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Sunday, June 29, 2014

In Case You Slept Through Church On Sunday

Blah...blah...blah. Ralph Reed, of Faith and Freedom Coalition, thinks that President Obama does not defend christian values enough. Where's the eye-rolley when I need it? And which christian values does Ralph want the president to defend? Marriage, a'la the bible, reflecting cultures in which parents barter their children in marriage? Or is he suggesting that the Christian Church control the government? Thomas Jefferson does not agree! Perhaps Ralph is homesick for the the values "upon which America was built"; slavery and human trafficking! Yes, slavery was a big business in this country before the Civil War, and yes, it's human trafficking. Cultures from which the christian churches grew engaged in it freely. It's a Christian value.

President Obama does defend Christian values. Yoshe, or Yeshua, the legendary icon of christianity, reportedly healed the sick free of charge on a regular basis. He also violated open container laws by turning water into wine. He also raised the dead, despite census and social security hassles, and he handed out free food on at least a couple of occasions. For an encore, he vandalized a for-profit market in his synagogue and took coins out of the mouths of fish at tax time. Obama might not agree with Yeshua's answer to the tax man, but he has certainly done more to make medicine available to everyone than the Faith and Freedom Coalition has. Something that is not a Christian value, but a Pagan value, is the ancient Semitic and Mediterranean practice of sending criminals to the lions den for retribution. That's what Good Christian Ralph Reed wants to do to Hillary Clinton. Such a double standard! Must be a Christian value.

So there's the word, in case you slept through church this Sunday.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Do You Really Get To Choose?

Ever wonder about your freedom of choice?

Only four banks? How long before that industry loses all true competition? While it's true that bureaucracies tend to expand, it's disturbing to see individual choices, along with individuals, disappear. As one of billions of carbon copies, will you really be needed by whoever owns the entity that swallows up most of the resources and choices?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Guidance Counselor At USD 380 In Kansas Lies To A Parent

Interesting. In a state that allows students to transfer to different schools, outside of the student's home district, Tom Schroeder, the guidance counselor of Frankfort School in USD 380, noticed a parent in the public library who had tried to do this and accosted her in front of everyone about it. He insisted that Kansas offers no such options, which is contrary to what the superintendent had told the parent. Tom Schroeder's inappropriately and violently intoned rant was completely false, as the Topeka Capital Journal ran an article casually addressing the subject of transportation for out of district students! He may look enough like a circus clown to dance circles around the average frankfurter about this, but the parent he verbally attacked in public had actually heard an attorney at a USD 380 school board meeting discuss the ease and legal access Kansas parents have to schools outside their districts. So why did this parent have a problem? It all turned out to be a handful of teachers and a principal who do not understand what FERPA means. That's right, boys and girls, it wasn't legal to discuss, with cohorts, the horrors of parental disagreement with teacher criminality without a release of information from said parents. No more legal than a guidance counselor publicly yelling at the top of his lungs, before witnesses and cell phone cameras, about his lack of agreement with the parents of his students. Yet another reason to send one's children elsewhere for school; four or five children were turned into potential witnesses. Way to go, Frankfort. Thank the Gods for cell phone video, as well.

Something that the school in Frankfort would probably like to lose in the midst of all the faculty theatrics and administrative circus stunts is the reason a parent initially desired to send her children to school outside of the district. Tom Schroeder gets away with not only disrespect and public violations of federal confidentiality laws, but with driving student away from school property for sporting events and leaving them with no supervision. One child was abandoned by herself, and only made it home because she accepted a ride from a stranger. The rest of Frankfort Kansas, seven hundred and fifty people or so, thought this was funny, and the school board finds his tenure acceptable. This may be one of the reasons Governor Brownback recently signed a bill eliminating tenure for public school teachers. It sucks for the teachers who are decent, but one or two creeps like the above described guidance counselor ruins the profession for everyone.

In Hawaii, a man was recently convicted of second degree child endangerment for doing something similar, only the distance in this case was only a mile. The age of the child involved was not shared. The distance at which the Frankfort guidance counselor  abandoned his student was four miles. And when he realized she was officially missing, his response was that of going home and having dinner. Here's what the Hawaii judge, Kathleen Watanabe, had to say about cases like this: She said that it is dangerous for children to walk alongside the road due to potential pedophiles.  (Yahoo news)

Why would anyone of reasonable genetic variation want to send a child to Frankfort? Especially while Tom Schroeder is employed?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Caleb Stewart's Case After Eighteen Months

How long does Kansas take to investigate a complaint about a daycare? How many reports of abuse, injury, or untimely death do they need in order to justify the expenses involved in gathering information and making a quality decision about who gets a license to operate a daycare, and who does not? According to the latest information, brought to us by WIBW, the death of a child will bring an investigation and a decision in about a year and a half. That's how long it took Child Protective Services in Kansas to substantiate the charges, concerning a wrongful death, finally brought against Tara Johnson, the home daycare provider; and Destiny McClusky, a random friend of Tara's who had no real business in Tara's workplace.

