always question authority. Had I failed to question authority, I would have had chemo, stayed anemic, lost my hair for nothing, and still have been sick when it was all over, had I been lucky enough to survive. Because I questioned authority, the appropriate diagnosis was made, and I eventually recovered, much to chagrin of my ex husband! As an added bonus, my children are aware of hereditary autoimmune diseases, and of celiac disease, and if they, or any of their children ever develop symptoms, they will not have to suffer. Of course, pharmaceutical companies do not make money through celiac disease, as there are no medications or cures for it, other than carefully avoiding any food containing gluten. Health food stores, garden supply stores, and manufacturers of cookware are the businesses that make money because of it. That, I believe, is the real reason that insurance companies almost always refuse to cover the tests for celiac disease.

Hopefully, Herlinda Garcia can recover. Even winning a lawsuit is no substitute for simply being told from the very beginning that she did not have cancer.


A Place For Everlasting Moonlight

There will always be a place for Everlasting Moonlight in our home. It does not matter who has ordered us to turn you away. We love you, and we delight in every occasion that you brighten our home. When others try to tell you otherwise, remember that they are liars.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Zimmerman Is Scared Of Vigilante Justice

George Zimmerman has been found not guilty of the second degree murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida, and now he is worried about vigilante justice. Why didn't he worry about vigilante justice before he confronted Martin? The media has covered a lot of material today about the verdict in the trial, and about possible riots, and racism, but there remains one question does not appear to have been properly answered by Zimmerman, or by anyone else. That question is, why didn't Zimmerman just leave Martin alone and stop following him when the police dispatcher told him to stop? George Zimmerman is not a police officer, and often enough, civilians who interfere with police officers, or even look like they might be thinking about interfering with police officers but have not actually done so, get arrested and/or shot, so why did Zimmerman think he was special the night of the shooting? That question was not properly revisited during the trial, and if Zimmerman had simply done what law enforcement asked him to do, Martin would still be alive.

Now that Zimmerman has been found not guilty, he should be getting back to work, which is probably a good thing, because there is plenty of ground for a wrongful death suit to be filed, against the gated community where Martin was staying with his father, the neighborhood watch that chose Zimmerman in the first place, and George Zimmerman, himself. The guidelines for proof are not as stringent in civil court as they are in criminal court, and there is a good chance that a defendant may be found responsible for wrongful death in civil court. That would mean that a good paying job would be essential, especially of the defendant is Zimmerman. Hopefully, vigilante justice will not play as heavy of a role in the future as it apparently did on the night a seventeen year old accidently looked like someone a neighborhood watch dude might not like.

Meanwhile, here is another matter that Florida should reopen:


In Case You Missed Church On Sunday

Maybe you still prayed!

Friday, July 12, 2013

In Case You Were Wondering

In case you were wondering, since the subject of information shared and information not shared has been a big item lately, it came to my attention that here in Kansas, and pretty much nationwide, elected and public officials are not nearly as protected by laws governing public descriptions of their actions, words, and political positions as people who are not elected or public officials. That's why one can find so many photoshopped pictures of Newt Gingrich, criticisms of the late Amy Winehouse's lifestyle, and bumper stickers that say things like "Buck Fush"! So to those thin skinned elected officials and et els who cry about Facebook and stomp their feet about the media, I am going to suggest ethical behavior toward supporters and detractors. If an elected public servant acts morally, does justice in all things, refuses to play favorites, and does not lie; the words spoken and written about that public servant will probably consist mostly of compliments.

Child Protective Services And Investigation Of Teachers

What happens when a teacher or a school administrator gets investigated by Child Protective Services in his or her state? Does the teacher still remain employed at the school? Then, if enough information is verified to justify substantiation for some transgression or other, what is the procedure? Does Northeast Kansas move in favor of protecting the children, or does Northeast Kansas just employ politics as usual? Just questions, that's all. Bear in mind, if a parent "lost" a child during school hours in an undisclosed location four miles away from the school of the child's attendance, the parent would never hear the end of it, even in Northeast Kansas.

