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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jasmine Benjamin's Parents Find Out About Her Death On Facebook

How cruel. Valdosta State College, in Georgia, had a student named Jasmine Benjamin, who fell asleep on the couch in a study area of her dorm, and never woke up. The college communicated with local police, but did not bother to call Jasmine's family. They found out on Facebook. What makes this even more insensitive, and just plain wrong, on the part of Valdosta State College, is that Jasmine was only seventeen years old; not even legally an adult. The whole matter got even worse when the medical examiner determined that her death is the result of homicide, rather than natural causes. The school really should have given Jasmine's parents a visit or a phone call.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Suddenly The District Attorney Wants To Delay Desiree Young's Lawsuit?

Say What????? The sheriff and district attorney in Multnomah County, Oregon want to delay the lawsuit filed by Kyron Horman's mother, Desiree Young, against Kyron's stepmother, Terri Horman, for two years??? What the hell? Kyron has already been missing for over two years, why would this lawsuit, that was filed in order to gain testimony and find Kyron, need to be delayed?

I actually have a bit of a theory about this. What if, upon graduating from boot camp, and finishing any other training, such as airborne, James Moulton, Terri's son, decided to go ahead and share whatever he knows about his mother's activities on the day Kyron went missing? Because almost any military career, these days, is dependant upon a security clearance, which; in turn, is dependant upon a polygraph examination. Hopefully, if James has any knowledge at all about what happened to Kyron, he spoke about it before taking a polygraph. Most of the time, if someone taking a polygraph examination covers for a person who has committed a crime, the result is pretty much the same as if the subject were covering for him or herself. Deceptive. Perhaps James realized that a loony-toony maternal unit is simply not worth the complete throwing away of one's life. The timing would be about right, considering when James left home to go to boot camp.

Seriously; to delay a the progress of a case such as this, someone had better have a really good idea of where Kyron went. My tracker tells me every day that a lot of people from all over the world are still interested in information about Kyron Horman's case, and that a lot of people care about him. The case is not going to simply "go away". If Multnomah County does not have a good reason for moving the court for this delay, there will be a lot of angry people wanting answers.


Dylan Redwine's Aunt Makes Interesting Comment

Someone claiming to be Dylan Redwine's aunt recently made a very interesting comment on a website called Gather concerning Dylan's relationships with family members. Thirteen year old Dylan disppeared shortly after arriving at his father's house in Colorado for a court ordered visit. I will run the comment here:
"My brother would not withhold information that would help to find his son. He has been just as upset as everyone else that his son is missing. His ex-wife Elaine and his other son Cory have been in the media, but he is himself just as distraught as they are over the disappearance of Dylan.

As far as the custody dispute, a lot of couples go through bitter and angry divorces, and as I have said before, children sometimes hear things that they were not meant to hear and interpret them as something entirely different than what it was meant to be. I do know that Dylan loved both his parents and his brother and his brothers from a prior marriage.

Unfortunately, in situations like this, they are going to look at my brother as having something to do with this, but they should be looking at both parents and or anyone involved or related to their divorce proceedings. As mothers and siblings have in the past had involvement in cases like this to get back at the other parent or parents if it is a sibling. Sad, but true.

In any case, that is all I have to say at the time. As now it is going on the 8th day of Dylan’s disappearance, and I am just praying to hear some news soon. Hopefully we will hear something from my brother soon hear on our end. Until then, all I have is hope that Dylan will be found." ....Bridget Redwine-Simmers;
While Redwine-Simmers describes her brother, Dylan's father, as "distraught", her own statements do not appear to have been made by a distraught aunt. Believe me; if any niece or nephew of mine had been missing for eight days, as Dylan had on the day this comment appeared, I would not have been on the internet defending my brother on social networking websites. I would have been helping my brother pass out flyers with my nephew's picture, and searching everywhere I could possibly search. Any post or comment I made anywhere would have contained, at the very least, a phone number where authorities could be reached in the event that Dylan was sighted by someone. I think I speak for most aunts, here. And what's up with the statement, "I do know that Dylan LOVED both his parents......"? Loved? As in, no longer? What, exactly, are you trying to say, Redwine-Simmers?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Terri Horman's Stupid Holiday Poem

