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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kiddie Porn In Tennessee

Lately, I have noticed a lot of hits on my tracker focused on this post, from several months ago. Just over a year ago, this person, Robert Neil Boyd, was arrested in Tennessee for "indecent liberties with a minor", and for possession of hundreds of images of kiddie porn. He also had a warrant out for his arrest in Maryland for the same crime. There isn't really much that is new to be found about this case; just that Mr. Boyd's picture now graces the national sex offender registry. When Tennessee releases him, he will begin to answer for his crimes in Maryland.

This arrest seems to have come as a bit of a surprise to some people in several communities in which Neil made a few contributions. A lot of his friends either rejected values that baby boomers tend to consider "out dated", or never brought up children of their own. They remain completely unsympathetic to anyone who protects children. When Neil ran afoul of conventional mores and the law via his abuses of underage girls, he got away with it for many years before someone finally alerted law enforcement in Maryland. Then, when he disappeared into Tennessee, quite a few of his "avant garde", "hip", and extremely brilliant friends and cohorts knew exactly where he was hiding, but did not value the childhoods of any of the girls whose indecent pictures graced his computer enough to speak up. To make matters even more interesting, Neil continued to support the same kiddie porn industry while hiding from law enforcement in Maryland. All with the blessings of friends who had long accepted these behaviors from him, and did not care about children or the community enough to put a stop to it.

Anyone who has a question about the above linked post, or the case, can ask. I will not publish any comment marked "private". Please believe me when I tell you that the problems we read about  every day featuring victimized and murdered children will only get worse as long as we remain passive about crimes against children.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Aliahna Lemmon's Killer Was Wanted In Florida

This is amazing. Just before Christmas, an Indiana girl, nine year old Aliahna Lemmon, was brutally murdered by one of her mother's male "friends". "Mommy" had the flu, and sent her three daughters over to Michael Plumadore's trailer for a week. A week. Let me digress for a moment to say that yours truly once took an IV out of her arm at the hospital during a blood transfusion because one of her children needed her. The transfusion got rescheduled because my child came first. End of story. My hemoglobin was 6.5, too, but my daughter was more important to me. How could a flu become a reason to ignore one's children during a holiday week? That, alone, is sickening. But here's something even worse: this Michael Plumadore, in whose trailer Aliahna was sent to die, has a criminal record, is a convicted felon, and was wanted for violation of probation in Florida!

How the hell does one get to know another person well enough to babysit one's children for a whole week without knowing about the pastimes had by the chosen "babysitter" that occasionally end up in arrest records, attorney fees, and court dates? (not necessarily in that order!) Another interesting bit of data here is that Plumadore has a Facebook page, which became invisible last night.......either he gets computer access in jail, or one of his trailer park buddies deleted it for him.......that would have told authorities in Florida exactly where to find his sorry ass if they were really looking for him! But, apparently, they weren't. His criminal record in Florida, by the way, was for assualting a police officer. Anyway, back to my original point, the people who knew this creep well enough to call him a "friend" probably were well aware of his criminal record, and of the fact that he was a fugitive from justice in Florida! Something else I find interesting and equally disgusting is that Aliahna's grandmother still defends this trailer trash creep! According to the Daily Mail, UK, she had this to say:

"Despite the confession, the little girl's grandmother, Amber Story, stood by Plumadore.
'I don't care what anybody says. Mike did nothing to her. He loves those girls,' she told the News-Sentinel."

If that isn't denial, then it's definately choosing the friendship of a known criminal over the love of a grandchild. The only reason I can think of for a grandmother or a mother to make a choice like that is the event of said grandmother or mother having a criminal background of her own that she does not want discussed with law enforcement. Nauseating. If Grandma had turned Creepo in to the police, instead of covering for him, he would have been behind bars in Florida, serving the rest of his sentence for assualting a police officer, and not in Indiana, murdering a nine year old child!

This brings me to something that has occured to me as a possible motive for the killing. The first statements I noticed from the media quoting Aliahna's family were quite disparaging to Aliahna. Comments about her ADHD, vision and hearing loss, ecetera. I think Aliahna was a lot more savvy than the entire trailer park wanted anyone to think she was. In fact, I think Aliahna was not on board with the "cover for our criminal friends" mentality at all, and these people, Mommy and Grandma included, depended on the rest of the world NOT taking her seriously, or believing a word she said while she was alive, because more than one person in Trailerparkland, Indiana, was wanted by police for something or other, and her testimony could easily put people in jail. Yes, indeed. I think keeping guilty people out of jail was more important to Grandma than Aliahna, and I think it still is. Someone also accused Aliahna of having Oppositional Defiant Disorder! I guess to people who want to lead lives of crime, a child who wants to fly right and be productive WOULD appear defiant!

The other thing that could have saved Aliahna's life, but didn't, was the judicial system in Florida. Plumadore was clearly a fugitive from justice, and he was clearly on Facebook, along with enough personal information for authorities in Florida to find him. Does anyone remember the Jaycee Dugard case? Phillip Garrido was on probation the entire eighteen years he held Jaycee captive. Proper supervision in his case would have given Jaycee back her childhood. Proper supervision of Michael Plumadore would have given Aliahna Lemmon back her life. Shame on Florida.

Aliahna Lemmon's mom, on the right, and her Grandmother, on the left. That's the same face from which the words defending the murderer with a known criminal record for violent crimes came. Below is the creep, himself, lying to police and sending searchers in all the wrong directions, before he confessed. Should anyone who knew Michael Plumadore's history in Florida, and that he was wanted for violation of probation, get a free pass here?


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We Haven't Forgotton, Terri Horman

Polygraphs. They are pretty accurate. Not one hundred percent, not admissable as evidence in court, but they are still reliable tools to help determine when a person is lying. Often more reliable than the word of a suspect or a witness. In fact, the biggest problem had with polygraphs, by law enforcement, seems to be guilty people who pass them, not innocent people who do not pass them. In view of this, there are several people who I think should take some failed polygraphs over, this time telling the truth about their circumstances. We could start with D'Andre Lane, father of Michigan toddler, Bianca Jones, who has been missing since the first weekend of December. His attorney feels that "stress", and "lack of preperation" has flawed the results of the polygraph Lane took, causing it to show deception. I actually agree with Mr. Defense Attorney on this: the stress of trying to hide evidence of a terrible crime and the lack of preperation connected to not having enough time to concoct a good story and collaborate with all possible witnesses and the victim can certainly affect the results of a polygraph. Yes indeed.

