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Monday, November 30, 2015

Abbie Hoffman Moment

An interview with Abbie Hoffman's younger brother. It's hard to believe that today, Abbie would be seventy-nine years old, had he not died in 1989. Happy birthday, Abbie!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Private Message

My guess about that picture you keep sending around, and the person to whom it belongs, is that he is someone who tried to help you in the past, but realized, after awhile, what a leach you are. He probably picked you up while you were hitchhiking and let you stay in his home, at which point, you discovered some minor secret in his life. You left, threatening him, and attempted to use that secret to blackmail I right? But then he decided not to respond to your threats anymore, and now you are trying to make his life miserable. If his identity was actually a mystery, as you say, you probably wouldn't have such a clear picture of him. That said, you need to butt out of the missing persons case to which you have claimed that he has a connection. All you are doing is interfering with the investigation and running a serious risk of causing harm to someone who isn't even involved at a bystander's level. But then, that's what you told him you would do if he didn't pay you, isn't it?

If you either know, or seriously think, that he should be investigated, go to the police. Don't send his picture to everyone you can reach via the internet. And stop threatening people. Just come forward with what you know, if anything, and stop blackmailing people.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Roots To Branches Lyrics

Someone asked me about the lyrics of the song by Jethro Tull that I put in the sidebar, here on this site. I pasted them below. The song always makes me think. 

Words get written, words get twisted
Old meanings move in the drift of time
Lift the flickering torches, see gentle shadows change 
The features of the faces cut in unmoving stone

Bad mouth on a prayer day
Hope no one's listening
Roots down in the wet clay
Branches glistening

True disciples carrying that message
To color just a little with their personal touch
Home-spun fancy weavers and naked half believers
Crusades and creeds descend like fiery flakes of snow

Bad mouth on a prayer day
Hope no one's listening
Roots down in the wet clay
Branches glistening

Roots to branches. Roots to branches. Roots to branches

In wet and windy priest holes, grand in vast cathedrals
High on lofty minarets or in a temples of doom
I hope the old man's got his face on
He'd better be some quick change artist
Suffer little children to make their minds up soon

Bad mouth on a prayer day
Hope no one's listening
Roots down in the wet clay
Branches glistening

Roots to branches. Roots to branches. Roots to branches. 
Roots to branches. Roots to branches. Roots to branches

                                                Ian Anderson, from the
                                                album, Roots to Branches
                                                by Jethro Tull


Monday, November 23, 2015

Abbie Hoffman Moment

"I regret that I have but one shirt to give for my country."

Abbie Hoffman, after being found guilty of "flag desecration" in New York, in 1968. He was wearing the shirt pictured above.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Donald Trump And Adolf Hitler

Donald Trump is now barking some insane nonsense about forcing all Muslims in America to wear identification which distinguishes them, at a glance, from other Americans. He was interviewed by Yahoo and by NBC because of some vague comments he made on the subject, and he attempted to justify it by calling such violations of the first, fourth, and fifth amendments "good management" for America. He also stated that America has "no management", with which yours truly does not agree.

Either Trump erroneously blames America's problems on one religion; thinks he can win the presidency by inciting more hatred toward Muslims; or he is simply a bigot who feels he can run rough shod over any population within America he chooses. In the mean time, it appears that Donald Trump has no problem with the five white supremacists who were arrested recently in a foiled plot to kill people, while they worship in synagogues and black churches.

Where have we heard this idea about the outward identification and isolation of members of a certain religion? Does it sound, at all, familiar?

Trump also stated that he favors keeping a national data base of names
of anyone who happens to be Muslim. How is it that America is actually
taking Trump seriously? Especially while America prides itself on religious
freedom? Isn't it also interesting that while Trump wants to wall off our
country to keep foreigners out, he fancies women from Slovenia and

Of course, each of those women became American citizens AFTER
marrying "The Donald".

Here's more about those interviews. America needs to wake up.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Reflections On Citizen Cain

I have compiled a bunch of comments that were sent to me about the Miranda Cain matter; this post, and this post, and the position I take, concerning the community of Marshall County, Kansas, and crime committed by high school students. I published many of the comments I received directly in the respective discussions because those comments reflected intelligent thought, and asked intelligent questions. A few comments did not. Those comments either got deleted, or saved, in order for further address in another post. Now, I will write this "other post", and share the sillier comments, which I did not find enhanced any intelligent conversation about Marshall County, crime, or Citizen Cain's individual case.