By popular demand, here is the original holiday greeting from Terri Horman, from when she was Terri Ecker, at least a couple of husbands ago. I guess I should have put the original in my last post! Perhaps those of us who follow young Kyron Horman's missing persons case should rewrite it for her! If she really cared about children as much as she wanted the recipients of this "piece" back in 2000 to believe, it seems that she would have been more helpful in finding Kyron after he disappeared from his school.


Tis The Season To Ask Terri

Looks like Terri Horman was a festive person, before she began hiding at her parents' house in Roseburg, Oregon. Back in her days as "Terri Ecker", she sent out a holiday poem she made up, mass printed on the stationary below. Nowdays, all Ms. Horman really has to look forward to is a succession of court dates, though. This holiday season, Terri Horman is not only being taken to court by her estranged spouse, but also by her estranged spouse's former spouse! This must make for an extreemly cool Yule.......prolly not! Somehow, it seems that all Terri Horman would have to do, in order to ease some of the legal pressure, is testify about the last time anyone saw Kyron Horman, who has been missing since June 4, 2010, from his school in Portland, Oregon; and begin telling the truth and passing polygraphs.

The latest in the lawsuit filed by Terri Horman's estranged spouse's former spouse is that medical records will be permitted in arguments. Some have interpreted this to mean that Terri's mental health is somehow in question, but that may not be the case. The inclusion of medical records may simply be a way to extend the guest list to Terri's only holiday festivity and gather more testimony from unexpected sources. It also may help paint a better picture of what was actually going on during the week, or so, prior to the day Kyron disappeared.

Terri Horman's old holiday stationary, recycled to reflect her new life circumstances.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Obama Believes In Paying Walmart Employees Enough To Live

This is one of the reasons I voted for President Obama. A job at a place like Walmart is no guarantee of health insurance, enough money for food to feed one's family, or enough money for a babysitter, should a worker's supervisor refuse to adjust the worker's schedule to accomodate caring for children. Every underpaid worker represents support that is required from government programs that should be available from wages through employment. In the cases of many Walmart employees, it isn't. Like it or not, Republicans, America's population is large enough to require a certain amount of government and socialization.


In Case You Missed Church This Sunday

Arrested For Saying That Santa's Not Real

Some twenty-four year old guy in Canada was arrested at a festival in Kingston, Canada, for telling a bunch of little kids that Santa Claus isn't real. He was actually charged with "causing a disturbance" by being drunk and violating probation. He also had his hair slicked with gel to look like devil horns. The article does not explain whether it was the drunkeness, the hair gel, or the truth about Santa that violated the young man's probation. But arrested? Geesh!

Which one is real?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday Fun

A big reason, as far as I'm concerned, to stay home on Black Friday. After seeing this, I'm tempted to forgo shopping completely this holiday season and make cookies and home made jam to give to everyone on my gift list.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

More Important Than Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! There is more signifigance to this day, November 22, than just Thanksgiving, however. This is the anniversary of of the day that the first pentacle was granted to a soldier in a VA cemetery in the United States, in 2006. Patrick Dana Stewart, of Nevada, died on September 25, 2005, in combat in Afghanistan. The religion he practiced was Wicca, a Pagan religion. Although Pagan religions have been recognized in the United States since 1964, the VA refused to put a pentacle on Stewart's grave marker. One could have Christian, Jewish, or Muslim symbols, but not Wiccan or Pagan. Sargeant Stewart's wife, Roberta Stewart, was stonewalled until 2006 over this. She never should have had to fight while grieving the loss of her husband in the first place. She and her husband should have been treated with respect.

