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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So Someone Has A Problem With Petitions?

Okay, this is to the person who has a problem with this post. Go home and take a baby aspirin! If a person, or a few persons, in the community want to know about the progress of a missing persons case, particularly that of a child who disappeared from a public school, there is not a problem in asking about it! If you are not interested in the sheriff's answer to any of the questions, don't bother to read any media or information about the petition! The whole idea of shutting down an investigation prior to resolution is only beneficial to the guilty party, no one else.

Above is a little something from the Facebook page of Terri Horman, sometime step parent of Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his second grade class at Skyline Elementary in Portland, Oregon in June of 2010. A rather nasty message to any journalists scoping out Terri Horman's page, after she failed two polygraphs, was posted on Terri's wall by one of her friends. This friend indicated that Kyron's family was not interested in the publicity that the media could guarantee, and was thereby rudely discouraging anyone to post pictures and information about Kyron's missing persons case. This is actually quite contrary to the desires of both of Kyron's parents and the rest of his family. Four years have gone by, and Kyron has not been found, so a new petition, which is promoted in the post that attracted an angry troll whose comment was too profane for print, was drafted. It is a request for updated information and progress on Kyron's case, and the link is here. Please sign it; Kyron's family has been waiting for four years.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Private Message To An Angry Hitchhiker

So someone stole your personal effects while you out scamming anyone who would listen to you in The Dalles? I can see that you are upset, and that you feel that, in addition to The Dalles owing you something, you think things of this nature should never happen to you. Well; maybe they shouldn't happen to anyone. Should twenty dollars have disappeared from my daughter's wallet when you were here? She's still a kid, but you are an adult, so you should have just spent your own cash, instead of stealing from a child. She felt the same way you feel about your missing possessions, only, unlike you, she actually worked for the money that disappeared. Does this dynamic define your association with your family in De Tour Village? No one appreciated hearing that you don't have a family, either, then finding out you have a large family.

In Case You Missed Church On Sunday

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Zombie Apocalypse In Kansas?

Today, Governor Brownback officially declared that October is Zombie Preparedness Month here in Kansas. He did it with a straight face, too. His reasoning is that if Kansans are prepared for zombies, they should be prepared for anything. That's an interesting notion, but do zombies really compare to tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes? And if they do, doesn't Kris Kobach (R-Kansas) have some helpful ideas, such as self deportation for zombies?

"zombie" is a corpse that has been brought back to life, according to the mythos of the Voudon folk religions of Africa. A legendary zombie has no will of it's own, and exists to only follow the direction of the person who enslaves it. As a somewhat realistic practice in times past in Haiti, certain drugs, capable of creating brain damage, were occasionally administered by less scrupulous practitioners of folk religions. This could produce a "zombie-like" state in a victim. As a result, such practices were outlawed in Haiti in the late 1800's. It all seems somewhat comparable to modern children on medications for ADHD, and brainwashed, even without ADHD medications, in public schools! Perhaps that's why Governor Brownback feels that there is a need to be prepared for zombies........ the influx of graduates from our nation's public schools!

There will be an event Saturday from 10 AM to 2:30 PM in Topeka at the Crestview Shelter House on Sunga Drive to learn more about zombie preparedness. The first three hundred people will receive free "disaster-on-the-go"packs. Somehow, it seems unlikely that Brownback has considered including any counterspells in these packs; either for Kobach's legislation, Kansas public schools, or zombies.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A New Petition For Kyron Horman's Case

Terri Horman.

The four of you that were at the courthouse harrasing and stalking Terri should be arrested for harrasment, violating her rights and being stalkers. You have NO business doing the police's job. All you dramma queens are doing is hurting the investigation. If you have REAL facts to offer the case, I am sure the police would love to gear from you. Give it a rest. Besides, she may not have been the last one to see him. The murderer is  . Also you may have forgotten about innocent until proven guilty. It applies in all cases. Even the ones you think you know about. Or dont like. Someone said "what if it was your kid?" My anser would be simple. If my kid is being harrased and stalked by people accusing them of a crime, posting signs all around the neighborhood claiming that they were guilty beforebeing proven guilty. I would definitely have my day in court with them, I would sue them for liable. So, for thoes of you who feel it is ok to harrase someone that you think is guilty of a crime without due process. Remember, you are giving up your rights to the same due process.     

