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Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Song For McNish

There once was a skank named McNish,
Whose underwear smelled like dead fish;
And in court she lied
During each case she tried,
And the list of appeals never quits!

Reason Number One For Consolidation Of Kansas Schools

Kansas never ceases to amaze me with it's stupidity. The public schools in Kansas are not consolidated, which means that each "unified district" has a local school board that is not answerable to state or national standards, or to the state or federal authority, and can force any decision they please on children and parents, be it lawful or not. They can even hire sex offenders and kidnappers if they choose! We now have a Sedgwick County former coach, who was caught in an internet sting, attempting to solicit sex from a fifteen year old, demanding his job as a high school football coach back! Unfortunately, Todd Puetz (it really should be Todd Putz) was allowed to plead guilty to the lesser charge of soliciting sex from a prostitute, and now, since he was not convicted of more serious sex offenses or required to register as a sex offender, his lawyer says he is "entitled" to his job as a high school football coach, and is fighting to somehow force the local school board to engrave him another invitation to endanger children!

Most of us would find this whole request, and the obvious best response......telling Mr. Puetz that he need not apply be a no brainer. After all, he was fired immediately after his arrest for sex offenses, the local school board did not wait for the trial or the disposition of the charges. As Kansas law does not guarantee a person a job in the event that his services are no longer relevant, and his contract violation(no abusing or molesting children) was proven by his admission of guilt, even though he made a plea in court to a lesser charge, there is a tradition in the unconsolidated, unified school districts of Kansas of covering up the misdeeds of teachers and coaches, and telling the victims to go to hell, because they don't matter. At the other end of the state, in Marshall County, a guidance counselor at Frankfort High still collects taxpayer dollars to endanger children by dropping them off by themselves along highways. The parent who almost had a heart attack over it was told by her local school board that this should not be a cause for concern. If schools in Kansas were consolidated, the laws against child endangerment would need to be followed at each and every public school, and there would be no local school boards protecting political favorites. A thug, such as the guidance counselor in Frankfort, would not be allowed to continue employment in a public school. In fact, the school's insurance should not be allowed to cover this employee any more than an auto insurance policy can be written to cover a driver with fifty DWI's. Child abuse is child abuse, and this guidance counselor committed child abuse and got away with it because Kansas school boards are unsupervised and do not answer to the state. They only answer to themselves. If they do not care about a particular child who has been abused by a teacher, they will generally not lift a finger to stop the abuse. Kudos to the school board who will not offer Todd Puetz his job again. This is an amazing change of pace for Kansas.

Most Kansans fight tooth and nail against consolidation of their schools. Brown v. the Board of Education in 1956 was quite a shock for the quietly prejudiced white population of Kansas, and keeping schools unconsolidated is quite likely a deliberate attempt to continue to keep schools as racially and culturally segregated as possible. Unfortunately, unified districts also have a lot of latitude to violate almost any law when running Kansas schools.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Sheriff Arpaio Must Report To A Monitor

This is too funny! Sheriff Arpaio, from Arizona, who makes prisoners wear pink underwear and hates people who demand that he respect their civil rights, has been found guilty of unlawfully profiling people of Latin descent. So Judge Murry Snow is going to make Arpaio report to a monitor every month or so, in order to ensure that he is not violating the civil rights of Arizona citizens, or anyone else passing through the state. We have probation officers, DWI monitors, and hall monitors, and now Sheriff Arpaion will have his own monitor. According to his attorney, he is not happy about this either, but since he has been ordered by a judge to report to a monitor, and since he claims to be all about law and order, he should really just shut up and cooperate. The judge apparently does not trust the sheriff to remember that this is America, and that the Constitution was not written for only a select few, but for all Americans. This is actually a great idea; possibly the best law enforcement idea since making prisoners wear pink! I'll bet the sheriff never thought that he could be profiled lawfully by Karma!

