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Friday, August 31, 2012

America's Most Wanted And Missing Children

There it is. Americas Most Wanted will cover Kyron Horman's case in detail on September 14. I actually hope Kyron is found before that date, but if not, I hope the tip that gets Kyron found will be called in while it airs.

Now Mitt Romney Thinks He Identifies With Latin Culture

Where on earth is the eye-rolley when I need it? Mitt Romney is now using the fact that his great grandfather, Miles Park Romney fled to Mexico to escape American laws against polygamy and hang on to four wives, as a selling point for himself in the upcoming presidential election!!!! He not only feels that such a family background gives him common ground with Latin, Catholic culture; (how many spouses will the church allow you to have?) but thinks that America will see this as a positive thingamajigger in his resume! If you don't like the laws concerning marriage and the number of folks to whom you may be married at one time in one country, just hop the border and live immorally in another! We understand you even better, Mitt!

Out of loyalty for the country they used as a prop for their immoral actions concerning marriage, Mitt's father and grandfather moved out of Mexico and into the United States to escape the violence of the Mexican Revolution. After using Mexico as a host, they could not even be bothered with military service there. With community assets like the Romneys, who needs hurricanes and earthquakes?

Would Mitt Romney's family have found Mexico as attractive if Mexico had extended the same polygamy rights to women as it did men? Probably not. Would they support polygamy for women today? Probably not. Would the Romneys ever have stopped holding women captive as concubines if the law had never made them stop? Once again, the answer is very likely "no". Would the Romney men jump to another country and hide like cowards again if they were faced with the violence of war? This time, the answer is a very probably "yes"!

Mitt Romney's entire background is not supportive of women. His primary loyalty is to an organization, the Mormon Church, that has an history of bigotry and lawlessness on all fronts, and his immediate ancestors evaded military service when their country went to war. These are the values Romney was taught from infancy. Lets not forget that while he howls about President Obama's birth in Hawaii, Romney was only born in America by accident, because his parents were cowards. Omit Mitt.

Michael Conrad Is Missing

Michael Conrad was reported missing from Osage County, Kansas at 7:30 Thursday night. It was stated in the report that he ran away, but he has been gone overnight. He is four feet tall, sixty-five pounds, and was wearing greenish khaki slacks and a long sleeved yellow dress shirt. His age was not given, but judging from the description, I would estimate Michael's age to be about nine. The Osage County Sheriff can be reached at 785-828-3121. Please call if you have information about Michael Conrad or if you see him.

Update: The cute little boy in the picture above has been found safe! Thankyou everyone for reading this and taking an interest in his missing persons case.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Noble Rick Pendland's Trial Postponed Again

The trial for Noble Rick Pendland, the Kansas pervert foster parent and completely corrupt grade school teacher, has been postponed yet again. His defense requested it. Gee.....I wonder why? He's not going to get any less culpable for the sex crimes of which he is accused just because a few more months go by. But; at 9:00 AM on November 6, Cowley County Kansas will begin jury selection. He's been charged with some truly disgusting sex crimes against children; hopefully, Kansas will be able to seat a jury of people who have very strong stomachs.


Could Terri Horman Have Forged A Document?

Would Terri do a thing like that?

Jan Brewer Endorsed Obama!

That's right! A Freudian slip of the tongue! Governer Jan Brewer of Arizona accidently endorsed President Obama! She actually stated that she hopes he wins the presidential election this year!

"I know that if President Obama is elected in November, which I hope that he is, that he will be able to come together with all of us and come up with a solution and I believe he will secure our borders and therefore we can resolve all those other issues, it's a simple matter."......Jan Brewer, via Yahoo News.

Jan Brewer has a serious problem, stemming from an apparent deap seated hatred, with any immigrant to this country who does not need sunblock at the pool. While it's true that immigration laws have been enacted for good reasons, those laws should apply to everyone, not just people with darker complexions than Jan Brewer's. Within the past month, a congresswoman from Missouri begged and whined at the powers that be to allow the caucasion and blond Lauren Grey to unlawfully overstay her visa; yet others in exactly the same position do not get that privilege. America's problem appears not to be with immigration per se, but with olive and darker immigration! But Jan Brewer's quote reveals what she very likely knows is best for America. Instead of talking out of her ass, as usual, she spoke from her subconscience.