But Mr. Lane just might have been outdone by Debbie Bradley, of Kansas City, Missouri, also mother of Lisa Irwin, who was reported missing on October 4, when she was ten months old. Debbie Bradley openly admitted that she failed a polygraph. Not only was she shown to have answered key questions on the polygraph deceptively, but she actually interfered with the testimony of Lisa's older brothers! Not exactly what I would expect from a mother who wants to find her missing child, but definately what what I would expect from someone who has committed a crime and keeps witnesses quiet by bullying them. I sincerely hope that Lisa's brothers do not have to grow up hiding a horrible crime and covering for parents or step parents with criminal tendencies. That kind of situation is never healthy for children.

Moving a little further West, we have Julia Biryukova, mother of two year old Sky Metalwala, who went missing before Thanksgiving, in Bellevue, Washington. After giving law enforcement in Washington a truly crazy story about running out of gas when her car still had gas, and leaving her baby behind when she walked to a gas station without a gas can to get gas for the car that had not run out of gas, she refused to take a polygraph. And after promising to arrange one, her attorney has not arranged for her to take a polygraph. Nice......not! She's looking for a new boyfriend online these days, not for her missing son.

And lets not forget Terri Horman. Her stepson, Kyron Horman, has been missing since June 4, 2010. He disappeared from his school. She failed two polygraphs when questioned about her knowledge of what happened to Kyron on that day. Specifically, the questions that tripped her up concerned what happened to Kyron, and her own whereabouts during that day. Her attorney is certainly well connected enough to schedule another polygraph examination, in the event of his client's innocence, to clear this up. hasn't happened. Now she hides at the home of her parents, full time, looking for...........another TEACHING job! As if the world owed her such a thing!

Terri, where's Kyron?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

If You Skipped Church On Christmas

Not too long ago, I came across this. The author gave me permission to use it. She would love to see Lisa Irwin found.

I am not particularly religious, and I do not think it is necessary that we all subscribe to the same religion. I do; however, think these beautiful young activists have something to teach us. Have a great holiday, everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do Students Belong In Duffle Bags?

Of all the insane outrageousness! Just when I though I had nearly heard it all, too! A "teacher" in Kentucky, for special needs children, decided that since a nine year old boy named Christopher Baker smirked at her and threw a basketball across the room, she'd stuff him in a duffle bag and pull the drawstring shut! She then put the duffle bag out in the hallway before calling the boy's mom. When Christpher's mom arrived, she did not know, at first, that her son was inside of a duffle bag, and was stunned to hear the bag say, "Mommy, is that you?"

Ya know......Christopher's mom must be a saint, because I am not sure, exactly, what I would have done if that were my child. Everything about this, from the risk of suffocation, to the humiliation, is simply abusive. I don't care how many times the little boy smirked. I also don't care how difficult of a day this special ed teacher was having, there is simply no excuse for something like that! I don't know this teacher personally, but I am forced to ponder if she took the job with special needs children because they have a more difficult time speaking up about abuse issues within their schools than normal children. If that's the case, she needs to go. But guess what....she's not going anywhere. Kentucky schools, and her principal, think this is an okay way to educate any child with aspergers or any other disability on the autism spectrum. Here's what the principal, Dennis Davis, had to say, quoting from the above referenced Yahoo article: "The employees of the Mercer County Public Schools are qualified professionals who treat students with respect and dignity while providing a safe and nurturing learning environment," Davis said in a statement."

Okay, now that we know that schools in Kentucky consider the inside of a duffle bag a safe and dignified place to learn, and that the "qualified professional" teaching in Kentucky will have an assortment of duffel bags in various sizes in which students can learn, a woman named Lydia Brown has put together a petition and a letter to sign, because Kentucky sees no problem with stuffing children into duffle bags. The Yahoo article did not include a link to the petition, so I will. Here it is.

Another very serious consideration about this is the fact that if this child had died in the duffle bag, what on earth would have happened? Would someone have hidden the duffle bag for the teacher and would this have been another missing child case? Or, suppose someone had entered the school, picked up the duffel bag, Christopher still inside, and put it into the trunk of his car and departed? School camaras would not have recorded Christopher's image, the camaras would have recorded a person walking with a duffle bag. This is dangerous, folks. And very, very wrong. Please sign Lydia Brown's petition.

Aisha Khan And Other Found People

Today has been a good day. Aisha Khan, reported missing from Overland Park, Kansas, was found last night. While many people are frustrated because she apparently was not in immediate danger, the fact that she is safe is good news. Also found was Lauren Weinberg, who had been lost in a snowstorm in Arizona since December 11. She survived by melting snow in a water bottle for drinking water. Her cell phone battery was dead, and she was unfamiliar with the part of Arizona where she got lost.

Some else was also found. Ted Tzal had been missing for thirtyfive years,  and his sister decided to give DNA to help rule him out as a victim of the serial killer John Wayne Gacy, of Florida, who was executed in 1994. One thing led to another, and Tzal was located, alive and well, in Oregon! Instead of closure, his family got another person for their holiday shopping and Christmas card list. He actually had an interest in the Gacy case, and had read books about it, but had never considered that during his thirtyfive year absence, someone may wonder if he had been connected to Gacy, as a possible victim! That's him, in the picture on the left. All too often, a sheriff has to knock on a door to inform a family of a death, but this time, it was quite the opposite. It's probably the best Winter Holiday ever for Tzal's family.

One more for the "found list"......In Philadelphia, Pa., a newborn girl was found yesterday in a cardboard box on a sidewalk. She still had her umbelical cord, and was wrapped in a blanket, a bathrobe, and a sweater. She was also lucky she was found shortly after she was abandoned. Her prognosis is good.

A Winter Solstice Blessing

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Solstice, The Sun King, And Christmas Trees

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! This year, Winter Solstice in on December 21. That is the ancient celebration of the new birth of Light, or the Sun King. Odin and Frigga and the newborn God and Isis, Osiris, and newborn Horus are the legends with which most modern Americans would be likely to find some familiarity. Almost every culture in the Northern Hemisphere has a festival involving candles, fire or light during this time of year. It has been speculated, probably correctly, that this is because we need and crave light, and it is healthy during the days of the least sunlight, to surround ourselves with as much light as we can.

Since it's healthy to be surrounded by cheery light displays this time of year, why would residents of Hudsonville, Michigan get an ANONYMOUS letter explaining that their holiday lights are Pagan, and therefore unacceptable wrote the letter? In my world, only people can be Pagan, not household items, such as lights! And, as a person who was actually brought up in a Pagan path before the days of Goth and New Age "coolness", I can attest that "Christian" displays, with all of the hollow hypocrisy of those who erect them, are just as offensive to anyone forced to think of the crusades, the inquisition, slavery in America, the KKK, and Westboro Baptist Church every time we see a visual reference to the religion. At least, it is possible to take some comfort in the fact that the Newborn God is really the occulted celebrant here, and not the icon of those who would kill and uproot, leaving heartache and destruction in their wake. Why would the writer of the Hudsonville letter assume that all of the recipients are Christian? Why would the writer insist upon remaining anonymous?