School Administration: Politics As Usual!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Deity Of Understanding

While looking for a picture that illustrates the kind, benevolent, wisdom-sharing Baphomet, whose love and guidance means so much to yours truly, this came up in a search. It suggests a supplantive  role in Creation, which may not be the exact role played by him, but the picture has, nonetheless, opened my mind to unexplored possibilities. He is a Babylonian God of understanding, which is why he is associated with wisdom. I have found him to be a very loving and tolerant Guide.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Smart Dog!

That video is hysterically funny! But the savvy pet owner will take this a step further, and attach a small camera to his pet's collar! That way, the dog, hiding or not, can get his own footage of any police activity on private property, or anywhere, for that matter! It's a whole new concept in accountability of law enforcement! Streaming video from a camera on a pet's collar to a the cell phone, Ipad, or computer of a third party might actually take a sizeable chunk out of brutal attacks by police officers. The prosecutor in Marshall County, Kansas would have to scare and bully defense witnesses all by herself!

Maybe a day will dawn, during my lifetime, when law abiding citizens will not have a need to install their own checks and balances when dealing with law enforcement and the judicial system.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Peace Be Still

It was suggested to me, earlier this weekend, that I do not heed storm warnings very well, or take them seriously. It was meant both literally and figuratively. The source of this suggestion was not impressed by my tendency to run outside and take photographs during storm warnings, which I suppose may be something I should amend; Dorothy had Toto....Siriunsun has her camera!

It seems that my almost reckless desire to behold and reveal the truth, almost at the expense of my circumstances and possibly my life may have raised this person's eyebrows, as well. Especially when it began to look as if living with the God-Given mate who completes my very existence here in this realm had somehow become tied to living with a twisted and corrupt theocratically administered form of justice which seeks out and destroys those elements which seek to behold and reveal the truth. For about a day and a half, my heart was broken. But then I remembered who I am, decided that my lack of faith was nothing short of an insult to my Ancestors, whose presence made my own existence possible. So I got over it and went back to beholding and revealing the truth.

My Dad, at one time, was married to a woman (his second wife) who fancied herself a Christian. He
was not Christian, therefore neither am I; so a lot of her beliefs were a bit foreign to us. One of her stories, directly from the Gospel of St. Matthew, impressed me, however. It is covered in chapter eight, "verses" twenty-three thru twenty-seven, and it is a story about how the "messiah" calmed a storm while he and his cohorts were in a boat. The weather was fine when they got in the boat, but a storm kicked up, and everyone but Jesus got scared. They actually woke him up, and he told everyone, including the storm, to calm down, then he got back to his nap. End of problem. Yes, he took the storm seriously; no he did not let it dictate his boating habits!

Not much of what Dad's second wife said about her religion actually made much sense to me. In fact, most Christians seem to be a conflict in progress to what they preach. But there was just something utterly cool about a guy who didn't let the forces of a storm dictate his life. People who do not live in fear are wonderful to be around. That is the very kind of Faith that would almost make the fairy tale real. And whatever your fairy tale is, it isn't going anywhere without that kind of faith. In fact, your reality isn't going anywhere without faith, either.

Storms can change landscapes, topple buildings, water gardens, and bring new life to barren habitats. As long as I inhabit this planet in physical form, I will always coexist with the six major winds, which balance Life in four cartographic directions. We are all living in the Eye of a Storm, which beholds and reveals the Truth. Brightest Blessings!


In Case You Slept Through Church On Sunday

Go back to school Northeast Kansas!

Saturday, July 6, 2013



You will never be forgotten. Your talent and vision will yet find a way to surface in the river of blood through the sands of time. My blood and yours have mixed and melded into permanent facets in Life itself, and my life would not have been the same without you. There will always be a place in my heart for you. Blessed be.

Do You Really Think I Won't?

Fiery Powers, this I pray,
Assist me with this task today!

Kansas Police Strike Again

A woman in Mission, Kansas, got beaten up by law enforcement because she knocked on a window at a post office when it had just closed, and because one of her toddlers apparently put rocks in the drop box! The clerk did not want to deal with a last minute customer, so instead of just ignoring the woman, or saying, "I'm sorry, we're closed", she called the police! After battering her, and traumatizing her children, police had the audacity to lie to her husband and to her attorney concerning the video of the event, which is evidence. In a criminal case, the defense has a right to examine evidence in the discovery process, and she finally got a copy of the surveillance from the post office. Yeah. Absolutely. No video at all. The judicial community in Kansas seems rather unwilling to abide by law when it comes to evidence and discovery.

