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Monday, October 31, 2011

Here's A Cold Case For You, Terri Horman

It's Monday, the day when I regale Terri Horman, stepmother of nine year old Kyron Horman, who disappeared in June of 2010, when he was seven years old, with a story about a cold case from American history that was solved. It is my hope, not only to give Terri something to find when she googles herself on the internet, but to also show everyone a picture of Kyron, one more time, in hopes that someone may recognize him so that he can finally go home to his parents, Kaine Horman and Desiree Young.

Here's Kyron, showing how he looks from a side profile. Most of his pictures show him smiling, but if he is seen out in public, he will probably look more natural, like he does in this picture. Possibly sporting a different hairstyle.

Ok....Terri....for today's cold case; have you ever heard of John Wayne Gacy, a serial killer who used to live in Florida? There were, at one time, a lot of cold cases connected to him. Now, there are about eight. But the cold case of  Harold Wayne Lovell, who left home in May, 1977, and was not seen by his family again for thirty-four years, just got solved. Since no one could find him, and the serial killer who murdered dozens of other men in Florida during the 1970's was finally arrested in 1978, it was assumed that Lovell was one of Gacy's victims, and no one bothered to look for him anymore. Seriously......that's kinda disconcerting.....because Lovell was STILL ALIVE. He was not one of Gacy's victims at all! Gacy was given the death penalty, and was executed in 1994. Since then, Florida has been identifying the unidentified victims, one by one, taking advantage of updated DNA technology. In one last attempt to identify their brother's remains, Lovell's siblings went to the police station to offer DNA that could be compared to Gacy's yet unidentified victims, but they noticed a recent booking photo on the wall.........................even though they had not seen their brother in thirty-four years, they were certain it was him. His name, and every other bit of information the police had about him matched up! So instead of a belated funeral, Mr. Lovell got a bus ticket home! He had just not contacted anyone because he didn't have the greatest family relationships in 1977, and mistakenly thought no one wanted to hear from him.............

So how could this possibly relate to you, Terri? I don't know....hopefully, it doesn't. But know this: Kyron's picture is much more widely circulated than Harold Wayne Lovell's picture. Yet it only took one look at Lovell's picture by the right person, even after thirty-four years, for Lovell to be recognized. Someday, someone will find Kyron. I don't know how it will happen, I don't know when it will happen; but I do know that many, many people want Kyron found. To date, Terri, YOU, and YOUR PARENTS, and possibly your biological son and your attorney are the only people involved in Kyron's life who have not acted with any obvious desire for Kyron to come home. This is why I address all of these cold cases to you. If you know something, I think you need to come forward, Terri.

                              Tim Lovell, and his long lost brother, Harold Wayne Lovell

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Sermon For Kansas Christians

In case anyone missed church this week, here's a good, sensible message that was shared with me about Christianity and it's favored icon.........and, not only does it make a valid point about subjectivity among the "faithful", it addresses a question I have pondered on this blog in the past: why do lots of Christians only relate to an icon if it is a male child with blond hair and blue eyes? Somehow; after sharing the Earth with the midwestern United States xian population, (not always an enjoyable or faith inspiring experience!) I think the answer to that question may be tied up in the subject of this post:

Enjoy, everyone! Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Charges Against Bishop Robert Finn Should Be Dropped?

This is amazing! And also disturbing........we actually have fellow "citizens" in this country who approve of human trafficking, as long as it is done by clergy in the Catholic Church! According to Frank Kessler, who teaches government at Missouri State, the fact that Bishop Robert Finn has apologized should be enough, and the State of Missouri should just drop the charges, so that Catholics all over the Kansas City area can get back to Catholicism as usual, with no interruption to their child abuse or sexual perversion practices. Here's what he said, in the Kansas City Star on Oct. 18, 2011:

"Bishop Finn already apologized a number of times for his poor administrative judgment involving the supervision of one of his priests, Father Shawn Ratigan."

Does this mean that a simple, but heartfelt apology should be accepted by the state from all sex offenders and human trafficking scum? I hope that's not what Kessler means, because if it is, and if Missouri listens to him, then sex offenders all over the state will have a legal precedent to "just apologize" and expect to spend no time in jail or sit for a photo to be published in the sex offender registries. What I really think Kessler means is that it should be okay with me if a Christian or a priest abuses my child. And that is not okay with me.

Here's another statement from the same article from Kessler:

Finn is being prosecuted for lapses in judgment and missing what went on below him. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is being investigated for lapses leading to deaths involving Operation Fast and Furious. Should he be prosecuted? I would say no unless there is evidence that he lied or willfully disobeyed the law. He deserves the benefit of the doubt as does Finn.

Let me just point out that Finn is not being prosecuted for "lapses in judgement" or for "missing" what went on "below him". I doubt if the Missouri code even lists "lapse in judgement" as a crime. Finn has been charged with sex crimes and accessory to sex crimes. If there was no evidence that he lied, or willfully disobeyed the law, there would not have even been probable cause for an arrest warrent. At best, Finn was COVERING for some very nasty criminals. At worst, Finn was also part of it. And these crimes are federal, which means that Kessler feels that the entire country, not just Missouri, owes Finn more latitude just because he is a Christian pastor, than we would give anyone else involved in a kiddie porn ring. As part of the rest of the country, let me just say that I do not agree with Kessler, that his kiddie-porn friend deserves the charges dropped because of his association with Jesus, and an opportunity to continue to victimize children. And when any other kiddie porn ring is busted, federal agents and local cops stock up on hand sanitizer and protective gloves,(trust one actually wants physical contact with a kiddie porn thug) supoena any and all computers involved, and investigate anyone involved. It may take time, but this is what needs to happen. Even when representatives of Jesus think they can traffic our children. The idea that a criminal who belongs to the Christian Holier Than Other Criminals Club should be granted some type of special favor is simply offensive. As for Finn deserving the benefit of any doubt, I say no. I think it is enough of an offense to the rest of the population that he is not rotting in jail waiting for his court date, but using church funds for four attorneys.

Oh....speaking of computers, instead of handing over his priest's computer to the police, as ordered, Finn gave the computer in question to someone in the family of the priest in question. In everyone else's world, this is called tampering with evidence, and; of course, possession of child pornography and refusal to cooperate with law enforcement. If this is what Jesus would have done, or if this is what Jesus would have been involved in, or what Jesus DID do via Finn, perhaps one can see why I think the whole Christian thingamajigger, religion, creation theory, sex offenders going straight to heaven, and all, is total bullshit. Perhaps one can also see why I think Bishop Robert Finn is not going to stop whatever it is he is doing. And if he were not a bishop, I think authorities would have already thrown him in jail with the rest of the arraigned and fingerprinted population, instead of allowing him to continue to preach and take pictures.