Later on, in August of 2007, President Bush visited Northern Nevada and took the time to meet the widows and families of veterans from the area, with the exception of one. Roberta Stewart. Bush deliberately did not invite her because he felt that it was somehow his place to decide which religions are religions, and which religions are not, and was angry with Mrs. Stewart for challenging the status quo and forcing the military to treat her husband with respect. Here's what the republican creep had to say: "I don't think Witchcraft is a religion, and I wish the military would take another look at this and decide against it.".......Fox News

Later on, Bush took the sage advice he was given and called Mrs. Stewart and apologized to her. While she accepted Bush's apology, this still sends the message that America cares about the loss of a Christian widow, but the loss of a widow who is not Christian does not matter to the republican party. Nice.

As this Thanksgiving is the anniversary of the very first approval of a Pagan symbol on the grave marker of a veteran, it is much more important than merely eating storebought turkey. This is a day that a soldier and his family paved the way for Americans to grant and experience equality and respect to other Pagan soldiers. Two hundred and thirty years overdue. On April 23, 2007, Americans United for Separation of Church and State settled the whole question of religious symbols on military graves and forced the United States to stop showing favortism to any religion. So Mote It Be!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Massacre

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Terri Horman

Hey Terri, are you all ready for Thanksgiving? Do you still have that same ugly scowl on your face as you did in this picture? Are you still all angry and upset? It doesn't look like you were thankful for anything!

Are you thankful for your rights, Terri? Are you thankful for our legal system? For Houzeboy, Bunchpants, and Wagon Wheel? How about for Oregonlive? The internet, in general? Are you thankful for the truck stop?

Do you plan to spend a lot of time on Facebook on Thanksgiving?

 Are you all ready for court, after Thanksgiving? Hey Terri.....where's Kyron?


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TheTimes,They Are A'changin', Westboro Baptist Church

Now that Maine and Maryland have voted to recognize marriage within the gay culture, Westboro Baptist Church must be busy! They actually were not haunting their building, or any other part of Topeka last week. But two states must now celebrate the weddings of those whose nupitals were formerly shunned, and Reverend Phelps and et els are not likely to receive invitations! If he behaves, he may get to sneak into a gay bachelor party! We all know that's what he's really wanted all these years!! Here's  Michael Moore, interviewing the folks at Westboro Baptist Church!


Dylan Redwine Missing

Dylan Redwine, thirteen, is missing from Colorado. His parents are involved in a custody battle, and he was last seen at his father's home yesterday, where he was visiting. There is a massive search underway for him.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Northeast Kansas Principal Blames Victims For Actions Of Bullies

Has anyone ever had to cope with a bully at school? How about three or four bullies, at the same time? Lets build on this; has anyone ever had a disability, such as blindness, hearing impairment, or autism, and had to cope with violent bullies? And then, when the incident was over, been blamed for the whole thing by the principal, and had him phone home to tell your parents that YOU started the fight, and that he was giving you detention, while the bullies who beat you up sneered? This is exactly what happened, shortly after I moved to Northeast Kansas, to an autistic child of whom I have legal guardianship. He was in sixth grade, and some eighth grade boys thought it would be amusing to drag him into a shower stall in the boys locker room and smash his head into the wall and fixtures. My child had no defense but to bite one of the bullies. After the bully session was stopped, my child was too frightened to say a word; he was literally quiet, after the manner of children with autism, and the bullies (whose parents are friends with the principal) glibly lied about the incident.

When I got the phone call from the principal, school had just ended. My daughter walked in the door just in time to understand the gist of the conversation I was having with the principal. Basically, he told me that my child had bitten another student. He did not say a word about the locker room, or the fact that there were three older, bigger children beating on him, he just said that my child was in trouble for biting someone. When I got off the phone, my daughter explained to me that those three boys had just finished bragging to her about how cool it was that they got away with beating up a sixth grader and got away with lying about it. I was so angry as I walked to the school that I couldn't even see straight. Apparently, this principal's method of operation when dealing with bullying had always been to blame the victim. And in an autistic child, he thought he had the perfect victim; he just hadn't counted on an honest child, not from Kansas, coming forward with the truth. Ha!