In February of 2013, five month old Caleb Stewart was dropped off at daycare by his mom, Misty Durham. Later that day, he died. Tara Johnson was not on the premises, which she should have been, and her boyfriend, Russel Morris and the aforementioned friend, Destiny McClusky, were watching the children. Anywhere besides Kansas, this would lead to charges and a lawsuit. As is stands, Johnson, Morris, and McClusky probably do not have the assets to settle a lawsuit for wrongful death, and since Kansas was allowing this daycare to operate without a license and failing to substantiate the complaints that led to the situation that cost Caleb his life, Johnson's daycare was not covered by insurance, either. But then, about ninety-five percent of public schools in Kansas did not have insurance when school started in 2013, either.

Chad Taylor, the prosecutor in Topeka, Kansas, has declined to press any charges at all in this case. He presses charges when the children of richer, better connected parents die in daycares, but not Caleb Stewart's death. Taylor even retaliated against Misty Durham by having her arrested for an old traffic violation when she called his office to ask about the status of the case! Does he think that forcing different social classes to exist in Kansas and denying justice to people he simply doesn't like are going to get him elected again? And is child protective services in Kansas really attempting to protect children? Or do they only respond when they find children who are alive and marketable, and whose parents don't know their rights and cannot afford legal representation?  How many other children have been in harm's way during the eighteen months it took them to glance at Caleb Stewart's case?

In Case You Missed Church This Sunday

How very interesting. A pastor in Beebe, Arkansas got a permit to open his church, and then is told to close it because his god is not the god of his alderman, whose help the church has sought. As long as the city thought the church would be Christian, no one had a problem, but the minute the city discovered the church is Pagan, the unlawful discrimination and bigotry as usual started. The battle cry is that the church is not "zoned properly". But then, the church was "zoned properly" for Christianity....just not for any other religion. That's okay; now that the story has aired on KARK, there may be assistance from other Pagans who can help Beebe in it's quest for the Old Religion.

As for the alderman's "god" being the same as a Pagan god or goddess, of course it isn't.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Prestyn Townsend

Prestyn Marquis Lorenzo Townsend ran away from home in Olathe, Kansas on June 8 of this year, and the media is finally making mention of it now, right before Summer Solstice. That means that this teenager has been missing for almost two weeks. It really doesn't matter if he was kidnapped by the boogie-man, joined the circus, or walked away in a huff; a minor is not old enough to live on his own. He is missing, and should be sought until he is found, as should any other missing child. Police in Kansas have reason to believe Prestyn is in Kansas City at the moment, and if you see him or know his whereabouts, they are asking that you contact your local police.  Prestyn is about 5' 8" and 160 lbs.

Frankfort School's Deranged Priorities, Once Again

A couple of nights ago, I spoke with a child who attends Frankfort School, in Frankfort, Kansas. This is not unusual, since the (ahem cough cough ahem) school, and I do use the term loosely, here; is in the district that includes my residence. What is unusual is the fact that this child had heard bits and pieces of information by way of character assassination of an innocent man, along with some serious misinformation about his family, yet had heard nothing at all about the spouse of a teacher at the same school who is currently in federal prison; Carswell, in Texas, to be exact; for embezzling truckloads of money from her previous employers! I was stunned, because according to some of the older students, this woman had been allowed in and out of the school building regularly to see her husband, despite the dangers involved in allowing convicted felons access to schools and children, yet no notices explaining this decision had been sent to parents in order to enable qualified decisions about student safety and the children who knew about this had been told to "keep quiet" about the whole thing, in order to "preserve" the widdle feelins' of the thief's spouse!