Isis, Thoth, and in the tree, Osiris. The genuine article, as Christmas trees go. Soon, Isis will bring Horus into the world, to begin the cycle anew.

Has Anyone Seen Aisha Khan

On Friday, a young woman named Aisha Khan was outside at the campus of University of Kansas near Overland Park studying. She sent several distressing text messages to her sister about a man harassing and possibly stalking her, and then disappeared. She even left her textbooks and other personal effects on the picnic table. When Aisha's sister and another relative got to the location, Aisha was nowhere to be found.

Here's is a flyer with pictures on it. Please keep an eye open for this girl.

Friday, December 16, 2011

How's The Job Hunt Going, Terri Horman?

For the past week or so, I have gotton hit after hit to this site searching for Terri Horman, sometime step parent of nine year old Kyron Horman, looking for a job! In June of this year, I posted about that very thing. Terri Horman moved back in with her mommy and daddy several weeks after Kyron disappeared from his school, and has attempted to stay away from everyone else, including her two year old daughter, ever since. This has not made her look innocent.

I have not been able to find any updates about Terri finding employment. I had just assumed that she had given up. Not that she has to. If Terri Horman is not guilty of playing any role in Kyron's disappearance, all she has to do is become honest about what she actually did on June 4, 2010, and pass a polygraph. Then, any testimony she gives that might be helpful, would, I'm sure, be appreciated. That might not stop everyone from looking askance at her, or make parents feel comfortable about Terri's "classroom presence", as per her chosen field in teaching, but she could find a different profession. If Terri never wants to cooperate or if she is, in fact, guilty, making liscence plates may be her best career option.

The online searches for Terri Horman and aspects of her life, such as employment or marital status, which would otherwise remain private; by curious members of the general public, will probably stop when Kyron is returned safely. Just some food for thought, Terri.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Siri Search

Statue of the Battle of Iwo Jima
Every now and then, I post about the siri searches I get here via the online moniker, Siriunsun, which I have used for almost ten years. Today there was a search that really deserves an answer, and I hope the "siri app" eventually gave this searcher a good one. It was a "siri search" for pictures of Arlington National Cemetery. Here are some that I thought were good. To the left is how Virginia looks in the late Fall. My favorite time of year, especially on the East Coast.  At the right is a picture of the statue of Iwo Jima, which, for reasons I do not fully understand, sparked my interest in American history when I was about three. Every time I saw that statue when I was with my Dad, I would make him tell me all about serving in WW2. I was not born until Dad was old, (he thought he was old, anyway!) and the world before World War 2 sounded like a very different place than it was in 1965, when I was three! And, of course, I put a picture of the Changing Of The Guard in this post, too.

Changing of the Guard

And here's one more that I think is appropriate for this time of year:

Japanese Tannenbaum

I stole this from, from Rick. It's the funniest thing I've seen all day! It's from a shopping mall in Japan! Somehow, it does not conjure up the Winter Solstice spirit I look for when I decorate a tree............"♫♪♫ O Run...♫...All ye faithful...♪.....♫♪♫"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bianca Jones: A Sad Update

A few days ago, I posted about  two year old Bianca Jones, who was reported missing, earlier this month, by her father, D'andre Lane. Bianca remains missing, and according to law enforcement, the nature of the search has changed. Cadaver dogs have picked up on a scent in Lane's apartment, and several other places that are possibly connected to his daughter. I was certainly hoping to hear something different than this.

If only I could give Bianca's mom a hug.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lisa Irwin, Doppelgangers, And Identification For Children

The latest in the news in the case of Lisa Iriwn, the one year old who was reported missing on October 4 from Kansas City, Missouri, is, sadly, not that she has been found; but that another child keeps getting mistaken for her. And according to the little girl's parents, the mistake makers have been aggressive and creepy about it, too, putting their hands on the baby in public and harassing the parents. I will not put a picture of this child on my blog for two reasons, first, she is not Lisa Irwin, who is still missing; second, she does not need that kind of publicity. Please take my word for it when I say that the pictures I have seen of this child do not bear enough of a resemblence to Lisa to justify the harassment through which her parents have gone. Slimmer face, more teeth. At least five times, and hopefully not counting, this child's parents have had to prove their relationship with their daughter to law enforcement. If I were them, I would dress my daughter in boy's clothing for the next month or two!

I have a doppelganger of a missing child in my brood, too. Last summer, while traveling to the East Coast with all six of my children, someone in a Walmart in Indiana looked briefly at the pictures of missing children on the wall, and then at one of my sons. "He looks just like this picture of Kyron Horman!", the woman said. That was the first I had ever heard of Kyron Horman, it was about five weeks after he went missing from Skyline Elementary in Portland, Oregon. Several hundred miles later, in West Virginia, someone actually phoned in a "Kyron sighting"! That was interesting. I had never had one of my children mistaken for someone who is missing before, but since my son was old enough to talk, it was not a problem. No one reached out and grabbed him, either. If anyone had, I am not sure what I would have done. As it sits, I am still encouraged that there are people who cared enough about finding Kyron Horman to look for him in the first place. Even so, I packed a copy of my son's birth certificate in my suitcase before my next cross country trip, during the winter break last year.

About these missing child "sightings", allow me to advise this: if you really think you are looking at a missing child who is being sought by local law enforcement and the FBI, it is best to just call them. Unless the kidnapping is a familial kidnapping or custodial interference, none of us can truly understand what goes on in the minds of persons who would steal or harm children. Aggitating such a person is unwise for many reasons. In a store, letting security know, so that they can hone in on the image of the child with surveillance camaras and call the local police is a much better idea. Also, there is certainly nothing wrong with copying down a liscence plate number for the police. But it is best not to seek out a confrontation with someone you suspect has committed a very serious crime.

One day, perhaps the entire country will make picture ID's for children available. Then, I will not need to take my son's birth certificate with me when I travel. A picture ID is probably the only immediate relief the family of Lisa Irwin's doppelganger is likely to obtain. Picture ID's for children in Lisa Irwin's age group would need to be updated frequently, as children grow and change quickly. When I did a search on the subject earlier today, I was disappointed, as only a handful of states even offer them. Until we wake up to the need for identification for children, it looks like we are stuck with passports.