Lady, go get yourself a life!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

San Francisco Catholic Priest Drives Drunk

Christian clergy can be an interesting lot. One of the most curious things about them is the fact that so many of them scream and cry over American politics and law, flipping out over things like equal rights for gay Americans, while at the same time, abusing children and producing kiddie porn! Today, there was some media attention drawn to a Reverend Salvatore Cordileone, whose ability to drive while intoxicated is about the same as a lay person's ability to drive while intoxicated. He is the Roman Catholic bishop of San Francisco, and he is about to be promoted, on October 4, to archbishop. The Vatican apparently has no problem with one of their bishops driving drunk, here in the United States, just as it has no problem with bishops and priests who commit sex crimes. This is one thing about Christianity that is never gonna change: the clergy will always carry on as if it existed above the law.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Coolest Bug Ever!

This is a female adult yellow winged spectre, whose picture was circulating on Facebook. They live in Australia and New Zealand. They eat eucalyptus leaves all day, and the males are usually more brown. Isn't she beautiful?

Ann Romney Soaks Up Tax Dollars For Secret Service Detail

Yuck! Paris Hilton's domestic evil twin, Ann Romney, is now soaking up tax dollars for her own secret service detail. The average domestic violence victim must jump through hoops to get a family protection order in the United States, but taxpayors must pay for the likes of nonworking, nontaxpaying Ann Romney to have a secret service detail! And at the same, time her husband refuses to tell America about his tax returns! Since Ann Romney has enjoyed a free ride in this life, why shouldn't she buy her own security? At this writing, Mitt Romney does not live in the White House, and this country is still America.

Anyone who applies for any type of government assistance is expected to furnish all of his or her financial information. Why are the Romneys receiving government assistance without furnishing their financial information?

In Case You Slept Through Church This Sunday

In case you were sleeping in church this Sunday, here's the good word! It doesn't make much sense to me, either!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mitt Romney's Birth Certificate

Mitt Romney has decided to attack the President about his birth certificate. He states that because it is "obvious", somehow, to votors that he (Romney) was hatched in Michigan, no one has ever asked to see his birth certificate. Americans have, however; asked to see Romney's tax returns, but Romney, as a bishop in his "church" is apparently used to doing whatever he pleases, rather than being responsible to votors. So he refuses to show us whatever is hidden in his tax returns. Obama has shown us his birth certificate several times. Perhaps Americans should see Romney's birth certificate, to make sure he was not born in Canada, or on Planet Kolob, and therefore not eligable to serve as president.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

To Syrius

Note To Gun Owner

Someone had a handgun stolen out of an unlocked vehicle in Florida recently. He got it back the other day, with a note about safe storage of weapons. I could not agree more. Please; if you have firearms, don't leave them where children can find them.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Message On The T-Shirt

Young Cooper Barton wore his favorite Michigan "Big House Stadium" shirt to kindergarten in Oklahoma the other day, and his teacher made him wear it inside out! It seems that the only state in Oklahoma public schools that can be advertised on a shirt is Oklahoma! If I were the teacher, I prolly would have been too busy teaching class to notice the infraction! Kindergarten may also be a little young to start teaching children how to be biased.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Terri Horman Called A Prime Suspect By Judge

Apparently, Peter Bunchpants, Esquire, filed an appeal to Judge Kantor's ruling in Multnomah County, Oregon, stating that the lawsuit filed against Terri Moulton Horman, by Desiree Young, mother of missing Kyron Horman, can go forward. Today, Judge Kantor issued a new ruling, basically reiterating that the case can move forward. He said something really interesting, though; he called Terri Horman a "prime suspect" in Kyron's disappearance. Not a "de facto" suspect, a prime suspect.

Things A Mother Never Wants To Hear

This story, luckily, had a happy ending. It seems that a little girl was abandoned at a bus stop, while spending time with her dad in Detriot the other day. Someone found this little girl and took her to a local church and called authorities, who photographed her and aired her picture on the local news. That's when the mom found out about the whole thing. This is the kind of stuff that takes years off of a mother's life. It's always a joy to read a story that has a happy ending, but geesh.....there just might be a mom out there who owes a dad a whack upside the head with a frying pan! I hope a certain family law court judge in Jefferson County, West Virginia understands why some mothers are nervous about leaving small children alone with some noncustodial fathers! No....that isn't a sexist statement; we all know that can go both ways.