This is a crock for several reasons. First of all, lies, false testimony, and confidential information has been spewed almost everywhere at Frankfort School about yours truly and family. My culture, family, and religion have also been denigrated by teachers and administration there, to the extent that all six of my children have come home in tears, partly because of the bullying efforts of the children of the aforementioned thief. Despite my complaints about all of it, and my requests that it stop, no one "working" at the school had any concerns about my feelings, or the feelings of my children. Why would the feelings of someone who "feels" that state and federal law only applies when convenient, or to other people, be more important than the feelings of law abiding citizens? Secondly, most schools do not employ federal criminals or their spouses. There are simply too many risks and problems connected to such individuals. Everything from a defendant possibly becoming a fugitive, or becoming perceived as a fugitive by authorities, to retaliation of unhappy victims can create an unsafe environment for others, and a convicted felon has lost the right to vote, and many of the other rights of citizenship, so the felon and those who protect the felon generally do not have as much to lose in terms of future opportunities as the rest of us. Parents have a right to know this is going on at Frankfort School, and the administration of Frankfort School has apparently denied that knowledge to parents. Third, it seems entirely possible, at this point, that the faculty at Frankfort School has an unrecognized, but very real, interest in covering up any dangers presented by criminal behavior on the parts of their "own". They work hard to turn everyone against anyone whose lifestyle, race, or religion is not the product of Frankfort Kansas unvaried genetic pool in order to smokescreen and hide their own crimes. All to keep their white elephant of a school open so that a few teachers and secretaries can collect unearned salaries until they retire. Perhaps Frankfort School should become a private school, so that no one's taxes are drawn upon to support this crap, and so that parents who love their children can send their children to a real school.

Just as there is no valid reason to harass the innocent, there is no valid reason to protect the guilty.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

If I appear To Have Overlooked Something

If it seems to the reader that there are things I should include on this site, either in the form of posts, or as the subjects of pages or categories, don't despair. There are things occurring locally which have attracted my notice, but which, also, have not played out completely in their respective arenas at this point. From state legislation to open lawsuits, (Northeast Kansans really don't understand compliance with federal law) there are reasons for the timing of media coverage for certain events, and that includes websites such as this one. One does not use unripe fruit for jam, and vintage wine does not age in the blinking of an eye.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Northeast Kansan Covers For Criminal

Christi Marie Hout is a bank teller in Lawrence, Kansas who was charged with embezzlement and will most likely have to face whatever music Kansas plays for that crime, but something of which enablers of all stripes should take note is that her boss, Karolyn J. Stattelman, is also charged in this crime.....not initially for stealing anything herself, but for covering for Hout.

Something the friends and relatives of crooks and criminals do not seem to clearly understand is that when a crook is violating the law and violating the rights of his or her victim, it is unlawful to stand by and watch, without saying anything. It becomes perjury, false statements, and sometimes contempt of court when a "loyal friend" not only enables the crook, but hides evidence and covers for the crook. This applies to small indiscretions, such as allowing someone who is on probation for drunk driving (ahem......Quail Road, Frankfort Kansas) to take the wheel despite active alcoholism, to the Catholic priest who covers for parishioners who commit hate crimes or sex crimes and counsels the victims to blame themselves! Yeah, hello Northeast Kansas, once again.

Here in the video is another case of aiding and abetting. This one involves a teenage girl named Danielle Locklear, who disappeared in March of this year, and was found in April, in the South River, in North Carolina. Her boyfriend murdered her and tossed her in the river, and his buddy knew about it and said nothing. Later, after she was found, the truth came out, and even though the "loyal friend" did not commit the actual murder, he is facing murder charges.

Karolyn J. Stattelman is planning to appear in court today, to change her plea. It's hard to say whether this strategy will actually help her case or not.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lucky Friday The Thirteenth

Today, we have Friday the thirteenth, and we also have a full moon. I have been apprised that the full moon's occurrence on such a calendar date will not happen again until the year 2049. I have not been apprised of the importance of this, since calendar dates are an invention of Man, and have nothing to do with natural phenomena. Also, I am finding that luck and good fortune are increasingly a matter of perspective. The missing child found safe is an event that I consider extremely lucky, yet I actually found a small town in Kansas filled with people who do not care about missing children or about child safety. The thug or embezzler who gets caught and the victims who get their stolen resources returned to them is also very lucky. Not everyone agrees with me there, either. Some people are happier enabling criminal activity. Also among the gripes of those who are cursed when I am blessed is the innocent man who is found not guilty when faced with false accusations, but it seems that even that has somehow fallen short of the expectations of those who are unschooled in invoking their own constitutional rights, and become jealous and unstable when they hear of others doing this. So good luck and bad luck, or blessings and curses, can be delivered in the same event; what I consider very lucky is termed a miscarriage of fate by those less grateful and less intelligent. Blessed Be!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Private Message

Knowing one's rights is NOT gaming the system. In fact, no one in my house has ever "gamed the system". There is not a thing wrong with standing up for one's self in court, and demanding a jury trial, and that is what the defendant did. He also won. If you had graduated from a school that teaches the basics and employs decent teachers, you would know that.