Baby Lisa Drama

Hiring a LOCAL attorney, who knows the populace, the courtroom players, and the geographical area, is one of the few smart things that Debbie Bradley and Jeremy Irwin did when their ten month old daughter, Lisa Irwin, went missing from Kansas City, Missouri, earlier this month. Other than that, they have given conflicting, incomplete, and possibly false testimony, obscured the presence and testimony of potential witnesses, and gone on the air with non-information about their daughter and about whatever happened preceding their daughter's disappearance on October 4. While I did not agree with most of what Cyndy Short stated in her short (no pun intended) time representing Lisa's family, I thought that, if still alive, Lisa might have a better chance of returning home and leading a normal life with Ms. Short representing her parents; but now Ms. Short has withdrawn from the case. Joe Tacopina, the council from New York, is now Lisa's parents' sole representation.

There are not that many reasons that a lawyer can just drop a client. Of course, Debbie and Jeremy have not been charged with a crime and are not sitting in jail, so withdrawing from the case, or potential case, as the case may be, has not left them without local council while putting on a defense. I can't imagine money was a problem, because Lisa's family seems to be playing up the drama to the hilt, even though their child is missing.  Has anyone noticed the recent article in People Magazine?   I know that about fifty percent of those who live near Kansas City will think that this may be unfair, and I may be wrong, but it seems to me that it is too early in the game for magazine articles about Lisa. She hasn't even been gone for a month.......I am surprised that Debbie can even do an interview that would be useful for entertainment purposes.

Conflicts of interest are other things that can force a lawyer to withdraw. Each of Lisa's brothers has an absentee parent who either lives in Cyndy Short's stomping grounds, or has lived there in the past. A lot of the recent conflict in this case has involved potential testimony from those two boys. Is it possible that Ms. Short represented one of the other parents at some point, and therefore; one of the boys, simply by default? Or, conversely, provided council to someone who litigated against a guardian of either of Lisa's brothers? I guess it's possible. What the media seems to be regurgitating is that Joe Tacopina thought it would be fine for police to interview the boys, but Cyndy Short, geographically closer to all the action and much more familiar with Missouri law, didn't agree. That seems completely weird. I hope it's nothing but stress and personal reactions thereof, but how can interviews with a six year old and an eight year old be such a pivotal discussion point if they did not, as Lisa's parents claim, witness anything?

Lisa Irwin, probably sometime during the spring of this past year. I really wish I had a sketch of the person who was seen in the wee hours of the day Lisa disappeared, carrying a baby around outside, to put here, too. That, along with Cyndy Short's position on the findings of the cadaver dog, was where I personally differed with how she handled this case. It seemed to me that a composite sketch of a possible suspect could help solve this case and bring that baby home more quickly than any You Tube video or People Magazine article, and it also seemed to me that any bystanders in the Kansas City area who might have the ability to help locate this potential "person of interest" could do so more easily if everyone had a description of this person. That would also pull accusations and suspicions away from her clients......unless she knows who this person is and it behooves her clients in some way to keep him or her unidentified. That's just my take on it, though.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Siri Automated Smart Alec

Over the past month or so, I have gotton lots and lots of hits to my blog with various search words accompanied by the name, "Siri". I guess I should not be surprised, because of the app that goes by that name. But seriously....some of the things that people look for in conjunction to "Siri" are sooo amusing! Lets see..........we have "is Siri as smart as she thinks she is", "is Siri sexy", "can Siri see the police before I do", (WTF?) I also get, "Siri pet care", "Siri directions", "Siri answers", "Siri translator(tion)", "Siri cholesterol calculate", "Siri insult generator",(!!!) and "Siri automated smart alec", among many, many others! I'm gonna have to say, it's that last one that makes me wonder about everyone the most! I mean......why would anyone need an "Automated Siri Smart Alec" when the real deal is sitting right here, at her keyboard?!

To digress a little bit, "Siri" has been a moniker for my online presence for years, now. In 2003, I wanted to toss out a couple of comments on a local news site called "Your4State", that served West Virginia, parts of Maryland, Northern Virginia, and southern Pennsylvania, and the site would not let me post anonymously. It made me create an account and choose an online "nickname". As it happened, I had just read something about the star system "Sirius" a few minutes prior to this, and the star system was all could think of, for a decent moniker. So.....Siriunsun it was! Eventually, another poster began calling me "Siri" whenever he addressed me online, and even more eventually, he began to even call me "Siri" in person, saying he thought I was more of a "Siri" than a "Juli"! I don't know if that was a compliment or not, since "Juli" is normally interpreted to mean "young", (loosely translated Romance languages) while "Siri" can either mean "star" or "burning one", (Greek) or "wise", as in "old one". (Germanic languages) At my age, I am not sure I should have let that person get away with it! Hahahahahaha!

So...the name of my blog has nothing to do with modern cell phones or apps thereof; it has everything to with ancient star systems and astronomy. But I can still be a competent smart alec, if one just gives me the chance!

                                                                     Sirius Star System
                                                                   a cell phone star app!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Turkey has always had a lot of seismic activity, because three continental plates, Eurasian, Arabic, and African, meet there. Here is a map, with the eastern city of Van, which took most of the damage of the 7.3 quake that happened on October 23, highlighted.

As of today, October 25, there are over four hundred dead, and that number will probably rise, as at least two thousand are missing. That area also got a lot of rain following the earthquake, making rescue efforts more difficult than they already are.

Buildings and cars, mangled together. Sadly, lots of people are also still inside of some of those buildings. Below are buildings that will have to be carefully dismantled while people are rescued. At this point, survivors need almost everything, from food and shelter to means of communication with family members. The one item they probably need the most is clean drinking water.

There are always miracles, though. This is Azra. Her name means "maiden", or "pure" in Arabic. She is two weeks old, and was born three weeks early. She was trapped in some of the rubble for about two days, yet......she lives! She was pulled out alive. And you know what else? Her mother survived, too!

Monday, October 24, 2011

In Case Anyone Missed Church Yesterday

Ok..........I know Pat Robertson emitted this bit of nonsense several years ago, but it hasn't stopped making me convulse with laughter. He actually got on the air to say that candy factories hire Witches right before they ship their Halloween candy to stores to........get this........coax demons into the candy to inhabit the souls and bodies of those who eat the candy! No kidding.......I have nothing better to do all day, than sit and coax evil spirits into pieces of candy to be eaten by unsuspecting hungry people, all just to make the world a better place! Where's the eye-rolley when I need it?!

