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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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Knowing one's rights is NOT gaming the system. In fact, no one in my house has ever "gamed the system". There is not a thing wrong with standing up for one's self in court, and demanding a jury trial, and that is what the defendant did. He also won. If you had graduated from a school that teaches the basics and employs decent teachers, you would know that.

Teachers and county attorneys who sit on the internet all day and collect paychecks for surfing social media sites actually do game the system. Their jobs do not include recreational internet play and games. If you are so upset about the disposition in the above mentioned case, why not take the county attorney to task for gaming the system by spending all of the taxpayers' time online, rather than doing her job? Or if you are angry that you don't understand your rights when faced with injustice or false accusations, why not insist upon public schools staffed by teachers who teach, rather than gaming the system by doing things other than teaching. Outside of Northeast Kansas, most children understand the judicial system by third grade.

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