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Friday, June 13, 2014

Lucky Friday The Thirteenth

Today, we have Friday the thirteenth, and we also have a full moon. I have been apprised that the full moon's occurrence on such a calendar date will not happen again until the year 2049. I have not been apprised of the importance of this, since calendar dates are an invention of Man, and have nothing to do with natural phenomena. Also, I am finding that luck and good fortune are increasingly a matter of perspective. The missing child found safe is an event that I consider extremely lucky, yet I actually found a small town in Kansas filled with people who do not care about missing children or about child safety. The thug or embezzler who gets caught and the victims who get their stolen resources returned to them is also very lucky. Not everyone agrees with me there, either. Some people are happier enabling criminal activity. Also among the gripes of those who are cursed when I am blessed is the innocent man who is found not guilty when faced with false accusations, but it seems that even that has somehow fallen short of the expectations of those who are unschooled in invoking their own constitutional rights, and become jealous and unstable when they hear of others doing this. So good luck and bad luck, or blessings and curses, can be delivered in the same event; what I consider very lucky is termed a miscarriage of fate by those less grateful and less intelligent. Blessed Be!

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