Lisa Irwin, who is still missing and has been missing since October 3, 2011. Where could this baby be?

Kyron Horman, who has been missing for over eighteen months. Every day, I am disappointed when I do not see any news of his return home. It is well past time for this.

My Kind Of First Lady

Go Michelle! As part of her "Lets Move" intiative to portray the importance of physical fitness, Michelle Obama and 300,000 young people, mostly students, set a new Guiness World Book record for doing the most jumping jacks in a twenty-four hour period on the front lawn of the White House.

Friday, December 9, 2011

I Wonder If Jeremy Irwin Is Getting Nervous Part Two

A couple of days ago, I posted about the Missouri case of Jeremy Irwin, father of one year old Lisa Irwin, who was reported missing early on October 4. He and Rasleen Raim, the mother of his oldest child, are in a custody battle now, because Rasleen Raim is nervous about the alleged kidnapping, and the ramifications to the safety of her child. I don't blame her at all, but the attorneys for Debbie Bradley and Jeremy Irwin still think a mom should feel secure about her child being in Debbie Bradley's care. Shortly after Ms. Raim filed suit, a Washington judge gave Solomon Metalwala, the father of two year old, missing, Sky Metalwala, custody of Sky's older sister Maile. Now, a Florida judge has reversed a custody decision in the case of Michelle Parker, missing since last month, and Dale Smith's three year old twins. This apparently happened yesterday, after lots of public outcry about Dale Smith, Michelle's fiance and the primary suspect in her diappearance, initially got custody. It is not clear if this happened because of a bad act on the part of the father, more findings about his care of the children, or if evidence concerning the disappearance of the childrens' mom was discovered in his home, but it seems that suspects and defacto suspects in mysterious disappearances of other people are not always seen to make good primary custodians of children. Need I even mention Terri Horman? She does not have custody of any of her children right now, either.

What's likely to happen if custody to Jeremy Irwin's oldest child transfers to the mom? Well....let's see; Debbie Bradley will no longer be able to collect food stamps, using this child as one more member of the household. She no longer has little Lisa, and losing another child would leave her ineligable, which, in turn, means that she would have to get a job. What else would less deduction at tax time for Mr. Jeremy! ( I hope those unpaid taxes from a couple of years ago are paid, now, Jeremy!) Also, since Jeremy probably makes more money than his son's mother, he will probably have to pay child support. That would certainly be a bummer for Debbie and Jeremy.

What else might happen? A little boy might become reaquainted with his mom. A mom who may very well have been threatened or initmidated by a drunk and criminally inclined Debbie Bradley. He also may finally have a chance to learn about his mother's culture, and who he is. I doubt that Jeremy has gone to any great lengths to explain life outside of his own narrow sphere to any of his children. Also, it is an opportunity for this child to learn another language or two.

Something else might happen, too. It's a something that probably bothers the heck out of John Picerno and Joe Tacobella. It goes straight to the core of why I think Debbie and Jeremy MIGHT (!!) be hiding a few things from law enforcement. Not only have they given several different accounts of what happened on October 4 and admitted that Debbie drinks too much; Debbie and Jeremy have worked incredibly hard to block testimony from both of Lisa's older half brothers. But if they did not live with Debbie or Jeremy, who would stop them from giving statements to the police or testifying? Tacobella has no control over family court in Missouri, and Picerno is a criminal attorney, not a family law specialist.

Taco and Pico can spread as many lies as they wish about the situation. Just as surely as eleven minus eight equals three, both of those little boys will grow up one day. And there is no statute of limitations on murder.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kyle Richards Goes To Court

In July of this year, I posted about a man (and I use the word "man" rather loosely here) named Kyle Richards, who went to prison for armed robbery in Michigan. While in prison, he apparently got bored and horny, and respectfully requested video games and porn, with which to pass the time while serving his sentence. Where's the eye-rolley when I need it? He was duly told, by his gentleguards and corrections officers, that prison is not a game or a night club, and video games and porn are not provided. That was when poor Kyle became extreemly upset, and filed suit in court for cruel and unusual punishment...........

Fast forward to now; our young and extreemly horny Kyle is back in court, and back in the news. According to The Detroit Times, he has filed a handwritten motion accusing Fox News of slandering him and causing others to ridicule him over his previous lawsuit, which was against the governer of his state and against the corrections department that denied him his nudie pics. Here is a quote: “The coverage I received was so outrageous, degrading and slanderous that I was humiliated and morbidly offended by the entire story,” he wrote, noting that it subjected his younger brother and sister, who attend school in Macomb County, to ridicule." Actually, young Kyle is slandering Fox News! All they did was relate the details of the lawsuit, very briefly. (no pun intended) And that is what the media does. It grabs stories from various sources, from police reports to politics to recently filed lawsuits, and anything else that might be interesting, and regurgitates the stories for publication. A story can be edited and rewritten any number of times. The fact that Kyle is hilarious and crazy is not the media's fault! I do feel sorry for his younger siblings, though.......if I were either of them, I would file suit as well, to change my name! And "morbidly" offended? Seriously? Kyle obviously has a flair for the dramatic!

Another interesting and outrageously funny quote from this article is, “Within my lawsuit, I alleged I suffer from severe nervous and sexual disorders, including a disorder known as ‘chronic masturbation syndrom(e),” which Richards blames on the conditions of his imprisonment." ..........I really don't know if there is a realistic response to that. A snarky suggestion of my own would be to arrange a pastoral visit with the infamous pastor, Bishop Robert Finn, who appears very understanding of "these things". He might even get the bishop to bring some clandestine inapproriate material with him! A prison conversion would certainly have it's perks, right? Ok........I am being sarcastic.

Upon request for a response to all of this funniness, Fox News only offered this:  "We are aware of the matter," according to a Fox 2 spokesperson."  I'm sure they ARE aware.......VERY aware! They probably can't get any of their journalists involved with this matter to stop laughing!

Pornography Free Environment

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some Good News

This is interesting; two year old Caleb Teodorescu, of Arizona, had been at the bottom of a swimming pool for about half an hour when his mom found him. She actually called her dad, to tell him that little Caleb was deceased.......yet rumors of Caleb's demise were greatly exaggerated! Here's the story, curtesy of Yahoo:

Isn't he cute?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Siri Searches For Offenders

There have been lots of "Siri searches" lately, and hopefully, everyone has found what he or she was seeking. This is a Siri search that ended up on this blog today, and it's a search that truly deserves a result. The keywords asked for a list of sex offenders within a ten mile radius. In my sidebar, among my other links, one can find the link to Familywatchdog. It is easy to use, and does not cost anything.