Mirror Of Aniel

Reflecting Surface on the wall,
I gaze in you and see it all,
Better than a camera lens,
Backward, forward, to all ends!
Hidden things are found in you,
Shadows jump out from the blue,
Secrets and illusions gone,
Light now reflects; the Truth is on!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pat Robertson And The Magic Rings

Just when I think I've actually heard the most insane moronic dumbassery possible from a fundamentalist right wing stupid Christian, Pat Robertson decides to go ahead and outdo himself. Now he appears certain that HIV is spread from had to hand contact, involving, of course, members of the Gay Community. As if that is not incorrect enough, Reverend Robertson has dutifully warned his flock that people infected with HIV often have secret, magic rings which spread the virus when they shake hands with uninfected people! Seriously, does he make this stuff up on the fly, or does he have a special, Christian writer who comes up with the verbal flatulence he utters on the air? Pat neglected to tell us where to buy a magic ring, or how to report the use of magic rings to law enforcement. He also failed to brainstorm about creative uses of "germ warfare" jewelry, and praise the creativity of such an innovation! Seriously; where's the eye-rolley when I need it?

Inquiring minds might also want to know, exactly, how Reverend Pat Robertson knows about secret magic rings worn by Gay men, and why he seems so able to identify such jewelry. How many hands could Pat have possibly shaken?

Note: the above video was pulled by the 700 Club. Someone had gotten the code before that happened!
Update: The video got yanked again, most likely due to sore fundies! Had to grab the code again. Sorry for any inconveniences. Nothing more amusing than a comedian who has been mistaken for a religious teacher!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dalinghaus Say "Bye-Bye, Money!"

After my decision to enroll my children in a different school than the local public school, I got this letter:

"The Board of Education of USD 380 approves and supports the intent of KSA 72-1113 which recognizes that regular school attendance is essential to the complete education of each student. Truancy is defined as any three consecutive unexcused absences, any five unexcused absences in a semester or seven unexcused absences in a school year, whichever comes first. Since we have received no records for A, B, or C, they in turn have seven unexcused absences since the beginning of  school. We have received records requests for D and E. If A, B, and C have been enrolled in another school we need a records request from that institution, or if you have decided to home school them, you will need to register with the Kansas State Department of Education. If you choose to do neither, the truancy report will be continued by the county attorney.

Once a report is filed with the county attorney, an investigation shall begin. If the county attorney
determines that your child is not attending school as required by law, the county attorney shall prepare and file a petition alleging that your child is a child in need of care. If, during the investigation, the county attorney determines that a criminal investigation is necessary, the county attorney shall commence the same. If there is anything we need to know about their attendance, feel free to call me at the school to discuss it at 785-292-4486. Dean Dalinghaus, Principal"

My, my. Dean Dalinghaus is really having a hard time saying "Bye-Bye" to the money which was brought into the school by the enrollment of my six children. I went ahead and corrected his spelling errors and his grammatical errors, but left his badly punctuated sentences as he wrote them. I also substituted the names of my children with sequential letters of the alphabet. I guess I should begin the rebuttal of Dalinghaus's nonsense at the beginning, in the first sentences. I agree that regular attendance is essential to complete education, but so is presence, and when my daughter was missing, rather than present, for a whole afternoon because the guidance counselor abandoned her alongside a highway four miles south of the school, then failed to tell anyone when he could not find her, Dalinghaus was not at all concerned about my daughter's absence. Why is he so concerned about anyone's absence now? We all know the answer to that: enrollment dollars! Dean Dalinghaus is an enrollment dollar whore! But the truth is, my children have not been truant or absent at all, because they attend a different school. Their transcripts were obtained via the superintendent before school started, because no one cared to countenance the sight of Dean Dalinghaus and his silly and annoying et els at Frankfort School, especially after seeing friends, family and others over the summer, who are nicer than Frankfort School staff and do not look and act like carbon copies of each other.

The second silly-assed notion entertained by this principal is that he ought to file a report with the county attorney about our choice of a different school! While the county attorney, sure enough, hates my guts, (hahahahahaha!) she has her own problems with the Kansas Bar Association, at the moment. Chances are, she did not share that information with Dean Dalinghaus, but investigating yours truly for failing to commit a crime is probably not on her agenda, and probably not the best career move for our county attorney, at this time. Not that such a thing would ordinarily stop her, but she may wish to hang on to her ability to practice law!

