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Friday, June 20, 2014

Frankfort School's Deranged Priorities, Once Again

A couple of nights ago, I spoke with a child who attends Frankfort School, in Frankfort, Kansas. This is not unusual, since the (ahem cough cough ahem) school, and I do use the term loosely, here; is in the district that includes my residence. What is unusual is the fact that this child had heard bits and pieces of information by way of character assassination of an innocent man, along with some serious misinformation about his family, yet had heard nothing at all about the spouse of a teacher at the same school who is currently in federal prison; Carswell, in Texas, to be exact; for embezzling truckloads of money from her previous employers! I was stunned, because according to some of the older students, this woman had been allowed in and out of the school building regularly to see her husband, despite the dangers involved in allowing convicted felons access to schools and children, yet no notices explaining this decision had been sent to parents in order to enable qualified decisions about student safety and the children who knew about this had been told to "keep quiet" about the whole thing, in order to "preserve" the widdle feelins' of the thief's spouse!

This is a crock for several reasons. First of all, lies, false testimony, and confidential information has been spewed almost everywhere at Frankfort School about yours truly and family. My culture, family, and religion have also been denigrated by teachers and administration there, to the extent that all six of my children have come home in tears, partly because of the bullying efforts of the children of the aforementioned thief. Despite my complaints about all of it, and my requests that it stop, no one "working" at the school had any concerns about my feelings, or the feelings of my children. Why would the feelings of someone who "feels" that state and federal law only applies when convenient, or to other people, be more important than the feelings of law abiding citizens? Secondly, most schools do not employ federal criminals or their spouses. There are simply too many risks and problems connected to such individuals. Everything from a defendant possibly becoming a fugitive, or becoming perceived as a fugitive by authorities, to retaliation of unhappy victims can create an unsafe environment for others, and a convicted felon has lost the right to vote, and many of the other rights of citizenship, so the felon and those who protect the felon generally do not have as much to lose in terms of future opportunities as the rest of us. Parents have a right to know this is going on at Frankfort School, and the administration of Frankfort School has apparently denied that knowledge to parents. Third, it seems entirely possible, at this point, that the faculty at Frankfort School has an unrecognized, but very real, interest in covering up any dangers presented by criminal behavior on the parts of their "own". They work hard to turn everyone against anyone whose lifestyle, race, or religion is not the product of Frankfort Kansas unvaried genetic pool in order to smokescreen and hide their own crimes. All to keep their white elephant of a school open so that a few teachers and secretaries can collect unearned salaries until they retire. Perhaps Frankfort School should become a private school, so that no one's taxes are drawn upon to support this crap, and so that parents who love their children can send their children to a real school.

Just as there is no valid reason to harass the innocent, there is no valid reason to protect the guilty.

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