Here is our first dumbass comment, made anonymously by someone who thinks that serious and outlandish crime should go unnoticed by everyone and permitted to continue as long as the spoiled brat feels like destroying lives. 

"First of all God will judge Cain, that's not your job... Second, I have a feeling if God is judging your comments you may soon be entered into a psych ward, get a life and quit getting off on someone else's problems and some towns issues... Marshall county and Marysville is a great place to call home and raise a family. There are rotten apples in every batch, focus on the good ones, I know plenty of them in Marysville."

My answer? First of all, "the People", of whom I am one, judged Cain already, via the judicial system. Before Cain was arrested, God didn't care what she did or who she hurt, as long as she was willing to vote Republican. It's a miracle that she was prosecuted in the climate of selective justice we have, here in Kansas, but I am grateful that the police in Marysville were willing to "judge" her long enough to put a stop to her "distinguished service". If "God" is judging my comments, he should be a lot less concerned about them and a lot more concerned about some of the things children in Marshall County have been taught to do, and led to believe are healthy and harmless. Yes, rotten apples are plentiful, but if we remove them, the ethylene gas and plant hormones that cause them to ripen prematurely will cease to "rot" the rest of the apples. Shouldn't we look at human trafficking the same way? As for being "entered into" a psych ward, what the hell is that? Is it anything like being "entered into a ledger" or "entered into" evidence? Evidence! Ask Citizen Cain about it!

Now for the second loony-toony dumbass comment:

If you don't like the school then shut the heck up and move somewhere else! You are the most judgemental person I have EVER come across. It's idiots like you that should NOT be able to have a blog.

As I have told everyone in the past, even if I move to Brazil, I will not stop writing about Kansas. Especially Marshall County. What's wrong with judgmental types? Do they get in the way of your crime, and other unflattering secrets? Why would you want to deny me my first amendment rights, and have Google tell me I cannot maintain any blog or website? Do the observations and opinions of others bother you so much that you would wish to see the Constitution null and void? That's extreme. Perhaps you should move to a country that does not have the same freedoms as America!

And now here's the third totally dumbass reflection on this mess, along with my response.

"First off maybe instead of bashing people you should know the whole story first. The 8th grader asked Miranda to do it. Her mom is a worthless parent and doesnt care about her kids. She was doing it before Miranda decided to join in. So instead of a one sided stupid post. Know the whole story."

This comment assumes that a child whose parents are not good at parenting somehow deserves to be victimized by the likes of an abusive Marysville High School student, and that Citizen Cain's abuses of children are okey-dokey, because the child was not important to anyone in Marysville. This is the kind of person your faithful blogger truly hates. No kidding. There is no evidence that has been shared with the public about the eighth grader's attitude, and it really doesn't matter, anyway. Citizen Cain is an adult, and child abuse should have been out of the question. Why didn't Miranda Cain report the child's activities, if the child was already involved in crime? I really don't have to know the whole story in order to respond to this guff with the right questions. In fact, silly-assed commenter, I await your answer to that! Why, in bloody hell, didn't Miranda Cain simply report the juvenile's crime to the proper authorities? Or was the juvenile truly involved in crime before the Marshall County High School senior got involved? My post was not one sided, and neither are my questions.

Tomorrow, the results of Citizen Cain's trial will be published in the Marysville Advocate.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Monday, November 9, 2015

Abbie Hoffman Moment

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Julia Biryukova Replicates Again

So after "losing" her two year old son, Sky Metawala, in 2011, by allegedly walking away from her car and leaving him alone, never to see him again, Julia Biryukova has reproduced, yet again! She bore another son in July. Child Protective Services in Bellevue, Washington, has declared her an unfit parent. She still does not see any necessity in cooperation with efforts by law enforcement to find Sky. November 6 is the fourth anniversary of the day Sky went missing.

Biryukova's newborn son's father, Alan J. Morgan, is a career jailbird who is currently serving time in Issaquah. His latest criminal exploit was violating a protective order that Biryukova had gotten against him. It's a shame she waited until after she replicated herself to get a protective order against the sperm donor. Is there anyone in the new baby's life who can keep Biryukova's history with Sky from repeating itself?

Friday, November 6, 2015

Siriunsun's Art Gallery

This is a painting done by someone in Home, Kansas. She sold it at a yard sale, after taking an art class. I got permission to run a picture of it on my blog, and it is perfect in my late nineteenth century house. Local art is often the best!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015



Monday, November 2, 2015

Abbie Hoffman Moment