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Above is a rant from Craigslist in Roseburg, Oregon, that I found shortly after Terri Moulton Horman's petition to change her name was denied by the Douglas County Court in Oregon. I reproduced it, complete with spelling errors. It contains one statement, which is highlighted, that  I find very unusual, about the "last person" to see Kyron Horman, who disappeared from from his school in Portland, Oregon, in June of 2010. There has been a lot of discussion about this "last person", by law enforcement and by the general public. The difference between the existing discussion and the above Roseburg rant is that the questions and discussions already generated in the Kyron Horman investigation concern the "person who was last seen with Kyron Horman", not the "last person to see Kyron Horman". Those are two very different statements, and do not necessarily mean the same thing at all. Also, exactly how would this Roseburg ranter know that there is a "murderer"? Since Kyron has been missing since June 4, 2010, these details seems rather intimate for the knowing of someone who simply happened to see a flyer with Kyron's picture and a description of the case.
A petition has been written, requesting that the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office in Portland, Oregon not only update everyone about the Kyron Horman investigation, but about the "last person" actually seen with Kyron. Because he disappeared from a public school, the community needs to be aware of such a person, if it is someone other than his former step parent, Terri Moulton Horman. Her attorney has also spoken of another person having been seen alone with Kyron Horman on the morning of June 4, 2010, yet to date, an actual description of the person, if the person exists, has not been given. I am asking everyone to sign this petition, which will be delivered to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office and which will hopefully get their attention and give them some inspiration to look for Kyron again.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

When An Amber Alert Is Issued

Lately, a few people from various parts of the country have expressed doubts in the sincerity of law enforcement in their communities because Amber Alerts are not always issued when children go missing. It's always comforting to know the police are actively seeking a missing child, but some people continue to question why Amber Alerts are not in place for each case. Two recent cases that stand out are the Sarah and Jacob Hoggle case, of Montgomery County, Maryland, and Samara Herrera who was missing for much of the day in Topeka, Kansas on Saturday, September 20, but who was successfully located without an Amber Alert.

The Amber Alert system is a great tool for public awareness when a child disappears. The criteria for an Amber Alert is very strong evidence that the child has actually been taken by an unauthorized adult, and a reasonably accurate description of the adult and the child. A description of a vehicle is also necessary; if possible, with the tag number. This helps give the general public an idea of what kind of transportation they should hope to see, and it gives law enforcement a reason to look harder at any vehicle that matches the description. Quite a few children have been found and brought home because of Amber Alerts.

An Amber Alert would not be helpful in the Hoggle case, because the car that was used to transport the children away from home was returned to its owner, the childrens' grandfather, and police have no further information concerning vehicles used by the childrens' mother. Likewise, in Samara Herrera's case in Topeka, no known vehicle could be reported to law enforcement, so that identifying information could not be used to compile an Amber Alert. At the same time, however; police bulletins have been broadcast extensively for both cases. The absence of an Amber Alert does not mean that there is any absence of search and rescue efforts, or an ongoing case, should the child remain missing.

Sharing photos of missing persons, along with the contact information of the police department handling their cases, is still the best way for communities to assist in missing persons cases, even in cases that do not fit the criteria for Amber Alerts.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Convenient Time To Talk About Drunk Driving


Above is a comment posted by yours truly at WIBW beneath a story about an auto wreck near Frankfort, Kansas that involved alcohol. The fact that alcohol was a factor curiously did not appear in the story, but because Frankfort Kansas is such a "closeknit" community, (description borrowed from the author of the adversarial response) your faithful blogger was made aware, along with, probably, everyone else within a fifty mile radius, of the fact that alcohol was involved. So....since four young people, three of whom still attend Frankfort High School and one graduate, still under twenty-one, nearly got themselves killed while unlawfully combining substance abuse with the use of everyone's roads and highways, how is it that no one here in Northeast Kansas is talking about substance abuse among minors?

The three high school students mentioned represent at least five percent of Frankfort's high school students. Two of them are, or were, seniors. (is the principal still collecting enrollment dollars for these children, even though they obviously cannot attend school at the moment? Seems the dollar mill should be shut down for the moment, here) Since the senior class at Frankfort is not very big, this represents about fifteen percent of the graduating class at Frankfort. Of the remaining children who have either not been arrested yet or were not involved in this incident, there is only one child in attendance at Frankfort High School who does not drink, bringing the percentage of the students who drink up to about ninety-nine percent. These totals are a bit high, and compare unfavorably to the rest of the nation, where this kind of stuff runs an average of about seventeen percent of high school students who abuse drugs and alcohol daily. In a place with smaller numbers of students, one incident can bring per capita percentages up in ways that make statistics reflect awkwardly on the population. The lone student who does not drink usually serves as a designated driver, despite the fact that the law prohibits this type of enabling and prohibits alcohol and drug use by any child on probation, which is the unfortunate circumstance of one of the children in the accident.