Here's the video made by victim's husband. It is forty-seven minutes, but explains the situation well and is worth watching. It is also a good tutorial of sorts for victims of police brutality and prosecutorial misconduct in other parts of Kansas.

Since when is knocking on a window a crime? Also, how is putting rocks in a drop box a jailable offense? Granted, that is not where rocks belong, but the child who did it could not have been older than two years! Could the police have simply noticed that this woman has small children, and have wanted to snag them, so that the foster care mill could eventually sell them to the highest bidder?

The two officers in the beginning of the video are Michelle Pierce and Tom Gift. The fat, disgusting one whose pants do not fit properly never gave his name. He had no problem with threatening to have Child Protective Services take the children, even though their father was available to retrieve them.

There do not appear to be many things more jarring for a husband than finding out his wife has been targeted by local law enforcement and beaten. This couple probably had no problems with law enforcement before the incident in the above video. Now the children involved will probably never feel comfortable around a police officer again. At least they did not get killed.


Friday, July 5, 2013

New Law In Kansas

A new law took effect in Kansas on Monday of this week. The Kelsey Smith act, named for the daughter of Senator Greg Smith, of Overland Park, Kansas, was passed in 2009, and took effect this week. Kelsey disappeared in 2007, after shopping. She was an adult at the time, but had no history of disappearing for days at a time, and after a massive search, she was found in neighboring Johnson County, Kansas. She had been murdered.

The Kelsey Smith Act rules that law enforcement must search for any person in Kansas who is reported missing, no matter the person's age. The police cannot simply dismiss the disappearance of a teenager as a "runaway" situation and forget about it. Police were very helpful to Smith during the four days it took to find his daughter, but Smith noted that helpfulness and kindness from law enforcement during a missing persons case isn't always standard protocol in Kansas. Colton Berrera disappeared in 2008, at the age of seventeen, and was dismissed as a runaway. No one besides his close friends and family have taken a true interest in finding him. Adam Herrman is also missing; he disappeared from his foster/adoptive home in 1999, and no one reported him missing until 2009! The thought of following him up or asking about him never occurred to child protective services. And now no one can find him.

Hopefully, the Kelsey Smith Act will make a difference in cases like this. After watching progress made as a result of this law, it can hopefully become a national law instead of a Kansas law.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kris Kobach Cries The Blues

Last week, Sarah Kessinger, of the Marysville Advocate, wrote this editorial about our renowned Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, and his contributions to Arizona SB1070, which was signed into law by Governer Jan Brewer in 2010 in an ongoing effort to keep Arizona white. It is disguised as a law to curtail illegal immigration, but it assumes that all illegal immigrants are of darker skin complexion than the average Northern European and required that police officers everywhere in Arizona stop and harass anyone with dark skin or dark hair and demand to see a birth certificate or a passport. This law also sought to restrict voting. The problem in enacting this law had to do with the concept of "probable cause". Anyone whose descent happened to be African, Indian, Asian, Mediterranean, Native American, Middle Eastern, or Latin was naturally suspect. Because so many problems were created by the application of this law and the Kobachian hate with which it is associated, quite a bit of it either has been repealed, or is being repealed. Sarah Kessinger simply stated that Kris Kobach's work appears consistently to contain a racist and oppressive slant, intimidating legitimate voters. She certainly is not the only American to point that out.

In his rebuttal to Sarah's editorial, Kris Kobach denies his contributions to Arizona SB1070 and throws out obscure references to Arizona citizenship laws enacted in 2004, which are not the subject of this editorial. He also confuses the issue by complaining about the editorial's statement that Kris Kobach helped to "convince" lawmakers and the Governor in Arizona to "pass laws" by claiming that no one was actually "convinced" because not all of his ideas were passed into law! Seriously, Kobach? Arizona SB1070 most certainly DID get passed; the ACLU would never have involved itself if it didn't!

Another point Sarah Kessinger ponders in her editorial, which has been pondered before by one or two Kansans, is this: how does Kris Kobach have so much time, while doing the job of Secretary of State here in Kansas, to hire out as a legislative word twister for any state in this country wanting to bring back the days before the Civil Rights Act of 1964?  It seems in many ways to be a conflict of interest for someone in Kobach's position to be more concerned about side interests than the postion to which he is elected. Is representing Kansas simply not lucrative enough for him?