Pat Robertson and Company also warn against "sex with demons" on Halloween night! But I can't help but notice, after the trouble Bishop Robert Finn, of Kansas City, Mo. has gotton into of late, that there are no injunctions among Christians to avoid having sex with people who are underage! I guess if they break out in  rashes of search warrents and confiscated computers, their lawyers can cope; but if they break out in rashes of "demonic herpes", they won't be able to find a doctor who can cure them!

Well....I am in a bit of a rush. I must be getting to the candy factory, where I consult as a freelance demon invitational expert, to coax these eager spirits into this year's Halloween candy!

This Is Interesting, Terri Horman

It's Monday again, and on Monday, I usually give Terri Horman, who googles her name from time to time, something to find when she looks for herself online. I usually do this via description of a cold case, and how it got solved. Terri's stepson, Kyron Horman, disappeared on June 4, 2010, from his school, and that has, unfortunately become a cold case; so by doing this, I give myself an avenue to run his picture online one more time, in hopes that someone will recognize him.

This is Kyron, looking at something that appears to be a decorated Easter egg, with a natural expression on his face. I am hoping that authorities will run an age progressed picture of him, soon. But more fervently, I am hoping he will be found before authorities have to run an age progressed picture of him. He has been missing for way too long of a time.

Here's this Monday's cold case, Terri: in 1970, a woman named Mary Rivera, of Texas, got mad at her husband and threw some boiling cooking oil on him. While plenty of us have had husbands that are worth a certain amount of anger, this is clearly domestic violence, unless it is done in self defense; but even then, there are other ways to handle this type of situation, besides feeding the violence. Even back in 1970.................................

Mary's husband was burned so severely that he died of his injuries. At that point, it became abundantly clear that Mary would face charges of some type of manslaughter, rather than just assualt. So she fled Texas and hid out in Georgia for forty-one years. Fast forwarding to now: one of her kids ran his mouth when the police asked nosy questions, and now she is back in the pokey, awaiting a court date. She has bad health, too, but since she is obviously a flight risk, she's not going anywhere today.

So what's this got to do with you, Terri? Hopefully, nothing. Seriously. I truly hope that Kyron's disappearance is custodial interferance on the part of one of his biological parents. That is Kyron's best chance of being alive, still, at this late date. But if this is the case, why are you not saying anything? Kaine is obviously not being very nice to you, Terri. If he has hidden Kyron from Desiree, why not just tell authorities how you know that, or why you think that? You and Kaine were not together for long, but still, in my opinion, long enough for you to notice a few things about his life. Or; conversely, if this was an action of Desiree, (much LESS likely for many reasons) why would you let the situation keep you prisoner in your parents' house, rob you of career opportunities, ruin your life, and take Kiara's mother away from her? If you are innocent, you do not owe those things to anyone. This is probably why the general public, myself included, maintains the opinion that you may have played a role in Kyron's disappearance. Just some food for thought, Terri.

                                                     Mary Rivera, Forty-One Years Later

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Debbie Bradley's Lawyer Doesn't Trust Dogs

Now that a cadaver dog has hit upon a death scent during a thorough search of the Irwin home, Debbie Bradley's lawyer, Cyndy Short, wants all of us to know that she does not trust cadaver dogs. Well guess what, Cyndy Short, a lot of us do not trust defendants and suspects in missing persons cases!

Cyndy Short walked through the Irwin's house the other day, despite the fact that any evidence found there would have to be shared with her, anyway. Have Debbie and Jeremy even been charged with a crime yet? Why all these defense attorneys? Anyway, Ms. Short told the local news that since the house is old, very old, a whole sixty-three years old, and a cadaver dog can smell a twenty-eight year old death, Lisa cannot possibly have died inside her parents' house, and the dog is wrong. To this, I raise the BS flag, because if someone had died inside that house, the population in Missouri has been keeping adequate records for investigators to detemine this. Had someone gotton sick and died where the dog scented death, we would have records of emergency services, such as the use of an ambulance. If a murder had taken place, police records would show it.

Ms. Short also runs her yap incessantly about several eyewitness accounts of a man carrying a baby through various points near Kansas City on the morning that Baby Lisa disappeared. And you know what? I think she may really be onto something there, because the first sighting featured a small built, dark haired, white man on foot with a baby wearing only a diaper, just walking through an intersection shortly after midnight. The next sighting of the very same thing places the man and the baby several miles away, about three and a half or four hours later. This fits a very possible scenario.........specifically that the baby was already deceased, so clothing, even in the predawn chill, did not matter, and someone was carrying her away from the scene of the death in order to prevent an investigation bearing appropriate findings. Yeah; that sounds plausible. Yet Ms. Short will go on camara and run her mouth about it, never once asking the police to provide a sketch artist and have drawings done of the possible suspect. Never once. That would seem like a way to possibly identify the suspect, find Lisa, and close the case, unless, of course, she is representing the person who would be described and sketched. If that is the case, I do not imagine she will welcome a sketch artist.

Here is what Cyndy Short has to say:

I would also like to reiterate what a poster on a local news site pointed out; if Lisa Irwin is still alive, she is probably disguised in boys' clothing, and someone is probably calling her "Lee" instead of "Lisa". Also, if anyone close enough to Kansas City has any skills as an artist drawing faces, maybe you could donate your services, talk to the witnesses, draw this man who was seen walking around with a baby in the middle of the night, and help the rest of us see what he looks like. I think we can rest assured that Cyndy Short is not going to do it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lisa Irwin: Cadaver Dogs Have Something To Say

Word has it that a cadaver dog has picked up on a scent in Lisa Irwin's home. Right beside her parents' bed. Here's the story. Ya know, I really hope this isn't Lisa's scent, but dogs tend to be more honest at times like this than humans, so at the moment, if I were to bet, I would bet that it is Lisa's scent. This will make the second lost child this week, whose pic has been on my blog, to be discovered by a cadaver dog. Earlier this week, William McQuain was found in Maryland by a dog who picked up his scent. William was only eleven years old, and his stepfather is the suspect in his death.

Several people have come forward at this juncture to tell the media and the police about a man they noticed walking around in the vicinity of the Irwin home with a baby clothed in only a diaper. Perhaps if someone walks far enough in the direction this man was seen walking, they will find Lisa. Lisa did not disappear into thin air.

Why would a cadaver dog give a positive indication of a scent right beside your bed, Debbie and Jeremy?

Order From Chaos?