Isn't she adorable?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Missouri Republican Thinks Trauma Is A Form Of Birth Control

Republicans keep getting more and more inane all the time. This just in: Todd Akin, R-Missouri, thinks that it is not ever necessary for a pregnant woman to undergo a dilation and cutterage, except possibly in the case of rape, but since he feels that the trauma of what he has termed a "legitimate rape" (what the hell would that be, Akin?) is some sort of a barrier against either ovulation or fertilization, (he wasn't clear about this) such a procedure should not be available at all. So....according to Akin, an unfertilized egg "knows" which haploid cells belong to someone whose company the mother sought, as opposed to someone who forced himself on the mother, and will therefore not allow themselves to become fertilized by the sperm of someone the mother does not like. That's very interesting; also NOT what they were teaching back in the dark ages, when I took bio 101. Geesh. I am waiting for someone to fact check Akin with stats from the Amercian Journal Of Obstetrics And Gynecology, which estimates that the percentage of rape induced pregnancies of women between the ages of twelve and forty-five is about five percent. So much for fear and terror being a reliable form of contraception. I suppose he would explain incest resulting in pregnancy, or the rapes of female prisoners of war, as "not really rape", as long as the victims became pregnant! While it is insulting enough to have a man tell all American women that sexual assualt is not really sexual assualt if it results in pregnancy, ( I can just hear defense attorneys using this as a defense...."it couldn't possibly have been rape, your honor....she got pregnant!") is this creep thinking about rewriting the laws concerning sex crimes? Don't get your representatives at Walmart.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reader Reaction To The Posts Concerning James Moulton

It seems that yours truly hit a raw nerve somewhere in the collective subconscious with this post, and this post. Both of them are musings of mine, as they relate to what has been reported about Terri Moulton Horman, and her adult son, James Moulton, and their relationship to the Kyron Horman case. As previously stated in this blog, Kyron went missing in June of 2010, from his school in Portland, Oregon. Everyone with a relationship to Kyron has cooperated in the investigation with the exception of one person, Kyron's stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman. Her son, James, was about sixteen years old when this happened, but is an adult now. Because it is very conceivable that, over the past two years, James has been privy to information about the case that investigators have not, and because Kyron is still missing, an attorney representing Kyron's mother was recently permitted to depose James. This made many people who claim some sort of whacky "comraderie" with Terri Horman very, very upset. So did my posts. Here's a question: what difference does it make if James Moulton is deposed, yet has no information? It is not a traumatic experience, and is certainly no more distressing than anything else to which his silly-assed maternal unit has exposed him. So why should answering a few questions about his young step-brother be such a hardship for James?

The last time yours truly encountered a reaction with verbatim and vitriol that compares to this, it was in person, and over this case....Robert Neil Boyd. It involved kiddie porn, an open warrent, and an offender living on the lam for several years. People who knew him, and knew about the crimes, never spoke up. He was found in another state, doing the same thing he had done before. But his friends and family thought that is was "just terrible" to turn him in to authorities. Another case where yours truly encountered restistance over testimony was this. This one was about a creep who actually kidnapped children at night, via their bedroom windows, molested them, and put them back before morning! Even a couple of Christian ministers in the area where this happened thought that it would "be best to let the whole thing pass", and not testify in order to get this creep locked up. As a result, the whole mess went on for several more years. Stopping the perpetrator immediately would have drastically reduced the number of victims. Yet.....people continued to not want the matter and the person confronted. In the end, a child went ahead and testified. The creep was locked away. His family's feelings, and the community's feelings, were deemed rather unimportant.

Judging from experience, I am really inclined to think that some of these people who are so mad at me for my posts about James Moulton and his deposition really just want Kyron's missing person case to go away without Kyron bring found. To which I can only say: get over it. Too many people want Kyron, and all missing children, to be found.

In Case You Missed Church This Sunday

If you weren't in church this Sunday, something you might not have seen is Mitt Romney and his entourage, who attended the Mormon church in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, undoubtedly just to be church, that is. According the Associated Press, "Romney is resting at his lakefront home here after several days of heavy fundraising." Yes indeed. That heavy cash flow situation can be very exhausting. The Mormon Bishop needs his rest.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

School Is Back In Session

School is back in session in a lot of places in the Midwest today, so I will dust off this post, one more time, and post it again. The subject matter bears repeating.

Anyone who's listening, I will tell you a story. It's a true story, and it happened in October of 2009. Thankfully, it had a happy ending.

My oldest daughter used to be quite the avid cross country buff when she was thirteen years old. She was good at it, too. But one day, while she was at practice, and I was at home, just assuming that all was well, her coach drove past my house, stopping to talk to my eight year old son. Mr. Coach wanted to know if Mr. Eight Year Old had seen his older sister. Mr. Eight Year Old had not. No one had seen my daughter in over two hours. She was lost. Why was she lost? Because her coach had dropped her off by the side of a highway, four miles south of the town we live in, by herself, and just left her. It was part of cross country practice. No supervision. If she had been stung by a bee, had tripped and hurt herself, or had some other medical emergency, no one would have been there to help her. (at this juncture, you should know that I offered to volunteer to help with cross country, but since I do not attend a Christian church, my offer was rejected. The school staff thought it better to take chances with a child's safety in the way I just described) When my daughter realized that she did not know her way back, she started to wander of a side road, hoping it would bring her to a house, or another person. This area has a lot of commercial farms, and there were no houses or places my daughter could go to for help.