Teachers and county attorneys who sit on the internet all day and collect paychecks for surfing social media sites actually do game the system. Their jobs do not include recreational internet play and games. If you are so upset about the disposition in the above mentioned case, why not take the county attorney to task for gaming the system by spending all of the taxpayers' time online, rather than doing her job? Or if you are angry that you don't understand your rights when faced with injustice or false accusations, why not insist upon public schools staffed by teachers who teach, rather than gaming the system by doing things other than teaching. Outside of Northeast Kansas, most children understand the judicial system by third grade.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

In Case You Didn't Bother With Church On Sunday

Oh, how I long for the days when Italy and Greece actually shipped the more vocal of these people off to the arena to try their luck with hungry lions.

Friday, June 6, 2014

When Judges And Lawyers Clash

What does one do when one's lawyer and the judge get into a fistfight? On the surface, it appears quite funny, and everyone in this Brevard County, Florida courtroom cheered and clapped when the judge challenged a defense attorney to a physical fight, and the two of them went out into the hallway to settle their differences like kindergartners. Sure, it's amusing, but even though neither of them has been charged with a crime, as of yet, they were separated from each other, kinda like sparring siblings, separated from each other by Mom. That means that a client represented by this particular defense attorney in a case heard or tried by this particular judge had to either hire a different attorney or ask for a change of venue. This could have the unfortunate effect of delay of trials and all other court decisions, as Judge John C. Murphy is now on a temporary leave of absence so he can attend anger management classes, and all of his cases have been reassigned to other judges.

Prior to committing assault, the judge was in the process of scheduling a trial date for someone facing two charges of assault. Won't it be awkward if Judge Murphy encounters a former defendant from his own courtroom at anger management class?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kyron Horman Still Missing Four Years Later

Today is the fourth anniversary of the day Kyron Horman disappeared from his second grade class at his Portland, Oregon school. The community has not found him yet, but it has also not forgotten him.

Desiree Young, Kyron's mother, has announced another search effort to take place on June 21. More information about this and offers to help search and donations can be made at gofundme.kyronhorman, hosted by Kelly Davidson Ramirez, Desiree's sister. If you would like to help search, there is contact information for Kelly Ramirez at the top of that page. A couple of years ago, when a link to that site first appeared here, I telephoned the lawyer representing Desiree and verified that this site is legitimate. His secretary gave me a return phone call a little while later to tell me that Desiree had told her that there were a few scams involving missing children, including Kyron, and that the site set up by Kelly Ramirez is legitimate. She was more than happy to share this information and was encouraged that a few of us are willing to double check the authenticity of a charity or a fund drive prior to sharing the link. Never be shy about making a phone call to make sure a fund drive is on the up and up. I was concerned about asking redundant questions or taking up too much valuable time, but was pleasantly surprised when my efforts were appreciated.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cry Me A River, Afghanistan

Obama just can't catch a break! Not only are American Republicans angry at him because he got a Taliban hostage, Bowe Bergdahl, back into the United States, the Afghan president has his panties in a bunch, as well, over all this. Hamid Karzai was very upset that the Taliban went behind his back and released an hostage to the United States with asking him first!

Ya know, malcontent, anti-government, terrorist organizations have a tendency to act without the consent of their government, or any government. It's one of the things that makes these groups so very terrorist. That said, it was rather unrealistic for the president of a country dominated by such an organization to expect the Taliban to ask permission and patiently wait, while the chain of lawful command makes a decision. Here's an idea: perhaps Afghanistan should work harder to eliminate uncooperative bunches like the Taliban. (eye-rolley here)

In other news, Bergdahl seems to be picking up flack for desertion. It seems unlikely that he deserted in favor of becoming the prisoner of a terrorist organization; but bringing him home, rather than leaving him in the hands of the enemy, was still the right thing for Obama to do. If Bergdahl actually became a prisoner by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and being unaccounted for, at the same time, we can certainly address that situation. Leaving an American soldier with the Taliban when there are obviously other choices should not be an option.