I Wonder If Jeremy Irwin Is Nervous Yet

Solomon Metalwala, the father of two year old Sky Metalwala, missing from Washington since early last month, just won a round in court with his estranged wife, Julia Biryukova, about custody of their daughter, Maile. This is largely because Sky disappeared, allegedly from her car, on her watch. Even if Sky is found alive today, I do not think Julia will ever have primary custody of Sky or his sister again. Not even if she wakes up one morning with a different personality and decides to cooperate with law enforcement and help find Sky.

This reminds me a little of the drama in Kansas City, Missouri, surrounding the disappearance of one year old Lisa Irwin. She was reported missing on October 4, allegedly stolen from her crib. The dog didn't bark, the two other children didn't notice, and Lisa apparently did not become upset and start to cry, (yeah....right!) leaving the admittedly drunken mom undisturbed at the time of the alleged kidnapping. The thing about those two other children is that they both are Lisa's half brothers, meaning that they each have another parent somewhere outside of the situation. And now, the natural mother of Jeremy's son wants custody. I would want custody, too, if I were her; I hope she gets it. Here's the thing.......Debbie Bradley (the drunken mom who lost Lisa in the the first place) and Jeremy Irwin apparently have begun to craft a campaign to subvert all of the negative publicity, both in the media and word of mouth, that their case has garnered, due to their attitudes and lack of cooperation with law enforcement. Their legal representation has even reached for the throat of Rasleen Raim, the mother of Jeremy's son, as she seeks to remove her child from Debbie Bradley's custody. It seems to me that allowing this child to live with his mom would give Jeremy more free time to concentrate on looking for Lisa; he should really welcome her offer. His situation has changed, and it will never be the same again, not even if Lisa is found today.

This also sheds some light on something else Debbie and Jeremy have recently expressed, specifically that they want the vigils that take place near their house for Lisa to stop. Custody issues may be the true reason that Debbie and Jeremy want the vigils for Lisa to stop. Vigils, along with media and public attention in a missing child case keep everyone aware that the child is missing, but it also adds a bit of chaos to the atmosphere. I really think that Debbie and Jeremy know that as long as their daughter is missing, all of the chaos coming from all aspects of the case could be seen as unhealthy by a family law court judge and help Rasleen win her case to modify custody of her son. Also, if Lisa is found to have been the victim of foul play, the nature of the vigils could easily change, and rightfully so. Anyone remember Casey Anthony, and public reaction at her parents' home? I do not think Debbie and Jeremy's neighbors will like a situation like that any more than the Anthonys' neighbors did. is much harder to carry on any criminal activity while getting lots of attention from an always present, very interested, local public; and that probably comprises at least a small part of Debbie's problem with vigils.

I wonder if Debbie and Jeremy are paying attention to Sky Metalwala's case? The custody ruling in the Metalwala case does not set any legal precedents, but it does contain the key elements of estranged spouses and missing children. This is a sad day for families, when kidnapped siblings must be a consideration in family law court.

Monday, December 5, 2011

To My Trolls, With Love

Among all the genuinely nice people who contact me through this blog, I seem to have picked up a couple of trolls. Oh well.......I always knew they were out there! But here's the thing: everyone else is not always going to agree with me, and I am not always going to agree with everyone else. Most of the time, that is not a problem. For instance, on this blog, I have been known to make fun of Republican politicians. I have been making fun of such individuals since I was knee high to a grasshopper, and I do not intend to stop. Don't misunderstand, I have, on two occasions, voted for Republican candidates in local elections, because according to the information I had, they were the BEST people for the job each one wanted, but I will probably always find something about which to call out a Republican. It's nothing personal inasmuch as my friends and associates are concerned. I also bust on Fundamentalist Christians.....the ones who keep pestering yours truly to convert, yet never giving her a solid reason to believe what they have to say. I do not believe any more is required in terms of explanation for this, so I will move on to the next group of people I occasionally "hate on" here in Siri's World, and that includes anyone who murders, kidnaps, abuses, or harms a child.

There is one commenter out there who, along with refusing to learn punctuation and spelling, thinks that I sit around all day and insult everyone in the midwest and in "my community". If everyone in the midwest and my community fit into the above catagories, than perhaps you are right, bitter Kansas person, but since I know that isn't the case, shame on you for suggesting it! And if you do not like what I choose to do with my time, then go do something you enjoy with your time, dumdum! Or go back to the produce aisle from which you emerged.........

I also have another commenter out in cyberland who feels that it is necessary to keep bashing Emma Sullivan for her reluctant role in exposing Kansas Governer Brownback's twittergate moment to the world. It does not matter how rude or polite Miss Sullivan was at the time it happened. Unless she was addressing the entire crowd, she was not representing her school. That accusation is simply false, and the person who keeps wanting me to post that only wants to be hurtful. Miss Sullivan may be the biggest, most stuck-up snob in the school, (she prolly isn't) but I find myself face to face with a much bigger issue in this incident, and that is censorship and privacy. Anyone who wants to focus on the individual involved rather than on the importance of the issue involved is a fool. Seriously. From Richard Nixon and Watergate to Joseph Stalin to Mao Zedong, the results of telling citizens what they can and cannot say to their friends have always been dangerous. And Miss Sullivan is not the one who hung the principal of her school out to dry, in terms of email responses and threats. That was Brownback. His public apology to Miss Sullivan was politically the best move he could make in that situation, and Dr. Krawitz would have been well advised to do the same.

To my "gentletrolls", one more thing I would say to you is this, you already know I bust on Republican politicians, Christian fundies, murderers, child molesters, and other assorted criminals. What makes you so upset to see them catagorized as such? If you wish to see such individuals cast in a better light, I'm sure Rush Limbaugh has a blog. And if you wish to defend these people, why do it anonymously?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Amber Alert From Detroit

Two year old Bianca Jones was kidnapped in Detroit, Michigan yesterday morning. Her dad's car was carjacked, and she was still inside when it was driven away. Later, the car was found, but not Bianca. Here's the story, so far.

This is the best picture I can find of Bianca. She had braids in her hair when she went missing, and weighs about twenty-five pounds. Anyone who knows something about her whereabouts or sees her is asked to call the police in Detroit, Michigan at 313-596-2170, or the officer in charge, Lt. David Lavally at 313.801.2842.   

Friday, December 2, 2011

How Long Will It Be Legal To Kill Children In Kansas?