Back to my eight year old son.......Twenty minutes went by. While he did not realize the signifigance of his conversation with Mr. Cross County Coach, (also Mr. Guidance Counselor) he did realize that no one knew where his sister was, and it was getting later and later, and no one was looking for her. So he told me about it. I looked all over town, called all her friends, searched the school (why was the school left unlocked after everyone had gone home?) and finally started home to call the police, when a couple of senior boys drove up with my crying daughter in their car. It was still within a few minutes of when I found out she was missing, but this cross country coach had known all afternoon, and had not called the police, or spoken to me. Why? I guess whatever he cared about, it WASN'T my daughter. Well.........I actually DO care about my daughter. Nowhere else have I met a teacher that did NOT care, at least a little, about the children he teaches, but I think that is what the problem is with Mr. Cross Country Coach/ Guidance Counselor.

Suppose it was not young men from her school who found her, but a dangerous person? I have been told time and time again by the people who live in this small Kansas town that "those things don't happen here", and "there ARE no dangerous people here", but there was a sex offender whose address was with half a mile from where my daughter was abandoned. The police were quick to point that out, but the principal only argued his harmlessness as a sex offender with them and the school board is not worried about the incident.

My children no longer participate in cross country at their school. It isn't safe.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Illegal Immigrants Who Are Blond

If you are in this country illegally, chances are, you will not be deported if you are blond and have blue eyes. Lauren Gray faced deportation after her twenty-first birthday. She graduated from Stephens College, in Missouri, and on August 8, aged out of the program that allows her to stay in this country via her parents' working visas. Instead of getting a visa of her own, or returning to England, where she was born, Ms. Gray got her congresswoman to beg and plead for the laws to be broken in this country, just this one time, and now she gets to stay, pursue a dance career, and never face deportation again. Meanwhile, in Arizona, Governer Jan Brewer actually took the step of defying the laws concerning immigrants who are here on visas and stripped them of the right to enjoy any public benefits in Arizona or even to obtain a state issued ID. But then, most of the immigrants in Arizona do not have blond hair and blue eyes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just A Reminder To James Moulton

In case you haven't seen the news today, James, things did not go your mother's way in court this morning. It was also stated that you will be deposed tommorrow. Just remember one thing, James; if you are in any branch of the military, and it is discovered that you prevaricated about Kyron Horman's missing person case, you will be in more trouble than you have ever imagined. A summons will arrive at your duty station, and your commanding officer will know about it before you do. And there won't be any problem finding you in order to serve you, either, like on Dog the Bounty Hunter. If you are military, you don't even want to write a bad check. Your military career might be over before it even actually starts if it is discovered that you lied while testifying, under oath, in a missing child's case...for any reason, in civilian court. Your mom may have thought that having you join up would be the perfect way to get you out of harms way, but you know what? Finding you will be much easier. And if you don't testify truthfully in court tommorrow, you may not ever have a career in either the civilian or the military world. I know it's hard to go straight on a crooked family, James, but is your mother worth everything she has put others through? Is she worth everything she has put you through? Did Kyron deserve any of this? Somehow, I think the answer is "no" to all three.

Kyron Horman; Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition

Terri Horman's lawyer du jour, Peter Bunchpants....ok, ok, Peter Bunch, is very, very upset because while in court today, a judge decided to allow Desiree Young's lawsuit against Terri Horman for her role in the events of June 4, 2010, as they relate to Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his school in Portland, Oregon that day, to move forward. Yes, that is correct; the case will move foward. That not only sounds good, but it looks great in print! Move forward.......ok, back to the post; depositions, including that of one James Logan Moulton, Terri's son, will begin on Thursday. If I were Gnostic, I'd be saying something like "hallalujah!" But I'm not, so we will have to settle for "so mote it be", and "thankyou". Because James Moulton wants to be a soldier, perhaps the thing to say is "praise the lord and pass the ammunition!"