The idea that a parent is obligated, by law, to use a public school is incorrect. A parent may send children to boarding school, private school, correspondence schools, internet schools, private tutors, or home school. When one tries another brand of toothpaste, the marketers of the former brand do not harass the consumer over the new preference. When one trades in a vehicle, and purchases a different make, there are no threats of arrest from the makers of the old vehicle. One is even free to change cable companies, buy a different cell phone, or go elsewhere for medical care! Dean Dalinghaus's opinion that I owe my patronage to his sorry excuse for a school is akin to MSN trying to tell  customers that they MUST stick with Windows 98, no matter which computer is selected! I don't have to send my children to Dean's racist, substandard institution, where bullies rule and teachers serve beer to students at their homes! (two teachers of whom I personally know, although the number is probably higher) I also do NOT have to send my children to a school where the guidance counselor buys cigarettes for children on field trips. Yes, folks, that actually happened. And as for the guns that go into the building or wait in vehicles belonging to students during hunting season.......yes, it happens at loving parent knowingly exposes a child to that!

Seriously; the best thing Dean Dalinghaus can do for Frankfort School is resign, after making a recommendation of permanently closing it to the school board. The best thing he can do for himself is to get over himself, stop harassing customers who have taken their business elsewhere, relax, and say "Bye-Bye, Money" to the funds which would have been earmarked for his institution, had he chosen to treat me with respect.



Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Anonymous Is Alive And Well

Reports of the demise of Anonymous are greatly exaggerated. Did anyone really expect Anonymous to roll over and die because a powerful government agency told them to do so? That's very amusing. How many other untruths has your government shared with you lately?

There is an idea that the government wanted someone, claiming to be anonymous, to violate the law in some obvious way, in order to refute the accusations of death. Humanity has actually reached a point, as a collective, wherein law abiding decency has become criminalized, and telling the truth is a revolutionary act. There is no call for criminality as a means of expression: we have a government who wants to penalize those who honor the Laws of the Land, the American Constitution, and live peacefully.


Spirit Influence

Last Esbat's call to Deities
Has brought change to Reality!

Such A Happy Dream!

Oh Yes!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Enroll A Child In School With No birth Certificate

Want to know where you can still enroll a child in school with no birth certificate, despite federal law, requiring that a school see a valid birth certificate prior to enrollment? Frankfort, in Frankfort Kansas will do this for you! Actually, you do not necessarily even need to prove that you have legal custody of a child, or that you are, indeed, one of the child's parents in order to enroll! Dean Dalinghaus, the principal at Frankfort, is so bent on harvesting all the dollars he can harvest for enrolling as many children as possible, while providing as little classroom instruction as possible, that he will enroll anyone under four feet tall! He will probably enroll dogs, cats, and parakeets if he can find inactive social security numbers or other identities for them!

I wonder which class Frankfort found for this new student.

Abbie Hoffman Moment


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Education Knocked Off Balence In Kansas Schools

Last week, Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet Elementary in Wichita, Kansas had a display on a bulletin board of five pillars, with an explanation of the five pillars of Islam. A tootie-frootie whacky-assed fundamentalist Christian who was taking up space inside the school for some reason or other took a picture of the bulletin board and included it on a facebook page, along with an hateful message about other religions, after the manner of Kansas Christians, who are some of the most hateful people on the planet. Westboro Baptist Church, anyone? Other Kansas Christians are not that different, only more lazy and less vocal. Here's what the Christian had to say:

"Students at Minneha Core Knowledge Elementary School in Wichata (sic) Kansas were met with this their first day of school,” a caption under the photo said. “This is a school that banned all forms of Christian prayer. … This can not stand.”