That is the response left by someone who apparently feels that the problems caused by drunk teens should be addressed at a later date, at the convenience of the offender, if at all. This person is not concerned in the slightest about what criminals put their victims through; only the problems encountered by the drunk teenager and the enablers. It's okay to judge and bully anyone whose culture or lifestyle is a little different from that of the average Frankfurter, but not a child who causes traffic accidents by drinking and driving. How much mercy does the writer of this comment show the victims of these children and their enablers? By all appearances, not any. Along with very little comprehension of the language chosen for the comment, there is also not any comprehension of the fact that, while not everyone in the community was involved in the accident, everyone who drives on the highway shares the road with everyone else. That makes the problem of teens who drive drunk everyone's problem, not just the problem of those directly affected by one particular traffic mishap. As for Frankfort's description of being a "close knit town" creating an environment wherein "age is not an issue", federal law trumps this notion, along with the state laws of the very state that hosts this "close knit town". Anyone who buys alcohol for a fifteen year old commits a crime. If the person who wrote this comment does not like that, she should consider moving to another country. No one has a right to allow his or her children to inflict drug and alcohol abuse, and the accompanying pathos, onto anyone else's children. 

This is not the first time your blogger has heard howls and cries from Frankfort about her opinion of underage drinking and underage drinking coupled with driving. The spouse of one of Frankfort's teachers, upon hearing that the police were summoned when some drunk children drove on the sidewalk one evening, actually put in an appearance on the doorstep here to defend her son's right to drink and drive. The fact that this involved the family of a teacher at Frankfort High School truly spoke volumes. If the teachers at the Frankfort High School fail to teach their children to not to drink and drive, how can children from others schools safely interact with either the teachers or the students at Frankfort?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wichita's New Petition To Decriminalize Marijuana

A new petition to decriminalize marijuana in Wichita Kansas is in the works. The old one was rejected by the city council when they went over each and every signature, looking for flaws and reasons to reject the petition. It had garnered over twice as many signatures as necessary to put decriminalization on the ballot, but the city council was determined to find a reason to deny the voters what they wanted, so they questioned a few of the signatures and told Kansans For Change that they were thirty-six signatures short. Would Kansans have this much trouble with a petition to put prayer in school on the ballot, despite the fact that federal law trumps it already? Probably not. A new petition should be in circulation on October 1. This blog will post a link.

Disclaimer: your blogger does not engage or approve of the use or abuse of any recreational drugs. She simply thinks that your tax dollars, along with hers, could be better spent on pursuits other than malicious prosecution of anyone who violates a prohibition law.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yet Another Attack On The Fourth Amendment

Here we go again. The Cyber Security Information Sharing Act of 2014, courtesy, once again, of Dianne Feinstein, would allow sharing of personal information between major internet sites and the United States government. You can get in touch with your representative here to request that your Fourth Amendment rights be protected and this bill be scrapped. On the bright side, Apple's new mobile operating system, i0S8, was engineered only to unlock for the owner of the device, even if Apple or the retailer is presented with a search warrant. Of course, this would not even be an issue if the United States Government would just let J. Edgar Hoovers tactics remain in another era.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jacob And Sarah Hoggle From Maryland

Sadly, Jacob and Sarah Hoggle, ages two and three years old, are still missing. Both have been missing over a week, now, and each were last seen with their mother, Catherine Hoggle, at separate times. She was on the lam for a few days, but was arrested on Friday of last week. So far, she has refused to cooperate in any way in locating her children, and has been referred for a psychiatric evaluation. According to her family, she suffers from mental illness.

It appears to this blogger that Darnestown, Maryland is probably where most attention should be given in search efforts. Catherine's current residence is in Clarksburg, Maryland, and her parents live in Darnestown. She was visiting her parents when she was last seen with Jacob, and had borrowed her father's vehicle that day. Favored childhood spots of Catherine's would probably be appropriate places to continue the search. Catherine has another bond hearing on September 30.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Two Children Missing From Clarksburg Maryland

Two year old Jacob Hoggle and Three year old Sarah Hoggle are missing from Montgomery County, Maryland. Jacob was last seen on Sunday afternoon, and Sarah was reportedly last seen on Monday. Their mom, Catherine, was also missing, as of Monday afternoon, but has been located and arrested. Allegedly, she has given conflicting accounts concerning the whereabouts of her children, and Montgomery County Police have charged her with criminal neglect. Hopefully, they will get some reliable information from her, as searches have turned up nothing for the past week. Below are pictures of them, if you know where these children are or think you have seen them, please call Montgomery County Police at 301-279-8000.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Siriunsun's Art Gallery

Deanna Ambrose painted this. The best art is often local.