According to Maxine Bernstein, reporter for the Oregonian, Bunchpants had this to say about Desiree Young: 'This lawsuit can't cure what ails her. She's not going to get the relief she's seeking'. Hmm......since the relief Desiree seeks is her son, Kyron, I wonder just how he KNOWS that Desiree will not get the relief she seeks. That's interesting. It looks like he had better try his best, though! He cannot stop the court proceedings, or the depositions of witnesses. Perhaps his best option would be to tell Terri Moulton Horman to dress really nicely for court. Below is an outfit that would also double for the gym! Of course, the model is a lot better looking than the defendant!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is Terri Horman Starting To Worry?

Why the sudden interest in this post, my lurking reader, who does not want to be noticed? And why are the comments so important to you? Particularly this one:

"Then Desiree's lawsuit should be very interesting, because the questions Rosenthal will ask will be outside the scope of "basic". Bunch really can't represent her with only a cursery knowledge of what went on the day Kyron disappeared. As a family law attorney, his knowledge of the case might not even be basic, but at this point, he is going to have to upgrade his facts. What on earth will he do if some chance witness can actually place Terri in a certain place at a certain time, say.....somewhere she says she never went.....and the witness accidently caught it on surveillance, but did not realize it until much later. Stuff like that happens, and if I had such footage, you can bet I'd be sharing it with law enforcement. I think Bunch is going to have to get the WHOLE STORY from Terri before they proceed any further."

Does something worry you?

Fun Facts About Paul Ryan

This was emailed to me about Paul Ryan, Bishop Mitt Romney's choice for vice president. Of course, this list of reasons why Paul Ryan would make a terrible president in the event that he had to take over, is not all inclusive......but it should give every votor pause before voting. Mitt Romney would have been much better off asking Condoleeza Rice or Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) to accept the honor of running, rather than this punk.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Message To James Moulton

James.....James.......James. Word has it that you have a military career planned, upon which you intend to embark in the next two or three weeks. This is probably good for you, as any branch of the military will provide you with a paycheck and with training for lots of career choices when your tour of duty is over. I am happy for you. There is one thing I think you should know before you say goodbye to "Mommy", though, and that's this; over the past two years, many of the visits to my blog, as indicated by my tracker, have been from military bases in various parts of the world, reading and re-reading any and all posts that mention your step-brother, Kyron Horman. A lot of people, in all branches of the military, care about him. From private and public comments, I can only gather that each and every military person who has read about Kyron would do just about anything to help bring him home. Should you leave Oregon without offering your testimony to help accomplish the same, you will probably be the only person serving in the armed forces who is not willing to do whatever is neccessary or possible to bring your little brother home. Do you really want to be that person, while in basic training? How about the rest of your career, James? How easy do you think the work world, especially the military work world, will be, when everyone around you cares about missing children, and you are the only one who has actually refused to do the right thing and help bring one home? Your whole military career might be over before it even starts.

I am hoping, and willing to consider, that you know nothing about Kyron's disappearance. When I first heard about Kyron, in the summer of 2010, I was willing to consider the same about your mother, too. In fact, I don't think anyone started to point the finger at her until problems with her statements to the police arose. She never managed to straighten those out, either, and that is ultimately the reason Kyron's mother is taking your mother to court. Your mother could save herself a lot of trouble simply by testifying. At this late date, I am sure you have heard quite a bit of inside information about the case from your mother, and others. Just on the outside chance that any of that information is something that could lead to Kyron or help explain what happened to him, the obvious moral obligation you have is to testify, despite your mother's objections. Yes, James, there are a few of us out there who understand what it is like to go straight on a crooked family, and it's hard.....but what is your crooked family really doing for you that's helpful and productive? Probably not much. Wouldn't you rather be the first witness to testify, rather than the person who gets a summons while at a duty station?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Christina Devine Goes To Prison

There have been a lot of hits to this blog in the past couple of days, looking for information about the subject of this post. Christina Devine, of Emporia, Kansas, has been sentenced to one hundred and fifty-five months, that's almost thirteen years, in prison, for leaving her newborn in a dumpster in October of 2010. The baby survived, by the way; that's the good news here. This is the second child, so far, that this woman has born, yet refused to support. Hopefully, Miss Devine will undergo a tubal ligation while she is in prison.

In Case You Skipped Church This Sunday

If you skipped church in Kansas this Sunday, you may have missed all the proof you need that a vindictive presence called "God", who only likes northern European white people, created the whole wide world in just seven days! This subject is always popular in the midwest when school starts.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dr. Monahan Bought A Kidnapped Child And Won't Give Her Back

"I think you need to do some more reading. There is every reason to believe that the child in Missouri is NOT Loyda's missing daughter.".....This was in response to this post, concerning the black market purchase of a little girl from a shady Guatamalan human trafficking ring.