Mireya Carmen Ortiz Rodriguez was only twenty months old in August, when her dad's girlfriend, Johana Iveth Villegas-Gonzales burned her skin so badly it peeled off into a sink and suffocated her. This happened right here, in Kansas. Kansas also accepted a plea for voluntary manslaughter for this, so Villegas-Gonazales will only spend between fiftyfive and sixty months in jail. That's obscene. The deliberate MURDER of a defenseless child only gets five years in prison, here in Kansas? I guess in Kansas, murder of a child is practically legal. The person or persons responsible for misplacing Adam Herrman, who disappeared from Towanda, Kansas in 1999, and was not reported missing until 2009, apparantly have nothing to worry about. When will Kansas begin to value the lives of children?

Mireya Carmen Ortiz Gonzales. Rest in peace; I wish I could have been there to prevent this.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Twittergate Fallout Because Brownback Sucks

It seems that Emma Sullivan, the young lady who tweeted late last month, while on a field trip with her school, that Brownback sucks, has picked up a few critics as well as many, many supporters. I am one of Emma's supporters, by the way. The only thing I think she could do differently the next time she states that Brownback sucks is to state why she thinks Brownback sucks, so that all of her nice eavesdroppers and gentle spies will understand why she opines in such a way.

There's an idea that has been expressed via comments to this blog from posters in this part of the country that Emma Sullivan is somehow responsible for the reactions that the principal of her school, Karl R. Krawtiz, has gotton from the general public since the story aired in the media. That's simply error. Miss Sullivan did not tweet the nation; she only tweeted her friends. While it's true that tweets are internet propoganda, viewable by anyone, the tweet in question would not have been viewed by anyone except the intended viewer if Brownback's office had not eavesdropped. So; rather than blame Miss Sullivan, toward which a few Kansas folk seem inclined, it seems to me that the blame for all of the negative reactions including death threats, (according to my commenters) aimed at Krawtiz, rests upon the governer's office. 

"Juli...the lesson Emma and you apparently haven't learned is this - social media has consequences. True enough, the person making the death threat is ultimately responsible. But what brought it to his attention? A post on the internet. More specifically, Emma's posting of her "ordeal" with Dr K. "She didn't think" when she originally posted about Brownback. She found out that gosh...somebody I didn't want noticing noticed this. Did she learn? Nope...even more twits about her "ordeal" of "being yelled at for an hour". Again, I am sure there was no literary embellishment on her part (I say as I roll my eyes). "She didn't think" in the capitol, and after noticing her 60 followers increased to 1,000, I guess "she didn't think" that critical postings about Dr K would get the attention of some nutcase. Sounds to me like she should learn to think before she twits. I don't think she has though."

That's a comment I got about this. First of all, I do not think that anyone did anything to deserve a death threat, so I sincerely hope that no more threats are made to anyone. Second, an eighteen year old has not had as much experience with social media or any kind of media as someone who is Brownback's age, or the ages of those who work for him. I expect more from Brownback and his staff. If Brownback's henchmen did not know that this is a first amendment issue, shame on them. It should be no surprise that when an elected official steps on the rights of a citizen, even if the citizen and said elected official do not agree, any attempt to rob a person of his or her rights is very likely to get heralded by the media. It's happened before. It will happen again. Blaming an eighteen year old is unfair. I think Brownback and his staff should take responsibility for the threats to Krawitz and I think that other people should stop holding Emma Sullivan responsible. Third, eavesdropping is rude. Lots of people have posted in lots of places that Emma Sullivan needs to learn manners; does Governer Brownback.

Of course, there are even more disturbing questions that may have to be answered in the future about Brownback and his merry band of eavesdroppers. This time, it was only tweets of a teenager that were snooped at, but whose communiques will it be next time? How many ethics does this governer violate in a day's time? How does he manipulate the information he gets and who does he manipulate with this information? And......why is he doing it? Does it help him govern the state?

Perhaps, if Emma wanted to be gracious, she might call one of the local news stations and request that a very quick statement be made requesting that anyone who has made threats to Karl Krawitz cease and desist.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Debbie Bradley May Get More Grownup Time

It looks like one of Lisa Irwin's older brothers may have a chance to live with his real mom, Rasleen Raim. This looks like a win-win situation for everyone involved, except, possibly for Lisa. Of course, the only way for Lisa to win here would involve her parents cooperating with law enforcement; and since they have shown nothing but contempt for every attempt to locate Lisa, I don't think Debbie and Jeremy's cooperation will be forthcoming. Here's the thing.....I don't know why John Picerno, Debbie and Jeremy's Missouri criminal defense attorney, is adverse to Lisa's older brother moving out of the Bradley drunkathon. The child would be able to live with away from the media circus surrounding his family's life, and would have an opportunity to become reaquainted with his mom, (if I were a gambler, I would BET there is more to THAT story than we have heard......and I would BET that it involved intimidation on Jeremy's part....but that's just my opinion at the moment) and Debbie would have more "grownup time". Of course, this may be a misnomer, because in my world, "grownup time" usually follows the event of growing up, rather than preceding it, but Debbie and Jeremy do lots of things differently than many of the rest of us would.

John Picerno makes statements to the effect that Rasleen Raim has not seen her child since 2008, then says that it has been six years since 2008, (by my count, it has been three years and some months since 2008) and he completely ignores that many, many absentee FATHERS regain custody or visitation every day after not seeing their children for even longer intervals. It's nothing new, and certainly nothing over which to demonize Rasleen Raim. I honestly believe Raim will at least get visitation. I hope she does not allow Picerno or Tacobella to intimidate her.

One of the ways this could actually help Lisa's whereabouts become known will be if Debbie Bradley is excluded from any court proceedings involving Jeremy Irwin, Rasleen Raim, and their child. Debbie Bradley, after all, is not Irwin's wife, she is merely someone with whom he cohabits, and this should not grant her any custodial rights. If Jeremy must enter a court room all by himself, and speak about his home life, and what he and his girlfriend have to offer a child, after losing a child and admittedly being too drunk to remember what happened at the time, more details might emerge. Details that might never emerge in Debbie Bradley's presence.

Of course, Jeremy will probably have to pay child support. He will have one less deduction at tax time. And, one less child in the Irwin household will probably reduce Debbie's foodstamps and other benefits enough to drive her into the workforce. If Rasleen Raim wins this case, it's win-win.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Brownback Still Sucks And Leaves Krawitz Holding Bag

I have gotton lots of hits indicating searches for a picture of Karl R. Krawitz, and searches for a possible public apology to the Shawnee Mission East senior, Emma Sullivan, for attempting to force her to write an apology for tweeting "Brownback sucks" to her friends at a statehouse field trip in Topeka. Krawitz is the principal of Shawnee Mission East, and apparantly a local stooge of republican politicians. Initially, Miss Sullivan had intended to go ahead and write the apology, but has since changed her mind. Then, in a very political turn of events, Governer Brownback apologised to Miss Sullivan, stating that his staff had overreacted. Considering the fact that almost every publication in the nation had run the story, this was politically savvy of him.