This is an appropriate message. But does anyone realize how chaos works? Does anyone realize how the pendulum swings both ways, and that the natural motion of the pendulum will be to restore order? Is everyone ready for that? I would rather see all of Earth's children targeting certain places, at certain times, with specific messages. I would also rather see less potential for violence. But that's just me......perhaps getting old and becoming a mom (in THAT order, too!) has changed me. I am still happy to see that so many are willing to stand up. Peace!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bishop Robert Finn And The Immaculate Conception

Several days ago, Rick, of commented on my post about Bishop Robert Finn, and his arrest for kiddie porn, specifically, allowing priests in his diocese to buy, sell, and trade kiddie porn; and Rick wanted to know if the local papers would run a booking photo of him, without his red cape and collar. I promised to look for one, and so far, have not been able to find such a photo. But I did find a photo of Finn entering the Cathredral of the Immaculate Conception in Kansas City Mo., this past Sunday. Word has it that he did not mention his surprised can I be? Not! Lots of people, mostly not Catholics or Christian, have been publicly asking Finn to simply step down or retire. He refuses. Either his attorney has advised him that such a move would look like an admission of guilt, he does not feel that human trafficking by way of child pornography is wrong, or retirement would inconvenience him by making kiddie porn harder to obtain and dispense if he stepped down and relenquished access to church computers. Perhaps all three. Here's a pic of Finn in what must be his Halloween costume.

The thing I think is truly amazing is that Bishop Finn actually preached at a church named after the immaculate conception after getting arrested for sex crimes! Forgive me, devout Christians out there, for being completely irreverent here, but is Finn trying to be funny? I mean...the immaculate conception? Not scientifically possible, and obviously not personally probable! Not if one uses the priestly behaviors in Kansas City as a barometer! Geesh........I remember asking my stepmother, when I was three, about this "immaculate conception" I kept hearing about, from her Christian family. When she explained it to me, I concluded that it is only a story, and could not have actually happened. She told me that "God" made it happen. I asked her why "God" would put a woman (Miriam, or "Mary", as she is called in Kansas City, by people who would kick her out of airplanes if they met her today) he obviously cared about in circumstances wherein she would be spurned by all of the other people, and Stepmonster didn't have an answer for that. And I was only three........the age that Finn and Company apparently like best!

Now that I am a lot older, there are other questions I must ask about all this. First of all, why isn't there a true booking photo in any of the local papers of Robert Finn, looking just as nasty as any other perp who's committed a sex crime? The closest I have been able to find is this one, without his red cape, but he is still wearing his stupid looking and meaningless collar.

What makes Bishop Robert Finn so special, here in the midwest, that his mugshot does not appear in the local papers with other mugshots? Especially considering the seriousness of his crime? I mean.......I really don't care who got caught shoplifting from 7/11, or who got pulled over for DWI; but I have children of my own. When someone who preaches at a church at which my children may be invited, or officiates at a function to which I may take my children gets arrested for crimes against children, I really think the local media needs to make a much bigger deal of it, and show the world how Finn really looks, both in and out of his stupid-lookin' red cape. At this point, we really don't know if he takes off his cape, hat, and collar, and does even more pornographically illegal stuff, while not as readily recognized. Perhaps I am reaching, and I truly hope that I am........but I have seen stranger things happen.

Another question I must ask is this: why is he still preaching??? Why are his parishoners still listening to his sex offender ass? He obviously has no intention of stopping, as he has pleaded not guilty in the face of evidence and the guilt of accomplices! In my world, this makes him dangerous, and it makes his church and parishoners even more dangerous. No; my family will not be doing anything Christian any time soon. I am so glad I taught my children that Christianity is just another stupid fad, like boys wearing their jeans below their butt cracks. Did Christian pastors start that fad, too?

Another question has to do with the prioritizing of sex crimes against children, and the fact that the porn industry, when it deals in images of unwilling particapants, such as children, is HUMAN TRAFFICKING. No one here is taking this seriously enough. Here's a quote from yesterday's article in yesterday's Huffington Post that I found shocking: "At morning Mass on Wednesday at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Redemptorist Catholic Church in Kansas City, Mo., Tom Arnold, 60, said "your heart goes out" to abuse victims. However, he said he was reserving judgment until more information is available about the charge against the bishop. Finn faces a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted of the misdemeanor. The diocese also faces a $1,000 fine." Their "hearts go out to the abuse victims" BUT? But what? And people want to reserve judgement against the bishop until more information is available? Really? What information do they need? More missing children? Pictures of their own children bought and sold on seedy, illegal, CHRISTIAN websites? The bishop's picture belongs on the Missouri Sex Offender website! (will he take his collar off for THAT?) What more do these "sheeple" need in the way of information????

Ok; flame away, good Christians of Kansas City and the outlying areas. I know you will. And as long as you appear desireous of intelligent discourse, I will publish your comments and respond to them. Please promise me one thing, that you will care for your children, and protect them; and that you will question authority, even your bishop's, when it comes to the safety of your children, and that if something is going on at church that does not seem right, you will listen to your "gut feelings", and not wait until it is too late to ask the right questions and make sure your church is a safe place for children.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rest In Peace, William McQuain

Several days ago, I posted some information about an Amber Alert issued in Maryland for an eleven year old young man named William McQuain. Sadly, he has been found, deceased. His remains were found in some brush, not too far away from the road, near Clarksburg, Maryland. Curtis Lopez, William's stepfather, has already been charged with the murder of William's mother, Jane. He is the main suspect in the death of William, too.

While I find it offensive that my childhood stomping grounds were deemed a good place to murder a child, it is so much more offensive to see, once again, that there are people in this world who think that "no one will miss" a child. Or that the murder of a child, if he has witnessed a crime, or is somehow "in the way", is just "collateral damage". What the hell was Lopez thinking, anyway? He stalked his estranged wife for several weeks, stole her car, (it was found in North Carolina, where he was found) and, according to the above cited article, "Police also found 18 copies of a marriage certificate inside McQuain's car, which was parked in the EconoLodge parking lot." Who the HELL travels around with eighteen copies of his marriage liscence???!! But, be that as it may, couldn't he have just left her child alone? I hope Maryland finally starts using the death penalty again.

My condolences to Marcus Coleman. I didn't know your brother personally, but he is unbelievably adorable in all of his pictures. And to you, William McQuain, rest in peace.