In 2008, a Missouri doctor named Timothy Monahan, and his wife, Jennifer, bought themselves a little girl in Guatamala from a group of black market thugs. This little girl, Anyeli Rodriguez, had been kidnapped from her biologiacl parents, and the police in Guatamala were looking for her everywhere. Her face was on missing persons posters all over her home country. Then, in 2010, little Anyeli was traced to the Monahans in Missouri, and DNA testing was carried out to confirm her identity. The child that the Monahans were in the process of whitewashing (she is Guatamalan) and calling "Karen", is, indeed, Anyeli. So the courts in Anyeli's country determined that this adoption was not legal, and that Anyeli must be returned to her natural parents. The only problem is........the Monahans are American, rich, and white, and have simply decided to ignore the court order from another country. Yep. Oh...they MUST be better parents......they are white Americans! They can naturally have anything they want, that money can buy; even other peoples' children. They also apparently bought themselves a court decision here in the United States that says they don't have to give the little girl back, because the Hague Convention did not have an agreement with Guatamala at the time Anyeli was kidnapped. That came two years later. And so they contend themselves to hold Anyeli hostage, lying to her about her own mother, while her own mother suffers. Trust me, Jennifer does not matter how much money your prisoner's true mother does or does not have; she loves Anyeli more than you ever will.

The comment also deals with reasons why Anyeli is not Loyda Rodriguez's child. Yet, no reasons are given. And the comment came from the same part of the country where Lisa Irwin disappeared, and where Anyeli is being held hostage by Dr. and Mrs. Monahan. It appears that a "finders keepers losers weepers" modicum has been applied in this case, leaving a tearful mother to pick up the pieces, advised by the good doctor and his wife to just forget about her baby! So I guess that's the biggest reason why Anyeli is not Loyda's baby, since the DNA states otherwise.

DNA matchups. Kidnapped kids. Finders keepers losers weepers. In an interview with the Monahans that took place in 2011 with CBS, after they ignored the court order and were declared in contempt of the court that ordered Anyeli back to her native country and to her parents, this is what Jennifer Monahan had to say to about DNA. Keep in mind, her husband is a doctor; they both know that DNA does not lie:

“We actually believe that DNA testing is a very important part of the process, but unfortunately in Guatemala, it’s the only part of the process that holds preeminence. And because they use property rights arguments to declare Karen, as we understand it, like DNA is sort of viewed as a title, and we strongly feel that Karen isn’t property … it’s very important that we know the whole truth, and not just DNA, and that that be done in a safe context.”

"They", to whom Jennifer refers are the Guatamalan government and court. And "They" have their own ways of wording their own laws, and governing their own citizens. That is not our affair. And Anyeli is one of "Them", not one of us. The Monahans' refusal to give Anyeli back not only robs her natural parents of the right to bring up their own child, but it sets the stage for Guatamala to respond in kind if and when a kidnapped American child is found in Guatamala. Does it sound like the good doctor and his wife care about that? No? Well......they are upper middle class white Americans with plenty of money. Why should they care about the safety of the rest of us? They have what they want; everyone else should just go away, especially Anyeli's natural mother. She played her part in the grand scheme of things......she had a beautiful baby girl, who got stolen from her and sold to the Monahans. It is no longer appropriate to say "adopted by the Monahans" because the Guatamalan court ruled that it was NOT an adoption. Since money exchanged hands, and the transaction was determined not to be an adoption, it is fair to say that Anyeli was the very woman who "feels" that Anyeli isn't property. Oh! I keep forgetting; it's KAREN that isn't property. Anyeli, on the other hand, is a stolen, bought, and sold commodity.

Generally, DNA testing is done in a lab, in REALITY, not in a "context". Just what is Jennifer Monahan trying to say? She sounds very much to me like a woman who knows that what she is doing is very, very wrong, yet does not want to face it or admit it. This is one of the many faces of human trafficking, and Jennifer Monahan's latest novelty is a real mother's broken heart.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another Sad Update: Mickey Shunick

Mickey Shunick is believed to have been found today, in a shallow grave, near a cemetery in Evangeline Parish. She disappeared in May 19, while riding her bicycle home from a friend's house. How sad for her family and her friends.

Sad Update For Christopher Marks Search

Christopher Marks was found today, deceased, right after a press conference, in the Meramac River, not far from where he was last seen. How very sad.