I perused all available information to find out if Karl R. Krawitz has any intentions of apologising to his student for bullying her and humiliating her in front of her peers, but did not find much about him at all. What I did find was the website for Shawnee Mission East, where the incident is not mentioned. And...while I suppose one could email Mr. Karl Marx Krawitz, (another "Krawtiz" search) a couple of other bloggers and posters had a better idea. On the school website is a link for the reporting of bullying incidents, and I clicked on that and wrote my concerns about school administrators who bully students over politcal issues, depriving them of their constitutional rights. If you wish to do the same, just click on the link to Shawnee Mission East, provided above.

The last item I wanted to cover in this post is Karl R. Krawitz's picture, something for which lots of people have searched today. All I could find was a thumbnail, which I will include. I absolutely look forward to his public apology to Emma Sullivan, for bullying her concerning matters political and pressuring her to write a letter she did not need to write, and his public apology to the student body at Shawnee Mission East, for setting such a terrible example. Now that Browncrack has apologised, Krawitz is left holding the bag.

                                                                          Karl R. Krawitz

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Brownback Still Sucks's an update to the brewing situation in Kansas concerning a crybaby governer who sucks and a senior at Shawnee Mission East, who tweeted to her friends that the governer sucks; the young lady has changed her mind about writing an apology. Her mom isn't going to make her do it, either! This leaves the ball in the court of her school principal, Karl Marx Krawitz. Oops. That's Karl R. Krawitz.

Mr. Krawitz has a mistaken idea that this whole matter is private. According to the Kansas City Star, he stated that this is a "private issue, not a public matter", but I disagree. His student's tweet was private. But he humiliated her and attempted to force her write a sillyassed rather public apology to a sillyassed republican governer when she did nothing wrong or unlawful. As soon as a high school principal decided to infringe upon the constitutional rights of a student, it became the business of every citizen. Also, here in Kansas, it is quite fashionable at the school my children attend to bash President Obama on a regular basis. Will written apologies from every teacher and student in Kansas who has badmouthed our President be forthcoming? It would seem fair, if this student must write an apology to the governer. I wonder if Karl Marx Krawitz has openly bashed anyone who has been elected to office since his teaching career began?

One more reason that this is not a private matter is that Karl Marx Krawitz does not teach at a private school. He teaches at a public school. Taxpayors pay his salary, and taxpayors send their children to the school where he pretends to teach. He is not the Czar of the school where he teaches. If Kansas schools are no longer intending to grant our children their constitutional rights, we need to be aware. It's unlikely that he thought about it in that much detail, though. He's prolly just worried that his school, or his computers will be investigated if this does not blow over. Finding out that one must obey the laws of the land can be quite a nasty shock for a Kansas educator.

Brownback Sucks

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Give A Home To A Homeless Pet

Susie Long, of Topeka, Kansas, is faced with having to shut down her shelter for homeless dogs. A group called Saving Death Row Dogs  has stepped in to help her, and is attempting to help find homes for the dogs. You can read about it here. Their phone number is 785-746-5542, if you would like to contact them and adopt a dog.

This is Kenji. He had been dropped off at a local vet's office as a stray, and because no one claimed him or wanted to take him home, he was about to be euthanized. My daughter happened to be shopping for a dog, and we stopped at this vet's office to ask about puppies. There were no puppies, but we got to see Kenji. We took him home the next day. The vet did not know anything about him, except that he had never acted aggressive or mean during the entire two months they kept him. He was not a puppy, a factor that was not in Kenji's favor for adoption, but he is still active, playful, and friendly. At this point, I would actually rather get an older dog instead of a puppy, if I were to get another dog, simply because Kenji was already housebroken and was no longer aimlessly chewing on furniture or pulling down curtains, activities favored by puppies I have had in the past. So...once again, I think an older dog is sometimes better than a puppy. I hope all of Susie Long's dogs can find homes.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Republic Of Kansas

WHOA....Whoa....whoa....where do I even begin in reaction to this story? A young woman, on a Statehouse field trip in Topeka, Kansas, with Shawnee Mission East, tweeted, while on the field trip, that Governer Brownback sucks. Which, in my opinion, he does. If you have read former posts on this blog concerning the governer of Kansas, you probably know that I think he sucks. I've written it, I've typed it, I've thought it, I've said it; I've never said it to Browncrack in person, but I think it is well known among my friends and aquaintences that it is my opinion that this particular governer sucks balls.

Ok, that said; Governer Browncrack's henchmen, upon finding the tweet, while monitoring the social media to find out what everyone says, up to the minute, about their furor, discovered this young lady's tweet and approached the principal of her school, Karl R. Krawitz, to....I a teasing! And what did Karl Marx Krawitz do? He told this bold young woman that for exercising her first amendment rights, and for her intelligent insight about our governer, and for speaking the truth, she must write an apology! That's right, folks; it is wrong, in Kansas, to state that Governer Mao Brownback sucks! It's bad enough that our tax dollars pay people in the governer's office to read tweets and facebook posts, but it is downright offensive that a public school would actually sanction a student for making a statement that was perfectly within her rights. If the principal was upset about the tweet, or the use of the electronic device, he should say so, but I do not think that was the problem. I think that if the student had made comments about the governer that were positive, and possibly untruthful, but supportive of the deception brought on by taking in republican propoganda, Karl Marx Krawitz would not have had a problem. Something else to which I would like to respond is this, from cjonline:

"That wasn't respectful," responded Sherriene Jones-Sontag. "In order to really have a constructive dialogue, there has to be mutual respect."

That was what Browncrack's henchmen had to say about the offending tweet. Browncrack's office overlooks two things. First, there was no dialogue with the governer at the time, it was a private tweet among likeminded people. Second, respect has to be earned, and Brownback, if one would care to peruse at least a decade of editorials of various publications and other media, has not EARNED everyone's respect. Outside of Kansas, I do not believe he could even get elected to public office again. And that's any public office, not just that of governer. He panders to big money and uses religion to play on the fears and superstitions of people who are unsuspecting and don't know any better, but that's another post.

Back to this apology that must be written by this bold and forthright student....what would I compose if I were in her shoes? Hmmm.....while having to perform this task is nothing short of an insult, it is also an opportunity. So how would I begin? "Dear Governer Brownback, I am so sorry that the truth hurts and that not everyone in a democracy agrees with you." Or, "Dear Governer Brownback, I applaud your control over Kansas public schools and your ability to erode our first amendment rights." Possibly, "Dear Governer Brownback, Sucking as badly as you suck must be an awful burden in life. You have my condolences."  The possibilities are endless.