                                                               Jane and William McQuain

Baby Lisa's Mom, Joe Tacopina, And Statements To The Press

Lisa Irwin's mom, Debbie Bradley, has been running her mouth, before camaras, about the amount drinking and drunken behavior in which she engages. This does not make her look like a concerned parent, or like someone who wants her missing child returned. She also has a high profile attorney, Joe Tacopina, who represented Van Der Sloot after Natalee Halloway's murder. Let me digress here, to remind everyone that after Van Der Sloot got away with murder, he went on to commit murder again. So anyway, Debbie Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, and; I suspect, at least one et el, or accessory, found enough resources to hire a high profile defense attorney! Now; I am the daughter of a defense attorney, and I remember many different clients, and many different types of clients, some of whom were not guilty as charged; but I do not understand why Miss Debbie and Mr. Jeremy did not hire a LOCAL attorney, who knows all of the players in the courts close to their home, where this case will probably be heard or tried if anything meriting judicial action comes about. If my child had been the victim of a kidnapping, and I wished to use an attorney to assist in communications with the police, media, courts, and the general public, I would hire one who had more experience in family mediation and matters involving children. I would also want an attorney, or representative, who knew the people and the area where my child went missing. But then, my best interests and my childrens' best interests have always been the same, ever since I have had my children. And they will always remain the same.

These statements Miss Debbie makes publicly about drinking are interesting. Most defense attorneys would not want to look at the news, only to see a client incriminate herself in such a manner. Not that Debbie has been charged with a crime, she has not; but, when the general public sees statements about drinking mothers, the general public thinks, "this is a mother who really doesn't care". Is this going to make anyone want to go the extra mile, so to speak, to help find Baby Lisa? I think not. If Joe Tacopina really wants to help find Lisa Irwin, he really needs to help his client communicate more effectively with the rest of us about who she really is, and what she really wants. No one wants to return a baby to a drunk, and no police officer truly believes all the statements made by a drunk. But there is one other place Joe Tacopina could be going when he allows Miss Debbie to say such awful things about herself to the press............................

Is it possible that Debbie Bradley has actually shared information relating to actual guilt with Joe Tacopina, and that the booze and blackouts are going to part of a "mental illness" defense? Just a speculation, folks. No hate mail, please. It's also possible that Joe was hired by someone richer and shadier than Lisa's parents; someone whose money is made by trafficking precious cargo away from the center of the nation, quickly and quietly. I hope that's just a fleeting question.

                                                    Joe Tacopina Represents Lisa's Mom

Monday, October 17, 2011

Didn't Forget Terri Horman's Cold Case

It's been a rather busy day for this blogging mom, but I still have a few minutes to give Terri Horman, stepmother of Kyron Horman, who has been missing since June of 2010, something to find when she googles her name on the internet to see how much fame and notoriety she has garnered since last week! Monday is the day when I share about an amazing cold case that's been solved in American history, to everyone's surprise, and; hopefully, remind Terri Horman that all things eventually come out into the open. Someday, all of the secrecy surrounding Kyron will become known, and Terri may very well end up wishing she had tried harder to be part of the solution, instead of part of the problem.

Here's an interesting cold case.....this one may be right up Terri's alley more than anyone currently thinks. It happened in 2009, and since no one reported it for almost three years, the perpetrators almost went unapprehended. But, a few months ago, police in Indiana received information that Anna and Brandon Riggs had sold their baby to some drug dealers in California. That's right.....Stephen and Melissa Lynch, of San Diego, could not have children, and paid the Riggs's in cash, drugs, and a car for their four month old boy in October of 2009! But in October of 2011, the Riggs's finally went back to the jurisdiction of the scene of the crime, San Diego California, were the unfortunate victims of a tipster, and now the Riggs's and the Lynch's are in jail for human trafficking, among other things. Buying and selling human beings has not been lawful in this country since the days of Abraham Lincoln. Social Services has placed the baby, now three years old, in foster care. I hope he can find a family of people who really care about him.

So Terri; if you know about any such goings-on, perhaps you should find a way to be helpful. Unless you think orange, as in jumpsuits, is a good color on a redhead.

Brandon and Anna Riggs. How ungrateful can a pair of parents be? No child deserves to be sold to drug dealers. They will probably be out of prison before their reproductive years are over, but I think they should each be sterilized.

A "missing person" poster of Kyron Horman, with Kaine and Terri Horman in the background. It is unbelievable that his case has dragged on for almost seventeen months. It's way past time for him to come home.

Pediatric Nonmedicine In Marysville, Kansas

Today, I have a child home from school, sick. He's been sick since Friday, and needs to be seen by a doctor. There has also been an outbreak of MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph) at a couple of area schools, and I am concerned. Apparently, the receptionist, telephone answerer.........or whatever she is..........didn't hear me when I said I needed to either bring my son in today or go to the hospital, and told me she would have a nurse call me back. A nurse did not call me back, I called them back. They wanted my phone number again. I asked them why they needed it again, since it is on all of my records, and I was, at that moment, on the phone with them. I asked them once again, "Do you have an appointment open, or should I take my child to the emergency room?" The telephone answerer informed me that it is now a "nursing duty" to schedule appointments! Since this is more of a secretarial duty in my world, I can only conclude that this is a lie. But if it is a nursing duty, I think from now on, I will take my children to a clinic where nursing duties are more medical and less secretarial or clerical.

Another interesting item from this encounter was that both the "secretarial nurse" and the "telephone answerer" told me that my landline telephone was not working when they "tried" to call me back. Yet my husband, who works about half a mile away from them, telephoned my landline a couple of minutes after I got off the phone with the clinic. I had a conversation with him on my "nonfunctioning" landline. They had the correct telephone number, too. So.......I think it is safe to, once again, conclude that this is a lie.

All you had to do, Community Physicians Clinic in Marysville, Kansas, was simply tell me that you could not schedule my son today. Then I would have taken him to a different clinic associated with you, (I really don't care how far I have to drive, either; I love my son) or taken him to the emergency room. You don't have to lie to me or act unprofessional.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lisa Irwin Still Missing

Not much is really new in the investigation of missing Lisa Irwin, who just turned eleven months old, but some empty leads have been followed up and dismissed, and at least one "person of interest", or possible witness, the "homeless man", Johnny Tanko, has been has been eliminated as having had anything to do with Lisa's disappearance. The "mystery man" in the footage at the grocery store with Lisa's mom is her brother. (I would still like to see him answer more questions about what happened short before his niece went missing) The Coast Guard is very busy searching for this baby, and no valid leads have surfaced.

Someone commenting on the story on one of the local news sites made an interesting point about looking for Lisa: look for a boy of around eleven months, not a girl. If someone has Lisa, the easiest way to disguise her and discourage anyone from even looking at her twice would be to dress her in boys' clothes and make her appear to be a boy, not a girl! If it's someone who knows little Lisa, they may even be calling her "Lee", instead of "Lisa". It's a long shot, but a good thing to keep in mind, so I thought I would toss the idea out there for everyone to consider.