The next morning, when Mr. Principal continued to pompously blame the victim, he was educated about the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, with which he was NOT familiar. He still wanted to give detention to the victim. I asked him how badly he wanted to hear from a civil rights attorney, and how much media coverage he desired. He backed down from his stance of punishing the victim, but I have never been able to like or respect this man, and have never encouraged my children to truly respect him, outside of the cursory respect one must give the administrator of a school. In a recent conversation with him, he told me that he pushes Christianity on the children as much as he can legally get away with it, because it's "his job" to teach the children morals! Now I know where the above described bullies learned THEIR morals! But it certainly is not the principal's job to teach morals to MY children! It seems rather, that in my Pagan home, my children have learned much better morals than the children whose morals came from the principal of this school. But.....ever moving forward, all of my children know about this incident, and that their school administrator LIED to me about a child who was not able to defend himself. LIED; and in doing so, sent a message to the bullies that it is okay, not only with the school system to pick violently on disabled children, but okay with "Jesus".

In Case You Missed Church This Sunday

We all know how popular Jesus would be if he really existed and really healed people, don't we?


Friday, November 16, 2012

Opps Wrong Address, Dyslexic Swat Team

District Heights, Maryland, yesterday, 6:00AM....FBI agents, swat team, weapons drawn....but Emory Hughley was never told why. He told the swat team that no one had any weapons when they noisily let themselves into his house, yet immediately after he said that, someone shouted that he had guns. The agents shot the wall full of holes, and shot at his eighteen year old daughter. Yet.....still no explanation about why the FBI conducted the raid in the first place. There is also a conflict between the diagnosis of a flesh would sustained by Hughley's daughter, thanks to a stray bullet; and the testimony of one of the agents, who reported that the injury was caused by falling. Really makes me want to trust law enforcement in Maryland. Not. This seems to be going on a lot, lately.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Scorpion's Tail

This was shared with me on Facebook. Thanks, Joe!


Private Message

Anyone, especially in a certain small town in Kansas, desirous of information about the past, former career, or travels and other activities of yours truly or spouse, is urged to ask yours truly or spouse. Other family members and associates are not required to provide you with answers or otherwise satisfy your curiosity. Less friendly students and classmates, this also means you! Leave others alone! Who knows; perhaps a question asked in a spirit of friendliness can be answered over a cup of guys can pretend you're down South, or somewhere. It might even be more fun than bullying newcomers and their children. Consider yourselves warned.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Romney Does Not Know Why He Lost

Mitt Romney still can't get over the fact that, in order to be the president, one must win an election. He also does not understand that while a large number of Americans, in his estimation, forty-seven percent....but probably a lot more.......are not important to Mormon whoremongers such as himself, their votes actually ARE important during a presidential election. Instead of looking at all the ways he alienated the American public, he has chosen to continue his dumbass rhetoric about the legendary "forty-seven percent", this time stating that President Obama gave "gifts" to minorities, or somehow, through his policymaking,"bought" their allegiance. If that's truly the case, perhaps ol' Mitt should have taken that into account before he decided that he wanted to be their (the forty-seven percent's) president. Because last Tuesday, he discovered that the White House is not for sale, and that it's also not for Mitt Romney.

The biggest reason Mitt Romney did not get elected has to do with his mouth. He opened it too many times. And on those occasions, the stuff that came out was frightnin'. Three times that stand out in my memory are his "corporations are people, too, my friend" comment; the debate he had with Newt Gingrich during which he began his dialogue with a comment about Gingrich's love life; and, of course, the famous remark about the forty-seven percent of Americans....and how they are people who do not matter because they do not fall into a catagory that enables the IRS to tax them at a rate that would make their opinions or lives count inasmuch as Mitt Romney is concerned. Of course, there was all of Romney's flip-flopping on issues and policies, there were the tax returns he would not show the public, there were the emails and other records from his governorship he hid or destroyed, there was his wife and her spoiled, selfish demeanor, and his lack of manners during all three presidential debates, his lies during all three debates...right in Obama's face; and many, many more problems with his character and performance as governor. He also tried to play the birth certificate card. And then....Hurricane Sandy....Mitt Romney ran away to Ohio, canceled a rally, then sent his aides to buy five thousand dollars with of odds and ends from a local Walmart, then held his "rally" anyway, so that he could pose with the untransportable goods. Then he threw the stuff he told everyone he was going to donate to storm victims in the trash. Why? Because the Red Cross could not transport it. The Red Cross also told Romney that they needed donations of cash and blood. But did we see anyone on Team Romney donating blood? I sure didn't. Romney lost the election because he is a liar and a sham, and the American people were able to see it.