Our Furor, Governer Brownback. Maybe someone will tease him after he is finished dispensing whatever Koolaide he is handing out in this picture, and he will run home to mommy, or better yet, get someone in trouble with the principal!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Private Retort

I do SO have holiday spirit and enthusiasm! See......I even have my seasonal seasoning shakers on the table!

After Wall Street Is Fully Occupied

What happens after Occupy Wall Street? After the "demon" of corperate greed is fully exorcized, (yeah.....right!) and balence has been restored......with what, exactly, are these "occupants" planning to fill any void left behind? Or is this an ongoing effort to fuel the pepper spray and tear gas industries? Goddess forbid the inflation of law enforcement become a moneymaking byproduct! Here's something else I think Occupy Wall Street should promote:


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Haven't Forgotton Terri Horman

I didn't forget you, Terri Horman. I'll still remind you of Kyron at least once a week, because someone from another part of the country stated on Facebook today that on the East Coast, the Kyron Horman case is not getting any publicity. Well; since that's the case, I will post this:

Perhaps, Terri, if you do any traveling over Thanksgiving, you'll notice this. Lots of missing people from various walks of life have been identified through photos and the publicity of their cases. I hope and pray that Kyron will. The publicity and the billboards will all fade into the background after Kyron comes home, Terri.

News Item From WIBW

I came across this today, from WIBW, in Topeka, Kansas. I'll toss out the whole article here:

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) _ Kansans have told a state official that they
want hundreds of laws taken off the books.Dennis Taylor, known as the state's "repealer'' says he has
received hundreds of suggestions on which state laws[Image] should be
repealed - ranging those regulating lynching to a recent smoking
ban. [Image] Taylor, who is head of the Kansas Department of Administration,
told lawmakers Monday that he would report to Gov. Sam Brownback[Image] on his findings soon. Brownback will make recommendations to the
Legislature on which laws to repeal.Taylor says another law that has drawn several comments - both
positive and negative - is one allowing the eradication of prairie
dogs.The Lawrence Journal-World reports ( that
Taylor received his suggestions from a public tour and on an agency

I read this article, written by Giang Nguyen, a few minutes ago. I just have one question..........Laws regulating LYNCHING? WTF?

Here's the link.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Will This Toy Appear Under Your Tree?

Hahahaha! This is unbelievable! Here's a cussing doll, available at department stores near you! It really says something that sounds like, "You crazy bitch"! I feel kinda sorry for the merchants, who are gonna have to give out lots of refunds, and probably send the dolls they still have back to the vendors for credit. That's always a bummer. Unless, of course, there's a sudden demand for such toys, thanks to people with warped senses of humor............fifty or sixty years from now, someone will prolly walk into a place like the pawn shop on Pawn Stars and ask for thousands of dollars for one of these cussing dolls!

Julia Biryukova; Just When I Thought I Had Heard It All

This has me stunned! Police in Washington took some pictures of two year old Sky Metalwala, who went missing earlier this month, from Julia Biryukova, Sky's mom, only to hear Sky's dad, Solomon Metalwala, exclaim, "This is not Sky, this is Maile!" I think we can now openly challenge the notion that this mom is cooperating with the police in the efforts to find her missing child.

Just this month, we have had national and global headlines dominated not only by Sky Metalwala, but  Lisa Irwin, missing from Kansas city, Missouri; and Tyler Dasher, a St. Louis, Missouri baby who was beaten to death by his mother last week because he wouldn't stop crying. We have also heard from the media about Bishop Robert Finn, also of Missouri, obstructing justice by giving away a computer with kiddie porn in it's hard drive, rather than giving it to police as asked; and, of course, Penn State, with it's shining examples of morality, such as Sandusky and Paterno.

It's insulting enough to be held in contempt by a criminal who wants to appear holy and sweet, like Bishop Robert Finn, but at least it's possible, since he has gotton away with his kiddie porn crimes, to simply discontinue any misguided church attendance and stay away from him. At least the media did not ignore him, even though his mug does not appear on the sex offender registries. He has effectively demonstrated that despite the law, it is not necessary to cooperate with police. But while that type of obstruction of justice is insulting, a mom who not only refuses to cooperate with law enforcement to find her missing child, but delibately misleads all of us by showing us pictures of a different child when asked to show pictures of the child who is missing is completely unimaginable. There have been some slimy people in the news lately, but this really might top the charts. I wonder what else we will hear about Julia Biryukova. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hula Painted Frog

Picture Curtesy of Hula Nature Preserve of Isreal

"They" thought the Hula Painted Frog was extinct, because no one had seen one for fifty years. "They" were wrong. This one was photographed the day before yesterday.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lisa Irwin's Family Moves Back, Brother Blake Might Move Out

The mother of Jeremy Irwin's son, Blake, has filed for custody of her son. Hopefully, she will win, and this will get him away from media circus that seems to be following his dad and his dad's girlfriend, Debbie Bradley, ever since their daughter, Lisa, went missing on October 3. This is probably the best way to bring some peace and stability back into this little boy's life, and hopefully remove the influence of Daddio shacking up with a drunken, uneducated woman who is still married to someone else. Seriously.......if any of my children were court ordered to live in a situation such as that, I would have been fighting it, tooth and nail, a long time ago. Also, if this child witnessed anything on the night of October third that could help law enforcement find his sister, testifying might be a lot easier if he lives with his mom, and does not have to live in the situation from which his sister disappeared.

Of course, Debbie and Jeremy's lawyer, Joe Tacopina (or was that Tacobella?) has put a truly crazy spin on this. First of all, he wants us to know that Blake's mom has not seen him in six years. But.....she lost custody of him in 2008. I went over this several times, and no matter how many times I count it up, it adds up to three years, or possibly three years and some months, not six! The next part of the spin is even weirder; Tacobella thinks that child support and custody are the SAME issue! Well.....he says he thinks that. He prolly doesn't really think that, though. He says that Blake's mom can't have Blake because she she owes child support? Guess what, Taco.......A child is not an item in a store, on layaway, that one can only take home after paying the purchase price! Child support, and custody and vistation, are two completely separate things. Whatever happened to the child's best interest?

I sincerely hope Missouri does not force this little boy to stay in a home that was obviously not safe for his little sister. It looks to me like the worst that can happen here is that Debbie Bradley will be down one person in her home when she applies for food stamps and other benefits, and Jeremy will have one less deduction when he does his taxes next year.