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Friday, November 9, 2012

Would Sad Republicans Please Treat The Flag With Respect?

Okay, the election is finally over, Obama won, and Ann Romney and Carl Rove are crying. And that should not really bother anyone too much. We held an election, and the candidate who won the most popular votes also won the electoral college. America clearly spoke. Only one candidate can win, not all. That's why we elect; there is a choice to make. So why is it such a big problem when that happens? We all participated in democracy. This is a great thing, and something for which we should all be thankful. But instead, some ingrates are flying the flag upside down because their favorite did not win. It's happened in a couple of places.

Ya know, this is something that is done because the entire nation is under attack or in dire distress for some reason, not something that is done for no reason, or because the people in the United States held an election as a function in a working democracy. It is also disrespectful. If you are a sad Republican, cry with Ann and Carl or take a baby aspirin; don't treat your flag with disrespect.

Here's the physical domain of another famous bunch who enjoy expressing disrespect by flying the flag upside down.


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