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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Donald Trump And Adolf Hitler

Donald Trump is now barking some insane nonsense about forcing all Muslims in America to wear identification which distinguishes them, at a glance, from other Americans. He was interviewed by Yahoo and by NBC because of some vague comments he made on the subject, and he attempted to justify it by calling such violations of the first, fourth, and fifth amendments "good management" for America. He also stated that America has "no management", with which yours truly does not agree.

Either Trump erroneously blames America's problems on one religion; thinks he can win the presidency by inciting more hatred toward Muslims; or he is simply a bigot who feels he can run rough shod over any population within America he chooses. In the mean time, it appears that Donald Trump has no problem with the five white supremacists who were arrested recently in a foiled plot to kill people, while they worship in synagogues and black churches.

Where have we heard this idea about the outward identification and isolation of members of a certain religion? Does it sound, at all, familiar?

Trump also stated that he favors keeping a national data base of names
of anyone who happens to be Muslim. How is it that America is actually
taking Trump seriously? Especially while America prides itself on religious
freedom? Isn't it also interesting that while Trump wants to wall off our
country to keep foreigners out, he fancies women from Slovenia and

Of course, each of those women became American citizens AFTER
marrying "The Donald".

Here's more about those interviews. America needs to wake up.

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Captain Bud Sturguess said...

I think the country's comparison of Donald Trump as it relates to Adolf Hitler as it relates to self-absorbed ignorance and ruthlessness is accurate, but as far as Trump as the next Hitler, I think it's a bit of hyperbole. My fear of Trump being elected President is not that he would wield some tyrannical power - it takes some element of brains to do that. Rather, my only concern is that as President he would be little more than a fumbling, bumbling moron, ineffective and unaware of it, a windbag celebrity in the Oval Office and nothing more. Trump's would be an administration so pointless that it would make those of Warren G. Harding or James Buchanan seem ridden with achievement. Trump is a sociopath, an ignorant man, but the thought of him achieving some Hitler-like power seems quite the exaggeration to me.