Flying Spaghetti Monster Rules Oklahoma

Oklahoma has gotten quite subversive in the religious choices of the alternative crowd! Shawna Hammond, of Enid, Oklahoma, just had her license renewed wearing the official symbol of her creed: a spaghetti strainer in tribute to her deity, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

In 2005, a man named Bobby Henderson wrote a letter to the good-for-nothing Kansas State Board of Education to protest the ridicules and irresponsible teaching of creation, a`la Christianity, in public schools. He offered, as an alternative to the imaginary dude in the sky, the lordship of an all-powerful Flying Spaghetti Monster. Because Spaghetti is made of pasta, all of the Faithful are, naturally, Pastafarians. This religion, postulated in desperation to make a point to a state school board that lacks skills and value of any kind, has actually gained popularity and devotees worldwide. Once again, thank you very much, Kansas! (your writer growls sarcastically, here. Kansas seems to always be the cause of such exasperation)

This is a sign of the times, in case anyone here in the Midwest is paying attention. In a case such as this, it is probably as safe assumption that for every one young person such as Shawna Hammond, who does not mind standing up for her opinion of the silliness we call organized religion, and getting her picture for her drivers license taken with a spaghetti strainer on her head to prove a point; there are at least half a dozen others who feel the same way but are more subdued. Oklahoma, Kansas, and the entire Midwest should become more aware of what's it's people want, and who these people are. Especially the young: they really do represent Tomorrow. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

We Now Need Kobach's Permission To Drop Out Of An Election

Kris Kobach, a major co-author of the Arizona "papers please" laws, now not only wants sole power to tell us who can and cannot vote in our elections here in must obtain his approval in order to drop out of a race! That's right, Chad Taylor decided to end his run for a seat in the Kansas senate race, and now Kris Kobach has filed suit against him! At first glance, this appears insanely funny. We have a politician who thinks he is an emperor actually demanding legal action against someone who has changed his mind about running for political office and demanding that the former candidate run for office despite the change of heart, against his will! This is something your blogger would expect to find in a Monty Python skit, but no....she has found it in Kansas!

Aside from the ludicrous aspect of Kobach's demand, there are three very serious problems with
refusing to allow a candidate to drop out of a political race. First, the very notion that another elected official can control who runs, or does not run, in an election is completely undemocratic. If Kobach wants to go this route and take Taylor's choice away from him, he should at least appeal to the Kansas Democratic Party to take a vote on the matter and to nominate someone else. But even then, many candidates, especially at local levels, run unopposed. One person should not have the power to determine the choices of voters in an election. Second, if Kobach wins this nonsensical lawsuit and forces Taylor to run, Kansas will, in the event of Taylor's victory, have a senator whose desire was to do something other than represent Kansas in the Senate. Kobach has no right to impose such a paradigm. Third, an elected official can always resign. If Taylor were to win and resign, a lot of time and money would be wasted. Not to mention the money taxpayers will spend on the lawsuit and on Chad Taylor's defense.

It's bad enough that Kris Kobach wants to stop minorities from voting and marginalize any American who does not appear to descend from Anglo Saxon ancestry, but now he wants to tell us who can run, thereby controlling elections from both ends. Hopefully, Kansas will just dismiss this frivolous lawsuit.

Greg Orman, the Independent candidate who actually stands a chance of beating  Pat Roberts for Senate in Kansas.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Naked Man In Topeka Raises Issue

Only in Kansas. Topeka, there happens to be no law against public nudity. This means that in addition to the antics of Westboro Baptist Church, there are also people who occasionally go about without clothing. And WIBW interviewed a naked person named Jerry Beyer, who is featured in the video above. One must wonder if WIBW truly needed to use the vernacular "raised the issue" in the introduction of the subject, and a reader commented that this particular naked person likely is without enough in the way of productive pursuits in life, such as employment. Indeed, for employment , Jerry Beyer would require an appropriate wardrobe, as most employers have dress codes that at the very least, involve clothing. Kansas.