Unfortunately, schools in Kansas are not consolidated. This means that when a gang of angry, inbred, Christians from an insular community gangs up on a teacher or parent who wants the local school to be more like schools in the rest of the nation and less like daycares for the senile and demented, the angry inbred Christian usually gets it's own way. If the schools in Kansas were consolidated, every school would be answerable to the state for an educational curriculum that matched the rest of the nation's and enabled high school graduates to attend college. In Frankfort, Kansas, sixth graders are taught about Jewish culture by viewing the movie, "The Ten Commandments", starring Charleton Heston. Heston is much loved by the staff at Frankfort because of his ardent support of the National Rifle Association. This obviously, in their minds, makes him a great and factual example of the eventual culture of the so-called messiah, otherwise known as White Jesus, that mythical character whose existence, as told to children by Germanic Christians in Kansas schools, is not even possible, let alone believable. At the end of the movie, each and every class of sixth graders is not even accountable to name the Jewish religious observance that came from the text about which the movie was made! Yet Frankfort keeps this curriculum, despite it's inefficiency, and tells parents that children are learning about all cultures! To the right is a picture of Melissa Kennedy, who developed this "lesson plan".

The above cited article is the best comment this blogger has seen about the incident so far. It's writer was quite correct in pointing out that, as Kansas schools have certainly NOT banned all forms of Christian prayer, as the whacky-assed Christian states; the whacky-assed Christian is an obvious liar. Also, while Christian prayers can still be said at public school, as long as no one hears, and no one forces Christian prayers or gives obvious favor to anything that is Christian, there should be a way for a tootie-frootie wacky-assed fundamentalist Christian in Kansas to learn how to spell Wichita.

Another cultural lesson. If Kansas Christians get their own way in schools, everyone should.

If You Weren't In Church On Sunday

If you didn't go to church this past weekend, you may have missed a baptism in Akron, Ohio. At a Church's Chicken, two crazy robbers decided to break in while the manager was armed with a garden hose. One of the thugs even had a gun; but since the manager was cleaning, he decided to do a thorough job and rinse the theives out of Church's! They came back a second time, and got a second baptism! The only money they got was about thirty dollars. Maybe next time they will get baptized with mace or a tazer.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why Can't Cinderella Go To The Ball?

The young lady who played Cinderella in M-ACT's production of Into The Woods in Marysville, Kansas, this past summer, has been the unfortunate victim of a disgusting game of petty politics played by her former school principal, Dean Dalinghaus, the superintendent of a neighboring school system, Randy Freeman, and the county prosecutor, Laura McNish, who also represents the school board which employs Randy Freeman. Cinderella's former school offers no drama or forensics, but lots and lots of competitive contact sports. Randy Freeman has a school in his district with a wonderful drama department. Kansas has open enrollment, which means that any student can enroll in any district, theoretically, as long as the student can find his or her own transportation when transferring out of the student's own district. So Cinderella tried to transfer from the dull and lackluster Frankfort, with it's guns, drugs, and beer on school property, to Marysville. She is a wonderful student, and that is the only catch when requesting a transfer; the student must be in good standing.

Dean Dalinghaus and Laura McNish told Randy Freeman that Cinderella could not attend Marysville High. The drama department is only for very special Marshall County children with politically "just right" parents, not for Cinderella. Since Laura McNish not only prosecutes, but represents the school board, she has the power to scare board members into petty discrimination games...and it's a known fact in Marshall County that Laura McNish does not like Cinderella's mom, for personal reasons. Or Cinderella's dad. So while football players from other high schools, from within and from without Marshall County, transfer to Marysville High quite frequently, Cinderella has been told she cannot go to the ball. Marysville's drama department was too nice for someone whose parents typically vote Democrat and refuse to ignore our nations Constitution. Dean Dalinghaus also wanted to trap Cinderella in Frankfort, in order to keep those dollars rolling in for having as many students enrolled as possible, while providing as little classroom instruction as possible. As long as Laura McNish gets to sit on a courthouse computer all day, surfing social media websites and shopping online, she really does not care about the children in Frankfort, also in Marshall County, who are stuck with a substandard education. After all, if they play a good game of football, they can actually take advantage of open enrollment, which is supposed to be open to all Kansas students.