Christopher Marks Missing From Missouri

Christopher Marks was last seen on Sunday night while swimming in the Meramec River. Several hours after his family determined that they could not find him, they called police, and now it is Tuesday, and still, no sign of him. The search dogs keeps taking investigators back to the water. The area reported is Franklin Road, in Palisades area of Missouri. Christopher is about 5'4", about 130 lbs. and has a medium complexion. Anyone who sees this child is asked to call St. Louis County Police in Missouri at 314-615-5360.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Petition To Keep The Lawsuit Against Terri Horman Moving Forward

As I have shared on this blog earlier, Desiree Young, mother of Kyron Horman,who has been missing from Portland, Oregon for over two years, has filed suit against Kyron's stepmother, Terri Horman, in an effort to force her to testify about what happened the day Kyron disappeared. After failing two polygraphs, Terri refused to give any more statements to investigators, and Kyron is still missing. Now that Desiree has moved civil court to insist upon answers from Terri, Terri's lawyer, Peter Bunch, would like an abatement for two more years! This is wrong for many reasons. Not only would an abatement fail to take Kyron's needs into consideration, should he still be alive, but the fact that he disappeared from his school is of extreme importance to parents and children. The entire community needs answers. Please add your name to this petition.  Petition For Desiree Young's Case To Move Forward

Mitt Romney Lies About Healthcare

I was going to write a post on this subject, but I came across this picture on Facebook, and I don't think I could describe the problems with Romney's rhetoric any better! Not only did he attempt to run healthcare in his own state exactly the same way Obama wants to run it, except with fewer choices for individuals, he did a complete 180 on the issue in order to pander to pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and the rest of the medical "industry"so he could still rake in big donations to his campaign and run for president. What a lying hypocrite.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

In Case You Missed Church This Sunday

If you were not at Westboro Baptist Church today, you might not have heard their insane rhetoric toward the gay community and other minorities. I wonder if Reverend Fred Phelps celebrated the National Kiss In at his church, Gage Park, (in Topeka, near Phred Phelps's house) or at Chick-fil-A's?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Morgan Keyanna Martin

The last time seventeen year old Morgan Keyanna Martin, or St. Petersburg, Florida, was seen was around 12:30 AM on July 25. She is four months pregnant, and her baby's father, whom she met online, had visited her apartment to "talk" to her. At 12:30 AM......yeah. Fast forward to one has seen or heard from her. She has not called anyone, and she has not logged into her Facebook account or checked her email. All that is being said by police or by her family about the baby's father is that he is twenty-six years old and from Kansas City. No name, no description, not even the specific of whether his stomping grounds are in Kansas City, Kansas; or Kansas City, Missouri. With more details, the public might be able to help locate Morgan a lot more easily. Anyway, here is a drivers' license picture below. Anyone who knows any details concerning Morgan Martinez or her whereabouts should call law enforcement in Florida at 727-893-7780.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Najda Drygalla Quits The Team

Najda Drygalla, rower on Germany's Olympic team, went home early the other day, after the media pointed out that she dates a man who is part of Rostock National Socialists, a Neo Nazi group. In March of 2011, she resigned from the Mecklenburg Western Pomeranian Police Force for similar reasons. She claims she went home, so as not to be a "distraction" to the games. Anyone notice that she did not deny Neo Nazi leanings or connections? Is the desire to be undersocialized, racist, prejudiced, inbred, or genocidal really particular to just Hitler? Did these things really disappear from the German Culture when Hitler disappeared? Here's a video with some oft neglected history and some eye-opening facts.

How come all the exchange students who stay in Northeast Kansas for any length of time look almost exactly like Najda Drygalla?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Terri And James Moulton Should Be Proud

Aaron's Law is still pretty new. The bill was just passed into law in Oregon in 2005. This law grants a parent of a kidnapped child, or a parent whose custodial rights have been frustrated, the right to pursue the matter in civil court when pursuit in family court will not remedy the situation. Sean Cruz, an Oregon parent, wrote that bill because of his own experience on the receiving end of custodial interference.

Desiree Young, mother of Kyron Horman who disappeared from his school on June 4, 2010, is taking advantage of Aaron's Law, in order to finally hear testimony from Terri Moulton Horman, Kyron's sometime step parent, concerning why she will not give Kyron back to his natural parents. Instead of stepping forward in this moment of judicial history, Terri balked. She wants an an abatement for two years! But she was pretty quiet about the whole affair until July 24, when she learned that her biological son, James Moulton, was going to be deposed. THEN, she wanted a move the court that he not testify! What? We get to pick and choose which witnesses testify in court? Someone who saw, heard, or knows something about the matter at hand cannot be subpoenaed because we don't want them to be subpoenaed? Waaaaaaaa! Is poor Terri gonna cwy?

