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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Julia Biryukova Replicates Again

So after "losing" her two year old son, Sky Metawala, in 2011, by allegedly walking away from her car and leaving him alone, never to see him again, Julia Biryukova has reproduced, yet again! She bore another son in July. Child Protective Services in Bellevue, Washington, has declared her an unfit parent. She still does not see any necessity in cooperation with efforts by law enforcement to find Sky. November 6 is the fourth anniversary of the day Sky went missing.

Biryukova's newborn son's father, Alan J. Morgan, is a career jailbird who is currently serving time in Issaquah. His latest criminal exploit was violating a protective order that Biryukova had gotten against him. It's a shame she waited until after she replicated herself to get a protective order against the sperm donor. Is there anyone in the new baby's life who can keep Biryukova's history with Sky from repeating itself?

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