Laura McNish would make Marshall County Kansas a better place for everyone if she would just resign. Parents should not have to play politics with an elected official in order to get their children enrolled in school. Teachers and school administrators should not have to worry about playing stooge for the school's lawyer instead of teaching children. The glass slipper, in this case, drama and forensics, is a perfect fit for a very deserving Cinderella. She should be allowed to take advantage of a curriculum that can help her further her education, rather than forced to sit in a dingy building with substandard teachers and bullies who  bring guns to school during hunting season. After all, football players can go to the "ball". Why can't Cinderella go to the ball?

Cinderella's parents went ahead and enrolled all of their children elsewhere, completely bypassing the public schools in Kansas. This appears to be a bigger trend than they thought it would be; yet they are not surprised. They have also made a personal commitment to wait, if they ever use USD 380 again in the future, until after the date upon which the district will get it's coveted dollars per enrolled student to enroll their children in school. That way, Dean Dalinghaus would have a chance to prove that the money is not important.

The Oz Wake-up Call

Sometimes, acting in hatred toward those who practice religions that are not mainstream can result in a wake-up call like none other. Just sayin'!
Kansas, you should know better by now!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Question So Called Authority

Don't allow questions to go unanswered by those who should have answers, but refuse to share them. And don't be part of what deserves protest by failing to protest, and turning a blind eye to injustice.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Federal Conspiracy Charges

Just a short update here, to this post, about His Former Honor, Michael Thornsbury, of Mingo County, West Virginia: he has been charged with three counts of conspiracy. As it turns out, the Supreme Court has a low regard for judges and prosecutors who abuse their positions by charging innocent people with crimes and prosecuting them when no crime was actually committed. Imagine that! It's AGAINST FEDERAL LAW to go to court and file a complaint against another, when that other did no wrong, and it's AGAINST FEDERAL LAW to conspire and make it look as if an innocent person committed a crime when he or she did not. A dim view of such approaches to justice is especially taken when a judge or a prosecuting attorney gets all jealous or angry and misuses criminal court by committing perjury. Thornsbury even insisted that his secretary's husband be arrested several months after an incident during which someone else, unfortunately someone related to the husband, threatened another person with a gun during a dispute. Because the matter had already been disposed, and because Thornsbury's victim was not the defendant in the case, it became a bit of a sticky wicket for Thornsbury in court.

Where's the eye-rolley when I need it? It's almost like paying a random person to take random pictures of houses and scenery on her cell phone, then having the person take her cell phone to police to say that someone else, entirely, took the pictures; then going to court to say the pictures are somehow illegal. The sticky wicket with that, of course, involves the fact that said pictures were never in the possession of "someone else, entirely", but in the cell phone of the person being paid to take them! Right, McFish?

Ruled By Criminals

There are people in America who are arrogant and undersocialized enough to think that personal information unlawfully harvested by government agencies will never become a problem in their lives, and that as long as they are "good" people, they will never become criminalized by a corrupt government. Actually, as soon as many of these arrogant, undersocialized people become obsolete and useless to those in power, who target various demographic groups of people, they will, themselves, be targeted as criminals or other types of "undesirables" and treated as such. In fact, anyone who insists upon remaining undersocialized and arrogant is probably already useless. That's still not a reason to allow the Constitution to become obsolete.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anonymous To Saxby Chambliss

Fourth Amendment, anyone? Saxby Chambliss, R-Georgia,  apparently does not think his constituents care about keeping it intact. Not only has his voting record supported the gradual transformation of America into a police state, he can actually be heard lying through his teeth at about 2:30 of the above video, during an interview with George Stephanopoulos. His biggest campaign donors are Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton ,Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Raytheon, Verizon, at&t, and Microsoft, the very companies who made all of this intrusion into conversations protected by the Fourth Amendment possible in the first place. Coincidence? Not a chance.



Through The Lens Of Siriunsun's Camera


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Full Moon Visions

A full moon is a time to get a multi-dimensional picture of matters, complete with their more subtle facets that do not always show themselves in broad daylight.
Speak to me, Beloved Messengers! I have waited a long time for you!