Picture courtesy of WIBW


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kyron Horman Is Twelve Today

Poster culled from Facebook pages supporting Kyron

Today, Kyron Horman turns twelve years old. He disappeared in Portland, Oregon on June 4, 2010. Terri Moulton Horman, his stepmother, was the last person to see him. She has failed at least two polygraphs and refused to cooperate during at least one polygraph. Kyron should be in sixth grade, now, enjoying his family, friends, and his birthday.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

In Case You Weren't In Church This Sunday

If you missed church this Sunday, don't worry; you can still be in Oklahoma City on September 21 for a planned event hosted by the Angra Mainyu Satanic Temple in the civic building. As the autumnal equinox is a Sabbat, this is no big surprise. While the choice of the civic building is interesting, no complaint or issue should arise as long as the congregation meets all of it's obligations to the city, connected to the use of the building. No problem, right? Wrong! Many of the Christian folks in Oklahoma, the ones who want Neil Degrasse Tyson's show banned from Oklahoma's airwaves, would like to ban this church from conducting it's services. Fortunately, Oklahoma City remembered that it is part of America, and told the nice Christian morons to find something else to do if they were not involved in ritual on September 21. Apparently, that advice was not good enough for them, because a narcissistic  Catholic priest who thinks the world revolves around him and his religion decided to file suit against Angra Mainyu. Since the lawsuit, by itself, had no merit, the reverend made up an untrue story about the church being in possession of stolen property. The court went ahead and accepted this, but refused to deny the Angra Mainyu congregation it's civil right to gather in the civic building, which is what the reverend really wanted. In order to pacify the archdiocese and the crybaby reverend, some wafers that had been ordered by the Angra Mainyu from the internet were delivered to the archdiocese. Now the lawsuit has been either dropped or dismissed, and hopefully, the Sabbat ritual will proceed with no further headaches.

While it is beautiful that any church can practice it's beliefs and teachings in Oklahoma, as per our nation's Constitution, it is disturbing that the Angra Mainyu were required to give what amounts to a de facto payment to a bunch of Christian thugs in order to practice their religion in peace.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Maybe Terri Horman Does Tell The Truth Sometimes

It is, by now, a well known fact that Terri Moulton Horman failed several polygraph examinations after her stepson, Kyron Horman, disappeared from a science fair at Skyline Elementary in Portland, Oregon, on June 4, 2010. Above are some statements she made early on about the situation, and the questions investigators had. These remarks are interesting, because Terri makes no effort to tell anyone what she actually did, or where, exactly she went; she simply shifts the responsibility of seeing Kyron last on "kids" or "teacher"......and "teacher" doesn't even have a name in this comment, even though Terri knew the teacher by name.

"I didn't just drop him off"; okay, we all agree she didn't. It looks very much, as if Kyron actually accompanied Terri or one of her et els when she left the school. "I spent time with him, took pictures." That's obvious, but where did Terri spend time with Kyron and take pictures? It wasn't at the science fair! And as for thinking that Kyron was in "safe hands", she contradicts herself when she states that he was "walking down the hall". Which hall? Whose hands? She didn't say! It apparently was not anyone at Kyron's school! Who were the "kids" who saw Kyron after she "left", and from where did she "leave"? That information is conveniently omitted from her statement. There IS a grain of truth here, though; Kyron's teacher actually did mark Kyron absent at 10;00 AM. But then we move on to something more unsettling. Terri names a "place" between "9 and 10" as a possible location for "when" "it" happened. Time is a dimension separate from length or mass, and does not define or describe physical location, per se. Unless Terri was describing places called 9 and 10, her statement makes no sense. There is also no explanation of whom she meant by the pronoun "we" or to which event was referred by "it". Just a bunch of nonspecific gibberish immediately after a seven year old boy had disappeared. 

This is the kind of nonsense we get from people who do not want to take responsibility for oversights or mistakes, and from people who feel that the laws do not apply to them and that the rest of us are not entitled to the truth. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chad Taylor Drops Out Of Senate Race

Chad Taylor, (D) District Attorney of Topeka Kansas and Senate Wannabe, not to be confused with Chad Taylor, guitarist in Live, has dropped out of the race for Senate in Kansas. This is good news, as this blogger will no longer be faced with the choice of voting for someone who actually tried to stop prosecuting domestic violence in Topeka and still has not filed charges in the death of Caleb Stewart, a baby who died in a Topeka daycare; or the choice of voting for republican Pat Roberts. It looks like the choice is now between Pat Roberts, and Independent Greg Orman.