Terri Horman should really both be proud that her fifteen minutes of fame involves the first case tried in court via a brand new law. This is really an important case that will set a precedent for future cases. Neither she, nor her son, James, should back away from court if they have nothing to hide. Desiree's attorney, Eldon Rosenthal, filed an answer to Terri's request for a two year abatement today.  Kyron has already been missing for two years. Hopefully, the judge will only adjust the schedule to assure that Terri Horman will not have to be in family court for her pending divorce at the same time she is telling Desiree why she has not returned Kyron.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Lammas, or the Festival of Lugh, the God of Light. It's usually observed in the northern hemisphere around August 1, or on the first full moon of Leo, and today happens to be both. Our present day traditions of carnivals hark back to this festival, and traditional foods, besides meats, were grains, any fruit that is ripe by this time during the summer, and of course, anything else from the garden with which one cooked. Lugh, as the God of Light, had started to recede just a little bit, and re-enactments of battles between light and darkness were usually done. Sometimes couples were handfasted for a year and a day, at this festival. If the union lasted, they could make it permanant at a later date. Lughnasadh is more about fun. Brightest Blessings, all!

Missing Lisa Irwin, Trolls, And Hypertrolls

 "I came to your blog because I have alerts set up to notify me whenever some a hole such as yourself makes a post about her."........This is a comment left on another blog, Solarspectrum Tarot, from someone who not only disagreed with the blogger and accidently ended up in passionate online discourse that got ugly, but read a Tarot reading in which no name but that of Lisa Irwin, the ten month old girl who disappeared in Kansas City, Missouri, was mentioned and INTENTIONALLY, I repeat, INTENTIONALLY, harassed the blog owner and the others engaged in discussion about the Lisa Irwin missing persons case. Here's more: "I have an alert setup so that I can refute idiots like yourself." Since no one had even mentioned the names of Lisa's parents, Debbie Bradley or Jeremy Irwin, this troll apparently went into overdrive just because a blogger followed up a request to open a new discussion about Lisa Irwin, and help keep her case in the open, keep it discussed, and also to help keep people looking for her. This troll is obviously someone who not only does not want Lisa found, but does not want the exasperation of Kansas City Police at Debbie Bradley and Jeremy Irwin's lack of cooperation with efforts to find their daughter remembered or discussed! Forget that no one has actually accused Miss Debbie of a crime; forget that no one knows exactly what to accuse Debbie of doing........this person just wants the attention drawn to little Lisa's missing persons case, along with all efforts to find her, to simply go away. The best way to make the case "go away", or, in the lexicon of someone whose personality is not chemically maintained, get resolved, is to cooperate with law enforcement and discuss all possible whereabouts of Baby Lisa. But here, we have a troll in overdrive, or a "hypertroll".

While it's true that the population at large is probably not in a position to locate Lisa, and indeed, there are no age progressed pictures of her yet, the case was publicized by the media and by Kansas City Police Department in hopes that if anyone saw Lisa or knew anything about the case that law enforcement didn't know, tips could be given. Also, pictures of Lisa as a baby were shared with the general public. Of course, a few segments of the public were already aquainted with the infamous Debbie Bradley, and unhappily so. Debbie Bradley has mental health issues, addiction problems, and does not get along with people very well. Also, Debbie Bradley and Jeremy Irwin were presenting as an engaged-to-be-married couple, but the media, not the couple, blew the lid off the fact that Debbie Bradley is still married to someone else. In this country, one can marry as many times as one wishes, but one must get divorced between "I do's". Also, Debbie has one son, not two. Jeremy has a son, and that little boy's mother is unable to maintain a relationship with him without going to court to force and reinforce court orders. Could this be, at least in part, because of the combative personality had by Debbie Bradley? It seems kinda, sorta possible! Could anyone who knows Debbie imagine her making the act of picking up her son and dropping him off as difficult as possible for Rasleen Raim, the mother of Jeremy's son? Hmmmmm.........I'll bet one of these hypertrolls knows the answer to that!

Lisa Irwin is still missing. Since we have no news of the progress of the investigation, and Lisa's parents have not attempted, at all, to keep the public informed and searching, it is even more important to write and publish information about the case. No matter who made Lisa disappear, hoping that the case will "go away" is allowing a criminal, (yes, someone TOOK Lisa, she did not walk away by herself) to evade apprehension indefinately. Also, Lisa's unwed parents should both push the FBI for an age progressed picture of their daughter. And finally, if no one writes about the case, someone may accidently organize a vigil, or something similar, and make Debbie Bradley very upset. It's true; not only do the hypertrolls discourage internet discourse about little Lisa, Lisa's parents no longer want her remembered in public by way of vigils. They do not want any attention given to the case by anyone.