Obama didn't give the "forty-seven percent" anything besides the best government he could. Obama won the election because he is interested in running this country, for everyone; not just fifty-three percent of us. He also won because more people voted for him. More people from the "forty-seven percent" imaginary demographic, and from the "fifty-three percent" imaginary demographic. I do not believe any corporations voted, though.


Pat Robertson Thinks Adultery By A Republican Is Not Sin

How very interesting. Pat Robertson's reaction to the discovery by the media of the affair General Petreaus has been having with Paula Broadwell was basically that "no one is perfect", and it's almost okay with God. That isn't the position he took on Bill clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky. But then, General Petreaus is republican, and Bill Clinton is Democrat. So it is not a problem if someone who is in the white, conservative, little christian club does something that isn't right, but it is a problem if someone whom the little christians do not like does something that isn't right. We've all seen this before folks. Christianity, functioning at it's best. Only the veil is wearing thin, as many Americans are beginning to see through all this nonsense.

The deal is this: an affair had by someone with an important job generally does not affect the ability of the person to do that job, if the person was qualified and committed in the first place. The only person who should have had a problem with Bill Clinton over Monica Lewinsky is Hilary Clinton. It was no one else's business. And it was not President Clinton's job to "set an example" for anyone. It was his job to run the country, and he did a good job of it. General Petreaus, on the other hand, allowed classified documents to become compromised, as a large number of classified files were found in his mistress's home. While she does, or did, as the case may be, possess a security clearance, her clearance was to do her OWN job, not to snoop at information related to Petreaus's job. THAT'S a problem. And Pat Robertson is also mistaken about the idea that gender would give a person a reason to defy a vow and a committment, such as marriage. Both parties in a marriage should rightly trust one another, and respect is a two way street.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Face Behind

"Oh Miss Juli! Once again you just crack me up :) If Mitt doesn't win this election you can pretty much kiss the USA goodbye, but then, you would really like that, wouldn't you? You are the type that doesn't really give two shits about the flag, thinks God doesn't belong....ANYWHERE, and is in love with those wonderful goverment handouts! Of course you love Obama!"

As promised, here is the face behind the IP number from which the above comment was sent to me. The person whose computer electronically contacts veterans to tell them that they do not give "two shits" about the flag! The person who preaches Christianity and the evils of reproductive freedom for women to sixth graders out of one side of her mouth and uses the other for......well.....never mind. Lets just say the Christianity I read about in the story books favors less sexaully active lifestyles prior to marriage. As for God belonging anywhere, he, she, or it only belongs in your home, church, and possibly your car. Not in a public school. And if you don't like the fact that Kansas allows children with disabilities to get medical care, and allows people such as yours truly to care for such children when their parents are not present or able to do so, go suck Romney's balls. Seriously. In this country, we may vote for whichever candidate we happen to like. No one is obligated to vote for your personal favorite. Show more respect for the Constitution, and show more respect for veterans.


Diwali, or Divali, is the Hindu Festival of Lights. It is a five day lunar holiday, and this year, it begins tommorrow on the New Moon. Houses are cleaned, gifts are given, and lights are lit in celebration. As there are many different Hindu traditions, I will just say that the main message here is the conquest of Light over Darkness. The legend is about the defeat of the demon, Narakasur, by Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and Light. Other versions have the demon conquered by Krishna or Satyabhama, one of Krishna's wives. My very first understandings of the Goddess came here, in reading about the conquest of the Goddess, Kali, over the demon king. But then, I have always had an unusual relationship with certain energies and associated Dieties. But this did not come without love and guidance. A friend, who practices the Hindu traditions of her country, once asked me pointedly about my tendency to recognize and relate to any God or Goddess of war and conquest, yet fail to recognize the Buddha, or any God of peace! It became a very defining moment in my understanding of matters spiritual and matters occult.