Maybe someone can play with an image of Lisa, and show us all how Lisa would look in gender neutral, or boys' outfits. Maybe Debbie Bradley and her brother will give investigators more complete information, too.

People Who Cry About Videos

Ruthie, of,, posted what I considered a rather routine message to Terri Horman, defacto blame in the disappearance of her stepson, Kyron Horman, defacto mother and wife, and defacto human being, (none of these roles in her life have been proven, to date) and You Tube apparently got a complaint from a whiner who does not like the fact that Ruthie does not like Terri Horman. To which I can only say, "where's the eye-rolley when I need it?" Perhaps I really need to download an emoticon depicting an extended middle finger. You Tube actually banned Ruthie's video. If you click on the above link to her blog, you can still see it, though, and I believe she still has the transcript up, of the original wording. You can decide for yourself if it was ban-worthy. I honestly didn't think so. So in honor of You Tube's great love of....well....nonviolent love, I am reposting one of my all-time favorite videos of, well......all time! Enjoy!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Kansas City, Christians, and Kiddie Porn

Today, we have a bishop, Robert Finn, who thought it would be okay to go ahead and let priests serving under him collect and distribute kiddie porn on their computers, in the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese.  No fact, Finn admitted that he was told early last year by a school principal that Rev. Shawn Ratigan was doing this, but had not bothered to look at the written reports until this week. I guess getting charged with a crime and having to speak with an attorney got his attention.

This must be one of the reasons my Dad did not approve of Christian Churches. I really do not understand why people accept this crap, and why people cover up for others who are actively engaged in it. Quite frankly, I find people like this repulsive.

This is Bishop Robert Finn, looking all holy and wonderful, challenging the generally accepted notion of kiddie porn perps all being creeps with underground rooms and windowless vans, handcuffing children in tents in their backyards, the way Phillip Garrido held Jaycee Dugard captive. It's obvious that abuse of children is a much more culturally accepted norm in the midwest than I ever imagined, before I moved here. This is yet another face of child abuse, and it looks to me like it is essentially important to teach children to avoid Christian churches, the same way we teach them not to hitchhike or talk to strangers. Why wasn't the report Finn got about one of his priests abusing children important enough to read? Only the shadow knows............below is a pic of Shawn Ratigan, who abused children and downloaded kiddie porn with Finn's blessings.

To Ruthie

Ok, Ruthie, How is this?
I couldn't get it to attach to anything to send to you, so here it is!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kaine Horman Ordered To Stay Married Until March

This is really bullshit. Peter Bunch, Terri Horman's divorce attorney, managed to get Terri and Kaine Horman's divorce hearing rescheduled, yet again, for the end of March, 2012. Why? There are people in all kinds of situations whose spouses divorce them, and sometimes, a person actually refuses to be served with papers in order to avoid proceedings. Know how I know? I had a very hard time serving my ex with papers. It reached a point at which I was given the option of simply running an ad in a local publication, announcing my intentions. Terri's problem is that she is afraid she will have to testify against herself concerning the disappearance of her stepson, Kyron Horman. To this, I raise the BS flag, because if she is not guilty of anything, there should simply not be a reason to avoid going to court, and definately no reason to want to stay married to Kaine Horman.

If I were Kaine, I would be very tempted to just withdraw my divorce action in Oregon, leave the restraining order in effect, temporarily establish residency in another state, and file for divorce there.

Kyron Horman, missing since June, 2010

Yet Another Amber Alert

Willaim McQuain, eleven years old, is missing from Germantown Maryland. He was last seen in school on September 30, and after four days, his school, Martin Luther King Jr. High, notified authorities that neither he or his mother could be contacted or located. On Wednesday, Montgomery County police found William's mother, Jane McQuain, deceased in her home. But they could not find William. Curtis Lopez, William's stepfather, was located in North Carolina on Wednesday, where he also has a home, but William was not found there with him. Lopez was also charged with Jane McQuain's murder. There are not really many details, but the fact that over a week went by before this little boy was determined to be a missing person is going to make this case hard to solve. There is an Amber Alert in effect for him, and if you think you may have seen him or know anything about his situation, please call local law enforcement.

Mystery Man And Lisa Irwin's Mom

It has been ten days since eleven month old Lisa Irwin disappeared from her Kansas City, Missouri home, and she has not been found. This is nothing but horrible. Each passing day decreases her chances of being found at all, safe or not.

I have heard a lot of rumours, some via the internet, some in person, (I live close enough to this tragedy to hear a little of the local scuttlebutt) and I find a couple of actions, or non-actions, by Lisa's parents disturbing. The three cell phones, I could dismiss, since we have an assortment of working and nonworking cell phones in my house, but this is something I truly don't could one have a labrador retriever in house, yet not notice any barking in the event of a break-in???? Yes, Lisa's parents have a dog! I don't know about your dog, but mine likes to bark when he sees new people. If they came in through the window, he's bark himself a sore throat. So I don't think Lisa was taken by a stranger. Also; at ten or eleven months old, most babies can scream "Mama!!!!"

Also; who is this "mystery man"  Lisa's mom went to the store with? Local rumor places him as Lisa's brother, but I have found nothing in print to substantiate that. So who is he, Debbie? And why didn't police know you went shopping with him shortly before all of this happened? Are you naive enough to think that this is a detail that does not matter, or might not affect the outcome of your daughter's missing person case? Even if this man had nothing to do with it, someone involved in his life might. It all has to be taken into consideration, and EVERYONE with whom you spent time during the hours before your baby disappeared MUST be interviewed by law enforcement! Right now, I am typing this from the standpoint of your possible innocence, Deborah Bradley, but giving the police such incomplete information with which to solve your daughter's case is making you look other than innocent, here. When a child is missing, the truth is very important.

Below is a picture of Deborah Bradley, with the "mystery man" that I snagged from the blog of a friend, She suspected immediately that something was wrong with the testimony given by Lisa's parents. I was a little bit naive. I guess I never want to think that a parent could be cosmically ungrateful enough to actually spurn the gift that a child is. But Ruthie pointed out to me that it happens, and that when a child Lisa's age disappears, it is, in fact, usually at the hands of a family member or a parent. How upsetting.

Deborah Bradley and the "mystery man". Did I also mention that when Ashley Irwin, sister of Jeremy Irwin, Lisa's dad, was asked about the identity of this person, she said, "no comment"?

