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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kyron Horman; Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition

Terri Horman's lawyer du jour, Peter Bunchpants....ok, ok, Peter Bunch, is very, very upset because while in court today, a judge decided to allow Desiree Young's lawsuit against Terri Horman for her role in the events of June 4, 2010, as they relate to Kyron Horman, who disappeared from his school in Portland, Oregon that day, to move forward. Yes, that is correct; the case will move foward. That not only sounds good, but it looks great in print! Move forward.......ok, back to the post; depositions, including that of one James Logan Moulton, Terri's son, will begin on Thursday. If I were Gnostic, I'd be saying something like "hallalujah!" But I'm not, so we will have to settle for "so mote it be", and "thankyou". Because James Moulton wants to be a soldier, perhaps the thing to say is "praise the lord and pass the ammunition!"

According to Maxine Bernstein, reporter for the Oregonian, Bunchpants had this to say about Desiree Young: 'This lawsuit can't cure what ails her. She's not going to get the relief she's seeking'. Hmm......since the relief Desiree seeks is her son, Kyron, I wonder just how he KNOWS that Desiree will not get the relief she seeks. That's interesting. It looks like he had better try his best, though! He cannot stop the court proceedings, or the depositions of witnesses. Perhaps his best option would be to tell Terri Moulton Horman to dress really nicely for court. Below is an outfit that would also double for the gym! Of course, the model is a lot better looking than the defendant!

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