Why Isn't Kansas Media Covering Obama's Win?

The election is over, no more debates, weird commercials, robocalls, political rallies, or local people calling their President the "antichrist" for awhile.......hopefully; but I am wondering: how come the media here in Kansas is not proudly posting pictures of Barack Obama in all of their front pages, heralding to the world that he won the election? We have front page stories about dumbasses flying their flags upside down on Veterans Day because they hate anyone whose ancestry is African, and we have someone in the white house whose ancestry is African, but where's the pride in making the announcement about the winner? Is Kansas, as a whole, truly undersocialized enough to openly display racial prejudism? Northeast Kansas small town, I am talking to you! Some schools will put up pictures of the President on the office wall, but I have not seen one at my childrens' school since we moved from the East Coast.  Why is it that none of the Kansas children in my aquaintence know that President Obama's mother was from Kansas? How is it that Kansas fails to celebrate this fact? Yet Kansas will celebrate a flag flown upside down when the nation is NOT in distress. Grow up, Kansas. You are ugly.

The President with his mom, when he was little.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Case You Missed Church On Sunday

Updated Picture Of You Know Who!

Kansas Man Gets Nine Years For Putting Children In Clothes Dryer

What is this bizarre trend concerning the uses of clothes dryers? No one ever recommended that household appliances, such as clothes dryers, be used to dry, or discipline, one's children! Aron Pritchard, of Hutchinson, Kansas, has appealed his case three times, because he was initially sentenced to one hundred and twenty-four months over his insane choice to put his girlfriend's two and three year old children in the dryer while he babysat. He finally ended up with a sentence of one hundred and ten months. How totally stupid can anyone be?

Here's Jamial Bayley, another moron who likes to put children in clothes dryers. He's from Ohio. Notice the hairstyle on both of these dudes.......results of the dryer? Note to future child abusers: appliance guarentees generally do not cover damage to clothes dryers incurred during use for the drying of toddlers and small children.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

More Post Election Fun And Ann Romney Flipping The Bird

Big Bird can heave a sigh of relief; his job on Sesame Street is safe. The people also spoke clearly about repealing prohibition laws and recognizing gay marriage. The disparaged forty-seven percent of Americans who do not matter to the Romneys have made it quite clear that the Romneys do not matter to them, either. Big Bird does, though. It has also been established, with the defeat of Mitt Romney and his money, that corperations are not actually people, so American citizens do not have to worry about the interests of corperations becoming more important than the votes of the people.

For the past couple of weeks, there have been hits to this blog searching for still shots or video footage of Ann Romney's face after the second debate her husband had with our President. Here is a video clip of it, complete with Mrs. Pious Mormon Lady Romney giving Barack Obama the finger after the debate!


Post Election Etiquette

Geesh. Not only are Americans flying their flags upside down, which is only done if the nation is under attack or in distress, but sad Republicans are now going on social media with racist insults and assasination threats. The problems had by the police and secret service are......which threats get taken seriously?

Not only does racism make one appear socially inept and uneducated, but it is often coupled with violence. That's why the oversized female in the video below lost her job, when her boss noticed what she said about the President on Facebook. She may as well have mass mailed her unintelligent ramblings, because the FBI picked up on her scent and questioned her. Without talking to her, they felt they had no way of knowing if her threats were just unintelligent ramblings, or if they were intentions. Why would anyone talk the way this female collection of substandard DNA is talking, anyway? She accuses the President of "not doing anything for our country", yet cannot specifically name a single thing he should have done, but didn't, except need more sunblock at the pool.

Kudos to her boss for not forcing others to endure her presence in the workplace. Life is stressful enough.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Would Sad Republicans Please Treat The Flag With Respect?