                                                                             Lisa Irwin

More Hits From Russia

I threw out a question a couple of days ago asking why I was getting more hits than usual from Russia, or from proxy servers, and two or three days elasped with no visits to this blog from Russia. This morning, however; there were a few, focused on the same posts about Kyron Horman upon which the others from Russia were focused. One difference..........about a week ago, I posted about the importance of inspecting birth certificates and court and custody orders at schools, daycares, and clinics for new juvenile students, clients, and patients. It's common sense, (seems to be in short supply) and it may be the only way a very young kidnapped child can be discovered and returned home. It is probably my only post, to date, that mentions the term "birth certificate". And it has been a heavy focus today, of those using either a server from Russia, or a proxy server from Russia.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Letter From Topeka

This morning, Chad Taylor, of the District Attorney's Office in Topeka, issued a letter to everyone about the fact that he does not prosecute most crime anymore. It is kind of wordy, so I will link you to it here, and I will just quote part of it. I don't think he really says anything of value to his constituents in the letter, anyway. We all know that he is just making a choice which he says is based on budget cuts, and most of us feel that it is a bad choice. The people who don't feel that it is okay to judicially ignore misdemeanors are petty criminals and domestic violence thugs. What's happening with them is this: the police arrest them and put them in jail, and within a certain amount of time, they get released, because the district attorney in Topeka never charges them with a crime, because there is not enough money in the budget to prosecute petty crimes any more.

Here's a tidbit from the letter that explains Chad Taylor's intentions the best:

In preparation for this policy change, my office discontinued the filing of any new city misdemeanors. Ethical and practical considerations required that we stop filing new criminal cases that we knew would have to be dismissed shortly once budget cuts were instituted and we no longer had the necessary personnel to prosecute these newly filed cases. Our office has continued prosecuting all previously filed city misdemeanors as well as any new misdemeanors that occur outside the city limits, but within Shawnee County.

There are several things that I find disturbing about this, among them is the idea that if I ran a business in Topeka, my insurance would probably go up, since the DA has very publicly stated that is it almost legal to steal there. A myriad of other crimes no longer have consequences, either. But what I find most disturbing is this..........domestic violence and child abuse are both usually misdemeanors. The victim has to present with fatal or near-fatal injuries for these crimes to become felonies. Guess what's happening with domestic violence thugs in Topeka now, friends.........Yes indeed......these creeps are getting arrested initially by cops who don't want to find corpses at the same addresses later on, after they stop the violence; but since Chad Taylor knows that it is a lot more cost effective, from a strictly fiscal point of view, to bury a domestic violence victim that to help her, or to bury or sell a child abuse victim than to help a family find other options, these offenders are getting released almost as quickly as they get arrested. How long will it take for someone in power to give the police a directive to stop intervening in domestic violence situations at all?

I asked this a couple of weeks ago on this blog, and I will ask it again. Wouldn't it have been a better idea, for the safety of the general public, if Chad Taylor had decided to stop prosecuting victimless crimes, instead? As a citizen, I am completely uninterested in sending someone to prison for years on end and limiting his or her opportunities forever with a permanant criminal record just because he or she took a bong hit somewhere, at the wrong place or time. As a taxpayor, I am completely uninterested in paying for the indefinate room and board for that type of "criminal", too. In fact, the biggest impact prohibition laws have had on our entire population is the criminalizing of people who would not otherwise have had encounters with our judicial system. Think of all the money Topeka could save it it didn't focus on bong hits. Nationwide, if we just loosened our grip on prohibition laws concerning marijuana (don't get me wrong, folks, I am NOT condoning drunk driving, opium dens, dirty needles, or bathtub gin!) we could effect the pleasant result of forcing the drug cartels to look for income elsewhere and lots of drug dealers would have to find gainful employment. Did Chad Taylor give this any thought?

                                  A "misdemeanor" hit.   Notice, also, the victim's gender. Any possible relevance to the gender of most domestic violence victims  and Chad Taylor's decision to shirk his duties at this particular juncture will have to wait for another post, though. Hopefully, Chad Taylor will stop this nonsense and start doing his job again, before I have to create another post.      

Here, we have a "hit" that is usaully a felony, after our judicial system has gotton through with it, using your tax dollars and mine.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fourteen Years, Terri Horman's Cold Case

It's Monday again, time for me to remind Terri Horman, sometime step parent of Kyron Horman, pictured left, who disappeared from his school in Portand Oregon on June 4, 2010, about a cold case in recent American history that has been solved against all odds, and surprised everyone. I think I will depart, just this once, from crimes, but write about something that was found after fourteen years. I just read about this the other day, and I though it was cool beyond description.

In February of 1997, George Tereshkovich, of Texas, was aboard a ship, traveling with his wife. While near Australia, he put a message in a bottle, along with a business card with contact information from the college where he taught in 1997, and threw it into the water. Then, he never really gave it any thought again. Until April, of 2011. Would you believe, Terri, that the bottle was found, with the note and business card intact, on a beach in Australia, over six thousand miles away from where Tereshkovich threw it into the ocean? The couple contacted the school from which Tereshkovich had retired and had them find him. He was stunned that after fourteen years, someone had actually found that bottle.

My point is that I do not think Kyron will stay hidden forever, Terri. In fact, there really are no true secrets. Just as ocean currents seem to seek land, upon which to deposit objects that have been "lost" in their tides, the murky currents of of the collective human consciousness often seeks balence in similar fashion. If you were involved in Kyron's disappearance, someone knows about it. You may have been intimidated or counseled into silence; you may have intimidated or threatened someone else into silence, but do you really think details can or will stay hidden forever? Just look at Jaycee Dugard's case, or Shawn Hornbeck's case. The details and the victims stayed hidden for awhile, but not forever. Clues, cell phone records, DNA, fingerprints, eyewitness accounts, a message in a can count on the currents to put everything back, eventaully, on dry land.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Other Side Of The Story

In case you missed church today, and wonder what all the hooplah concerning Christian theory is, anyway, I just thought I would share a video that makes a point that I find more plausable and understandable. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hits From Russia

Would anyone out in cyberland care to tell me why I am suddenly getting such a large number of hits from Russia, focusing on my posts about Kyron Horman?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Missouri Police Are At It Again

Already, problems with the investigation into ten month old Lisa Irwin's disappearance have started. Someone on the police force has given the press the "information" that Lisa's parents are no longer cooperating with police. Well......well. Not a word about how they've run afoul of the local law enforcement, just "not cooperating". What happened, did the parents call in a private investigator? Did they get polygraphed privately? Did they get someone with better trained SAR dogs to assist in the search? Did they just get tired and need rest? You didn't say, Missouri Police. Also, is it possible that the baby was taken by someone to whom you cannot stand up? Some criminal whose attorney mops the courtroom floor with you every time you meet him in court? Or do you suspect that someone politically well connected may be doing some unlawful things involving human trafficking, and perhaps it is easier to blame the parents and close the case, instead of actually doing the right thing? Could any of those things be the case, Missouri Police? I still have not forgotton the time you tried to tell my nephew he had drugs when he really had basil and oregano!