Filing A Complaint About A Judge In Kansas

Anyone in Marshall County, Kansas who has a complaint about Magistrate Judge Angela Hecke can use this form to write and file a complaint about her. After filling out the PDF form, it should be hard copied and snail mailed to Kansas Judicial Center, 301 SW Tenth Ave., Room 374, Topeka, Kansas, 66612.

Reasons to complain about a judge would include exparte conversations with witnesses or involved parties in a case; religious or other unjust biases; harassment during court, especially about matters unrelated to the case; intrusion into a case after being disqualified or recused; and obvious favoritism between individuals or families. Here's a quote from the Kansas Canon Of Judicial Conduct:

(B) A judge shall not, in the performance of judicial duties, by words or conduct manifest bias or prejudice, or engage in harassment, including but not limited to bias, prejudice, or harassment based upon race, sex, gender, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status, socioeconomic status, or political affiliation, and shall not permit court staff, court officials, or others subject to the judge’s direction and control to do so.

(C) A judge shall require lawyers in proceedings before the court to refrain from manifesting bias or prejudice, or engaging in harassment, based upon attributes including but not limited to race, sex, gender, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status, socioeconomic status, or political affiliation, against parties, witnesses, lawyers, or others.

To continue, the same source also has this to say:

[1] A judge who manifests bias or prejudice in a proceeding impairs the fairness of the proceeding and brings the judiciary into disrepute.

Seriously, it's too bad there are so many people in the Midwest who make this claim about Christian doctrine, only to ignore and violate it when they go to work.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Kansas Public Schools Are All At Risk

Kansas is in denial. It seems that U.S. Department of Education has taken notice of the fact that Kansas schools like to hang on to incompetent teachers, despite any high failure rates among their students, and keep their insular, ridicules social fishbowls intact, rather than terminating the contracts and careers of those who were not born to teach, in favor of hiring real teachers who can educate our children. Because of this, the state of Kansas is in danger of losing it's No Child Left Behind waiver. Not that No Child Left Behind has been wonderful or great, or even satisfactory; but there is a school principal in Frankfort, Kansas, who actually encourages his special education teacher for grades three through six to deliberately impede any learning done by the young people in her class, because the minute those children catch up to their peers, the school stops receiving extra funding. This school also has a much higher percentage of special education "cases" than most public schools in other states.......there are about one hundred and ten students in the school, and at least thirty of them have special education services. If this is an example of how Kansas funds it's public schools, and we should all hope it isn't, then it's truly no big surprise that the U.S. Department of Education is now taking notice. Your tax dollars at work, Kansas. It is well past time to consolidate the schools and lose the small, "unified" districts that are not accountable to anyone for teaching our children.


Abbie Hoffman Moment

Expedience, not justice, is the rule of contemporary American law.  Abbie Hoffman

This week's Abbie Hoffman moment was brought to you by Marshall County, Kansas!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Once Again, The First Day Of School

School starts again tomorrow in Frankfort, Kansas, and; as promised, this story will appear again on this site, because the school here in Frankfort has not seen fit to come into compliance with safety standards observed by schools in other parts of Kansas, and has not come into compliance with federal law concerning the presence of weapons on school property, bullying, or student safety. The only change made is that credit shall be granted where it is due: the name of the errant and uncorrected guidance counselor who has been granted carte blanche to endanger children is Tom Schroeder.

Anyone who's listening, I will tell you a story. It's a true story, and it happened in October of 2009. Thankfully, it had a happy ending.