Okay, the election is finally over, Obama won, and Ann Romney and Carl Rove are crying. And that should not really bother anyone too much. We held an election, and the candidate who won the most popular votes also won the electoral college. America clearly spoke. Only one candidate can win, not all. That's why we elect; there is a choice to make. So why is it such a big problem when that happens? We all participated in democracy. This is a great thing, and something for which we should all be thankful. But instead, some ingrates are flying the flag upside down because their favorite did not win. It's happened in a couple of places.

Ya know, this is something that is done because the entire nation is under attack or in dire distress for some reason, not something that is done for no reason, or because the people in the United States held an election as a function in a working democracy. It is also disrespectful. If you are a sad Republican, cry with Ann and Carl or take a baby aspirin; don't treat your flag with disrespect.

Here's the physical domain of another famous bunch who enjoy expressing disrespect by flying the flag upside down.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

For Sad Republicans

The morning after. The sigh of relief. The encouragement of watching Americans vote, even while in labor, dying, (he was revived) waiting in long lines until the wee hours of morning, and even after being displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Most of those votors voted for President Obama, too. For the people in a certain Northeast Kansas town who harrassed my children and me because Obama's heritage is African as well as Caucasion, I share this!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blue Is Such A Beautiful Color

It did not matter how many new laws were passed to prevent people from voting, how many lies Mitt Romney told, how hard it rained on the East Coast, or how many bald white cooperation owners threatened their employees in hopes of forcing Republican votes. It didn't matter how many birthers cried about Hawaii not really being a state when it really is a state, or how many surprises Donald Trump had in store for Obama. It didn't matter how many voting machines were hacked by Romney's family and other supporters, or whether or not Romney's supporters were able to get away with hiding explosives in polling centers when told by the Supreme Court that they could not suppress the votes of those who might vote Democrat. Nor did it matter how many times Mitt Romney interrupted his President during the debates. The better man won, and the man who only cares about half of America's citizenry, not all, lost. So mote it be!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Paul Ryan Is Too Liberal

Paul Ryan says he represents Judeo Christian values, and an America that once embraced such values, but his words do not represent such values. After becoming the running mate of Mitt Romney, who openly mocks those less privileged than himself with his famous "forty-seven percent" crack, it is almost impossible to discern anything in Paul Ryan's rhetoric in any of his speeches that even remotely harks back to the words and practices of the fictitous Jesus. The other day, he howled and cried about his President threatening Christian values, but the only real justification of such a notion concerned the president's insistance that medical care be available to everyone. Health and healing! Wouldn't Jesus be pissed?

Would this "America" of which young Paul Ryan so desperately tries to remind us be the same America that denied President Obama the privilege of drinking from the same water fountain from which his own mother drank, because of his complexion? Paul Ryan's age and experience do not reach that far back, but plenty of Americans actually DO remember that America. Perhaps Paul Ryan wishes to reach back even further, to a day when women did not vote, and had very few rights in banking or business worlds. Would that make this little punk happy? Folks; Paul Ryan has no idea what he is talking about.

If Paul Ryan wants to consider threats to American Christianity, perhaps he should take a closer look at Mitt Romney's religion. While it masquerades as another type of Christianity, the Mormon religion promotes racism and contradicts the Bible and traditional Christian beliefs in many ways. In fact, the Jewish traditions from which we supposedly get Christianity discourage ascribing any type of human form to the Creator (such as insisting that "he" must be white) or giving the Creator a name! There isn't a Mormon anywhere who can actually tell us what "God" looks like, and they should really give that up. Along with the rest of the Book of Moron. That, along with the mockery of the poor, is a much bigger threat to Christianity than all of America's politicians put together. Paul Ryan is much too liberal with the delicate balence of separation of church and state.


Minorities In Romney's Life

Here's a fun fact about Mitt Romney; his horse is the only member of his family, which contains five able bodied young men, to offer any type of civil or military service in this country! Perhaps the Romney boys are too special to defend their country............perhaps they think that sort of thing is too "forty-seven percent" for them.