I understand there was a tip called in about Lisa Irwin possibly having been sighted in a truck stop in St. Joseph. I am glad they shared the surveillance with you, and I hope you look at it closely. One can pick up a highway to just about anywhere in this country from St. Joseph, Mo., and every tip must be scrutinized until Lisa is found. All of this blaming and flaming of Lisa's parents is just discouraging the general public from calling in tips, even if someone happens to stare this baby right in the face; and detracting from efforts to actually find Lisa Irwin. I honestly don't care how many cell phones Lisa's parents had, or how many they lost.  Cell phones get lost and found at my house on a regular basis. I even found a neighbor's cell phone in my front yard once. I also don't care who doesn't understand how an electrician can work at night..........they get emergency calls once in a while. I know this for a fact because my husband has gone on emergency calls. If the parents have done something wrong or are responsible in some way for all of this, we can roast them in the news and on the internet later. Lets find this missing baby.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update On Lisa Irwin

Police still have no leads or information to help lead to Lisa Irwin, or find her kidnapper. Lisa's parents have put out a plea to whoever is responsible, begging for Lisa's safe return. To this, I would add, if you know someone who suddenly has a female infant in their care or custody that was not there before, or if you work in a doctors' office or daycare and suddenly have someone bring in a patient or client who wasn't part of their original family, please insist upon seeing a birth certificate and court order (if applicable) indicating that this person actually has custody. I know, from personal experience in Northeast Kansas, that these steps and precautions are often ignored by professionals, to the detriment of the children and families who depend on them. Here's a case in which routine professionalism can save the day, and a child's life.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lisa Irwin Is Missing

A ten month old baby from Kansas City, Missouri, is missing. Her mother put her in her crib at around 10:30 Monday night, and her father got home from work at 4:00 Tuesday morning. Before going to bed, he went in his daughter's bedroom to check on her, but found her crib empty. Lisa's parents called police immediately. Here is a picture of her:

Local Law Enforcement and the FBI believe that Lisa Irwin was kidnapped, and that the kidnapper got into her bedroom through an open window. She's got blue eyes, two front lower teeth, and weighs between 26 and 30 lbs. Right now, the whole neighborhood is being searched. I hope this ends well.

There is an Amber Alert out for this little girl, and if anyone has any information about her, please call 816-474-8477 , or 911.

Julianne McCrery Pleads Guilty To Second Degree Murder

New Hampshire must be an amazing state if you are an overwhelmed parent who wants to kill your child. Julianne McCrery, the mother of Camden Pierce Hughes, who was killed at age six because his mother was completely nuts and allowed to roam free, just pleaded guilty to second degree murder on September 27. She apparently murdered little Camden in a hotel room, in New Hampshire, by suffocating him, then drove him to Maine, where she dumped him. The thing is; she lived in Texas. She had to drive all the way from Texas to pull off this murder, which was smart of her, because in Texas, she'd be on death row by now. This, in my world, amounts to premeditation. Premeditation amounts to first degree murder, not second degree murder. But New Hampshire has a general attitude of sympathy toward "overwhelmed" horribly loony people who kill children, see the case of Celina Cass, and didn't really care about a six year old that much. So now, New Hampshire will be housing this woman and paying for her psychiatric care for fortyfive years or so, depending on her sentence, and she'll probably never think about Camden again.

Here she is, the woman who carefully chose a state that is easy on crime when she decided it must be time to kill her son. Perhaps the good people of New Hampshire will take a good hard look at this and decide to start pressuring their legislators to stop enabling people who abuse and murder children. If I called New Hampshire home, I would be truly offended by a woman who had gone to the trouble to choose my state, and then travel there, over a thousand miles, to murder a child and get away with it. Nothing can bring Camden back, but I would not want my tax dollars supporting this woman indefinately.

                                               Camden Hughes Pierce, in happier times.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Cold Case Terri Horman Should See

It's Monday again, the day that I tell Terri Horman, defacto blame in the disappearance of Kyron Horman and sometime recluse, about a cold case in American history that got solved, against all odds, to the amazement of the community and the confounding of the guilty party. This one will be one that has not had any publicity since it was solved, and the suspect has been found guilty and sent to prison for life.

In 1991, a young man named Eddie Wingo, of Maryland, decided to sneak into open, first story bedroom windows of children in Rockville, Maryland, whose houses he had "cased", kidnap the children, molest them, and place them back into their bedrooms before morning. Seriously........Eddie Wingo must be crazy. But this is what he did. Since the children, two boys and one girl, were at home in their beds when their parents woke them up for school, they were not immediately believed when they each told a story of a man who came through the window, took them, and later put them back. But DNA told a story of molestation by a stranger in each case. Eddie was not caught right away, though.

Fast forward to November of 1994. Eddie did it again. Only this time, he cased out a house in Sterling, Virginia, where he worked for a contruction company. He used the same method of operation of sneaking in through an unlocked, lower story bedroom window, and kidnapped a six year old boy. He drove the little boy to Rockville, Maryland, and sexually assaulted him. But then, he apparently did not have enough time to get the little boy back home, to Sterling, Virginia, and take him back inside his house, through the window, without getting caught, so Eddie took the boy to a cemetery in Rockville and left him there! The little boy provided a description of Eddie Wingo, his vehicle, and all of the events, from when he was kidnapped to when he was left in Rockville. The DNA left on the boy told the rest of the story. It also matched DNA saved from the unsolved Maryland cases dating from 1991. It also matched Eddie Wingo, after they found his car and the child was able to identify him. Out of the mouths of babes.................Eddie Wingo's in prison now, for the rest of his life. His appeal didn't work out, either. He was also found guilty of the three other attacks on children.

The striking thing about these cold cases is this: the children who claimed that they were taken from their bedrooms via the open windows were initially not believed, because they were children. In actuality, their accounts of the incidents and their descriptions of Eddie Wingo and his vehicle were more accurate than adults' eyewitness accounts of crimes usually are. Eddie never thought he would get caught or go to jail because he was picking on children, and he thought no one would listen to what a little kid had to say. He was wrong. Kyron was abducted from his school. I am still convinced that one day, some wise person will start listening to some of the children, Terri, who were around Kyron the morning he went missing. It took three years to apprehend Eddie Wingo. Hopefully, it won't take that long to find Kyron.

      This is the general vicinity where Eddie Wingo abandoned his last victim. It's amazing that he really thought no one would ever figure out who did it. Below is Kyron Horman. Anyone with information about Kyron should contact the FBI immediately.