My oldest daughter used to be quite the avid cross country buff when she was thirteen years old. She was good at it, too. But one day, while she was at practice, and I was at home, just assuming that all was well, her coach drove past my house, stopping to talk to my eight year old son. Mr. Coach wanted to know if Mr. Eight Year Old had seen his older sister. Mr. Eight Year Old had not. No one had seen my daughter in over two hours. She was lost. Why was she lost? Because her coach had dropped her off by the side of a highway, four miles south of the town we live in, by herself, and just left her. It was part of cross country practice. No supervision. If she had been stung by a bee, had tripped and hurt herself, or had some other medical emergency, no one would have been there to help her. (at this juncture, you should know that I offered to volunteer to help with cross country, but since I do not attend a Christian church, my offer was rejected. The school staff thought it better to take chances with a child's safety in the way I just described) When my daughter realized that she did not know her way back, she started to wander on a side road, hoping it would bring her to a house, or another person. This area has a lot of commercial farms, and there were no houses or places my daughter could go to for help.

Back to my eight year old son.......Twenty minutes went by. While he did not realize the signifigance of his conversation with Mr. Cross County Coach, (also Mr. Guidance Counselor) he did realize that no one knew where his sister was, and it was getting later and later, and no one was looking for her. So he told me about it. I looked all over town, called all her friends, searched the school (why was the school left unlocked after everyone had gone home?) and finally started home to call the police, when a couple of senior boys drove up with my crying daughter in their car. It was still within a few minutes of when I found out she was missing, but this cross country coach had known all afternoon, and had not called the police, or spoken to me. Why? I guess whatever he cared about, it WASN'T my daughter. Well.........I actually DO care about my daughter. Nowhere else have I met a teacher that did NOT care, at least a little, about the children he teaches, but I think that is what the problem is with Mr. Cross Country Coach/ Guidance Counselor.

Suppose it was not young men from her school who found her, but a dangerous person? I have been told time and time again by the people who live in this small Kansas town that "those things don't happen here", and "there ARE no dangerous people here", but there was a sex offender whose address was within half a mile of where my daughter was abandoned. The police were quick to point that out, but the principal only argued his harmlessness as a sex offender with them and the school board is not worried about the incident.

My children no longer participate in cross country at their school. It isn't safe.

In Case You Missed Church Today

Here is something to think about. Silencing the ideas and ideals of another will never prove the Christian point. In fact, nothing, so far, has proven the Christian point. From the Garden of Eden to the Immaculate Conception to the Mystery of the Cross, it all goes down in history as fiction. When will Christians stop using this crap as a fear tactic to stop others from thinking critically?


While The Moon Is Waxing

The deed is done,
The battle's won.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Medical Information And Privacy

Have you ever wondered exactly what constitutes a beach in medical information covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or "HIPAA"? Or, have you ever felt certain that your rights to privacy concerning your medical information had been violated, but not known how to file a complaint, or with whom to file a complaint? As it happens, if your privacy has accidently or deliberately been breached in some way...say....the emergency department at your local hospital accidently sent your bill to another person, business, or government agency, instead of to you; and your injury, hospital visit, and insurance information are now common knowledge among people of whom you have never seen or heard, there is information provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services about exactly what is lawful and what is not lawful concerning the sharing of medical information. In a case such as the one above, the hospital would have sixty days to notify you that the breach had occurred, and would also be required to notify DHHS of the breach. DHHS even offers the convenience of an online link for the filing of a complaint and reminds everyone of the fact that it is against the law for any healthcare provider to retaliate in any way against a person who has filed a complaint.


Bring Me.....Another Shrubbery!

Just remember,
Postage stamps give envelopes wings
For complaints that give a liar stings!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ethics Complaint About A Judge


Amazing. One would expect a circuit court judge to be mature enough to find an eligible bachelorette with whom to spend time after work, or at least be discreet when he has an affair with someone who is not a bachelorette; but not the "Honorable" Michael Thornsbury. What an embarrassment to Mingo County, West Virginia, where he served, until recently. Judge Thornsbury not only had an affair with his married secretary, but apparently was so forlorn and upset when she changed her mind about dating him that he decided to get even with her husband, simply for being her husband! He tried to get a friend to plant drugs in the man's vehicle, but the friend decided against it at the last minute, leaving the unsuspecting man not in possession of illegal drugs, rather than in possession of same, for the planned drug bust, which did not go as planned. Next, His Honor successfully convinced a state trooper to arrest his secretary's husband on bogus theft charges. The charges have since been dismissed, but it is still, always, an unpleasant surprise when a prosecutor or judge has a silly-assed personal problem with an unsuspecting, innocent constituent and abuses his or her position to play a sophomoric game of "get-backs". Is it any wonder that the American people are losing respect for all parts of the judicial system?



Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another Stupid Prosecutor

What is going on with stupid prosecutors these days? In Colorado, there is a young and inexperienced prosecutor named Todd Risberg, who requested discovery of all the evidence in possession of all parties involved in a case he tried. Everyone complied, but Risberg still felt somehow cheated, so he filed a motion about it. During court, the judge ruled that the prosecution had all the evidence it needed, and that the defendant's attorney did not have to supply the prosecutor with any more so-called "evidence"; which, in this case, was a penned letter to one of the defendant's friends. Had the judge ruled otherwise, and had the defense still refused, someone would have been in contempt of court then and there; but no one was in contempt of court, because all of the judge's orders were followed. So what does Risberg do? He files criminal charges against the defense attorney for not handing over the letter the judge said he did not have to hand over! He feels that this step is necessary to "send a message" to defense attorneys in his area. Where's the eye-rolley when I need it?

I do not believe Risberg's dumbass case will go anywhere. No defendant, represented by an attorney or not, has a legal obligation to fork over evidence, including written or oral statements, to help the State prosecute a case. The fourth and fifth amendments to our Constitution are quite clear about this. Many of the defense attorneys in Risberg's area are in solidarity against this case, and against these tactics, and it will not surprise me a bit if the case is dismissed with prejudice. Sadly, it will also not surprise me a bit if Risberg finds a way to take his nonsense to civil court, when criminal court fails to give him his own way.

This is the kind of stuff about which ethics complaints are written to Bar Associations. And I would certainly write one if I were involved in this case.


Nerve Struck With Readers

A "nerve" apparently was "struck" with a few people who visited this site within the past couple of weeks. I never expected personal responses about the subject, or the subject matter, and it came as a surprise. To answer a question, yes, my comments are moderated. Also, one email address bounced back undeliverable. I have no problem with further internet discourse about this subject, (if you have contacted me about this subject, or are considering doing so, you know exactly to which I refer!!!) but please remember to be fair, and to be as kind as you can be, even if you are mad as hell. No one in cyberland, or in the real world, is perfect.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blown Away And Back In Place

One day in the future, if there is ever enough genetic variance in Northeast Kansas to foster critical thinking among the population, public school will be consolidated. This will be very helpful in creating a curriculum with more and better choices; some of which, a college bound student may need, but not be able to take at present...thanks to the disorganized and haphazard approach taken by the stubborn, not-so-bright folks who occupy the school boards in Northeast Kansas. Of course, the less biased and more competent direction provided by a qualified, more centralized school board would mean that Kansas children would be required to stop taking guns to school after hunting, and also that Brown vs. The Board Of Education may finally become law in Kansas. On a related note, a "unified" school district in Marshall County just lost five students because school faculty was unable to act professional and respectful to parents who wanted their children to learn. One would think, amid all the whining about declining enrollment and all the outright fear in the face of consolidation of Kansas schools, that parents of large families would be treated with respect! Because there ARE other options, USD 380!


To Disagree With The President

Unfortunately, I cannot disagree more with Obama's assertion that America's judicial system follows it's own rules. In this video, Obama states that our government has checks and balances to prevent the abuses of overdone surveillance that has been brought to light by Edward Snowden. Obama also suggests that if Snowden takes advantage of his rights as defendant, as afforded him by our judicial system, everything will be okey-dokey for Snowden. At this point, after the recent and publicized abuses by almost every type of judicial entity from small town police departments to federal courts, I am quite inclined to look at this whole matter from Snowden's standpoint. Even if Snowden did, indeed, commit a crime; or three, as Obama claims, why is this crime a felony? Government agencies purport and publish information and misinformation against individuals all the time, with no penalties and very little oversight. Why is the same action criminalized in the case of a private citizen?