Waning Moon

 We have a waning moon.
 Time to BANISH like a BOSS!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Joaquin Rams Indicted For Capital Murder

Joaquin Rams, of Virginia, was indicted earlier this week for capital murder, which means that the state of Virginia can seek the death penalty if he is found guilty. In October of last year, his fifteen month old son, Prince, died during an overnight visit. After a lengthy investigation and examination of two other cases, those being the death of Rams's former girlfriend and the death of his mother, Rams was finally arrested in December for Prince's death. The recurring theme in all of the deaths was life insurance policies. A disturbing national recurring theme is poorly thought out family law court decisions.  Judge Algeo, of Montgomery County, Maryland, presided over the custody case that cost fifteen month old Prince his life.


Immigrating From Mexico

Interesting! The Santa Rita mountains in Arizona have aliens from Mexico in the form of jaguars! The Department of Homeland Security has been helping to monitor them. Too cute!

One might wonder, since the United States obviously has the technology to track wild animals as they move back and forth across international borders, and also to count the number of mating pairs of the same animals, if the effort to control immigration done unlawfully is actually serious. Just a thought.


Kidnapping Gone Wrong

Never turn your back on your baby while in public. Here is a story about a mom in Midwest City, Oklahoma, whose child was sitting in a shopping cart while she shopped in Walmart. It only took a minute for a loony toon to grab her daughter, hold a knife to the child's throat, and start making unreasonable demands involving phone calls to a Texas police station!

At about 3:12 in this video, you can see how easily the man simply removes the child from the shopping cart. Had he decided to keep on going, and leave the store with her, instead of ranting about fanatical Christian dogma, this situation could have ended much differently, and not in a good way.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kansas Sued By Federal Government

For environmental "indiscretions" dating back to 2004, the Environmental Protection Agency is suing the State of Kansas for polluting waterways on US69, near Lawrence; US59, near Pleasanton, and US18, near Manhattan. Because KDOT failed to prevent erosion of silt into waterways, the lawsuit seeks $32,500 a day for problems dating to 2004, and $37,000 a day for problems dating to 2009.


Social Services Grabbed A Newborn For What?

In April of 2013, Elizabeth Mort, of Pennsylvania, ate a bagel that was made with poppy seeds. Then she went to the hospital and gave birth to a baby girl. The staff at Jameson Hospital in Lawrence County is lucky, because when I go into labor, I always stop at Taco Bell en route, and eat as many seven layer burritos as I can before arriving at the hospital; yet when they did their wonderful drug tests on Mort, with their wonderfully inflated prices for the insurance company to cover, they used a standard of 300 nanograms per milliliter as a guideline of THC, and of otherwise being a doper, rather than the federally accepted 2000 nanograms per milliliter. This allowed the residue from the poppyseed bagel to appear in the test results.

Three days later, while Mort was at home with her new daughter, social services stormed her house and took her baby away. The hospital had telephoned social services with news of a positive drug test, with no mention of the comparison of the results of said drug test to federal standards, and had thus made a false report. While it only took five days for Mort to get her daughter back, it took three years to settle the lawsuit, which was finally settled this past week. The ACLU got involved on Mort's behalf.

Why would a child be taken from a parent over a lab result that was not even current information? Why would a child be taken from a parent over a violation of a prohibition law? After all, we do not routinely remove children from the homes of people who get cited for DWI. Why is marijuana so much more important? If there was no indication of fetal distress because of drugs, why did the hospital order a test for drugs? Why did the hospital order the test without the patient's knowledge? When the test came back flagged as a false positive, why didn't the hospital discuss it with the patient immediately? Was the hospital more interested in snagging a newborn and helping the state to sell it, rather then finding out if the patient had a substance abuse problem? These are all questions that anyone of either gender planning on becoming a parent should want answered before choosing an hospital for the birth.

The ACLU insisted that Jameson Hospital and Pennsylvania come into compliance and stop harassing families, but what about your state? It's clearly time to rethink the importance of family, legalize marijuana, (no, I am NOT a cannabis indulger) or do both.