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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Northeast Kansan Covers For Criminal

Christi Marie Hout is a bank teller in Lawrence, Kansas who was charged with embezzlement and will most likely have to face whatever music Kansas plays for that crime, but something of which enablers of all stripes should take note is that her boss, Karolyn J. Stattelman, is also charged in this crime.....not initially for stealing anything herself, but for covering for Hout.

Something the friends and relatives of crooks and criminals do not seem to clearly understand is that when a crook is violating the law and violating the rights of his or her victim, it is unlawful to stand by and watch, without saying anything. It becomes perjury, false statements, and sometimes contempt of court when a "loyal friend" not only enables the crook, but hides evidence and covers for the crook. This applies to small indiscretions, such as allowing someone who is on probation for drunk driving (ahem......Quail Road, Frankfort Kansas) to take the wheel despite active alcoholism, to the Catholic priest who covers for parishioners who commit hate crimes or sex crimes and counsels the victims to blame themselves! Yeah, hello Northeast Kansas, once again.

Here in the video is another case of aiding and abetting. This one involves a teenage girl named Danielle Locklear, who disappeared in March of this year, and was found in April, in the South River, in North Carolina. Her boyfriend murdered her and tossed her in the river, and his buddy knew about it and said nothing. Later, after she was found, the truth came out, and even though the "loyal friend" did not commit the actual murder, he is facing murder charges.

Karolyn J. Stattelman is planning to appear in court today, to change her plea. It's hard to say whether this strategy will actually help her case or not.

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