Here's another fun fact involving a percentage: guess how many women Mitt has hired in the past for high paying positions that involve power and decision making?

Rose Hips

These are rose hips from the rose bush of a neighbor. Some of them are from my rose bushes. While I was jumping in my neighbor's leaves and making leaf angels while she was raking, she ate one of the rose hips, and I took one, too. I had never eaten a rose hip before, and could not believe how good they taste........sweet and tart. They are non-toxic, and an excellent source of vitamin C. So now I have a whole bunch of them, and several recipes for rose hip jam.

As Halloween has passed, my tradition of the Pagan religions regards this as a "twilight" harvest; foods which are harvested after Samhain, or, in everyday parlance, Halloween. It is unusaul for someone practicing my tradition of The Craft to harvest anything to be eaten after that date. These rose hips will be used for a meal served after ritual on Winter Solstice.....I will probably make jelly or jam with them.


New Jersey Tremor

In addition to all the cleanup from Hurricane Sandy that New Jersey still must accomplish, there was a small earthquake this morning in the northern part of the state. Normally, a tremor of 2.0 would barely be noticed, but while repairing downed utility lines, and clearing debris from buildings that are already damaged from a violent storm, a tremor is much more significant. Remember the earthquake last year that the East Coast experienced? That one was not a big deal either, as earthquakes go, but if it were added to a major storm, it could certainly become a problem. Why would the Republican party ask Americans to vote for someone who wants to dismantle FEMA?


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Update On Florida's Voting Restrictions

This video is from four years ago. It still happens to be relevant, so I put it up here. There has been an update to the situation in Florida that drove Democrats to sue to keep hours extended for early voting, so that everyone would get a chance to vote, even the forty-seven percent that are so maligned and hated by the Mormon Republican Wannabe, Mitt Romney. It seems that now more people will get to vote without having, literally, to wait all night in line, because the Supreme Court ordered it. Now; if we could only get the people in the Romney camp to stop trying to blow up the forty-seven percent of people who might be inclined to vote for Obama, the election and storm clean up might go smoothly on the East Coast. Explosives! Nixon's camp didn't even stoop that low! It's becoming easier and easier to slam the door in the faces of Mormon missionaries.

If You Skipped Church This Sunday

If you skipped church this Sunday, perhaps I should shed some light on what's been going on in this country outside of church. I may not have should all be obvious by now. Here is President Obama, surveying the damage done by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey. Notice that he does not care what position the Republican governor has taken on issues in the past; President Obama is only worried about the storm victims and repair of the storm damage. Quite unlike President Bush, immediately after Hurricane Katrina. Obama has helped, Bush held people hostage in the Astrodome.

But Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has bought food to use as props for photography sessions, (the food was later thrown away, rather than donated to any of the forty-seven percent who may reside in homeless shelters) and pandered! Door to door Mormon missionaries always carried a vacuous message, yet Romney actually found a way to hollow that message out even more.


Florida Republicans Try To Restrict Voting

Seems there is nothing less surprising than a bunch of Republicans trying to stop others from voting. Florida has taken the measure of reducing the number of days one may cast an early ballot. This action, of course, was undertaken by Republicans, noteably the Republican governor. Why can't an election just be an election? Why must the Republican party try so hard to manipulate the results and give the people what they don't want, instead of what they do want? Some people are even being forced to wait until one-o'clock in the morning to vote because of long lines. Nonetheless, I hope everyone votes.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jury Selection Begins Today For Noble Rick Pendland

Noble Rick Pendland, Kansas-chosen and Kansas-approved teacher and foster parent, should have a trial date soon for his teaching methods, which involved sex crimes against children. For a few years, no one listened to parents or children when reports were made, and Pendland's smug fellow Kansans covered for him. Apparently, not anymore. Someone lost the "magic touch" of intimidating witnesses. Thank the Gods! Jury selection will begin on Tuesday for this upstanding example of a Kansas teacher.